Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 022

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"The Sealed Devil"
Arai uses his new cheat technique: "Arai Angel".
Arai uses his new cheat technique: "Arai Angel".
Japanese name
RōmajiFūjirareta Akuma
TranslatedThe Sealed Devil
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayHisao Ayumu
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 31, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind"
Next"What Lies Beyond Providence"
Featured card"Dragon's Striker"

"The Sealed Devil" is the twenty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 31, 2020.

Yuga and co. use the coupons they got from Mimi and enjoy a meal at the A.I. Restaurant. There, they feel that someone is watching them... and it turns out to be Arata Arai! After bringing Luke to the dishwashing room, Arai begins a Cheat Duel against him. For some reason, Luke can't use his special power "Luke Devil"...!?


Luke's power shorts out a waiter Drone.

At the A.I. Restaurant, Luke tells his friends that it's his treat and they can order whatever they want as he holds up the coupons that Mimi gave him. Romin isn't too impressed, and Gakuto points out that Mimi gave him those. Yuga, with Kaizo in hand, suggests they just have fun eating out today. As they enter the Restaurant, several people are already enjoying the holographic rooms as displayed on the Restaurant A.I., and a waiter Goha Corporation Drone welcomes them. Luke confidently holds up the coupons and asks for a VIP room, but then his wrist sparks and the waiter Drone falls to the ground, deactivated, much to the shock of Yuga, Romin and Gakuto, though Luke just thinks it's horrible customer service. The door to a VIP room then opens, and Luke zips over to it, calling to his friends to come over, but then his wrist sparks again and the door closes as he turns around and walks nose first into it, collapsing to the floor as Yuga calls his name in concern and Romin wonders if he'll be okay. As they sit in a cloudscape eating their meal (with Luke naturally seating himself higher than everyone else), Luke comments that his devils seems to be moody today, though he tells them not to complain about it to him. Romin irritably mutters that she's not sure it is a devil, though Gakuto admits that the Pauli effect is quite troublesome, though Yuga seems more interested in Luke's wristwatch as he remembers all the times that Luke has used his power.

Luke is kidnapped by the waiter Drone.

Meanwhile Arata Arai smirks behind his mask as he looks at Yuga and his friends all gathered and carefree over a video monitor from the dishwashing room, thinking that they did well the other day, but he'll get them back for dragging him through the mud and scrub them away with his special cleaning service. He activates a waiter Drone, which comes online with glowing red eyes and utters "Wash?" Arai tells the Drone to go and get Romin, who is focused on by the monitor, and the waiter Drone utters an affirmative "Wash" and heads away to conduct its task. Back in the VIP room, Yuga asks Luke if he could see his wristwatch for a moment, and Luke stops drinking juice and he takes it off, commenting that Yuga has a good eye. As he does so, Arai's modified waiter Drone enters the room with glasses of water and Luke's watch sparks, catching the waiter Drone to begin glitching madly, and its vision snaps away from Romin and onto Luke. Luke explains to Yuga that his great-grandfather gave him that watch, and isn't it cool? But then the waiter Drone splashes a glass of water on Luke's face, and it apologizes profusely, throwing aside its tray and grabbing Luke off his throne, vowing to clean this off him right away with a declaration of "Wash". Yuga, Romin and Gakuto can only watch in shock as the door closes behind them.

Arai and Luke argue.

Luke is thrown to the ground in the darkened dishwashing room and has his face roughly cleaned by the Drone using a broom, which he eventually throws off himself, only to be trapped in a cage dropped from the ceiling. He angrily asks what this is, and Arai steps out with a laugh of "Wash!" and comments that his hundredth dish has appeared. But then he realizes that he's trapped Luke, not Romin, and he angrily sprays the prone waiter Drone with his spray gun, covering it in foam and calling it a piece of junk for grabbing the wrong person. Of all the people it could grab, it had to be the one person he can't cheat against, and he remembers Luke using the "Luke Devil" to disable his Duel Disk's cheating function. Luke angrily asks what Arai wants, but then asks him not to tell him...he's going to make him undergo an operation to turn him into a Dueling Superhuman?! Arai has decided he'll just have to put Luke back, but Luke screams that Arai is such a coward to do this when he hasn't mentally prepared himself. He takes a deep breath, and he declares that he's ready, urging Arai to start his operation. Arai begins to say that he won't, but Luke declares that there's no choice; since it's come to this, they should Duel, and if Luke wins then Arai has to make him a Dueling Superhuman. Arai snaps that he already said he won't, though Luke notes the cage is in the way for a Duel, and Arai flinches back. "Oh, rules of chaos and oblivion that resides within the abyss of my soul!" Luke chants. "Now is the hour to release the crest of our contract and, with your jet-black radiance, confer the hammer of judgment upon us. Luke Devil!"

To both Luke and Arai's surprise, Luke's power doesn't work.

Arai cowers on the ground, but nothing happens, much to Luke's surprise, and he comments that the devil is being really moody today as Arai peeks out from under his hands. Arai realizes that Luke can't use his power right now, and he reflects that he only lost to Romin because of Luke, so in return he'll scrub him out until he gleams. He presses a button on his remote and hoists the cage off Luke, who asks if Arai has finally found his will to fight. The shelves and sinks in the room retract, and Luke calls "Let's go!" while Arai yells "Wash!" as they strap on their Duel Disks and insert their Deck to activate them, and they call "Rush Duel!" and materialize the green holographic dome around them.

Luke hesitates to Tribute Summon "Dragias", remembering Arai's previous tactics.

Luke takes the first turn and draws, then looks at his hand, containing "Dragon's Upsetter", "Dragolite", "Twin-Edge Dragon", "Dragonic Disorder", and "Dragias the Striking Dragon". He Summons three monsters; "Twin-Edge Dragon", "Dragolite", and "Dragon's Upsetter", and he thinks in satisfaction that now he can Tribute Summon, but just as he takes "Dragias" from his hand he remembers that Arai's "White Foam - Bleach Motor" activates if he controls a Level 7 or higher monster, and he almost carelessly walked into his trap. Instead, Luke Sets a card, ending his turn.

Meanwhile back in the VIP room, Yuga looks at Luke's wristwatch as it sparks and Gakuto admits that Luke has been gone a while. Then the holograms around them vanish, and the holoscreen in front of them begins to glitch, briefly showing the Restaurant A.I. before flashing Luke's face on the screen, much to his friends' surprise. The entire A.I. Restaurant is affected as the screen changes to show Luke Rush Dueling Arai, who Yuga recognizes. He holds up Luke's wristwatch and he gasps that Luke's in trouble.

Luke tearfully vows to guide Arai on the right path.

Arai laughs his washing laugh, vowing to show Luke his new spring cleaning cheat technique. Luke is shocked that Arai is still cheating again, and Arai screams at him to shut up; he'll use whatever dirty tactics he can to defeat them. His claim shock Luke, who asks if Arai went down the wrong path in life because of him. Claiming that he sees, Luke falls to his knee, sobbing his apologies that Arai ended up like this because Luke is the closest existence to the King of Duels. Arai naturally has no clue what Luke is on about, and Luke begs him not to worry anymore; Luke will do his best to guide him to the right "daor" with this Duel. Arai snaps that he didn't understand a word Luke just said, and he'll be sure to scrub persistent dirt like him out of existence. He pulls out his dishcloth, catching Luke's attention, and begins to clean his Duel Disk, uttering a Shinto prayer, then declaring "Arai Angel!" as wings and a halo seem to appear behind him.

Arai uses his "Arai Angel".

He flicks the switch on the side of his Duel Disk, reorganizing the cards on top of his Deck until he has "Cleanliness General - Big Tidy", which he draws when he declares his turn, adding the card to his hand which contains "One-Side Flip", "Seal of the Ancients", "Darkness Approaches", and a second "Big Tidy". Luke asks Arai what that "Angel" thing was about, and Arai explains that he was able to put whatever card he wanted on top of his Deck. Luke angrily snaps that's cheating, and Arai yells that's what he's been saying, though his cheat combo has only just begun. He declares his first wash as he Sets a card, then comments that it's time to give his Duel Disk a little scrub. He runs his Duel Disk, while hitting the switches on the side to swap his Set Spell Card with a different one, "The Bridge on the River Klean", which he promptly activates by sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard (a "Washing Musketeer Washooter"). Both of them will draw a card, and if they draw a monster, then they can Special Summon it in Defense Position. Once again Arai chants his Shinto prayer as he cleans his Duel Disk, then declares "Arai Angel!" and the wings and halo appear as he rearranges the top cards of his Deck to ensure that he draws "Washing Santa Cloth", which he Special Summons in Defense Position. Luke draws a monster as well, "Fire Guardian", but his field is full, so he can't Special Summon it. Arai laughs, and he activates the effect of "Washing Santa Cloth"; Luke must draw cards equal to the number of monsters he controls. Luke grits his teeth and he draws, getting "Dragon's Setupper", "Piercing!", and another "Dragolite", and Arai explains that he now gains 300 LP for each card Luke drew, rising to 4900 LP. This is his cheat combo; "Cleansing Present". Luke admits that drawing cards is like getting a present, but is hesitant to continue. Arai declares the second wash of his "Cleansing Present", and he Sets another card, then scrubs his Duel Disk and swiftly hits the buttons. He activates his second "River Clean", declaring "Arai Angel" and hitting another button to place his second "Washing Santa Cloth" on top of his Deck, which he draws and Special Summons. Luke draws his own card, his "Dragonic Play" Spell, and then the effect of "Washing Santa Cloth" activates; Luke draws three more cards, while Arai snickers as his LP rises to 5800. He declares the third wash as he Sets another card, his combo continuing as he Special Summons his third "Washing Santa Cloth", and Luke draws from the effect of "River Clean".

Yuga and Gakuto struggle to get the door open using Kaizo.

In the VIP room, Yuga comments that Arai is cheating so openly as Luke draws his cards from the effect of "Washing Santa Cloth". Romin comments that it's even worse than from when he Dueled her as Arai's LP increases again. Gakuto frantically works at the door panel as he notes that the number of cards in Luke's hand is steadily increasing and he wonders if it's because Arai wants more LP. Yuga notes that's not it; whatever Arai is planning is just beginning. He and Gakuto strain to open the door, lamenting their predicament (as the screen shows the Restaurant A.I.), and Gakuto claims that Luke will be fine, as he'll still have his Pauli effect if the worst comes to worst. Romin agrees that Luke can break the cheat, but Yuga explains that Luke can't use his Pauli effect right now, much to Romin and Gakuto's surprise. Yuga reminds them that Luke had claimed to become aware of his devil a year ago, so it wasn't until then that stuff started to break around him. Gakuto realizes that's right, and Yuga looks at Luke's wristwatch, emblazoned with "GOHA" in red letters across the top, and he admits that the thought it was strange that Luke's Duel Disk didn't also suffer from the Pauli effect. He remembers Luke taking off his watch and pocketing it before strapping on his Duel Disk, and Romin and Gakuto realize what Yuga is implying; where the devil, or the Pauli effect really comes from. Kaizo begins stressing out too, and Yuga begs him to calm down and grabs him, before looking at the watch and declaring that they have to get it to Luke immediately. He looks at Kaizo and gets an idea, inserting his rod into the door and using it as a lever to get it open with Gakuto's help, before running out as Yuga thinks Luke's name frantically.

Arai declares that from here on out, he'll give Luke his "Cleansing Present's" final mop-up and he laughs as Luke looks at his thirteen-card hand and scowls. Arai twirls his dishcloth as he declares the Final Wash of his cheat combo; "Card Laundering". He Tributes two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "It's over! With a booming exterminating operation, all dirt will be swept away! Not even grass will be able to grow! The unparalleled man of sterilization! Cleanliness General - Big Tidy!" It only has 1000 ATK, but Arai activates its "Operation Clean" effect by changing it to Defense Position, with 2600 DEF, and it sprays the field with a blast of foam as Arai explains that they both have to send the top cards of their Decks to the Graveyard, and if either of them is a monster, then Luke will have to discard his hand and draw the same number of cards. Luke gasps "What?" and Arai declares his "Arai Angel" again, placing "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel" on the top of his Deck with his cheating function. He and Luke both draws, and Arai holds up his "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel", which is of course a monster, while Luke drew a Spell, "Return of Dragon". Arai tells Luke that he has thirteen cards in his hand, so he has to discard and draw thirteen cards. Luke angrily slots his hand into his Graveyard and draws his new cards, only for his Duel Disk to begin sounding an alarm as it shows he only has nine cards left in his Deck. Yuga, Romin and Gakuto see this on the glitching screens of the A.I. Restaurant as they run down the halls, and Yuga realizes what Arai's plan is. Arai laughs his washing laugh, commenting that Luke fell for it, and he twirls his dishcloth and he declares that it's time for the final blow, Tributing both his final "Washing Santa Cloth" and "Big Tidy" to Tribute Summon his second "Big Tidy".

Yuga tries to use Luke's watch to stop Arai's cheating.

Luke grits his teeth, and then Yuga's voice calls to him as he, Romin and Gakuto run in, asking if he's holding up. Luke is surprised to see them, and Arai comments that dirt is just attracting more dirt, but they're too late. Yuga comments that Arai is trying to get Luke to Deck out, isn't he? Arai snickers as he turns towards them, though Romin is unfamiliar with the term. Gakuto explains that it's a strategy to reduce the number of cards in the opponent's Deck, and Yuga points out that Luke has thirteen cards in his hand and nine in his Deck, and when the effect of "Big Tidy" is used again, he'll have to discard all thirteen cards and then draw thirteen again. Romin protests that Luke only has nine cards in his Deck, so he won't be able to draw that many. Gakuto states that's it; if Luke doesn't have enough cards to draw, then he'll automatically lose the Duel. Yuga explains that when Arai was making Luke draw earlier it was a strategy to get him to Deck out. If the top card of Arai's Deck wasn't a monster it wouldn't matter, but as Romin notes, his Angel Cheat will ensure that he draws a monster. Arai confirms that his Set cards and the top of his Deck can all be manipulated with his cheats, but Yuga straps on Luke's watch and he vows not to let him do that. Luke gasps in surprise, and Yuga reassures Luke that it will be alright, telling him to leave it to him. Gakuto realizes that Yuga intends to trigger the Pauli effect, and Romin comments that Arai won't be able to use his cheats from now on. He declares "Let's go! Yuga Devil!" and Arai cowers.

The Pauli effect fails to work.

But nothing happens, much to Yuga's embarrassment. Gakuto asks what he's trying to do, and Romin tells him to give it here, as they don't have much time. She declares "Romin Devil!" as she straps the watch on, but she too fails, much to her embarrassment. Arai can only blink in confusion as even Gakuto gives it a try with "Gakuto Devil", but not only does he fail, but he's ashamed of invoking a devil, declaring this to have been the greatest mistake of his life. Romin notes that nothing's happening, and Yuga asks if the wristwatch isn't supposed to cause the Pauli effect. Gakuto laments that Arai will win if they don't stop his cheating now as Arai snickers, but Luke grins and he comments that he'll still win even if he's been abandoned by the devil. Arai and Gakuto are shocked by his claim, and Romin asks him what he'll do about the cheat. Luke replies that he'll overpower it with skill, what else? He winks at his friends, much to their shock, and Luke adds that right now he has a mission; to steer Arai back on the right daor again. Arai snaps at Luke to stop being cool, as his cheat combo is about to finish, since all he needs to do is activate the effect of "Big Tidy". No matter what Luke does, he'll lose, so he should just give up already. Luke laughs that it's what Arai says, but he refuses, much to Arai's shock.

Arai's "Big Tidy" is forced face-down.

Luke sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate his Trap Card, "Dragonic Disorder", which blasts out a surge of flames that engulf "Big Tidy" and force him to take cover in his tank before being flipped face-down. Arai curses that he can't activate the effect of his monster while it's Set, giving him no choice but to spotlessly end his turn. Luke's friends cheer him on, but Arai warns them not to celebrate just yet, as "Big Tidy" has 2600 DEF and he has 6700 LP, so if Luke can't break through that then the Duel is as good as over. Gakuto admits that Arai is right; on his next turn he'll be able to use the effect of "Big Tidy" again and Deck Luke out as Luke looks at his Deck size again. Romin points out that Luke should be able to win with a hand that big, shouldn't he? Yuga explains that it's not that easy, and Romin angrily asks what Luke should do then.

"Shocklead Dragon" powers up.

Luke declares his turn and draws, leaving him with eight cards left in his Deck, and he tells them not to make such a fuss, he just has to win this turn. Romin notes that Luke can just say that, but then she asks if Luke still has to draw even with that many cards in his hand. Yuga explains that in a Rush Duel, a player still has to draw a card even if they have more than five cards in their hand. Luke comments that cheats are all just ink and mirrors, and no matter if it's squidery or trickery (a pun on the Japanese words for "squid" and "trickery") he won't be a sucker to those things. He tells Arai to witness the strength of the King of Duels and sends three Dragon monsters from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Dragonic Pressure", destroying all monsters on the field. His Spell sends out shockwaves that shatter all four monsters on the field into glowing shards as Arai watches in shock, and Gakuto cries that Luke destroyed "Big Tidy", while Yuga adds that Luke cleared the first hurdle. The effect of "Dragonic Pressure" then allows Luke to Special Summon "Dragon's Upsetter" from his Graveyard, and he activates its effect to also Special Summon "Dragon's Setupper" from his Graveyard. Arai scowls, and Luke Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Listen and be surprised! Feel and tremble! The moment you see it, it's already too late! A world-shaking shock and surprise! Now, come out! Shocklead Dragon!" Arai yelps "Shocklead?!" in shock, and Romin cries that it's one of Luke's ace monsters. Luke then Summons "Dragon's Defender", then Tributes it to Tribute Summon "Dragon's Keyperson". As "Keyperson" roars, Arai flinches back, and Luke then Summons "Dragon's Striker", intimidating Arai even more. Yuga cheers Luke on as Luke sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Dragon's Striker", which kicks a yellow spiked energy ball at "Shocklead Dragon", energizing it with 400 more ATK to bring it to 2000 ATK.

Luke assembles three of his ace monsters.

Then Luke Tributes "Dragon's Keyperson" and "Dragon's Striker" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, in my universe, a hole has opened up! Bore through time and space until you can see the daor on the other side! Come on out! Bunker Strike the Thrustriking Dragon!" Arai can only stammer as "Bunker Strike" looms over him, but Luke isn't done yet, Summoning "Phoenix Dragon" and then sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate its effect, causing it to glow brightly as Arai gasps "Wash?!" Luke returns "Dragias" to his hand from the Graveyard, and then he Tributes "Phoenix Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Justice Dragon". Luke returns two Dragon monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the effect of "Justice Dragon", and as the symbol glows on "Justice Dragon's" chest, it bares its chest as Luke explains that this turn he can treat "Justice Dragon" as two Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a Dragon monster. Arai realizes what this means, and Yuga, Romin and Gakuto all declare that this means that Luke can Tribute Summon a Level 7 or higher monster as Arai gasps in shock. Luke Tributes "Justice Dragon" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! I said it twice this time too. Now, come out! Dragias the Striking Dragon!" Arai can only scream in shock as Yuga and Gakuto gasp that Luke's aces have all gathered, and Luke steps forwards and he comments that Arai is a weakling, isn't he? Arai is shocked by Luke's accusation as Luke continues that if Arai is cheating, that just means he can't actually win a Duel without cheating. In other words, even before the match has started, Arai himself has decided that he's a loser. Arai flinches backwards as Luke declares that a truly strong Duelist has cards who respond to them in kind. He glows as he declares that now is the time to purify Arai's soul as his three Dragons attack as one. "Dragias", "Shocklead" and "Bunker Strike" all attack as Luke declares "Supremacy-Astonishing-Drill-Extermination Triple-Barrage Strike of Salvation!" Arai screams "Wash!" in fear as the attack hits him, wiping out his LP.

Yuga tricks Arai into telling him where the Gate of Providence is.

As the battered Arai lies on the ground with his mask shoved over his eyes, Yuag comments that Luke's victory was impressive as always. Luke straps on his wristwatch, commenting that of course it was; he's the one who will become King of Duels, after all. He tells Arai to make him a Dueling Superhuman as promised, but as Arai sits up, Yuga asks him if he could tell him how to get to the Gate of Providence. Arai takes his mask off, commenting that it's bold of Yuga to assume he'd tell them how to get there just because he lost. Even if he were turned into a Dueling Superhuman, he'd never spill the secret. Yuga comments that Arai obviously doesn't know then, and Arai bolts off the ground and snaps at Yuga not to look down on him; the Gate of Providence is in the underground V6 area at Number 66...and he slaps his hands over his mouth as Yuga gives him a pleased smirk.

Luke opens the door to the Garden of Providence.

Once again they go to the door that leads from the A.I. Restaurant to the Garden of Providence, though it's been barred with a pretty tough lock this time, as Romin observes. Arai snickers that they can't just use a Duel Disk this time, but Luke pats the lock and declares "Luke Devil", causing it to open. Luke comments in satisfaction that it looks like the devil is back, and Arai gasps "No way!" as a hexagonal trapdoor opens beneath him and drops him underground with a cry, Luke telling him to make sure he goes on the right "daor" from now on. Yuga, Romin, and Gakuto meanwhile are looking at Luke's wristwatch, Yuga noting that the Pauli effect activated when Luke wore it, and Romin asks what this power is, Gakuto wondering if it really could be a devil, but then he and Romin nervously agree that there's no way it could be, much to Luke's confusion. Yuga steps forward with Kaizo in hand, declaring that now they know where the Gate of Providence is, and Luke declares that this time they'll keep going from here. He, Romin and Gakuto look at Yuga, who looks back at them and nods in satisfaction, and they sprint into the tunnel together. Yuga declares that it's time for their final confrontation with Neiru, and his friends all agree.

Featured Duel: Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo vs Arata Arai[edit]

Luke VS Arai.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Luke
(Luke's Deck: 40 → 35) Luke's hand contains "Dragon's Upsetter", "Dragolite", "Twin-Edge Dragon", "Dragonic Disorder", and "Dragias the Striking Dragon". Luke Normal Summons "Upsetter" (1000/0), "Dragolite" (1500/0), and "Twin-Edge Dragon" (1000/0). Luke Sets a card.

Turn 2: Arai
Arai's hand contains "Cleanliness General - Big Tidy", "One-Side Flip", "Seal of the Ancients", and "Darkness Approaches". Arai uses a cheating device in his Duel Disk to ensure that he draws a second "Big Tidy". Arai Sets a card. He then uses a cheating device in his Duel Disk to swap his Set card with "The Bridge on the River Klean" from his Deck. Arai activates his Set Spell "River Clean", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have both players draw a card and reveal it, and if they reveal a monster, they can Special Summon it to their field in face-up Defense Position. Arai sends "Washing Musketeer Washooter" from his Deck to the GY and uses his cheating device to ensure that he draws "Washing Santa Cloth", while Luke draws "Fire Guardian" (Luke's Deck: 35 → 34), so Arai Special Summons "Santa Cloth" (1000/1800). Arai activates the effect of "Santa Cloth", making Luke draw cards equal to the number of monsters he controls, then Arai gains 300 LP for each card Luke drew. Luke controls three monsters, so he draws "Dragon's Setupper", "Piercing!", and "Dragolite" (Luke's Deck: 34 → 31)(Arai: 4000 → 4900 LP). Arai Sets a card. He then uses the cheating device to swap his Set card with "River Klean" from his Deck. Arai activates his Set Spell "River Clean", sending an unknown card from his Deck to the GY. Arai draws "Santa Cloth" and Luke draws "Dragonic Play" (Luke's Deck: 31 → 30), so Arai Special Summons "Santa Cloth" (1000/1800). Arai activates the effect of the second "Santa Cloth", making Luke draw three cards since he controls three monsters (Luke's Deck: 30 → 27)(Arai: 4900 → 5800 LP). Arai Sets a card. He then uses the cheating device to swap his Set card with "River Klean". Arai activates his Set Spell "River Klean", sending an unknown card from the top of his Deck to the GY. Arai draws "Santa Cloth" and Luke draws a unknown card (Luke's Deck: 27 → 26), so Arai Special Summons "Santa Cloth" (1000/1800). Arai activates the effect of "Santa Cloth", making Luke draw three cards since he controls three monsters (Luke's Deck: 26 → 23)(Arai: 5800 → 6700 LP).

Arai Tributes two of his "Santa Cloth" to Tribute Summon "Cleanliness General - Big Tidy" (1000/2600). As "Big Tidy" was Normal Summoned this turn, Arai activates its effect, changing its battle position to send the top card of each player's Deck to the GY, and if either of those cards is a monster, Luke must send his entire hand to the GY, then draw cards equal to the number of cards sent from his hand to the GY with this effect. Arai changes "Big Tidy" to Defense Position and uses the cheating device to ensure that he sends "Clean Beret - Mop Colonel" from the top of his Deck to his GY, while "Return of Dragon" is sent from the top of Luke's Deck to the GY (Luke's Deck: 23 → 22), and since a monster was sent to the GY, Luke sends "Dragias", "Setupper", "Piercing!", "Dragolite", "Fire Guardian", "Dragonic Play", and seven other unknown cards from his hand to the GY, then draws thirteen cards (Luke's Deck: 22 → 9). Arai Tributes "Big Tidy" and "Santa Cloth" to Tribute Summon a second "Big Tidy" (1000/2600). As Arai Normal Summoned a Level 7 or higher monster, Luke activates his Set Trap "Dragonic Disorder", sending a Dragon Normal Monster from his hand to the GY to change that monster to face-down Defense Position. He sends an unknown card to the GY and changes "Big Tidy" to face-down Defense Position.

Turn 3: Luke
(Luke's Deck: 9 → 8) Luke activates the Spell "Dragonic Pressure", sending three Dragon monsters from his hand to the GY to destroy all monsters on the field, then if a monster was destroyed by this effect, Luke can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Dragon monster from his GY in face-up Defense Position. He sends three unknown Dragon monsters to the GY and destroys "Upsetter", "Dragolite", "Twin-Edge Dragon", and Arai's Set "Big Tidy", then Special Summons "Upsetter" (1000/0) from his GY. As he controls no other monsters, Luke activates the effect of "Upsetter", Special Summoning a " Dragon's Setupper" from his GY in face-up Defense Position, but he cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. He Special Summons "Setupper" (0/1000). Luke Tributes "Setupper" and "Upsetter" to Tribute Summon "Shocklead Dragon" (1600/2500). Luke Normal Summons "Dragon's Defender" (300/700). He then Tributes "Defender" to Tribute Summon "Dragon's Keyperson" (400/1900). Luke Normal Summons "Dragon's Striker" (1300/200). As he controls a face-up "Dragon's Keyperson", Luke activates the effect of "Striker", sending a card from his hand to the GY to choose a monster he controls to have it gain 400 ATK and grant it the ability to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He sends an unknown card to the GY and chooses "Shocklead Dragon" ("Shocklead Dragon" 1600/2500 → 2000/2500). Luke Tributes "Keyperson" and "Striker" to Tribute Summon "Bunker Strike the Thrustriking Dragon" (2300/2000). He then Normal Summons "Phoenix Dragon" (500/0). Luke activates the effect of "Phoenix Dragon", sending a card from his hand to the GY to add a Level 5 or higher Dragon monster from his GY to his hand. He sends an unknown card from his GY to his hand and adds "Dragias" to his hand. Luke Tributes "Phoenix Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Justice Dragon" (1200/1200). Luke activates the effect of "Justice Dragon", returning two Dragon monsters from his GY to his Deck to treat "Justice Dragon" as two Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a Dragon monster this turn. He returns two unknown Dragon monsters to his Deck (Luke's Deck: 8 → 10). Luke Tributes "Justice Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Dragias the Striking Dragon" (2500/1500). "Shocklead Dragon", "Bunker Strike", and "Dragias" attack Arai directly (Arai: 6700 → 4700 → 2400 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • At the very beginning of the episode, the first shot of Romin shows her legs as skin-colored, even though in every other scene she's wearing her usual purple tights.