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"The Man Who Washes Duels"
Arai pretends to clean his Duel Disk to activate its cheat function.
Arai pretends to clean his Duel Disk to activate its cheat function.
Japanese name
RōmajiDyueru wo Arau Otoko
TranslatedThe Man Who Washes Duels
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 19, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Setting Sail! Goha Fisheries Elementary"
Next"The Cat in the Garden of Providence"
Featured card"Romic'n'Roller"

"The Man Who Washes Duels" is the sixteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 19, 2020.

As they chase after the fake Kaizo, Yuga and co. arrive at the A.I. Restaurant! Thanks to Luke forgetting their goal and overeating, they now have to wash the dishes. Romin then falls into a trap set by Arata Arai, the leader of the Washing Club at Goha 3rd Elementary. If she loses to him in a Rush Duel, she must continue washing dishes for free...


Yuga looks at the red dot on his smartphone, stating that he's sure this must be the place that the fake Kaizo has fled to. But he and Romin both recognize the building as the A.I. Restaurant, and the real Kaizo, still in the Duel Bicycle's Robot Mode, weakly asks them to help it. Yuga observes that Kaizo is out of power from swimming all the way to Goha Fishing Elementary, and Gakuto asks what they should do, though Luke asks what there is to do other than go into the restaurant. Gakuto has to tell him that they were banned from the restaurant, and Romin pipes up that it was because of Gakuto. But Luke then spots something and rushes off, and the others soon see what Luke has as well; Mimi Atachi walking up the stairs to the restaurant in a darker dress than usual. Luke calls out to Mimi, who can only yelp in shock as she sees Yuga and his friends.

Mimi's cover is almost blown.

As Goha Corporation Drones drift past the Restaurant A.I., Romin experiments with the holographic surroundings of the restaurant; a refreshing meadow, under the sea, a jungle, and a beach in the south. Gakuto comments that it's as expected of Goha's state-of-the-art A.I. Restaurant, and Luke suggests a throne for the King of Duels, elevating himself on a throne in an ancient room and displeasing Romin, who tells him not to change it as he pleases. Luke asks her who it was who got them into the restaurant, and Yuga promptly thanks Mimi politely. Luke admits that it feels good to have friends in such high places, and Mimi admits that she was surprised to see them here, nervously laughing and thinking to herself that normally elementary schoolers wouldn't come here, so what's going on? Gakuto asks if Mimi was going to have dinner with her parents, and Mimi claims that she was, but they're normally busy so it's often just her. A waiter Drone then enters the room, telling Mimi that there will be the get-together for the Tops of Hexagon shortly in the banquet hall and sending Mimi into a panic, rushing out and claiming she's going to the bathroom really quickly as she shoves the Drone out of the room. Yuga is surprised, but then distracted by the trembling bicycle seat next to him, and he tells Kaizo to hang on a bit longer. Gakuto asks if Yuga really put Kaizo's data in there, and Yuga confirms that he did, as he couldn't bring the entire body inside. In the stall, Mimi contacts the Goha Corporation, explaining that she'll be absent from the get-together due to being with Yuga Ohdo and his friends, though she can try to obtain more information about the Relic and Otes.

Luke orders an excessive amount of food.

Back in the other room, everyone has finished eating, including Luke, who has devoured stacks of plates of food and is ready to go home. Romin tells him off; they didn't come here just to eat, and look how much he's ordered. Luke points out that the restaurant has a special 66 yen price to commemorate its opening, and Yuga wonders if it's still going. The waiter Drone then enters the room, declaring that their check has arrived as the holographic surroundings vanish and Luke's seat is lowered to its original height. It flashes up a total of 666,666 yen, much to Yuga, Romin and Gakuto's shock, and Luke protests the 66 yen special, only to be informed that the special ended six seconds ago. Luke freaks out, and Romin blames him for eating so much. Luke protests that he couldn't help it because it was so delicious, and Romin admonishes him for only thinking of himself whenever he does something; does he understand how much trouble he causes? Luke snaps that's his line, and Romin asks what he means, so Luke reminds her about what happened with Roa. Romin is taken aback, and Luke comments that they went through a lot of trouble too thanks to a certain traitor. Gakuto snaps that Romin isn't a traitor, and Luke states that Romin is no longer a traitor, then pushes past the waiter Drone and gaps it, much to the shock of his friends. The waiter Drone requests that they pay the bill, preventing them from leaving the room.

Yuga, Romin and Gakuto are put to work washing dishes.

Naturally, none of the kids has the money to cover such an expensive meal, so they are put to work washing dishes until they can pay off their bill under Goha 3rd Elementary's sixth grade Washing Club president Arata Arai, who came to the A.I. Restaurant to train to master the secrets of dishwashing. Mimi meanwhile is rushing back to the room she and the others were eating in, believing that today she will finally find out how to uninstall Rush Duels, but is surprised to find it empty and she wonders where the others went. Clad in aprons, rubber gloves and shower hats, Yuga, Romin and Gakuto hand-wash dishes under the supervision of Arai, and Yuga wonders what's wrong with Luke, though Romin doesn't answer. Gakuto worries that Luke plans to leave them and not come back, but Romin wonders if this is Luke's way of saying that he refuses to be near a traitor. But Luke is wandering out of a bathroom, and declares that now that he's refreshed, he's thought of an idea. He comes back to the room they were eating in, suggesting that Yuga make a Road that would return them to the 66 yen price point and they would be all right, but is shocked to only find Mimi there asking where everyone went, and Luke has no answer for her. Back in the kitchen, Romin thinks to herself that it's fine, if Luke doesn't come back, he doesn't come back, and it's not like she considered him a close friends anyway...

Romin accidentally breaks dozens of plates.

But in her distraction she drops the plate she's just cleaned and bumps into a cabinet stacked with plates, sending them crashing to the ground. Arai chokes that those are Goha's high-quality dishes and together with their bill it's worth at least a Goha employee's yearly bonus a million times, much to the shock of Romin, Yuga and Gakuto. Arai tells them they can pay by card if they want, and Romin angrily asks what elementary schooler has a credit card, but Arai clarifies he means Rush Dueling cards, much to the alarm of Romin, Yuga and Gakuto. Arai explains that if they can defeat him he'll forget about their debt, and when Romin asks what will happen if they loses, Arai confirms that they will spend their lives washing dishes here for free, much to Romin's alarm. Arai sprays disinfectant on the table and cleans it up with the dishcloth attaches to his waist, claiming that Rush Dueling is a stain upon the image of Dueling, much to Gakuto's indignation, and Arai vows that stains must be immediately cleansed. The three kids flee as Arai pursues them with his spray gun, telling them that he'll scrub them out of existence to wipe away the stain of Rush Duels from normal Duels.

Luke and Mimi watch the exchange from the door to the dishwashing room.

Luke and Mimi meanwhile are searching for them, Luke wondering where they can have gone, before getting to the entrance to the dishwashing room and ducking behind the frames. They see Arai menacing Romin, Yuga and Gakuto, crying "Wash" and Luke wonders why his friends are dressed like that, only for Mimi to shush him. Romin volunteers to Duel, as it was her fault. Gakuto replies that it was Luke's fault to begin with, so if anything he should be the one to Duel. But Romin replies that Luke left because of her, much to the watching Luke's confusion as he wonders where he's gone, and Mimi asks if they aren't in this situation because of Luke and suggests he hurry up and say something. Luke looks around the doorframe with hesitance, and then he sees Romin's determined face as she removes her cleaning gear and he frowns. Romin removes her Duel Guitar from its case and deploys it, and the shelves and sinks all retract into the walls and floor to give them space. Romin thinks to herself that she won't forgive anyone for saying bad things about Rush Dueling as Arai straps on his Duel Disk, then inserts his Deck case. Romin calls "Let's go!" and Arai "Wash", and then they both declare "Rush Duel!"

The green holographic dome is deployed, and Romin declares her turn and draws. She's drawn "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", and Gakuto cheers that it's here, while Yuga realizes that it's "Prima Guitarna". Romin tells Arai to be prepared for a knockout from the first track and she Summons "Elengel" and "Eleckiss". Then she Tributes both of them to Tribute Summon, chanting "We're going live, with a full-body dive. No more holding back! Overdrive! Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light! Her long-awaited debut!" "Prima Guitarna" appears with a rocking solo, and Gakuto cheers that it's here; the strongest muse that Romin has managed to call with her power. Romin Sets two cards, ending her turn.

Under the guise of cleaning his Duel Disk, Arai presses hidden buttons on the side.

Arai declares that he'll start washing her away with his draw. He examines his hand, containing "One-Side Flip", two copies of "Washing Musketeer Washooter", "Foam Wall - Bubbarrier", and "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel". He Sets "One-Sded Flip", but then cries in shock that he can't have his Duel Disk getting dirty and polishes the edge with his dishcloth, much to Yuga and Gakuto's surprise. And now since it's clean, he activates his Set Spell Card "White Foam - Bleach Motor" - a card he did not have Set earlier. The effect of "Bleach Motor" targets a Level 7 or higher monster Romin controls and washes away its ATK, surrounding "Prima Guitarna" with foam bubbles and reducing her ATK to 1700 as Arai explains that until the end of this turn "Prima Guitarna" will lose 500 ATK, and Romin will also take 500 damage. Romin scowls as her LP falls to 3500 and Arai removes "Bleach Motor" from his Duel Disk and inserts it into his Graveyard. Gakuto wonders why Arai went through the trouble of Setting a Spell from his hand instead of just using it, while Yuga watches intently and Luke's suspicions have been aroused too. Arai then Summons "Washing Musketeer Washooter" and activates its effect as Romin controls a Level 7 or higher monster, returning a Spell from his Graveyard to his Deck and drawing a card. He slots "Bleach Motor" back into his Duel Disk and draws "Seal of the Ancients", which he immediately Sets. Claiming his Duel Disk is dirty again, Arai polishes the edge again and Yuga and Gakuto lean forward intently. Arai then activates his Set Spell again - "Bleach Motor", blasting more bubbles at "Prime Guitarna" and bubbling away her ATK, reducing her to 1200 ATK and Romin to 3000 LP. Romin gasps in shock that Arai used that card again, and again, Arai removes the card from his Duel Disk and sends it to his Graveyard. Gakuto protests that Arai's Duel Disk surely can't be that dirty, while Mimi asks if Arai really had two of the same card in his hand, or if he drew a copy of the card he returned to his Deck. Luke replies that he didn't, but maybe he is... Arai Summons another "Washooter" and activates its effect, returning "Bleach Motor" back to his Deck and drawing out the stain. He Sets the card he drew - "Piercing!" - and Yuga and Gakuto lean forward as Arai takes out his cloth and polishes his Duel Disk again, claiming that one will continue to notice dirt even after washing it a lot - but then he touches buttons on his Duel Disk with his thumb, something that both Yuga and Luke spot.

Arai Tribute Summons "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel".

Arai activates his Set Spell Card, "Bleach Motor", reducing "Prima Guitarna" to 700 ATK and Romin to 2500 LP as she gasps "No way!" Gakuto protests that Romin doesn't even have a chance to fight back; she's lost 1500 LP, and "Prima Guitarna" only has 700 ATK. Arai then Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "You are ordered to report to the Deodorant Regiment of the Sterilization Division of the Disinfectant Army at once! Come before us! Clean Beret - Mop Colonel!" "Mop Colonel" stands before the girl with wounds all over her body with 2300 ATK, a veteran of the cleaning special forces as Mimi observes. Arai repeatedly utters "Wash-wash-wash-wash", and Gakuto cries that Romin has been scrubbed into a corner.

Yuga accuses Arai of cheating.

And then Yuga comments that Arai is cheating, isn't he? Arai seems shocked by the accusation and he turns away, and Romin curiously comments "Cheating?" Mimi is shocked at the notion that Arai is cheating, while Luke is pleased that Yuga also noticed. Arai angrily stutters, asking what proof they have of it, and Yuga points out that Arai cleans his Duel Disk every time he Sets a card, and Romin asks if Arai has been switching his cards out whenever he cleans his Duel Disk. Gakuto orders Arai to let them examine his Duel Disk, and Arai refuses, claiming that Goha's systems would notice if he was cheating and stop the Duel immediately. Yuga, Romin and Gakuto all gasp in shock, and Arai continues that if the system isn't noticing anything wrong then no-one should be allowed to touch his Duel Disk. Mimi thinks that Arai is right; this is something specifically stated in the Goha Dueling Rules. Luke replies that it's fine even if they don't touch it, claiming that he can use the power of the devil slumbering inside him to render the Duel Disk's cheating moot, though he hesitates when he looks at Romin. For her part, Romin believes this to be karma for betraying Luke and the others. At the door, Luke mutters that Romin is a traitorous spy, but Mimi tells him that Romin is a friend who cherishes Rush Dueling just as much as Yuga, Gakuto and Luke himself do, isn't she? Luke thinks to himself as Arai comments "Wash" in a spooky voice, and he Sets the "Foam Wall - Bubbarrier" in his hand, and Gakuto cries that Romin's defeat will be sealed if Arai keeps cheating like this, imagining Romin working among towers of plates as he gasps that she will have to wash dishes for the rest of her life. But Romin thinks this is fine, if she is gone then Luke will come back to Yuga and Gakuto.

Luke activates his "Luke Devil" power.

Arai mockingly cleans the edge of his Duel Disk again, but Luke apologizes for the wait and steps into the room, much to the joy of Yuga and Gakuto and the surprise of Romin. Arai asks Luke who he is, and Luke dramatically declares that he is the man most worthy to sit upon the Throne of Duels, much to Arai's surprise, and Luke chants "Oh, ruler of chaos and oblivion that resides within the abyss of my soul. Now is the hour to release the crest of our contract and, with your jet-black radiance, confer the hammer of judgment upon us. Luke Devil!" Red waves and electricity radiate from his left wrist, and Gakuto comments that it's the first Pauli effect they've seen in a while, while Yuga is more interested in the name Luke has given it and Romin is touched by Luke's actions. Arai cowers as the side of his Duel Disk sparks and he frantically scrubs his Duel Disk, lamenting that the cheating function isn't working and asking who Luke is. Luke turns away, dramatically claiming that he is the man who is written in fate, with the devil as his servant, but before he can say his name, Yuga bursts out that Arai really was cheating, leaving Luke to stutter as Gakuto yells at Arai for playing dirty, and Arai yells back that he was cleaning his Duel Disk because it was dirty. He rips his mask down to reveal sharp teeth and snarls that he'll wash them all away and scrub them until they shine, much to the shock of Romin, Yuga and Gakuto. Luke comments that all of Arai's boasting is just "pure white" lies. Arai mockingly snarls "Wash-wash" at Luke and he activates the effect of "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel", "Washing Reload", allowing him to return a Spell in his Graveyard to the top of his Deck since Romin controls a Level 7 or higher monster. He returns "Bleach Motor", and Gakuto gasps that Arai will draw the card again next turn. Mimi walks into the room, noting that it seems Arai can retrieve his Spell even without cheating, and Yuga is quite surprised to see her; Mimi cheerfully waves at him. Arai orders "Mop Colonel" to wash away "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", and it fires several bubbles at "Prima Guitarna" that engulf her, then washes them away with the mop attached to the shock of its rifle, reducing Romin to 900 LP and leaving Arai to declares the end of a spotless turn as he sprays the air.

Luke's antics push Romin over her limit.

Gakuto gasps that Romin's ace was destroyed, but as Yuga notes, thanks to Luke, Romin was able to survive the turn. Romin smiles happily until Luke turns to her with a grin, and she claims that no-one asked for his help. Luke grins that Romin says that, but she was practically crying with happiness five seconds ago, and Romin frantically denies it, though Luke comments that it's only natural since Romin would have lost without his Luke Devil. Mimi isn't happy with Luke's behavior, though Romin admits Luke has a point until he points out that if he hadn't helped Romin she would have been washing dishes for the rest of her life. Romin tries to remind Luke it's his fault she was in that position to begin with, but Luke tells Romin to thank him already, suggesting she call him "Master Luke", or "Great King Luke" (much to the exasperation of Yuga). As Luke rattles off more titles, Romin begins to get annoyed and trembles as she admits that she really does want to loudly thank Luke. She's on the verge of tears, but despite this she's reached her limit. She angrily asks why Luke won't let her cry tears of joy as she begins glowing red, and Yuga and Gakuto quickly take note as Romin screams "THAT STUPID DEVIL!"

Romin Tribute Summons "Esperaid of the Smashing Light".

Luke and Arai start in shock, and Romin strums the Duel Guitar as spotlights seem to snap on her and she declares that it's time her for ultimate live. Her eyes glow red as she warns them not to dare even blink and miss a second, and she declares her turn and draws as Arai braces himself. She takes "Eleckiss" and "Romance Pick" from her hand (which contains two more copies of "Romance Pick" and "Esperaid of the Smashing Light". Since her LP are lower than her opponent's, Romin can pay 500 LP to activate the effect of "Romance Pick", and she falls to 400 LP as she explains that she can send the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard ("Psychic Divergence", "Psychic Introduction", and "Elengel"), and if there is a Psychic monster among them, then "Hey, come on!" She adds "Elengel" to her hand, then Tributes both "Elekiss" and "Romance Pick" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Etch into them the rhythm of your soul. Crush everything with a beat of rage! Esperaid of the Smashing Light!"

Romin Tribute Summons two "Romic'n'Roller".

But Arai activates a Trap Card, "Foam Wall - Bubbarrier", preventing "Esperaid" from either attacking directly or activating its effect until the end of the turn. The Trap surrounds "Esperaid" with bubbles as Yuga, Gakuto and Mimi gasp in shock, but Romin is unfazed, activating her Spell Card "Self Fan Club", Special Summoning "Romance Pick" and "Prima Guitarna" to Arai's side of the field in Defense Position. Arai gasps in shock as both cards appear on his Duel Disk and then rush out on the roads of light, disgorging the dulled monsters, both with zero DEF. Romin adds that she then regains 1000 LP, rising to 1400 LP, as Gakuto asks if Romin really Special Summoned her own ace monster to her opponent's field. But Luke chuckles and he looks over at Romin, who comments that she hopes they're prepared for the next song as she Summons her other two "Romance Picks" and activates both of their effects, falling again to 900, then 400 LP. She reveals the top three cards of her Deck again - "Piercing!", "Eleckiss", and "Romic'n'Roller", and then "Dividing Psychic Wall", "Climax Finale", and another "Romic'n'Roller", and she chooses to add both copies of "Romic'n'Roller" to her hand. With her hand containing "Elengel" and the two "Romic'n'Roller", she grins and then Tributes her two "Romance Picks" to Tribute Summon the two copies of "Romic'n'Roller", each with 1700 ATK. Mimi gasps that Romin has three high-Level monsters, though Gakuto worries that in addition to "Mop Colonel", Arai also has two of Romin's monsters and he wonders what's going on. But Romin activates the effects of "Romic'n'Roller" since her LP are below 2000, allowing her to reduce the ATK and DEF of all monsters Arai controls by 500 until the end of the turn. One "Romic'n'Roller" lets out a piercing warble, weakening "Mop Colonel" to 1800 ATK as Arai gasps in shock. Romin tells him that another song is coming, and the other "Romic'n'Roller" screams into her microphone, reducing "Mop Colonel" to 1300 ATK as Arai gasps in horror. Romin then sends "Elengel" from her hand to the Graveyard to activates "Greater Piercing!!", which Luke remembers as the Spell that Gakuto used to deal heavy damage to Romin. Yuga agrees that Romin can choose two monsters with the same Level and allow them to inflict piercing battle damage. Gakuto is overwhelmed that Romin recognized the strength of his strategy enough to add it to her own Deck and tearfully praises Romin (much to Mimi's concern) as Arai chokes that now he's the one in a corner. He screams that Romin must have cheated too, but Romin scoffs that such an uncool play wouldn't let her hype up the souls of the audience. Arai flinches back with a whimper and Romin orders the scorching beat of "Romic'n'Roller", striking down "Romance Pick" with a song of purple lightning and reducing Arai to 2300 LP as he screams "Wash!" Then the other destroys "Prima Guitarna", who turns and redirects the lightning at Arai and reduces him to 600 LP. Romin tells "Esperaid" to beat Arai down with the max volume rock'n'roll bazooka, and "Esperaid" attacks with "Terrifying Dread Refrain", destroying "Mop Colonel" and wiping out Arai's LP with a final scream of "Wash!"

Neiru welcomes Yuga and his friends.

Gakuto notes that Romin gets like this when she's reached the limit of her patience, not just when she's hungry, and Yuga comments that this time Romin lost it over not being able to cry, though since she's back to normal now... Romin defensively asks who's crying as Luke walks away, and Mimi cheerfully points out that Romin's eyes are swollen, prompting Romin to quickly rub them as Mimi smiles innocently. But then Arai claims that even if he knew he wouldn't tell them as Luke holds up the bicycle seat containing Kaizo's data as Arai claims he'd never tell them about how that Drone disappeared behind a door or whatever. "Really? Behind a door?" Yuga asks eagerly, and Arai covers his mouth and curses as he realizes that he's spilled the beans. Luke explains that he saw the door earlier, much to Arai's shock, and the six of them relocate to the door in question, fashioned in the shape of the Goha Corp logo, with Arai claiming that even if they've found the door it can't be opened without the key anyway. But when Yuga presses his Duel Disk to the hexagonal slot in the door, it opens right away, much to Arai's utter shock. Dark corridors lined with blue section frames stretch before them, and to Gakuto and Mimi's surprise, Yuga walks in. Luke and Gakuto follow him, but then Arai, the only one to remain outside, apologizes deeply for his actions, claiming he thought he could stop them on his own as he bows frantically. A voice comments that Arai deeply misunderstands such cowardly acts to be his strength, so he cannot return. Arai screams in shock and cries "Master Neiru!" as the doors close, separating him from the five Goha 7th students. As Gakuto pounds on the door, Romin asks what this is and Luke asks if they're trapped here. The voice tells them it's nice to meet them, and they turn to see a large hoverchair approaching them, containing a blond, bespectacled boy, who welcomes them to the garden of providence and smiles.

Featured Duel: Romin Kirishima vs Arata Arai[edit]

Romin VS Arai.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Romin
Romin draws "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light". Romin Normal Summons "Eleckiss" (300/1000) and "Elengel" (500/800). Romin Tributes "Eleckiss" and "Elengel" to Tribute Summon "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" (2200/0). Romin Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Arai
Arai's hand contains "One-Side Flip", two copies of "Washing Musketeer Washooter", "Foam Wall - Bubbarrier", and "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel". Arai Sets "One-Side Flip". He then uses a cheating device in his Duel Disk to swap his Set "One-Side Flip" with "White Foam - Bleach Motor" from his Deck. Arai activates his Set Spell "White Foam - Bleach Motor", choosing a Level 7 or higher monster Romin controls and reducing its ATK by 500 and inflicting 500 damage to Romin. He chooses "Prima Guitarna" ("Prima Guitarna": 2200/0 → 1700/0) (Romin: 4000 → 3500 LP). Arai Normal Summons two copies of "Washing Musketeer Washooter" (0/800). Arai activates the effect of a "Washooter" as it was Normal Summoned this turn and Romin controls a Level 7 or higher monster, returning a Spell from his GY to his Deck, then drawing a card. He returns "White Foam - Bleach Motor" to his Deck and draws "Seal of the Ancients". Arai Sets "Seal of the Ancients". He then uses the cheating device in his Duel Disk to swap his Set "Seal of the Ancients" with "White Foam - Bleach Motor" from his Deck. Arai activates his Set "White Foam - Bleach Motor", choosing "Prima Guitarna" ("Prima Guitarna": 1700/0 → 1200/0) (Romin: 3500 → 3000 LP). Arai activates the effect of the second "Washooter", returning "White Foam - Bleach Motor" from his GY to his Deck and draws "Piercing!". Arai Sets "Piercing!". He then uses the cheating device in his Duel Disk to swap his Set "Piercing!" with "White Foam - Bleach Motor" from his Deck. Arai activates his Set "White Foam - Bleach Motor", choosing "Prima Guitarna" ("Prima Guitarna": 1200/0 → 700/0) (Romin: 3000 → 2500 LP). Arai Tributes his two "Washooter" to Tribute Summon "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel" (2300/1200). Arai Sets "Foam Wall - Bubbarrier". He then attempts to use the cheating device in his Duel Disk to swap his Set "Bubbarrier" with a card from his Deck, but at this point Luke uses the Pauli effect to disable the cheating device. Arai activates the effect of "Clean Beret" as Romin controls a Level 7 or higher monster, placing a Spell in his GY on top of his Deck. He places "White Foam - Bleach Motor" on top of his Deck. "Clean Beret" attacks and destroys "Prima Guitarna" (Romin: 2500 → 900 LP).

Turn 3: Romin
Romin's hand contains three copies of "Romance Pick", "Eleckiss", and "Esperaid of the Smashing Light". Romin Normal Summons "Romance Pick" (500/0) and "Eleckiss" (300/1000). As her LP are lower than Arai's, Romin activates the effect of "Romance Pick", paying 500 LP (Romin: 900 → 400 LP) to send the top three cards of her Deck to the GY, and if she sends a Psychic monster to the GY, she can add a Psychic monster from her GY to her hand. She sends "Psychic Divergence", "Psychic Introduction", and "Elengel" to the GY and adds "Elengel" from her GY to her hand. Romin Tributes "Eleckiss" and "Romance Pick" to Tribute Summon "Esperaid of the Smashing Light" (2500/0). As Romin Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster while Arai controls a Level 7 or higher WATER monster, he activates his Set "Bubbarrier", preventing that monster from activating its effects or attacking directly this turn.[Note 1] Romin activates her Set Spell "Self Fan Club", allowing her to Special Summon 2 Psychic monsters from her GY to Arai's field in face-up Defense Position and gain 1000 LP. She Special Summons "Romance Pick" (500/0) and "Prima Guitarna" (2200/0) from her GY to Arai's field (Romin: 400 → 1400 LP). Romin activates the effect of a "Romance Pick" (Romin: 1400 → 900 LP), sending "Piercing!", "Eleckiss", and "Romic'n'Roller" from her Deck to the GY and adds "Romic'n'Roller" from her GY to her hand. Romin activates the effect of the other "Romance Pick" (Romin: 900 → 400 LP), sending "Dividing Psychic Wall", "Climax Finale", and "Romic'n'Roller" from her Deck to the GY and adds "Romic'n'Roller" from her GY to her hand. Romin's hand contains "Elengel" and two copies of "Romic'n'Roller". Romin Tributes her two "Romance Pick" to Tribute Summon two copies of "Romic'n'Roller" (1700/0). As Romin's LP are 2000 or less, she activates the effect of a "Romic'n'Roller", decreasing the ATK/DEF of all monsters Arai controls by 500 ("Clean Beret": 2300/1200 → 1800/700) ("Romance Pick": 500/0 → 0/0) ("Prima Guitarna": 2200/0 → 1700/0). Since Romin's LP are 2000 or less, she activates the effect of the other "Romic'n'Roller" ("Clean Beret": 1800/700 → 1300/200) ("Romance Pick": 0/0 → 0/0) ("Prima Guitarna": 1700/0 → 1200/0). Romin activates her Set Spell "Greater Piercing!!, sending a card from her hand to the GY to allow two monsters she controls with the same Level to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. She sends "Elengel" from her hand to the GY and chooses to grant her two "Romic'n'Roller" the ability to inflict piercing battle damage. Both copies of "Romic'n'Roller" attack and destroy "Romance Pick" and "Prima Guitarna" (Arai: 4000 → 2300 → 600 LP). "Esperaid" attacks and destroys "Clean Beret" (Arai: 600 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • The Attribute of "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel" was incorrectly shown as EARTH instead of WATER. This was fixed in Episode 22.


  1. "Clean Beret" is a WATER monster, but its Attribute was incorrectly shown as EARTH.