Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 005

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"Luke, a Manly Battle"
Luke is interviewed by Masaru before his Rush Duel with Bakuro
Luke is interviewed by Masaru before his Rush Duel with Bakuro
Japanese name
RōmajiRūku, Otoko no Tatakai
TranslatedLuke, a Manly Battle
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayHiroshi Yamaguchi
Air dates
JapaneseMay 2, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Farewell, Student Council President!"
Next"I Beg Your Noodle! Ramen Duel!"
Featured card

"Luke, a Manly Battle" is the fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on May 2, 2020.

The school's journalism club came to interview Yuga and his friends! Since Goha has been keeping an eye on the internet, perhaps he can spread Rush Duels without attracting their attention by using printed newspapers?! However, it turns out that the journalism club thinks Rush Duels are "shallow"! Trembling in anger at their insults, Luke decides to challenge them!


President Goha oversees the efforts to erase Rush Dueling from the internet.

Luke gasps "What?!" and Gakuto explains that every video showing Rush Dueling has been deleted again. Luke leaps around Gakuto for a closer look as other students pass them on the way to school and Yuga muses that it's true. Gakuto states that it's more than that; there aren't even any search results when entering "Rush Duel" into a search engine. Yuga muses that someone must be trying to completely erase it, and Luke protests that he's still here. Gakuto yelps that this isn't what he's talking about, and Luke asks what he is talking about. Yuga realizes what's happening.

At the Goha Corporation Main Office, dozens of employees work to terminate videos, files and accounts, while President Goha oversees their work and laughs.

Gakuto follows Yuga's gaze to the Goha Corp Main Building and he realizes that Yuga is implying that Goha Corp are responsible. Yuga admits that it's a likely possibility, and claims that it gets him going that a big corporation like that can't afford to ignore them anymore. Gakuto is hesitant, but Luke takes matters into his own hands and rings Goha Client Service. Unfortunately for Luke, he's greeted by Goha Customer Support (spoken in English as opposed to Japanese) and can't work out that he's been connected to the right place due to the language barrier, much to the poor assistant's confusion and Yuga and Gakuto's amusement.

The Newspaper Club show up to interview Yuga, Luke, and Gakuto.

As Yuga, Gakuto, and Luke arrive at school, two voices ask them to excuse them and three students zoom in front of them; one holding a notebook, another a microphone, and the third a camera. Gakuto states that they're from the Newspaper Club, and the stocky boy holding the microphone holds it up to Gakuto, asking him if he can tell them more about the currently popular Rush Dueling. Yuga asks if they're taking their interviews, and the girl with the camera holds it up and politely asks them to look here, snapping a photo while the shorter student scribbles down notes. Luke states that if they are taking interviews, they should let him tell them about Rush Dueling. Gakuto protests, but Yuga points out that Goha Corp won't be able to influence an analog medium like a newspaper. Gakuto states that a school newspaper won't reach far, but Yuga replies that they have to start somewhere. The two of them watch as the Newspaper Club interview Luke, who proudly tells them that Rush Dueling turns all common sense on its head and puts one in the steep and thorny road to reach new heights; in other words, it puts you on a road to become the King of Duels. Yuga seems confused by the interview process, while Romin watches disapprovingly from the sidelines. Later, Luke is practicing drawing while Gakuto cleans his cards and Yuga looks through a practice hand. Yuga suggests that if all goes well, this could become their greatest weapon against Goha Corp. Romin approaches them, asking if they're sure that was a good move. Luke asks in confusion if Romin wanted to be interviewed too and states that she should have said so earlier. Romin protests that it's not that, but their school's Newspaper Club doesn't really have the best reputation.

And sure enough, the next day Gakuto is furious to find an article decrying Rush Dueling as "the worst of the worst of all time", Romin notes that they called it a dishonor to Dueling, Gakuto adds that they wrote that the rules are "shallow and for kids" and Luke is incensed to see that they quoted him as saying he was the king and they were all his servants. The other students are abuzz at the article, pointing out Yuga, Gakuto and Luke, and Romin is quick to distance herself from the boys. But Yuga doesn't seem worried, pointing out that it's still a large effect even if it is an analog form of media. Gakuto declares that this isn't the time to be impressed; they have to take official action against them.

The Newspaper Club refuse to retract their provocative article.

They go to the Newspaper Club's office, where Masaru, the boy who interviewed them, claims that they can't retract their article. Gakuto asks him why it's impossible; this is an official objection from the Student Council. Masaru asks if they're censoring them, and Nico, the girl with the camera, rushes over, taking a photo of "the evil face of the Student Council President who is pressuring their newspaper club", while the other boy continues scratching down notes. Gakuto snaps that he isn't pressuring them, but the actual truth isn't - and then Luke slams his hand down on the desk, angrily warning them that they can write whatever they like about him, but he won't forgive them for making fun of Rush Dueling. Gakuto is shocked that Luke is actually being serious, but Masaru dismissively asks what he means by making fun of; they're only writing the truth. Nico declares that "Reveal the truth to as many people as possible" is their motto after all, prompting Luke to curse at them. Yuga comments that it's too bad that such a virtuous club will be silenced, much to Nico's surprise. Yuga explains that they're being observed by the Goha Corporation and whenever they try uploading a video with the keyword "Rush Duel" it and the associated data get deleted. Masaru is shocked at Goha's actions, and Yuga holds up the newspaper, noting that if it gets scanned and uploaded onto the internet, Goha Corp might even "erase" the Newspaper Club, depending on the circumstances, isn't that scary? Masaru and Nico freak out, and Romin asks Gakuto if that's really true. Gakuto suggests they just leave it at that, and Romin loudly states that Goha might find out about them and order the Newspaper Club to cease publication.

Bakuro freaks out over the idea of his paper being shut down.

For a while, the only sound is the third student's pencil scratching as he takes notes, until he too freaks out and tears the pages of the pad, scattering them everywhere and screaming "Ceasing publication!" Nico zooms over to ask if the chief is okay, and Masaru holds up his microphone, asking him to tell them how he feels. Romin is quite unimpressed that the short boy is the chief, and the boy walks over to them and apologizes for losing his cool. He pushes his hair out of his eyes and introduces himself as Bakuro Shinjitsu, the head of the Goha 7th Elementary Newspaper Club and he states that he can't have them cease their club's publication. Gakuto asks if he'll retract his article, but Bakuro suggests that they Duel him and the winner will decide the article contents. Yuga eagerly asks what the rules will be, and Bakuro replies that he doesn't mind them being Rush Dueling rules. Gakuto seems surprised that Bakuro has agreed to a Rush Duel, and Bakuro declares that he'll show them that Rush Duels are very shallow. Romin, Gakuto and Yuga aren't happy, but Yuga perks up and is about to say something, but Luke asks him to wait; he'll Duel. Gakuto gasps his name, and Luke declares that he wants to how them that Rush Duels are very deep indeed.

Kaizo is appreciative of Nico.

Outside, Luke removes his watch to strap on his Duel Disk, while Bakuro readies his Deck case. Masaru sidles over to Luke, asking him to tell them how he feels, and Luke warns them that he's going to grill that eel (a play on the word for "feeling" in Japanese). Masaru then interviews Bakuro, who claims that the truth is on their side, as always. Nico quickly captures Bakuro's "great" expression, and Romin observes that they seem to have a lot of confidence. Kaizo's voice suddenly thanks them for waiting, everyone's favourite Drone Kaizo is here. Yuga is pleased to see his Drone, but Kaizo is immediately distracted by Nico, or as he puts it "a cute girl with cute glasses" and he flies around her appreciatively, spooking Nico away. Romin isn't impressed by the Drone's antics, and Yuga admits that it seems that Kaizo's getting weirder every time he modifies it. Luke readies his Deck case, noting that they seem to be having fun, and calls "Let's go!" Bakuro replies that he's ready when Luke is, and both Duelists declare "Rush Duel!" as they insert their Deck cases into their Duel Disks and deploy the blades, generating the holographic dome over them.

Bakuro declares that it's the Newspaper Club's turn, and he draws. He looks at his hand, containing "Delivery Machine Whirr", "That's All from the Scene!", "Duplicate Newspaper", "News Flash Machine Toughroid", and "It's an Accident!", and he Sets a monster, then Sets three cards and ends his turn. Gakuto is surprised that Bakuro only Summoned one monster, and Romin notes that Bakuro is playing conservatively. Kaizo zooms over to Romin with glasses projected on his screen and he suggests that Romin try out glasses once in a while. Romin irritably asks if Yuga can't do something about this, and Yuga sheepishly apologizes as he slides in and drags Kaizo away.

Bakuro ends Luke's Battle Phase.

Luke declares his turn and draws, declaring that it's time for a swift attack. He Summons "Dragolite", "Dragon's Priestess", and "Dragon Bat", and Gakuto declares that they're here. Romin is impressed that Luke summoned three monsters right away. Luke then activates the Spell Card "Piercing!" on "Dragolite", allowing it to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He Sets a card, then declares his Battle Phase, attacking the Set monster with "Dragolite". "Delivery Machine Whirr" screeches onto the field, but freaks out at the sight of "Dragolite", who incinerates it with a blast of blue flame. Luke reminds Bakuro of the effect of "Piercing!" and the plume of flames passes over Bakuro, reducing him to 2700 LP. Bakuro comments that it's too bad that the cute and diligent "Delivery Machine Whirr" was destroyed and his LP decreased. Luke beckons Masaru over, and he tells him that he'll change their Newspaper Club to "Luke Newspaper" if he wins. Masaru thinks it's crazy, but Bakuro seems unconcerned, activating the Trap Card "It's an Accident", which blasts a shockwave at Luke. Bakuro explains that if a Defense Position monster was destroyed by his opponent's attack, his Trap will deal 300 damage to his opponent. Luke is buffeted as his LP falls to 3700, and Masaru holds up his microphone, asking Luke to tell him how it felt to fall into a trap so easily. Luke replies that it was only a scratch, and Nico takes a photo of his "pretending to be strong face". Luke suggests that he show them whether or not he is, and he attacks Bakuro directly with "Dragon's Priestess". But as she begins to pray, Bakuro sends his "Toughroid" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate another Trap Card, which inflicts 300 damage to Luke. The card's image is blanked out by its light as Luke falls to 3400 LP, and Bakuro steps out from behind it as he declares that it will also end Luke's Battle Phase; "That's All from the Scene!" Romin is shocked by the effect, and Gakuto admits that it's a strong Trap Card. Yuga eagerly comments that Bakuro seems to have done his research on Rush Dueling, and Gakuto asks why he wrote that article in that case. Bakuro asks if they don't get it; one must investigate thoroughly about the other party before writing the article; it's an important approach as a reporter after all. He smirks and claims that the investigation made him understand that Rush Dueling rules are very shallow, since even he, who has difficulty remembering things, can remember them easily. Luke ends his turn.

Bakuro manages to Summon all three of his "News Flash Machine Toughroids".

Bakuro politely asks if it's his turn and draws five cards. He Summons two "Delivery Machine Whirr", then Tributes them to Tribute Summon. He chants "There it is! You did it! I got the Scoop! Print! Print! Print in the printing press! Bring on out the newspaper extra! News Flash Machine Toughroid!" "Toughroid" appears with 2300 ATK, and Luke asks if that's Bakuro's ace monster. Bakuro confirms that it is; "News Flash", in other words, a scoop is the main essence of a newspaper. He won't let Luke escape his overwhelming reporter attack. Luke grits his teeth, and Bakuro activates a Spell Card, "Duplicate Newspaper". Luke gasps in shock as Bakuro explains that it allows him to Special Summon a monster from his Graveyard with the same name as a Machine monster he controls. He tells his second "Toughroid" to come back, and it leaps out of the ground and lands with a crash. Gakuto gasps that Bakuro resurrected a monster from his Graveyard and Romin asks if this is the "reporter attack". Bakuro then activates the effect of "Toughroid" by sending the top card of his Deck - a third "Toughroid" - to the Graveyard, forcing his opponent to excavate the top five cards of their Deck and for each monster revealed, "Toughroid" will gain 100 ATK until the end of the turn. He declares "Scandal Break", and Luke extracts the top five cards of his Deck; "Return of Dragon", "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", "Palm-Sized Drago", "Twin-Edge Dragon", and "Dragias the Striking Dragon". Bakuro smirks at the sight of "Dragias" as Luke places the cards on the bottom of his Deck, thinking that Luke just put his ace monster on the bottom of his Deck. Luke asks if that's all, and Bakuro claims that it is; three monsters were revealed, so "Toughroid" gains 300 ATK. Luke grits his teeth, but Bakuro flips over his last face-down card; a second "Duplicate Newspaper", and he revives his third "Toughroid". Gakuto gasps that Bakuro Summoned three of his aces, and Romin wonders if he might actually win, while Yuga watches intently. Bakuro Sets a card and declares his Battle Phase, attacking "Dragon Bat" with his first "Toughroid". It sucks "Dragon Bat" into its body, expelling it as a picture that burns away much to Luke's shock as he falls to 2100 LP. Bakuro then attacks "Dragon's Priestess" with his second "Toughroid", rolling it into another picture and reducing Luke to 900 LP. Bakuro smirks and he laughs that it's so easy. Romin observes that Luke's remaining LP is 900, this really is bad, while Gakuto screams that it's over now. Masaru cheerfully asks Luke to tell him how he feels about this turnaround, while Nico eagerly waits to treat herself to the shot of the decisive moment when Luke loses like a plebeian. Bakuro claims that it's as expected; Rush Dueling is as shallow as it seems. He smirks, and Masaru and Nico snicker as Bakuro asks Luke to allow him to deliver the finishing blow. He attacks "Dragolite" with his powered-up "Toughroid", ordering "Scoop Shot".

But Luke grins, apologizing to Bakuro as he can't have that. Bakuro gasps as Luke activates his Trap Card "Dragon's Tenacity", returning a Dragon monster in his Graveyard to his Deck to reduce the ATK of his opponent's monster by its Level times 100. Bakuro gasps "Attack Points?!" as Luke chooses the Level 3 "Dragon's Priestess", reducing "Toughroid" to 2300 ATK. Bakuro blanches as Luke inserts "Dragon's Priestess" back into his Deck, and then "Dragolite" is sucked into the final "Toughroid" and its picture ejected and incinerated, reducing Luke to 100 LP. Bakuro laughs nervously, admitting that he had been worried for a minute, but Luke only has 100 LP left and only survived by a hair's breadth. Romin gasps that Luke survived and Gakuto nervously wonders if maybe they shouldn't have allowed Luke to Duel. Yuga states that's not true; the Luke he knows would never lose like that. Luke gets to his feet as Masaru tells Bakuro that it's too bad he couldn't finish Luke this turn and holds out his microphone. Bakuro reassures them that Luke will lose soon and tells Nico to make sure she captures the important part. Nico replies that of course she will, and she snaps a picture of him. Bakuro ends his turn.

Luke destroys all three of Bakuro's "Toughroids".

His eyes closed, Luke declares his turn and draws five cards. He asks if Bakuro calls Rush Dueling rules shallow, and Bakuro asks if he's wrong (as Nico swirls around taking photos of him). Luke suggests that Bakuro might be able to change his mind after this, and Luke takes "Dragon's Upsetter", "Dragon's Setupper" and "Twin-Edge Dragon" from his hand (which also contains "Dragias") and sends them to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Dragonic Pressure" from his hand. Cracks open up in ground below the three "Toughroids" as Luke declares that the effect will destroy all of Bakuro's monsters, which fall into the abyss as Bakuro gasps "What?!" Luke then Special Summons "Dragonic Setupper", and Bakuro panics as he gasps that he still has a play; since his Machine monster was destroyed, he activates his Trap Card "Reporter Soul" to Special Summon "Toughroid" from his Graveyard. Luke then activates the effect of "Dragon's Setupper", Special Summoning "Dragon's Upsetter" from his Graveyard, and then he Tribute his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! There's a reason why I said it twice. Now, come out! Dragias the Striking Dragon!" Bakuro is horrified to see "Dragias", protesting that he sent it to the bottom of the Deck, but then he realizes that Luke shuffled his Deck due to "Dragon's Tenacity" earlier. Luke tells Bakuro that if he says he's trying to report the truth, then allow him to treat him to the real truth. Bakuro flinches backwards as Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to his Graveyard to activate the "Gias Charge" effect of "Dragias", and "Dragias'" eyes and orbs glow red as Luke states that if "Dragias" destroys a monster by battle, it can attack once again. Bakuro gasps "No way!" and Luke slides "Twin-Edge Dragon" into his Graveyard and he declares that this is the truth of Rush Dueling. Bakuro repeats "Truth" (the word for "truth" is the same as his last name in Japanese) and Luke attacks with "Dragias the Striking Dragon", which releases its "Striking Light Bullet of Explosive Supremacy" and destroys "Toughroid", reducing Bakuro to 2500 LP. Luke then attacks directly with "Dragias", ordering "Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy" and as the flames approach Bakuro, Luke tells him to turn to ashes. Bakuro is consumed by the fire as his LP falls to zero, beginning to whisper "Ceasing publication..." (the word "ash" in Japanese, "hai" is also part of the term "Ceasing publication).

Bakuro proudly declares that he enjoyed the Rush Duel.

The holographic dome fades, and as Kaizo lies tied up on the ground, Masaru and Nico run to Bakuro's side as ask if he's okay. Luke deactivates his Duel Disk as Gakuto sighs in relief and Romin smiles proudly, and Yuga points out that it all turned out fine. Gakuto protests that Luke wouldn't have been able to make the second attack fi his opponent hadn't Special Summoned "Toughroid", then worries over how "Dragias" had been shuffled into the Deck in the first place, but Yuga reassures him that it's fine; even if the possibility is less than 0.1%, you should always bet on that possibility until the last moment; that's how their Rush Duel works. Luke turns around and smiles at Yuga, and Yuga grins back and he fist pumps while Romin smiles happily and sidles off, snatching up Masaru's microphone and asking the Newspaper Club how if feels to have lost from a turnaround. But Bakuro declares that a journalist's mission is to report the truth, snatching back the microphone and crying this to the setting sun, much to Romin, Nico and Masaru's shock. Bakuro happily declares that he experienced the depth and fun of Rush Duels in this Duel, and he vows to properly report the truth. He begs Luke not to suspend their publication, and bows to him (Masaru and Nico running up and doing so as well), and Yuga reassures them that they won't, much to the surprise of his friends. He laughs nervously, and the Newspaper Club are overjoyed; Bakuro thanking him sincerely.

Luke's requested article does not go down well with his friends...

The next morning, Masaru and Nico swiftly distribute the new 7th Elementary Newspaper; a complete analysis on appeal of Rush Duels. Romin notes that they seem popular, and Bakuro states that it's thanks to them; from now on the Newspaper Club will try to report the truth. Yuga thanks Luke for protecting their Rush Dueling as well, and Luke claims that it's only natural for someone aiming to be king to do. But Gakuto runs up, crying that it's a disaster and handing the paper to Yuga, telling him to look at the article. Yuga doesn't see anything wrong, but Gakuto tells him to look at the other side, and he turns it around to show them a photo that makes Romin physically ill as she asks what on earth it is; a photo of Luke's head digitally pasted on a king's body with Gakuto and Romin as his servants and a thoroughly unimpressed Yuga in the portrait beside them. Luke claims that he asks for it, and Bakuro happily states that it was tough editing the faces. Luke replies that he totally gets it; this is the best article.

Featured Duel: Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo vs Bakuro Shinjitsu[edit]

Rook VS Bakuro.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Bakuro
Bakuro's hand contains "Delivery Machine Whirr", "That's All from the Scene!", "Duplicate Newspaper", "News Flash Machine Toughroid", and "It's an Accident!". Bakuro Sets a monster. Bakuro Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Luke
Luke Normal Summons "Dragolite" (1500/0), "Dragon's Priestess" (1100/100), and "Dragon Bat" (1000/400). Luke activates the Spell Card "Piercing!", allowing a monster he controls to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He chooses "Dragolite". Luke Sets a card.

"Dragolite" attacks and destroys Bakuro's Set "Delivery Machine Whirr" (0/200) (Bakuro: 4000 → 2700 LP). As a monster he controls was destroyed by battle, Bakuro activates his Set Trap Card "It's an Accident!", allowing him to inflict 300 damage to Luke (Luke: 4000 → 3700 LP). "Dragon's Priestess" attacks Bakuro directly, but Bakuro activates his Set Trap "That's All from the Scene!", allowing him to send a Machine monster from his hand to the GY to inflict 300 damage to Luke and end the Battle Phase. He sends "Toughroid" to the GY (Luke: 3700 → 3400 LP).

Turn 3: Bakuro
Bakuro Normal Summons two copies of "Whirr" (0/200). He then Tributes both copies of "Whirr" to Tribute Summon a "Toughroid" (2300/1600). Bakuro activates "Duplicate Newspaper", allowing him to choose a Machine monster he controls and Special Summon a monster with the same name from his GY, but it cannot attack directly and its effects are negated. He chooses "Toughroid", and Special Summons another "Toughroid" from his GY in Attack Position. Bakuro activates the effect of the 1st "Toughroid", allowing him to send the top card of his Deck to the GY to force Luke to excavate the top 5 cards of his Deck, and for each excavated monster, "Toughroid" will gain 100 ATK until the end of this turn, then Luke places the excavated cards on the bottom of his Deck in any order. Bakuro sends another "Toughroid" and Luke excavates "Return of Dragon", "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", "Palm-Sized Drago", "Twin-Edge Dragon", and "Dragias the Striking Dragon" ("Toughroid": 2300/1600 → 2600/1600). Bakuro activates his Set Spell "Duplicate Newspaper", choosing "Toughroid" and Special Summoning a third "Toughroid" from his GY in Attack Position. Bakuro Sets a card.

The two "Toughroids" with 2300 ATK attack and destroy "Dragon Bat" and "Dragon Priestess" (Luke: 3400 → 2100 → 900 LP). The "Toughroid" with 2600 ATK attacks "Dragolite", but Luke activates his Set Trap Card "Dragon's Tenacity", allowing him to return a Dragon monster from his GY into his Deck to decrease the ATK of the attacking monster by the returned monster's Level x 100 until the end of the turn. He returns the Level 3 "Dragon's Priestess" ("Toughroid": 2600/1600 → 2300/1600). The attack continues and "Dragolite" is destroyed (Luke: 900 → 100 LP).

Turn 4: Luke
Luke's hand contains "Dragonic Pressure", "Dragon's Upsetter", "Dragon's Setupper", "Dragias the Striking Dragon", and "Twin-Edge Dragon". Luke activates the Spell Card "Dragonic Pressure", sending three Dragon monsters from his hand to the GY to destroy all monsters on the field, and if a monster is destroyed by this effect, Luke can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Dragon monster from his GY in face-up Defense Position. Luke sends "Dragon's Setupper", "Dragon's Upsetter", and "Twin-Edge Dragon" to the GY, destroying all three copies of "Toughroid", then Special Summoning "Dragon's Setupper" from his GY (0/1000) in Defense Position. As his Machine monster was destroyed by a card effect, Bakuro activates his Set Trap Card "Reporter Soul", allowing him to Special Summon a Machine monster from his GY in Attack Position. He Special Summons "Toughroid" in Attack Position. Luke activates the effect of "Dragon's Setupper", allowing him to Special Summon a "Dragon's Upsetter" from his GY in face-up Defense Position, but his Level 6 or lower monsters cannot attack this turn. He Special Summons "Dragon's Upsetter" in Defense Position (1000/0). Luke Tributes "Setupper" and "Upsetter" to Tribute Summon "Dragias the Striking Dragon" (2500/1500). Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to allow it to make a second attack this turn if it destroys an opponent's monster by battle. He sends "Twin-Edge Dragon".

"Dragias" attacks and destroys "Toughroid" (Bakuro: 2700 → 2500), then attacks Bakuro directly (Bakuro: 2500 → 0)

Featured Cards[edit]