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Xyz Material

"Ganbara Knight" and "Blade Knight" in the state of Xyz Materials for "Number 39: Utopia".
"Ganbara Knight" and "Blade Knight" in the state of Xyz Materials for "Number 39: Utopia".



Japanese (ruby)


Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Ekushīzu Sozai

Base text (anime)


Romanized (anime)

Ōbārei Yunitto

Japanese (translated)

Xyz Material


Xyz Material

English (anime)

Overlay Unit

Xyz Materials (pronounced ik-seez[1]) (Japanese: エクシーズざい Ekushīzu Sozai, エクシーズざい in card text before Duelist Alliance), are cards stacked underneath an Xyz Monster. They are known as Overlay Units (オーバーレイ・ユニット, Ōbārei Yunitto), abbreviated ORU, in the anime and manga.

When an Xyz Monster is Xyz Summoned, the monsters used for the Xyz Summon are stacked underneath the Summoned Xyz Monster. The attached Xyz Materials do not occupy a Zone.

Many Xyz Monsters have effects that require detaching Xyz Materials (sending an Xyz Material attached to that Xyz Monster to the Graveyard) as an activation cost. If the Xyz Monster is no longer in a Monster Zone, any Xyz Materials that were attached to that Xyz Monster are sent to the Graveyard.

Some card effects allow attaching cards to Xyz Monsters as Xyz Materials (placing them underneath the Xyz Monster) through means other than Xyz Summon. Some card effects allow cards to be attached as Xyz Materials (such as "Xyz Reborn", "Overlay Regen" and "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK").

Unlike the terms Fusion Material Monster and Synchro Material Monster, the term "Xyz Material Monster" was never used. In addition, since July 2017, most instances of effects unambiguously referring to Xyz Materials now simply say "material".


Xyz Materials underneath Xyz Monsters do not count as monsters, so detached Xyz Materials will be sent to the Graveyard even if "Dimensional Fissure" is on the field. While monsters are acting as Xyz Materials, they cannot be targeted nor apply their effects.

Xyz Materials are not treated as being on the field,[2] and also being attached as an Xyz Material is not considered to be the card leaving the field. Therefore, when an Xyz Material is attached, detached, or sent to the Graveyard due to the Xyz Summon being negated, any effects of the Xyz Material that only activate when it leaves the field (such as "Reborn Tengu") do not activate. Token Monsters cannot be used as Xyz Materials, because Xyz Materials are attached to the Xyz Monster and attached Xyz Materials are not considered to be on the field.

Even when attaching Xyz Materials with a card effect, Xyz Materials can only be attached to Xyz Monsters (e.g. "Phantom of Chaos" that has copied the effect of "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK" cannot activate the effect to attach a card as an Xyz Material). Likewise, even with a card effect, Token Monsters cannot be attached as Xyz Materials.

Historical rulings[edit]

Before it was clarified that Xyz Materials cannot be on the field, as an interim ruling, the TCG ruled that they were on the field (whereas the OCG consistently ruled that they were not).[3]

In the anime[edit]

An ATK gauge from ZEXAL showing the number of Overlay Units.
An ATK gauge from VRAINS showing the number of Overlay Units.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL and Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Xyz Materials are referred to as Overlay Units (abbreviated as ORU in Japanese and OLU in English) while attached to an Xyz Monster. Overlay Units are depicted as orbs of light orbiting the body of the Xyz Monster, and glow with the color associated to the Xyz Monster's Attribute (e.g. LIGHT Xyz Monsters have yellow Overlay Units). When performing an Xyz Summon, the cards being used as Xyz Materials turn into colored orbs, whose color matches their own Attribute, before briefly spiraling around each other in a helix and entering a bright swirl of energy called Overlay Network.

Uniquely, the Overlay Units of "C" Xyz Monsters of Barian origin are instead referred to as Chaos Overlay Units (abbreviated as CORU). In contrast to regular Overlay Units, they are depicted as magenta crystals that are stationary (not orbiting) and arranged in front of or behind the monster, often lined up.

When the player detaches Overlay Units from an Xyz Monster for its own effect, those Overlay Units are displayed being consumed by the Xyz Monster, such as by being eaten or absorbed by a weapon it carries. In some cases, the Xyz Monster will glow with its Attribute's color for a moment before unleashing the effect. When instead detached by another card's effect, the Units are often dragged away from their orbit into a purple Graveyard portal.

In ARC-V, while Overlay Units are still usually depicted as being absorbed by the Xyz Monster when detached, sometimes they are instead flung in another direction. For example, when "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon" uses its anime effect to gain the total ATK of all opponent's monsters that were Special Summoned, the used Overlay Unit is sent flying towards the field of the other player(s). However, these animated effects tend to be much less elaborate than in ZEXAL, often simply causing the Overlay Unit to disintegrate while still in its orbital path.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, the trail left by Overlay Units gains a cybernetic pattern; Overlay Units themselves are depicted rotating behind the monster (in a way reminiscent of an infinity symbol) instead of orbiting the Xyz Monster's body, and are always an yellowish-orange color irrespective of the monster's Attribute.




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