Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 092

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 092
Yuya and Zuzu reunite.



Hiun no Saikai


Tragic Reunion

Episode number


Japanese air date

February 7, 2016

English air date

November 23, 2016

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Trump Card

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Can you Feel the Power

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Can you Feel the Power

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"Tragic Reunion" is the ninety-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on February 7, 2016 and in Australia on November 23, 2016. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on February 28, 2017.

As Yuya and Barrett’s intense battle continues, Yugo and Yuri confront each other in a nearby area. As all four of Yuya, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri’s dragons appear on the field one by one, something abnormal happens to Yuya once again! On the other hand, Roget, who is hellbent on capturing Zuzu, has sent Sergey to her location...


Zuzu runs through the streets of New Domino City, guided by her bracelet's glow. She desperately notes that something is happening to Yuya and she asks where he is. Her bracelet pulls her to the left, and she asks if it's this way before following it.

Yuri and Yugo stand by their dragons.

The roars of the four dragons echo from the underground tunnel. Sora watches in horror as he remains trapped by "Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" and Riley screams, "No…no!" Celina falls to her hands and knees as her own bracelet pulses and she asks what is happening. Yuya is emitting darkness and his irises glow red. "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" roar as they emit darkness as well, and Yuya chokes in pain. "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" roars at the ceiling as Yugo's eyes glow aqua and he chokes, while opposite him "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" roars skywards as well and Yuri, whose eyes continue to glow purple chokes likewise. Yuya's head falls forwards and Yuto's form with glowing blue eyes briefly flickers across his body. Sora gasps Yuya's name in horror. Yuya ignores him, and he declares that they have waited, before both he and Yuto state that they have waited for this time. Yugo states that now, now is the time of their revival…revival. Yuri repeatedly states that they will become one (in the dub, they say, "Reunite...as one!).

The distortion created because of the presence of the four dragons.

Meanwhile, Zuzu reaches the entrance of the building where Yuya and his counterparts are, and she asks her bracelet if it's this way. She looks up at the moon and a wind suddenly begins blowing, causing her to get a determined look on her face. The chains binding "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion" slide around as they crane their necks up to the ceiling, mirroring "Clear Wing" and "Starving Venom". The sky has changed; a vortex now dominates it with the epicentre directly above them and colored green, blue, yellow, and purple. The green-jeweled Obelisk Force asks what is in the sky and the red-jeweled member states that it appeared out of nowhere. Yuri begins to walk forwards in a trance, and the yellow and red-jeweled Obelisk Force both call his name. Yuri walks towards Yugo, both of them repeating "One…" Yuya and Yuto declare that they become one. Barrett asks what is happening and the dragons all roar again as they stare at the vortex. Celina watches in horror as her bracelet's glow intensifies in its pulse. Yuya screams, "Now we become ONE!"

Yugo and Yuri are warped away by Zuzu's bracelet.

Zuzu runs down the stairs and past Barrett screaming Yuya's name. Yuya screams and Zuzu stops and cries Yuya's name. Her bracelet glows and blinds Celina, Sora, Riley and the Obelisk Force, blasting Yuri and Yugo away from one another. "Clear Wing" and "Starving Venom" are both blotted out by the light and Yuya is blasted into the ceiling. Zuzu screams Yuya's name and rushes forwards, Sora calling her name as she dashes past the Obelisk Force. Yuya crashes to the ground and Celina calls Zuzu's name as she runs past her. Celina looks at her bracelet and she muses that it stopped. Zuzu kneels down beside Yuya and she begs him to answer her. Yuya looks at Zuzu and he gasps her name before asking her why she is here. Barrett calls Zuzu's name and he observes that since their prey has come to them there is no longer any point in continuing this Duel. Celina gasps that this is bad and she urges Zuzu to get out of here. Barrett walks forwards and he orders Zuzu and Celina to come with him to the Professor.

Yuya tells Zuzu that Duel Academy are the real enemies.

Yuya snaps that that's not happening; he won't let Barrett have Zuzu or Celina and he will fight until the end. Zuzu and Celina gasp Yuya's name, and Barrett notes that due to the effect of "Beastborg Medal of the Crimson Chain" Yuya cannot use any Spell or Trap Cards, nor can he Summon new monsters, but regardless he still wants to continue? Yuya states that he does; he will fight to the end. Barrett calls Yuya's resolve to protect his comrades quite impressive, and to Yuya's surprise Barrett states that Yuya has his respect as a fellow Duelist and warrior. He states that as Yuya wishes they will finish this Duel. As Barrett turns to return to his position Zuzu gasps Yuya's name. Yuya snaps at her, reminding her that Duel Academy is their enemy, and he explains that he swore that he would never let her nor Celina be taken by Duel Academy. He requests that Zuzu stand back.

An overview of Barrett and Yuya's field.

Barrett declares that he now sees Yuya as an honorable warrior and as such he will not hold back against him. He reiterates his Battle Phase and attacks "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" with "Beastborg Panther Predator". "Panther Predator" slashes "Dark Rebellion", which is not destroyed due to the effect of "Medal of the Crimson Chain", though Yuya still takes battle damage, reducing him to 900 LP. Then he activates the effect of "Beastborg Medal of the Steel Chain", which reduces the ATK of Yuya's monsters by the damage that he takes. The chains around "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion" tighten and shock them, reducing them to 200 ATK. Barrett also activates the effect of "Beastborg Wolf Kampfer" to inflict 300 damage to Yuya since he took battle damage. "Wolf Kӓmpfer" blasts rockets at Yuya, reducing him to 600 LP, and then the effect of "Medal of the Steel Chain" reduces the ATK of Yuya's two dragons to zero, as Sora observes. Barrett states that Yuya only has 600 LP which will be whittled away on his next turn; Yuya no longer has any way to win. Barrett ends his turn and he addresses Yuya as a valiant warrior, telling him that if he sees any glimmer of hope in this battle, then he should aim for it and fight back against Barrett. "Hope?" Yuya asks, and he looks at the sole card in his hand, "Smile World" and asks if it is hope. He sees his mother and father and he laments that he can't see it, he can't see what he has to do to connect this to hope.

Sergey joins Barrett and Yuya's duel.

Suddenly a mighty crash echoes through the room. Yuya and Barrett turn in shock as Sergey smashes through the ceiling with his Duel Disk active. He declares his turn and Yuya, Celina and Zuzu recognize him, before Sergey's Duel Disk declares "Intrusion Penalty: 2000 LP" and he falls from 4000 to 2000 LP. His left eye zooms in on Zuzu, and the watching Jean Michel Roget is pleased to see Zuzu. He muses on the fact that they found Zuzu Boyle while chasing Celina and orders Sergey to capture Zuzu. Sergey activates the Field Spell Card "Earthbound Prison". Stone hands rise out of the ground, surrounding Zuzu and generating an energy bubble that imprisons her. Yuya asks if Zuzu is okay. Zuzu replies that she's fine. Sora watches as Yuya tells Zuzu to hold on; he'll get her out right away. Riley and Celina watch Sergey in fear, and Roget congratulates Sergey and muses that all that's left is to eliminate Duel Academy and secure Celina, before he smiles and laughs.

The vortex in the sky continues to swirl as it crackles with electricity. Sergey explains that "Earthbound Prison" negates all changes to ATK, and the player who destroys the card will have their LP halved and the effects of all monsters they control will be negated. Barrett furiously and rudely addresses Sergey for daring to interfere. He states that he won't permit anyone interfering with his honorable Duel with Yuya Sakaki. Sergey's red eye glows as he targets Barrett, who asks if Sergey is listening, before ordering Sergey to release Zuzu Boyle and be gone from his sight. Sergey explains that since there is a Field Spell Card in play he can Special Summon "Earthbound Prisoner Stone Sweeper" from his hand. Then he Summons the Tuner monster "Earthbound Prisoner Line Walker". Barrett calls Sergey scum and he asks if Sergey still plans to interfere. Sergey activates the Spell Card "Harmonic Synchro Fusion", which will allow him to simultaneously perform both a Fusion Summon and a Synchro Summon using monsters he controls. "Stone Sweeper" and "Line Walker" both split off shades of themselves and Barrett is shocked to see Synchro and Fusion Summoning at the same time. Sergey tunes the Level 5 "Stone Sweeper" with the Level 3 "Line Walker" and chants "Revive from the depths of the earth! Gigantic beast with wings of punishment! Synchro Summon! Appear now! Level 8! Earthbound Servant Geo Gryphon!" Then he fuses the spectres of "Stone Sweeper" and "Line Walker" and chants "Prisoner that crawls across the earth, become one with the prisoner that walks the path of execution and become a gigantic beast that delivers out punishment! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 8! Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken!" "Behold!" Roget declares. This is a brand new strategy brought forth from a hybrid of the Dueling of Duel Academy and New Domino City; a new era of Dueling that only someone like Roget could have created. He stands up from his desk and he orders Sergey to eliminate them and send that Duelist of old from Duel Academy to his grave.

Yuya and his dragons are freed.

Sergey's eye swivels and he declares his Battle Phase, attacking "Wolf Kӓmpfer" with "Geo Kraken". "Geo Kraken" destroys "Wolf Kampfer" with a swipe from its tentacles, reducing Barrett to 3400 LP. Barrett calls Sergey naïve; when "Wolf Kampfer" is destroyed in battle he can Special Summon its Fusion Materials from the Graveyard. "Carrier Sentinel" and "Pitch-Black Warwolf" are both Special Summoned in Defense Position and Sergey follows up by attacking "Panther Predator" with "Geo Griffon". "Geo Griffon" destroys "Panther Predator" with a blast of darkness. Barrett falls to 2500 LP and he explains that when "Panther Predator" is destroyed its Fusion Materials can be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. "Panther Warrior" and "Dark Sentinel" are both Special Summoned in Defense Position. Barrett admits that since he no longer controls any "Beastborgs" his Continuous Trap Cards "Beastborg Medal of the Steel Chain" and "Medal of the Crimson Chain" are destroyed. The chained stones dissolve and the chains binding Yuya and his dragons crumble. Yuya immediately runs to Zuzu and they call one another's names. Zuzu says "thank goodness" and Yuya asks her why she's saying that; Zuzu shouldn't be worried about others when she's trapped like this. Yuya touches the energy bubble surrounding Zuzu and it shocks him. He curses and mutters that he really can't go in or get Zuzu out. Barrett tells Yuya not to worry; he'll free Zuzu after he defeats Sergey, though they will of course have to be separated afterwards. Yuya retorts that he won't let that happen. Sergey asks that Barrett just said that he would defeat Sergey didn't he? Both he and Roget comment that they wonder about that. Barrett explains that all of his monsters are Fusion Materials, so he can use the effect of the Continuous Spell Card "Beastborg Fusioner" to fuse them into "Beastborgs" on his next turn.

The lights build up to Barrett's defeat.

Sergey states that Barrett will not have another turn. Barrett snaps that Sergey can't back that up. Sergey scans all of Barrett's monsters and he activates the effect of "Geo Kraken"; he can destroy all of his opponent's monsters that were Special Summoned on his turn. "Geo Kraken" glows purple and Barrett gasps, "What?" while Yuya is shocked that "Geo Kraken" can destroy all of them. Beams of purple light spear from "Geo Kraken's" tentacles and destroy all of Barrett's monsters. Sergey explains that Barrett will take 800 damage per monster destroyed. The air begins to rumble and four giant yellow lights begin to build in intensity. Barrett cries out in shock as "Geo Kraken" blasts him backwards, reducing his LP to zero. Riley screams and covers his eyes as Barrett lands next to him and Celina. Celina and the Obelisk Force both call Barrett's name. Barrett groans Celina's name, lamenting that he wished he could have taken her back to the Professor himself.

Celina is teleported away by Barrett.

He touches his Duel Disk and activates the Dimension Move function by touching the "Xyz" button. Sora screams at Barrett to stop and begs him not to send Celina back. Yuya screams Celina's name and Barrett whispers her name before falling unconscious. His Duel Disk glows and both he and Celina are teleported away. Zuzu and Yuya are horrified that Celina was taken, while the Obelisk Force are horrified that Captain Barrett was taken. Roget screams at Sergey, calling him an imbecile for letting Celina escape. He states that Sergey must at least capture Zuzu Boyle and warns Sergey that he won't accept another failure. Yuya gasps that it can't be, and he states that he definitely won't let Sergey have Zuzu. Sergey drove Zuzu off the Duel Lane in his previous Duel, something that Yuya won't forgive him for. Zuzu whispers Yuya's name and Sergey Sets a card to end his turn.

Yuya activates "Magical Thunder".

Yuya declares his turn and he angrily draws a card. Zuzu begs Yuya not to let his anger control him. But Yuya is still furious and he activates the Spell Card "Magical Thunder". He can send a Spell Card from his hand to the Graveyard and destroy a card on the field. Roget muses that Yuya must be planning to destroy a monster with a Spell Card, but Sergey's Set card is "Earthbound Spell Sealer", which activates when the opponent activates a Spell Card and destroys it. Sergey has already seen through everything that Yuya plans to do. Zuzu tells Yuya that he had such a scary expression earlier, like he was a different person. Yuya gasps and Zuzu states that it was like Yuya was changing into someone else. She cries that she doesn't ever want to see Yuya like that again. Yuya looks at "Smile World" and thinks "Dad…Mom…" He remembers his mother telling him to remember to smile wherever he went, and his father stating that Duels can make people happy and can make everyone smile. But Yuya laments that he can't make everyone smile as he is right now. But if it's just Zuzu then he can. He declares that he sends "Smile World" to the Graveyard and destroys a card.

Zuzu is freed.

Sergey asks which monster Yuya will destroy, "Geo Griffon" or "Geo Kraken"? But Yuya proclaims that he will destroy the Field Spell Card "Earthbound Prison", and the sheer shock of his decision causes Sergey's eyes to roll back in his head and an error message to display. Roget urgently asks Sergey what is wrong and he urges him to use "Earthbound Spell Sealer", telling him to hurry up or he will miss the timing. But it's too late; the stone hands are destroyed and Zuzu is freed. The shock buffers Yuya, and the error message disappears from Sergey's eye as he activates the effect of "Earthbound Prison", halving Yuya's LP and negating the effects of all monsters he controls. Purple light blasts from the card and Yuya falls to 300 LP. He turns to see Zuzu looking at her hands and she looks at Yuya in turn and smiles. Sora gasps in shock that even though Yuya knew he would take the damage he did it to save Zuzu. Zuzu runs forward and calls Yuya's name, but the Obelisk Force surround her and tell her that she's coming with them. Yuya cries Zuzu's name.

"Hazy Shuriken!" Moon Shadow calls. Three purple shuriken slam into the Obelisk Force and force them backwards. Moon and a "Twilight Ninja Shingetsu" encircle Zuzu with their katana drawn against the Obelisk Force. Moon warns the Obelisk Force that he will cut them down. The green-jeweled Obelisk Force curses another disturbance, and the red-jeweled Obelisk Force notes that they won't be able to hold their opponents off without Captain Barrett or Master Yuri. The yellow-jeweled Obelisk Force agrees that they should retreat, and the Obelisk Force teleport away with their Duel Disks, causing "Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" to dissolve and release Sora. Sora immediately tries to head for Zuzu, but Riley grabs his jacket and he protests that he doesn't want Sora to go. Moon tells Yuya to Duel with his mind at ease and Yuya thanks him. He activates the Pendulum Effect of "Xiangke Magician" to grant the Rank 4 "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" a Level of 4 and "Xiangke" infuses "Dark Rebellion" with energy, making it Level 4. Then Yuya activates the Pendulum effect of "Xiangsheng Magician" to make the Level of "Dark Rebellion" equal to "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", and "Xiangsheng" fires an arrow, covering "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion" in red and purple energy and increasing "Dark Rebellion" to Level 7. Yuya overlays his now Level 7 "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion" and he chants "Dragon of dual-colored eyes, eradicate all enemies who oppose you with your scale of wrath! Xyz Summon! Appear now! Rank 7! Dragon with eyes of rage! Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon!" He declares his Battle Phase and attacks "Geo Griffon" with "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon". "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" runs its tusks through the ground as it attacks with "Sweeping Static Strike" and severs the wings of "Geo Griffon".

"Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" is destroyed by the effect of "Geo Griffon".

Sergey's LP falls to 1500 and he activates the effect of "Geo Griffon" since an "Earthbound" monster was destroyed, allowing him to destroy a monster on the field. A specter of "Geo Griffon" appears and dashes through "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon", destroying it. Yuya is horrified and Roget smugly declares that Yuya's turn is over; he cannot defeat Sergey. He tells Sergey to do it; this is the last turn. Sergey takes his turn and attacks directly with "Geo Kraken". "Geo Kraken" slams its tentacles into the ground and knocks Yuya into the air and then it electrocutes him. Yuya hits the ground hard and his LP falls to zero. Zuzu cries Yuya's name and runs forwards, and Moon runs after her as he yells her name.

Sergey boosts forward to capture Zuzu.

"Capture her, Sergey!" Roget yells. Rocket boosters emerge from Sergey's legs and he boosts forwards. Moon and "Shingetsu" attempt to block Sergey, but he swats them aside easily and destroys their katana. Sora grabs Zuzu and attempts to get her away, but Sergey brutally bashes Sora aside and grabs Zuzu. Yuya weakly whispers Zuzu's name and Sergey stops beneath the hole in the ceiling. Yuya realizes what is about to happen and he and Zuzu scream one another's names as Sergey blasts through the hole in the ceiling, flying through the air to the Sector Security Headquarters.

Featured Duels[edit]

Yuya Sakaki vs. Barrett[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuya Sakaki has 1600 LP and controls "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (900/2000) and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" (900/2000, ORU: 2), both in Attack Position, as well as "Xiangke Magician" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 3) and "Xiangsheng Magician" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Barrett has 4000 LP and controls "Beastborg Panther Predator" (1600/2000) and "Beastborg Wolf Kampfer" (2200/1500), both in Attack Position, as well as "Beastborg Fusioner", "Beastborg Medal of the Steel Chain" (which is affecting "Odd-Eyes"), and "Beastborg Medal of the Crimson Chain" (which is targeting "Dark Rebellion") in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 3: Barrett
"Beastborg Panther Predator" attacks "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", with the effect "Beastborg Medal of the Steel Chain" preventing its destruction by battle (Yuya: 1600 → 900 LP). Since Yuya took damage, the other effect of "Steel Chain" activates, reducing the ATK of all of Yuya's monsters equal to the damage he took ("Dark Rebellion": 900 → 200, "Odd-Eyes": 900 → 200) and since that damage was battle damage, the effect of "Beastborg Wolf Kampfer" inflicts 300 more damage (Yuya: 900 → 600 LP), while the effect of "Steel Chain" activates again, decreasing the ATK of Yuya's monsters again ("Dark Rebellion": 200 → 0, "Odd-Eyes": 200 → 0).

Sergey joins the Duel at this point, taking the 2000 LP intrusion penalty (Sergey: 4000 → 2000 LP).

Turn 4: Sergey
Sergey activates the Field Spell Card "Earthbound Prison", which negates any effect that would change the ATK of a face-up monster on the field. If it is destroyed, it halves the LP of the player who destroyed it and negates the effects of all face-up monsters they control. Since there is an active Field Spell Card, Sergey Special Summons "Earthbound Prisoner Stone Sweeper" (1600/1600) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect. He Normal Summons "Earthbound Prisoner Line Walker" (800/1100). Sergey activates "Harmonic Synchro Fusion", which lets him simultaneously Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster and Synchro Summon a Synchro Monster using monsters he controls. Via this effect, Sergey tunes the Level 5 "Stone Sweeper" with the Level 3 "Line Walker" to Synchro Summon "Earthbound Servant Geo Gryphon" (2500/1500) in Attack Position. He then fuses "Stone Sweeper" with "Line Walker" on his field to Fusion Summon "Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken" (2800/1200) in Attack Position. "Geo Kraken" attacks and destroys "Wolf Kampfer" (Barrett: 4000 → 3400 LP).[Notes 1] Since "Wolf Kampfer" was destroyed by battle, its effect activates, allowing Barrett to Special Summon its Fusion Material Monsters from his Graveyard so he Special Summons "Carrier Sentinel" (1000/1600) and "Pitch-Black Warwolf" (1600/600), both in Defense Position. "Geo Griffon" attacks and destroys "Panther Predator" (Barrett: 3400 → 2500 LP). As "Panther Predator" was destroyed by battle, Barrett activates its effect, allowing him to Special Summon its Fusion Material Monsters from his Graveyard, so he Special Summons "Panther Warrior" (2000/1600) and "Dark Sentinel" (1500/1800), both in Defense Position. As there are no "Beastborg" monsters on the field, both "Steel Chain" and "Beastborg Medal of the Crimson Chain" are destroyed via their own effects. Since monsters were Special Summoned to his opponent's field during his turn, Sergey activates the effect of "Geo Kraken", which lets him destroy all monsters his opponent controls, and inflict 800 damage to his opponent for each monster destroyed. All four of Barret's monsters are destroyed (Barrett: 2500 → 0 LP). Sergey Sets a card.

Turn 5: Yuya
Yuya draws and subsequently activates "Magical Thunder", which lets him send a Spell Card from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy a card on the field. Yuya sends "Smile World" and destroys "Earthbound Prison", with a programming error in Sergey's Mind Control Chip stopping him from activating his face-down "Earthbound Spell Sealer". Since "Earthbound Prison" was destroyed, its effect activates, halving Yuya's LP (Yuya: 600 → 300 LP) and negating the effects of all face-up monsters he controls. Yuya activates the Pendulum Effect of "Xiangke Magician", giving "Dark Rebellion" a Level equal to its current Rank ("Dark Rebellion": Rank Star.svg 4 → CG Star.svg 4). He then activates the Pendulum Effect of "Xiangsheng Magician", changing the Level of "Dark Rebellion" to that of another monster he controls. He targets "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" ("Dark Rebellion": CG Star.svg 4 → 7). Yuya overlays his two Level 7 Dragon-Type monsters to Xyz Summon "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" (3000/2500) in Attack Position. "Rebellion Dragon" attacks and destroys "Geo Griffon" (Sergey: 2000 → 1500 LP). Since an "Earthbound" monster was destroyed, the effect of "Geo Griffon" activates, letting Sergey destroy a monster his opponent controls. "Rebellion Dragon" is destroyed.

Turn 6: Sergey
"Geo Kraken" attacks directly (Yuya: 300 → 0 LP).

Yugo vs. Yuri[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yugo has 4000 LP and controls "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position. Yuri has 4000 LP and controls "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" (2800/2000) in Attack Position.

Turn 2: Yuri
Because of interference from Zuzu's bracelet, the Duel ends with no result.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



In other languages[edit]

Language Title
French Tragiques Retrouvailles
Italian Un Risultato Inatteso
Thai การพบกันอย่างอับโชค


  1. The on-screen LP count for Barrett is shown as 3500 after the attack of "Geo Kraken", but the later values are corrected by making Barett take 100 more battle damage from the attack of "Geo Griffon" than he should have.