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"Lunalight Purple Butterfly" and "Lunalight White Rabbit" in the artwork of "Lunalight Reincarnation Dance".
  • ムーンライト
  • Mūnraito (romanized)
  • Moonlight (translated)
  • 月光ムーンライト (anime)
  • 月光 (base)
  • ムーンライト (ruby)
  • Mūnraito (romanized)
  • Moonlight (translated)
  • Clair de Lune
  • Lunalicht
  • Lucelunare
  • Moonlight (translated)
  • 문라이트
  • Munraiteu (romanized)
  • Moonlight (translated)
  • Luzlunar
  • Lunaluz
Anime appearances

"Lunalight", known as "Moonlight" (ムーンライト Mūnraito, written as 月光ムーンライト in the anime) in the OCG, is an archetype of LIGHT and DARK Beast-Warrior monsters debuting in Shining Victories that are used by Celina in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.


The Main Deck members are named with the pattern "Lunalight {Color} {Animal}" (except for the Pendulum Monsters, which do not have a color in the name). They are visually represented as gymsuit-wearing young girls with animal features, and have a color scheme based on the namesake color. They also wear various crescent moon-shaped accessories, usually over the left eye and the chest. Their overall design is reminiscent of the "Cyber Girl" archetype, albeit Lunalight monsters' skin and tight are colored less ambiguously.

The Fusion Monsters instead are called "Lunalight {Animal} Dancer", with the stronger monster being an animal of higher power. They appear as mature-looking women (with animal features as well) wearing long and flowing dresses, and wield cutting and thrusting weapons.

Playing style[edit]

"Lunalight" focuses on Fusion Summoning, then heads to battle with multiple attack to rack up damage by attacking the same monster multiple times.

The "Lunalight" Fusion Monsters involve a straightforward battle damage strategy. This is bolstered by the ATK changing effects of "Lunalight Blue Cat" and "Lunalight Crimson Fox" to run over normally stronger monsters easily, with the Spell/Trap bouncing effect of "Lunalight White Rabbit" to assist.

Instead of searching and adding from the Main Deck, "Lunalight" effects recover resources from the Graveyard and need effects like "Foolish Burial" and "Mathematician" to assist the revival effects of "Blue Cat" and "Tiger."

"White Rabbit" can Special Summon any "Lunalight" Monster from the Graveyard and then use its effect to Bounce opposing backrow, clearing the way for a follow-up Fusion Summon and Attacks from those monsters. "King of the Swamp" and "Lunalight Black Sheep" can discard themselves to add "Polymerization" from the Main Deck to the hand. "Sheep" is also an ideal Fusion Material as it can recover "Lunalight" Monsters from Graveyard or from the Face-Up Extra Deck. Additionally, "Fusion Recovery" can be used to recycle "Polymerization" and any Fusion Material used as well.

The Fusion Monsters of this archetype can be Special Summoned with "Cattle Call" or "Fusion Tag" in combination with their fusion spell "Lunalight Fusion" or "Polymerization" to reach "Lunalight Leo Dancer" much faster than would normally be expected. "Lunalight Kaleido Chick" also serves as Fusion Substitute-esque.

This archetype's ability to manage the number of DARK Monsters is ideal for running "Dark Armed Dragon".


  • This Deck, like all Special Summon-based Decks, is vulnerable to cards that prevent Special Summons.
  • This Deck is DARK, making it vulnerable to "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror".

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