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"Helping a Friend"
Romin, Gavin, and Luke resolve to continue fighting.
Romin, Gavin, and Luke resolve to continue fighting.
EnglishHelping a Friend
Japanese name
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYamaguchi Hiroshi
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 14, 2020
EnglishJuly 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"I'm Curious"
Next"Maximum Mayhem"
Featured card"Kimeruler the Dark Raider"

"Helping a Friend", known as "Resolve" in the Japanese version, is the twenty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 14, 2020 and will air on July 7, 2022.

Yuga doesn't show up when promised. Worried, Luke, Gavin, and Romin go search for a way to beat Nail. They go where it all began, the Relic, and demand an answer from Otes. To give them the hint they want, Otes places a condition. That is to "win" a Duel, and to have "resolve"!


Nail smiles as he sends three cards from his Deck to his Graveyard, and the three mouths of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" open and blast lightning at "Sevens Road Magician" that intersect and destroy it with a cry. Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin all cry out in shock as Yuga gasps his ace monster's name and Nail orders the "Ragnarok Tri-Burst Streak" attack of "Yggdrago". All three heads of "Yggdrago" open and blast streams of fire, which combine into one in front of Yuga before "Yggdrago" moves the fire beam forward, engulfing Yuga in flames. Romin and Gavin cry out in horror and Luke screams Yuga's name as Yuga screams in the flames, his LP falling to zero with a final scream. Its task complete, "Yggdrago" retracts its heads and vanishes into golden particles. Romin, Gavin and Luke walk up to Yuga, Luke gasping his friend's name, and Yuga, forced to one knee, asks Nail what that was just now.

Nail explains what he did to Yuga.

Nail declares that it was a Maximum Summon, and Gavin repeats the name in confusion as Romin, with Kaizo in hand, asks what it is, and Luke claims that he's never heard of anything like it. As Yuga remains on his hands and knees, staring at the floor, Nail walks up to them, pointing out that of course they've never heard of it before, as Maximum Summoning is something he himself has created inside the programming of Rush Dueling; his new providence. Gavin and Romin are shocked that Nail was able to alter the program, and Nail addresses Yuga, who looks up as Nail states that Yuga created Rush Dueling, his new road, from Goha Duels, but he left a blank, unfinished area in the source code. Romin watches as Yuga gets to his feet and clenches his fist and Nail claims that it was an area that anybody could have expanded upon as he projects the code of Rush Dueling before them, and Nail used it. Luke gasps "What?!" and Gavin asks Yuga if this is true. Yuga nods and Nail asks if they understand now; all he did was take advantage of an incomplete part of Rush Dueling. Yuga grits his teeth, and Nail tells them that it's bedtime now, waving as a hexagonal platform appears beneath the four kids and lifts them into the air. As they ascend, watching Nail and Seatbastian fade, Nail warns them not to forget that they have two penalties now, and it will all be over if they lose four more times. Yuga looks down at his Duel Disk to see the two penalties as Nail adds that he will always be waiting here until they reach that conclusion.

Romin and Gavin aren't pleased by Luke's obliviousness.

At the Road Laboratory the next day, Gavin is shocked to learn that Yuga isn't there. Romin muses that they promised to think of a way to counter Maximum Summoning yesterday, but now the door is locked. Gavin worries that Yuga is depressed and has locked himself away, and Luke sighs in exasperation at Yuga, taking his phone out and calling him, though the rings echo inside the empty lab. The number Luke has dialed is either out of service area or turned off, but Luke doesn't realize that the message is automated and starts politely speaking into his phone, asking if Yuga is there and stating that he's good friends with Yuga, who calls him Luke (while Gavin and Romin can only sigh in exasperation themselves behind him). As Luke walks away to continue his one-sided conversation with the automated message, Gavin bangs on the door of the Road Laboratory, begging Yuga to answer if he's in there. Romin muses that Yuga really isn't there and Gavin comments that he can't believe it. Romin observes that yesterday's Duel must have really shocked Yuga, and Gavin suggests they search for him, though Romin wonders where they should start.

Meanwhile, Yuga is walking past a restaurant in Goha City.

Luke decides to go, and Gavin asks if he's going to search for Yuga, offering to do so himself, but Luke corrects him, claiming that Yuga will surely return, so in the meantime they must do what only they can do. He strides away, and Romin repeats his words, then realizes what Luke means and she tells Gavin that she'll try and find some hints on how to counteract Maximum too. Gavin asks if she has any leads, and Romin admits that she doesn't, but what else can they do? Gavin agrees that Romin is right; there's no point in being worried, and he'll also see if he can find a clue on how to beat Maximum. They exchange nods, and then sprint away from the Road Laboratory.

Yuga goes to Roa's apartment to talk with him.

Yuga sits quietly on a couch, and Roa asks him what's wrong as he walks over with two cups of hot drink, commenting that Yuga surprised him by coming to his apartment. Yuga claims he was just in the area as Roa sets the cups down and sits opposite him, but then he gets a call from Romin on his smartphone. Before he can answer, Yuga apologizes and he asks Roa to keep it a secret that he's here. Roa asks if they had a fight, though Yuga assures him that they didn't, and though Roa seems intrigued, he casually agrees and answers the phone, getting up to talk to Romin, claiming that his hands are tied at the moment since he's making curry, the kingly kind that doesn't explode. Yuga looks into his mug and he takes a sip, but gasps that it's so bitter, and Roa comes back over, commenting that he heard about Maximum, much to Yuga's shock. Roa picks up his own mug, commenting that Yuga was completely beaten by it, though Yuga tries to claim it was a spot of bad luck, laughing nervously. Roa lowers his cup, and he suggests that Yuga tell him more about it. Yuga is taken aback, but he hesitantly agrees.

As Luke runs through the city, repeating the word "Maximum" to himself, while Romin emerges from DUEL Cafè, thinking the same, and Gavin does so too in a library, Yuga admits to Roa that he intentionally left an unfinished part inside the programming of Rush Dueling. As Gavin shows Nico, Masaru and Scoop sketches of "Yggdrago" at Goha #7 Elementary, Luke confers with Saburamen and the Ramen Hut Owner at the Ramen Hut, and Romin talks with Tyler and Toombs at the Big Seven Arena, Yuga explains that he thought about how much fun it would be if even more new rules could be added later, but when he actually saw it, he couldn't really explain the feeling. Roa asks curiously if Yuga felt frustrated, and Yuga begins to say that it wasn't like that, but Roa tells him there's no point in denying it, as it's something Yuga would have wanted to do himself someday, so seeing Nail take his opportunity instead would have been frustrating. As Yuga looks away, Roa comments that it's quite a mystery as why that guy chose Yuga instead and he just doesn't understand it. Yuga hesitantly asks Roa what he means by "that guy".

In the Student Council Room, Rayne and Rino report to Gavin that they've searched everywhere, but they were unable to find any reliable information at all. Gavin muses that he sees, and Rayne points out that if Maximum Summoning is as new as Gavin says, then it could be that no-one in the world knows about it, and Gavin muses that it's as he thought, but then realizes something. He gets up and runs off, leaving Rayne and Rino in shock as Rayne asks where he is going. At Goha Harbor, Luke is looking over the ocean before realizing something too, and Romin has a realization strike her in the streets; the person who would know about Maximum is... Gavin stands outside the Hologram Man's chamber, commenting that this is the place where it all began, so if it's him, then...

Yuga asks again who Roa is talking about, and Roa chides Yuga that he knows, doesn't he? Otes. Yuga can only gasp in shock.

Otes splits into three.

Gavin enters the underground chamber, calling for Otes to hear him and come out if he can, and to give him a hint on how to defeat Maximum. He gets no answer, but then hears footsteps behind him and turns to see a surprised Romin standing there. Gavin asks Romin why she's here, and as she stammers to answer, Luke walks in, commenting that it's to try and meet with Otes of course. Gavin gasps Luke's name, and Romin comments that they all had the same idea. Gavin agrees, though it looks like it was in vain after all...and then a cloud of dust erupts from the ground as The Relic appears before them, active and projecting Otes, who asks them if they called. Gavin declares that Otes has finally appeared, and he begins to explain that Yuga needs a way to defeat Maximum, but Otes interrupts, explaining that he knows already about why they came to see him. Gavin is pleased that hey can get to the point, and Romin declares that Otes already knows about how to defeat Maximum. Luke asks Otes to tell them, and Otes agrees to, but then he snaps his fingers and divides into three copies, one with the normal blue crystal behind him, one with a red one, and one with a yellow one. The three Relics surround Gavin, Romin and Luke; Gavin and Romin can only gasp in shock, while Luke wonders how to address the three Otes', should it be A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3? The three Otes declare that they will all face him in a Rush Duel, and all of them must win. "All of us?" Gavin gasps (as Luke switches between pointing at different Otes'). The Otes then warn them that he is counted as part of Yuga's group, so if they take on these Rush Duels then everyone will be penalized regardless of the outcome. Gavin, Romin and Luke all react in shock, remembering how everyone was penalized when Yosh defeated Mimi, and Luke asks Otes what he means exactly. Otes clarifies that if they were to all Rush Duel now with their three vs. three, they will all receive three penalties. Gavin can only ask what Otes just said in shock, and he remembers Nail reminding them that they had two penalties and it would be all over if they lost four more times. Otes asks them if they are truly okay with this, declaring that he wants to hear their words of resolve.

Roa angrily asks if this is all Yuga's resolve amounts to.

At Roa's apartment, Roa comments on the notion that the man that Otes chose would be so depressed after just one loss. Isn't Yuga embarrassed? Yuga claims that it's fine, much to Roa's surprise, stating that both winning and losing are part of Dueling, and he guesses he was just unlucky this time. That's all it is. Roa laughs, then he slams down his mug and grabs Yuga by the collar, snapping at him not to make him laugh. Is this all Yuga's resolve to becoming the King of Duels amounts to? Yuga can only gasp in shock at the look of fury on Roa's face.

In the Hologram Man's chamber, Luke angrily tells Otes not to ask stupid questions. Romin agrees, and Gavin tosses off his uniform to reveal his traditional clothes, declaring that they are already resolved. He and Luke strap on their Duel Disks, while Romin readies her Duel Guitar. Otes comments that's a good answer and he suggested that they begin, raising his arm and materializing his Duel Disk around it. All of them cry "Rush Duel" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, deploying the blades; Luke takes on the blue Otes, Romin the yellow Otes, and Gavin squares off against the red Otes.

The three "Red-Eyes Black Dragons" that the three Otes have Summoned prepare to attack.

The red Otes declares his turn and draws, then he Summons "Black Dragon's Chick". Gavin gasps in shock at the sight of the monster, which the other two Otes have also Summoned. Luke recognizes the Dragon, and the blue Otes holds up his hand, containing "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", "Inferno Fire Blast", "Black Dragon's Roar", and another unknown card. All three Otes send "Black Dragon's Chick" to the Graveyard to Special Summon a monster from their hand with its effect, chanting "O black dragon possessed of crimson eyes! Burn everything in your path with your blackened flames of rage! Come forth! Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" "Red-Eyes" appears with 2400 ATK, and Gavin gasps that this is the legendary "Red-Eyes Black Dragon". Romin asks what's up with this terrifying dragon, while Luke comments on Otes suddenly summoning such a thing. The three Otes tell them to let him bear witness to their resolve, activating an effect with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" on the field and telling "Red-Eyes" to burn away all of their hope with its blackened flames as he declares "Inferno Fire Blast". All three "Red-Eyes" blast a ball of black and red flames from their mouths at Luke, Gavin and Romin, who cry out in shock as the attacks hit, engulfing them all in a ball of flames that craters the ground around them and blasts them to the ground, reducing them to 1600 LP each. The three Otes all Set two cards, ending their turns. Romin, Gavin and Luke all struggle to their feet as Gavin notes that they've already been cornered by Otes dealing 2400 damage on his first turn.

Gavin declares his turn and draws, thinking that no matter who wins or loses they'll receive three penalties, but if they can't defeat Otes, then he won't give them the hint as to how to defeat Maximum. He looks at his hand, containing "Blazing Chestnut", "Block Attack", "Binding Chain", "Ancient Turtle Protector", and "Kimeruler the Dark Raider", thinking that if that happens they'll just be penalized for no reason, so they must win no matter what. He Summons two monsters, "Binding Chain" and "Ancient Turtle Protector", then Tributes both of them to Tribute Summon, chanting "There is no going back, and no other road. Resolve is something I decide! This feeling of friendship hidden deep within my chest moves ever forward! Come forth! Kimeruler the Dark Raider!"

Gavin makes his draw.

And Otes activates a Trap Card, "Black Dragon's Roar", allowing him to return a Spell Card from his Graveyard to the top of his Deck - "Inferno Fire Blast". Then, until the end of this turn "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" will gain 700 ATK and DEF. "Red-Eyes" roars as it rises to 3100 ATK, and Gavin gasps that now he can't destroy it with "Kimeruler". But on Otes' next turn, he'll use "Inferno Fire Blast" again, and Gavin will surely lose. He grits his teeth, thinking that they won't get the hint to defeat Maximum at all if they don't win here. Romin and Luke are in the same predicament, gritting their teeth as the three Otes smile and laugh softly, and then Romin, Gavin and Luke all get determined looks on their faces and look up, declaring that they just have to go for it. Gavin activates a Spell Card, "Blazing Chestnut", which will send the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, and if it's a monster then the ATK of "Kimeruler" will be increased by the Level of that monsters times 300. However, Gavin will then take the same amount of damage. Otes smiles, and Gavin looks at his Deck as he thinks that if he draws a Level 6 or higher monster, then he will be his own downfall. Luke and Romin are also facing similar conundrums, but Gavin declares that this is his own resolve and determination, and he draws his card.

To his joy, Gavin manages to excavate just the right monster.

He's revealed "Kesshin the Dark Decimator", a Level 5 monster, and he gasps in pleased surprise as the ATK of "Kimeruler" rises to 4000, while red energy surrounds Gavin as he falls to 100 LP and falls to his knees, gasping that he just barely managed to get through that. Otes comments that it's admirable that Gavin has won such a dangerous bet and powered up, but even if he destroys "Red-Eyes" Otes will still have LP remaining. Is this really the extent of his resolve? Gavin rises to his feet, declaring that it isn't, and the true depths have not yet been shown. Otes gasps in shock as Gavin activates the Spell Card "Block Attack", changing "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to Defense Position. Otes gasps in shock as Gavin adds that if Otes has no Attack Position monsters on his field then he can send the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Kimeruler the Dark Raider". "Kimeruler" twirls its halberd as Gavin explains that this turn it can attack directly. Otes braces himself as Gavin tells him to prepare for the lone horseman's charge, and "Kimeruler" becomes focused as it prepares to attack. All of the wounds that Otes inflicted upon him Gavin shall inflict upon Otes twice. This is what he's come to decide. He orders "Kimeruler the Dark Raider" to attack with "Fiendish Commander: Slash of Decisive Commandment". Romin declares that she's not finished yet, ordering "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" forward, while Luke declares the second attack of "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" as all of them declare a direct attack. "Esperade" blasts a surge of intertwining sound, "Dragias" the green and red fireballs of its second attack, and "Kimeruler" charges forwards, engulfed in purple light that engulfs the red Otes as he smiles happily, and all three Otes cry out as their LP - 2400 for the blue Otes, 4000 for the red Otes and 2300 for the yellow Otes - is wiped out. So this is youth, Otes declares, and he calls it a wonderful resolve.

Just as Otes warned them, Gavin, Romin and Luke are all penalized three times.

Gavin gasps that he did it, and then he remembers that his friends are with him and says Luke's name. Luke turns and gives Gavin the thumbs up with a grin, much to Gavin's relief, and he turns to Romin and says her name too, and Romin cheerfully states that of course she didn't lose. The three projections of Otes merge back into one as he praises them for a wonderful Duel, claiming that he has seen the extent of their resolve. Since the three of them defeated Otes, they now receive three penalties. As the penalty counts on all of their Duel Disks increase to five, Gavin muses that there's no going back now, and Romin agrees.

Yuga and Roa react to the penalties.

At Roa's apartment, Yuga too has noticed the three new penalties, and Roa checks his own Duel Disk and sees the five penalties as well. Yuga gasps that it can't be, and Roa asks him what's wrong, but Yuga eventually gets up and apologizes to Roa, but he has to go. Roa protests, but Yuga runs off, much to Roa's exasperation that Yuga finally returned to normal, though he smiles once the door closes. As Yuga runs off, Roa warns him not to lose.

Gavin, Romin and Luke realize what the hint that Otes meant was.

Luke demands that Otes tell them the hint to defeat Maximum, but Otes claims that hint is something that already exists within them, much to their surprise. He begins to glow and Romin tells him to wait a minute, but Otes and the Relic vanish, much to their shock. Luke looks around the space where Otes disappeared as Gavin wonders what Otes meant by telling them that the hint to defeat Maximum is something that already exists within them. Luke has taken the advice a bit too literally, checking his body physically for the hint, and Gavin asks Romin what she thinks. Romin states that she just thought about what she could for Yuga, who treated her normally despite knowing her secret, remembering when he gave her the Duel Guitar. Though she was about to lose, she just showed her resolve and did her best. Gavin then asks Luke, who stops searching himself and claims that his win was cool, as he just channeled the passion he felt when Yuga first showed him his daor to become King, and in turn he showed his resolve. Gavin remembers Yuga dragging him out of the Student Council Room to film their Rush Dueling promo, and he states that he thought about how much he wanted to return the favor to Yuga, who has given him so much, and that was his resolve. He realizes that all three of them found their resolve for Yuga's sake, and Romin comments that there were three parts to their resolve. All of them look at their Duel Disks, and Gavin and Luke asks if this could be their hint. Romin eagerly agrees that it is.

Yuga reunites with his friends.

The sun sets behind the Goha Enterprises Main Office as Yuga runs back to the Road Laboratory, where he finds Luke, Gavin and Romin waiting for him. Yuga apologizes to them all, but Gavin reassures him that it's fine. They run up to Yuga and Luke grabs his shoulders, telling him to listen and be astonished; the three of them defeated Otes. Romin claims that's how they found the one way they can defeat Nail's Maximum Summon, and Yuga repeats her words in surprise. Gavin asks Yuga to accept their feelings of resolve, and Yuga looks over at their Duel Disks and Romin's Duel Guitar in its case, telling them that he appreciates the thought, but even if they do that... Gavin reassures Yuga that it will be all right, and Luke claims that something like this isn't enough to break his steadfast daor, and Yuga just needs to win anyway. Romin adds that they have five penalties now, so they've done all they can. Gavin tells Yuga that it's all up to him now, and the three of them smile at him confidently. Yuga looks downcast, but then he nods in agreement with a smile of his own.

Featured Duels[edit]

Gavin Sogetsu vs Otes[edit]

Gavin VS Otes.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Otes
Otes Normal Summons "Black Dragon's Chick" (800/500). He then activates the effect of "Black Dragon's Chick", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from his hand. Otes Special Summons "Red-Eyes" (2400/2000) in Attack Position. Otes' hand contains an unknown Normal Monster[Note 1], "Black Dragon's Roar", and "Inferno Fire Blast". As Otes controls "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", he activates his Spell "Inferno Fire Blast", inflicting 2400 damage to Gavin (Gavin: 4000 → 1600 LP), but "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" cannot declare an attack this turn. Otes Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Gavin
Gavin's hand contains "Blazing Chestnut", "Block Attack", "Binding Chain", "Ancient Turtle Protector", and "Kimeruler the Dark Raider". Gavin Normal Summons "Turtle Keeper" (0/1400) and "Binding Chain" (1000/1100). He then Tributes "Turtle Keeper" and "Binding Chain" to Tribute Summon "Kimeruler" (2500/2000). As Gavin Tribute Summoned a monster while Otes controls "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", Otes activates his Set Trap "Black Dragon's Roar", placing a Spell from his Graveyard on top of his Deck and having "Red-Eyes" gain 700 ATK/DEF until the end of the turn. He places "Inferno Fire Blast" from his Graveyard on top of his Deck ("Red-Eyes": 2400/2000 → 3100/2700). As Gavin controls a Warrior Type monster, he activates the Spell "Blazing Chestnut", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, and if he sends a monster, he must choose a Warrior Type monster he controls and increases its ATK by the sent monster's Level x 300, but Gavin will take damage equal to the ATK that monster gained. He sends the Level 5 "Kesshin the Dark Decimator" to the Graveyard ("Kimeruler": 2500/2000 → 4000/2000) (Gavin: 1600 → 100 LP). Gavin activates the Spell "Block Attack", changing an Attack Position monster Otes controls to face-up Defense Position. He changes "Red-Eyes" to face-up Defense Position. As "Kimeruler" was Normal Summoned this turn and Otes controls no Attack Position monsters, Gavin activates its effect, sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to allow it to attack directly this turn, but non-Warrior Type monsters Gavin controls cannot declare an attack this turn. Gavin sends an unknown card from his Deck to the Graveyard. "Kimeruler" attacks Otes directly (Otes: 4000 → 0 LP).

Lucidien "Luke" Kallister vs Otes[edit]

Luke VS Otes.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Otes
Otes Normal Summons "Black Dragon's Chick" (800/500). He then activates the effect of "Black Dragon's Chick", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from his hand. Otes Special Summons "Red-Eyes" (2400/2000) in Attack Position. As Otes controls "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", he activates the Spell "Inferno Fire Blast", inflicting 2400 damage to Luke (Luke: 4000 → 1600 LP), but "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" cannot declare an attack this turn. Otes Sets two cards.

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Luke's turn
Luke controls "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and "Gravity Press Dragon". "Dragias" has successfully activated its effect and has already attacked once this turn and destroyed a monster by battle.

"Dragias" attacks Otes directly (Otes: 2400 → 0 LP).

Romin Kassidy vs Otes[edit]

Romin VS Otes.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Otes
Otes Normal Summons "Black Dragon's Chick" (800/500). He then activates the effect of "Black Dragon's Chick", sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from his hand. Otes Special Summons "Red-Eyes" (2400/2000) in Attack Position. As Otes controls "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", he activates the Spell "Inferno Fire Blast", inflicting 2400 damage to Romin (Romin: 4000 → 1600 LP), but "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" cannot declare an attack this turn. Otes Sets two cards.

An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Romin's turn

Romin controls "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" and "Romic n' Roller".

"Esperade" attacks Otes directly (Otes: 2300 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. In the dub, this card appears to be "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".