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Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel (遊戯王ラッシュデュエル Yūgiō Rasshu Dyueru) is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card game first released in Japan in April 2020. Rush Duels appear in the anime and manga of both Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS and Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.[1]

Rush Duel rules are designed to be simplified versions of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game to better appeal to younger audiences. Rush Duel card layouts also have simplified designs.

Rush Duel was introduced internationally with the release of the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!![2], but the physical card game is currently exclusive to Japan and Korea.[3]


Language Name Romanization First product release
Japanese ゆうおうラッシュデュエル
Yū☆Gi☆Ō Rasshu Dyueru April 2, 2020
Korean 유☆희☆왕 러시 듀얼
Yu☆Hui☆Wang Reosi Dyueol December 2, 2020



A Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel field

Being a derivative of the OCG, Rush Duel shares similarities with it, with some notable alterations and additions. Differences that Rush Duel was advertised as having include:

  • Players can Normal Summon/Set as many monsters as they want in a single turn. Level 5 and higher monsters still follow Tribute Summon requirements.
  • Players start the Duel with four cards in their hand. During their Draw Phase, the turn player draws cards until they have five cards in their hand. If the player has five or more cards in their hand, they draw one card.
    • Players have no hand size limit.
    • The player who goes first draws one card on the first turn.
    • If a player would draw, but lacks enough cards (e.g. the player has four or less cards in their Deck, and no cards in their hand during the Draw Phase), that player loses the Duel.
  • Rush Duel has a Monster Card type currently exclusive to it: Maximum Monsters, which are composed of three specific monsters that can be Maximum Summoned as a single monster.

Other rule differences include:

  • The field resembles Speed Duel's. Each player has 3 Monster Zones and 3 Spell & Trap Zones on their field. There is an Extra Deck Zone, but no Pendulum Zones or Extra Monster Zones.
  • Fusion Monsters appear, but have a different Japanese name: 「フュージョン」 Fyūjon instead of 「ゆうごうYūgō for "Fusion". Additionally, the primary (and currently only) method of Fusion Summoning is through the Spell Card "Fusion" instead of the usual "Polymerization".
  • Monster effects on the field can be activated only once per turn while face-up on the field,[4] similar to a card in the TCG/OCG stating "Once per turn".
  • Card effects list activation requirements and costs on separate lines for easier understanding.
  • A card's [REQUIREMENT] and [EFFECT] are treated as being resolved simultaneously. If either the [REQUIREMENT] or [EFFECT] of the last used card meets the activation requirement of a Trap Card, that Trap can be activated without missing the timing.
  • If two or more Trap Cards meet activation requirements, only one can be activated. The non-turn player chooses first whether or not to activate a Trap Card. If they do not, the turn player can then choose whether or not to activate a Trap Card.
  • Phases progress in the following order: Draw Phase, Main Phase, Battle Phase, End Phase. (There is no Standby Phase or Main Phase 2.)[4]
  • Some cards are specifically marked as Legend Cards. A Deck can contain a maximum of 1 Legend Card.[5]

Legal cards[edit]

Similar to the TCG's Speed Duel format, only cards produced for Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel products are legal in Rush Duels.[6] Unlike Speed Duel cards, which can be used in the standard TCG, Rush Duel cards are not legal for use in the standard OCG.

Rush Duel cards use a new layout intended to be simple to understand and visually appealing. Art frames and effect text boxes are significantly larger; the Level value is altered to display a number over the Level star graphic along the ATK and DEF values and moved above the Type line, and the cards have "RUSH DUEL" printed at their base.


As Rush Duels are treated as a different card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel products run in a separate product line to Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game products. The first sets released for Rush Duel were Starter Deck Yuga - Cut Through! Sevens Road!! and Starter Deck Luke - Explosive Supremacy! Dragias!!, which could also both be purchased in one set.

The following sets contain cards that can be used in Rush Duels:

 Set typeJapanese release dateKorean release date
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon Rush Rare Special Red Version" GET CampaignPromotional cardJuly 202113 August 2021
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon Secret Rare Special Blue Version" GET CampaignPromotional cardMay 2023
"Dark Magician Rush Rare Special Red Version" GET CampaignPromotional card23 July 202226 July 2022
"Dark Magician Secret Rare Special Blue Version" GET CampaignPromotional cardMay 2023
777 Treasure CampaignPromotional cardMarch 2021March 2021
Battle Pack 2022 Vol.1Booster pack1 April 2022
Battle Pack 2022 Vol.2Booster pack1 July 2022
Battle Pack Vol.1Booster pack22 March 2021
Battle Pack Vol.2Booster pack1 July 2021
Battle Pack Vol.3Booster pack1 October 2021
... further results


NameJapanese namePrimary typeAttributeTypeLevelATKDEFStatus
A.I. Bear CanエーアイくまキャンEffect MonsterLIGHTPsychic1600600Legal
Abare UshioniあばうしおにEffect MonsterEARTHBeast-Warrior412001200Legal
Abyss Soldierアビス・ソルジャーEffect MonsterWATERAqua418001300Legal
Acacia the Shadow Flower PriestessそうのミモザEffect MonsterEARTHPlant310001000Legal
Accel Wonder Flareアクセルワンダー・フレアEffect MonsterFIRESpellcaster517001600Legal
Accel Wonder Pebbleアクセルワンダー・ペブルEffect MonsterEARTHSpellcaster51600700Legal
Accel Wonder Supraアクセルワンダー・スプラEffect MonsterWATERSpellcaster616001700Legal
Achacha CatcherアチャチャキャッチャーNormal MonsterFIREWarrior41400400Legal
Agaribel, the Finest Sushi Fairyごくじょう寿てん使アガリブエルEffect MonsterLIGHTFairy825001800Legal
Air Formula Eagleエア・フォーミュラ・イーグルEffect MonsterWINDWinged Beast723001800Legal
NameJapanese nameCard typePropertyStatus
1-UpワンアップTrap CardNormal Trap CardLegal
300 Light-Year Red Cloak300こうねんアカイマントSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
7 ChanceセブンチャンスTrap CardNormal Trap CardLegal
Acetic Acid Trap HoleさくさんのたまったとしあなTrap CardNormal Trap CardLegal
Aegis of the Five HousesSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
Against Busterアゲインスト・バスターSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
All For Naught - Bubble Burstみずあわほうかいのバブル-Trap CardNormal Trap CardLegal
Anciant Barrierアンチアント・バリアTrap CardNormal Trap CardLegal
Ancient Barrierエンシェント・バリアSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal
Ancient RulesいにしえのルールSpell CardNormal Spell CardLegal

In the anime[edit]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, Rush Duels were created by main protagonist Yuga Ohdo as an alternative format that anyone can enjoy, in contrast to the "rigid" Duels run by adults.[7]

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!, Rush Duel is a card game created by the Goha Company and originating from Earth, whose existence spread into the depths of space and became a legend among the people of the Velgear Star Cluster. Main protagonist Yudias Velgear believes that this "Rush Duel" would be the way for his war-torn people to finally achieve peace.

In the manga[edit]

The one-shot manga Let's Go! Rush Duel!! features a Rush Duel between Yuga Ohdo and Tatsuhisa Kamijo.

The serialized manga Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Luke! Explosive Supremacy Legend!! features Tatsuhisa Kamijo (also known as Luke) as its protagonist, in contrast to the anime. In the manga, Luke Duels various opponents with Rush Duel, aiming to become the King of Duels.

The serialized manga Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel LP features various Rush Duels.

The serialized manga Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! uses the Rush Duel format. Yudias Velgear believes that the non-violent nature of the Rush Duel card game would be the way for people to finally be able to end conflicts without bloodshed.



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