Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 038

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"Unearth Maximum!"
Japanese name
RōmajiMakishimamu wo Horiokose!
TranslatedUnearth Maximum!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayToshimitsu Takeuchi
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 27, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Next"Bring it Back! Mutsuba's Pride!"
Featured card"Stray Familiar"

"Unearth Maximum!" is the thirty-eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on February 27, 2021.

Yuga and co. have discovered the abandoned prototype Duel Disks in the depths of the underground. Asana appears before them, who finally find the secret of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, and requests a Duel to Yuga. It will be a last fight betting Rush Dueling and the pride of the Heavy Cavalry Way. Now, it's the opening salvo of the final battle!

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Asana Mutsuba[edit]

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Yuga

Yuga's hand contains an unknown Trap, "High Magic - Double Accel", "Trick Guard", "Stray Familiar", and "Amazing Dealer". Yuga Sets two monsters and three cards.

Turn 2: Asana
Asana's hand contains "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm [L]", "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestiran Wyrm [R]", "Mythic Sword Swordsmith", "Mythic Sword Surprise Attack", and The Insurmountable Summit of Spectral Shangri-La". Asana activates the Field Spell "Shangri-La". The effect of "Shangri-La" increases the ATK of all Wyrm monsters by 400 and decreases their DEF by 400. Asana Sets a card. As there is a Field Spell on the field, Asana activates the "Mystic Sword Swordsmith", choosing a Defense Position monster Yuga controls and changing it to Attack Position, and if she changes a Normal Monster to Attack Position with this effect, she can draw a card. She changes Yuga's Set "Stray Familiar" (0/1400) to Attack Position, then draws "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm". Asana Maximum Summons "Wurm Ex-Cavator", "Wurm Ex-Cavator [L]", and "Wurm Ex-Cavator [R]", entering Maximum Mode (3500 → 3900 MAXIMUM ATK). As "Wurm-Excavator" is in Maximum Mode, Asana activates the effect of "Wurm-Excavator [R]", placing a card from her GY on the bottom of her Deck to destroy a Spell/Trap on the field and draw a card, and if she destroys a Field Spell with this effect, she can draw an additional card. Asana places "Mythic Sword Swordsmith" from her GY on the bottom of her Deck and destroys Yuga's Set "High Magic - Double Accel", then draws one card. As "Wurm Ex-Cavator" is in Maximum Mode, the effect of "Wurm-Excavator [L]" increases its ATK by 300 for each card in Asana's hand ("Wurm Ex-Cavator": 3900 → 4200 ATK). "Wurm Ex-Cavator" attacks "Stray Familiar", but as a monster Asana controls declared an attack while Yuga controls a monster with zero ATK, Yuga activates his Set Trap "Trick Guard", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to make any battle damage he would take from that battle become zero. Yuga sends "Aqua Sorcerer" from the top of his Deck to the GY, and the attack continues and "Stray Familiar" is destroyed, but due to the effect of "Trick Guard", Yuga takes no battle damage.

Turn 3: Yuga
Yuga draws "Attribute Change Blast", "Silent Learning", "Kuribott", "Sevens Road Magician", and "Magical Switch". Yuga Sets a card. Yuga Flip Summons "Amazing Dealer" (0/1000). As there are less than three monsters in his GY, Yuga activates the effect of "Amazing Dealer", paying 300 LP (Yuga: 4000 → 3700 LP) to send three cards from his hand to the GY, then draw three cards. Yuga sends "Silent Learning", "Kuribott", and "Sevens Road Magician" from his hand to the GY, then draws "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road [L]", "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road", and "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road [R]". Yuga sends "Amazing Dealer" to the GY and Maximum Summons "Magnum Over Road", "Magnum Over Road [L]", and "Magnum Over Road [R]", entering Maximum Mode (3500 MAXIMUM ATK). As "Magnum Over Road" is in Maximum Mode and Yuga's LP are lower than Asana's, Yuga activates the effect of "Magnum Over Road [L]", sending a card from his hand to the GY to have it gain ATK equal to the difference in both players' LP until the end of this turn. Yuga sends "Attribute Change Blast" from his hand to the GY ("Magnum Over Road": 3500 → 3800 ATK). As "Magnum Over Road" is in Maximum Mode, Yuga activates the effect of "Magnum Over Road [R]", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to choose a face-up monster Asana controls and have "Magnum Over Road" gain ATK equal to that monster's Level x 200. Yuga sends "Sheath the Scabbard of the Holy Swordsman" from the top of his Deck to the GY and chooses the Level 10 "Wurm Ex-Cavator" ("Magnum Over Road": 3800 → 5800 ATK). "Magnum Over Road" attacks "Wurm Ex-Cavator", but since a monster Yuga controls targeted a Wyrm monster Asana controls for an attack, Asana activates her Set Trap "Mythic Sword Surprise Attack", sending a Level 6 or lower Wyrm monster from her hand to the GY to decrease the ATK of the attacking monster by the ATK of the monster sent to the GY. She sends "Bigrollan the Mythic Sword Void Soldier" (1900/600) from her hand to the GY ("Magnum Over Road": 5800 → 3900 ATK) ("Wurm Ex-Cavator": 4200 → 3900 ATK). At this point, the Duel ID cards both monsters were made from begin to disintegrate. If the attack continues, both monsters will be destroyed in a double KO. However, if one disintegrates before the other, the surviving monster will remain on the field; if the surviving monster is "Magnum Over Road", its attack will become a direct attack instead.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured Cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.