Four Nature Cards

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Four Nature Cards
Riley with En Flowers, En Birds, En Winds, and En Moon
Anime appearances

The four cards I created... En Moon, from the unfathomable breath of the cosmos. En Winds, from the wind's drifting breath. En Birds, from the invigorating breath of life. En Flowers, from the breath of Mother Earth. Using these four Spell Cards, Ray broke the Supreme King apart.

— Leo Akaba

The Four Nature Cards, known as the Natural Energy Cards in the Japanese version, are a series of Continuous Spell Cards used by Ray Akaba for the purpose of combating Z-ARC in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.

According to Leo Akaba the purpose of these cards was to harness the natural energy of the planet to equal and counter the malicious aspects and energies of humans that metamorphosed Z-ARC into his demonic dragon form.[1]


Leo Akaba investigated a method to stop Z-ARC's fused form. By traveling the world and following the theory of Duel Monsters with souls while researching different natural environments, Leo was able to create four Spell Cards subtitled under the names "Flowers, Birds, Winds, and Moon" from the natural energy that he believed would be able to counter Z-ARC. Through analyzing and studying the desire of plants that are destroyed but sprout with the seasons and animals that endure winter to survive to spring he was able to fulfill his objective. The audacious desire to live that has manifested in the world for hundreds of thousands of years generated a robust energy that Leo hoped to utilize to halt the dark emotions and surpass "Supreme King Z-ARC". However, when Leo had just finished creating the four cards, Ray stole the cards as she could not bear the thought of losing her father.[1]

Leo gave chase to his daughter but she activated a card, destroying the surrounding buildings and blocking his way with rubble. Leo then took a different road and eventually saw Ray, confronting Z-ARC, as she activated the four cards, causing the related natural energy sources of flowers, birds, wind, and the moon to react and converge within Ray's body. The reaction of natural energies then created the Four Dimension Bracelets on Ray's right hand. The natural energy convergence then caused a reaction in both Ray and Z-ARC's bodies, and subsequently de-fused the Supreme King from his dragons as well as dividing Ray's and Z-ARC's original bodies into four, creating their Dimensional counterparts and the Four Dimensions.[1]



The Four Nature Cards are the original forms of the Four Dimension Bracelets.


Each of the cards' names include the word "En". Each card is based on one of the 4 parts of Kacho Fugetsu, the 4 "beauties of nature" in Japanese art: flower (ka), bird (cho), wind (fu), and moon (getsu).


Nature Card Opposed card type Incarnation Corresponding archetype Symbol
En Moon Fusion Celina Lunalight Sigma
En Winds Synchro Rin Windwitch Square cap
En Birds Xyz Lulu Obsidian Lyrilusc Epsilon
En Flowers - Zuzu Boyle Melodious Pi

Playing style[edit]

The Four Nature Cards' playing style starts with the game having many Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters in the GY or banished. When gathered, they're activated as quickly as all at once. After all of them are activated, which would have Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters' Effect negated and them treated as Normal Monsters, they are destroyed with "En Flower" and would severely damage the opponent.



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