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"Maximum Mayhem"
Yuga, Luke, Romin, and Gavin rushing together.
Yuga, Luke, Romin, and Gavin rushing together.
EnglishMaximum Mayhem
Japanese name
RōmajiYume to Yūki to Yūjō
TranslatedDreams and Courage and Friendship
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayTakeuchi Toshimitsu
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 21, 2020
EnglishJuly 8, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Helping a Friend"
Next"The Final Nail"
Featured card

"Maximum Mayhem", known as "Dreams and Courage and Friendship" in the Japanese version, is the twenty-fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 21, 2020, and will air in Australia on July 8, 2022.

Yuga and Nail battle again. Facing the overwhelming might of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎", Yuga's draw carries Luke's, Gavin's, and Romin's feelings, and is also empowered by Kaizo. Their dreams, courage, and friendship call forth a miracle.


Yuga confirms why he wanted to come to Goha Enterprises.

Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin all stop outside the Goha Enterprises Main Office and look up at the building in awe, Luke gasping that it's huge as Goha Enterprises Drones fly around it. Romin asks Yuga, who has Kaizo in hand, why he suddenly wanted to come here, and Gavin asks if Yuga wanted to directly appeal to the Goha President and beg his forgiveness with a bow. Yuga states that isn't it, and Romin points out there's no way they could ask for forgiveness now anyway. Gavin realizes she's right, and Luke (still bent over backwards to look up at the building) claims that they have nothing to fear but themselves, forcing Gavin to remind him that it's "fear itself" they only have to fear. As Luke apologizes for his mistake, Yuga claims that there's a different reason he wanted to come, as Goha Enterprises don't just have their company here, but also a really fun attraction. Romin, Gavin and Luke (now bent also doubly backwards) all realize what Yuga means, though while Gavin and Romin correctly deduce that Yuga is talking about the Goha Duel Museum, Luke thinks he means the Goha Company Cafeteria and is disappointed to be wrong.

The kids see a model of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

As the kids all ride up an escalator, Yuga explains that he's always wanted to come here, and Gavin realizes that Yuga might not get a second chance to Duel again depending on how the fight with Nail turns out, so it's best to see it while he can. Romin giggles, admitting that she's looking forward to it, and Luke eagerly claims he'll be there first and rushes ahead with his friends after him, Romin protesting that he's cheating as Luke asks for an elementary schooler's ticket. Soon the four kids are all in a personal lift and rising into the museum, and they are shocked to see "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in the air in front of them, then turn to look over the other monsters arranged around the room. "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" is there too (as are "Harpie Lady", "Vorse Raider", and "Summoned Skull", and even the "Dark Magician"! Romin asks if they're all real, gasping that they look so alive, and the Drone attached to the lift explains that the monsters are not Solid Vision, but full-scale models of the monsters. Yuga looks over at them (also spotting "Swordsman of Landstar") and admitting they're impressive. The next floor is Dueling History, which shows a schematic of a Duel Disk and several images of Goha Duels. Romin comments that Dueling has been around for a long time as she sees children Dueling while standing at a table. Their guide Drone explains that Goha Duels were first created as a card game, but have evolved into something that uses various technologies to help expand one's world view. They pass a screen depicting Goha researchers Dueling with massive hologram projectors displaying the monsters, and Romin asks if this is a Duel too. Yuga explains that it's before the invention of Solid Vision, and their guide Drone states that enthusiastic research and development continues to this day in order to reproduce the realistic soundscape and model of these monsters. With the advanced card recognition technology of Duel Disks and photographic processing that could be seen by the naked eye, Goha Enterprises managed to develop the system known as Solid Vision. The kids examine an old Solid Vision prototype, and Luke gasps that it's huge, moving to another Duel Disk prototype and gasping that he's never seen it before, while Romin marvels at an older Duel Disk that required a backpack to work and Gavin and Yuga move over to look at it too.

Luke doesn't realize he's touching the real Nail rather than a model.

Nail's voice comments that they've saved him the trouble of fetching them by coming here themselves as he moves over to them in Seatbastian, but while Yuga, Gavin and Romin are apprehensive to see Nail, Luke initially thinks he's a scale model as well and grabs his face. Romin has to tell him that it's probably the real thing, and Seatbastian's faceplate emerges from the back of the chair, infuriated that Luke is disrespecting Nail. Nail sharply says his butler's name, and Seatbastian retreats. As a crowd gathers around them, Nail comments that he's surprised they came to the Duel Museum, and he has Seatbastian project information in front of him, commenting to Yuga that it seems Lucidien Kallister isn't the type to care about his grades. Luke comments that Nail should be more straightforward if he's trying to praise or flatter him, and Gavin gasps in mortification that Nail isn't trying to do either, much to Luke's confusion. As Luke heads back to his friends, Nail tells them to make sure they take a good look, since once they've lost the ability to Duel they probably won't dare to learn about its history. Yuga hands Kaizo to Romin, commenting that he wonders about that, much to Nail's surprise. Yuga straps on his Duel Disk, commenting that they have no intention of letting Rush Dueling end, and Nail is shocked to see Yuga's five penalties. He admits that he doesn't know what Yuga did, but shakes his head at the notion of Yuga completely wasting his leeway of four more attempts. Yuga claims it isn't a big deal, and Luke, Romin and Gavin step forwards beside him as Yuga claims that this one Duel will be more than enough to settle things between them. Nail gets out of Seatbastian and straps on his own Duel Disk, admitting that he hopes so, as this will save him some trouble. Everyone else watching is shocked that they're going to Duel here, and Seatbastian transforms into Robot Mode, protesting about what will happen if Nail Duels here, but Nail claims that it doesn't matter; they will have all the people here see the last Rush Duel in existence. Yuga narrows his eyes and he declares that he's ready, and Nail agrees to begin. They insert their Decks into their Duel Disks and cry "Rush Duel!", materializing the green holographic dome.

The effect of "Bascule the Moving Fortress" reinforces Yuga's defenses.

Yuga declares his turn and draws, his hand containing "Trick Guard", "Magiquartet Shock", "Bascule the Moving Fortress", "Straynge Cat", and "Dark Sorcerer". He Summons two monsters, "Straynge Cat" and "Dark Sorcerer", then he Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "The fortress that builds a bridge to the future! Bascule the Moving Fortress!" It has zero ATK, but Yuga sends the top three cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate its effect, changing it to Defense Position and then Special Summoning "Straynge Cat" in Defense Position as well. Yuga then Sets two cards to end his turn, and Gavin praises his fortress-like battle formation, while Luke agrees that it's best to play defense since they still don't know the effect of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor".

Nail comments that it's because of the accumulated research and development of this technology that anyone can enjoy Duels to their heart's content, and he declares his turn and draws. He looks at his hand, which contains "Femtron", "Quantum Hole", "Absurd Void Hole", "Yoctron" and "Peacock Picotron", and Summons "Femtron", then Tributes it to Tribute Summon "Peacock Picotron". Nail declares that there has always been one key behind the growth of technology, and in the case of Dueling, that foundation was supported by a simple game idea. He explains that if "Femtron" is in his Graveyard, he can activate the effect of "Peacock Picotron", sending it to the Graveyard to draw two cards (another "Femtron" and "Pair Production"), then sends the top two cards of his Deck to the Graveyard; "Zeptron" and "Attron". Gavin gasps that this is dangerous, and Luke cries that Nail is churning through his cards again, so if he draws that monster... Yuga grits his teeth as Nail explains that the expansion of the universe began with the birth of a providence in the midst of nothing. He Summons "Yoctron" and then activates its effect by returning "Femtron", "Attron" and "Zeptron" from his Graveyard to the bottom of his Deck, sending "Yoctron" to the Graveyard to draw three cards. He draws and smiles in satisfaction as "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]" are all reflected in his glasses, and as Yuga watches intently, Nail adds the cards to his hand, then sends three cards from his hand to the Graveyard due to the effect of "Yoctron"; "Quantum Hole", "Pair Production", and "Femtron". Romin, Gavin and Luke all watch intently, and then Nail and Yuga behold a planetscape. Nail comments that Rush Dueling and Yuga's Roads are both just grains of dust in the expanse of the universe. They are absolutely insignificant, with no meaning before the unshakeable providence, the center of the universe. He Sets a card, then he tells Yuga to gaze upon this as he takes the remaining three cards from his hand, declaring that this is the absolute perfect embodiment of providence. Romin recognizes the "Yggdrago" cards, and Gavin realizes what's about to happen next as Luke cries that it's coming, and Yuga braces himself.

"Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" coils around the Goha Enterprises Main Office.

The three cards shine with light and begin to absorb energy as Nail chants "Heaven, earth, light, darkness, creation, despair, eternity, demise, destiny... This is the new myth which will permeate throughout the world... Now is the time to bestow reason upon all of creation with your three sets of insight... Maximum Summon!! Come forth! Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎!!" A mass of vines coils from the cards his Duel Disk fires into the air, splitting into three and blooming the three heads of the monster, which looms above them and begins to break through the walls. An onlooker gasps that Solid Vision is amazing, and Nail smiles as Seatbastian walks closer to him. Outside, clouds of dust begin to erupt from the Goha Enterprises Main Office, much to the shock of the onlookers, including Briscoe, Sushiko and Saburamen, who asks in shock what's going on, and even the model of the mighty "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is brushed aside by the titanic coils of "Yggdrago". Yuga, Romin, Kaizo, Gavin and Luke are all transported to the damaged roof of the building by their elevator, while Nail and Seatbastian emerge on a hexagonal platform in front of them and the heads of "Yggdrago" rise up behind him and screech, dispersing the giant holographic logo that normally sits atop the building. The kids all cover their ears, and Gavin and Luke note upon seeing the monster again how ginormous it is. Nail explains that three specific cards become as one in Maximum Mode, creating a giant monster. The 4000 MAXIMUM ATK of "Yggdrago" is displayed as Nail explains that this is what he has named the Maximum Summon. Luke is shocked by the 4000 ATK, and Gavin and Romin observe that this is a Maximum Summon. Nail holds up his Duel Disk, claiming that now that he has successfully Maximum Summoned, it's impossible for Yuga to win. But Yuga smiles, and he comments that he wonders about that as his friends smile behind him. He steps forwards and off the lift, which projects an energy barrier to safeguard his friends, asking if Nail thought he wouldn't have anything planned. He returns four Normal Monsters, including "Spell Archer", from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Trap "Magiquartet Shock", destroying one monster Nail controls. The Trap blasts a green beam at "Yggdrago", and Luke cheers Yuga's move, telling him to destroy that Maximum Monster.

Nail explains the effects of "Yggdrago".

The beam strikes, causing the roof to erupt in smoke and Yuga grins, but as it clears, "Yggdrago" is unharmed. Gavin gasps "What?!" in shock and Luke asks why "Yggdrago" is still there. Nail explains that when three monsters become one and form a Maximum Monster, it has three Maximum Effects, one of which is a Continuous Effect. In Maximum Mode, "Yggdrago" cannot be destroyed by the effects of Trap Cards. Romin gasps "No..." and Yuga grits his teeth as Nail sends three cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate an effect of "Yggdrago", choosing one monster on Yuga's field and destroying it. Yuga gasps in shock, and Gavin and Luke realize that this is the effect that Nail used to destroy "Sevens Road Magician" in his previous Duel with Yuga. Nail suggests that they have "Bascule" disappear, and he declares the "Blizzard of Providence" effect of "Yggdrago". The right head of "Yggdrago" breathes a blizzard from its maw, destroying "Bascule" as Yuga flinches back in shock, and Romin protests that Yuga should be fine since he still has "Straynge Cat", but Gavin reminds them that Nail said "Yggdrago" had three Maximum Effects. Luke gasps that the last effect is coming now, and Nail sends the top three cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the last effect of "Yggdrago"; "Arrow of Mistilteinn". The eyes of the left head of "Yggdrago" glow as Nail explains that he can choose a Defense Position monster Yuga controls and change it to Attack Position. "Straynge Cat" stands up with zero ATK, and Nail declares the attack of "Yggdrago"; "Ragnarok Tri-Burst Streak". "Yggdrago" blasts a stream of flames from its central head, and Romin, Gavin and Luke all duck in the lift as the attack hits, expanding into a dome of flames that incinerates "Straynge Cat" as Yuga struggles to withstand the flames.

Yuga survives "Yggdrago's" attack.

The smoke fades, but to Nail's shock another Trap Card is active on Yuga's field. Yuga explains that it is "Trick Guard" as he steps out from behind it, explaining that he sent the top card of his Deck to activate it, and this turn it reduced all the damage he took to zero. Luke and Romin are relieved by Yuga's move, though Gavin notes that "Yggdrago" is still on the field, and if this keeps up... Nail admits that he's surprised that Yuga managed to hold out against Maximum for this long, but for how much longer can Yuga hold out? He ends his turn.

Yuga's friends lend their power to his draw.

Yuga declares his turn, preparing to draw, but he hesitates and then he looks at his friends, who look back at him in determination. As long as Nail has Maximum, Yuga can't defeat him through conventional means, and he has no choice but to use that. His Duel Disk begins crackling with electricity, and green status screens appear before him; Yuga observes that the Duel Disk is reaching its limits, begging it to hold on just a little longer. Nail asks in shock what Yuga is doing as the screens coalesce into a message "REAL TIME RUSH DUEL". Nail realizes that Yuga is using Real-Time Rush Duel Programming, and he gasps that it can't be. Yuga grins, and declares "Let's go! Draw!" He sees the hands of his friends reaching out to touch his Duel Disk, and Yuga says their names, declaring that everyone's power is in this draw.

As Yuga draws, he draws three grey-bordered cards, each depicting one of his friends; Luke, Romin, and Gavin, and as he draws them from his Duel Disk, the cards change into Monster Cards. He draws his full hand and he gasps that it's here as the cards glow with a bright light, and his friends all gasp in joy. Yuga examines his hand, containing two Trap Cards - and three Maximum Monsters of his own; "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", and "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [R]". He Sets two cards, and then holds up his three Maximum Monsters, calling "Let's go!" Nail realizes that Yuga is holding three cards, and he cries that it can't be. Yuga tells him that it is; this is his, no, this is their Maximum.

Yuga crying to his friends that he could never use their Duel ID cards and erase their accounts.

As "Yggdrago" looms over them, Nail muses on the notion of Yuga having a Maximum, and Seatbastian claims it to be impossible, as a general user like Yuga Ohdo should not be able to create Maximum cards. Yuga replies that they're right, much to Nail and Seatbastian's surprise, though he claims there was one way. He remembers when his friends suggested to him that he install Maximum himself, which Luke claimed was the only way that Yuga could beat Nail. Yuga reflected that if he could do that, then he could Duel Nail on equal footing, but it isn't enough. Romin had noted that Yuga would need the Maximum Monster Cards, wouldn't he, and Yuga pointed out that it was impossible for him to get them. Luke had commented that he didn't think he'd ever hear the word "impossible" from Yuga's mouth, and Gavin explained that it wasn't impossible, as there was one way. Yuga knows that the Duel ID cards inside their Duel Disks are the same types of cards as the ones they play with, doesn't he? Yuga stated that he did, and then he realized Gavin's plan; to turn those ID cards into Maximum cards. Gavin confirmed that was his intention, as the cards were overwritten when their user renewed their account. Yuga realized that this would allow them to turn the ID cards into Maximum cards, but if they did that, then... Luke confirmed that if the ID cards were changed, then the accounts attached would be completely erased. They all handed their Duel Disks out (and Romin her Duel Guitar), and Yuga gasped their names, asking them not to say that they wanted him to use their ID cards. When they reacted in the affirmative, Yuga cried that he couldn't do something like that, because if he did, none of them would be able to Duel anymore.

Luke encouraged Yuga to keep going.

To his surprise, his friends burst out laughing, and Yuga asked why. Romin and Gavin explained that it's because they thought that if they made such a proposal then Yuga would surely have agreed right away. Luke chuckled that there was something wrong with Yuga today, and Yuga pointed out that of course there was, there's just no way he could do that. Luke reassured him that it was fine, as all Yuga had to do was win, defeat Nail, and protect Rush Dueling. Gavin and Romin agreed that if it was Yuga, then Rush Dueling wouldn't end here. Luke put his hand on Yuga's shoulder, reminding him that he was going to be the King of Duels, wasn't he, isn't that what he decided? Yuga pointed out that Luke also wanted to be the King of Duels, but Luke claimed it was fine, as if Yuga became King then the Plan B of him handing the title over to Luke would still be viable. Romin asked if it really was, and Gavin commented that it was. Luke told Yuga to go forth, and as Yuga whispered his friend's name, Luke told him that he wanted to see what lay beyond Yuga's Road, much to Yuga's shock.

Gavin taking down a Goha Enterprises Drone as Yuga hacks his friends' Duel Disks open.

In the Road Laboratory, Yuga typed swiftly at his laptop while Luke, Gavin and Romin stood at the ready with their Duel Disks with headsets on. They confirmed they were ready to go, and Yuga hit a key, switching the Duel Disks to voice command mode. Gavin, Romin, and Lucidien each said their full names and ejected their ID cards one by one, but then a Goha Enterprises Drone burst in, declaring that ejecting the user's ID cards from their Duel Disks was strictly prohibited as Kaizo thrashed around in the background... and then with a declaration of "Gavin Chop!" Gavin leapt across the room and struck the Drone over the head, knocking it to the floor as his hand swelled from the impact, impressing his friends. Afterwards, Romin handed her Duel ID card to Yuga, telling him that he would definitely win, while Luke handed his over, telling Yuga that he was counting on him, and Gavin politely asked Yuga to take his. Yuga resolutely did, adding the three Duel ID cards to his Deck.

Yuga explains to Nail that this allowed him to use Real-Time Rush Duel Programming to reformat Luke's, Romin's and Gavin's ID cards into new Monster Cards when he drew them. Nail gasps that Yuga sacrificed the accounts of his comrades to make new cards, but Gavin proudly declares that it was not a sacrifice, and Romin clarifies that they entrusted their accounts to Yuga. Luke cheers at Yuga to complete the installation, and Yuga eagerly agrees. But then his Duel Disk begins crackling with electricity, much to Yuga's shock, and Nail comments that it's unfortunate that Yuga's Duel Disk can't bear the load of Real-Time Rush Duel Programming. Luke gasps that can't be true, and Romin whispers "No way..." but then gasps in shock as Kaizo leaps out of her hand and smacks into Yuga's head, hopping and whining urgently. He asks what's wrong, and Luke wonders what Kaizo is trying to say as he nods back and forth, but then Romin asks if Kaizo is trying to say that Yuga should use him. Kaizo nods that he is, and Gavin realizes that if Yuga uses Kaizo's memory capacity he can complete the programming. Luke points out what will happen to Kaizo if he does that, and Yuga agrees that Kaizo would disappear completely. Kaizo promptly headbutts Yuga and then gestures at Nail, and Yuga remembers that if he wins the Duel he'll get Kaizo's original data back, so if he wins then Kaizo will be able to return. He picks up Kaizo, telling him that he understands and he'll make sure to rescue him. He slides down a button on his Duel Disk to reveal the charging port and plugs Kaizo into it, stabilizing the connection. His friends cheer, and Yuga calls "Let's go!"

"Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" faces off against "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor".

Kaizo hops away and falls to the ground, the light in its speaker fading. Yuga chants "No matter if doubt, distress, or despair block my way!" "Dreams!" Romin cries. "Courage!" Gavin declares. "Friendship!" Luke calls, and they all chant "We'll carve a road through them and press onward!" Yuga declares a Maximum Summon, placing the three cards on his Duel Disk, and the three Maximum Monsters appear alongside Yuga's friends; "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [L]", a blue robot that appears with Romin, "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", a red robot that appears with Luke, and "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [R]", a green robot appearing with Gavin. Then the three Maximum Monsters are engulfed in light and they begin to transform into a combined, far larger robot. "Come on out!" Yuga and his friends call, and Yuga declares his Maximum Monster's name; "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord". "Magnum Overlord" materializes a green energy shield, takes up a blue and gold sword, and its new head emerges from its chest as it sprouts rainbow-colored wings and appears with 3500 MAXIMUM ATK.

Nail gasps in shock as he and Seatbastian look up at "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", observing that this is Yuga's Maximum, which hovers above the building as it faces off against "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor".

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Nail Saionji[edit]

Yuga VS Nail 2.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Trick Guard", "Magiquartet Shock", "Bascule the Moving Fortress", "Straynge Cat", and "Dark Sorcerer". Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0) and "Straynge Cat" (0/1400). Yuga Tributes "Dark Sorcerer" and "Straynge Cat" to Tribute Summon "Bascule the Moving Fortress" (0/2500). Yuga activates the effect of "Bascule", sending the top three cards of his Deck to the GY to change its battle position, then Special Summon an EARTH Normal Monster from his GY. He sends two unknown Normal Monsters and "Spell Archer" from the top of his Deck to the GY, changes "Bascule" to Defense Position, and Special Summons "Straynge Cat" (0/1400) from his GY in face-up Defense Position.[Note 1] Yuga Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Nail
Nail's hand contains "Femtron", "Quantum Hole", "Absurd Void Hole", "Yoctron" and "Peacock Picotron". Nail Normal Summons "Femtron" (1400/100). Nail Tributes "Femtron" to Tribute Summon "Peacock Picotron" (1600/100). As Nail controls no other monsters and has "Femtron" in his GY, he activates the effect of "Peacock Picotron", sending it to the GY to draw two cards, and then send the top two cards of his Deck to the GY. He draws "Pair Production" and "Femtron", then sends "Zeptron" and "Attron" from the top of his Deck to the GY. Nail Normal Summons "Yoctron" (100/100). As Nail has "Femtron", "Attron" and "Zeptron" in his GY, he returns them to the bottom of his Deck to activate the effect of "Yoctron", sending it to the GY to draw three cards, and then send three cards from his hand to the GY. He draws "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]", then sends "Quantum Hole", "Pair Production", and "Femtron" from his hand to the GY. Nail Sets a card.

Nail Maximum Summons "Yggdrago [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and "Yggdrago [R]" (MAXIMUM ATK 4000), entering Maximum Mode. Yuga activates his Set Trap "Magiquartet Shock", returning four Normal Monsters from his GY to his Deck to destroy a monster Nail controls. He returns "Spell Archer", two unknown Normal Monsters and "Dark Sorcerer" from his GY to his Deck and tries to destroy "Yggdrago", but as "Yggdrago" is in Maximum Mode, its effect prevents it from being destroyed by Yuga's Trap effects. As "Yggdrago" is in Maximum Mode, Nail activates the effect of "Yggdrago [L]", sending the top three cards of his Deck to the GY to destroy a Level 8 or lower monster Yuga controls. He sends three unknown cards from his Deck to the GY and destroys "Bascule". As "Yggdrago" is in Maximum Mode, Nail activates the effect of "Yggdrago [R]", sending the top three cards of his Deck to the GY to change a Defense Position monster Yuga controls to Attack Position. He sends three unknown cards from the top of his Deck to the GY and changes "Straynge Cat" to Attack Position. "Yggdrago" attacks "Straynge Cat", but as a monster Nail controls declared an attack while Yuga controls a monster with 0 ATK, he activates his Set Trap "Trick Guard", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to make any battle damage he would take from that battle become 0. Yuga sends an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the GY. The attack continues and "Straynge Cat" is destroyed, but due to the effect of "Trick Guard", Yuga takes no battle damage.

Turn 3: Yuga
Yuga draws "Magical Switch", "Emergency Return", Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", and "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [R]". Yuga Sets two cards. Yuga Maximum Summons "Magnum Overlord [L]", "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" and "Magnum Overlord [R]" (MAXIMUM ATK 3500), entering Maximum Mode.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. These cards are not shown, but Yuga later returns four Normal Monsters to his Deck to activate "Magiquartet Shock", including "Spell Archer", so they must have been sent with this effect.