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"The Beat of Defeat"
Tyler pronounces himself as the hero.
Tyler pronounces himself as the hero.
EnglishThe Beat of Defeat
Japanese name
RōmajiGomen ne Getta Chansu
TranslatedSorry, Gett-A Chance
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayToshimitsu Takeuchi
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 3, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Next"A Duel of Thrones"
Featured card"Royal Rebel's Invasion"

"The Beat of Defeat", known as "Sorry, Gett-A Chance" in the Japanese version, is the eighteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 3, 2020, and became available in English on June 7, 2022 and will air on June 29, 2022 on 9Go! in Australia.

The second member of Nail's team is Tyler Getz, a member of RoaRomin! Tyler was angry with Roa, so he left the band. Roa, who promised to Duel Tyler, then shows up and begins his fateful Duel with Tyler, where their shouts and drum beats will clash...! Just what will happen to their friendship?


Tyler and Roa playing in the park in their youth.

In a park, young Tyler Getz lay on the ground and sat back up after the holographic dome faded, cursing that it was all the fault of his opponent's "Funkified". His green-haired opponent commented that it was a nice Duel though, and Tyler had been improving with every match. Tyler was pleased by the praise, but then shook his head and got back up, claiming that he would definitely win next time. His opponent - a young Roa - commented that he had some guts despite losing so much and told him that he'd see him later. Tyler told him they'd Duel again next Sunday, and he'd beat him then. Roa replied that he'd look forward to it and bid Tyler goodbye. Tyler agreed that it was a promise, something Roa agreed to, but in the end, Roa never showed up.

Kaizo isn't happy at the notion of being replaced.

At the Road Laboratory, Romin and Gavin look at a drawing of Nail Saionji on the whiteboard as Luke muses that for some reason Nail really wants to get rid of Rush Dueling. Gavin notes that they can only lose six times before their accounts are deleted forever and Romin asks what they should do, but Luke grins that they just need to win obviously. Romin walks over to Yuga as he tinkers with the Duel-cycle seat containing Kaizo and she asks him what he'll do if they can't save Kaizo's data. Yuga explains that most of the data that gives a Drone its autonomy was stolen, and Gavin realizes that Kaizo won't even be able to regress into a normal Drone. Yuga cheerfully claims that if it comes to it he can just reset it and make a new Kaizo, though this doesn't please the current Kaizo, who angrily flaps around in Yuga's hand. Romin utters that Kaizo is so pitiful right now as Mimi spies on them from the roof, musing to herself that if she doesn't step up her game then Nail might succeed, jeopardizing her position at Goha Enterprises. She flattens herself against the roof as Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin leave the Road Laboratory.

Roa convinces Romin to come to his apartment after reminding her that it still smells of curry.
Yuga, Luke and Gavin fall down a trapdoor.

Yuga takes them to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Gavin asks why he's brought them here. Yuga explains that Otes instructed him to find the key to open the door to a new world, so he wanted to see if he could find any clues. Once they head in, Mimi pops out from behind a nearby building. As they enter the chamber, Luke remembers Nail's place and Yuga confirms that the Garden of Curiosity is also underground. As Yuga, Luke and Gavin shine their Duel Disks' lights around the chamber, Romin's phone rings and she answers it; it's Roa, who has a favor to ask and asks if Romin can come over right now. Romin apologizes, as she's a bit busy right now, but Roa calls her attitude unwarranted, commenting that his apartment still smells like curry. Poor Romin freezes up in embarrassment and claims that she gets it, quickly apologizing to her friends and claiming that she has something to take care of before running out of the chamber. Luke gruffly calls Romin selfish, while Gavin asks Yuga if there is a connection between Otes and Nail. Yuga admits that he isn't sure, but then a hexagonal gap in the stone opens beneath them and they all fall into it with a cry as it closes behind them. Mimi then peeks around a nearby pillar, but is shocked to find the kids all gone.

Nail wishes Yuga and his friends luck.

The three boys fall down the hexagonal shaft and out of the aqua-rimmed end, landing with a crash on a massive pillow. Yuga and Gavin realize that they're back in the Garden of Curiosity, and Luke recalls that it's where he Dueled Kit Schrödinger. Yuga wonders if they just resumed where they left off, and Nail's voice confirms that they did from behind them. The boys swing around to see a hologram of Nail sitting in his massage chair and Luke yells Nail's name, though Nail suggests that they continue their matches. Yuga asks if Nail would listen to something he has to say before they do, and he asks Nail if the key that opens the door to a new world is in the Garden of Curiosity. Nail is confused by the prospect, asking if those were the words of the person who influenced Yuga to create Rush Duels and admitting he doesn't know. Luke claims it's no use lying and that he can see through all of Nail's lies, though Yuga doesn't think Nail is lying and Luke gruffly agrees. Nail wishes them good luck and then his hologram vanishes. Luke immediately suggests they head to where Nail is hiding, and turns around and matches off, claiming that his intuition is pointing him this way. But Yuga believes that Nail's Nexus is likely in the other direction, as it should be close to the Goha Enterprises Main Office. Gavin agrees, and states that he's accessing Goha's 6.6G network even from here, so they can just follow the GPS. As soon as he finishes speaking, Luke turns and zips back towards and past them, suggesting they head off if they're all agreed.

Tyler welcomes Yuga and his friends.

The boys soon come to a door, which Luke worries is a dead end, but Gavin seems to recognize it. The door them opens and several spotlights drift over the boys, blinding them as drums begin to beat. On the top of a hexagonal platform on a stage, a boy dressed in an Elvis Presley-inspired outfit tells Yuga and his friends that he'll be their next opponent. Luke gasps "You're...!" and the boy asks if Luke is surprised, only for Luke to again call "You're...!" and the boy to admit that it's been a while. But neither Luke, Yuga or Gavin have recognized the boy and they congregate to asks one another, much to the boy's shock. He asks them if they remember the Big Seven Arena, and Luke claims that he remembers now, with Yuga remembering that the boy is from RoaRomin...but they think he's Toombs (who pops up to helpfully remind the audience what his name is).

The boy yells that's not him, and Romin's voice explains that it's Tyler Getz, RoaRomin's drummer. Luke and Gavin are surprised to see that Romin has made it, and Yuga muses that Tyler is one of RoaRomin's backup members. Tyler denies being a backup member, as he is a core member - or rather, a former member. Romin is shocked by Tyler's claim, and Tyler confirms that he left RoaRomin. Romin whispers Tyler's name, but the boys are busy confiding, Gavin noting that he's not sure what's going on, but it seems that Tyler is one of Nail's henchmen now. Luke scoffs, claiming that he doesn't care if Tyler is one of Roa's people or Nail's, if he's going to stand in their way, then Luke will beat him down.

Roa suddenly shows up.

But then Roa comments that he's been unable to get in touch with Tyler at all, but he's been down here the entire time as he casually walks in behind Romin. Tyler and Yuga both gasp Roa's name, and Luke asks why he's here; Romin confirms that after Roa called her to ask about something they were dropped into a trapdoor as the others were. Roa asks if Tyler is really quitting the band, and Tyler confirms that he is, stating that Nail recognized his programming skills and he isn't like Roa at all, as he values Tyler properly. Roa seems surprised by this claim, claiming that he values Tyler as well, but Tyler angrily asks Roa where he has been valued; he's not on the band's posters, he doesn't get any spotlight during their lives, and he isn't even in the name (neither of course is Toombs, who pops up again to remind the audience of his name). And above all, Tyler was the only one who didn't even get to Duel in the team Duel. As Romin turns away and Roa watches casually, the other boys congregate again, Luke admitting that Tyler is right thinking on it, and Gavin agrees that it's a little sad, while Yuga thinks it's impressive that Tyler put up with Roa for so long. Romin sighs, and Tyler asks Roa if he has anything to say. Roa simply replies "Nope", much to Tyler's exasperation, but he decides that he has a much more reliable leader in Nail now, so for his sake he will crush Yuga and his friends in a Rush Duel. Yuga eagerly rushes forward with his Duel Disk, vowing not to be crushed so easily, but then Roa walks over, commenting that he has no idea who Nail is, but at this rate he'll get jealous. Tyler is surprised, and Roa declares that he will be Tyler's opponent. As Tyler looks back in shock, Roa recalls that he still hasn't fulfilled their promise to Duel Tyler again. Tyler sulkily asks if Roa remembered, and Roa claims that of course he did. Tyler claims that he doesn't care, and Gavin begs Roa to wait. Romin explains that they're in a bit of a situation if they lose six Rush Duels, but Roa cuts her off, claiming that it sounds like a pain so he'll listen later. Luke asks Yuga what they should do, but Yuga thinks this works fine. Tyler asks if Roa is ready, and Roa raises his Duel Disk, claiming that of course he is. Both Duelists call "Rush Duel!" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks to activate them, materializing the holographic dome around them.

Tyler is electrified as he activates the effect of his Spell Card.

Then the lights dim, much to Roa's surprise, and the screen behind Tyler lights up with his name in katakana as his name is chanted. Panels slide up to reveal several Goha employees chanting his name (and Toombs beside them silently saying his own name) as spotlights snap on Tyler. Tyler claims that he's a different man from when he was in RoaRomin; now he is the protagonist, he is the hero; he will shine his brightest light (a reference to a lyric from Elvis Presley's song "Trying to Get To You"). Gavin is impressed, and Romin asks if Tyler really wanted something like this. Yuga reckons it looks kind of fun, and as the panels close Tyler claims he'll start his turn with a dazzling gleam. He draws, then examines his hand, containing "Thunderbeetle Snare", "Thunderbeetle Bassdrum", "Thunderbeetle Highhat", "Thunderbeetle Boost‎", and "Thunderbeetle Gift". Tyler takes the three Normal Monsters from his hand, declaring and electrifying blitz summoning and telling his monsters to come on; "Thunderbeetle Hi-Hat", "Thunderbeetle Bassdrum" and "Thunderbeetle Snare". As his crowd continue to cheer for him, Gavin admits that it's a little gaudy, though Luke notes that all of Tyler's monsters are low-Level. Romin wonders if Tyler will Tribute them, but Yuga eagerly states that he isn't, and sure enough, Tyler activates a Spell Card, "Thunderbeetle Gift". Cheering fans wearing Goha masks and carrying gift of light surround Tyler's platform as it crackles with lightning, and he explains that Roa will take 500 damage for every Thunder monster he controls. Luke cries that this was Tyler's plan, and Gavin notes that Tyler controls three Thunder monsters, which all crackle with electricity as Gavin realizes how much damage Roa will take. Tyler tells Roa that he'll be taking 1500 damage at once as he raises his hand, crackling with electricity and blasting it at Roa, reducing him to 2500 LP. Everyone else covers their eyes as Gavin gasps that Tyler dealt 1500 damage on his first turn. Tyler tells Roa to look closely, as this is his radiance, his current power. To his surprise, Roa comments that it's nice, it's actually making him a little excited. He grins at Tyler, who stammers at Roa to laugh while he can and he vows that he will finally settle the score with Roa as he promised he would. Yuga asks Romin if Roa and Tyler have known one another for a long time, and Romin confirms that they are childhood friends. Tyler claims that he waited forever that day, but Roa instead went to play guitar for some other children. Tyler had asked Roa what he was doing, what had happened to their promise? Roa claimed that Dueling was fun, but how about a band? Tyler snaps that Roa has always been like this, doing only what he wants at his own pace, even when he taught Tyler how to Duel (which he seemed to have done while Tyler was happily looking at a beetle in its pen). Roa asks what of it, as it would be a massive loss for the world if his talents went unused. Tyler tells Roa to shut up, Setting a card and ending his turn.

Roa poses with "Royal Rebel's Funkified".

Roa claims that he'll show Tyler, but then he's elevated from the ground on his own stage...a paltry two boxes, and Gavin is quite shocked that this is Roa's stage. Romin gasps that it's so low, but Tyler claims that he's the leading actor here and that stage suits Roa perfectly. Roa claims that it will do, and he declares his turn and a divine draw. Luke is shocked that Roa is still giving off such a presence despite only standing on a wooden box, and Yuga comments that Roa can make anything he does seem cool. Tyler himself is impressed, remembering Roa seeming to sparkle as he held a guitar while Tyler set up his drums. Roa looks at his hand, containing "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", "Royal Rebel's Shout", two copies of "Royal Rebel's Fanatic", and "Royal Rebel's Funkified" and he tells his obedient servants to show themselves before the King, Summoning "Royal Rebel's Shout" and two "Royal Rebel's Fanatics". Then he Tributes a "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon, chanting "A lush afro. A quick hustle. Royal Rebel's Funkified - arrive!" He poses with his monster, which has zero ATK, and Tyler remembers a RoaRomin concert as he admired Roa, but snaps back to his senses as he remembers that this is bad now that Roa has Summoned "Funkified". Roa activates the effect of "Funkified", who jumps onto "Bassdrum" as Roa explains that its ATK will be added to "Snare". "Funkified" blasts a surge of energy at "Snare", increasing it to 1300 ATK and then the ATK of "Bassdrum" becomes zero. Tyler blanches, and then Roa Tributes "Funkified" and "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon, chanting "If you're prepared to throw away your very life for the king... A resilient Distortion Power Chord! And now, together with a heavy-metal highway lead! Sink your teeth into any who oppose you! Come forth! Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal!"

Roa activates the effect of "Heavy Metal", destroying Tyler's lowest-Level monster and absorbing its ATK. Tyler scowls as he realizes that the powered-up "Snare" will be destroyed and Roa declares "Hell-Flame Mosh Pit". "Heavy Metal" lets out a shrieking song, compressing and absorbing "Snare" as it powers up to 3800 ATK. Roa declares that "Heavy Metal" has gained 1300 ATK, and now he will attack and destroy "Bassdrum" with "Headbanger's Destruction". "Heavy Metal" cuts down "Bassdrum" with ease, reducing Tyler to 200 LP in a single stroke. Yuga comments that Tyler is amazing for being able to deal huge damage with weak monsters, but so is Roa's style of Summoning progressively higher-Level monsters. Luke admits that he doesn't want to say it, but Roa is really strong.

Tyler restores his LP.

Roa orders "Shout" to destroy "Highhat", but Tyler refuses to let him, activating the Trap Card "Thunderbeetle Boost", choosing a monster Roa controls and gaining LP equal to its ATK. He chooses "Heavy Metal", which is blasted by electricity that Tyler collects in his hand, restoring him to 4000 LP again. Then the attack of "Shout" connects, destroying "Highhat" and reducing Tyler to 3400 LP. Tyler chuckles and Gavin expresses his shock that Tyler somehow survived, while Luke is shocked that Tyler could withstand such a monstrous attack. Roa doesn't seem too fazed, congratulating Tyler, who grins and thinks that he knows Roa's Dueling style well to the point that it's frustrating. Roa majestically ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Heavy Metal" to normal.

Tyler destroys all of Roa's monsters.

Tyler declares another dazzling turn, and once again his supporters chant his name as he draws his five cards; "Thunderbeetle Storm‎", "Highhat", "Bassdrum", "Snare", and "Thunderbeetle Boost". He resentfully thinks that he's always been a sidekick for Roa to make him look better and he angrily declares another electrifying blitz summoning, bringing out "Highhat", "Bassdrum" and "Snare" again. But even whether Roa was Dueling, bug-catching, or singing, he always looked so cool. Tyler activates a Spell Card, "Thunderbeetle Storm", which blasts out green lightning that Roa easily dodges with a grin. Tyler thinks that Roa was always shining as he declares that all of Roa's monsters will be destroyed, and the tempest of green lightning consumes both of Roa's Royal Rebel's as Luke gasps in shock. Tyler then Sets a card and attacks with all of his monsters, each blasting Roa with colored lightning and reducing him to 1900 LP, then 1400, and finally 600, and as Tyler watches he whispers that he's always admired Roa. Smoke surrounds everyone, and Tyler ends his turn.

Roa sings to Tyler.

But before the smoke has even cleared, Roa has declared his turn and drawn, Summoning a "Fanatic" and a "Shout", then Tributing the "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon. Silhouetted in the smoke, Roa tells his monster to come out - "Royal Rebel's Blues". And then a spotlight snaps on Roa and one Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin as Roa sits on his miniscule stage with Romin's Duel Guitar, playing and singing "To me, you are...a good friend. An absolutely irreplaceable...friend. You are neither a henchman, nor a servant to me. You are a friend that I can talk and laugh with. Tyler-chan! A name that beats! Tyler-chan! Looking at the skies above. Tyler-chan! Ba-da-ba ba-ba-da-ba-da. Ooooh, ooh, Get a chance!" (Tyler's name in the Japanese version is "Getta") Tyler is touched by the song, and Roa finishes playing and gives the Duel Guitar back to Romin, then he turns and smiles at Tyler. He sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard ("King's Council") to activate the effect of "Blues", who glows a bright blue as Roa Special Summons "Heavy Metal" from his Graveyard in Defense Position. Gavin wonders what Roa is trying to do, though Tyler is confident that he can counter Roa no matter what he does as he looks at his Set card. Luke realizes that Tyler likely Set the card Trap he did last time, and Yuga muses that Tyler's "Thunderbeetle Boost" will keep Tyler's LP safe. But Roa points out that he's also very familiar with how Tyler Duels, and he Tributes "Blues" and "Heavy Metal" to Tribute Summon, much to everyone's shock, and Romin asks if this is Roa's new ace monster. Miniscape begins to play as Roa chants "Hey, is it okay if I invade your heart? Even if you tell me "no", I won't pull back. After all, the first one who got invaded... was me. Royal Rebel's Invasion!"

As "Royal Rebel's Invasion" appears with 2300 ATK, Tyler looks around in shock as his supporters cheer Roa's move and Roa activates the effect of "Royal Rebel's Invasion", suggesting that he invite all of these low-Level monsters to a backstage hell. Tyler gasps as "Invasion" howls into its microphone and Roa declares its "Backstage Pass to Hell" effect, launching missiles from the speaker it stands on that destroy all of Tyler's monsters. Roa comments that this was pretty fun, and Tyler looks up to see "Shout" flying towards him with a glowing maw, releasing its attack and reducing Tyler to 2200 LP. Yuga and his friends gasp in shock as Roa suggests they end this, and he orders "Invasion" to attack with "Violation Hell Tune". "Invasion" lets out a roar into its microphone, blasting a wave of light from its speaker that slams into Tyler and reduces his LP to zero, but as he is defeated, Tyler is smiling.

Roa tries to save Tyler.

The stages lower, and Tyler admits that he lost, as expected of Roa. Roa comments that Tyler's losing style, no, his fighting style hit its best notes yes as he walks up to him and grins. Tyler gets to his feet and he asks if Roa thinks so, but then a trapdoor opens beneath his feet and he falls into it, only for Roa to catch him, much to the joy of the others. Roa strains to hold up Tyler, telling him that they should go home, and Tyler tearfully grabs Roa's hand, but then he reflects that he betrayed Roa. Roa claims that he's hopeless if Tyler isn't around, and Tyler, Luke, and especially Gavin are touched by Roa's words...but Romin is being very thoughtful and Yuga asks her what's wrong. Romin quickly congregates with her friends, explaining what Roa asked her when he requested her help earlier. Luke is horrified, loudly screaming that Roa wanted to ask Yuga to help him build a high-performance drumming robot. Romin, Yuga and Gavin all frantically slap their hands over Luke's mouth, but it's too late and the damage is done. Tyler asks Roa is what Luke just said is true, and Roa sheepishly admits that it is. Tyler vows that the next time they meet, he'll tase Roa until he's paralyzed, and he lets go of Roa's hand and falls screaming into the pit, while all Roa can say is "Oops."

In the park that evening, Roa waves Yuga and his friends goodbye, claiming that's it for him. Yuga asks if Roa is still interested in having a high-performance drumming robot, but Roa amends his request to a drum set that resembles a Duel Disk. Yuga asks Roa if he's decided to wait for Tyler to come back, but Roa tells them not to misunderstand, claiming that it's not like that and walking off, though everyone else just smiles.

Featured Duel: Roa Kassidy vs Tyler Getz[edit]

Roa VS Tyler.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Tyler
Tyler's hand contains "Thunderbeetle Snare", "Thunderbeetle Bassdrum", "Thunderbeetle Highhat", "Thunderbeetle Boost‎", and "Thunderbeetle Gift". Tyler Normal Summons "Snare" (500/500), "Bassdrum" (800/800), and "Highhat" (600/600). As Tyler controls a Level 4 or lower Thunder monster, he activates the Spell "Thunderbeetle Gift", inflicting 500 damage to Roa for each Thunder monster he controls, but he cannot declare an attack this turn. Tyler controls three Thunder monsters, so Roa takes 1500 damage (Roa: 4000 → 2500 LP). Tyler Sets a card.

Turn 2: Roa
Roa's hand contains "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", "Royal Rebel's Shout", two copies of "Royal Rebel's Fanatic", and "Royal Rebel's Funkified". Roa Normal Summons "Shout" (1200/0) and two copies of "Fanatic" (0/0). He Tributes a "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon "Funkified" (0/0). As "Funkified" was Normal Summoned this turn, Roa activates its effect, sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to choose two monsters Tyler controls and change the original ATK of one of them to the combined original ATK of the chosen monsters, and change the original ATK of the other to 0. He sends an unknown card to the GY and chooses "Snare" and "Bassdrum" ("Snare": 500/500 → 1300/500)("Bassdrum": 800/800 → 0/800). Roa Tributes "Funkified" and "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon "Heavy Metal" (2500/0). Roa activates the effect of "Heavy Metal" as it was Normal Summoned by Tributing a Level 5 or higher monster this turn, choosing a Level 8 or lower monster Tyler controls with the lowest Level and have "Heavy Metal" gain ATK equal to the chosen monster's ATK until the end of this turn, then destroy the chosen monster. He chooses and destroys the Level 1 "Snare" ("Heavy Metal": 2500/0 → 3800/0). "Heavy Metal" attacks and destroys "Bassdrum" (Tyler: 4000 → 200 LP). "Shout" attacks "Highhat", but as a monster Roa controls whose ATK is higher than Tyler's LP declared an attack while Tyler controls a Thunder monster, Tyler activates his Set Trap "Thunderbeetle Boost", choosing a monster Roa controls to gain LP equal to that monster's ATK. He chooses "Heavy Metal" (Tyler: 200 → 4000 LP). The attack continues and "Highhat" is destroyed (Tyler: 4000 → 3400 LP).

Turn 3: Tyler
Tyler's hand contains "Thunderbeetle Storm‎", "Highhat", "Bassdrum", "Snare", and "Thunderbeetle Boost". Tyler Normal Summons "Snare" (500/500), "Bassdrum" (800/800), and "Highhat" (600/600). As Tyler controls three Level 4 or lower Thunder monsters, he activates the Spell "Thunderbeetle Storm", destroying all monsters Roa controls, but preventing Tyler from Normal or Special Summoning monsters for the rest of this turn. "Heavy Metal" and "Shout" are destroyed. Tyler Sets a card. "Highhat", "Snare", and "Bassdrum" attack Roa directly (Roa: 2500 → 1900 → 1400 → 600 LP).

Turn 4: Roa
Roa Normal Summons "Shout" (1200/0) and "Fanatic" (0/0). He Tributes "Fanatic" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Blues" (1100/0). Roa activates the effect of "Blues", sending a Spell/Trap from his hand to the GY to Special Summon a Level 7 or higher Fiend monster from his GY in face-up Defense Position, but he cannot declare an attack this turn, except with Fiend monsters. He sends "King's Council" from his hand to the GY and Special Summons "Heavy Metal" (2500/0). Roa Tributes "Blues" and "Heavy Metal" to Tribute Summon "Royal Rebel's Invasion" (2300/0). Roa activates the effect of "Invasion", as it was Normal Summoned this turn by Tributing two Level 5 or higher monsters, destroying all Level 4 or lower monsters Tyler controls. "Snare", "Bassdrum", and "Highhat" are destroyed. "Shout" and "Invasion" attack Tyler directly (Tyler: 3400 → 2200 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • This episode's title is a pun on Roa Kassidy affectionately referring to Tyler Getz as "Getta-chan" in the Japanese version, an honorific used for someone the speaker finds endearing, or a close friend.
    • During Roa's song to Tyler refering to "Getta-chan" his song ends in Get a Chance, which sounds like "Getta-chan(ce)"