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"Dino Detours"
"Super King Rex" powers up, much to the shock of Yuga's friends.
"Super King Rex" powers up, much to the shock of Yuga's friends.
EnglishDino Detours
Japanese name
RōmajiSuteki na Jurashikku
TranslatedWonderful Jurassic
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 4, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Rush Crushed Kid"
Next"Behind You!"
Featured card

"Dino Detours", known as "Wonderful Jurassic" in the Japanese version, is the ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on July 4, 2020. It first became available in English on Hulu in America on June 7, 2022, and aired on June 10, 2022 on Disney XD in America and on 9Go! in Australia.

There's a rumor that a dinosaur named "Gossie" has showed up in Goha City. This rumor excites Yuga and Luke's spirit of adventure. The two of them start searching for this dinosaur, and run into Professor Diggs, a student from Goha #2 Elementary School who thinks that Gossie is actually a Rush Duel Dinosaur. As Yuga and Luke search around the city together with Diggs and his friends, they realize that Diggs is looking for Gossie not just because of his interest in the dinosaur. He also has another goal in mind…


Luke explains to Yuga about "Gossie".

At a construction site, a worker orders his fellows to be careful as the diggers operate around them. Fog begins to drift around them, catching a worker's attention, and then the ground begins to shake. The worker wonders if it's an earthquake, but then looks up to see a massive shape looming over them in the fog with glowing red eyes and growling loudly. The workers scream that it's a monster and they flee in terror.

Luke explains to Yuga that this is "Gossie", and Yuga repeats the name in confusion. Luke explains that people on the internet are claiming that Goha Enterprises's confidential experiments have created a giant monster, much to Yuga's excitement, but Romin and Gavin aren't as convinced; Romin doesn't believe it exists, and Gavin thinks there must be some mistake. But Luke dramatically asks if they can't feel it; this feeling as if magma were firing? Yuga adds that it's the feeling of trying a new Road, and they cross arms and collectively declare that this is their spirit of adventure.

The modified Kaizo is ready to detect an adventurous spirit.

Later, Romin tells Luke to wait up, and Gavin asks if they are really going to look for Gossie; Luke replies that the notion of looking for Gossie has awoken his spirit of adventure. Yuga runs up to them with Kaizo, apologizing for the wait and explaining that it's his new Road; a detector of what a man longs for. Kaizo declares "Adventure! Adventure!" repeatedly, and as Luke studies Kaizo with interest and Gavin smiles awkwardly, Romin points out that it's just Kaizo (who is holding two dowsing rods). Yuga reassures them it's okay, as he's modified Kaizo to detect that kind of adventurous spirit; monsters, adventures, unmissable battles and friendships that sprout later. They'll definitely find the dinosaur. Kazio immediately begins moving away, declaring that the adevnture alert is detecting, and Luke excitedly runs after him, asking if he's found Gossie. He takes them to the Ramen Hut, and two boys exit, commenting that they'd have never found Gossie on an empty stomach and thanking their leader, a self-proclaimed "doctor", for the treat, likening it to finding a fossil. The doctor, a boy in a lab coat, emerges from the restaurant, calling it a "wonderful Jurassic". They spot Yuga and his friends, and Luke asks "Jurassic?" in confusion.

Trench introduces himself and his fellow club members.

After relocating to a nearby park, Yuga asks if the three boys are looking for Gossie as well. The brown-haired boy confirms that they are, and he introduces himself as Trench, the vice-chairman of the Goha #2 Elementary Duel Dinosaur Club, the shorter boy as one of the members, Tracker, and the boy in the lab coat as Professor Diggs, the club's president. Tracker states that it's a pleasure to meet them, and Diggs tells them that it's a Jurassic to meet them, much to Romin and Gavin's confusion. Trench explains that Diggs studies the relationship between dinosaurs and Dueling, and Tracker dubs him a unique sixth-grader who continues to research. The mention of both dinosaurs and Duels excites Yuga and Luke, and Diggs begins to state Gossie's identity. Trench claims that Gossie can steal five Stegosaurus dorsal plates and that it's believed to be a Rush Duel Dinosaur that uses them to capture prey. Yuga and Luke are shocked by the mention of a Rush Duel Dinosaur, and Tracker admits that they didn't expect to meet Yuga Ohdo, the inventor of the famous Rush Duel, or the creator of "Luke's Life Advice for All", and Diggs calls it a wonderful Jurassic. Trench suggests that they could work together to find Gossie; Yuga and his friends could guide them through the city. Yuga enthusiastically agrees that it would be nice to have an expert help them, and Luke asks where they should start. Tracker notes that they're talking about a Rush Duel Dinosaur, so are there any places where they could find large cards? Luke states that there is one, and he and Yuga rush off, leaving Diggs, Tracker and Trench laughing behind them, before they get serious.

The Duel Dinosaur Club convene to discuss their plan.

Luke takes them to the shopping district, which Diggs calls a wonderful Jurassic as Kaizo tracks longing in the background. Romin seems skeptical that a dinosaur would be in the shopping district, but Yuga states that Kaizo has detected an adventurous spirit and Gossie is definitely here. Luke agrees, but Kaizo can't seem to settle on a location, much to Yuga's embarrassment, and Luke admits that the shopping district has a lot of "cards" that Gossie could draw from. A shopkeeper then calls to Luke, asking him if he's shopping and telling him to take this durian. Later, Luke marches down the street munching on the durian with everyone else giving him a wide berth. He offers them one, but Yuga passes. Trench suggests that waking up in the modern world might make Gossie feel nostalgic, and he asks what the oldest place in the city is. Luke grins, and he takes them to see Ol' Gertrude, the oldest woman in town. Diggs politely greets her, and Gertrude offers them some manjus. Luke munches on those two as they follow Kaizo, Gavin is still skeptical that Gossie even exists and Yuga notes that Kaizo had reacted to the location. Tracker suggests Gossie may be hunting prey, startling Luke, and he rushes off to find Mr. Yoshida's dog "Rushy", relieved that she's all right as he wouldn't have known what to do had his dog been eaten. Rushy picks up her bone, and Luke wonders if she's offering it to him, but before he can take a bite out of it, Romin snatches it from his hand and tosses it back to Rushy, and Luke apologizes to the dog. As Kaizo reacts above them, Romin asks Yuga why Kaizo is reacting if Gossie isn't here, and Yuga considers her statement. Trench states that there's no way a dinosaur can hide as Rook prepares to take a bite out of a durian. Gavin wonders if it's like the Relic, and Yuga and Luke realize that Gossie must be there. They take off in a run again, but then Luke's stomach aches and he stops short, much to Yuga's shock. Luke gasps that it's more urgent than he thought, and he sweats as he flees, telling them he'll see them later. Everyone else follows Yuga and Kaizo as Yuga explains that the Relic was at the place where he installed Rush Dueling. Tracker cries that it will be there for sure, and Diggs agrees, though Trench shoots them a furtive look and explains that they need to go to the bathroom. They relocate to the park's bathroom and stand at the urinals as Tracker laughs that was a good dig and calls Yuga a fool to tell them everything so easily. Trench agrees that thanks to them they'll have their dream Jurassic Duel Land; the spectators would gather to see Gossie, and it would be like admission to a luxury tower apartment; there would be lots of visitors, and they would get lots of money. Tracker agrees that they'll find Gossie if they get to the Relic before Yuga and his friends, and Diggs agrees that it's be easy money.

The Duel Dinosaur Club's plans are busted.

And then Luke opens the stall behind them and pulls up his pants, commenting that he sees and shocking the Duel Dinosaur Club. Outside, the dejected members sit on the bench as Gavin comments that their goal was to make easy money, and Romin is disgusted that their adventurous spirit was limited to this. Luke vows that they will never tells them where the Relic is, but Yuga states that they should tell them. Luke and Romin agree, before they realize what Yuga said, and as Gavin and Luke ask why, Yuga states that Diggs will have to Rush Duel him. Diggs is surprised, but then eagerly bolts to his feet and calls it a Jurassic offering. Trench gets up as well, explaining that Diggs examines Duels just like he does dinosaurs, and Tracker wishes him good digging. Yuga grins, and they both activate their Duel Disks, calling "Rush Duel!" The holographic dome expands to cover all of them.

Diggs awakens monsters from the first seas.

Diggs romanticises about a historical journey through 3.8 billion years of life, and he declares his Jurassic turn. He draws as is surrounded by an ocean as he declares that this is the source of all life, activating "Strange Seas", a Spell Card which will Special Summon three Level 4 or lower WATER monsters from his hand, then allow him to draw a card. He tells his monsters to awaken, Special Summoning "King of Trilobites", "Arma Knight", and "Ichthyosteguard" in Defense Position, then digs up a new card, and he unearths another due to the effect of "King of Trilobites". He Sets three cards, declaring that these feet are taking their first steps on Earth from the mysterious sea that creates life. He ends his turn, and Yuga smiles, commenting that it's like he thought.

He declares his turn and draws, adding the card to his hand then Summoning "Dark Sorcerer" and "Cyc the Child of Wind". He Tributes "Dark Sorcerer" to Tribute Summon "Torna the Windweaver", then activates the effect of "Cyc" to add "Dark Sorcerer" back to his hand, which he promptly Summons. Yuga then sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Torna", changing "Ichthyosteguard" to Attack Position. Tracker yelps that "Ichthyosteguard" has zero ATK, and Yuga Sets a card and declares his Battle Phase, attacking Diggs's Defense Position monsters with "Dark Sorcerer" and "Cyc the Child of Wind". "Cyc" blasts "King of Trilobites" with a blade of wind, while "Dark Sorcerer" shatters "Arma Knight" with a dark magic attack. "Torna the Windweaver" then attacks "Ichthyosteguard" and destroys it, reducing Diggs to 2400 LP, and Yuga ends his turn.

Diggs vows that the Jurassic has withstood the time of a billion years and he declares his turn and digs up five cards. This time he Summons "Tristegatops" and "Little D", and Luke grits his teeth at the sight of the Dinosaur monsters. Scenes of evolutionary struggle in both the sea and on land are shown as Diggs declares that the devoured evolve so they don't become devoured themselves, while those who try evolve as well, though they would be extinguished in the end. He Tributes "Little D" and "Tristegatops", who fall into a volcanic pit as he Tribute Summons two "Megazowler". Then he gives meat to the herbivorous "Megazowler", activating "Coevolutionary Miracle" and Tributing that "Megazowler" to Special Summon a Dinosaur monster from his hand and increase its ATK by 100 times the Level of the monster the Summoned monster fed from; "Megazowler" is Level 6, so the Summoned monster will gain 600 ATK. Diggs chants "This being will become the strongest to ever live and reign supreme over the land! Bring everyone to their knees with the roar of a ruler! Super King Rex!!" Luke, Romin and Gavin all cry out in shock at the sight of the massive theropod as it powers up to 3100 ATK. Diggs then sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Super King Rex", sending "Mammoth Graveyard" and Special Summoning a Level 6 or lower Dinosaur Normal Monster from his Graveyard, declaring "Jurassic Revive" as he revives his other "Megazowler". Yuga gasps in shock as Diggs declares his Jurassic Battle, attacking "Torna the Windweaver" and "Dark Sorcerer" with his two "Megazowlers", who slam into the two Spellcasters and shatter them into fragments, reducing Yuga's LP to 3800, then 3500. Then Diggs attacks "Cyc the Child of Wind" with "Super King Rex", ordering "Carnivorous Shock of the Food Chain" as "Super King Rex" catapults "Cyc" high into the air and destroys it, reducing Yuga to 800 LP. Diggs comments that humans would be just breakfast to dinosaurs, and he ends his turn.

Diggs finds a fossil coprolite in his youth.

Tracker and Trench cheer Diggs on, he's only got a bit further to go. Diggs tells them to cheer with him, and they all cheer "Jurassic!" Luke comments that they're not acting like they did when they were talking in the bathroom, and Yuga is pleased that Luke noticed. He comments that Diggs doesn't really seem like the kind of person who would think to use his beloved dinosaurs to make a fortune; he has a true spirit of adventure. Diggs is surprised by Yuga's statement, and Kaizo drops in, detecting his spirit. Yuga explains that he didn't know why Kaizo kept detecting Gossie when he wasn't there, but it was detecting Diggs's spirit of adventure. Diggs is floored by Yuga's statement, and he thinks back to when he found his first fossil with his grandfather at a river, who explained that it was fossilized dinosaur feces and told him to hold it to his ear. Diggs gasped that he could hear the sound of a dinosaur toilet, and his grandfather asked if it was Jurassic; Diggs had happily agreed that it was. Diggs wonders since when has his dream, his Jurassic, been tainted? He reaches into his pocket to grab something, but Yuga replies that Diggs's dream hasn't been tainted, otherwise the modern world wouldn't believe that dinosaurs existed. Diggs gasps, and he smiles, thanking Yuga. Trench suggests that they find Gossie on their own, and Diggs agrees. Tracker eagerly suggests they should start by going to the construction site where the shadow of the dinosaur was seen. Yuga is surprised by the mention of a construction site, and Diggs explains that the work has apparently stopped.

Yuga deactivates Kaizo to try and stop the hunt for Gossie.

Yuga muses on Diggs's words, and he nervously suggests that they stop looking for Gossie. Luke asks what's changed so suddenly, and Yuga sheepishly admits they may not have good results. Kaizo hovers over Yuga, detecting his spirit, and Yuga swiftly yanks it down and deactivates it, dropping it to the ground. Luke angrily asks what Yuga is thinking; they said they were going to find Gossie and they will. Romin asks what's changed, and Yuga claims they need to get back home because it's late. Luke states that it can't be helped, and he wanders over to Diggs, stating that his team and Diggs's will keep looking for Gossie. Luke and the Duel Dinosaur Club all cheer "Jurassic!" as Yuga flinches back in horror, and he decides to win the Duel and end the search for Gossie.

Yuga Tribute Summons "Full Meteor Impact".

He declares his turn and draws five cards, then Summons "Kuribot", vowing that no matter what he'll pave the way. He pays 500 LP to activate the effect of "Kuribot", adding another "Kuirbott" from his Graveyard to his hand, before Summoning two more. Yuga asks if they're ready, and Luke declares that it's coming. Yuga Tributes two of his "Kuribots" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Cut open a road through the walls, the mountains, and the planets that block my way and press onward! Let's go! Sevens Road Magician!" Gavin muses on what will happen if Yuga activates the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road Magician", as Yuga currently has DARK and WIND Attribute monsters in his Graveyard, and if "Sevens Road" gains 300 ATK for each different Attribute, it will gain 600. Romin declares that "Sevens Road" will have 2700 ATK, more than "Super King Rex". But Diggs activates a Trap Card, "Ascending Evolution", increasing the ATK of "Super King Rex" by 1500 until the end of the turn. "Super King Rex" roars as it increases to 4000 ATK, much to Yuga, Gavin and Romin's shock, and Luke cheers Diggs on. Then, as "Ascending Evolution" was sent to the Graveyard, Diggs activates the Trap Card "Top of the Food Chain", which will force Yuga to attack "Super King Rex". Yuga gasps in horror, and Romin cries that "Sevens Road" and Yuga will both lose if that happens. Luke warns Yuga not to play with a man's longing, but Yuga declares that even the surviving dinosaurs will come to an end. He Summons "Mystic Dealer" and activates its effect, sending a Spellcaster from his hand to the Graveyard to draw another card, and he discards the final card in his hand, "Magical Beast Wolfang", and is shocked, but pleased at his draw. He chants "If you look up, you'll spot the glimmer of a cataclysm. Is the one who descends to earth a god of destruction or a lord of creation? Now, destiny shall be decided!! I Tribute Summon Full Meteor Impact!" He Tributes "Mystic Dealer" and his final "Kuribot" to Summon "Full Meteor Impact", explaining that if he controls "Sevens Road" when "Full Meteor Impact" is Summoned he can send it to the Graveyard to destroy all Level 6 or higher monsters Diggs controls. Diggs, Tracker and Trench all gasp in shock, and Luke cries "What?" Yuga declares that the end of an era has come, and he activates "The Extinction" effect of "Full Meteor Impact", which blasts into the cosmos, then smashes into the Earth, and as written, all great creatures will become extinct.

"Super King Rex" survives "The Extinction".

But Diggs replies that won't happen, and he asks if Yuga remembers his "Ascending Evolution" Trap Card. He explains that it has a second effect; the targeted monster cannot be destroyed by card effects. As "Super King Rex" looms out of the smoke with glowing red eyes not unlike Gossie, Yuga protests that it can't be, and Luke comments that "Super King Rex" survived the extinction of the dinosaurs; it's certainly a momentous evolution. Romin flinches back in shock, and Gavin asks if nothing can defeat "Super King Rex". Yuga thinks that he won't give up even if there's only a 0.1% chance of survival, and he declares that he's not finished yet, returning his three "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell Card "Kuripotriple", drawing two cards. He's drawn "Straynge Cat" and "Road Magic - Tectonic Shift", and he activates the latter by borrowing the strength of the EARTH former, reducing the ATK of "Super King Rex" by the ATK of the monster with the highest ATK in his Graveyard. "Full Meteor Impact" has the highest ATK in Yuga's Graveyard, so "Super King Rex" loses the same ATK. "Sevens Road Magician" stabs its spellsword into the ground, causing it to engulf "Super King Rex" and reduce it to 1500 ATK. Gavin cheers that Yuga has decreased the ATK of "Super King Rex" even if it can't be destroyed by effects and he encourages Yuga to continue. Trench states that there are five different Attributes in Yuga's Graveyard, and even if he uses "Elemental Road", the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" will only increase by 1500, to 3600. Tracker cheers that Diggs's LP won't run out, but Romin recalls that Yuga has to send the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate "Elemental Road", and Gavin states that if Yuga sends a LIGHT monster to the Graveyard, all six Attributes will unite and the ATK of "Sevens Road" will increase to 3900. Diggs gasps as Yuga activates the "Elemental Road", excavating the top card of his Deck...and it's the LIGHT "Shining Shaman", much to Gavin and Romin's joy and Diggs and Luke's disappointment. Yuga sends the card to the Graveyard, and "Sevens Road Magician" rises to 3900 ATK. Yuga orders "Sevens Road Magician" to attack "Super King Rex" with "Sevens Magic", and as "Sevens Road Magician" charges, Yuga notes on the miracle of the evolution of life, and Diggs in return states that the Rush Duels that Yuga has created are refreshing. "Sevens Road Magician" destroys "Super King Rex" with a slash of magic, reducing Diggs's LP to zero as he looks at his first fossil in his hand.

Yuga explains his new Road - the true cause of Gossie's roar.

Yuga declares that now the operation to capture Gossie is over as the sun sets, and Trench sadly admits he wishes he could have seen Gossie. Tracker suggests they check out the construction site, and Diggs declares that it's a Jurassic idea. Yuga nervously protests, but Luke eagerly asks Diggs to take him there and the four of them run off, leaving Yuga, Gavin and Romin behind with Yuga nervously asking them to wait for him. They all convene at the construction site, and Diggs asks if this is it. Luke spots the massive red-eyed shadow in the mist, and Trench asks if this is the shadow of Gossie. Everyone turns and screams in fear at the sight, and even Gavin and Romin are terrified, Romin shaking the unworried Yuga and asking if it's real after all. But then the fog clears to reveal the red lights are simply glowing heating pipes - and the noise turns out to have been due to a noise-cancelling device that Yuga invented, much to Luke's anger. Yuga explains that he invented it to deal with the construction noise, cancelling one loud noise and exchanging it for another, sending it to the speaker on the building with the pipes. Romin asks if that is the monster, much to Tracker and Diggs's shock, and Luke protests that Yuga should have said something earlier. Yuga tries to protest, but Tracker and Trench aren't happy with him either, Trench telling Yuga that he's disappointed them, and Diggs begs for Yuga to return his Jurassic spirit. Romin meanwhile, is examining Yuga's contraption, which he has hooked into an electric guitar, and as she strums it Yuga protests that now there's no other noise, but it's too late. The speakers emit a powerful wave of sound that blows everyone away as Yuga unamusedly states this is what happens.

Tracker's sneeze reveals mysterious symbols carved in the floor of the Hologram Man's chamber.
The mysterious boy receives the photo of the symbols.

Later that night, Yuga takes the Duel Dinosaur Club to the Hologram Man's chamber, telling them that he'll guide them there. Diggs asks if this is where the Relic that Yuga used to install Rush Dueling is, and Yuga states that it was here, but vanished. Tracker suddenly gets the urge to sneeze, and Trench asks if here is the most important. Diggs explains that Trench has a unique ability to unearth valuable fossils and other artifacts. As the boys turn back to Tracker, he sneezes, scattering dust throughout the room, but as everyone coughs and the dust clears, Luke and Yuga stare in shock at seven symbols on the ground, revealed by Tracker's sneeze. Gavin asks if they are some kind of emblem, and Yuga notes that this is why Kaizo couldn't find them. Luke asks if they were here from the beginning - and behind them, Romin swiftly stakes out her smartphone and snaps a picture of the emblems.

In his apartment, the green-haired boy arrogantly declares that it's his turn as he plays his game on his RoaRomin-emblazoned phone, but then he receives a message and he smiles in intrigue. He looks at the photo of the emblem over Yuga and Luke's shoulder, and he comments that it seems like it's time for the concert.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Professor Diggs[edit]

Yuga VS Diggs.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Diggs
As Diggs controls no monsters, he activates the Spell Card "Strange Seas", Special Summoning three Level 4 or lower WATER monsters from his hand and drawing a card. He Special Summons "King of Trilobites" (400/300), "Arma Knight" (1000/1200), and "Ichthyosteguard" (0/1500), all in Defense Position, then draws a card. As Diggs controls two WATER Normal Monsters, he activates the effect of "King of Trilobites", drawing a card, but he cannot Tribute Summon for the rest of this turn. Diggs Sets three cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0) and "Cyc the Child of Wind" (400/600). Yuga Tributes "Dark Sorcerer" to Tribute Summon "Torna the Windweaver" (1600/1000). As he controls another WIND Spellcaster Type monster, Yuga activates the effect of "Cyc", adding a Level 4 or lower Spellcaster Type monster from his Graveyard to his hand. He adds "Dark Sorcerer" to his hand. Yuga's hand contains "Dark Sorcerer", "Kuribot", and an unknown card. Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0). Yuga activates the effect of "Torna", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to change the battle position of a monster Diggs controls. He sends "Kuribot" from his hand to the Graveyard and changes "Ichthyosteguard" to Attack Position.[Note 1] Yuga Sets a card. "Cyc" attacks and destroys "King of Trilobites". "Dark Sorcerer" attacks and destroys "Arma Knight". "Torna" attacks and destroys "Ichthyosteguard" (Diggs: 4000 → 2400 LP).

Turn 3: Diggs
Diggs Normal Summons "Tristegatops" (700/1100) and "Little D" (1100/700). Diggs Tributes "Tristegatops" and "Little D" to Tribute Summon two copies of "Megazowler" (1800/2000). Diggs activates his Set Spell Card "Coevolutionary Miracle", sending a Dinosaur Type monster from his field to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Dinosaur Type monster from his hand, and if he does, the Special Summoned monster gains ATK equal to the Level of the monster sent to the Graveyard x100 until the end of this turn. He sends a Level 6 "Megazowler" to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Super King Rex" (2500/2000 → 3100/2000) in Attack Position. As "Super King Rex" was Normal or Special Summoned this turn, Diggs activates its effect, sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to Special Summon a Level 6 or lower Dinosaur Normal Monster from his Graveyard. He sends "Mammoth Graveyard" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and Special Summons "Megazowler" (1800/2000) in Attack Position. Both "Megazowler" attack and destroy "Torna" and "Dark Sorcerer" (Yuga: 4000 → 3800 → 3500 LP). "Super King Rex" attacks and destroys "Cyc" (Yuga: 3500 → 800 LP).

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Kuribot" (300/200). As Yuga controls no other monsters, he activates the effect of "Kuribot", paying 500 LP (Yuga: 800 → 300 LP) to add another copy of "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his hand. Yuga Normal Summons two copies of "Kuribot" (300/200). Yuga Tributes two "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500). As Yuga Normal Summoned a Level 7 or higher monster, Diggs activates his Set Trap "Ascending Evolution", choosing a Dinosaur Type monster he controls, increasing its ATK by 1500, and preventing it from being destroyed by card effects for the rest of the turn. He chooses "Super King Rex" ("Super King Rex": 2500/2000 → 4000/2000). As a card was sent to Diggs's Graveyard, he activates his Set Trap "Top of the Food Chain", choosing a Dinosaur monster he controls and forcing Yuga to attack that monster this turn. He chooses "Super King Rex".

Yuga Normal Summons "Mystic Dealer" (1000/0). Yuga activates the effect of "Mystic Dealer", sending a Spellcaster Type monster from his hand to the Graveyard to draw a card. He sends "Magical Beast Wolfang" to the Graveyard and draws "Full Meteor Impact". Yuga Tributes "Kuribot" and "Mystic Dealer" to Tribute Summon "Full Meteor Impact" (2500/0). As "Full Meteor Impact" was Normal Summoned this turn and Yuga controls a Level 7 or higher Spellcaster Type monster, he activates its effect, sending it to the Graveyard to destroy all Level 6 or higher monsters Diggs controls. Both "Megazowler" are destroyed, but due to the effect of "Ascending Evolution", "Super King Rex" is not destroyed. Yuga activates his Set Spell "Kuripotriple", returning three "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his Deck to draw two cards. He draws "Road Magic - Tectonic Shift" and "Straynge Cat". As Yuga controls a Level 7 or higher Spellcaster Type monster, he activates "Road Magic - Tectonic Shift", sending an EARTH monster from his hand to the Graveyard to decrease the ATK of a monster Diggs controls by the ATK of the monster in Yuga's Graveyard with the highest ATK. He sends "Straynge Cat" to the Graveyard and chooses "Super King Rex", and "Full Meteor Impact" has the highest ATK in Yuga's Graveyard ("Super King Rex": 4000/2000 → 1500/2000). Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to increase its ATK by 300 for each monster with a different Attribute in his Graveyard. Yuga sends the LIGHT "Shining Shaman" to the Graveyard, so there are six monsters with different Attributes in his Graveyard ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 3900/1500). "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys "Super King Rex" (Diggs: 2400 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • The initial broadcast of the episode lacked a Featured Card, as instead there was an announcement of a recap that would take place.


  1. Although not shown being discarded, Yuga Sets the final card in his hand in his Spell & Trap Zone and later adds "Kuribot" from his Graveyard to his hand.