Nail Saionji

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Nail Saionji
Nail Saionji
  • Nail Saionji
RōmajiSaionji Neiru
  • Male
Unnamed parents
  • Career
OccupationGoha Corporation (Goha Duel Overseer)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 13: "Another King"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Saionji, Nail

Nail Saionji (西さいおんネイル Saionji Neiru) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the overseer of Goha Duels, and steals the data of Kaizo for unknown purposes.



Nail is a frail young bespectacled boy with dull blonde hair, pink eyes, and white-rimmed ovular spectacles. He wears simple clothes: a white shirt and simple pants and shoes.


Nail is eternally dissonant and eerily calm in most situations. When he hacked into the Goha satellite network and crashed them into Goha City he watched in wonder at what he'd done, with little apparent care over the morality of his actions. At eleven years of age, Nail exercises his control and authority over the Garden of Providence to transport people through it as he desires, casually dropping the Duelists in his service through trapdoors when they lose in the Garden despite their loyalty to him. However he is not without empathy, as he spares Sebastian of this fate and exhibits clear attachment to him.

Nail is generally polite and honest to those he talks to, and even when disciplining Arata Arai he does not raise his voice. He expresses interest in Yuga Ohdo as someone that was chosen by Otis, and after each Duel he puts them through in the Garden, Nail returns them to the surface, urging them to attend to their schoolwork and rest.



When Nail was only three years old, he hacked into the Goha Corporation servers and hijacked their satellite network, crashing them over Goha City and watching in wonder at the results of his actions. Nail's parents were concerned over his actions, so they introduced him to Duel Monsters to distract him from such actions. Nail quickly became a skilled Duelist, winning a tournament against much older Duelists.[1]

The Goha Corporation later approached Nail with a job offer, and they made him the head of overseeing Goha Duels, basing him in the underground Garden of Providence. Nail oversaw Goha Duels for several years, but he was eventually approached by The Relic, which projected the Hologram Man. Nail recognized the Hologram Man as Otis, and Otis told him that Dueling would soon be changed after the years that Nail had to have his fun. Sure enough, Rush Dueling was created and introduced to the Goha servers by Yuga Ohdo, and they proved resistant to Nail's efforts to remove them from the system.[1]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Nail is seen observing events through the Restaurant A.I. after Yuga Ohdo's Rush Duel with Roa Kirishima.[2]


After Yuga's Duel with Roa, Getta Taira left RoaRomin and his hacking skills earned Nail's interests. He enlisted Getta's services and provided him with fans to cheer his name in the Garden of Providence.[3]

Nail planned to obtain the data of Kaizo, Yuga's modified Goha Corporation Drone, and observed it moving through Goha City through the Restaurant A.I.. He had three other Drones challenge Kaizo to a Duel, and during the Duel, he had Sebastian steal Kaizo's data and replaced it with a fake.[4][5] Unbeknownst to Nail however, a fragment of the real Kaizo retreated into the Duel Bicycle that it had been connected to and when the fake Kaizo tried to strand Yuga, Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo, Romin Kirishima and Gakuto Sogetsu on Goha Fishing Elementary it swam after them to warn them. Nail had the fake Kaizo return to the A.I. Restaurant.[6] He began analyzing its data, and quickly found that many of its logs contained the word "Road".[5]

Yuga and his friends were able to track the fake Kaizo to the Restaurant, where Luke ordered an immense quantity of food that got them stuck washing dishes to work off their bill. Arata Arai sought to defeat them himself, but he was defeated by Romin and after the Rush Duel, Luke found the entrance to Nail's garden. Yuga was able to unlock the door with his Duel Disk, prompting Arai to apologize frantically to Nail, but Nail chastised him for thinking his underhanded actions were a strength and dismissed Arai. He then greeted Yuga and his friends in person, welcoming them to the Garden of Providence.[7] Nail showed them the data drive containing Kaizo's original data and he explained that Yuga and his friends would have to defeat the Duelists they found in the Garden of Providence. He noted that Yuga was as expected of one who Otis had chosen before departing. The first Duelist they Dueled was Schrödinger Nekoyama, who Dueled Luke, but was defeated. Nekoyama panicked after his defeat, apologizing to Nail, but Nail had little patience for his loss and dropped him down a chute. Nail then released Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gakuto and Mimi Atachi from the Garden of Providence, noting that it was late and they had homework to do, and they could return to continue their challenge the next day.[1]

The next day, Nail used trapdoors in the Hologram Man's chamber and Roa Kirishima's apartment to return Yuga, Luke, Gakuto and Romin to the Garden of Providence, though he also brought Roa himself along when he did. He placed Yuga, Luke and Gakuto in the room where Luke had Dueled Nekoyama and contacted them through a hologram, suggesting that they continue their matches. Yuga asked Nail if they key to the door to open a new world was here, and Nail claimed to know nothing about it, asking if Otis told them about it. Luke accused Nail of lying, though Yuga believed that Nail had no knowledge of the subject, and Nail wished them luck before retreating. They soon found Getta, but Getta instead Dueled Roa, who had met up with Yuga and his friends. Getta was defeated, and Nail dropped him down a trapdoor for losing, though Roa tried to catch Getta. Despite Roa's efforts, Getta was still dropped down the chute after he learned that Roa had tried to replace him.[3]

Nail worked throughout the night analyzing Kaizo's data, continuing to find the word "Road" mentioned in its logs. As he lay in Sebastian that morning, Sebastian expressed concern over Nail's workrate and requested to be allowed to Duel Yuga, citing Yuga as only worthy of sitting on a mass-produced bicycle seat in comparison to Nail, who was worthy of sitting on Sebastian. Nail allowed Sebastian to do so, but Sebastian was defeated by Yuga, and Nail sent Yuga back to the surface after doing so. After his Rush Duel with Yuga, Sebastian apologized to Nail for his loss that night and stated that he was unworthy of serving Nail and that a new massage chair would be sent for him. Nail replied that he didn't want another massage chair, causing Sebastian to begin crying. He asked what was happening, as this wasn't part of his program, but Nail did not answer him.[5]


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 17 Win


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