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"Rebelli-Ant is Mine"
Janko seeing himself and his fellow students as ants about to start a revolution.
Janko seeing himself and his fellow students as ants about to start a revolution.
Japanese name
RōmajiHangyakusuru wa Ware ni Ari
TranslatedRebelli-Ant is Mine
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayHiroshi Yamaguchi
Air dates
JapaneseJanuary 9, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Battling Tiger's Breath"
Next"The Lady Who Loves Her Heavy Cavalry"
Featured card"Antrebellion of the Rebellion"

"Rebelli-Ant is Mine" is the thirty-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on January 9, 2021.

Yuga and co. arrive at the location of the Trumpet Duet Tournament. However, what is going on there is a "Dark Rush Duel Tournament"! Luke, angered that the trumpet practice was for nothing, and Janko Entant, the rebel of Goha #6 who is holding the tournament, end up Dueling!


Yuga, Gavin (carrying a massive bag with their instruments on his back), Romin, Luke, Kaizo and Seatbastian all arrive at the supposed location of the Trumpet Duet Tournament, a dilapidated building in the forest; though Yuga, Gavin and Romin are skeptical that this is the correct location, Seatbastian assures them his navigation sensors are correct and Luke believes this will let them make as much noise as they want (though Gavin, Romin and Kaizo still aren't entirely convinced). Luke vows that he'll show the competition the results of their special training from hell as he remembers all the wind instruments his sister made him train with, and he takes out the trombone he is using for the tournament and blows experimentally, much to his friends' embarrassment. Seatbastian suggests they head in, and Luke agrees with another blow on the trombone. They head inside, Romin asking what the place is and Yuga observing that it looks like a school, and Luke spots a notice leading to the tournament, commenting that they were right after all. One notice soon turns into many, much to the exasperation of Gavin and Romin, though they eventually find the room the tournament is being held in and Luke opens the door.

Janko reveals that the Trumpet Duet Tournament is really the Dark Rush Duel Tournament.

But to their shock, the room is full of masked students Rush Dueling, all of whom quickly recognize Yuga (though naturally, Luke thinks that they recognized him as both the greatest Duelist and trombone player at Goha #7 Elementary) and they ask him why he's here. Yuga and Gavin are surprised by the question, and though Seatbastian insists his navigation circuits are functioning perfectly, Kaizo comments that they can't count on the "stupid chair" for anything. The seeming appearance of a Goha Enterprises Drone startles the masked students, much to Kaizo's indignation, and he declares that he's different from those mass-produced Drones. As the students ask Kaizo what he means, Romin wonders what on earth is going on and a disheveled student steps forwards, offering to add things up for them. Yuga asks who he is, and the boy introduces himself as Janko Entant, the person in charge of this dark tournament. Gavin is confused by the name, and Janko explains that the name "Trumpet Duet Tournament" was just a false name to fool the public; in reality this is a Dark Rush Duel Tournament. Yuga, Gavin, Romin and Kaizo are all shocked by this, though none more so than Luke, given that their special training was all for nothing, and Janko apologizes for the misunderstanding, claiming there's a deep reason why.

Janko frantically drawing cards.

But then Janko suddenly freezes up and begins to jerk and spasm, stammering in tune to Nanananananana as two other students lament that it's happening again and they rush off while Luke and his friends just watch in shock. The two students come back with boxes of cards that Janko proceeds to frantically draw from until he finally calms down and he apologizes, claiming he's all right now. Gavin can only ask what happened, and the bespectacled student with Janko explains that he's so addicted to Rush Dueling that he starts freaking out if he doesn't draw cards every once in a while, much to Romin's surprise. Janko admits that it's a long story, but do they want to hear his tragic backstory? Romin claims they don't, but Janko goes ahead with his tale anyway, Gavin observing that he really likes to talk.

The Goha #6 Student Council are defeated by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.

Janko explains that he used to be the Student Council President of Goha #6 Elementary, and he and his fellow members used to have fun Duels every day until they were defeated by Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, robbed of their cards, and kicked out of the Student Council, as Goha #6 Elementary is a school where one's strength as a Duelist is what matters. Romin and Gavin are shocked by the tale, which the bespectacled student states is a very traumatic memory for their leader, and the female student adds that Janko's body gets restless if he doesn't keep drawing cards. Janko claims that it's enough about him and asks if they would like to hear about what happened next. Romin isn't impressed to hear that there's more, and as Janko continues, Gavin notes that there does indeed seem to be more. Janko explained that he heard from a Goha 7th student who lived next in a house next to a relative who lived next to Janko's cousin about a newspaper which informed him about Rush Dueling, where he could draw up to five cards in a turn, a truly wonderful rule that soothed his trauma, and ever since they have been Rush Dueling here. Romin sums up Janko's tale as "he had a lot of terrible things happen to him", and Janko looks out the window at a tower, likening them to a colony of ants that have been oppressed and suppressed. His fellow former council members agree that it would be the end for them if Goha #6 Elementary found them, though Janko claims that there's no way they would ever think this abandoned school building was a nest of rebels. Gavin realizes where they are, and Seatbastian confirms it, realizing that he never told them; the "Trumpet Duet Competition" would take place on the old campus of Goha #6 Elementary. Gavin realizes that this was why it seemed like a school building, and Janko asks if they don't think this is a perfect anthill for them.

Luke is enraged that all his instrument training was for nothing.

And then Luke starts blowing his trombone, snarling that he doesn't care about ants, just the absolute hell that was his sister's training that they went through for this. Gavin tries to calm him down, and Janko comments that despite the misunderstanding he still got to meet Yuga Ohdo, the creator of Rush Duels, and he really wants to Duel him. Yuga is surprised by the challenge, while the Goha 6th students are all excited by it, and Janko claims that he wants to see how far the power of a tiny ant can go against an all-powerful giant. Yuga begins to accept the challenge as he denies that he's a giant, but then Luke puts his trombone in his ear and blows into it, deafening everyone and telling them to wait just a minute, as his rage at having all that hellish training go to waste is at its peak. His friends sweatdrop as he vows to beat Janko until he's blue in a Rush Duel as punishment for tricking him. Janko isn't fazed, commenting that Luke's Dueling skills should be comparable to Yuga's if he's his friend, and Luke proudly agrees that they are; his daor can easily step on a bunch of ants. Janko laughs, calling his claim interesting.

Janko has to be held back from drawing an extra time.

Lightning strikes above the building as Luke and Janko strap on their Duel Disks, while Seatbastian stands off to the side with the group's gear, irritated that he's the one holding it all. Luke and Janko insert their Decks into their Duel Disks to deploy the blades, calling "Rush Duel!" and generating the green holographic dome. Janko takes the first turn, savoring his draw and declaring that it's so amazing. Luke can only watch in shock as Janko falls to one knee, speaking of the satisfaction filling his whole body and trying to draw again, only for his fellow former council members to grab his arms and remind him that this is against the rules. He tries to claim it was just a joke, and he Summons three monsters; "Ants Running About", "United Ants", and "Oppressed Ant". Yuga observes that they're all ant monsters, and Romin gasps that it c-ant be, though Gavin isn't impressed by the unintentional pun. Yuga claims that it's easy to be ant-cited when you see them for the first time, once again not impressing poor Gavin and Kaizo (while Romin smiles sheepishly). Janko examines his hand, containing "Gi-ant Revolution" and "Antrebellion of the Rebellion", and he Sets the former to end his turn.

Luke isn't happy about Janko asking to draw his card for him.

Luke grins and he gets ready to draw, but then Janko asks if he can draw for Luke, much to Luke's anger, and he snaps that he can't, which Janko calls stingy. Luke scowls and he draws his card, once again recalling the training from hell that he poured his blood, sweat and tears into, and he will hurt Janko with this burning anger that has nowhere to go. His hand contains "Volcano Attack Dragon", "Dragon's Fortitude", "Dragon Encounter", "Fire Guardian", and "Dragon Bat", the latter of which he Summons. He Tributes "Dragon Bat" to Tribute Summon "Fire Guardian", and Yuga comments that Luke is going at full power from the start. Gavin comments that this is Luke for you; rushing ahead without thinking, and Romin asks if that's meant to be a compliment; Gavin claims that it is. The watching students are all impressed, much to Luke's pleasure, and he Sets two cards, then asks if Janko is ready for his trumpet duet as he orders "Fire Guardian" to attack "Oppressed Ant". "Fire Guardian" breathes a plume of fire at the terrified monster, and as Janko recoils in fear Luke tells him to look closely, as there's no way a dragon could lose to some measly ants.

Janko declares that's exactly why they can't lose, and he activates his Trap Card, "Gi-ant Revolution" as he controls three Insect monsters with 100 or less ATK, destroying all monsters Luke controls. "Fire Guardian" explodes, and its flames dissipate before they can strike "Oppressed Ant", much to Luke's shock, and Janko declares that their revolution begins here. Luke's friends can only watch as he is forced to end his turn.

Janko's ants face-off against "Volcano Attack Dragon".

Janko declares his turn, but then trails off into a seizure again, much to everyone's shock, and he violently draws four cards one at a time, but has to be stopped by his fellow former council members again, who remind him that's all he's allowed to draw. Janko sheepishly thanks them for the guid-ants as the Goha 7th students watch him nervously. Janko comments that he has five cards in his hand now as he looks at them; "Ants Running About", "Antrebellion of the Rebellion", "Gi-ant Revolution", "Antiberty Flag", and "United Ants". He Tributes his "Oppressed Ant" and "United Ants" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Witness! The trumpets of rebellion resound around you! Listen to the sound of revolution! Antrebellion of the Rebellion!" Romin gasps that Janko has Summoned a Level 7 ace monster, though Gavin notes that it only has 100 ATK, something Yuga calls interesting. But Luke activates his own Trap, "Dragon Encounter", Special Summoning a Dragon monster from his hand, chanting "Blaze on, volcanic fire! Volcano Attack Dragon!" "Volcano Attack Dragon" appears with 2300 ATK, and Luke laughs that he'll settle his grudge over this non-existent trumpet duet. But Janko Summons another "United Ants", and Luke reminds him that it's impossible for ants to beat a dragon. Janko just Sets two cards, commenting that ants are a sad existence that can be trampled without anyone noticing, but if a great number of them gather together they can cause a storm of revolution. His fellow students agree, much to Luke's surprise, and Janko orders his monster to revolutionize their tiny bodies with just a drop of his blood.

"Antrebellion of the Rebellion" activates "Assemble Revolution".

He activates the "Assemble Revolution" effect of "Antrebellion", who glows red and waves its banner as Janko pays 100 LP, falling to 3900 LP and allowing all Insect monsters he controls to gain 800 ATK times the number of monsters he controls. All three of his ants suddenly power up to 2500 ATK and Luke cries that it can't be. Janko declares that they'll first make sure this rebellion is successful and attacks "Volcano Attack Dragon" with "Oppressed Ant". Luke counters with "Dragon's Fortitude", returning "Fire Guardian" from his Graveyard to the bottom of his Deck to reduce the ATK of "Oppressed Ant" by 100 times "Fire Guardian's" Level. As "Fire Guardian" is Level 6, "Oppressed Ant" falls to 1900 ATK, and it crumbles against "Volcano Attack Dragon", reducing Janko to 3500 LP. Janko comments that Luke actually held on, and Luke declares that he won't be defeated so easily. Janko warns him that the storm of revolution hasn't quelled yet and this time he attacks "Volcano Attack Dragon" with "United Ants", destroying it and reducing Luke to 3800 LP. Then "Antrebellion of the Rebellion" attacks Luke directly with "Soul Bite of the Ant-normous Revolution", reducing him to 1300 LP and blasting him off his feet. Janko asks if Luke understands the strength of ants now, and ends his turn, returning the ATK of his monsters to 100. Yuga cries Luke's name as he gets to his feet, and Gavin admits that it's such an unexpected situation. Romin worries over what will happen if Luke doesn't ant-ccept this situation, and Yuga confirms that it will be ant-exceptable, much to poor Gavin's dismay.

But Luke claims that this is nothing compared to the hell his sister put him through, declaring his turn and drawing five cards; "Insurrection Dragon", "Twin Edge Dragon", "Dragorite", "Dragon's Sage", and "Draco the Tiny". He Summons "Dragon's Sage" and "Draco the Tiny", and Janko activates another Trap, "Antiberty Flag", since Luke Summoned a monster, Special Summoning "Ants Running About" and giving him three monsters again. Gavin asks what Luke will do now, as they'll just gain ATK again next turn, but Romin notes that Janko will likely destroy Luke's monsters again and counterattack no matter what monster he Summons. Yuga agrees that Janko will defin-ant-ly do that (much to Gavin and Kaizo's exasperation). Luke Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Come forth, the king of dragons who lies in deep sleep! Insurrection Dragon!" To everyone's shock it has zero ATK, and the Goha 6th students wonder if Luke is trying to throw the match, while Gavin gasps "Ant-believable!" repeatedly, only realizing his pun when Yuga and Romin take notice. Luke then Summons two more monsters, "Dragorite" and "Twin Edge Dragon", and Janko asks what he's doing.

"Insurrection Dragon" powers up into its true form.

"This," Luke replies, returning four Normal Monsters from his Graveyard to the bottom of his Deck to have "Insurrection Dragon" gain 700 ATK for each monster on both sides of their field, for a total of 4200 ATK. Janko gasps that it can't be and Luke declares that this is the true form of "Insurrection Dragon", the king of dragons who lies in a deep sleep. Now is its time to awaken, gather all its strength, and bellow. He declares "Revolution Charge!" as "Insurrection Dragon" swells and grows, rising to 4200 ATK. Janko gasps as Romin and Gavin observe that this is a monster that grows stronger the more monsters there are on the field, and Yuga cries that it's as expected of Luke. Janko agrees that it is, but believes their revolution won't end here, as he still has one move left. Luke orders "Insurrection Dragon" to attack "Antrebellion of the Rebellion", and Janko activates another "Gi-ant Revolution", declaring that he'll destroy all of Luke's monsters again. Gavin cries in fear as Romin gasps that Janko used it again, and both "Dragorite" and "Twin Edge Dragon" explode into colored shards as Janko warns Luke that "Insurrection Dragon" is next.

"As if!" Luke laughs, and as Janko gasps in shock, Luke explains that under "Revolution Charge", "Insurrection Dragon" isn't destroyed by a Trap Card the first time it would be. Janko can only ask what Luke just said as his fellow students gasp in shock, and Luke points to the sky and tells the fangs of a dragon to gather as pink energy coalesces at his fingertip, then he tells "Insurrection Dragon" to swallow all evil and bring out the power of miracles, ordering its "Grand Strike of Focused Accuracy" attack. Slamming its fists together, "Insurrection Dragon" engulfs them in pink energy and blasts it in seven spears at "Antrebellion of the Rebellion", destroying it and reducing Janko's LP to zero with a dramatic cry of "Janko-gooooooooo!"

The building suddenly begins to shake and crumble.

As the dome fades, Janko mournfully asks if they are just tiny ants that exist to be trampled on. But Luke comments that Janko put up a hell of a fight and offers him a hand up, though he notes that it wasn't as much as his dragons. Luke smiles as Janko gets to his feet himself, but takes Luke's hand once he has. Janko thanks Luke as his fellow students smile, and Luke celebrates settling his anger over the trumpet duet, so now they can have a showy Rush Duel Tournament here. But as they cheer, Seatbastian notices something and he drops everyone's belongings in shock. The building begins to rumble, dust clouding around it, and then the top of the old tower falls off. Yuga and Luke look around frantically as the sounds of heavy machinery approach them, and then the wall explodes inwards in a cloud of dust, much to the horror of Janko and the former council, Luke, Gavin, Kaizo, Romin and Yuga.

Featured Duel: Lucidien "Luke" Kallister vs Janko Entant[edit]

Luke VS Jango.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Janko
Janko Normal Summons "Ants Running About" (100/600), "United Ants" (100/400), and "Oppressed Ant" (100/200). Janko's hand contains "Gi-ant Revolution" and "Antrebellion of the Rebellion". Janko Sets "Gi-ant Revolution".

Turn 2: Luke
Luke's hand contains "Volcano Attack Dragon", "Dragon's Fortitude", "Dragon Encounter", "Fire Guardian", and "Dragon Bat". Luke Normal Summons "Dragon Bat" (1000/400). Luke Tributes "Dragon Bat" to Tribute Summon "Fire Guardian" (2100/400). Luke Sets two cards. "Fire Guardian" attacks "Oppressed Ant", but as a monster Luke controls declared an attack while Janko controls three face-up Insect monsters with 100 or less ATK, Janko activates his Set Trap "Gi-ant Revolution", destroying all face-up monsters Luke controls. "Fire Guardian" is destroyed.

Turn 3: Janko
Janko's hand contains "Ants Running About", "Antrebellion of the Rebellion", "Gi-ant Revolution", "Antiberty Flag", and "United Ants". Janko Tributes "Oppressed Ant" and "United Ants" to Tribute Summon "Antrebellion of the Rebellion" (100/100). As Janko Normal Summoned a monster, Luke activates his Set Trap "Dragon Encounter", Special Summoning a Dragon monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Volcano Attack Dragon" (2300/2000) in Attack Position. Janko Normal Summons "United Ants" (100/400). Janko activates the effect of "Antrebellion", paying 100 LP (Janko: 4000 → 3900 LP) to have all Insect monsters he controls with 100 or less ATK gain 800 ATK for each monster he controls until the end of this turn ("Antrebellion": 100/100 → 2500/100)("Ants Running About": 100/600 → 2500/600)("United Ants": 100/400 → 2500/400). Janko Sets two cards. "Ants Running About" attacks "Volcano Attack Dragon", but as a monster his opponent controls declared an attack, Luke activates his Set Trap "Dragon's Fortitude", returning a Dragon monster from his GY to his Deck to decrease the ATK of the attacking monster by the returned monster's Level x 100. He returns the Level 6 "Fire Guardian" to his Deck ("Ants Running About": 2500/400 → 1900/400). The attack continues and "Ants Running About" is destroyed (Janko: 3900 → 3500 LP). "United Ants" attacks and destroys "Volcano Attack Dragon" (Luke: 4000 → 3800). "Antrebellion" attacks Luke directly (Luke: 3800 → 1300 LP). At the end of the turn, the effect of "Antrebellion of the Rebellion" expires ("Antrebellion": 2500/100 → 100/100)("United Ants": 2500/400 → 100/400)

Turn 4: Luke
Luke draws "Insurrection Dragon", "Twin Edge Dragon", "Dragorite", "Dragon's Sage", and "Draco the Tiny". Luke Normal Summons "Dragon's Sage" (1100/100) and "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400). As Luke Normal Summoned a monster, Janko activates his Set Trap "Antiberty Flag", Special Summoning an Insect monster with 100 or less ATK from his hand or GY. He Special Summons "Ants Running About" (100/600) from his hand in Position. Luke Tributes "Dragon's Sage" and "Draco the Tiny" to Tribute Summon "Insurrection Dragon" (0/0). Luke Normal Summons "Dragorite" (1500/0) and "Twin Edge Dragon" (1000/0). Luke activates the effect of "Insurrection Dragon", placing four Normal Monsters from his GY on the bottom of his Deck in any order to have it gain 700 ATK for every monster on the field until the end of this turn, also the first time "Insurrection Dragon" would be destroyed by Janko's Trap effects this turn, it is not destroyed. He places "Volcano Attack Dragon", "Dragon Bat", "Dragon's Sage", and "Draco the Tiny" on the bottom of his Deck, and there are six monsters on the field ("Insurrection Dragon": 0/0 → 4200/0). "Insurrection Dragon" attacks "Antrebellion", but Janko activates his Set Trap "Gi-ant Revolution". "Dragorite" and "Twin Edge Dragon" are destroyed, but due to the effect of "Insurrection Dragon", it is not destroyed. The attack continues and "Antrebellion" is destroyed (Janko: 3500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • This episode's title is a reference to the 1979 Japanese film Vengeance Is Mine.
  • When Janko is having an episode of trauma, he chants in time to Nanananananana. His voice actor, Yuseku Saeki/SAEKI YouthK, is the singer of the opening proper.
  • Romin and Gavin make appearances in this episode's Monster Corner for the first time.