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  • Yugo
  • Nogo (by Shay and Yuto, dub only)
  • Slowgo (By Yuto, dub only)
  • You-go (By Obelisk Force, dub only)
  • Yoyo (By Zuzu, dub only)
  • Pogo (By Yuri, dub only)
Other languages
  • Male
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Friendship Cup Disqualified
Anime DeckSpeedroid
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 01818: "Trapped in a Card"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Voice actors
Other languages
  • Heiko Akrap

Yugo, spelled Hugo[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] (ユーゴ, Yūgo) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is the Synchro Dimension counterpart of Yuya Sakaki (Standard Dimension), Yuri (Fusion Dimension) and Yuto (Xyz Dimension), and one of Z-ARC's reincarnations.

Yugo is a Turbo Duelist and was mistakenly notorious among members of the Resistance as a "Fusion follower" ("minion" in the Japanese version) mostly due to his name sounding similar to the Japanese word for "Fusion". Yugo is persistently in pursuit of Yuri, however, due to confusions of their similar faces and misunderstandings, he initially chased after Yuto in search of Rin, only to be informed of his mistake by Zuzu Boyle.



Full body view of Yugo.

Yugo has the same face as his dimensional counterparts. Just like the three of them, his hair is dual-colored, with yellow bangs swept to the right and blue in the back. He has greenish-blue eyes. He wears a white jacket with red borders and yellow stripes on the sleeves, along with a white jumpsuit that has red, blue, and yellow stripes that meet in the center in a chevron pattern, white gloves, shoulder, elbow and knee pads, and white, red, and gray boots. He also wears a white helmet, which is discarded when its visor breaks during his Duel against Rin.

Yugo, and his dimensional counterparts' attire are all based on the color of the cards that their dimensions are based on. As such, Yugo wears white like the color of Synchro Monsters. Unlike his counterparts however, the color of his hair does not correlate with his dimension, being blue and blonde rather than white.


Yugo is very impulsive and short-tempered, especially when his name is pronounced incorrectly. Because of this, Yugo frequently got into many fights against others, including Yuto, who incorrectly stated he was a pawn of Fusion, and the Bandit Warrior Academy Duelists who mistook him for Yuya Sakaki. However, he recognizes that his short-temper can go too far, and apologized to Zuzu when it made her upset.

Yugo insists he isn't Yuya.

Once he has set his mind on something, he becomes quite unaware of his surroundings, not noticing Yuya despite the latter talking throughout his Duel with Yuto, though he was able to recall him later after stopping and thinking about the event. This extends to his Dueling to the point that it can affect his performance, though as Yugo himself has noted when he is able to Duel seriously he does so with great skill. Yugo believes that a by-the-books strategy is the wrong way to go while Dueling and that the flow of a Duel can change any minute, to the point where he is willing to trust in and believe in luck if he needs to.

Yugo harbors feelings for his childhood friend, Rin, getting embarrassed and blushed when Zuzu thought Rin was his girlfriend. In the dub, he sometimes refers to Rin as 'RinRin'. He occasionally continues to mistake Zuzu for Rin, such as when he signed her up for the Friendship Cup, and when he saw Zuzu wearing Rin's clothes. This confusion extends to another of Rin's counterparts, Celina.

Despite his short temper and rudeness, Yugo is a kind person at heart, especially towards Rin and Zuzu.

While Dueling, he shows a tendency to remain on his Duel Runner even if the Duel is not a Turbo Duel.


Yugo speaks in a rough and somewhat vulgar manner comparable to that of a delinquent, especially when he is angry (often referring to others as "Temē" and often using the curse, "Chikusho!", which are rude forms of "You" and "Damn" in Japanese). In the dub, Yugo's voice is somewhat similar to Yuya's but is deeper. He uses the personal pronoun "ore".


Yugo is able to travel through different dimensions with the power of "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", though he has no control over when or where he travels to. Yugo believed that "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" felt his desire to save Rin but later realized that "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" guided him to where Yuri and later Yuto were. Like his dimensional counterparts, Yugo can be Awakened. Unlike Yuto and Yuya who appear unable to remember what happened when entering the state, Yugo appears to able to retain a glimpse of his memory while awakened as shown when he was able to remember Yuya who was protecting Yuto at the time. He loses this ability after Riley Akaba removed Z-ARC's soul from him.[12] He is a highly skilled Duel Runner driver, he frequently does highly acrobatic maneuvers when Dueling and can do long jumps when riding outside Duels.

Yugo displays on occasion the strange ability to Synchronize with his dimensional counterparts when he is Dueling. In this state, Yugo and his counterparts' personalities are mixed together, causing both parties to adopt some mannerisms of the other, including speaking the same words and moving in the same manner. The first instance of this happened with Yuya, where Yugo copies Yuya's catchphrase and grabbed an Action Card in the same way Yuya would.[6] When the Duel ends, both Yugo and his counterpart snap out of it and appear to be unaware of what transpired in that brief period of time. He later displayed the ability to synchronize with two, and even all of his counterparts on the same occasion.

Like his dimensional counterparts, Yugo possesses a darkness inside him. However so far, Yugo's darkness has only appeared when he is in a synchronized awakening with his counterparts.


His name is a pun in Japanese, as 「ユーゴ」 (Yūgo) sounds very similar to 「ゆうごう」 (Yūgō: literally translates as "Fusion"). Because of this, Yugo is always offended whenever anyone calls him "Fusion" or even pronounces the word, and constantly believed that Yuto kept getting his name wrong whenever he referred to him as "Pawn of Fusion". In the dub, as the pun in his Japanese name doesn't translate, he is instead referred to derisively by variations of his own name (such as "No-Go" or "Slow-Go").[1] This pun is also reflected by his Deck's archetype, "Speedroid", which is a sub-archetype of the "roid" archetype: A Fusion Summon-oriented archetype.

His English spelling in the Japanese version, Hugo, means "bright in mind and spirit" or simply "intelligent".

For this character, his name is spelled in Katakana, so it has no actual Japanese meanings.



Yugo and Rin in their childhood.

When Yugo was growing up, he and Rin were raised as orphans and lived in the slums of New Domino City as Commons, where they Dueled together as children. Since then, they decided to compete in the Friendship Cup and challenge the Duel King Jack Atlas to a Turbo Duel. They built a Duel Runner together in order to achieve their goal.[13]

A few years later however, Rin found herself being targeted by an agent of Duel Academy, Yuri, with Yugo desperately looking for her. By the time he found Rin, Yuri had already captured her, and Yugo was shocked to see that Yuri had the same face that he had. Yuri proceeded to activate "Violet Flash" and escape. Once they disappeared, Yugo's "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" shined and transported him to a destroyed Heartland City, where he encountered Yuto. Mistaking Yuto for Yuri, he Dueled against Yuto. Yuto brought out "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", while Yugo Summoned "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" in response, but fled when Shay and several other Duelists arrived.[13][14]

Arc League Championship[edit]

Yugo Awakened.

Yugo arrived in the Standard Dimension, crashing into a streetlight with his Duel Runner and complaining about it. Recognizing Yuto, he quickly challenged him to a Duel, having been waiting to defeat him for a while, completely ignoring the presence of Yuya Sakaki, a third person who resembled him.[15] Yuto called him a Pawn of Fusion ("no-go" in the dub), much to Yugo's annoyance, protesting that his name was Yugo. Dueling atop his Duel Runner, he traded blows evenly with Yuto, claiming that he would take back what was precious that Yuto had stolen from him. He brought out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", which had guided him both to Heartland and the Standard Dimension, and deliberately left the required monsters for Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" on the field so that it could be Summoned next turn. Once both dragons were on their field, they eyes of their respective Duelists glowed, as if possessed. Despite the clear advantage the effect of "Clear Wing" had over "Dark Rebellion", Yuto was able to gain the upper hand. Yuya managed to stop Yuto from attacking further, but couldn't snap Yugo out of it. Yugo used the effect of "Clear Wing" to win the Duel the next turn, and was then released from his possession, unaware of what had happened. Yugo was transported away by a bright light afterwards.[1]

Yugo arrives in the Arctic Zone.

Yugo later appeared in the Arctic Zone, having been transported by "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" during the Arc League Championship Junior Youth Battle Royal. Seeing the frozen landscape, he wondered if he had traveled into the future, to a time when humanity was extinct. He then spotted Bandit Warrior Academy Duelists Nagi and Taka, who mistook Yugo for Yuya, and they challenged him to a Duel. This angered him, and he defeated them both in their Duel before attempting to question them further. Unfortunately, both Nagi and Taka lost consciousness after the Duel, prompting Yugo to look for someone else.[16]

Yugo and Zuzu about to teleport away

Yugo went to the Volcano Zone and was confused by the dimension's "unusual landscape", still unaware that it was Solid Vision. There he noticed the Obelisk Force wiping out the Senior Team until only Kev Ravenwood was left. He quickly identified the Obelisk Force as the ones who attacked the Xyz Dimension. Angered, he barged into the Duel (strangely not taking the intrusion penalty) and saved Kev just before he was defeated as well. The Obelisk Force asked him who he was. Yugo introduced himself, and the Obelisk Force thought he was an ally and his name was "Fusion" (in the dub, the Force asked "Yugo? Yugo where?"). Out of annoyance that his name was mistaken yet again, he easily defeated the Obelisk Force by turning their "Ancient Armageddon Gear" against them. (in the dub, his name was not mistaken for another, but thanks to the "You-Go" sounding of his name, he insisted that his name was "Yugo"). He asked Kev if he was okay, but he became irritated when Kev fled in fear without thanking him. He returned to the Iceberg Zone, where he found Zuzu after mistaking her for Rin. He hugged her and called Rin's name out in joy, while Zuzu noticed the similarity of Yugo with Yuya. Remembering that Yuri mentioned Rin's name, Zuzu asked Yugo if he knew who Rin was, confusing Yugo. Yuya's arrival in the vicinity activated Zuzu's bracelet, teleporting Yugo and Zuzu away.[17]

Friendship Cup[edit]

Yugo sees Zuzu as Rin.

Zuzu's bracelet transported her and Yugo back to the Synchro Dimension, Yugo's homeland. Concerned for Zuzu's safety, he tried to wake her up, and was unprepared for her startled response to him being close to her, resulting in Zuzu pushing Yugo into his Duel Runner. After checking up on his Duel Runner, he warned Zuzu to be careful around it, and when prompted, explained that they were in New Domino City, his hometown. He was pleased when Zuzu got his name right and then angered when she asked if he was allied with the Fusion Dimension, realizing that she wasn't Rin, since Rin wouldn't have gotten his name wrong. Zuzu mentioned a Duelist who had kidnapped Rin, much to Yugo's interest. He asked where the Duelist was now, but Zuzu admitted that she didn't know and explained that he'd vanished when Yugo showed up.

Yugo blushes at Zuzu's assumption that Rin is his girlfriend.

Yugo explained to Zuzu that she was in the Synchro Dimension, and reassured her that he'd been surprised the first time he'd crossed dimensions as well, which had been after Rin was kidnapped, upon which he'd found himself in the Xyz Dimension's Heartland City. Zuzu informed Yugo that Yuto hadn't been the person that had kidnapped Rin, and that he was in fact trying to find someone precious to him as well, like Rin was to Yugo. Yugo was quite surprised, and he denied, blushing, that Rin was his girlfriend when Zuzu asked him about it. Yugo explained to Zuzu that "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" had transported him across dimensions, and they realized that the Duelist that had kidnapped Rin must have been nearby the first time he Dueled Yuto. Zuzu explained about her and Yugo's dimensional counterparts, suggesting that those with the same face may be drawn to one another, and Yugo remembered in shock that the Duelist that had been with Yuto had had the same face as him. Zuzu explained about the Four Dimensions, as well as the goals of Duel Academy and the Professor. Pleased that he knew where Rin was, Yugo suggested that they storm Duel Academy using Zuzu's bracelet, but Zuzu explained that it only worked when Yuya was around and broke down in tears. Yugo apologized, handed Zuzu a handkerchief and admitted that he couldn't control "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" either, and that he needed Rin to keep him in line.[13]

Yugo begins his Turbo Duel with the Duel Chaser.

They were interrupted when the Topsiders finally noticed them, and they fled on Yugo's Runner. Yugo explained the competitive society of the City to Zuzu, as well as the history of the Duel King, Jack Atlas, whom he and Rin had idolized and built their Duel Runner for the purpose of Turbo Dueling. Officer 227 arrived, and Yugo attempted to outpace him, explaining that their trespass would mean being sent to the Facility if they were caught. The Duel Chaser forced a Turbo Duel, and Yugo asked for Zuzu's name, since he hadn't before. Telling her to hold on tight, he began the Turbo Duel.[13] Yugo took the first turn and quickly Summoned his "Hi-Speedroid Kendama" to deal 500 damage to his opponent. Zuzu quickly complained that it'd be dangerous to Duel while driving. Melissa Trail soon appeared to broadcast the Turbo Duel, prompting Yugo to ask 227 to not keep the audience waiting. 227 used his "Goyo" Synchro Monsters to steal Yugo's monsters, much to his annoyance. When Yugo was seemingly about be defeated by his own "Hi-Speedroid Chanbara", he countered with "Dice Roll Battle" to bring out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and force 227's monsters to attack it. Yugo also used the effect of "Chanbara" to activate the effect of "Clear Wing" and defeat 227. Sector Security had prepared a barricade to stop Yugo, but he effortlessly jumped over it and escaped. Yugo and Zuzu were branded as wanted fugitives in New Domino City afterwards.[18]

Yugo fails to cross dimensions with "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon".

The next day, Yugo and Zuzu attempted to warn New Domino City about the Interdimensional Domination but no one believed them, prompting Yugo to prove their claims by attempting to travel dimensions with "Clear Wing" only to fail embarrassingly.[19] For a few days the duo posted some flyers about the upcoming War between dimensions, which seemingly didn't work either. Yugo signed up himself and Zuzu for the Friendship Cup without telling the latter, when he did he accidentally listed Zuzu as "Rin" but then corrected himself. Later he offered Zuzu to stay at Rin's room and commented that she'd stink if she kept wearing the same clothes for a while (in the Dub, this is replaced by a more suggestive comment with Yugo jokingly said that "her clothes will walk away on their own"), earning him a smack in the face from Zuzu's paper fan. When he saw Zuzu wearing Rin's clothes, he once again mistook her for Rin, and explained that the Friendship Cup would be a good chance to earn credibility about the war between dimensions.[3]

Yugo becomes excited for the "Friendship Cup".

Yugo rode recklessly with Zuzu to the Duel Palace where the Friendship Cup would be taking place, annoyed that they were missing the opening and reassuring Zuzu that the Duel Chasers wouldn't arrest participants in the Cup. He arrived eagerly in time for Jack Atlas's exhibition match, and to both his and Zuzu's surprise, they learned that Yuya Sakaki was Jack's opponent, confirmed when Zuzu's braclet reacted to the presence of Yuya and Yugo and when Yuya performed a Pendulum Summon, which Yugo witnessed for the first time. Yugo was excited for the Duel, but sensitive enough to feel sorry for Yuya, who would likely be utterly defeated by Jack in a deliberate show of power. True to Yugo's word, Yuya was indeed defeated.[20] Zuzu ran down to Yuya in worry with Yugo following her. Sector Security officers attempted to arrest them, but they were saved by servants of the High Council and taken to their quarters for the tournament. Yugo was appreciative of the luxury of the quarters, failing to notice his "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" reacting to the presence of the nearby "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".[21] He was worried about Zuzu during her Duel with Chojiro Tokumatsu given her inexperience on a Duel Runner, and relieved when she won, though he noted that Zuzu hadn't talked about the dimensional war.[22] Yugo was disappointed that he didn't get to Duel on the first day, but he was appreciative of the dinner given to him by the High Council.[5]

Yugo and Yuya shout the former's catchphrase in unison.

He was surprised when Yuya revealed the fate of the losers in the Friendship Cup the next day: being sent to the Underground Labor Facility.[23] Yugo was finally up to Duel the next day, facing Sylvio Sawatari, vowing to talk about the dimensional war. Both Duelists told the other not to hold back, and Sylvio accidentally managed to pass Yugo for the first turn, opening up with a Pendulum Summon. Yugo commented that Sylvio wasn't all talk, and he brought out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" on his first turn, and then backed it up with Continuous Trap Cards to protect it in combination with its effect. Sylvio managed to bypass these restrictions by using his low-Level "Abyss Actor" monsters and protecting them from the effect of "Clear Wing", before eventually lowering the ATK of "Clear Wing" to 0. During the Duel, Yugo's mind synched with Yuya's, with both of them making Yugo's moves, and Yugo using some of Yuya's mannerisms. Knowing that he needed to draw a specific card, Yugo (and by extension Yuya) drew "Speedroid Double Yoyo" to revive the Tuner Monster "Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice" to bring out "Hi-Speedroid Hagoita". He used its Level-modification effects to allow "Clear Wing" to destroy all of Sylvio's monsters and attack directly for the win. The experience caused Yugo to forget his promise to talk about the war. Sylvio came over to tell him to answer to the crowd's cheers, and then finally realized that Yugo resembled Yuya. Before they could talk further, the staff came over and removed Sylvio from the arena.[6] Yugo later grimly watched the brutal Duel between Shay Obsidian and Dennis McField.[24]

Friendship Cup Finals[edit]

Yugo eagerly watched the Duel between Zuzu and Sergey Volkov. Although he was proud of Zuzu, he was apprehensive, knowing that Sergey must have had a strategy planned. He was proven right when Sergey turned the tables and violently defeated Zuzu, with the impact throwing her body into a building.[25] With Zuzu's fate unknown to him, Yugo was reduced to tears, and he vowed to carry on her feelings.[26]

Yugo asks Celina if she's really isn't Rin.

Prior to his Duel with Celina, he vowed to win the Duel for both Rin and Zuzu. When he saw Celina in person for the first time, he mistook her for Rin and attempted to hug her multiple times, each ending with Celina punching or kicking him. He then started off the Duel with a rocky start, with him Summoning only "Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke". After getting attacked by Celina's "Lunalight Cat Dancer", Yugo managed to regain his focus and gave his all in the Duel. He remembered Rin's advice and recounted to Celina what Rin often told him. During the Duel, he debated with Celina over the value of an adaptive strategy rather than a planned one. The course began changing when Celina was in a pinch, forcing Yugo to use the manual setting of his Duel Runner to prevent himself from crashing. After Celina Summoned "Lunalight Panther Dancer", Yugo was forced to try his luck in Synchro Summoning "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" with "Re-dyce-cle" and he succeeded. After Summoning his dragon, Yugo synchronized with Yuya again and yelled the latter's catchphrase.[7]

Yugo and his counterparts all Awakened at the same time.

After Yugo defeated Celina, he noticed Yuri and recognized him as the one who kidnapped Rin. When Yuri left, Yugo started to chase him but escaped after jumping off the truck onto a passing boat.[27] While he was searching for Yuri, Yugo felt his chest burning and "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" began to glow, which caused Yugo and all of his counterparts to awaken and synchronize with Yuya during his Duel against Crow Hogan.[28] While he was in sync with his counterparts, Yugo began to exhibit a dark aura around his body and he passed out after Yuya won the Duel.[29]

Yugo and Yuri being warped away.

Yugo found Yuri on the rooftop and was infuriated when Yuri pronounced his name wrong. Yugo demanded Rin's location, and Yuri in turn asked about Zuzu's whereabouts. Tearfully remembering Zuzu's fate, Yugo replied that Zuzu was in his heart. Annoyed at this, Yuri replied that Rin was there too and activated "Violet Flash" to flee from Yugo again.[30] Yugo found Yuri again in an abandoned subway and challenged him to a Duel, but Yuri refused, claiming that he was busy. Yuri's comments alerted Yugo to Celina's presence, surprising Yugo as he had believed Celina to be sent underground after her loss to him. Upon learning that Celina had lost to Yugo, Yuri accepted Yugo's challenge. Yugo began by Synchro Summoning "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", and Yuri summoned "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" in response, and with all of the Four Dimension Dragons present on the field, they both ended up awakening and synchronizing again with Yuya and Yuto.[10] While synced, Yugo and his counterparts began shouting that they had waited for this time to revive and become one. Zuzu arrived looking for Yuya, and her bracelet teleported Yugo and Yuri away, leaving their Duel unfinished.[31] Owing to his absence, Jean Michel Roget declared him disqualified and his spot in the Friendship Cup was taken by Jack Atlas.[11]

Heartland City[edit]

Yugo was transported to the Fusion Dimension and he continued his search for Yuri. He found him at the docks of a City, but his arrival activated the power of Zuzu's bracelet, transporting Yuri away. When Yugo noticed Zuzu he was delighted and tearfully attempted to hug her, but instead earned a smack from her paper fan. Yugo expressed his relief that she was alive as he thought that she had died in her Duel against Sergey. Yugo informed Zuzu that Duel Academy was located near the city, and thus Rin was also present, and Zuzu added that Lulu and Celina were also at Duel Academy, explaining that Celina had been recaptured in the Synchro Dimension.[32]

Yuya's arrival causes Yugo to be warped away.

Yugo went with Zuzu and Alexis to You Show Duel School, where they convinced Yusho Sakaki to battle Duel Academy. Dennis McField arrived with squad of Duel Academy soldiers to capture Zuzu; Yugo recognized Dennis from his Duel with Shay Obsidian and was prepared to Duel him when Dennis challenged Yusho. Yusho distracted Dennis during their Duel, allowing everyone to escape. Yugo and Zuzu fled on Yugo's Duel Runner, but they were quickly cornered. Zuzu dismounted to Duel and Yugo vowed to protect her, but Zuzu's bracelet activated and teleported him away.[33]

Yugo teleported in the middle of a class.

Yugo found himself teleported into a classroom and he yelled at the teacher that his name was not Fusion. Breaking out and speeding off while wondering where he was, he eventually arrived at the harbor and hid behind a shipping container. Yusho and Alexis arrived with Kite Tenjo, and when Kite was about to run off, Yugo called out to him. However, Kite was a member of the Resistance and mistook Yugo as a Fusion follower, and he pinned Yugo to the ground. Yugo angrily protested that his name was Yugo, not Fusion, and Kite released him and told him to hurry before running off. Alexis asked Yugo how he arrived before they did, and he explained that Zuzu's bracelet teleported him. Alexis explained that he was at Duel Academy and that Rin was in the Eastern tower. Yugo immediately sped off to the top of the tower where Apollo was guarding the entrance, who challenged him to a Duel. Apollo Fusion Summoned "Luminous Keeper" and used its effect and his Keeper Shield Tokens to weaken Yugo and "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", but this allowed Yugo to use "Speedroid Gum Prize" to Synchro Summon "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" and power it up through a draw of chance. He defeated Apollo, and broke down the door to Rin's room. Reunited with Rin at last, Yugo ran to hug her only to be kneed in the gut for being late to rescue her. Rin tearfully hugged him, and Yugo reassured her that it was all right[34]

Yugo becomes frantic after regaining consciousness on top of his Duel Runner.

As Yugo talked about his participation in the Friendship Cup with Rin, Rin cut him off and challenged him to a Duel, throwing him off the tower. Yugo landed on his Duel Runner, much to his horror and he checked to see if it was damaged. Rin approached him with a Duel Academy Duel Disk and she told him to ignore it. Yugo was shocked at Rin disregarding the feelings that she and Yugo had put into the Runner, and he eventually agreed to Duel her. Rin's first turn was as ruthless as Yugo remembered; Yugo took 1500 effect damage from Rin's "Windwitch" monsters. He followed Rin down the steps on his Runner and wondered if Duel Academy did something to her. He brought out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and asked her if she remembered it only for her to use "Lost Wind" to negate its effects and halve its ATK. Seeing this, Yugo decided to make Rin remember since she was not the same person he knew anymore. Rin Special Summoned "Fusion Parasite", and Yugo wondered why she had that monster and was shocked when she Fusion Summoned "Windwitch - Crystal Bell". The attack of "Crystal Bell" destroyed both "Clear Wing" and Yugo's Duel Runner, much to his utter horror. Rin ordered him to stand up as their Duel was still going on, and Yugo became furious and screamed at Rin for forgetting their dream. He begged her to remember, but Rin told Yugo to surrender as his LP was close to 0 and his Duel Runner had been destroyed. Yugo refused as he had finally found her after traveling through dimensions.

Yugo engages his Duel Disk, vowing to return Rin to normal.

He picked up the Duel Disk from his destroyed Duel Runner and equipped it to his arm, declaring that he would bring Rin back to normal. He Synchro Summoned "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" and destroyed "Crystal Bell", blasting Rin away. Yugo ran to her and held her in his arms. Much to his joy, Rin apparently regained her senses and called out to him. However, Rin activated the effect of "Crystal Bell" to bring back "Winter Bell" and "Fusion Parasite" and Fusion Summoned a second "Crystal Bell". Noting a dark aura surrounding both Rin and "Fusion Parasite", Yugo wondered if "Fusion Parasite" was the reason why Rin acted like this. Rin defeated Yugo with the effect of "Crystal Bell" and left him lying unconscious outside the tower.[35] Aster Phoenix found Yugo as he woke up, and he explained to Yugo that Rin and Lulu were both being controlled and that they would have to defeat the person controlling them. Yugo mentioned to Aster that a bug was controlling Rin, causing Aster to remember something.[36] Yugo and Aster headed into Duel Academy, running through the hallways.[37]

Duel Academy[edit]

Yugo and Aster found Yuri preparing to seal Sora Perse into a card.[38] Yugo confronted Yuri and told Aster to go find Rin while he defeated Yuri. Infuriated when Yuri pronounced his name wrong again, Yugo quickly brought out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon". He entered a synchronized awakening with his counterparts when Yuri brought out "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" and they started shouting that they would become one again.[39] Elsewhere, Yuya brought out "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", causing "Clear Wing" to resonate with them and "Starving Venom" while he and Yuri continued shouting that they would become one.[40]

Yugo negated the attack of "Starving Venom" with "Burning Sonic" and raised the ATK of "Clear Wing". Aster returned with Kite and the awakened Yugo warned Aster and Kite not to get in his way, but they joined the Duel. Although Yugo was able to inflict damage, Kite countered all of his moves and took control of his and Yuri's dragons with the effect of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". Yugo was able to use the effect of "Speedroid Skull Marbles" to defend himself. Aster and Yugo traded blows through card effects after Aster Fusion Summoned "Destiny HERO - Dystopia", and Aster reminded Yugo that Dueling was for bringing smiles and urged him to remember Rin, causing Yugo to start showing signs of breaking free from his awakening. Yugo brought out "Speedroid Maliciousmagnet" and used the effect of "Maliciousmagnet" to take back "Clear Wing" to Synchro Summon "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon". Yugo proceeded to attack "Dystopia" with "Crystal Wing", with the two monsters' effects clashing until Kite's "Split Guard" protected "Dystopia". Aster explained to Yugo that he and Yuya were one person before and should have the same spirit for desiring Duels with smiles, but Yugo protested that the statement made no sense. He continued his attack, but Aster used the effect of "Destiny HERO - Dreamer" from the Graveyard to protect "Dystopia" and Special Summon itself. While the effect allowed "Crystal Wing" to attack again, Aster fused his two monsters into "Destiny HERO - Dusktopia", defending himself from "Crystal Wing". Yugo looked at the shining form of "Dusktopia" and he fell to his knees. Breaking out of his awakening, he snapped at Aster that his name was Yugo. Yugo admitted that that had been dangerous as he had come close to forgetting himself, and he warned Yuri that he would defeat him for taking Rin. To his surprise, Yuri used "Super Polymerization" to Fusion Summon "Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon". When Yuri used the effect of "Greedy Venom" on "Dusktopia", Yugo used the effect of "Crystal Wing" to negate the effect of "Greedy Venom" and destroy it. However, Yuri used the second effect of "Greedy Venom" to destroy every monster on the field and inflict damage equal to their original ATK. Aster used the effect of "Dusktopia" to prevent the destruction of "Crystal Wing", but he and Kite were defeated. Yugo called out to Aster, who told him to win, and Yugo told Yusho, who had arrived not long ago, that Kite and Aster didn't waste anything while vowing to Yuri once more that he would defeat him.[41]

Yugo loses to Yuri.

As the effect of "Crystal Wing" wore off, Yugo attacked "Greedy Venom", using the effect of "Crystal Wing" again. Yuri reminded him of the effects of "Greedy Venom", which destroyed "Crystal Wing" and inflicted its ATK as damage and let Yuri Special Summon "Greedy Venom" again by banishing another of its Fusion Materials. Yugo told Yuri that Aster and Kite taught him that victory didn't come without pain. Yugo used "Extra Shave Reborn" to bring back "Clear Wing", then Special Summoned "Speedroid Rubberband Plane" and used its effect to weaken "Greedy Venom". However, he then used the effect of "Clear Wing" to negate the effect of "Rubberband Plane", destroy it, and strengthen "Clear Wing". "Clear Wing" destroyed "Greedy Venom", but Yuri used the effect of "Predaplant Drosophyllum Hydra" in his Graveyard to banish "Predaplant Flytrap" and return "Starving Venom" to the Graveyard to halve the damage. He was surprised when Yuri used "Extra Shave Reborn" and the effect of "Starving Venom" to negate the effect of "Clear Wing" and steal it. Yugo was defeated by Yuri, who used the stolen effect of "Clear Wing" against him.[42]

Yugo being absorbed by Yuri.

Yuri complimented his Dueling, and Yugo asked him who he thought he was. To his surprise, Yuri apologized to him for dismissing him and his "Clear Wing" as it resonated with "Starving Venom". Yugo awakened and he declared that they would become one before being absorbed by Yuri.[43] During Yuri and Yuya's Duel, Yugo's spirit awakened again when the Four Dimension Dragons resonated with each other.[44] Yugo continued to declare that they would become one as Yuri urged Yuya to surrender and become one with them. When Yuya took control of "Clear Wing", Yugo appeared next to him to help him defeat Yuri. He was then absorbed by Yuya to fuse back into the Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC.[45]

Yugo, Yuto, and Yuri appearing before Yuya.

Following the battle with Z-ARC, Yugo's fate was unknown but Leo theorized that Z-ARC's fragments remained within Yuya.[46] Yugo, Yuto, and Yuri appeared before Yuya when he was pushed into a corner by Jack after refusing to use the Four Dimension Dragons, and told him that they and their dragons didn't want to lose. They also asked Yuya why he was ignoring the dragons' feelings and told him that he should be able to hear the dragons' voices with their help. Yugo's spirit appeared alongside Yuya as he Synchro Summoned "Clear Wing" for the first time.[47] During his Duel against Declan Akaba, Yuya asked to borrow their power, and Yugo reminded Yuya that they were originally one person. Yugo's spirit appeared alongside Yuya's as he combined "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Clear Wing" with "Odd-Eyes Synchrogate" to Synchro Summon "Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon". "Wing Dragon" was destroyed by "D/D/D Super Doom King Dark Armageddon", and Yugo told Yuto he was counting on him as Yuya prepared to activate "Odd-Eyes Xyzgate". After Yuya defeated Declan, Yugo watched as Zuzu was reformed in the stadium, smiling as he sensed Rin's presence within her.[48]



Yugo being scolded by Rin
Yugo lovingly embraces Rin after being reunited in the Eastern Tower.

Rin is Yugo's childhood friend and met when they were raised in a facility together and became best friends. They built Yugo's Duel Runner together. He blushed and stammered after Zuzu made the assumption that she was his girlfriend.

Whenever Yugo finds one of Rin's counterparts he immediately attempts to hug them happily thinking they're Rin, often to their annoyance.

Yuya Sakaki[edit]

Yugo's physical encounters with Yuya were brief though that have been mentally synchronized. When this happens, Yugo takes on Yuya's mannerisms and Dueling style. While Yugo seems unaware of this, Yuya had his suspicions about this happening after Yugo's Duel with Celina. Despite their brief relationship prior to learning their origins as Z-ARC's incarnations, Yuya showed legitimate concern for Yugo when he learned that Yuri had absorbed him. During the Duel with Jack, Yugo and his other counterparts, showed their support to Yuya and his spirit appeared beside Yuya when he Synchro Summoned "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" for the first time. He later supported Yuya during his final Duel against Declan Akaba.


Yugo and Yuto's relationship was a hate-filled rivalry based on misunderstanding. When Yugo and Yuto first met, Yugo assumed he was Yuri, who had just kidnapped Rin. Because of this, and Yuto getting his name wrong, Yugo and Yuto engaged in a Duel that was cut off. Yugo demonstrated an intense rivalry with Yuto for his perceived crimes, though he was not above complimenting him. Yugo is later shocked when Zuzu rectified the mistake by revealing Yuri's existence to Yugo. After they were absorbed into Yuya their hatred vanished and they interacted quite well.


Though he mistook Yuto for him, Yuri's act of abducting Rin was the reason he traveled the dimensions, and thus making Yuri the man Yugo hates the most. After learning Yuri was his quarry, he proceeded to pursue him from the Synchro Dimension to the Fusion Dimension. His hatred of Yuri is strong enough to cast aside his goal to find Rin to beat Yuri up. Unfortunately, Yuri initially considering him an annoyance before learning their true origins as Z-ARC's incarnations. Yugo subconsciously acted to his past life's design before being subjugated long enough for Yuri to absorb him. Yuri and Yugo seem to have put their differences aside after they were absorbed into Yuya.

Zuzu Boyle[edit]

Zuzu was saved from Yuri by Yugo after he mistook her for Rin. Yugo and Zuzu developed a quick friendship during their time in the Synchro Dimension. Yugo attempted to help out Zuzu with the issue of the dimensional war, such as trying to warn the citizens about the Fusion Dimension and getting annoyed when others laughed at her. He also signed her up for the Friendship Cup, believing it would be a good idea to convince others about the threat.

Zuzu has been frequently annoyed by Yugo, due to him mistaking her for Rin, causing her to use her fan to hit him, or threatening to do so.

Like Yuya, Yugo also cares about Zuzu as his friend. After witnessing Zuzu brutally losing to Sergey Volkov and watching her crash into a building, Yugo started to cry but said that he would carry on her feelings. He is seen crying again when he discusses it with Yuri. When he found her in the Fusion Dimension he tearfully attempted to hug her, relieved that she was alive.

Sylvio Sawatari[edit]

Yugo and Sylvio Sawatari were opponents in the Friendship Cup. They were friendly to one another and they complimented each other's Dueling skills. They left on friendly terms when Sylvio encouraged Yugo to answer the cheers of the crowd after their fiery Duel.


Upon meeting Celina for the first time, Yugo mistook her for Rin and constantly tried to hug her, despite her constant rejection. His confusion actually affected his performance initially in their Duel, but he soon got himself on track. Yugo finds Celina's by-the-books strategies to be the wrong way to Duel, explaining to her the justification of his perspective on Dueling.


Z-ARC merely viewed Yugo and his counterparts as "alter-egos" meant to ensure his revival. However, Yugo aided Yuya in resisting Z-ARC's control once "Supreme King Z-ARC" was destroyed by Ray to give her an opening to finish Z-ARC off. Riley Akaba then used the Four Nature Cards to separate Z-ARC from his still merged incarnations. Yugo eventually appeared before Yuya in his mind during his Duel against Jack to give him his support. During Yuya's Duel with Declan Akaba, he and his counterparts begin to understand their past life better and resolve to free him from his suffering.


Yugo uses a "Speedroid" Deck, focused on Synchro Summon tactics. He primarily uses cards such as "Speedroid Double Yoyo" and "Speedroid Terrortop" to swarm the field for multiple Synchro Summons. He also includes several cards that allow him to Synchro Summon using materials in the Graveyard, as well as cards that banish "Speedroids" from his Graveyard for various beneficial effects. By his own admission, Yugo is more willing to trust in his luck and expect the flow of a Duel to change than have a set plan at the start.

After Summoning his signature "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", he focuses on using it in Lockdown strategies with cards like "Dragon's Bind" and "Follow Wing". In addition, he tends to use cards to prevent Clear Wing's destruction, such as "Burning Sonic" and "Miracle Mirror". He also attempts to activate the effect of "Clear Wing" as many times as possible, even by targeting it with his own monster effects or giving the opponent's monsters an effect and then forcing them to activate it.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Rin 54 Not shown (flashback)
Rin 84 Not shown (flashback)
Yuto 18 No result (flashback)
Yuto 37 Win
Nagi and Taka 46 Win
3 Obelisk Force members 47 Win
Officer 227 55 Win
Sylvio Sawatari 72 Win
Celina 84-85 Win
Yuri 91-92 No result
Apollo 116 Win
Rin 117 Lose
Yuri 126, 130-131 Lose (with Aster Phoenix and Kite Tenjo)


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