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"Enlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes"
Rayne denies that she is chasing her own fantasy.
Rayne denies that she is chasing her own fantasy.
Japanese name
RōmajiKaigan ♡ Ranze Aizu
TranslatedEnlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 13, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Sound! Gohanium"
Featured card

"Enlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes" is the thirty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on February 13, 2021.

Once again, Galian stands before Yuga and co., who have reached the underground Heavy Cavalry Arena. He challenges them to a Duel, but for some reason he's all beaten-up... as she can't help notice it, Rayne's delusions activate on him as well! Unexpectedly, it ends up developing into "I, Rayne, will take over this match... for Galian!"!?


In the darkness, Chevelle Kayama slices through the air with landing beacons while repeating his name, then has to use them to fend off the diving Trapigeon until he is finally disarmed and Trapigeon lands on his shoulder. He admits that he's still no match for Trapigeon's sharp beak, and Trapigeon chirps, informing Chevelle that Yuga Ohdo and his friends are trying to reach the deepest parts of the mines, much to his shock, though he vows that the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum will serve as a checkpoint, as they will have no choice but to come this way. A crack suddenly appears in the wall, and Chevelle wonders if Yuga and his friends have saved him the trouble of finding them, but to his shock, Galian breaks through the wall with his pickaxe, thoroughly exhausted and resting on his tool.

At Goha #6 Elementary, Asana is cleaning R6, asking how it feels, but is horrified to discover a blackened scar on its frame and she gently bandages the damage with duct tape, vowing that she'll get it replaced for the excavator, which rumbles quietly in response as she pats it.

Galian discusses Zomyoji with Chevelle.

In the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, Chevelle lectures Galian over his recklessness in digging so far without his Heavy Cavalry, but Galian points out that no-one else has made it here yet and he asks if Asana knows about what Zomyoji did yet. Chevelle confirms that she does, and that Zomyoji regrets his reckless actions, which Galian thought would happen. He admits that the events irritated him enough to dig through the ground, but his uproarious laughter quickly turns to exhausted coughing, much to Chevelle's concern, though Galian states that he still wants to protect Asana and begs to be allowed to fight Yuga and his friends.

Yuga catches Rayne when she falls.

Meanwhile, Yuga and his friends are moving through the underground hallways with Kaizo as Rayne asks if there is really a Duel Disk dump site ahead of them. Luke is confident that there is, claiming that Tracker's sneezing power shouldn't be underestimated, though Romin isn't impressed by Luke's name for it, much to poor Tracker's embarrassment. Gavin asks what kind of secret could be within the discarded Duel Disks and Yuga comments that they'll find out, but then Rayne steps in a puddle as she turns to listen to Yuga and skids backwards. Fortunately Yuga catches her, as Gavin and Rino express their concern over Rayne, and Yuga asks if she's all right. Rayne can only stammer that she is as she looks lovingly at Yuga and the lenses of her glasses flush pink, something Rino seems to notice. As they keep walking, Yuga wonders if Asana might have other reasons for trying to crush Rush Dueling besides her value of Dueling traditions, and Gavin asks why Yuga thinks so. Yuga claims that if he can find what is ahead, he can bring smiles to everyone at Goha #6 Elementary, including Asana, and Rayne asks if Yuga came here for Asana's sake. Yuga admits that he did in a way and grins, but in Rayne's "Rayne-o-Vision" ("Ranze Eyes" in the Japanese version) he is telling her that he wants to give her a present full of smiles and she internally begs him not to, but then begins to accept the offer externally until Luke calls to them from up ahead, where light is shining from a passage he and Tracker are standing by.

Galian collapses from exhaustion.

Romin, Yuga, Gavin, Rino and Rayne run up to the passage to see the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, with Chevelle standing atop the stairs of another entrance at the far side. He calls them "proletarian students" and admits his surprise that they got so far. Romin calls his name, but Luke thinks Chevelle is flattering them and tells him to stop. Chevelle claims that he'll let them pass as a reward for getting this far, but only if they can defeat them. Gavin asks if he means in a Duel, though Rayne has picked up on Chevelle's use of "us", and Chevelle steps aside to reveal the flaming-eyed Galian, who vows that he will be their opponent. Rayne cries Galian's name as his pickaxe hits the ground and he leans on it in exhaustion, something Romin takes notice of and wonders what's wrong, with Luke asking Galian if he can even Duel in his condition. Galian proclaims that his resolve differs from theirs, and he is prepared to leave Goha #6 Elementary if he loses on this battlefield, much to Luke and Gavin's shock. But Galian vows that when their victory dawns, even the Abandoned Dorm will seem like paradise to Yuga...and then he falters, falling down the steps as Chevelle cries his name, and Rayne sprints forwards and manages to catch him. Galian looks at her in surprise, but in his delirium he sees Asana and calls her beautiful, vowing to fulfill her wish. But in Rayne's "Rayne-o-Vision", Galian is back in his elegant jacket and speaking to her with dignity, vowing that he will serve her for the rest of his life even if his body is torn apart. With a final whisper of "Great One", Galian falls unconscious, and Rayne calls his name in despair.

Rayne challenges Yuga and his friends in place of Galian.

Then she gets up, claiming that instead of Galian Townsend, they will be Dueling Rayne, much to the shock of her friends. Rayne blushes and looks away, but Chevelle is quick to allow the substitution and Gavin can only ask what Rayne is doing, reminding her that Galian is the one who knocked them down to the very bottom of their elementary school lives. Luke vows that he won't forgive a traitor no matter her reasons and vows to bring the hammer of justice upon Rayne, but Rino desperately asks Luke to let him be the one to Duel Rayne, much to everyone's surprise, and Rino claims that Rayne's twin brother should be the one to bring her to her senses. Yuga agrees, so Gavin agrees to leave Rayne to Rino. Luke still wants to Duel until Gavin informs him that he has a request for him, giving Luke a Kuroko scarf so he can hold Rino's cards for him during the Duel, which confuses Luke, as he wonders how one is supposed to Duel with it on. Rino suggests they start, and Luke quickly agrees. With Galian left slumped against the stairs, Rino warns his sister that a mistake made by the Oniwaban brings shame upon the Sogetsu style, and as the Vice Chief of the Shadow Flower Unit, he will purge this disgrace and he holds up his Duel Disk, telling them to leave it to him. Rayne in turn declares that as the Chief of the Shadow Flower Unit, she is acting for Galian Townsend and as she holds up her own Duel Disk, she claims that the words "holding back" cannot be found in the language of flowers. They both toss their Duel Disks into the air and catch them on their wrists, declaring that out-of-season buds will bloom in this Rush Duel, inserting their Decks into their Duel Disks and deploying the blades and green holographic dome.

Luke doesn't quite understand how Sogetsu Style works.

Rino declares his turn, and Luke draws "Shadow Flower Snowstorm" for him, then looks at the cards, asking what he should do until Rino's hesitance reminds Luke that he isn't the one Dueling. Luke adds "Shadow Flower Snowstorm" to Rino's hand, which also contains two copies of "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf", "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior", and "Shadow Flower Return", and Rino takes "Lindo" and both "Kurobana" from Luke and Sets all three monsters, then Sets the remaining two cards to end his turn. He gently calls to Rayne, and she asks if he doesn't get why she's trying to protect this detestable Galian. Rino claims that he does; Galian's earnest devotion to Asana must have touched Rayne's heart. Gavin comments that that sounds like Rayne; serious, with a strong sense of responsibility, though Rino really means something different. Rayne admits to herself that she knows how foolish this is, but she can't just leave Galian. Yuga wonders what's wrong, and Romin notes that the twins are in pain, as they can communicate with their hearts and not just their words, and now have to fight one another.

Rayne assembles three copies of her ace monster.

But Rayne believes that there's no way that Rino can hear the cry of her heart, and she declares her turn and draws, then she Summons three monsters: "Jasmine the Shadow Flower Festival", "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf", and "Yuri the Shadow Flower Fiend". Then, since she controls "Kurobana", she can activate the effect of "Yuri", sending the top card of each of their Decks to the Graveyard. Rayne sends "Etraynze the Shadow Flower Ninja", while Rino sends his third "Kurobana" to the Graveyard. Rayne then activates the effect of "Jasmine", allowing her to change one of Rino's face-down Defense Position monsters face-up, and it's a "Kurobana", which is of course EARTH. Luke asks in shock if she guessed Rino's card, but Gavin states that she didn't, and Romin notes that the twins likely built their "Shadow Flower" Decks together. Rino notes that the effect of "Jasmine" now allows Rayne to draw a card, and Rayne draws, then Tributes "Yuri" and "Jasmine", chanting "Behind the flowers that bloom in the sunlight are concealed buds that open up in the darkness. Even as they are scattered and cut, let them at least play their dance—a dance of shadows. Tribute Summon! Come forth, Etraynze the Shadow Flower Ninja!" "Etraynze" impresses everyone watching as Gavin explains that it's Rayne's ace monster, and then Rayne Summons another "Jasmine" and activates its effect, turning another of Rino's Set monsters face-up; his second "Kurobana", which allows Rayne to draw again. She draws, then smiles and Tributes "Jasmine" and "Kurobina" to Tribute Summon another "Etraynze". Then she activates the effect of the first "Etraynze", sending a Plant monster from her hand to the Graveyard (another "Yuri the Shadow Flower Fiend") to revive the third "Etraynze" from her Graveyard and shocking Luke with her three ace monsters. Rayne thinks that Rino's wouldn't understand that her heart is caught between two men; Galian and Yuga, as she imagines herself in chains. She orders an "Etraynze" to attack a "Kurobana" with "Wild Petal Dance: Blooming of One Hundred Flowers", and the first "Etraynze" destroys "Kurobana" with a blast of petals, reducing Rino to 2500 LP. Rayne thinks that she doesn't want to make Yuga sad, but attacks the other "Kurobana" with her second "Etraynze", declaring its "Wild Petal Love-Dance" attack, destroying the second "Kurobana" with a storm of petals and reducing Rino to 1000 LP. Luke asks if "Love-Dance" is the name of a technique, and Rino frantically declares that it isn't, but internally he thinks that this is bad. Rayne wonders what port she should harbor in, first thinking of the compass in her heart and then thinking that she is but a weak little boat thrown about by two storms of passion; she can't choose love from just one of Yuga and Galian. Romin and Gavin have started to notice that something is wrong with Rayne, much to Rino's terror, and Rayne attacks Rino's Set monster, "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior", with her final "Etraynze", declaring its "Blooming of One Hundred Flowers in Love" attack, and the third "Etraynze" destroys "Lindo" with a blast of petals. Luke comments that Rayne is pretty good, and she isn't even showing any mercy to her twin brother. Rino hesitantly thanks him as Rayne inwardly begs Yuga and Galian not to compete over her, and outwardly begs them not to fight for her sake...much to the utter confusion of Yuga, who has no idea what she's talking about. Romin suggests that the Sogetsu style might just be that profound, but even Gavin is confused. Rayne explains that the Special Summoned "Etraynze" returns to the bottom of her Deck, and she ends her turn.

Rino worries that there's no time - he has to bring his sister back to her senses before everyone notices what an absolute idiot she's being. He declares his turn, and Luke draws "Stella the Shadow Flower Crest", two copies of "Lindo", "Shadow Flower Snowstorm", and "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi" for him, but then forgets that he isn't the one Dueling again until Rino reminds him and holds up his hand for him. Rino Summons "Stella" and "Lindo", before activating the effect of "Stella" as there are two copies of the same Level 5 or higher monster on the field, allowing him to add a Level 4 or lower Plant monster from his Graveyard to his hand, and he chooses his third "Lindo". Chevelle is confused, as Rino didn't have any monsters like that on his field, but then Trapigeon chirps, and Yuga realizes that the two "Etraynze" on Rayne's field fulfilled the conditions, Gavin observing that Rino has taken advantage of the fact that he and Rayne use the same Deck, a strategy that Yuga praises. Rino then Tributes "Lindo" and "Stella" to Tribute Summon, chanting "If asked "for whose sake do I conceal myself", here I shall answer it is for the sake of pride... O dazzling shadow, cut apart the light with fangs glistening in the color of darkness! Come forth! Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi!" "Gatling" appears with 2000 ATK, impressing Yuga and Romin, and Gavin congratulates Rino. Rino Sets another card, then sends the two "Lindo" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Gatling", destroying two Level 8 or lower monsters Rayne controls. He declares "Infinite Shuriken: Barrage of Dark Flames", and "Gatling" opens fire, blasting shurikens from its minigun that scatter both "Etraynze" into petals, and then Rayne takes 500 damage for every monster destroyed, reducing her to 3000 LP, much to Gavin's interest. Romin comments that Rino is getting serious, though she thinks that he wants to cry on the inside. Rino does want to cry, but it's because his older sister is such an embarrassing girl. Despite this, he attacks her directly with "Gatling", ordering its "Barrier Penetration: Sword of Strong Winds and Thunder" attack, which fires a blast of energy that condenses into a blade and slices across Rayne, reducing her to 1000 LP as well. Rino ends his turn, thinking that it's all right; Yuga and Galian aren't fighting over Rayne and she won't be hurting them by choosing, because this is just her fantasy world. He snaps that she's running in circles of her own delusions, which Rayne desperately denies.

Rino criticizes Rayne over her delusions.
Rayne Tribute Summons "Garland the True Shadow Flower Ninja".

She declares her turn and draws five cards; her other two copies of "Kurobana", her third "Jasmine", "Garland the True Shadow Flower Ninja", and "Shadow Flower Orchid Dance", and she Summons "Kurobana" and "Jasmine", before returning her first "Kurobana", "Jasmine" and "Yuri" to her Deck to activate "Shadow Flower Orchid Dance", which allows her to draw a card - the "Etraynze" she returned to her Deck last turn, something that Trapigeon and Chevelle pick up on, Chevelle noting that the move gave her the chance to shuffle her Deck and draw "Etraynze" again, a tactic that Gavin notes Yuga used before. Rayne thinks that she heard Yuga's voice back then, telling her that surely she could do the same, but Rino deduces what she's thinking and tells her off for being delusional. Rayne insists that it's not delusion, but Rino claims that Yuga would never say anything like that, something Rayne misinterprets as a slight towards Yuga. Gavin comments that it's such a heated Duel, though Yuga isn't sure. Rayne Tributes "Kurobana" and "Jasmine" to Tribute Summon, chanting "The shadow itself is truth. Amid the scattering of fallen flower petals, what uncovers the darkness hidden under the sunlight is the honored floral ornament of the Shadow Flowers! Come forth! Garland the True Shadow Flower Ninja!" "Garland" appears with 2500 ATK, and Rayne activates her "Hidden Sogetsu Secrets Vol. 7: Flowering Shadow Fangs" effect by returning a Plant monster from her Graveyard to the bottom of her Deck (another "Jasmine") to Special Summon "Etraynze" from her hand. Then she activates the effect of "Etraynze", sending a Plant monster from her hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon another "Etraynze" from her Graveyard. Romin gasps that Rayne has three ace monsters again, and as Gavin notes, "Gatling" can only destroy two, leaving one. Rayne recalls Galian telling her that an old soldier was one that used all of his strength to dig up escaping baby rabbits, and when she Dueled him, Galian taught her those words because of his love for her. But again, Rino knows that's what Rayne is thinking and he bluntly insists that Galian just wanted to crush Rayne in that Duel. Rayne begs him not to say bad things about Galian, who is simply murmuring "GG03" in his sleep. Rayne attacks "Gatling" with "Garland", who gathers up her scarves into a ring and twirls them towards "Gatling".

Rino ends the Duel in a DRAW.

But Rino sends "Gatling" to the Graveyard to activate a Trap Card, "Shadow Flower Snowstorm", destroying the attacking monster and inflicting 500 damage to both of them. "Shadow Flower Snowstorm" disintegrates the scarf ring with a hailstorm and then "Garland" herself, reducing both Rayne and Rino to 500 LP. Romin gasps that Rino also read Rayne's moves, but Rino states that he didn't just read his sister's moves, but everything. He knows that she has an observation diary for all of her "targets"; fifty in total. Rayne can only tearfully admit that it's actually seventy-three, and Yuga is impressed that she's recorded that many Rush Duels (not realizing that Rino meant romantic interests when he said "targets"), while Gavin proudly declares that Rayne is the pride of Sogetsu style. Rayne wonders what she should do, as all the men she's met so far have made a direct attack on her heart, and now "Etraynze" will make Rino burst into flowers with a direct attack. But Rino activates another Trap, "Shadow Flower Return", returning three Plant monsters ("Stella" and two Normal Monsters) from his Graveyard to his Deck to destroy "Etraynze", who is engulfed by a large flowerbud fired from the Trap. Rayne gasps and Rino adds that he can also Special Summon a Plant monster from his Graveyard, reviving "Gatling". Gavin cheers that Rino avoided Rayne's direct attack with a Trap and also brought back his ace, which Yuga also celebrates. Rayne wonders if Rino is suggesting that she is falling in love on her own without actually knowing how her crushes themselves feel, and she blushes a bright red at the thought, attacking "Gatling" with her other "Etraynze". But this just allows Rino to activate his other "Shadow Flower Snowstorm" by sending "Gatling" to the Graveyard, freezing "Etraynze" solid and destroying her, and as Rino reminds his sister, they both take 500 damage, reducing both of their LP to zero.

After an entire Duel of lecturing Rayne over her crushes, Rino falls for Romin.

Their friends gasp in shock, and the pink fades from Rayne's glasses as she falls to her knees, Yuga gasping that Rino did it. Rino kneels beside Rayne, explaining that he's embarrassed when she is and she isn't alone; they're in this together no matter what. Luke agrees; they both had no cards in their hand or monsters on their field and both of their LP hit zero; it was a perfect DRAW. Gavin adds that there was neither a winner or a loser, so they have not hit rock bottom, and Galian won't have to leave Goha #6 Elementary. Yuga claims this would only have been possible for twins, and Romin admits that it was moving, but then wonders if Yuga knew this would happen, though Yuga is evasive with his answer. Rayne apologizes to Rino and promises to be more capable from now on, and he reassures her that she doesn't need to be too hard on herself, as he'll help her again. Romin calls the sentiment nice, admitting that she wishes she had a capable younger brother like Rino, though she claims she's kidding as she pats him on the shoulder...and just like his sister, Rino falls for Romin, seeing her with "Rino Eyes" as his glasses shine pink, and he grabs her hands, suggesting they take it slow and be friends first, much to Romin's surprise and Rayne's shock.

But Chevelle asks them if it isn't too early to be relieved; as the result was a DRAW, they must simply have another Duel, and Trapigeon chirps in agreement.

Featured Duel: Rino vs Rayne[edit]

Rino VS Rayne.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Rino
Rino draws "Shadow Flower Snowstorm". Rino's hand contains "Shadow Flower Snowstorm", two copies of "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf", "Lindo the Shadow Flower Warrior", and "Shadow Flower Return". Rino Sets three monsters and two cards.

Turn 2: Rayne
Rayne Normal Summons "Jasmine the Shadow Flower Festival" (300/200), "Kurobana the Shadow Flower Wolf" (800/1100), and "Yuri the Shadow Flower Fiend" (500/500). As she controls a Plant Normal Monster, Rayne activates the effect of "Yuri", sending the top card of each player's Deck to the GY. "Etraynze the Shadow Flower Ninja" is sent from the top of Rayne's Deck to the GY and "Kurobana" is sent from the top of Rino's Deck to the GY. As Rayne controls a Plant Normal Monster and Rino controls two or more face-down Defense Position monsters, Rayne activates the effect of "Jasmine", changing a face-down Defense Position monster Rino controls to Attack Position, and if she changes an EARTH monster to Attack Position with this effect, she can draw a card. Rayne changes Rino's Set "Kurobana" (800/1100) to Attack Position, then draws a card. Rayne Tributes "Yuri" and "Jasmine" to Tribute Summon "Etraynze the Shadow Flower Ninja" (2300/1000). Rayne Normal Summons a second "Jasmine" (300/200). Rayne activates the effect of "Jasmine", changing Rino's Set "Kurobana" (800/1100) to Attack Position, then drawing a card. Rayne Tributes "Kurobana" and "Jasmine" to Tribute Summon a second "Etraynze" (2300/1000). Rayne activates the effect of an "Etraynze", sending a Plant monster from her hand to the GY to Special Summon another "Etraynze" from her GY, but that monster will be returned to the bottom of her Deck at the end of the turn, also the "Etraynze" that activated its effect cannot attack directly this turn. She sends a "Yuri" from her hand to the GY and Special Summons "Etraynze" (2300/1000). Two copies of "Etraynze" attack and destroy the two "Kurobana" (Rino: 4000 → 2500 → 1000 LP). The third "Etraynze" attacks and destroys Rino's Set "Lindo" (1300/1400). At the end of the turn, the Special Summoned "Etraynze" returns to the bottom of Rayne's Deck.

Turn 3: Rino
Rino draws "Stella the Shadow Flower Crest", two copies of "Lindo", "Shadow Flower Snowstorm", and "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi". Rino Normal Summons "Lindo" (1300/1400) and "Stella" (300/400). As "Stella" was Normal Summoned this turn and there are two or more Level 5 or higher monsters with the same name on the field, Rino activates its effect, adding a Level 4 or lower Plant Normal monster from his GY to his hand. He adds another "Lindo" to his hand. Rino Tributes "Stella" and "Lindo" to Tribute Summon "Gatling the Shadow Flower Shinobi" (2000/2400). Rino activates the effect of "Gatling", sending two Plant Normal Monsters from his hand to the GY to destroy up to two Level 8 or lower Attack Position monsters Rayne controls and inflict 500 damage to Rayne for each monster destroyed by this effect, but Rino can only declare an attack with one monster this turn. He sends two copies of "Lindo" from his hand to the GY and destroys Rayne's two "Etraynze" (Rayne: 4000 → 3000 LP). Rino Sets a card. "Gatling" attacks Rayne directly (Rayne: 3000 → 1000 LP).

Turn 4: Rayne
Rayne draws two copies of "Kurobana", "Jasmine", "Garland the True Shadow Flower Ninja", and "Shadow Flower Orchid Dance". Rayne Normal Summons "Jasmine" (300/200) and "Kurobana" (800/1100). Rayne activates the Spell "Shadow Flower Orchid Dance", returning three Plant monsters from her GY to her Deck to draw a card. She returns "Kurobana", "Jasmine" and "Yuri" to her Deck and draws "Etraynze". Rayne Tributes "Jasmine" and "Kurobana" to Tribute Summon "Garland" (2500/1500). Rayne activates the effect of "Garland", placing a Plant monster from her GY on the bottom of her Deck to Special Summon a Level 7 or lower Plant monster from her hand, but that monster will be placed on the bottom of Rayne's Deck during the End Phase. She places "Jasmine" from her GY on the bottom of her Deck and Special Summons "Etraynze" (2300/1000) from her hand. Rayne activates the effect of "Etraynze", sending a "Kurobana" from her hand to the GY and Special Summoning "Etraynze" (2300/1000) from her GY.[Note 1] "Garland" attacks "Gatling", but as a monster Rayne controls declared an attack, Rino activates his Set Trap "Shadow Flower Snowstorm", sending a Level 5 or higher Plant monster from his field to the GY to destroy the attacking monster and inflict 500 damage to each player. Rino sends "Gatling" to the GY and destroys "Garland" (Rino: 1000 → 500 LP) (Rayne: 1000 → 500 LP). The "Etraynze" Special Summoned by the effect of "Garland" attacks Rayne directly, but as a monster Rayne controls declared a direct attack, Rino activates his Set Trap "Shadow Flower Return", returning three Plant monsters from his GY to his Deck to destroy the attacking monster and Special Summon a Plant monster from his GY in Attack Position. Rino returns "Stella" and two unknown Plant Normal Monsters from his GY to his Deck, destroys the attacking "Etraynze" and Special Summons "Gatling" (2000/2400) from his GY. The other "Etraynze" attacks "Gatling", but Rino activates his Set Trap "Snowstorm", sending "Gatling" to the GY and destroying "Etraynze", then inflicting 500 damage to each player (Rino: 500 → 0 LP) (Rayne: 500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. The card is not shown, but based on the cards seen in Rayne's hand at the start of her turn, the only card remaining was "Kurobana".