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Sylvio Sawatari
Sylvio Sawatari
  • Sylvio Sawatari
Japanese translatedShingo Sawatari
OtherSingo Sawatari[3]
  • Neo Sawatari (ネオ・さわたり Neo Sawatari)[1]
  • Neo New Sawatari (ネオ・ニューさわたり Neo Nyū Sawatari)[2]
Japaneseさわたり シンゴ
Base沢渡 シンゴ
Furiganaさわたり シンゴ
RōmajiSawatari Shingo
Other languages
Sylvio Sawatari[4]
Sylvio Sawatari
Shingo Sawatari
  • Male
Favorite foodSweet milk apple-berry pie with honey[1]
Furio Sawatari (father)
  • Career
  • Education
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Arc League Championship:
  • "Junior Youth" Class
Did not place[5]
Friendship Cup Did not place
Anime Deck
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episode 0022: "Swing into Action: Part 2"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Voice actors
  • Michael Lockwood Crouch
  • jp
  • Shogo Yano
Other languages
  • Jeffrey Wipprecht
Sawatari, Sylvio

Sylvio Sawatari, known as Shingo Sawatari (さわたり シンゴ Sawatari Shingo) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is the son of a high-ranking official in Paradise City and a student of Leo Institute of Dueling. After losing to Yuya Sakaki for the first time, he vows to defeat him and becomes his rival. He is also the second person to ever Pendulum Summon successfully, having stolen Yuya's "Stargazer Magician" and "Timegazer Magician".[6] He later becomes one of the Lancers.



Full body view of Sylvio.

Sylvio is a handsome young boy with short light brown and blonde hair, styled in layers, and grayish blue eyes. He generally wears the Paradise Prep School uniform, with his LID badge pinned to the collar. He briefly wears an outfit in homage to Mabuta no Haha before his Duel with Yuya in the Arc League Championship; a teal cape with thin white stripes, a wide-brimmed straw hat, a grey tunic over ash-white leggings, and black elbow-length arm warmers and socks that he wears sandals over. Later, Sylvio wears a Turbo Dueling outfit during the Friendship Cup, a yellow jumpsuit with a grey chest portion, white pads, and a teal lining, in addition to a blue helmet with a green visor.


Sylvio is initially shown to have an inflated ego as a "Perfect Duelist", being selfish, stubborn, pompous, and incredibly egotistical similar to Chazz Princeton from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime. As such he enjoys being praised by his crew and showing off in front of everyone, although he doesn't take kindly to anyone who interrupts him. His defeat at Yuya's hands caused him to develop a grudge against him, but also caused him to develop some of his mannerisms.[1] Sylvio also often made gestures relating to darts when he felt they suited the situation.

He shows a degree of cunning, pretending to be friends with Yuya in order to steal his "Timegazer Magician" and "Stargazer Magician". After he managed to steal them, he then imprisoned Yuya's friends to force him into a Duel. Throughout the Duel, he continuously mentioned how he was now the chosen one, able to Pendulum Summon. Similarly, he claimed his Dueling skills to be perfect when he Dueled Yuto, and constantly looked down on Yuto during their Duel. Sylvio was also shown to be extremely materialistic, valuing only rare cards. This is shown in his Decks which are initially comprised of only Parallel Rare cards. Furthermore he seemed to be quite shallow with cards, judging them solely for their ATK or DEF values and their Level regardless of what effect they may have.[6]

Despite this, not only did he develop some of Yuya's mannerisms after his first defeat at his hands, but during their second Duel, he also developed a similar attitude and Dueling style, enjoying entertaining the crowd and encouraging Yuya to do the same. The primary difference in Sylvio's motivation for entertainment is that he wants to hear the audience cheering him. He accepted his second loss to Yuya gracefully and told him that he'd Duel him any time he wanted.[5] He retains this outlook during the Friendship Cup with his Duel with Yugo. He later showed sincere sympathy for Yuya when he was depressed after Zuzu's disappearance. Sylvio detests a Duel where his opponents do not play to their fullest, criticizing such opponents and warning others to play seriously beforehand.

Immediately after Pendulum Summoning for the first time, he became fascinated by the newly discovered Summon type. He quickly called it "the best" and went great distances to obtain Pendulum Monsters. At one point he even claimed he was the first Duelist to Pendulum Summon[7] and bragged about Pendulum to Security while in the Synchro Dimension.[8]

He has a tendency to use his father in an attempt to gain an advantage in certain situations. This was shown as he threatened to use have his father fire Security when they were arresting him as well as attempting to use his influence to get food at the Facility instead of having to pay the costs of a powerful card, but he failed both times due to his apparent obliviousness of the fact his father has no authority in the Synchro Dimension.


In the Japanese version, Sylvio tends to add a large number of English phrases to his speech and speaks rather brashly and rudely, sometimes even addressing himself as "ore-sama" which is a very boastful and egotistical personal pronoun in Japanese. In the English dub, his occasional spouts of English are changed to French and his overall manner is far more posh and polite but still arrogant. In that version, Sylvio has a slight British accent.


Pre-Arc League Championship[edit]

Sylvio was contacted by Declan Akaba to obtain Yuya Sakaki's Pendulum Monsters, no matter the means, while he threw darts at a picture of Yuya.[9]

Sylvio steals Yuya's Pendulum Monsters.

After class one day, he approached Yuya and his friends, throwing three sucker-tipped darts at Yuya before introducing himself, stating that he was a fan of Yuya and his Pendulum Summoning. Yuya was going to show his friends a Pendulum Summon at his own Duel School, but Sylvio offered the use of the Center Duel Field at LID. Zuzu wasn't happy about it, but Yuya's other friends all agreed, and Sylvio showed them around the school before he took them to the Duel Field. There Yuya and his friends were met by Sylvio's crew of friends: Ootomo, Yamabe, and Kakimoto. Sylvio asked to show his crew Yuya's Pendulum Monsters, and Yuya reluctantly showed him his "Stargazer Magician" and "Timegazer Magician." Sylvio promptly swiped them and showed them to his crew, before announcing his intention to keep them. He offered Yuya the chance to Duel to get them back, much to the anger of Claude, who was monitoring Sylvio for Declan. Declan allowed Sylvio to Duel Yuya. Sylvio tossed Yuya some of his common cards to replace his Magicians, calling them trash cards. To ensure that Yuya would Duel, Sylvio had Yuya's friends placed on top of one of the towers in "Prison Tower of Darkville," endangering them with the prospect of their perch being damaged by Action Trap Cards. On the first turn, Sylvio drew "Timegazer Magician," but was instructed by Declan to keep it in his hand instead of playing it right away. Instead, he Summoned "Lightning Hoverboard" and pursued Yuya, destroying his "Performapal Whip Snake" after it was weakened by Action Trap Cards. Yuya continued to play defensively, but to no avail; on Sylvio's next turn he drew a card that allowed him to add "Stargazer Magician" to his hand and he proceeded to Pendulum Summon his "Dart" monsters with Declan's assistance. Sylvio was amazed at the Summon, declaring himself a chosen one.[6]

Sylvio Pendulum Summons with help from Declan.

He put Yuya on the ropes with his "Dart" monsters, though Yuya proceeded to create an attack lock with the card he'd taken from Sylvio - "Block Spider." Sylvio nullified the lock on his next turn by using "Cricket Close" to negate "Block Spider" as well as the effects of his own Pendulum Monsters. In response, Yuya increased the DEF of "Block Spider" to the point that only Sylvio's "Ultimate Dart Striker" was able to land a hit. Yuya then reclaimed his Pendulum Monsters with "Empty Fishing" since their effects had been negated and proceeded to Pendulum Summon the next turn himself, using his Pendulum Monsters to allow "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" to destroy all of Sylvio's monsters, while Sylvio frantically tried to dodge the shockwaves. Yuya then finished Sylvio off with Sylvio's own "trash card," "Block Spider." Despite his loss Sylvio ordered his crew to take the Pendulum Monsters by force but Sora Perse used a lollipop stick to knock out Sylvio's friends, then Sylvio himself.[10]

After his defeat, he acquired new cards that he tested out against one of his crew. They praised him, calling the cards strong, but Sylvio corrected them, claiming that it was him that was strong and stating that he had all the qualities of a "Perfect Duelist." After he used a few expressions similar to those that Yuya had used his friends wondered if Yuya had rubbed off on Sylvio, but he denied it and vowed he would crush Yuya. He was later seen hanging out with his crew in an abandoned warehouse, waiting for his friends to bring him his favorite food, and chastised his friends for being late.

Sylvio chokes on his food when Zuzu arrives to stop him.

Zuzu, having overheard Sylvio's crew talking about Sylvio's wish to defeat Yuya, decided to try to stop him and barged into the warehouse, surprising him to the point that he choked on his food. Zuzu demanded that he Duel her, continuously denying Sylvio his attempts to speak. When he protested about this she angrily called him a coward and a second-rate Duelist, infuriating Sylvio. Zuzu continued to insult Sylvio, and he furiously agreed to the Duel. Before they could, the door to the warehouse opened, revealing a mysterious masked figure, who activated a strange Duel Disk. Sylvio Dueled him instead, mockingly dubbing him "Mr. Mystery" ("Knight" in the Japanese version) for coming to Zuzu's rescue. "Mr. Mystery" placed his entire hand face-down on his first turn and Sylvio seized his chance to bring out "Mobius the Frost Monarch" then Tribute it to Summon "Mobius the Mega Monarch," destroying all five of "Mr. Mystery's" Spell Cards.[1]

Sylvio's jacket pierced by "Phantom Knights' Spear".

Despite this, "Mr. Mystery" activated his three "The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil" Spell Cards from the Graveyard," Special Summoning them as monsters to defend against Sylvio's attack. On his next turn, "Mr. Mystery" used the remaining cards to Xyz Summon, to the surprise of Sylvio, "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon." The two exchanged insults about how the other failed to live up to their expectations, before "Mr. Mystery" used his Xyz Monster's effect to halve the ATK of "Mobius" twice, adding the stolen ATK to "Dark Rebellion" in addition, and reduced Sylvio to 100 Life Points with a single attack. The force of the impact sent Sylvio flying, despite the match not being an Action Duel. "Mr. Mystery" questioned Sylvio about LID's connection to Duel Academy, holding up an LID badge. Sylvio replied that the badge was worn by all LID students and that he knew nothing of Duel Academy. "Mr. Mystery" turned to leave, but Sylvio refused, pointing out that their Duel was still on. He played "Ice Rage" in an attempt to defeat "Mr. Mystery," but "Mr. Mystery" negated the Trap using "Phantom Knights' Spear" and inflicted enough damage to win without even turning his back. The spear pierced Sylvio's jacket, pinning him to the wall in shock. "Mr. Mystery" then removed his mask to reveal that he resembled Yuya to the point that Sylvio and his friends believed that he was Yuya. Sylvio passed out from the stress of the Duel and his crew carried him away in fear.[1]

Sylvio exaggerated his injuries and was subsequently hospitalized. His father vowed revenge on Yuya, and was deciding on legal action, but they were visited by Henrietta Akaba, who instead suggested she let them handle it to prevent his father from attracting attention during the upcoming election. Sylvio's crew later confronted Yuya and accused him of attacking Sylvio, claiming that their friend was in great pain - in reality, Sylvio was happily chowing down on melons in bed.[11] He was later discharged from hospital and he approached Yuya and Zuzu during lunch at school, offering Zuzu his handkerchief and telling Yuya that he shouldn't eat so messily in front of a lady. He joked that he'd heard that Yuya had attacked someone else, but he knew Yuya wasn't responsible, believing him incapable of defeating Professor Marco, even with Yuya's "cowardly" Pendulum Summoning (a fact that he hadn't told his father, given that they hadn't seen each other since Sylvio had been discharged). He justified this statement by pointing out that only Yuya had them (not knowing that Declan also had Pendulum Cards) and revealed that LID was attempting to mass-produce Pendulum Monsters, which he would use to get his revenge. He told Yuya that he'd see him at the Junior Arc League Championship and then casually walked away, as that was all he'd come to say.[12]

Arc League Championship[edit]

Sylvio cosplays as "Mabuta no Haha" prior to his match with Yuya.

At the Championship, he accompanied the Course representatives and Shay Obsidian. His first Duel was to be against Yuya the next day.[13] Sylvio entered the arena the next day dressed in homage to Mabuta no Haha, proclaiming himself the world's greatest Duelist, and calling himself "Neo New Sawatari." Sylvio claimed that Pendulum Summoning would be Yuya's downfall, and pointed out his (unfounded and quickly disproven) grudges against Yuya. They began their Duel, with Sylvio unveiling his new "Yosenju" monsters. Yuya Pendulum Summoned next turn and fought back, but Sylvio used his "Yosenju" cards to deny him Action Cards and add "Yosenju" Pendulum Monsters from his Deck to his hand and Pendulum Summoned "Mayosenju Daibak." He then activated his "Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village" to send the cards bounced to Yuya's hand back to his Deck instead, and cleared his field when the self-returning effects of his "Yosenju" monsters triggered his "Yosen Whirlwind", returning the cards to Yuya's hand and thus to his Deck. Despite his pinch, Yuya simply laughed and Set his remaining cards, and then turned to find more Action Cards.[2]

Sylvio and his "Yosenju" monsters.

Sylvio brought out his "Yosenju" legion of monsters again the next turn and wiped Yuya's field clean, but this triggered the effect of Yuya's "Amnesia" card, which caused Sylvio's own monsters to become subject to his deadly combo. Sylvio was impressed, but attempted to end the Duel that turn anyway. Yuya was able to use a "Big Escape" Action Card to end the Battle Phase, leaving Sylvio's field and hand almost bare. When Yuya didn't Pendulum Summon the next turn and the crowd chanted for it, Sylvio admitted that he was enjoying the Duel and delivered what the crowd wanted, Pendulum Summoning two "Yosenju" and using them as Tributes to Summon "Daibak."

Sylvio graciously accepting his loss to Yuya.

Yuya was able to reduce his damage, and after the crowd began cheering for a Pendulum Summon again, Sylvio encouraged Yuya to live up to their expectations, keeping "Daibak" on the field since he'd Tribute Summoned it. Yuya was able to replenish his hand and bring out "Odd-Eyes," again, then damage Sylvio, who kept "Daibak" on the field by destroying "Yosenju Shinchu L" Much to Sylvio's shock, Yuya Fusion Summoned during the Battle Phase and brought out "Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon," which also had 3000 ATK, and both Sylvio and Yuya leapt for Action Cards. Sylvio attempted to inflict damage to Yuya since his monster had been destroyed and would have won the Duel had Yuya not lucked out and gotten "Miracle," which prevented his own monster's destruction and allowed the effect of "Beast-Eyes" to go through and wipe Sylvio out. Though he refused Yuya's hand when getting up, Sylvio took the loss gracefully and offered to Duel Yuya any time. Sylvio was visibly happy that he had made the crowd cheer for him, and both of them waved to the cheering crowd.[5]

Sylvio electrocuted upon paying the 2000 LP penalty.

During the Battle Royal, after the video feed for all of the areas were cut, Sylvio took advantage of his father's influence to barge into Declan's control room and ask what was going on because he wanted to see how far in the tournament Yuya would get. Declan allowed him to stay and offered him a chance to take place in a revival match.[14] Declan explained the situation regarding Celina, Shay and the invading Obelisk Force to Sylvio and sent him to assist Celina, Shay, and Moon Shadow. He arrived in time to use an Action Card to save Moon Shadow. He explained why he was there, boasting that Declan had told him everything, but was then shocked by the intrusion penalty of 2000 LP—a detail that Declan had not warned him about. Despite this, he claimed that he'd show them why he was "LID's strongest."[15]

Sylvio using his new "Abyss Actor" Pendulum Monsters.

Showing off his new "Abyss Actor" Pendulum Deck, he managed to destroy one of the Obelisk Force's "Triple Ancient Gear Hunting Hounds" without triggering their combo, though he inadvertently allowed the Obelisk Force to bring out "Ultimate Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" and halve their Life Points. Gong Strong then joined the Duel, using his card effects to transfer Sylvio's Pendulum Cards to Shay's hand, which allowed Shay to win the Duel with "Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon". Sylvio celebrated jovially, and later saw the climax of Yuya's inconclusive Duel with Sora Perse. After the expiration of the Battle Royal, Sylvio commented to Declan that he'd chased out the Duel Academy soldiers as he'd been asked, suggesting that this made him one of the Lancers now. When Gong asked him about them, Sylvio explained that the Battle Royal had been a selection exam for the Lancers.[16]

Friendship Cup[edit]

When Yuya asked Declan why they'd been fighting as opposed to the Youth and Pro teams, Sylvio explained that the Youth team were wiped out save for one, which was why he'd been sent to help. When Celina revealed herself to be from Duel Academy, Sylvio believed her to be a spy and questioned her until Moon Shadow stepped in to fend him off. Declan then reassured them that Celina was no spy. During Yuya's Duel with Declan, Sylvio filled Dennis in on Declan's Dueling and he expressed sympathy for Yuya's loss of Zuzu.[17]

After Declan's victory and being informed that they would cross dimensions, Sylvio entered the arena with the Lancers, cheerfully waving to the crowd. Hearing negative comments about his father's influence, as the crowd believed Sylvio to have reentered the tournament despite his first-round loss, Sylvio snatched Nico Smiley's microphone and silenced the crowd by explaining that Declan had allowed him to take place in a revival match to become a Lancer.[18] The next day he arrived at Leo Corporation to prepare to depart with the other Lancers and dubbed them the "Sylvio Sawatari" generation, due to his claim that he pioneered the use of Pendulum Summoning. Gong complained about this bold statement but Yuya let it pass. Declan revealed that they would be going to recruit allies in the Synchro Dimension and revealed that he had upgraded their Duel Disks to generate an Action Field and travel between dimensions. Sylvio joined the Lancers in traveling across the dimensional boundary.[19]

Sylvio gets arrested by Sector Security.

He arrived in the Synchro Dimension with Yuya, Celina, and Riley Akaba, and the group were immediately accosted by Sector Security, claiming that they were wanted for trespassing in Topsiders-exclusive areas. Unaware as to what the Sector Security members were referring to and incensed by their rudeness, Sylvio rashly challenged them to a Duel despite Yuya's protests.[20] He was swiftly taken out with a One Turn Kill and apprehended, and when Yuya Dueled another Sector Security officer, he bragged about Action Cards and Pendulum Summoning, inadvertently alerting the officers to the function of Action Cards. Although Celina defeated her opponent, Yuya was put in a tough spot and more Sector Security officers arrived. Sylvio managed to get free and face-off against them, but fortunately they were saved by a Synchro Dimension native and his gang.[8]

Sylvio, Yuya, Celina, and Riley are invited by Crow to stay at his place.

The Synchro user, Crow, invited them to stay at his place until events calmed down, and Sylvio introduced himself as an undefeated Duelist with Yuya as his disciple. Sylvio revealed through his boasts that they were from a different dimension to a confused Crow. Frank and Tarren, two of the orphans that Crow looked after, later returned with stolen food and revealed that they'd seen Yuya and Celina at a café, who Yuya and Celina deduced to be Zuzu and someone named Yugo. Crow went out to look for them.[21]

Frank and Tarren explained more of New Domino City's history, namely that of Turbo Duels, which Sylvio found interesting. Crow returned empty-handed, and when Celina decided to go and look for news herself, Sylvio decided to go with her, claiming that he was bored of sitting around and pointing out that they still needed to find Declan.[22] Sylvio took notice of the posters of Jack Atlas around New Domino, and they later learned that he was the strongest Duelist in the city after Celina defeated a boy in a Duel. Sylvio noted that Celina seemed to be focusing on Dueling more than finding Zuzu, and Celina replied that she was also looking for strong Duelists. They decided to return to Crow's place and found Crow and Yuya Dueling. Unbeknownst to them, they had led Sector Security to Crow's place and they were quickly arrested.[3]

Sylvio tries to convince the cook to give him more food.

Sylvio was taken with the others to the Facility, where he learned very quickly that his father's influence was worthless and that rare cards were used as a currency. Although he toyed with the idea of paying with cards to get food, he later joined his fellow Lancers in refusing to give them to the prisoner boss Chojiro Tokumatsu in exchange for preferential treatment. Sylvio watched the Duel between Yuya and Chojiro, including the resurgence of Chojiro's previous entertainment persona.[23][24] After Yuya won and befriended Chojiro, Yuya and Sylvio received the benefits of being Chojiro's friends and were served better food at breakfast. Chojiro suggested an Entertainment Duel Tournament and Sylvio eagerly joined, turning the Duel into an Action Duel. He was disappointed when Yuya participated halfheartedly, asking him where the Yuya was that had performed the Legendary Dueltaining with him. The Duel was soon revealed to have been used by Crow, Shinji Weber, and Damon Lopez as a distraction for an escape attempt, and Sylvio rescued them from a large Sector Security guard by attacking him with a pan, though this earned him a retaliatory blow. When Chojiro's lackeys rained down rare cards to distract the guards, Sylvio collected a stack himself before escaping with Chojiro and Yuya.[25]

Sylvio and the others are taken away to compete in the Friendship Cup.

He led them to the roof, where they were cornered by the Stomptroopers. Sylvio suggested bribing them with rare cards, but Chojiro explained that this wouldn't work on the Stomptroopers Dueling them one-on-three proved difficult for Sylvio, and he fled with Yuya and Chojiro. Trapped on top of a tall tower, Sylvio refused to jump until Chojiro grabbed him and forced him to jump, leaving Yuya to save them. The group were eventually rescued by Gong and Shay, and they linked up with the other escaped Lancers and Commons to swim from the Facility. Unfortunately, Jean Michel Roget, the Director of Sector Security, had anticipated them and captured Damon's contact, Tony Simmons. Envoys of the High Council stepped in to bring the Lancers and the Commons to them, where Declan revealed himself and that he had informed the Council of the Interdimensional War. The Lancers were entered into the Friendship Cup and Yuya was chosen to Duel Jack Atlas in an exhibition match before the start of the tournament. Before being separated from Yuya, Sylvio urged him to show his strength to the Synchro Dimension.[26]

Sylvio watched the Duels on the first day of the tournament, furious that he wasn't being picked but somewhat pacified by the exquisite dinner that he received. He was angry that he still wasn't Dueling on the second day when Yuya Dueled Officer 227, but was concerned when Yuya was close to losing. He was also shocked to learn from Yuya that the losers in the tournament would be sent to the Underground Labor Facility.[27] When his name was announced for the Duel against Yugo, he was initially angry, not realizing that he'd finally been picked to Duel.

Sylvio vs. Yugo

Sylvio entered the Duel Palace declaring himself as the star of the Friendship Cup, not minding the mixed reactions of the audience because what mattered was that they were energized. He told Yugo that he wouldn't accept a substandard Duel, and Yugo replied in kind.

Sylvio entertains the crowd during his Duel with Yugo

Through sheer luck, Sylvio managed to pass Yugo and take the first turn, bringing out "Big Star" on the first turn. Yugo responded by bringing out "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and locking Sylvio down with two Continuous Trap Cards and the effect of "Clear Wing". Sylvio was able to back Yugo into a corner using his low-Level "Abyss Actor" monsters and his "Abyss Stage Prop - Escape Stage Coach" to reduce the ATK of "Clear Wing" to zero. Yugo was able to come back on the next turn, using Yuya's catchphrase to Sylvio's surprise. Yugo was able to destroy Sylvio's monsters and increase the ATK of "Clear Wing" by combining the effect of "Clear Wing" with that of "Hi-Speedroid Hagoita", then attack directly for the win.

Sylvio notes how much Yugo resembles Yuya after their Duel.

Sylvio was angered by the loss, but he cheered up after hearing the crowd applauding and shouting his name. He turned to tell Yugo to acknowledge the crowd's applause but was shocked to learn that Yugo resembled Yuya. Before Sylvio could talk further, the staff took him away.[28]

Sylvio vows to win every Duel in the Underground.

Sylvio was taken to the Underground Labor Facility, where the staff that escorted him explained the rules of the place. Upon arriving to meet Gong and Chojiro and learning from Lucas Swank that one had to win consecutive Duels in order to leave, Sylvio immediately challenged the group to a Duel.[29]

Friendship Cup Finals[edit]

Sylvio and Shay against Underground guards.

Despite his efforts, Sylvio was unable to leave the facility. He was doing cleanup work with Gong and noticed Shay starting a riot. Crow arrived and explained that Duel Academy had invaded New Domino City. Sylvio, Gong, and Shay then got their Duel Disks from Moon Shadow, who also informed them that Riley was Dueling alone to protect Celina. Sylvio and Shay decided to go and help while Gong stayed to protect Zuzu from Security. Their escape route was blocked by an electric gate, forcing Sylvio and Shay to Duel five guards, who were all defeated by Shay's "Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon". Lucas arrived on a mining cart to capture them but crashed into the gate. The Stomptroopers arrived and surrounded them but were stopped when Shinji activated the conveyor belt. Lucas returned to Duel them but was stopped by Officer 227 and his fellow former officers, allowing Shay, Sylvio, and Moon Shadow to escape.[30]

Sylvio still considers Sora an enemy.

When Sylvio, Gong, and Chojiro reunited with Yuya, Moon Shadow, Sora, and Riley, Sylvio accused Sora but Yuya defended him. They found out Zuzu and Celina were captured by Sergey and Barrett, respectively. They also learned that Roger was a defector of Duel Academy who planned to use Zuzu as a bargaining chip to protect New Domino and his plans to turn the Synchro Dimension into his own kingdom. Sylvio still suspected him as a enemy when he was going to rescue Zuzu, but Gong also defended Sora. When Yuya and Gong were about to leave as well, Sylvio was angry about staying behind but Chojiro told him that protecting Riley can only be done by somebody close to Declan. Sylvio changed his mind and asked Riley to call him big brother as well.[31]

Sylvio and Gong block the rioting Commons' path.

After watching the Commons and Sector Security's battle escalate, Sylvio and Chojiro argue about how to get through. Before they come to a decision, Riley's traumatic memories again causes him to join the battle before being calmed by Shay. When they arrived at the Capital Building, the front entrance was blocked by Sector Security. Before they could come up with a plan, Declan arrived and destroyed their Trap Cards with "D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga"'s effect. After defeating Sector Security, they went get Yuya on Shay's "Raidraptors", where they found Yuya, Gong, Sam, Frank, Amanda and Tarren on the bridge to the Duel Palace about to be attacked by Commons who had mistaken them for retreating Topsiders. Once he was in the stadium, Yuya challenged Jack to a Duel.[32] Sylvio helped the Lancers and Chojiro in fending off Sector Security when they stormed the Duel Palace, defeating a Jutte Lord with "Abyss Actor - Superstar".[33] He later went out with the Lancers to quell the Commons' riots. He and Gong blocked off a mob of Commons from continuing their fight against Sector Security with "Big Benkei", "Trumpeter", "Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian", "Abyss Actor - Pretty Heroine" and "Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie".[34]

They succeeded in stopping the riots as everyone was getting wrapped into the Duel and Sylvio was happy when Yuya won, but disappointed when Gong beat him to naming the Pendulum Effect of "Nirvana High Paladin". The Council broadcasted via holograms their confession of the true purpose of tournament, resigned and disbanded, and dissolved the Topsiders and Commons system. Everyone widely clapped and agreed, and celebrations continued. Sylvio also watched Sora's broadcast and was surprised when Roget took Zuzu.[35]

Sylvio look over Heartland.

He and Gong arrived at the ruins of Roget's office and they wondered whether Sora had been buried in the rubble, but Shay arrived and reassured them that Sora would not let that stop him. They found Yuya, Crow and Jack with Riley and Moon Shadow outside a room where Declan was Dueling Roger. Sora managed to let the Lancers in, where they learned that Roget was using holographic clones to repeatedly Duel Declan. When Declan managed to thwart Roget's loop of Duels, Roger revealed that the Professor, the leader of Duel Academy, was none other than Leo Akaba, Declan's father and the founder of LID and the Leo Corporation. Declan managed to throw off the accusations against him and Roget retreated. Sylvio witnessed Yuya and Zuzu's reunion and Roget's attempts to kill them all by dropping the City into the void between dimensions. After Roget and Zuzu were both sucked away, Sylvio came to Gong and Shay's aid when Yuya was beginning to get sucked in too, but their efforts were in vain and all four Lancers were sucked into the portal. They came to in a ruined city, and Sylvio questioned whether New Domino had been destroyed. Shay informed them that they were in fact in his home: Heartland City in the Xyz Dimension.[36]

Heartland City[edit]

Shay left Sylvio, Gong and Yuya to go and seek out the base of the Resistance, but he did not return, so the three Lancers wandered the ruins of Heartland. Sylvio was starving and hallucinated an oasis, but when admonished for it by Gong, legitimately spotted a woman gathering water and food. The woman fled upon seeing their Duel Disks, so the Lancers attempted to return her supplies, though Sylvio had to be persuaded not to have some. They witnessed a man being sealed into a card by three Duel Academy students and found the woman's house, eventually managing to convince them to take their food back. Sylvio was extremely tempted by the food and he argued with Gong over eating it, until Gong's growling stomach and the generosity of the woman's sons allowed them to have some. The woman also explained that the Resistance had been wiped out for some time. The three Duel Academy students returned, but they were stayed from sealing the group when they noticed that the Lancers were Duelists. Yuya, Gong and Sylvio defeated them all using Yuya's "Smile World" and a Pendulum Summon, also succeeding in entertaining the family. Sylvio tried to use the Duel Academy Duelists' Duel Disk to seal them into cards, but Yuya stopped him. Sylvio protested that they couldn't just let the students flee and was proven right when the students did flee, but he and the Lancers saw the students sealed into cards by a Duelist with a dragon who then challenged the Lancers to a Duel.[37]

Sylvio accepting Kite's challenge.

Sylvio accepted his challenge, and Gong joined as well in order to prove that they were not enemies. The Duelist, who Yuya identified as Kite Tenjo, concluded that they were invaders after seeing Sylvio use an Action Card. Sylvio tried to prevent Kite from Xyz Summoning his dragon, but Kite managed to counter his attempts and call out "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", defeating Sylvio and Gong.[38] Sylvio and Gong watched Yuya Duel Kite, who was able to counter some of Yuya's tactics from learning through the Duel with Sylvio. Kite learned that Action Cards can be used for defense, and Sylvio tried to explain how they could be used before being silenced. Yuya Xyz Summoned "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", Shay and two other Resistance members interrupted the Duel and Shay clarified that Yuya, Sylvio and Gong were his comrades. While Kite was still in doubt, Shay assured Kite that Yuya wanted to stop Duel Academy as much as they did, asking him to trust Yuya like he did. Upon hearing Yuya's last name and the female Resistance member's plea to return, Kite refused before taking his leave of them.[39]

Sylvio at the Resistance's new hideout.

Sylvio went to the Resistance's new hideout where he was scolded by Gong for being rude to Allen. Upon witnessing Allen mistaking Yuya for Yuto, he asked who Yuto was (as he had never learned his name when they Dueled). Gong explained to Sylvio that Yuto was someone Zuzu had met a few times who looked like Yuya. Sylvio learned of the second massive attack that Duel Academy had launched that had wiped out most of the Heartland civilians and the Resistance members. He, Yuya and Gong were surprised and shocked to hear of Yusho Sakaki's visit to the dimension as well as the fact that Yusho was well-known in Heartland.[40]

Shay later met up with Kite again, and as they prepared to Duel, Sylvio and Gong arrived to stop them, but were unable to do so. During the Duel, Sylvio explained Action Cards to Allen and Saya. Yuya arrived, and also failed to stop the Duel, but Shay began to use Action Cards, calling them the power of his comrades, the Lancers. Sylvio and Gong explained the effects of each card he used, and they realized in shock that Shay's final card had been "Take Flight", which he couldn't use at the time. They were surprised when Yuya revealed that Yuto was residing inside him. Kite defeated Shay and prepared to seal him in a card, but Saya begged him not to before revealing that she had witnessed Lulu Obsidian's kidnapping. This revelation shocked Sylvio, and Kite reluctantly complied before leaving again.[41]

Sylvio and Gong find an injured Allen and Saya.

Saya later ran off to go find Kite, and Sylvio looked around the hideout for her, but he was unable to find her and returned to the hideout to inform Gong. Shay arrived and decided to split the Lancers into two groups to find Saya. While they were searching through Heartland, Gong and Sylvio heard an eplosion, and they found the unconscious bodies of Allen and Saya at the source. Sylvio asked the female Duelists that had defeated the two Resistance members if they were from Duel Academy. When the Duelists asked who he was, Sylvio revealed he and the others were Lancers, and he and Gong Dueled the Tyler sisters.[42] Sylvio and Gong were defeated as well due to the handicap that the Tag Duel gave Gong, just as Yuya and Shay arrived. Sylvio remained unconscious for most of the Duel; waking when the Tyler sisters' LP was raised to 10,100, and wondering what Yuya could do. He was pleased when Yuya and Shay were able to defeat the Tyler sisters.[43]

After Allen accepted Yuya as a comrade, the Obelisk Force arrived to challenge them. Sylvio and Gong wanted to join the Duel, but their injuries. Sylvio was worried when Shay was taken out of the Duel by falling debris from the shockwave caused by the attack of "Chaos Ancient Gear Giant".[44] A squad led by Duel Academy Commander-in-chief Aster Phoenix surrounded them, but Kite, who had shown up to help Yuya and Shay, defeated the attackers, allowing everyone to escape while Yuya Dueled Aster.[45]

The Lancers and Kite going to the Fusion Dimension.

Sylvio and others made it back to the hideout with Shay and watched over him while the Resistance went back for Yuya. They learned that the Duel Academy forces in Heartland had decided to abandon the Arc Project and help rebuild the Xyz Dimension as a means of atonement. Sylvio agreed with Allen when he expressed his concern over the decision to let Duel Academy help even if Yuya had opened their hearts. Yuto talked through Yuya, and Sylvio wondered if Yuya was talking, but Gong clarified that it was Yuto. He was surprised when Aster revealed that there was a way to restore the people who had been sealed into cards, but they would first have to retrieve the cards from Duel Academy in the Fusion Dimension. Sylvio, Yuya, Gong, and Kite bid goodbye to their allies and they traveled to the Fusion Dimension using the Interdimensional Travel Device in Duel Academy's base.

Upon their arrival, they found Zuzu cornered by Duel Academy soldiers.[46] He was surprised to see Iggy Arlo in the Fusion Dimension. Gong spotted Dennis McField, and Sylvio told him to reveal Celina's location. They were surrounded by Duel Academy soldiers and Sylvio Dueled them with Gong to protect Zuzu. However, their Duel was left unfinished due to the soldiers being focused on Yuya and Iggy's Duel. Iggy activated "Radiance of the Forbidden Spell" in an attempt to end the Duel in a DRAW to Sylvio's surprise, and he watched Yuya escape from the pit that the card had created and applauded with everyone else for Yuya and Iggy's Duel.[47]

Zuzu led Sylvio, Yuya and Gong to the harbor, where Yusho Sakaki was talking a boat to Duel Academy. Unfortunately, the ship left before they arrived, so they tried to find a boat to catch up with it. They were unable to find a boat, until Celina appeared and told them to follow her.[48] Celina led them to a ship that Sylvio criticized for being a pirate ship, and he wondered if it could get them to Duel Academy, though he was intimidated by Captain Cutter and thought he was a real pirate. As they set sail on Captain Cutter's ship, more Duel Academy soldiers arrived by helicopter and Celina took Zuzu hostage. Cutter's crewmates tied Sylvio and Gong up and Sylvio cursed Celina for betraying them. He watched the Duel in worry as Cutter pressured Yuya with "Captain Lock" and knocked Yuya off the ship. Fortunately, Crow saved Yuya, while Moon Shadow freed Sylvio and Gong and they escaped to the speedboat that the Lancers had brought. Sora joined the Duel, and Sylvio tried to warn him about the effect of "Captain Lock", but Sora already knew to counter the effect by Fusion Summoning, as Gong explained to Sylvio (who claimed that he knew that). He watched Yuya and Sora defeat Cutter and learned that Shinji and Chojiro had urged the Lancers to leave rebuilding New Domino City to them.[49] Declan later revealed to the Lancers that he travelled to Duel Academy three years previously and asked Yuya's father for help. Sylvio learned that Declan had discovered Revival Zero, another part of the Professor's plan that involved Celina and Yuri, a boy from the Fusion Dimension who resembled Yuya, and possibly Yuya himself. Declan advised the Lancers to believe in their friends' strength and fight to the very end. After they arrived at Duel Academy, Sylvio complained about having to climb a cliff, and Sora explained that it was closer to the Professor's lab.[50]

After scaling the cliff, they were surrounded by Duel Academy students. As they had previously planned, the Lancers split into two groups; Sylvio, Yuya, Gong, Crow, and Moon Shadow Dueled the students, while Declan's group continued to the lab. The students retreated, and when the Lancers pursued them they were trapped in energy nets. They were forced into a Survival Duel with five Duel Academy students that would only leave one man standing. Yuya refused to participate in the Survival Duel, but Sylvio asked him if he would rather be sealed into a card instead. Crow tried to help Sylvio explain the situation to Yuya before Moon Shadow went ahead to provide reconnaissance. However, they heard a scream and ran to its location only to find a card containing a Duel Academy student. Another terrified student emerged from the bushes, and Sylvio tried to question him, but the student ran away and Sylvio pursued him, not only losing the student, but getting separated from the others. As he looked for the student, a shuriken was thrown past him and he wondered where it had come from. He started running until he spotted someone staring at him from the bushes[51] and he fled from his pursuer until he accidentally fell off the Duel arena and landed on a ledge. He climbed back up and reunited with Crow, but they realized that someone was watching them as two more students, Emma and Jacob, arrived. Thinking they were his pursuers, Sylvio and Crow challenged them to a Duel, but before he could take the first turn, someone else entered the Duel.[52]

The mysterious intruder defeated the two students and sealed them into cards, and Sylvio and Crow fled. Sylvio encouraged the Duelist to come out and face them, but Crow told Sylvio outright that he would be unable to defeat the Duelist and attacked Sylvio directly with "Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower", damaging his Duel Disk in the process. Sylvio quickly realized that Crow had done so on purpose to protect him by removing him from the Duel. Crow's attempt to defeat the Duelist failed, though it revealed him as the Battle Beast. Sylvio unsuccessfully attempted to stop Crow from being sealed into a card, but he was able to recover the card before the Battle Beast could crush it and he tearfully lamented over Crow's demise. Yuya and Gong challenged the Battle Beast to a Duel, and Sylvio tried to join but his broken Duel Disk prevented him from doing so. He watched as the Battle Beast pushed Yuya and Gong to the brink of defeat and was surprised when Gong used an Action Card. He was also surprised when Gong lost and Jack arrived in the arena.[53] Sylvio helped Gong up and commented that Gong had held out because he knew Jack was coming, but Gong clarified that he hadn't known that would happen. Jack explained that he had been sent by Crow's kids and he asked where Crow was. Sylvio tearfully, revealed Crow's card explaining that Crow had tried to save him. Sylvio was amazed when Jack was able to deal heavy damage to the Battle Beast, and he wondered why it had been so high; Gong reminded him of the effect of "Thumbs Down". To his and Gong's surprise, Sanders revealed that the Professor had ordered him to eliminate Yuya. This caused Yuya to become lost in thought, and they called out to him as Sanders'attacked. Sylvio criticized Sanders' teachings when he told his students to follow the rules despite the fact that he had set five of them up to be sealed into cards. He told Yuya not to get lost now and take on Crow and Moon's enemy. Sylvio was surprised when the Battle Beast used the effect of Sanders' "Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor" to destroy itself in order to defeat Sanders.[54]

Sylvio and Jack help Gong to stand.

To Sylvio's surprise, Yuya claimed that the Battle Beast didn't really want to fight and he explained the similarities between him and Battle Beast. Sylvio realized that the Battle Beast had become more aggressive when Crow drove him out of the jungle. The students declared their belief that Sanders should be sealed into a card for losing, and Sylvio wondered if people's lives mattered to them. Sylvio was surprised that Jack protected Yuya during the Duel, but he was angry that Jack was sacrificing himself as he looked at Crow's card. Jack used the effect of "Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend" to destroy all cards on the field, and Sylvio reminded him that he had destroyed Yuya's monsters too. Sylvio wondered what Yuya was planning after he Special Summoned Level 1 Pendulum Monsters, and he was hit by a paintball from "Performapal Shieldrummer". When Yuya went for a direct attack, Sylvio was worried because of the of "Great Fortress". As Yuya's monsters engaged in a paintball fight with the "Gladiator Beasts" via his "Performapal Pendulum Art & Clean", Sanders thought that Yuya would lose, and Sylvio asked him if he hadn't learnt anything. Indeed, Yuya defeated the Battle Beast, and reassured him that he would save the people that the Battle Beast had sealed into cards, prompting Sylvio to look at Crow's card. He told Yuya that they would catch up to him as he and Jack helped Gong up.[55]

Duel Academy[edit]

Sylvio and Gong arrived in the City and found Sora and Aster injured. As they checked on them, they learned that Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri had become Supreme King Z-ARC, and that Aster and Sora had attempted to regain Yuya's heart through Dueling. Sylvio watched over Sora and Aster while Gong ran to join the Duel and heard a engine roaring, heralding the arrive of Jack. To his shock, Z-ARC defeated his current opponents, Shay and Kite. Sylvio told Gong and Jack that he was counting on them, lending them his perseverance.[56]

Sylvio and a revived Crow enter the Duel against Z-ARC.

Despite this, Sylvio was furious that he was being left out of an important Duel, and he blamed Crow for destroying his Duel Disk. He explained to Sora how Crow had saved him from the Battle Beast, and that he was sure their thoughts would reach Yuya. Z-ARC brought out "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing", angering Sylvio even further as he believed that he could reach Yugo with his Dueltaining if his Duel Disk worked. Z-ARC used the effect of "Clear Wing" equipped with "Supreme Presence" to destroy all of Gong's monsters, and Sylvio begged Crow to protect him. Gong and Jack survived through the effect of "Superheavy Samurai Warchief Heavystrong", and Sylvio was overjoyed and asked Crow if he saw how Gong protected "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend". He was surprised when New Domino City materialized in the Fusion Dimension, but he declared his belief that Jack could cross a materializing highway to reach Yuya. Gong was defeated, and the shockwave caused Sylvio to lose Crow's card. As Sylvio checked on Gong, Gong explained that that Z-ARC had reacted to the word Dueltaining. Gong gave Sylvio his Duel Disk and Yuya's pendant, and to Sylvio's surprised joy, Crow arrived, freed from his card. Sylvio and Crow joined the Duel as Z-ARC defeated Jack, both receiving intrusion penalties. Sylvio put Yuya's pendant on and he announced that he would decide the Duel.[57]

Sylvio and Crow are defeated by Z-ARC.

Sylvio told Z-ARC if carded person could rise, even Z-ARC won't able to revive and want to bring Yuya back. However, he got angry when Crow went before him and was surprised when Crow negated the effect of "Supreme King Gate Zero" and dealt damage to Z-ARC. He made fun of Z-ARC about in denial of losing and took his turn using Yuya's catchphrase in an attempt to remind what real Dueltainment is. He Pendulum Summoned "Abyss Actor - Superstar", "Wild Hope", and "Leading Lady" while Z-ARC Summoned "Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes" during his turn due to its own effect. Sylvio told Yuya he did it properly and used the effect of "Superstar" to add "Abyss Script - Rise of the Abyss King" to his hand but Z-ARC used the effect of "Supreme King Z-ARC" to destroy it due to being added to his hand outside the Draw Phase. Sylvio told Z-ARC he was so scared and used "Abyss Script - Abysstainment" to Set "Rise of the Abyss King" by Tributing "Leading Lady". He then activates it to destroy "Z-ARC" and "Odd-Eyes" equal to the number of "Abyss Actor" monsters he controls. When Z-ARC tried to use "Supreme Faceoff", Sylvio used the second effect of "Abyss Entertainment" to prevent him from activating it while he controls a Level 7 "Abyss Actor" monster. But, Z-ARC used the effect of "Odd-Eyes" to protect Pendulum Monsters from being destroyed. Sylvio told Yuya the "Yuya Sakaki" he knew wasn't a coward to be so defensive and that he put braved danger to pull off a great escape. He asked Yuya where that courage come from and told him if he keeps forgetting, he'll keep reminding him. Sylvio used "Abyss Entertainment" again by Tributing "Wild Hope" and setting "Abyss King" again, which he activates to target "Z-ARC". However, "Z-ARC" was unaffected due to Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters being in the graveyard or banished, and cannot be destroyed. He was surprised to see Leo Akaba intruding the Duel and send his "Master Spirit Tech Force - Pendulum Ruler" to the Graveyard. Z-ARC defeated Leo before he could play any more cards, and then forced "Superstar" and Crow's "Assault Blackwing - Chidori the Rain Sprinkling" to attack "Z-ARC", doubling the damage with the effect of "Odd-Eyes" and defeating Sylvio and Crow as well. They fell from "Crossover", landing hard on the roof of a building, leaving only Declan facing Z-ARC.[58]

He told Declan to pull Yuya's soul out of Z-ARC and threw Yuya's pendant to him. He and Crow were pleased when Declan was also able to damage Z-ARC. Sylvio was surprised when he thought "Z-ARC" had killed Declan, but relieved that Moon Shadow had returned and saved Declan. He was pleased when Ray turned all of Z-ARC's monsters into Normal Monsters with their effects negated. When Yuya re-took control from Z-ARC and revived "Supreme King Z-ARC", Sylvio worried that Yuya wasn't fully in control.[59]

Following Z-ARC's defeat and the rebirth of the Standard Dimension into the "Pendulum Dimension", Sylvio lost his memories of Zuzu and the Lancers adventures. He received a invitation from Declan for the Junior Arc League Championship and met Yuya and Gong at Leo Institute of Dueling. They learned from Declan that they would Duel in a Battle Royal first. Upon "Quartet of Quandry" activating, Sylvio wondered where was the fourth Duelist and was surprised when Moon Shadow arrived. He then vowed to win the Duel, bringing out "Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser" and attacked "Performapal Hip Hippo" while using its effect to double its ATK during damage calculation. However, Yuya dodged the attack and Sylvio sets a card. When Moon Shadow reminded them of the Arc League Championship, Sylvio's memories started to return and watched Yuya take damage from the effect of "Twilight Ninja Shingetsu". When Moon Shadow used the Pendulum Effect of "Twilight Ninja Kagen" to copy "Twilight Ninja Jogen's" effect, Sylvio noted Yuya would survive and was having a poor endgame.[60] When Yuya used "Miracle" to protect himself, Sylvio used "Abyss Improv" to increase the battle damage by "Curtain Raiser's" ATK. However, Gong increased "Hippo Token's" DEF with the effect of "Superheavy Samurai Helper", causing Moon Shadow to receive the damage. When Yuya attacked "Curtain Raiser", Sylvio used its effect to double its ATK to lower the damage, but was still attacked directly by "Hip Hippo". He then Pendulum Summoned "Superstar" and "Curtain Raiser" from his Extra Deck and yelled out at Yuya to stop spacing out after he used "Dragon's Shadow Performance". He used the Pendulum Effect of "Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian" to increase "Superstar's" ATK by adding "Curtain Raiser" to his Extra Deck. He then used the effect of "Superstar" to search out and activate "Abyss Script - Shadow Spirit", attacking "Hip Hippo" and making its ATK equal to its DEF, but Yuya used "Encore" to copy the effect of "Evasion" from the Graveyard. Sylvio used "Abyss Entertainment" to allow "Superstar" to attack again, but Yuya used the second effect of "Dragon's Shadow Performance" to prevent "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" from being destroyed. When, Skip arrived at the stadium and told Yuya that Zuzu was gone, Sylvio regained his memories of her. To his shock, Gong gave up his LP to use the effect of "Superheavy Samurai Preparation" to weaken "Superstar" and defeated him with "Big Benkei".[61]

To Sylvio's surprise, Henrietta revealed a baby Riley, and Sylvio wondered why Riley was a baby. He learned that the Four Nature Cards turned Riley back into a baby and lost his smile due to absorbing Z-ARC's soul to save Yuya. He also learned the reason for reenacting the Arc League Championship was to return Riley's smile and save the world through Yuya's Dueltaining. Sylvio doubted Riley's smile would save the world but was surprised when Yuya mentioned Z-ARC's soul being in some part of Riley. He also learned that Z-ARC will resurrect and the world will be at risk again if they don't do it. Sylvio was surprised when Gong summoned a new monster and rode it. He then ran out of the way before "Train King" could run over him.[62]

He is later seen watching Yuya's Duel against Jack with Gong, Aura and the kids from You Show Duel School. Sylvio and Gong discussed how Jack countered Yuya's attack and summoned a new monster.[63] He celebrated Yuya's victory, but he was surprised when Declan and Yuya ended up Dueling. Sylvio wondered why Yuya didn't Pendulum Summon "Performapal Duck Dealer" but was pleased when Yuya did so. He was amazed when Yuya made a comeback against Declan's "D/D/D Doom King Armageddon (anime)s". Sylvio was surprised when Declan summoned "D/D/D Super Doom King Purple Armageddon", "D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon", and "D/D/D Super Doom King Dark Armageddon".[64] He was worried when Yuya took huge damage from the four dragons being destroyed. Sylvio was amazed when Yuya used the effect of "Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon" to destroy all of Declan's monsters. He then wondered why Yuya attacked "Darkness Armageddon" due to its ATK being higher than "Wing Dragon". Sylvio cheered Yuya on when he used the effects of "Odd-Eyes Xyzgate" and "Wonder Chance" to give "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" additional attacks. However, he was surprised when Declan survived the attacks and happy when Yuya was able to Pendulum Summon again. When Yuya and Declan were collecting Action Cards due to the effect of "Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician", Sylvio and Gong were surprised at how Declan was stealing Yuya's shine. They were also worried when Declan was catching up to Yuya and Sylvio was pleased that Yuya was able to get five first. He was pleased when Yuya won and was transported to the field by Ray to witness Zuzu's revival.[65]


Declan Akaba[edit]

Sylvio is shown to greatly respect and admire Declan's Dueling abilities as shown when he bragged about how he was well known for his multiple Summoning methods to Dennis. Declan in return, is shown to have faith in Sylvio's abilities as shown by how he entrusted Sylvio with the task of taking Yuya's Pendulum Monsters, had him test a "Yosenju" Pendulum Deck, and had him become a Lancer to aid the others during the invasion by the Obelisk Force. Declan also taught Sylvio how to Pendulum Summon. It is implied they have some prior connection because there is no other reason given as to why Declan would choose him to steal Yuya's cards.

Yuya Sakaki[edit]

At first, due to Sylvio stealing Yuya's Pendulum Monsters as well as kidnapping his friends to force him to Duel in order to test them, Yuya immediately disliked him. Sylvio's defeat at Yuya's hands and losing the Pendulum cards caused Sylvio to form a bitter rivalry with him. However, things changed during their second Duel in which they began to develop a mutual understanding of each other's motivations and they both gained great respect for each other. After generously offering to Duel Yuya anytime the latter wanted, they buried the past and became friendly rivals. Although they can sometimes mildly annoy one another, they still appear to be concerned for each other in important scenarios such as when Yuya lost Zuzu and when Sylvio was defeated and captured by Security. Their common love for entertaining the crowd has also helped improve their relationship and has allowed them to work well together in Action Duels.

Crow Hogan[edit]

When Crow and his gang saved Sylvio and the other Lancers from Security, Sylvio showed sincere respect and gratitude to Crow. While Crow found Sylvio's claims about the Lancers and Standard Dimension strange, he didn't seem to dislike Sylvio. After Sylvio defended Crow from a large Security guard which allowed Crow and his friends to escape, they seem to have gained respect for each other, giving each other a thumbs up.

Despite being initially angry that Crow had sacrificed himself to save him, when Crow was sealed into a card by Battle Beast Sylvio grew extremely upset and immediately ran to save his card when Battle Beast was about to step on it, showing how much he cares for and respects Crow. Due to Crow's actions Sylvio came to recognize the importance of others sacrificing themselves for those they care about, and behaved more emotionally than usual. He was horrified when he lost the card, but overjoyed when Crow was freed from the card and returned to Duel Z-ARC with him.

Gong Strong[edit]

While not getting along at first, Sylvio and Gong grew to be friends and allies as part of the Lancers and mutual friends of Yuya. They have been each other's most frequent tag-team partners in Duels. Gong later entrusted his Duel Disk and Yuya's pendant to Sylvio, believing that he could get through to Yuya.


Yugo and Sylvio were opponents in the Friendship Cup. They were friendly to each other and they complimented each other's Dueling skills. They left on friendly terms when Sylvio encouraged Yugo to answer the cheers of the crowd after their fiery Duel.

Other appearances[edit]


Sylvio's Deck has changed drastically over the course of the anime, having used four completely different Decks.


Sylvio initially plays a "Dart" Deck. All the cards in this Deck (besides the "Magicians" he stole from Yuya) are Parallel Rare. His strategies focus on his "Dart Striker" monsters powering one another up through their effects, which receives a strong boost from his use of Pendulum Summoning during his Duel with Yuya.

WATER Monarch[edit]

Sylvio later plays a WATER Monarch Deck, which focuses on destroying Spell/Trap Cards and Summoning "Mobius the Mega Monarch". Like his "Dart" Deck, the cards in this Deck are Parallel Rare.


Sylvio uses a "Yosenju" Deck during the Arc League Championship that includes Pendulum Monsters. Sylvio focuses a lot of his strategies on swarming the field with his "Yosenju" monsters to accumulate counters on his "Yosen Training Grounds" which he uses to gather the necessary cards for his strategies. He also uses a lockdown comprised of "Mayosenju Daibak", "Yosen Whirlwind" and "Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village", returning his opponent's cards to their Deck, putting them in a pinch and bypassing the ability of Pendulum Monsters to revive themselves. This Deck, unlike his previous two, is not comprised of Parallel Rare cards.

Abyss Actor[edit]

Sylvio's final Deck is an "Abyss Actor" Deck, first used during the invasion of the Fusion Dimension Warriors. It focuses on Pendulum Summoning and is supported by the "Abyss Script" archetype of Spell Cards. During the third season, he also demonstrates a focus on restricting the opponent's Extra Deck. Like his previous "Yosenju" Deck, it is not composed of Parallel Rare cards. While Sylvio is never shown using any other Summoning methods with this Deck, he is shown to have a substantially sized-Extra Deck during his Duel with Yugo, implying he has access to others.


Sylvio had a number of cards he offered to Yuya Sakaki as "compensation" for taking his "Stargazer Magician" and "Timegazer Magician". He described them as "trash cards" that fit Yuya perfectly. Yuya chose to add "Block Spider" to his Deck as a result.[6]

During his escape from the Facility, Sylvio managed to grab a pile of rare cards from Chojiro Tokumatsu's collection that were used as a distraction. The only shown card was "Dark Mirror Force".[25]


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuya Sakaki 3-4 Lose
Kakimoto 7 Win
Yuto 7 Lose
Yuya Sakaki 31-32 Lose
3 Obelisk Force members 48-49 Win (with Celina, Gong Strong, Moon Shadow and Shay Obsidian)
Sector Security officer 56 Lose
Yuya Sakaki and Chojiro Tokumatsu 62 No result
3 Stomptroopers 63 Win (with Yuya Sakaki, Gong Strong and Shay Obsidian)
Yugo 72 Lose
5 Underground Facility Guards 90 Win (with Shay Obsidian)
5 Duel Chasers 96 Win (with Declan Akaba, Gong Strong, Shay Obsidian, Riley Akaba and Chojiro Tokumatsu)
3 Duel Academy Duelists 100 Win (with Gong Strong and Yuya Sakaki)
Kite Tenjo 101 Lose (with Gong Strong)
Gloria Tyler and Grace Tyler 107-108 Lose (with Gong Strong)
Duel Academy Duelists 118 No result (with Yuya Sakaki, Gong Strong, Moon Shadow and Crow Hogan)
Emma and Jacob 119 No result (with Crow Hogan)
Battle Beast 120 No result; Lose (Crow Hogan)
Z-ARC/Yuya Sakaki 139 Lose (with Crow Hogan)
Yuya Sakaki, Gong Strong, and Moon Shadow 141-142 Win (Moon), Lose (Gong and Yuya)


  • All of Sylvio's major wins on screen have been in Duels where he teamed up with other people.
  • Sylvio has changed Decks more frequently than most characters in the franchise - only Chazz Princeton has changed Decks more than him. This behavior is typical of actual people who play Duel Monsters.


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  1. a b This card is stolen from Yuya Sakaki in episode 3, but it is later taken back by Yuya in episode 4.
  2. This card can be seen in his hand in episodes 3 and 4.
  3. This card is sent from his hand to the Graveyard via the effect of "Yosenju Oyam" in episode 31.