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Riley Akaba
Riley Akaba
English name
  • Riley Akaba
Japanese translatedLayra Akaba
Japanese name
Japaneseあか れい
Base赤馬 零羅
Furiganaあかば れいら
RōmajiAkaba Reira
Korean name
Other language names
Riley Akaba
Riley Akaba
Riley Akaba

Leo Akaba (adoptive father)

Ray Akaba (adoptive older half sister)

SchoolLeo Institute of Dueling[4]
Tournament Position
Arc League Championship:
  • "Youth" Class
Friendship Cup N/A[3]
Anime DeckC/C
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 02727: "Challengers Assemble"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
English voice
Japanese voice
Akaba, Riley

Riley Akaba, known as Layra Akaba[3][6][7] (あか れい, Akaba Reira) in the Japanese version, is a student of Leo Institute of Dueling and winner of the "Youth" class Arc League Championship in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.[4] She is the adopted daughter of the Akaba family[3] and the adoptive younger sister of Declan Akaba.[6] She is the only Lancer from Youth Class. According to Declan, Riley was necessary for their fight with Duel Academy.

After allowing Ray to control her body and absorbing Z-ARC so that he would not split into four again, Riley was reborn as a baby and "lost her smile" due to Z-ARC's influence. According to Declan, restoring Riley's smile is the only way to defeat Z-ARC.



Full-body view of Riley.

Riley is a short tomboy with pale skin, purplish light grey hair, and blue eyes, and she usually has a vacant expression on her face. She dresses simply, wearing a yellow and blue striped shirt, grey cargo pants that appeared to have been rolled up, blue shoes over pale pink socks, and a turquoise hooded sweatshirt, with a black club on her left upper side. She keeps the hood up, despite also wearing a cap. Riley also wears a wide metal collar around her neck.

Riley's true appearance.

As revealed during her Duel with Z-ARC, Riley's hair is actually incredibly long, extending past her waist. As an infant however, it is short. All of the members of the Akaba family have a slight card suit motif; Riley's is the club/clover, shown by the pin she wears on the left side of her sweatshirt, and her use of the "C/C" archetype.

Riley is referred to as a boy prior to her melding with Ray and being reborn in the Pendulum Dimension. It is left ambiguous what Riley's actual gender was before this moment.


Riley is incredibly timid and is seen carrying a patchwork teddy bear with her (named "Barry" in the English dub). During the opening day of the tournament, she hid behind the plush toy as the crowd cheered.[4] Unlike her older brother, Riley doesn't have the confidence to Duel her opponents. However she is considered the treasured student of LID. It also appears her mother strikes fear into her. When she wouldn't Duel Allie, she looked up at the window and saw her mother, who mouthed a word (audibly told her to not disappoint her in the dub), and she got to Dueling.

Riley also doesn't appear to handle the pressure of being considered the "Jewel of LID". When her mother bragged that she would beat Tate, Riley was seen gripping her teddy bear tighter, a fact only Tate noted.[8] However, Riley looks up to Declan as she Duels seriously the moment he steps in to watch her Duel, and when Tate praised her for being able to master the three summoning methods like her older brother, Riley looked happy. Declan, in return, often congratulates her and tells her to keep winning, showing that he cares.[6]

Riley goes into a state of panic when she doesn't know where Declan is. When she, Sylvio, Celina, and Yuya first appeared in the Synchro Dimension, Riley was more concerned about the location of her brother, rather than the upcoming Sector Security agents looking to arrest the four.[9] Despite his best intentions, Yuya also couldn't get Riley to open up at all, since she was afraid of losing Declan.[10]

It is later revealed that Riley lacks a sense of self and she is thus is unable to decide anything, essentially leaving her with no identity whatsoever. Henrietta speculates that this was the result of a survival instinct she developed. However, after spending time with Yuya, Crow Hogan, and Shinji Weber, Riley's sense of self starts to bud, beginning with interacting with the kids under Crow's care and telling Declan she does not want to Duel Shinji in the Friendship Cup, even running to Yuya when she thought Declan was mad at her. Advice from Jack Atlas later expands this, to the point that Riley not only overcomes her timid nature in order to apologize to Moon Shadow for desiring his loss, but also shows a keen understanding of the Lancers' current situation and passes on advice to Yuya through Moon Shadow. Riley also gains the desire to assist her brother, Moon Shadow, and Yuya, all of whom she looks up to, in the fight against Duel Academy.

Her change in attitude is further shown during her Duel with Sector Security, where she Duels all three of them in a much more confident nature without Declan being nearby, as she was able to Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summon in her turn. This is something she seemed unwilling to do in her Duel with Allie until she saw Declan watching her.

Riley suffers from PTSD as she saw images of the soldiers that attacked her hometown and she clutched her head in agony. This is best shown against the Obelisk Force after a prolonged Duel against multiple members.


Riley is shown to hear the cries and roars of the Four Dimensional Dragons. When she first saw "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", she gasped in fear.[11] The second time Yuri Summoned it during a rematch with Yugo, she was able to hear its roar and feel the dragon's anger.[12]

Having no sense of self, Riley was able to allow Ray's disembodied spirit to enter her body and possess it so she could participate in the final Duel with Z-ARC.[13]


Riley's last name, Akaba, means "red horse", and is similar to the surname of Seto and Mokuba Kaiba (also ending in 馬, horse) from Yu-Gi-Oh!, drawing a comparison between the two pairs of siblings.

Riley's Japanese given name Reira is written with the kanji for "zero" and "silk/gauze/to spread out/Latin". "Zero" is shared between the Japanese names of Riley, Declan Akaba (Reiji) and Leo Akaba (Reo), and sounds similar to the 'Rei' of Ray Akaba.

Riley's English given name is of Irish origin and means 'valiant'. ('Declan', the name of Riley's adopted brother, is also an Anglicised Irish name.)

Voice and mannerisms[edit]

In the dub, Riley uses photography terms while Dueling. For example, when she activated "Shutter Layer 1", she referred to Allie's "Aquaactress Guppy" as a "subject".



Riley's war-torn home.
Riley is subjected to various tests.

Riley was found alone in a house in a war-ravaged city by the Akaba family. The Akabas took her in and ran tests on her. From the tests, Henrietta concluded she would be a perfect Duel soldier for them as he had no "sense of self", meaning she would either be able to become a different person or be a mindless puppet following orders.[3] Her adoptive brother Declan, knowing what her life had been like, gave her "C/C Critical Eye", telling Riley that her life had no light in it, so she must capture the light of her opponents. Under Declan's tutelage, Riley quickly became a strong Duelist.[14]

Arc League Championship[edit]

Riley was Allie's first opponent in the Youth Championship. She at first looked reluctant to Duel, but when she looked at her mother and she said something to her, she eventually Dueled. Allie initially had the upper hand with her "Aquaactress" monsters, but when Riley noticed her older brother watching her Duel, Riley turned the Duel in his favor by Fusion Summoning and defeated Allie with "C/C/C Water Sword of Battle". After the Duel, Tate tried to approach her, but Riley just walked past him to meet her brother, who patted her head as he praised her for her victory and expected her to keep winning.[6]

She watched the Duels between Yuya Sakaki and Sylvio Sawatari[15][16] and Sora Perse and Shay Obsidian with Declan and Claude.[15][15][17] She looked nervous as she watched them Duel, but Declan told her to watch closely.[18] She watched also the Duel between Sora, Yuto, and Yuya, with Declan, Claude, and Shay, reacting nervously at the sight of Yuto and with surprise at her brother's emotional reaction to Yuto's tale.[19][20]

Riley winning the Youth Championship.

In the second round, Riley Dueled Frederick and this time won by using a Synchro Summon, shocking Yuya who suspected that she can also use multiple Summoning methods like Declan.[21] In the final match of the Youth championship, Riley Dueled against Tate and Xyz Summoned "C/C/C Rock Armor of Battle". By using its effects to gain ATK equal to the DEF of itself and Tate's "Performachine Gadget Giant" and then negating the latter monster's effects, Riley won the Duel and became the champion of the Youth-class championship. Tate congratulated Riley and compared her to her brother, and Riley thanked him with a timid smile.[5]

Friendship Cup[edit]

Afterwards, Riley and her mother were going to meet Declan, but Declan was outside, challenging Yuya to a Duel.[5] After the Duel, the next day, Riley was chosen as one of the Lancers, much to Shay and Sylvio's objections, but Declan firmly stated that Riley's skill is powerful enough to fight Duel Academy and she won't be a hindrance. Riley, along with her brother and the other Lancers then went to the Synchro Dimension.[22]

Riley arriving in the Synchro Dimension with Yuya, Celina, and Sylvio.

Upon arriving, the Lancers were split, and Riley ended up with Yuya, Sylvio, and Celina. As soon as they got there Sector Security arrived and tried to arrest Yuya and Celina, confusing them with Yugo and Zuzu. Scared by their hostility, Riley tried to flee but was stopped by a barrier of "Gate Blockers".[9]

Yuya grabbed Riley's hand and took her along as he Dueled a Sector Security officer. Remembering his mother's words about spreading smiles, Yuya attempted to get Riley to open up to him, but failed because Riley was more concerned about where her brother was. Fortunately, Riley and the others were rescued by Crow Hogan and his gang in an escape plan.[10] Riley and the others were invited to stay at Crow's hideout and Riley remained by herself, refusing to socialize with the others despite Amanda's coaxing. When she overheard Sylvio remind the group that they had to look for Declan, Riley's attention was caught and she attempted to leave with Sylvio and Celina, but Yuya held Riley back.[23][24] Riley remained at Crow's place, still keeping to herself and worried without her brother, though Yuya reassured Riley that they would find Declan. The next day, Shinji Weber showed up and dropped off some items for the kids, encouraging Riley to join in. After he left, Crow was able to get Riley to eat with the kids. After Yuya and Crow were arguing over who could make Riley smile, they got into a Duel. When Sector Security officers showed up, Riley was rescued by Moon Shadow while everyone else was captured.[25]

Riley refusing to Duel Shinji.

Riley was reunited with her brother[26] and she was asked to participate in the Friendship Cup.[27] However, Riley did not want to fight her opponent, Shinji, and she fled to Yuya's room for comfort. Declan followed her, and ignoring Yuya's anger, he asked Riley why she didn't want to Duel Shinji. Riley timidly explained that Shinji had offered her sweets during her time at Crow's hideout. Realizing that Riley was reluctant to Duel someone who had done her a kindness, Declan ordered Moon Shadow to take Riley's place in the match. Declan concluded Riley's reluctance to Duel her benefactor stemmed from a budding "sense of self". Thinking about the possibly positive effects this could have, Declan imagined their mother being displeased about the development.[3]

During the next Duel, Riley was worried that Declan would like Moon Shadow more than her. Fearing that Moon Shadow could replace her if he won, she was displeased when Moon Shadow dealt damage to Shinji repeatedly and desperately wanted him to lose. She was happy when Shinji won the Duel, even if this meant losing her guardian.[28]

After Moon Shadow escaped the Underground Labor Facility to inform Declan about the rumors surrounding Jean Michel Roget, Riley told the ninja about her desire to fight against Duel Academy and her wish for Yuya to win the Friendship Cup and Duel against Jack one more time, since this was the only way New Domino City residents would acknowledge the Lancers and their mission in the Synchro Dimension. Riley also apologized to Moon for wanting him to lose.[29]

Friendship Cup Finals[edit]

Riley Duels against Sector Security.

Jean Michel Roget rebelled against the High Council and imprisoned them, Declan, and Riley in the Capital Building. After Yuya defeated Shinji in the second round and fled the stadium, Riley asked where Yuya was; Declan reassured her that Roget would not cancel the tournament and Yuya would have to participate in another match eventually. He also noted that Roget was trying to win Yuya over to his side.[30]

She watched Yugo Duel Celina[31] and after she was defeated, Declan told Riley to rescue Celina because Roget wouldn't send her underground and he wanted Riley to stop him. After Celina was weakened by Sector Security gassing her and prepared to take her away, Riley stepped in to protect Celina. Although Sector Security officers opposed Riley with "Goyo Catapults", Riley OTKed all three of them, each with a different type of Extra Deck Summon. Moon Shadow arrived and accompanied Celina and Riley to the Underground Labor Facility.[32] During Yuya's Duel against Crow Hogan while they were on their way to underground, Celina's bracelet began to glow, causing them to wonder what was happening.[33] The trio eventually began to tire, and Celina urged them to abandon her, but Riley and Moon Shadow refused to do so. As they moved into the sewers, Riley noticed that Celina's bracelet had stopped glowing.[34]

Riley was exhausted and Celina still weakened from the nerve gas when the three realized the presence of the Obelisk Force. Riley and Moon Shadow refused to abandon Celina, and Riley successfully persuaded a reluctant Moon Shadow to leave her and Celina and gather the Lancers from the Underground for further assistance. Riley defended Celina, defeating several Obelisk Force members, but at this point, she was so tired that she was unable to deal with the Obelisk Force reinforcements. She started trembling in fear and recalled her traumatic memories of her childhood before her adoption. Fortunately, Yuya arrived on his Duel Runner to protect her and Celina.[35]

As Riley and Yuya defeated the reinforcements, Barrett arrived with more Obelisk Force soldiers. Riley tried to join the Duel between Yuya and Barrett, but the Obelisk Force approached her, causing her to see her traumatic memories again.[36] Riley tried to protect Celina, but the Obelisk Force ignored her and attempted to capture Celina. However, they were stopped by Sora, now their ally, and were confronted by Yuri and more Obelisk Force soldiers. Yugo arrived to Duel Yuri, and they Summoned "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", the monstrous appearance of "Starving Venom" terrifying Riley.[11] She started to get worried after watching something happen to Yuya until Zuzu arrived and her bracelet activated. Riley stood helplessly as Barrett took Celina back with him after being defeated by Sergey Volkov, who also defeated Yuya and took Zuzu with him.[37]

After losing both Zuzu and Celina, Riley clung to Sora and formed a trust she rarely shared. Gong, Chojiro Tokumatsu, and Sylvio arrived only find out what happened to Zuzu and Celina. Sora and Moon Shadow decided to go rescue Zuzu while Yuya and Gong tried to catch up with them, with Chojiro, Riley, and Sylvio remaining behind.[38] After watching the Commons take on Sector Security, Riley's traumatic memories caused her to join the battle before being calmed down by Shay. When they arrived at the Capital Building, the front entrance was blocked by Sector Security. Before they could come up with a plan, Declan arrived and destroyed their Trap Cards with the effect of "D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga". Riley smiled and reunited with Declan in a hug. After defeating Security, they went to get Yuya on Shay's "Raidraptors", where they found Yuya, Gong, Sam, Frank, Amanda and Tarren on the bridge to the Duel Palace about to be attacked by Commons who had mistaken them for retreating Topsiders. Once he was in the stadium, Yuya challenged Jack to a Duel.[39]

Before the Duel could start, Roget sent Sector Security inside the stadium to stop them, but they were defeated by Declan, Chojiro, Gong, Shay, and Sylvio. Riley Dueled the last officer and remembered what Jack told her. She Synchro Summoned "C/C/C Rock Blaster of Battle" and defeated the final officer, impressing Jack and everyone else.[40] When the Commons riots escalated, Riley joined the Lancers in heading out to stop them, explaining that they had come to the Synchro Dimension to stop fighting across all dimensions. She and Declan went to Sector Security headquarters.[41] They found Moon there, who along with Sora had been defeated by Roget in a Duel. Riley, Declan and Moon found Roget assaulting Zuzu and Declan picked apart Roget's excuses before ordering him to beg New Domino City for forgiveness. Roget fled instead, and Riley slowed down to help the injured Moon. She tried to follow Declan into the room where Roget had fled, but Declan shoved her out. Moon reassured Riley that Declan was merely trying to keep her safe and he explained that Roget was a fearsome opponent who would face Declan with a Duel that he couldn't predict.[42] The other Lancers eventually arrived, and Sora hacked through the door and allowed them to enter. Riley witnessed Roget's defeats by Declan and joined the other Lancers in pursuing him and Zuzu, and Yuya managed to save Zuzu. Refusing to lose, Roget activated an Interdimensional Transportation machine, intending to teleport New Domino City into a void. Riley was swept away by the strong winds, but Declan saved her, while Roget fell into a wormhole. Another wormhole soon sucked in Zuzu, Yuya, Sylvio, Shay, and Gong before the machine broke down. Declan explained that their missing comrades were in another dimension, but they had no way to know which one.[43]

Heartland City[edit]

The Lancers wanted to stay and assist with the rebuilding effort in New Domino City, but Shinji and Chojiro urged them to do their duty as Lancers. They traveled to the Fusion Dimension, joined by Crow and Sora, and procured a speedboat, catching up with Captain Cutter's ship just as Yuya was thrown from the mast. Crow saved Yuya from falling into the ocean, and Solo used "Battle at Sea" to attack the speedboat; Riley noticing the cannon fire. After Yuya and Sora defeated Solo, Riley asked Moon Shadow what he had in his hand, Moon Shadow told her that it was something that he had borrowed; a screw that he had taken from the steering wheel of Solo's ship, causing it to steer in circles and prompting a laugh from Riley.[44] Riley was surprised when Declan revealed that he went to Duel Academy three years previously and asked Yuya's father for help. She also learned that Declan found out about Revival Zero, another part of the Professor's plan involving Celina and Yuri, that may include Yuya as well. Declan told Riley and the other Lancers to believe in their friends' strength and fight to the very end. After arriving at Duel Academy, Riley prepared to climb the cliff to charge into the Professor's lab.[45]

After climbing the cliff, they were surrounded by Duel Academy students before utilizing their plan to split into two groups, with Riley, Declan, and Sora continuing to the lab while the remaining Lancers Dueled the students.[46] Along the way they met up with Yusho and Alexis Rhodes, but they were confronted by Yuri.[47] Alexis and Sora sealed off the corridors to trap themselves with Yuri; Riley was almost trapped as well, but Sora managed to save her, and Riley continued on with Declan and Yusho.[48] They were confronted by Duel Academy students who took them directly to the Professor.[49]

Duel Academy[edit]

Riley was fearful at the sight of Leo Akaba, but Declan calmed her down. She learned about Yusho and Leo's past creating the ARC System together and was surprised to learn that it came from the Original Dimension. She also learned how Leo made Duel Monsters evolve with the ARC System, but that it lead to the world's ruin due to Z-ARC and his four dragons. Elsewhere, Yuri Summoned "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", and Riley felt its presence and sensed a great anger, scaring her, and her fear intensified after Leo explained how Z-ARC became the Supreme King Z-ARC and destroyed everything.[12]

She was pleased when Yuya made it to the chamber and watched Leo seal the Doktor into a card. She then learned how Leo created four cards that could defeat Supreme King Z-ARC, but they were stolen by his daughter Ray, who defeated Z-ARC. She also learned that Ray had split into Zuzu, Celina, Lulu Obsidian and Rin and saw the the ARC-V Reactor, which Leo planned to use to revive Ray and the fifth dimension, scaring Riley even more. Leo revealed that Yuya was one of Z-ARC's reincarnations, and Riley watched as Declan and Yuya challenge Leo to a Duel.[50] Yuya awakened again during the Duel, and his anger scared Riley and caused her to pass out.[51] She remained unconscious for the rest of the Duel, and Yusho took care of her, handing her unconscious body to Declan after he terminated the Duel.[52]

Riley conveying the will of Ray's spirit.

Riley came into contact with the spirit of Ray as she woke up, and she told Declan that Ray wanted to be revived in order to stop Z-ARC. Declan reminded Riley that everyone would disappear if the Four Dimensions fused, and Riley asked him if he didn't want to revive his real older sister. Declan in response asked if Riley was fine with everyone vanishing. Ray's spirit appeared next to Riley, and she told Declan that Ray only had him and she challenged Declan to a Duel. Declan locked Riley's usual tactics down with "Dark Contract with the Eternal Darkness", so Riley stalled with "Film Magician", but Declan destroyed it with "D/D/D Stone King Darius". Riley managed to stay in the Duel by finding "Damage Banish" to reduce the damage from the attack of "D/D/D Flame King Genghis" to zero. On her next turn she used "Photo Frame" to copy "Dark Contract with the Eternal Darkness" and "Pure Ray" to destroy both "Dark Contracts, then brought out "C/C Critical Eye and used "Montage Fusion" to Fusion Summon "C/C/C Sonic Halberd of Battle". Riley used the effect of "Sonic Halberd" to attack all of Declan's monsters,[14] but to her surprise, Declan used "Miracle" to survive the attack and defeated her on his next turn, blasting her into a pillar. Yuri arrived and blasted Declan next to Riley, and Ray's spirit explained to Riley, who explained so to Declan, that Z-ARC's revival was approaching. She and Declan watched Yusho's Dueltaining against Yuri.[53]

Yuya explained the effects of Yusho's cards to Riley, and Declan explained to Riley that Yuya had returned to himself. Riley was surprised when Yuri used "Ivy Bind Castle" to lock Yusho down, and she heard Yuya discussing the situation with someone else; Declan explained that Yuya was communicating with Yuto in his mind. Riley became worried when Yuri began acting more confident after he drew a card, and she was surprised when Yuri revealed that "Super Polymerization" wasn't his trump card, but "Ultra Polymerization". Yuri used it to Fusion Summon "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" and Synchro Summon "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", and set up a loop combo to continuously damage Yusho. Riley tried to stop Declan from joining the Duel, but Declan did not stop until Yusho told Declan not to interfere. Yuri defeated Yusho and sealed him into a card, prompting the enraged Yuya to break free from "Restraining Sword of Impact".[54]

Riley ran to check on Declan after he was blasted back by Yuya's shockwave and she worried about Yuya as he writhed in pain. She told Declan that Ray had claimed that Z-ARC's revival was inevitable. Yuri brought out "Clear Wing" again, and Riley worried that Yuya might lose like Yusho had. Fortunately, Yuya sealed the effects of "Starving Venom" and "Clear Wing". She worried that Yuya wasn't himself anymore after the Four Dimensional Dragons began resonating, blasting her away until Declan caught her. Declan reassured Riley that Yuya was still fighting for the world, but Riley continued to worry about Yuya when his counterparts started to synchronize with him.[55] Distortions in space began occurring, and Declan explained to Riley that the ARC-V Reactor had started the dimensional reunion. Yuya blasted Riley with another shockwave, and Riley feared that Yuya was going to join Yuri, but Yuya simply Set a card. To their surprise, Leo trapped them in the Isolation Dome, separating them from the Earth, and Riley told Declan that he couldn't hear Ray's voice anymore. Riley, Declan, Sora, and Aster Phoenix attempted to join the Duel to protect Yuya, but Yuri blasted them away. Yuya used "Break Away" to end a Battle Phase, but he broke down afterwards due to discarding his "Smile World" card. Riley told Yuya that she believed in him, and Declan managed to convince Yuya to focus on learning. She was happy when Yuya regained and took control of "Dark Rebellion" and "Clear Wing", and she was surprised to see Yuto and Yugo supporting Yuya with their dragons. Yuya defeated Yuri, but to Riley's horror, Yuya fell under the influence of the darkness and summoned "Astrograph Sorcerer" to fuse with the Four Dimensional Dragons. Riley ran outside with Declan, Sora, and Aster to find the world floating in pieces, and the Supreme King Z-ARC hovering at the center.[56]

As Z-ARC began to attack the Fusion Dimension, Riley felt the presence of Ray, and she asked Declan whether Leo was still inside; Declan explained that Leo was cautious enough to leave himself an escape route. Riley told him that Ray's voice was calling Leo to hurry and revive her since only she could defeat Z-ARC, and she ran back into Duel Academy with Declan following her.[57] As space continued to warp through Duel Academy, Riley and Declan found themselves walking in circles. Riley was scared by apparent ghosts walking through her and Declan, but to her surprise, Declan noted that they were the citizens of Heartland and New Domino City.[58] As they continued travelling through Duel Academy, Riley learned from Ray that Leo was trying to split the world again using the four cards that had been revived instead of her.[59]

Riley meets Ray inside the ARC-V Reactor.

Riley explained that Leo was planning on using the same cards that Ray had used to defeat Z-ARC. She begged Declan to save Leo, claiming that Declan wouldn't be able to smile if their father sacrificed himself. Declan agreed, and he told Riley to stay where she was as he left to assist his father. Riley was about to follow Declan until Ray contacted her. Riley went to the ARC-V Reactor, where she met Ray's spirit in a visible state.[60]

Riley sealing Z-ARC inside her own body.

Riley offered to become Ray's vessel, and they ran to assist Declan. As she tripped while running, Moon Shadow appeared to help hrt up. She arrived at the Duel just as Z-ARC defeated Declan, though Moon Shadow saved Declan and Leo from serious injuries as Riley joined the Duel. Riley removed her hood and cap, revealing her long hair as Ray took possession of her and opposed Z-ARC. Using Riley's body, Ray retrieved the Four Nature Cards from the Graveyard and activated them to slowly strip away "Supreme King Z-ARC's" protection effects and causing the Four Dimension Bracelets to materialize on Riley's arm. "Z-ARC" was destroyed, though Z-ARC still had enough LP to remain in the Duel. He insisted that Yuya was no more, but Ray maintained that Yuya still existed. Yuya was indeed able to fight for control after being contacted by Zuzu's spirit, and he revived "Z-ARC" and "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes" and increased Riley's LP, allowing Ray to defeat Z-ARC with the effects of the Four Nature Cards. Riley then ejected Ray's spirit from her body, and she sealed Z-ARC's spirit within her own body to prevent his soul from being split again, and Yuya called Riley's name in horror.[13]

Riley as an infant.

Following the battle with Z-ARC, Riley was reverted into an infant in a catatonic state, and both Declan and Henrietta decided to use Yuya's strength to "bring Riley's smile back".[61] When Yuya regained his memories of Zuzu, Declan revealed that Riley expelled Ray's soul in order to seal Z-ARC's soul and was reborn as a baby without a smile due to the dimensional split. Nevertheless, he still believed that Riley's smile would definitely return since they took back their memories for that reason.[62] After everyone regained their memories, Henrietta showed Riley to Yuya, and Declan revealed that the Four Nature Cards purified Riley, turning her back into a baby as Z-ARC and Ray had been previously. Declan believed that the reason Riley didn't separate into four people was to quickly seal Z-ARC's soul, which took her smile away. He then revealed the reason for reenacting the Arc League Championship was to return Riley's smile and save the world through Yuya's Dueltaining; if Riley and Z-ARC could not find enjoyment in Yuya's Dueltaining, Z-ARC would eventually resurrect and likely put the world at risk again.[63]

Riley watched Yuya Duel Dennis and win, but she still didn't smile.[64] Declan also revealed to Yuya that Riley didn't react to Duel with Shay. When Yuya summoned the Four Dimensional Dragons during his Duel against Jack, Riley began to react to them due to Z-ARC's soul, emitting a dark aura.[1] She calmed down when Z-ARC's soul subsided after Yuya won the Duel, causing the dark aura to disappear, but she still didn't smile. While watching Yuya and Declan's Duel, Riley started to cry when Yuya regained a memory of Z-ARC and what he truly wanted was to entertain everyone and not destroy the world.[65] Riley continued to cry until Yuya won, when she and Z-ARC began to laugh happily.[66]


Henrietta Akaba[edit]

Riley's relationship with her adoptive mother is in the simplest terms, nonexistent. She constantly drives fear into the girl, whether she is present or not. In fact, once when Declan said Henrietta would be disappointed in him, Riley went into a state of extreme panic.[3] Henrietta apparently wished to use Riley as a mindless puppet for the war against her husband, something Declan was against.

The battle with Z-ARC caused her to have a profound change of heart. After the battle with Z-ARC and Riley's conversion into an infant, Henrietta was struck with guilt over planning to use Riley as a weapon for revenge and became desperate to bring "her smile back". She was visibly horrified at the prospect that Yuya's failure may lead to Riley living an irreparable fate, and blamed herself for it because it was her idea to make her a Duel soldier in the first place, finally seeing Riley as her beloved daughter.

Declan Akaba[edit]

Declan and Riley's relationship is reminiscent of the Truesdale brothers of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, as they are shown to care about each other, and they use similar Dueling styles to one another, as both Riley and Declan utilize multiple summoning methods.

Although they aren't related biologically, Riley was encouraged by Declan's compliments after her victories during the Arc League Championship and was allowed to join the Lancers despite not being at the Battle Royal. When some of the Lancers complained about Riley joining, Declan quickly defended her and said that she would not be a hindrance, and constantly shows his confidence in Riley's skills.

When the Lancers were split in the Synchro Dimension, Riley cared about nothing but finding Declan as soon as possible, and Declan requested Moon Shadow to find Riley, later to take her place in the Friendship Cup. When Riley showed signs of developing a "sense of self", he was shown to be proud and resents his mother's plan of using Riley as a mindless puppet.

Yuya Sakaki[edit]

When the Lancers arrived in the Synchro Dimension and were split Yuya immediately noticed Riley's concern over Declan's whereabouts and her shyness. Yuya quickly became protective of Riley and made it his goal to make Riley smile. When Yuya was arrested by Security he was more worried about Riley's safety and was shown to be relieved when Riley was confirmed to be fine.

When Riley was scheduled to Duel Shinji in the Friendship Cup and ran off to Yuya, Yuya angrily scolded Declan for forcing Riley to participate in the tournament and demanded to know why he made Riley a Lancer, worried that Riley is too young to face the dangers that being a Lancer comes with.

Yuya's care for Riley has in turn affected Riley, who now looks up to Yuya in addition to Declan and Moon Shadow. With both Riley and Moon Shadow unable to participate in the Friendship Cup, Riley asks Yuya to win the Cup for them. Moon Shadow also gave Yuya the message that Riley is grateful for his help.

After running from Security and dealing with the Obelisk Force, Riley was greatly weakened and recalling her mental trauma; she was no longer in the position to wait for Moon Shadow or protect Celina. She was hugely relieved when Yuya came to her rescue at the last minute (ironically thanks to the flare signal) just as another batch of Obelisk Force approaches during the start of the invasion.

Moon Shadow[edit]

Moon Shadow became a protector of sorts for Riley in the Synchro Dimension, rescuing her from Security. However, when Moon Shadow replaced Riley in the Friendship Cup, Riley became jealous, desiring Moon Shadow's loss. She later expressed remorse over this and apologized, expressing the desire to prove her strength to Moon Shadow in addition to Yuya and Declan.

Jack Atlas[edit]

Riley seems to respect Jack, despite also being intimidated by him. After having a meal alongside Jack and hearing him tell his story, Riley is inspired to come out of her shell.[29]


Riley saves Celina during the Friendship Cup on Declan's orders and subsequently refuses to abandon her. In turn, while Celina is grateful for Riley's rescue, she dislikes holding Riley and Moon back and tries to order them to leave her.

Ray Akaba[edit]

Riley's relationship with her adoptive sister was one of mutual support. Riley was the only one who could sense Ray's will, knowing this Ray repeatedly contacted him asking for help. Riley in turn agreed which lead her to temporarily betray Declan and challenge him to a Duel with Ray's guidance hoping to ensure her full revival.

When Ray failed to be fully revived physically, Riley volunteered to let Ray use her body to go confront Z-ARC. Together the two finally defeated Z-ARC once again and rescued Yuya. Ultimately Riley sealed Z-ARC into herself to prevent him from splitting again but ejected Ray from her body so she wouldn't be affected by it, which in turn caused Riley to become a baby.


Riley and "C/C Critical Eye".

Riley runs a "C/C" Deck, which utilizes the "Shutter" Spell and Trap Cards focused on copying the opponent monsters to use them as Materials. While her "C/C" and "Shutter" cards seem unrelated, they both share a camera motif. She also uses non-"C/C" monsters with a filming theme.

The Deck focuses around using "C/C Critical Eye" to Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Summon the "C/C/C" monsters. The effect of "Critical Eye" doesn't allow Riley to use other monsters she control as Materials, which is compensated by her Spell and Trap Cards that allow her to copy the name, Level and Attribute of the opponent's monsters. The "C/C/C" monsters require "C/C Critical Eye" and a monster with the corresponding Attribute to be Summoned, and their effects take advantage of the opponent controlling monsters with the same Attribute. With "Critical Eye" being just one card, she does not always have it at her disposal immediately. She compensates for this with her "Shutter" Spell and Trap Cards and the stalling effect of "Film Magician".

Thematically, Riley's Deck is similar to her brother Declan's, in that she is able to perform multiple types of Extra Deck Summons. The names of her cards, "C/C" and "C/C/C," are based on Declan's "D/D" and "D/D/D" archetypes in naming structure. Furthermore, her "Shutter" Spell and Trap Cards could be considered a "C/C" variant of of her brother's "Dark Contract" cards.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
4 Unknown Duelists 131 Win (flashback)
Allie 28 Win
Frederick 38 Win
Tate 48-49 Win
3 Duel Chasers 86 Win
3 Obelisk Force members 89 Win
3 Obelisk Force members 89 Win
3 Obelisk Force members 90 Win (with Yuya Sakaki)
Duel Chasers 96 Win (with Chojiro Tokumatsu, Declan Akaba, Gong Strong, Shay Obsidian and Sylvio Sawatari)
Declan Akaba 131-132 Lose
Z-ARC/Yuya Sakaki 140 Win (with Ray Akaba)


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