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A Duelist (デュエリスト Dyuerisuto), or player (プレイヤー Pureiyā), is anyone participating in a Duel.

By extension, it is also used to describe anyone who frequently plays the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

Other languages[edit]

Language "Duelist" "Player"
Chinese 決闘者 玩家
Juédòuzhě / Kyut3 dau3 ze2 Wánjiā / Waan2 gaa1
French Duelliste Joueur
German Duellant Spieler
Italian Duellante Giocatore
Japanese デュエリスト プレイヤー
Dyuerisuto Pureiyā
Korean 듀얼리스트 플레이어
Dyueolliseuteu Peulleieo
Portuguese Duelista
Spanish Duelista Jugador