Abyss Dweller

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The Arabic, Chinese, Croatian and Greek names given are not official.
The Chinese lore given is not official.
Abyss Dweller
Shin'en ni Hisomumono
The One Who Lurks in the Abyss
Card type





Sea Serpent / Xyz / Effect


4 Rank Star.svgRank Star.svgRank Star.svgRank Star.svg


1700 / 1400




2 Level 4 monsters

Card effect types

Statuses Unlimited (OCG)
Unlimited (TCG)

2 Level 4 monsters
While this card has an Xyz Material attached that was originally WATER, all WATER monsters you control gain 500 ATK. Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; any card effects that activate in your opponent's Graveyard cannot be activated this turn.

Release Number Set Rarity
2012-11-09 ABYR-EN084 Abyss Rising Super Rare
2015-02-13 THSF-EN047 The Secret Forces Super Rare
2016-03-18 PGL3-EN068 Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Gold Rare
2019-10-10 DUDE-EN016 Duel Devastator Ultra Rare
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Stat changes
Your monsters gain ATK

Other languages

Name Lore
French Résident des Abysses 2 monstres de Niveau 4
Tant que cette carte a un Matériel Xyz attaché qui était EAU à l'origine, tous les monstres EAU que vous contrôlez gagnent 500 ATK. Une fois par tour, durant le tour de chaque joueur : vous pouvez détacher 1 Matériel Xyz de cette carte ; les effets de carte qui s'activent dans le Cimetière de votre adversaire ne peuvent pas être activés ce tour.
German Abyss-Bewohner 2 Monster der Stufe 4
Solange an diese Karte ein Xyz-Material angehängt ist, das ursprünglich WASSER war, erhalten alle WASSER Monster, die du kontrollierst, 500 ATK. Einmal pro Spielzug, während des Spielzugs eines beliebigen Spielers: Du kannst 1 Xyz-Material von dieser Karte abhängen; Karteneffekte, die im Friedhof deines Gegners aktiviert werden, können in diesem Spielzug nicht aktiviert werden.
Italian Abitante dell'Abisso 2 mostri di Livello 4
Mentre questa carta ha attaccati Materiali Xyz che erano originariamente ACQUA, tutti i mostri ACQUA che controlli guadagnano 500 ATK. Una volta per turno, durante il turno di qualsiasi giocatore: puoi staccare 1 Materiale Xyz da questa carta; qualsiasi effetto delle carte che si attiva nel Cimitero del tuo avversario non può essere attivato in questo turno.
Portuguese Habitante do Abismo 2 monstros de Nível 4
Enquanto este card tiver uma Matéria Xyz associada a ele que era originalmente de ÁGUA, todos os monstros de ÁGUA que você controla ganham 500 de ATK. Uma vez por turno, durante o turno de qualquer duelista: você pode desassociar 1 Matéria Xyz deste card; quaisquer efeitos de card que ativam no Cemitério do seu oponente não podem ser ativados neste turno.
Spanish Morador del Abismo 2 monstruos de Nivel 4
Mientras esta carta tenga acoplado un Material Xyz que originalmente era de AGUA, todos los monstruos de AGUA que controles ganan 500 ATK. Una vez por turno, durante el turno de cualquier jugador: puedes desacoplar de esta carta 1 Material Xyz; este turno, todos los efectos de cartas que se activen en el Cementerio de tu adversario no pueden ser activados.
Japanese しんえんひそもの レベル4モンスター×2
Shin'en ni Hisomumono
The One Who Lurks in the Abyss
Korean 심연에 숨은 자 레벨 4 몬스터 × 2
이 카드가 물 속성 몬스터를 엑시즈 소재로서 가지고 있을 경우, 자신 필드 위의 물 속성 몬스터의 공격력은 500 포인트 올린다. 또한, 1턴에 1번, 이 카드의 엑시즈 소재를 1개 제거하고 발동할 수 있다. 이 턴에, 상대의 묘지에서 발동하는 마법 / 함정 / 효과 몬스터의 효과는 발동할 수 없다. 이 효과는 상대 턴에도 발동할 수 있다.
Chinese 深渊栖息者 超量:等级4的族怪兽2只。



Release Number SetFrench name Rarity
2012-11-08 ABYR-FR084 Abyss Rising L'Ascension des Abysses Super Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-FR047 The Secret Forces Les Forces Secrètes Super Rare
2016-03-17 PGL3-FR068 Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Gold Premium: Or Infini Gold Rare


Release Number SetGerman name Rarity
2012-11-08 ABYR-DE084 Abyss Rising Abyss Rising Super Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-DE047 The Secret Forces The Secret Forces Super Rare
2016-03-17 PGL3-DE068 Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Gold Rare


Release Number SetItalian name Rarity
2012-11-08 ABYR-IT084 Abyss Rising Risveglio degli Abissi Super Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-IT047 The Secret Forces Le Forze Segrete Super Rare
2016-03-17 PGL3-IT068 Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Premium Oro: Oro Infinito Gold Rare


Release Number SetPortuguese name Rarity
2015-02-13 THSF-PT047 The Secret Forces As Forças Secretas Super Rare
2016-03-18 PGL3-PT068 Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Première Ouro: Ouro Infinito Gold Rare


Release Number SetSpanish name Rarity
2012-11-08 ABYR-SP084 Abyss Rising Levantamiento Abismal Super Rare
2015-02-12 THSF-SP047 The Secret Forces Las Fuerzas Secretas Super Rare
2016-03-17 PGL3-SP068 Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Dorada Premium: Oro Infinito Gold Rare


Release Number SetJapanese name Rarity
2013-05-18 EP13-JP025 Extra Pack: Sword of Knights EXTRAエクストラ PACKパックSWORD OF KNIGHTSソード・オブ・ナイツ Ultra Rare
2013-05-18 EP13-JP025 Extra Pack: Sword of Knights EXTRAエクストラ PACKパックSWORD OF KNIGHTSソード・オブ・ナイツ Secret Rare
2017-08-05 17SP-JP008 Special Pack SPECIALスペシャル PACKパック Common
2017-08-05 17SP-JP008 Special Pack SPECIALスペシャル PACKパック Super Rare


Release Number SetKorean name Rarity
2013-10-05 EXP6-KR025 Extra Pack: Sword of Knights EXTRA PACK엑스트라 팩 스워드 오브 나이트- Ultra Rare
2013-10-05 EXP6-KR025 Extra Pack: Sword of Knights EXTRA PACK엑스트라 팩 스워드 오브 나이트- Secret Rare