Yuga Ohdo

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Yuga Ohdo
Yuga Ohdo
  • Yuga Odo
Japaneseおうどう ゆう
Base王道 遊我
Furiganaおうどう ゆうが
RōmajiŌdō Yūga
  • Male
  • Education
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Hiro Ishibashi[2]
Ohdo, Yuga

Yuga Odo (おうどう ゆう, Ōdō Yūga) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. A young boy who loves Dueling and inventing, he creates the Rush Dueling format in hopes of entertaining the world with it.[1][2]



Full body view of Yuga.

Yuga is a short young boy with spiky reddish-brown hair with a blonde M-shaped front, and green eyes. He wears a light red short-sleeved hooded jacket with a white lining and a large zipper, a white shirt with yellow crown-shaped patterns, black cargo shorts with a brown belt, dark blue finger-less gloves, and dark blue shoes with white laces, and light red soles and lining. His hood has a zipper down the middle, which he usually keeps open to have the hood hang down his back in two triangular sections.

During his dream of a Dueling robot, Yuga imagines himself wearing a red and white jumpsuit with a red helmet and a green visor.


Yuga loves Dueling and inventing, but finds the Duels that adults play to be rigid and uncool, inspiring him to create Rush Duels. Yuga claims that he wants to take back everyone's smiles from the strict Dueling world that they find themselves in. To this end, Yuga challenges the rules and established standards of Goha City, claiming that his penalties are badges of a challenger, and later states that even if Rush Duels were deleted that he'd never give up on trying to install them. When Dueling the Hologram Man, Yuga is excited to battle the legendary "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", though not to the point that he forgets the danger it presents to him.[3] He has a habit of terming his creations "roads", and is often distracted by tinkering around.

Yuga doesn't appear to have any personal interest in trying to become the Duel King and hadn't even heard of the legend to become it when Rook told him about it; he instead decides to Duel the Hologram Man for a chance to install Rush Dueling, and after succeeding, his focus is on the road that has opened before him. In comparison to Rook, who wants to use Rush Dueling to become the King of Duels, Yuga simply wants people to enjoy them and he encourages both Romin and Gakuto to enjoy Rush Dueling during his matches with them. Even after defeating the Hologram Man, Yuga passes up the chance for the title to Rook and starts tinkering around with Kaizo. However, Yuga is confident in his skills at Rush Dueling due to creating the ruleset.

Yuga is more intelligent and cunning than he lets on despite his fun-loving nature. He remodelled Kaizo in a single night and used it to livestream his Rush Duel with Rook without telling him, aware of the latter's Pauli effect-like power. Yuga was also aware of the Pauli effect, suggesting that despite challenging the established rules and generally being excited to Duel, he pays attention in school. He also tricks Romin into accepting a Rush Duel with him by suggesting that she wouldn't be able to defeat him.[4] He also suggests to the Newspaper Club that Goha Corp could shut them down in an effort to coerce them into changing their article contents.[5]

Yuga is the first protagonist since Yugi Muto to use the personal pronoun boku; all other protagonists have used ore.


As with all previous Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists, Yuga's name contains the character「遊」(Yu). His first name effectively translates to "My Game" and his last name to "Royal Road", tying into his habit of calling his creations "roads" and fulfilling the legend of the one who opened the road to becoming the Duel King.



Yuga came to love Duel Monsters, but the more he continued Dueling, the more he realized how strict it was. To that end, he came up with Rush Duels, aiming to take back everyone's smiles. Yuga found it difficult to install the rules for Rush Dueling into his Duel Disk, accumulating four penalties in his attempts.[3]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

After dreaming about piloting a Dueling robot, Yuga attempted to install Rush Dueling into his Duel Disk for the fifth time, with a Goha Corporation Drone alerted by the violation and timing him. Although he came close to installing the rules, he ran out of time once again and was penalized for the fifth time. The next day at Goha 7th Elementary, Yuga told Riku and Katsu about his penalty the next day, attracting the attention of Gakuto Sogetsu, who asked about Yuga's Duel Bicycle and lectured him for opening his Duel Disk. Yuga attempted to explain Rush Dueling to Gakuto, but class started before he could and Gakuto told him to come to the Student Council Room after class. Yuga instead headed home, declining Riku and Katsu's requests to Duel, but ran into Tatsuhisa "Rook" Kamijo, who asked to speak with Yuga. Yuga declined Rook's request at well, but suddenly found his Duel Bicycle wasn't working. Rook then claimed he knew somewhere Yuga could install his new rules, catching Yuga's attention. Rook took Yuga to the Hologram Man's chamber, telling him about the legend of the King of Duels, though Yuga was unfamiliar with it. Rook suggested Yuga's Rush Dueling could properly defeat the Hologram Man where Rook had failed, as the legend spoke of illuminating a new path. Seeing that Rook had used up all six penalties, Yuga decided to bet on his last penalty and he began installing Rush Dueling into his Duel Disk again. Gakuto and a Goha Corporation Drone both arrived, and Romin Kirishima revealed herself. Rook deactivated the Drone as Yuga finished his preparations, though he hadn't installed them properly yet. To Yuga's horror, his Duel Disk's battery began dying, so Gakuto retrieved Yuga's Duel Bicycle to power the Disk. The Drone reactivated, so Romin suggested that Yuga could use Real-Time Duel Programming to finish installing Rush Dueling. Yuga then challenged the Hologram Man to a Rush Duel, and he accepted Yuga's challenge. Although Yuga brought out three monsters on his first turn, the Hologram Man Tribute Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and destroyed all of Yuga's monsters, reducing him to 1000 LP. Gakuto and Rook worried that Yuga would lose, but Yuga explained to them that players drew until they held five cards in Rush Dueling, though he still didn't draw the card he needed. He used the effect of "Mystic Dealer" to draw another card, drawing "Sevens Road Magician" at last and Tribute Summoning it. Yuga began powering up "Sevens Road" with his Spell Cards and its effect, successfully filling his Graveyard with all six Attributes and increasing it to 7000 ATK, destroying "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and defeating the Hologram Man, installing Rush Dueling. The Hologram Man congratulated Yuga, telling him that a new road would open, and Yuga and Rook's penalties were erased, while Rook and Gakuto's Duel Disks transformed into Rush Duel mode as a door opened before them.[3] Yuga realized that the door was a hologram, so he told Rook that he should be the one to take the path; Rook did so and promptly bumped into the Hologram Man's dais. As Rook explained what the King of Duels was, Yuga started tinkering with the Goha Corporation Drone, noting that it was surprisingly easy. Rook asked Yuga to keep Rush Dueling a secret so that the Goha Corporation wouldn't delete it.[6]

Yuga didn't want to abandon his dream to allow everyone to experience Rush Dueling, so he finished modifying the Drone to obey him. He told his friends about Rush Dueling the next day at school, prompting Rook to yank him under a desk to try and impart on Yuga the importance of keeping Rush Dueling a secret, until Romin suggested Yuga and Rook settle their dispute with a Duel. Gakuto warned them that they would only be able to Duel until the end of recess, though Yuga was confident that he would win the Duel in time. Although Rook had asked Yuga to keep Rush Dueling a secret if he lost, Yuga concealed the modified Drone behind Gakuto and had it livestream their match. He started with a bad hand, only being able to Summon "Dark Sorcerer", while Rook Summoned three Dragons and set himself up to wipe out Yuga's LP in one turn with the effects of his "Twin-Edge Dragons", though Yuga was able to survive the turn. During the Duel, Rook explained his skills and powers as the result of a demon possessing him, though Yuga believed the Pauli effect and simple practice to be responsible. Yuga assembled "Windcaster Torna" and "Sevens Road Magician", setting himself up for a win if he excavated a FIRE or LIGHT monster, but he excavated a Spell Card instead, leaving Rook with 100 LP after his attacks. Rook Summoned his own ace monster, "Rush Dragon Dragears", which Yuga realized possessed a multi-attacking effect. Yuga believed he'd be able to survive the turn with his "Dark Liberation" Trap Card, but Rook destroyed it, then attacked both of Yuga's monsters, winning the Duel. Romin revealed that the Rush Duel was on the net, and Yuga admitted he'd used his modified Drone to livestream the Duel. He explained that he'd never give up trying to let everyone enjoy Rush Dueling, and Rook came to terms with the idea, asking Yuga if he'd let Rook win on purpose, though Yuga refused to answer.[6]

When Yuga was heading to school, Rook stopped his Duel Bicycle and told him that the videos of their Rush Duel had been deleted. Yuga was unconcerned, but Rook worried that Goha Corp were observing them and he began looking into Romin, believing that she was working for Goha. Yuga agreed that Romin was suspicious, so he used one of his Roads to ask if she was hiding anything, though it failed to determine if she was when she asked a question instead of making a statement. Yuga invited Romin to the Road Laboratory, though he was confused by Gakuto and Rook's reactions. Romin agreed to come after Yuga confirmed that he invented Rush Dueling there, and Yuga's Drone greeted them when they arrived. Upon seeing Romin, the Drone asked for her autograph and asked for a name for her to sign it to; Yuga quickly came up with the name "Kaizo". He showed Romin his various Roads, though he admitted Rush Dueling was his best and suggested Romin tried it. Romin initially refused until Yuga implied that she wouldn't be able to win, and as soon as she agreed Yuga lent her his spare Deck for the Duel. Yuga tried being energetic throughout the Duel, but was distracted by Rook struggling with Gakuto. He brought out "Sevens Road Magician" on his first turn and reduced Romin to 1300 LP, prompting Kaizo, who was supporting Romin and insulting Yuga, to tell him to go easy on Romin; Yuga protested that he couldn't, but reassured Romin that she could always make a comeback in a Rush Duel. To Yuga's shock, Romin proceeded to do so with a card Yuga hadn't given to her; "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", who boosted the ATK of all of Romin's monsters and allowed her to destroy Yuga's, reducing him to 600 LP. Yuga was caught completely off-guard and drew a dead hand, but gambled on using "Recovery Force" to shuffle "Sevens Road Magician" back into his Deck and attempt to re-draw it. Yuga succeeded, and he powered-up "Sevens Road Magician" and destroyed "Prima Guitarna", defeating Romin. Rook and Gakuto noted that Yuga could have won without using the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road", though Yuga claimed that an ace should battle an ace. Romin admitted that she'd enjoyed the Duel, so Yuga took out his tools to reset Kaizo for being rude.[4]

Rook suggested making a Rush Dueling promo video, so Yuga rushed off to enlist Gakuto to film the video, though complications arose when Romin refused to sing for it. Yuga asked if Gakuto could sing the anthem, but this proved to be a poor idea due to Gakuto's tone-deafness. Despite their roadblocks, Yuga and Rook were able to produce a good video, which Yuga had Kaizo like several thousand times to boost its profile. He asked Gakuto if they could make time for Rush Dueling, but Gakuto instead announced his intentions to prohibit Rush Dueling. Yuga suggested that they settle the matter with a Duel, though Rook added the condition that Gakuto had to step down if he lost. Gakuto wanted to Duel right away, but they had to wait until after school when Gakuto finished his duties. Gakuto Dueled Yuga with his Sogetsu style, ahving Ranze and Rinnosuke carry out his moves, but only Set a single monster; Yuga subsequently brought out three monsters and swiftly reduced Gakuto to 2000 LP. Gakuto began arguing with Ranze as Yuga laughed in enjoyment at the Duel, prompting Rinnosuke to angrily ask if he was mocking them. Yuga clarified his intentions and stated he wanted to Duel the real Gakuto and urged him to enjoy the match. Gakuto Tribute Summoned his ace monster, "Fiendish Commander Yameruler", and used its effect to prevent them from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters, sealing off "Sevens Road Magician" and reducing Yuga to 300 LP. Yuga was able to bypass the effect of "Yameruler" by Special Summoning "Sevens Road" with the effect of "Sevens Road Witch", destroying "Yameruler" and defeating Gakuto. He told Gakuto that he didn't need to step down as Rook had been selfish, but Gakuto stepped down anyway, though he soon regained his position after defeating Rook in the emergency election. Following Gakuto's re-election, Yuga modified Kaizo to stamp Gakuto's paperwork and ease his workload.[7]

Gakuto alerted Yuga and Rook to more Rush Duel videos being deleted, and Yuga noted that the Goha Corp were likely responsible. When they got to school that day, the Newspaper Club interviewed them; Yuga was open to the prospect as an analog medium would be more difficult for Goha Corp to censor. Romin warned Yuga that the Newspaper Club didn't have the best reuptation; sure enough, the Newspaper Club published an article decrying Rush Duels as childish and simple. Although disheartened, Yuga was encouraged by the effect physical media seemed to have on the students, so they visited the Newspaper Club's office to have the article changed. The Newspaper Club refused, so Yuga implied that Goha Corp could shut the paper down, starling the club's chief, Bakuro Shinjitsu, into agreeing to Duel over the article's content. Yuga was eager to Rush Duel Bakuro, but Rook asked to Duel instead, so Yuga allowed him to. Before the Duel, Yuga was forced to restrain Kaizo after he began suggesting Romin should wear glasses like Nico did. Rook was pushed into a corner by Bakuro, worrying Gakuto and Romin, though Yuga still believed in Rook's chances to win the Duel. Rook was able to destroy Bakuro's "News Flash Machine Toughroids" and bring out "Dragears", defeating him. Bakuro, who had come to enjoy Rush Dueling, agreed to change the article, and Yuga was pleased to see its positive reception among the other students, though he wasn't happy to see that Rook had requested a photo painting him as lording over him, Gakuto and Romin.[5]


Yuga calls the inventions that he creates "Roads". The following are the known Roads he has created.


Yuga uses a Spellcaster Deck, composed of monsters with varying Attributes to facilitate the effect of his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician".[1][2]



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Hologram Man 1 Win
Tatsuhisa "Rook" Kamijo 2 Lose
Romin Kirishima 3 Win
Gakuto Sogetsu 4 Win


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