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Sora Perse
Sora Perse
  • Sora Perse
Japanese translatedSora Shiunin
OtherSora Siunin[1][2][3]
Base紫雲院 素良
Furiganaしうんいん そら
RōmajiShiun'in Sora
Choe Haneul
TranslatedChoi Haneul
Other languages
Sora Perse[4]
Sora Shiunin
Sora Perse
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Arc League Championship:
  • "Junior Youth" Class
Did not place[2]
Anime DeckFluffal
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 0033: "Trade Bait: Part 1"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Voice actors
Other languages
  • Anja Rybiczka[9]
Perse, Sora

Sora Perse, known as Sora Shiunin[8][10] (うんいん , Shiun'in Sora) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Interested in the Pendulum Summon Yuya Sakaki created, this mysterious boy decides to become his apprentice.[11] During his first Duel against Shay Obsidian, Sora is revealed to be a soldier of Duel Academy, an agent send from the Fusion Dimension to infiltrate LID. As a soldier of Duel Academy, he swears loyalty to Leo Akaba and his plan to "unite the dimensions" despite his friendships with Yuya and Zuzu Boyle.

With encouragement from Yuya and Zuzu, Sora eventually realized he was hurting people and reluctantly abandoned his old ways. Since then, he has formally turned his back on Duel Academy and becomes an ally and later member of the Lancers, working to keep Celina and his first friends Zuzu and Yuya safe.



Full body view of Sora.

Sora is a short, young boy with light cyan hair, that is tied up and spiked out. He wears a blue jacket that bears some resemblance to Duel Academy's Obelisk Blue jacket, with a yellow and orange trim over a black t-shirt. He also wears a pair of light gray cargo shorts over long white socks and brown shoes. Sora has also been shown to carry a pink/white lollipop around with him.

Sora has also been noted by several characters as being extremely cute to the extent that they will side with him or give him what he wants, such as Yoko Sakaki who gave him Yuya's pancakes and Skip Boyle who changed the field that Sora and Yuya were Dueling on simply because Sora didn't like it.

Despite his small size, Sora demonstrates an incredible degree of athleticism, being able to knock out three boys much larger than himself using only a lollipop stick, and later displays incredible jumping ability to quickly snatch Action Cards during Duels.


Sora is shown to be a huge fan of Yuya, to the extent of obsession. This is shown when he constantly follows Yuya around, wanting to see Pendulum Summoning first hand (in the dub, Sora also calls Yuya "Coach Y"). At first Yuya declines, causing Sora to spy on Yuya and continuously bother him until he gives in. Sora has also been shown to use his cute appearance to win others over to his side and get his own way. However, it does not seem to work on Yuya, who only agrees to Duel with him if Sora stops following him around. Sora is also extremely childish and persists until he gets his way. Early on in the show Sora has a habit of misunderstanding situations, often asking "Did I get it wrong?" in response to other peoples' reactions. However, he later becomes more secretive, making sarcastic comments toward the students of Leo Institute of Dueling.

Sora also shows exceptional knowledge of Duel Monsters for his age, including the different styles of Summoning and can strategize accordingly. However as such, he does not take Dueling seriously unless there is a Duel or Duelist that excites him, and ultimately, this is what motivates Sora: his own entertainment.

It is seen that Sora is much more serious and malevolent than he actually shows, as seen when he was considering going all-out against Shay he let out a malicious grin, making him look noticeably more menacing. As the Duel progressed against him, he slowly descends into madness, subsequently bringing out more morbid Fusion Monsters and violently attacking his opponent, while slowly revealing more of his horrifying nature as he explains how much he and his people enjoyed "hunting" Shay and his comrades, simply because it is a "fun hunting game", while showing some disgust towards Shay, calling him "Xyz Scum." He is infuriated by his loss against Shay, showing he has a superiority complex and a huge ego. His pride can be seen earlier: he derides LID Fusion Summons and believes that Zuzu would be the clear victor in a match against them if she uses the techniques that he taught her, and after Yuto told Zuzu that "Polymerization" did not suit her, Sora was offended enough to challenge Yuto to a Duel.

However, deep down it seems that much of Sora's personality comes from his attachment towards the Fusion Dimension, as he truly considers the invasion of the Xyz Dimension to be a "gallant" battle, and that the only reason he could not allow himself to lose is because it would sully their honor. Being one of Duel Academy's top students and trusted with their mission, he is very strict with himself, thus his behavior is likely a result of believing he is both honoring his comrades and doing right.

With encouragement from Yuya and Zuzu, Sora realized he was hurting people and reluctantly abandoned his old ways.

He is also shown to be obsessed with sweet food items or candies to the extent that he is rarely seen not eating them, even to the extent that he eats during lessons. Whenever he is serious or angered he tends to bite his candies rather than keeping it on his mouth.


Due to his training at Duel Academy, Sora is well-versed in the art of fighting. By simply throwing his lollipop stick, he can knock multiple people out at once. He is also capable incapacitating two (presumably) well-trained individuals while injured. Sora also possesses incredible athletic abilities, as he was able to leap across rooftops while keeping up with Duel Runners (even jumping several feet in the air at one point). In addition Sora has incredible endurance; and he is able to hang onto a helicopter's wheels without much difficulty.


His family name, Shiun'in 「うんいん」, translates roughly to "violet cloud school/temple/house". Also, Shiun うん, or purple cloud, is the one that Amida Buddha rides on at a time of a person's death (Raigō).The kanji for his first name, Sora, 「」, is gender neutral, but is usually read as 'Motoyoshi' 「もとよし」 for males.

His dub surname, Perse, is a color that is grayish blue or purple. Perse is also a name for a private school in Cambridge, England. Both could be a reference to Duel Academy and their preference for Fusion Monsters, which have a purple card border.



Sora attended Duel Academy in the Fusion Dimension. He trained to become a Duel soldier. He and his classmates were solely focused on training and Sora made friends with none of them.[12] One day, when walking pass Aster Phoenix, he was asked by Aster to join him when he graduate. However, Sora refused since he wasn't one for the military and could do everything by himself.[13] Sora was the top of the elite class at Duel Academy, and he was sent to the Standard Dimension with a special mission.[6]

Pre-Arc League Championship[edit]

Sora introduces himself to Yuya.

When Yuya and his friends went to the Leo Institute of Dueling, Sora passed Yuya as he was looking at the school's curriculum. He stopped for a moment to look at Yuya before carrying on down the corridor. He later watched Yuya's Duel with Sylvio Sawatari, amazed by how the latter managed to perform a Pendulum Summon.[14] He continued to watch the Duel and was excited when Yuya managed to retrieve his "Timegazer Magician" and "Stargazer Magician". After the Duel finished, Sylvio attempted to get his friends to assault Yuya and his friends, but was stopped by Sora who knocked them unconscious with his lollipop stick. He then introduced himself to Yuya and declared himself Yuya's apprentice (in the dub, Sora called Yuya his "Duel Guru"), shocking him and his friends in the process.[15]

The next day, he followed Yuya home to his house, gaining entry by telling Yoko Sakaki that he was Yuya's apprentice. Yuya immediately denied it, and was shocked that Sora had both lied to get into his house and was eating breakfast there. Sora claimed it wasn't that big of a deal and that Yuya's "sister's" pancakes were delicious. Yoko's reaction caused Sora to realize he'd slipped up, and he immediately flattered her, claiming that she looked so young and beautiful he thought she was Yuya's sister. Yoko, appreciating the praise, gave him Yuya's pancakes as well. After that incident, Sora followed Yuya to school as Yuya was explaining what Sora was doing to Zuzu, stating that wherever his teacher went, Sora would follow. Yuya reminded him that he never made Sora his apprentice, but Sora begged him to make him his apprentice, expressing an admiration for Yuya's Pendulum Summoning. Yuya explained that one needed Pendulum Cards to Pendulum Summon, so Sora begged Yuya to show him. He tried his flattery tactics again by asking Zuzu to convince Yuya to show him a Pendulum Summon as he thought she was Yuya's girlfriend, however, this led to both denying it and Yuya accidentally insulting Zuzu, and Yuya being swatted by Zuzu's fan, to Sora's surprise and concern. He spied on Yuya in class through binoculars, wondering why he was making such a serious face, and continually harassed Yuya throughout the day. When Yuya went to the You Show Duel School, Sora was there as well, having claimed again to be Yuya's apprentice. He requested to Duel Yuya, who refused (and thus Sora gained the sympathies of everyone present) until Skip Boyle convinced him otherwise. Yuya then imposed a condition on the Duel: if he won, Sora would stop following him around and trying to be his apprentice, but if Sora won, Yuya would take him on as an apprentice. The Duel began, but Sora was displeased by the choice of the "Wildest West" Field Spell Card, and he said it was boring, then requested a more fun one, so Skip changed it to "Sweets Island". Sora began to swarm the field with his "Toy Vendor," but his attacks were stopped by Yuya, who had been collecting Action Cards while "accidentally" crashing into the scenery. Sora attempted to grab an Action Card himself, only for Yuya to snatch it away. Yuya proceeded to Pendulum Summon during the next turn, much to Sora's excitement, and he reduced Sora to 1800 Life Points with a single attack from "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon." Sora then decided to play seriously, Fusion Summoning his "Frightfur Bear".[11]

He took out Yuya's "Performapal Hip Hippo" to reduce his mobility and equipped it to his "Frightfur Bear" to power it up. When Yuya tried to counterattack, Sora used two copies of "Punch-in-the-Box" to bypass the effect of "Timegazer Magician", weakening "Odd-Eyes." Sora then equipped his "Frightfur Bear" with "Toy Parade" to allow it to attack multiple times, a combo that would allow him to win the Duel. Yuya attempted to grab an Action Card, but Sora revealed previously unseen agility and snagged it himself. He then used it to prevent Yuya's own Trap Card from affecting "Frightfur Bear" and destroyed "Odd-Eyes." With Yuya despondent and "Odd-Eyes" destroyed, Sora attempted to equip the Dragon to "Frightfur Bear," but to his surprise, he was unable to. Yuya then began laughing, and he also realized that "Odd-Eyes" had been sent to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard, preventing it from being equipped. Sora ended his turn, and Yuya weakened "Frightfur Bear" on his next turn with "Performapal Sword Fish" and "Performapal Cheermole" before destroying it with "Odd-Eyes," which he had Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck. Sora had lost, and agreed to honor his promise, but he decided to simply become Yuya's friend instead, calling Yuya by his first name (much to Yuya's anger) and enrolled into You Show Duel School. Yuya attempted to find where Sora had learned to Fusion Summon, seeing as he hadn't been to LID, but Sora evasively replied that it was normal where he came from, irritating Yuya once again.[7]

He continued attending You Show Duel School, and when LID Chairwoman Henrietta Akaba arrived, claiming that Yuya had attacked Sylvio and that the two Duel Schools would Duel to settle the ownership of the You Show, Sora nominated himself to represent You Show, pointing out to Gong that he wasn't technically a You Show student. He wanted to Duel first, but Yuya instead went first, facing Xyz user Dipper.[16] During the Duel, Sora protested that it wasn't very entertaining, receiving swift rebuke from Yuya in response. He also explained about Xyz Monsters and Ranks to Allie, Frederick and Tate.[17] After Yuya defeated Dipper, Zuzu was up next, facing Fusion user Julia Krystal. Unfortunately, Zuzu lost the Duel, and Gong encouraged Sora to win the third Duel against Synchro user Kit Blade. Claiming that the Duel disinterested him, Sora instead allowed Gong to Duel Kit, much to Gong's happiness.[18]

As with the previous Duels, he slyly commented from the sidelines regarding Dueling information that the children weren't aware of, musing that with only 100 Life Points and no cards in his hand "little-Gong" didn't have a chance to win, until Gong's use of his "Superheavy Samurai" monsters surpassed Sora's expectations and caused him to drop his lollipop in shock. Gong ended the Duel in a DRAW, so Henrietta proposed a tiebreaker between Yuya and Julia. A mysterious grey-haired Duelist revealed himself, stating that he would put an end to this.[19] He used "D/D" monsters against Yuya, Sora noting that the title stood for "Different Dimension." He was shocked when Declan performed a Fusion Summon to bring out "D/D/D Flame King Genghis". Despite Declan being set up to take 4000 damage from his own cards, Sora wasn't convinced that Declan was overconfident enough to take the risk and he was proven correct.[20] Declan later set himself up to take 3000 damage, enough to wipe him out, but again, Sora knew that Declan would evade the damage. But even Sora was shocked when Declan unveiled his own Pendulum Monsters and gained an edge in the Duel. Fortunately, a call regarding an LID teacher reached the ears of Declan, who revealed his name and forfeited the Duel before departing.[21] Sora was impressed at Declan's Pendulum Summoning, and as Skip reassured the students that they'd saved their Duel School, Sora pointed out that only Yuya had contributed to doing so. Tate, Allie and Frederick immediately rebuked him, pointing out that he couldn't complain because Sora didn't fight for them. Sora brushed off the remarks and walked off.[22]

Zuzu later found him trying to get into LID to Duel Declan, whose strength had interested Sora. She pointed out that it wouldn't be that easy, something that Sora had noticed earlier when he'd seen guards all over the place. Zuzu took Sora to the warehouse where Yuya had apparently attacked Sylvio, and begged him to teach her to Fusion Summon. Sora was quite bewildered, asking if this had been because Zuzu lost to Julia. Sora wasn't sure if it was okay to do so, but he eventually gave Zuzu a "Polymerization" card and explained to her how to Fusion Summon. Before the explanation could progress further, he noticed a masked Duelist eavesdropping and chased him around the warehouse before clashing with the Duelist using their Duel Disks. Sora noted that the Duelist "wasn't from around here" and the Duelist replied that Sora wasn't either. Zuzu then spoke up, remembering the masked Duelist from before, much to Sora's surprise. Zuzu explained that the Duelist had attacked Sylvio, and Sora asked him if he was behind the recent incident as well. Before they could get any info out of the Duelist, a vengeful Julia arrived, ready to Duel the masked Duelist for what he'd allegedly done to Professor Marco. She revealed that the Duelist was an Xyz user, to Sora's interest. Zuzu and Julia argued over who was talking to the masked Duelist, and Zuzu's bracelet activated, causing him to vanish while they weren't looking. An instant later, Yuya arrived, having been looking for Zuzu and he was surprised to see everyone else there. When Julia interrogated Yuya, believing him to be in league with the masked Duelist, Sora distracted her by claiming that he'd seen the Duelist run off. Sora explained to Yuya that he was giving Zuzu Fusion Summoning lessons. Yuya revealed that his next four Duels had been set up to allow him to qualify for the Junior Arc League Championship. Sora decided to qualify too, being told that he had to win six Duels in a row to do so and deeming it an easy task.[23]

After eating breakfast at Yuya's house again and conversing with him, Sora set off to qualify, accompanied by Zuzu, and he defeated a sumo wrestler Duelist with his "Frightfur Bear".[24] He defeated his second Duelist, a performer Duelist, but noticed that Zuzu was still preoccupied and not paying attention to his Dueling.[25] He Dueled Zuzu in a practice Duel, but she failed to Fusion Summon as she'd placed her Fusion Monster in her Main Deck. Afterwards, Sora pointed out that he'd been Fusion Summoning so that Zuzu could get some practice, claiming that he could have beaten his opponents without it, and wondering if she'd been thinking about the masked Duelist again. He wanted to Duel him, but Zuzu warned him about the Duelist's ability to inflict damage outside of an Action Duel. Yuya arrived, prompting Zuzu's bracelet to glow again and warp the eavesdropping masked Duelist away. Having dinner at Yuya's house, in response to being cautioned for his carefree attitude towards his opponents, Sora told him to be careful before someone took Zuzu away from him, to which Yuya replied that Zuzu wasn't his girlfriend.[26] Sora defeated his third and fourth Duelist's in a Chess and Shogi themed-field respectively, and against his fifth opponent, whose Kabuki style Sora found to be as entertaining as Yuya, Zuzu was much more attentive, urging him to finish the Duel quickly. Zuzu matched his Fusion Summoning chant perfectly, and Sora defeated his opponent. Zuzu pointed out that Sora could have won earlier than that, and Sora explained that he was showing Zuzu Fusion Summoning, as she hadn't seemed to get it previously. When Zuzu claimed to have Fusion Summoning figured out, Sora offered to Duel her, but Julia showed up again, informing them of the recent attacks in the city and asking them where the masked Duelist was. When things became hostile, Sora suggested that Zuzu could easily beat Julia, and when challenged himself, claimed that he'd hurt her confidence even more. Julia's repeated claims that LID was the strongest attracted the attention of Shay, but Shay was stopped by the masked Duelist, Yuto. Though Sora kept quiet, when Yuto claimed that Zuzu's "Polymerization" didn't suit her, Sora was insulted and suggested he show Yuto how great the card was. Zuzu broke them up, but Yuya's arrival teleported Yuto away via Zuzu's bracelet. Sora suggested that they leave after LID showed up.[27]

The next day, Sora had his final opponent, but he had to call Zuzu to get her there, as she was searching for her lost "Polymerization."[28] He defeated his opponent with "Frightfur Bear" in an opera-themed match, and Zuzu congratulated him. Sora suggested that they hurry to Yuya's third match, and they arrived just in time to see him activate Zuzu's "Polymerization" and Fusion Summon "Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" against Aura Sentia. He congratulated Yuya for doing something so unexpected, and Fusion Summoning without any prior tutelage. The celebrations were interrupted by Aura hugging Yuya and Zuzu's angry response, scaring even Sora.[29] Sora wanted a party to celebrate his entry, only for Yuya to reply that they could only have one once Yuya had qualified too, much to Sora's distress. As Yuya held him in a friendly headlock, Zuzu left, and Sora wondered if she was getting cake.[30] With Yuya set to Duel Gong the following day, Sora and the others had to watch the Duel in secret, and Sora was surprised by Gong's Synchro Summoning and Yuya's use of a Pendulum Monster's effect to Fusion Summon twice, exciting him.[10]

Arc League Championship[edit]

Sora took a passive role in the shenanigans that resulted when Yuya went off by himself, entering the stadium alongside his fellow You Show students. He was surprised to spot Shay among the LID students, who claimed that he'd been a comrade of theirs from the start, and learned that his first Duel would be against Shay the next day.[31] Bored by Allie's Duel against Riley Akaba, he went off to look for interesting Duels, but found none, instead, he passed by Shay.[32] Zuzu's rematch against Julia was next, and Sora watched his protege in satisfaction, especially when she countered Julia's strategies as he'd taught her. He was furious when he saw that Shay, who had been watching the Duel from the sidelines, had apparently taken his leave before the Duel had ended.[33]

Sora turns nasty during his Duel with Shay.

He Dueled against Shay in the third match of the second day. When the Action Field was chosen as "Neo Heartland City", he was disappointed that it wasn't the Field where he'd Dueled Yuya, but fine with it since the audience enjoyed it. He tried to get Shay to play along in entertaining the crowd, but Shay simply talked about his experiences and Dueled without mercy. Sora entertained the crowd with his "Fluffal" monsters and his Fusion Summoning, trading blows with Shay evenly until Shay brought out "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon". Sora was initially dismissive of the Xyz Monster until its powerful effect was revealed, allowing it to gain the ATK of Sora's Special Summoned monsters and attack them all. The attack delivered a more powerful shockwave to Sora, and he smiled maliciously, deciding to get serious.[1]

He brought out "Frightfur Leo" in an attempt to destroy "Rise Falcon", but Shay used Action Cards and Trap Cards to counter him. Being foiled, Sora became frustrated to the point that he had "Frightfur Leo" destroy the environment in a fit of temper, something that was picked up on by his friends. Shay used "Rise Falcon" to destroy "Frightfur Leo" the next turn, despite Sora's best efforts to counter it. Furious, Sora decided to really go all-out, bringing out "Frightfur Sheep" to prevent Shay from saving "Rise Falcon". Though his efforts were successful, Shay activated a "Rank-Up-Magic" card, Ranking-Up "Rise Falcon" into "Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon". Sora was excited by the new monster, begging Shay to let him enjoy this. Shay replied that Sora would instead feel the agony of defeat and death and used the effects of "Blaze Falcon"and more counter cards to destroy "Frightfur Sheep". Hit into a building, which began to fall, Sora's agility allowed him to escape the debris. Shay asked if Sora understood what it was like to be hunted now, and Sora revealed the true depths of his depravity, revealing that the attacks his people had made on Shay, and their Duels were all just games to them. With a crazed demeanor, he called out "Frightfur Chimera", destroyed "Blaze Falcon", and took control of it. Claiming that he could never be hunted and Shay's group always would be, Sora commented that he'd finish Shay off with his own monster. Calling it ridiculous, as the Resistance always fought prepared for the worst case scenario with the intent to rescue their comrades,

Sora vainly requests another Duel before passing out.

Shay Ranked-Up again, calling out "Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon". Underestimating its 2000 ATK, Sora assumed that Shay was bluffing, but the effect of "Revolution Falcon" finished Sora off, and though Sora obtained an Action Card, a tower fell on Sora before he could use it, ending the Duel in Shay's victory. Refusing to believe that he could lose, especially to "Xyz scum," Sora screamed at Shay to Duel him again, but his frenzied pleas were met with silence, and Sora's injuries caused him to pass out.[2]

Sora was taken to the hospital for medical attention, but when he woke up, he left the hospital and found Yuto, who wanted to know about Lulu's whereabouts. Sora claimed that he knew nothing about it and that she, like the rest of the hostages, probably became a card. Sora chased Yuto to a park, demanding him to bring Shay to settle the scores, but Yuto pointed out that it was already settled that he lost and began a Duel against Sora. Sora quickly brought out his "Frightfur Bear" as usual, and destroyed Yuto's "The Phantom Knights of Break Sword". However, Yuto Xyz Summoned "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and was about to finish off Sora with its effect, but decided to allow him to stay in the Duel so that he could surrender peacefully. Sora was infuriated and insulted by the show of mercy, which he perceived as intentional humiliation.[3]

Sora is forced to return to Duel Academy.

Yuya, having arrived and witnessed the Duel, joined the Duel to aid Sora. He managed to Summon "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", but Yuto countered his plays with his Trap Cards. Sora realized that Yuto had deliberately taken Sora's attack to bring out "Xyz Dragon" and held back against him, insulting him even more. Sora claimed that Yuto and Shay were just runaways from the Xyz Dimension, which his allies already conquered and mentioned having been assigned a mission from Duel Academy. He prepared to Summon a powerful Fusion Monster, but because his real identity was revealed, Sora was forced to return to the Fusion Dimension. There he was found unconscious and taken to the doctors to extract his memories as per Leo Akaba's orders.[6]

At Duel Academy, Sora underwent treatment. At one point during his treatment, Sora demanded to return to the Standard Dimension, wanting to get revenge on the Xyz users there. He was unknowingly overheard by Celina.[34]

Sora & Obelisk Force members.

Sora then directly asked Leo to return to the Standard Dimension. Leo agreed, on the condition that a group of Obelisk Force members would accompany Sora to help him bring Celina back to the Fusion Dimension. Sora was extremely surprised by the fact that Celina resembled Zuzu.[35] Sora later ambushed Shay with three members of the Obelisk Force, dispatching them to Duel against the Knights of the Duel Disks while he and Shay Dueled in a nearby ruined building.[36]

The two began their Duel, with Sora Summoning "Edge Imp Tomahawk" in order to damage Shay during his first turn. On his turn, Shay used a combination of "Raidraptor - Vanishing Lanius" and "Raidraptor - Fuzzy Lanius" in order to Xyz Summon "Raidraptor - Force Strix". Sora was amused that "Force Strix only had 100 ATK, and was surprised when Shay used "Force Strix" to get the cards he needed by searching another "Vanishing Lanius" and repeating the combination. Shay Summoned the other copies of "Fuzzy Lanius" and "Vanishing Lanius", allowing "Force Strix" to gain 500 ATK for each of them. Unimpressed, Sora asked about the low ATK of Shay's monsters and if Shay was underestimating him. Shay replied he was always serious while Dueling, even against "worthless opponents". Shay eventually Summoned three copies of "Force Strix", leaving Sora annoyed at how long he planned to prolong that play. Shay mocked Sora for being annoyed by his tactics and told him to get an Action Card. Sora replied he did not need any. Shay then Special Summoned two copies of "Raidraptor - Singing Lanius", boosting the ATK of the "Force Strixes" to 2100 each, and prepared for a One Turn Kill.[37]

Sora survived Shay's assault and the Duel was prolonged most of the night. Finally, Sora drew "Polymerization" and called Shay naive if he believed his victory was granted. Sora then used the effect of "Fluffal Mouse" to Special Summon two more copies of it from his Deck. He mimicked Yuya's catchphrase with a menacing tone and fused them with "Edge Imp Sabres" in order to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Tiger". Sora activated its effect to destroy monsters Shay had up to the number of Fusion Materials used for the Summon of "Tiger", leaving Shay with only one "Force Strix" left. Sora proceeded to mock Shay, since the Xyz Monster was now devoid of most of its ATK and reduced to a mere 100 points, leaving Shay to grind his teeth. The effect of "Tiger" let it gain 300 ATK for to each "Frightfur" and "Fluffal" monster Sora controlled, which was 2200. This gave it enough power to defeat Shay, with Sora commanding it to "send the Xyz remnant to the grave" with a maniacal expression. Sora was satisfied that he finally got revenge on Shay, but was unaware that Celina was watching.[38]

Upon seeing Celina, Sora mistook her for Zuzu and told her to back off. When he saw her Academy Duel Disk, Sora realized who Celina really was and chased her down while she carried an injured Shay with her. He ordered Celina to let him deal with Shay himself, or she would get hurt as well, but Sun Shadow and Moon Shadow blocked him. While Sun Shadow Dueled Sora, Moon Shadow protected Celina and Shay from the three remaining members of the Obelisk Force. During his Duel, Sora met Yuya and Gong again, who told him to stop and questioned his actions, which annoyed Sora. He told them to shut up and wait until he defeated Sun Shadow, angering Yuya. Sora eventually defeated Sun Shadow and sealed him into a card. Yuya finally confronted Sora and challenged him to a Duel, which Sora accepted because he disliked the fact that he had a losing record against his old friend. Sora took Yuya to the inside of the Volcano Area so no one could interrupt their Duel.[39]

Sora returns to Duel Academy.

Sora openly promised not to be as soft as he was during his last Duel with Yuya, despite Yuya's protest that Sora's smile back then was genuine. He ridiculed Yuya's belief that they had become friends during their last Duel, dismissing the notion as being too soft. He retorted that Dueling was about fighting, and that winning was more important to him than friendship. He then Fusion Summoned "Frightfur Tiger" and used it to destroy all of Yuya's cards on the field and reduce him to 1800 LP. When Yuya chided Sora about the damage Duel Academy caused to Heartland City, he responded that it was necessary to make the worlds one, to which Yuya replied that Duel Academy didn't have that authority. Sora then brought out "Frightfur Sabre-Tooth" and "Frightfur Bear" and raised his three monsters' ATK to over 4000 each. He then watched in shock as Yuya Xyz Summoned "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon", an Xyz Pendulum Monster, and got excited about how Dueling with Yuya was so much fun. However, when Yuya attacked with "Odd-Eyes Rebellion", both Sora and Yuya ended up in a race for an Action Card that disappeared as the Battle Royal timer expired, ending the Duel with no winner. When Yuya realized that Zuzu was nowhere to be seen and began to ask Sora if she had been sealed in a card, instead of answering him, Sora activated the forced return program in his Duel Disk to return to Duel Academy.[40]

Friendship Cup[edit]

Sora returned to Duel Academy and searched for Zuzu, believing that Yuri had captured her. He found no trace of her, but learned by eavesdropping on the Professor that he needed both Zuzu and Celina for his plans. Sora returned to the Standard and learned that Declan had formed the Lancers and traveled to the Synchro Dimension. Seeing that both Yuya and Celina were among them, he traveled to the Synchro Dimension himself.[12]

During Shay's second Duel with Dennis McField during the Friendship Cup, Sora silently watched the Duel from a corridor leading to the stadium. After Dennis lost the Duel, Sora left.[41]

Friendship Cup Finals[edit]

When the envoys of the High Council clashed with Sector Security over the custody of Dennis, Sora intervened and rescued Dennis, taking him to an alleyway. He explained to Dennis that he was attempting to capture Celina as per the orders of the Professor, and sent Dennis back to Duel Academy to recover from his injuries.[42] After Zuzu lost her Duel to Sergey Volkov and was thrown into a building,[43] Sora rescued her before Sector Security reached her. He carried her to a room and left her to rest. After that, Sora ran to show Yuya that Zuzu was okay by showing him her helmet during his own Duel with Shinji Weber. He had to traverse several rooftops until he was at a point where Yuya could see him.[44]

Yuya saves Sora from Sector Security.

After Yuya defeated Shinji, he escaped the Duel Palace and was able to meet up with Sora. Sora told Yuya that Zuzu was safe and revealed he had come to the Synchro Dimension to save Zuzu and how he traveled back to the Fusion Dimension, then back to Standard before learning that the Lancers had gone to the Synchro Dimension. Yuya told him that since he sent Dennis back, Duel Academy would know that Zuzu and Celina were in the Synchro Dimension, but Sora insisted Dennis would have reported back in eventually and sending him back separated him for Celina. Still wanting to fight for Duel Academy, but torn because of his friendship with Yuya and Zuzu, Sora asked that Yuya bring Celina to him to trade for Zuzu. Yuya refused to abandon Celina either, and told Sora that the Professor probably wouldn't approve of Sora's actions and hoped he would open his eyes soon. A Sector Security officer on a nearby rooftop fired an energy net at Sora, but Yuya pushed him out of the way and was captured instead. Yuya made Sora promise to protect Zuzu and wished him luck as he fled.[12] Sora attempted to look for Zuzu, evading Sector Security on the way,[45] but she had left the room that he'd left her in and he looked around, noticing the number of Sector Security officers on patrol and wondering if it was because they were looking for Zuzu since she'd lost in the tournament.[46]

Sora later noticed that Zuzu, Frank, Tarren and Amanda were surrounded by Sector Security. He and Zuzu then Dueled the officers and won. Zuzu introduced Sora has her teacher, and assumed that he had defected from Duel Academy. Sora replied that he hadn't but he was trying to keep Yuya and Zuzu safe from Duel Academy. They were interrupted by Moon Shadow, who was prepared to Duel Sora in revenge for Sora sealing Sun Shadow. Zuzu was able to convince both of them to stand down, and Moon Shadow agreed to let Sora try to rescue Yuya from captivity under Jean Michel Roget, while suggesting that Zuzu and the kids come underground to hide from Sector Security.[47]

Continuing to look for Yuya, Sora eventually noticed that Yuya was Dueling again, this time against Crow Hogan. He used his athletic skills to grab onto the wheel of Melissa Trail's helicopter and he watched the Duel from the skies. He was surprised when he noticed that Yuya's face reminded him more of Yuto's than it normally did for an instant. When Yuya Xyz Summoned Yuto's "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", Sora even wondered whether or not it was Yuya who was Dueling.[48]

Sora jumps onto Crow's Duel Runner.

Sora continued to monitor the situation with Yuya and became concerned about his friend when the Duel lane changed to leave a considerably wide gap mid-air. Just as when he decided to join the Duel and stop Yuya to save Crow, he spotted the Obelisk Force from the sky. Remembering Yuya's promise that he could not abandon Celina for Zuzu, Sora decided to protect Celina and unofficially defected from Duel Academy. He let go of the helicopter wheel and landed on Crow's Blackbird. He informed Crow that Yuya was not normal and told him about the presence of the Obelisk Force. After this, Sora left Crow to deal with Yuya and searched for Moon Shadow and Celina.[49]

Sora hid from Obelisk Force and eavesdropped on their intention to signal with flares. When he noticed the flare for Celina, he raced over just in time to rescue Moon Shadow from being sealed into a card. After taking the 2000 LP intrusion penalty, Sora became Moon Shadow's tag partner. Moon Shadow assisted Sora with "Barrier Ninjitsu Art of Hazy Transfer" to allow "Frightfur Bear" to use the effect of "Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" against the Obelisk Force, then use the monsters Summoned by "Chimera" to defeat the Obelisk Force in an OTK. The defeated members retreated back to the Fusion Dimension. At this point, Sora chose to defect from Duel Academy, knowing full well that he could not return there at the cost of his life. Sora and Moon Shadow parted as trusted allies, with the latter rushing to the Underground to gather the Lancers for help and the former racing to aid Celina and Riley in the meantime.[50]

Sora eventually found Yuya, Riley, and Celina just in time. By using "Frightfur Leo", "Frightfur Sheep", and "Frightfur Sabre-Tooth", he rescued Celina from a batch of Obelisk Force soldiers who were a centimeter away from capturing her, as Riley was too traumatic and tired to start another Duel and block the Obelisk Force's way, and Yuya was locked in a tough battle with Barrett. Celina was initially wary of him due to his past with Shay, but in front of Barrett, Yuri, and the Obelisk Force, he pledged his allegiance to Yuya and Celina, much to Yuya's joy. However, Yuri arrived and challenged Sora to a Duel as Celina was too weak to Duel. When Yugo appeared, one of the Obelisk Force members had "Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" bite Sora's Duel Disk arm, leaving Sora unable to move or start a Duel with the Obelisk Force and helplessly watched as Yuya, Yugo, Yuri, and the Four Dimensional Dragons went on a synchronized awakening again. He was horrified when Zuzu appeared and witnessed Yugo and Yuri teleport away as well as Yuya coming back to his senses. He watched helplessly while struggling vainly to free himself as he screamed at Barrett not to take back Celina.[51]

Sora was eventually freed once the remaining Obelisk Force members retreated out of fear of Sergey and the lack of the presence of Barrett and Yuri. He was surprised to see Yuya take damage just to free Zuzu. Once Yuya was defeated and Moon Shadow bore grave injuries from unsuccessfully blocking Sergey's way, Sora took Zuzu's hand and attempted to run away but he also was knocked away by Sergey. He was the least injured from the attack among the trio.[52]

Gong, Sylvio and Chojiro found their group with Riley clinging to Sora in rare trust. Sylvio accused Sora of Yuya and Moon Shadow's, but stopped once he saw Riley hanging onto Sora. Sora went to rescue Zuzu from Roget with Moon Shadow, despite Sylvio's initial protests and Yuya's desire to come with them.[53] Once at Sector Security's Main Bureau, they noticed its heavy security and were forced to sneak in another way.[54] Once inside, they were forced to Duel the mind-controlled Stomptroopers. Realizing their mind control, they went to the control room and turned it off, releasing all of Sector Security from Roget's control and subsequently freed Zuzu.[55] Before the three of them could escape the building, however, Roget intercepted them and defeated Sora and Moon in a Duel, taking Zuzu from them once more. Despite his serious injuries, Sora used the broadcast system to inform Yuya (and New Domino City) that Roget was taking Zuzu back to Duel Academy. The broadcast was cut off abruptly by an explosion.[56]

Sora was revealed to have survived the explosion, as he reunited with Yuya, Crow, Jack and the Lancers despite his badly injured state. He apologized for failing to prevent Duel Academy and Roget and to keep Celina and Zuzu safe. Using a hacking app on his Duel Disk, he managed to hack into and successfully force open the door to the room where Zuzu, Roget, and Declan were. Due to his injuries, Sora received a piggyback ride from Gong. Sora and the Lancers happily witnessed Yuya's and Zuzu's reunion. He heard Roget's plans to trap New Domino City in between dimensions and take the Lancers to the Fusion Dimension. The machine activated and Sora witnessed Roget disappearing in the wormhole. Unfortunately he could not prevent Zuzu, Yuya, Shay, Sylvio, and Gong from being swept into a second wormhole moments later. Sora explained what a wormhole was to Crow and Jack and regrouped with the others. They all worriedly looked up toward the sky as currently there was no way to find out about his missing friends' whereabouts.[57]

Heartland City[edit]

Sora and Crow joined the Lancers, and they traveled to the Fusion Dimension after being urged to go by Shinji Weber and Chojiro Tokumatsu. They procured a speedboat and they came upon Yuya falling from the mast of Captain Cutter's ship; Crow saved him, but Solo's ship fired on them after Solo activated "Battle at Sea". Sora then joined the Duel, and he told the Captain that it had been awhile and made fun of him for still dressing as a pirate. He was angered when Cutter told him that Celina had returned to him, but told Solo that they were taking Celina back and defeating him. When Sylvio tried to tell Sora about the effect of "Captain Lock", Sora already knew how to counter it; he Fusion Summoned "Frightfur Kraken", which caused the effect of "Lock" to destroy itself. However, Solo brought "Lock" back with its effects negated and strengthened its ATK with "Perished Pirate". Yuya then assisted Sora with "Performapal Teamwork" to win the Duel. When Yuya thought there was a reason why Celina kidnapped Zuzu, Sora told him that the Professor had someone who could control people's hearts and minds.[58] Yuya asked him why the Professor wanted Zuzu and her counterparts, and Sora suggested that they might be connected to the Arc Project.[59] Sora learned that Declan went to Duel Academy three years ago and asked Yuya's father for help. He also learned that Declan found out about Revival Zero, another part of the Professor's plan involving Celina and Yuri, and that it might include Yuya as well. He and other Lancers were told by Declan to believe in their friends strength and fight to the very end. After arriving on the island, Sora told Sylvio that the mountain was closer to the Professor's lab and prepared to climb it.[60]

After climbing up the mountain, they were surrounded by Duel Academy students before utilizing their plan to split into two groups with Sora, Declan, and Riley continuing to the lab while Yuya's group Dueled the students.[61] Along the way they met up with Yusho and Alexis but were confronted by Yuri.[62] When Alexis pushed Yuri to the wall, Sora activated the fence to trap him in. However, after pushing Riley out of the way he got trapped between the fence, which disabled his Duel Disk. He watched Alexis try to seal Yuri attacks but was surprised destroyed his own card. He was mad when Yuri claimed "Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon", a Tribute Monster, was a trump card of the Honor Student Deck. He got worried when Alexis lost most of her LP in one turn but happy when took control of "Reactor Dragon". He was surprised when Yuri used "Super Polymerization" and watched him defeat Alexis, sealing her into a card. He then wondered why the fence was deactivating and learned Yuri had control over them as well.[63] He Dueled Yuri and used "Frightfur Fusion" to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Chimera". He destroyed "Ancient Gear Hydra" and used the effect of "Chimera" to Special Summon "Hydra" on his field. "Chimera's" ATK increased by this effect and Sora attacked Yuri directly with "Hydra". He is forced to return "Hydra" when Yuri used "Ancient Gear Inspection" and was defeated by "Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem". He was about to be sealed into a card until Yugo and Aster arrived.[64]

Duel Academy[edit]

Sora told Aster that he heard that Yuya got him to join him. He then commented about how there are two other people who look like Yuya. When Yugo and Yuri enter a synchronized awakening again, Sora remembered how it was the same as last time.[65] When the Four Dimensional Dragons resonated again, Sora watched "Clear Wing" and "Starving Venom" resonate.[66] When Aster returned, Sora told him to stop the Duel. While watching the Duel, Sora remembered how Aster graduated from Duel Academy and was appointed Commander-in-Chief and that he never liked him. He watched Aster free Yugo from his awakening and tried to join the Duel when Yuri defeated Aster and Kite, but was to hurt.[13] He was surprised when Yuri defeated Yugo[67] and watched Yuri absorb him.[68]

He and Aster then went to go find Yuya and the others before they saw the world distorting around them. They arrived at the inner chambers and were caught in the Isolation Dome, separated from the Earth. He ran to check on Yuya and learned that Yuri sealed Yusho into a card. Sora then prepared to Duel Yuri with Declan, Riley, and Aster to protect Yuya, but Yuri knocked them back. He told Yuya he believed him after Declan revived his broken spirit from discarding "Smile World". He saw Yuto and Yugo supporting Yuya to defeat Yuri and noted that he would win after Yuya used the effect of "Dark Rebellion". He watched Yuya defeat Yuri and told him that Yuya won't absorb him since Yuto and Yugo felt the same way and lent their power to him. However, Sora was shocked when Yuya fell under Z-ARC's will and summoned "Astrograph Sorcerer" to fuse with the Four Dimensional Dragons. He then ran outside with Declan, Riley, and Aster to find the world floating in pieces before confronting the Supreme King Z-ARC.[69]

Sora defeated by Z-ARC.

When Z-ARC introduced himself, Sora wondered where he was to summon that huge dragon. After Z-ARC launched an attack after Sora questioned about the fear of the students of Duel Academy, Sora was shocked that they gave birth to him. He then watched the City being attacked by Z-ARC and accepted Aster's offer of help. After protecting the citizens from Supreme King Z-ARC's attack, Sora and Aster challenged him to a Duel, telling him to stop hiding. When Z-ARC took on his human form, Sora asked Z-ARC if Yuya was still there. Z-ARC replied that Yuya no longer existed. He was also surprised when Z-ARC could Pendulum Summon as well with scales 0 and 13. He told Aster that Yuya was somewhere inside of him after watching it. He took damage from the effect of "D - Soul Burst" and was surprised at Z-ARC's LP raising to 7000. He then told Yuya his Dueling would remind him of his and used "Frightfur Sanctuary" to send "Edge Imp Frightfuloid", "Frightfur Bear", and "Tiger" to the Graveyard and treat "Edge Imp" as a Frightfur. He then used "Frightfur Fusion" to Fusion Summon "Chimera" and destroyed "Darkwurm", but Z-ARC used the Pendulum Effects of "Supreme King Gate Zero" to reduce the effect damage to zero and "Supreme King Gate Infinity" to increase his LP by the damage would've taken. He then tried to use the effect of "Chimera" to Special Summon "Darkwurm" to his field, but Z-ARC reminded him Pendulum Monsters return to his Extra Deck. However, Sora revealed he already knew and tried to make Yuya remember his past by showing him his pendant and even called him teacher, but it failed as Z-ARC simply smirked, causing Sora to shed a tear. When Z-ARC revived his "Darkvrms", Aster used "D - Hyper Nova" to destroy all of his monsters while Sora used "Frightfur Parade" to inflict damage for every monster destroyed. However, they were surprised when Z-ARC brought out "Astrograph Sorcerer", the monster that brought him back, to revive his monsters. When Z-ARC used the second effect of "Astrograph Sorcerer" to banish the Four Dimensional Dragons and Unity Summon "Supreme King Z-ARC". After Sora and Aster ran away from the area as it was getting destroyed, they were surprised at Z-ARC fusing with a Duel Monster and that huge dragon was really him. They were also surprised when Shay and Kite joined the Duel due to "Crossover" activating. But, Sora and Aster were then defeat by the effect of "Z-ARC" and sent flying. He was checked on by Shay and asked him to save Yuya, giving him Yuya's pendant.[70]

When Z-ARC used the effect of "Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion" to protect "Z-ARC" from "Rise Falcon", Sora noted that "Z-ARC" couldn't be attacked because it was the union of all Summoning methods. Gong and Sylvio found Sora and Aster and they told them how Yuya became Supreme King Z-ARC, including how they were trying to regain Yuya's heart through Dueling. He was surprised when Z-ARC defeated Shay and Kite.[71] He was also surprised to learn to Crow sealed into a card, Z-ARC's negative reaction to Dueltaining, and the effect of "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing" equipped with "Supreme Presence" to destroy all of Gong's monsters. When Jack was going up the highway, Sora noted that he had no hesitation. When Jack attacked "Clear Wing", Sora and Aster still remembered that Z-ARC could use the effects of "Zero" and "Infinity" to reduce effect damage to zero and increase his LP by the damage would've taken. Sora was caught off-guard upon seeing Crow arrived, having been unsealed from his card.[72]

He was also surprised when Crow negated the effect of "Zero" and dealt damage to Z-ARC. When Z-ARC forced "Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling" to attack "Z-ARC", Sora and Aster wondered why. He was also surprised when he thought Sylvio defeated Z-ARC with "Abyss Script - Abysstainment" and when Z-ARC used the monsters he destroyed to protect "Z-ARC". Sora and Aster were surprised when Leo Akaba joined the Duel and watched Z-ARC defeat Sylvio and Crow, sending them crashing onto a building's roof.[73] He and Aster were happy when Declan]] managed to dealt damage to Z-ARC. Sora was surprised when he thought "Z-ARC" had killed Declan. He and Aster were happy when Ray turned all of Z-ARC's Fusion Monsters into Normal Monsters with their effects negated.[74]

Following the battle against Z-ARC, Sora met with Yuya, who just arrived in the Fusion Dimension, and ran to take him to Shay, who was attempting to enter Leo's chambers as Alexis tried to stop him. Yuya challenged Shay to a Duel, but Shay denied his challenge. Sora realized that Shay wouldn't listen to them about Ray, and he asked Alexis to let Shay in. Sora watched as Leo observed the floating specter of what he predicted would become Zuzu, and as Leo admitted his fault in destroying the lives of Ray's fragments. Sora and Alexis watched Yuya and Shay's Duel, and Sora noted that Shay and Yuya were going all-out from the start as they countered one another with Action Cards. He was shocked to see that Shay had continued to evolve when he Ranked-Up "Revolution Falcon" into the Rank 12 "Raidraptor - Final Fortress Falcon". Yuya eventually won the Duel, but as Yuya and Shay declared that there was hope for Zuzu, Yuto and Lulu, Jack then declared that Yuya couldn't save them in his current state.[75]

As Sora watch Yuya hesitating during his Duel with Shay, he asked if Yuya was afraid and wondered why. Jack clarified that Yuya was afraid of using the Four Dimensional Dragons for fear of uniting with them again. Sora learned that Shay and Dennis' Duels with Yuya didn't make Riley smile as they had been intended to do, and he was surprised when the Multiverse Speedway activated throughout the Four Dimensions. Crow brought Yuya his Duel Runner and Turbo suit, and Sora watched the Turbo Duel with Crow, Shay, and Alexis. He was worried when Yuya was pushed into a corner.[76] When Crow was surprised at "Starving Venom's" effect to negate and steal monster effects, Sora told him that was only half of it. When "Starving Venom" gained "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend" and "Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend's" ATK, Sora told Crow this was Yuri's dragon's power. When Crow knew Jack was anticipating Yuya's next move, Sora told him he called it. He bump fists with Alexis when Yuya won and watched his Duel with Declan.[77] Sora was surprised when Yuya Fusion Summoned "Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon" and purified "Starving Venom". He was also surprised when Yuya destroyed "Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon" on purpose to Xyz Summon "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" and when Declan survived Yuya's attack. He watched Yuya and Declan gather action cards to in order for one of them to win the Duel first due to the effect of "Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician". Sora was happy when Yuya won and was sent to the Pendulum Dimension by Ray to witness her revival as Zuzu and was surprised to see Celina's spirit revived as well.[78]


Yuya Sakaki[edit]

Sora considers Yuya to be one of his first friends, as there was no time for such things while training at Duel Academy, as everyone was too focused on becoming soldiers.[12] Yuya found him annoying at first,[11] but this quickly changed. Sora still considered Yuya his friend even though Yuya opposes Duel Academy.[12] With encouragement from Yuya and Zuzu, Sora realized he was hurting people and reluctantly abandoned his old ways.

It is, in the end, Yuya's words and the fact that Zuzu was in danger from Duel Academy, is what convinces Sora to betray Duel Academy and become Yuya and Zuzu's ally, defeating the Obelisk Force and rescuing Moon Shadow to prove his sincerity.

Following Z-ARC's revival after Yuya's victory over Yuri, he dueled alongside Aster in attempt to get through to Yuya, but when Z-ARC did not react to any of Sora's moves (moves that he used against Yuya), Sora began crying, believing his first friend to be dead, showing that he truly cared for his friend.

Initially, during his first Duel with Shay, Sora attempted to act like Yuya and be a Dueltainer, even calling for a spotlight on numerous occasions to highlight his best moves.

Zuzu Boyle[edit]

Sora considers Zuzu one of his friends, for the same reasons as Yuya. Sora taught Zuzu to Fusion Summon, but initially claimed it wasn't due to friendship, though he would later admit that it was. Though still devoted to Duel Academy, Sora was willing to interfere with Leo Akaba's plans in order to protect Zuzu, willing to allow Zuzu to return to Standard with Yuya if Yuya would agree to trade him Celina.[12] With encouragement from Yuya and Zuzu, Sora realized he was hurting people and reluctantly abandoned his old ways.

It is, in the end, Yuya's words and the fact that Zuzu is in danger from Duel Academy, that convinces Sora to do the ultimate act of betrayal and become Yuya and Zuzu's ally: defeating the Obelisk Force and rescuing Moon Shadow.

Leo Akaba[edit]

Sora used to be quite faithful to Leo, but there were cases where Sora wasn't. For example, Sora was commanded by Leo to capture Celina, but Sora decided to hunt down Shay instead. His loyalty to Leo dropped completely after reluctantly turning against Duel Academy to help Yuya and Zuzu.

Shay Obsidian[edit]

Before abandoning Duel Academy, Sora hated Shay because of his Xyz background. He enjoyed Dueling Shay, declaring that the Duels were "hunting games". Sora was angry that he lost to Shay on their first Duel, but became much more satisfied when Shay lost. Sora told that he was from Duel Academy to Shay before anyone else, who also knew of its existence. Shay was Sora's target when Leo commanded Sora to go after Celina.

While the two didn't interact at all in the Synchro Dimension, Shay somehow knew about Sora becoming a traitor to Duel Academy, as he showed sense and rationality whenever Sora was mentioned and did not treat him with hostility when they finally met. It was shown after Sora's defeat at the hands of Z-ARC that the two no longer hold any resentment toward one another and treat each other as allies, with Sora pleading to Shay to rescue Yuya from the darkness.

Other appearances[edit]


Sora uses a "Fluffal"/"Edge Imp" Deck focused on Fusion Summon tactics, with "Toy Vendor" assisting in swarming. As Fusion Summoning requires a large number of specific cards, Sora uses cards such as "Edge Imp Saw" and "Fusion Conscription" to acquire them easier. He also uses cards such as "Frightfur Factory" and "Frightfur Fusion" which give him easier access to his "Frightfur" monsters. He also uses effects to treat his monsters as "Frightfur" monsters, in order to use his "Frightfur Chimera" easier.

Although Sora prefers to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Bear" to easily acquire ATK power, he is also flexible and can Fusion Summon different monsters should the need arise, such as "Frightfur Leo" to destroy difficult monsters, "Frightfur Sheep" to disable the opponent from activating cards, and "Frightfur Tiger" to wipe the opponent's field clear and deal the finishing blow. He also often uses "Edge Imp Tomahawk" as a way to damage his opponent during his first turn.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuya Sakaki 5-6 Lose
Unknown Duelist 16 Win
Unknown Duelist 17 Win
Zuzu Boyle 18 No result
Unknown Duelist 19 Win
Unknown Duelist 20 Win
Unknown Duelist 21 Win
Unknown Duelist 23 Win
Shay Obsidian 33-34 Lose
Yuto 35-36 No result (with Yuya Sakaki)
Shay Obsidian 45-47 Win
Sun Shadow 48 Win
Yuya Sakaki 49 No result
4 Duel Chasers 83 Win (with Zuzu Boyle)
3 Obelisk Force members 89 Win (with Moon Shadow)
Stomptroopers 97 Win (with Moon Shadow)
Jean Michel Roget 98-99 Win/Lose (with Moon Shadow; flashback)
Captain Cutter 115 Win (with Yuya Sakaki)
Yuri 125 Lose
Z-ARC/Yuya Sakaki 136 Lose (with Aster Phoenix)


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  1. a b This card is discarded to activate the effect of "Toy Vendor" in episode 5.