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"Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind"
Menzaburo imagines the Noodle Road.
Menzaburo imagines the Noodle Road.
Japanese name
RōmajiMen to no Sōgū
TranslatedClose Encounters of the Noodle Kind
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYamaguchi Hiroshi
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 24, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"It's Tough Being an Adult"
Next"The Sealed Devil"
Featured card"Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot"

"Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind" is the twenty-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 24, 2020.

Looking for the "Haven" where Nail is, Yuga & co. wander underground. Exhausted and hungry, they all smell a pleasant scent at the same time... before them they find a very flashy ramen shop crowded with Goha employees, "Space House". Serving an extremely delicious ramen is an alien called "Sorako"!? Where ramen is involved, Menzaburo appears! It's a Ramen Duel again!


Once again, a trapdoor opens to drop Yuga and his friends into the Garden of Providence.

At the Road Laboratory, all of Yuga's friends that were affected by the penalty have gathered while Kaizo sits in a vase; Luke, Romin, Gakuto, Ranze and Rinnosuke, Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko, the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club; Kan, Kaseki and Hunt, and the Newspaper Club, with Bakuro standing with the others holding their Duel Disks while Nico whips around taking photos and Masaru holds out his microphone to whoever is speaking. Rinnosuke muses that this is what happened, and Sushiko holds up a plate of sushi rolls (one of which Luke takes), commenting that when sushi is rolled it envelopes many things, just as they have been rolled up alongside Rush Dueling. Menzaburo realizes this is why they were all penalized and he comments that it's pretty problematic. Ranze comments that it's pretty sad the last Duel between Yoshio and Mimi became one between a parent and child, and Romin agrees. Luke finishes his sushi roll and nosily comments that it couldn't have been helped, as it was divine punishment for that traitorous spy. Romin angrily tells him not to say it like that and Gakuto urges them not to squabble. Yuga confirms that he was able to explain the situation to Yoshio without revealing his mother's identity (with Mimi watching them the whole time). Sushiko offers them her tray again, stating that they're all in the same sushi boat now; if you can't beat them, join them she says. Menzaburo declares that they all have to do their best to continue to protect Yuga's honor, and Ranze agrees, asking Yuga to tell them if there is anything they can do, with Rinnosuke adding that they'll all face account deletion if anyone here loses. Yuga happily thanks them, but then the room begins to shake and a hexagonal trapdoor opens beneath Yuga, Gakuto and Luke, dropping them into the underground and leaving Romin teetering on the edge of the pit as Nick grabs Sushiko to keep her steady. Menzaburo rushes over and grabs Romin's wrist, but before Romin can thank him, he loses his balance as well and they both fall into the pit, with Menzaburo apologizing as they fall.

Yuga and his friends meet Advisor M.

Everyone lands on a thick mattress in the Garden of Providence, and Romin asks Menzaburo if he's okay. Menzaburo admits that it seems his training is lacking, but then hears a noise in the shadows and throws a pair of chopsticks into the darkness, asking who's there. A female voice giggles as a short woman in a pink, heart-emblazoned outfit walks out of the shadows with the chopsticks snapped between her fingers, and Luke rudely asks if she is the next Duelist. The woman chides him for being an idiot and tells them that she's not a Duelist, so she isn't suspicious either, she is the Masked Mystery, Advisor M. As she bends her body into the shape of an "M", Romin and Gakuto realize who it is, and Yuga shushes them, suggesting they pretend like they don't know. Naturally, Luke is completely fooled by Advisor M's disguise and he asks who she is, with Menzaburo adding that's a suspicious mask (and Romin asks if Menzaburo is really one to talk). Advisor M bends into different poses as she explains that the Gate of Providence that leads to Nail's haven is in here somewhere and they need to find it. As she accidentally overbends, Gakuto repeats the term and Advisor M states that's all for today's information before running away. Gakuto calls after her, asking where the Gate of Providence is, but she simply tells them to remember the term. Gakuto sighs, commenting that it seems Mimi wanted to lend a hand in her own way. Once again, Luke has no idea what Gakuto is talking about, so Yuga suggests that they go over it later; for now they should search for this Gate of Providence.

The group find a ramen store in the Garden.

Three hours later, all of them are utterly exhausted as Romin gasps how long they've been walking. Gakuto moans that he's so hungry as his stomach groans, but then Menzaburo smells something. Gakuto asks if he senses something suspicious, but Menzaburo has smelled a noodley scent. His nose leads them to an underground ramen shop where several Goha Corporation employees are waiting in line. Romin is shocked to find a ramen shop in the Garden and Gakuto notes that it seems pretty popular. Menzaburo rushes up to three Goha employees leaving the store and asks what this place is. The Goha employees are shocked that Menzaburo has never heard of Space House and they state that everyone who works at Goha knows it's the best restaurant in the cosmos, and they head off, having eaten their fill. Romin asks if this is another one of Nail's traps, but Menzaburo promptly takes his place in line, crying that he just has to be patient, and Romin irritably mutters that he fell for the trap.

The group meet Noodle Sorako.

Eventually it's their turn to enter the store, much to Menzaburo's joy. They enter to find a relatively plain store decorated with many cosmic-themed symbols, and Yuga comments that he sees why it's called the best in the cosmos. Luke asks where the workers are, but then they hear a voice saying "beep-boop-ba-beep-boop" and Menzaburo asks what that sounds is. The beeping sounds again as strings raises what appears to be a flying saucer into the air, and Luke asks what it is. Gakuto gasps that it's an Unidentified Flying Object, or a UFO, though Yuga lightly points out that it isn't really flying. But then the object settles on the ground and sprouts human legs, a torso, arms, and finally the head of a pale-skinned girl, much to the shock of everyone else. The girl welcomes them, calling them people of earth and explaining that she is an alien from the Menmen planet in the Ra Nebula, and her name is Noodle Sorako. Gakuto repeats Sorako's name, and Sorako clarifies that it's written as "alien", but read as "Sorako". Romin asks why she chose a name like that, and Sorako claims that Earthlings can't pronounce her real name, so she chose an Earth name. Luke comments that she seems to be a very considerate alien, and Yuga asks if she's a waitress at this restaurant. Sorako claims that she's the manager and serves them a bowl of ramen, the scent of which stimulates Menzaburo's senses and Gakuto gasps that it's wonderful, while Luke cries that he can't wait anymore (and Yuga and Romin both smile nervously).

Sorako offers to take Menzaburo around the galaxy.

They quickly seat themselves and give thanks for their meal before they start eating, and quickly all find themselves experiencing extreme sensations; Gakuto breathing blue fire, Romin outrunning a train, Luke calling it a full knockout as he headlocks a wrestler, though Yuga is more restrained and calls it simply the best. Naturally the ramen-enthusiast Menzaburo has the most extreme reaction, asking how he can describe this, this soup reminiscent of their infinitely expanding and dark universe, naruto resembling a spiraling galaxy, pork like dark matter, and finally the noodles like a cosmic string; in other words it's a taste out of this world. Sorako comments that there's much more tasty ramen out in this galaxy, much to Menzaburo's enthusiasm. Sorako offers to take him around, and Menzaburo happily accepts as Yuga and Luke finish drinking their soup. Sorako turns around and comments that now that they're full, they can Duel; and she turns back with her Duel Disk strapped to her arm. Luke asks if she's one of Nail's henchmen, and Sorako asks who will be her opponent. Menzaburo quickly volunteers, and Gakuto notes that of course he has, seeing as the situation is ramen-related. Yuga encourages Menzaburo to go for it, and Luke states that in that case they'll - Cheer him on, Romin says, but Luke states that they'll get seconds. Sorako quickly provides Luke with another bowl of ramen, and Luke thanks her as he wolfs it down, much to Romin's disapproval. Menzaburo and Sorako call "Let's go!" and Menzaburo claims he's touched up his Deck and he's ready to go, while Sorako simply beeps and boops, then they both insert their Decks in their Duel Disks and call "Rush Duel!", causing the green holographic dome to materialize.

Sorako declares her turn and draws, looking at her hand of "Big Bang Egger", "Shiraganeginger", "Charshooting Star", and "Outer Space" as she takes "Outer Space" from her hand and activates the Field Spell Card. In the blink of an eye they are surrounded by a starscape, with everyone standing on an asteroid. Everyone gasps in shock, Gakuto asking if they've flown out of the atmosphere and into outer space, while Menzaburo is enchanted by the incredible universe; in ninjutsu terms it's like possessing complete understanding. Sorako then Sets three monsters, claiming that they have come from outer space, then Sets a card and ends her turn.

Menzaburo declares his turn and draws "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red Hot", while his hand also contains "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Gockboot", "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Men-age", "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Chiji Red" and "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Barikata". First he Sets a card, then he Summons two monsters, "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Chiji Red" and "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Barikata". Sorako happily beeps, then declares the effect of her Field Spell, "Outer Space", much to Menzaburo's surprise. She explains that it will lower the ATK and DEF of all Level 4 or lower monsters on the field by 300. Menzaburo gasps in shock as his monsters are affected by the conditions, falling to 500 and 700 ATK respectively and he gasps that it's such a harsh environment for non-immune monsters. Yuga admits that the low-Level monsters can't seem to bear the conditions as they flail around and Gakuto calls it relentless. Menzaburo then Tributes his two monsters, declaring his rules; first: food before friends, second: strange noodles are good, third: time travelling noodles are great, fourth: fancy noodles are the best, and fifth: forevermore he shall love noodles. He Tribute Summons the Level 7 "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Gockboot", and Gakuto and Romin realize that since it is Level 7, "Gockboot" can survive in "Outer Space". Menzaburo then sends the top card of his Deck (another "Chiji Red") to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Gockboot", increasing the ATK of all Pyro monsters he controls by 100 for each Normal Monster in his Graveyard. "Gockboot" erupts with a fiery aura as it powers up to 2500 ATK and Sorako beeps in shock. Then Menzaburo activates a Spell card, "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red Hot", which will increase the ATK of "Gockboot" by a further 300 as the aura continues to blaze around it. Menzaburo declares his Battle Phase, and Sorako beeps in terror as her face-down monster, "Big Bang Egger" is revealed to have zero DEF, as Gakuto notes, while Romin cheers. Menzaburo adds that "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red Hot" also allows "Gockboot" to inflict piercing battle damage, and he tells Sorako to prepare herself as it attack with "Ultra-Thick Fire", blasting two streams of fire from its hands and disintegrating "Big Bang Egger", and Sorako beeps in terror again as the attack continues and slams into her, reducing her LP to 1200.

Sorako explains that her UFO is powered by her LP.

Yuga and Luke cheer Menzaburo's move, and Menzaburo is quite satisfied by his move, but then Sorako begins beeping and glitching as she jerks around unnaturally and crackles with electricity. Menzaburo asks in shock if Sorako is all right, and she briefly compresses back into her UFO state before emerging again and floating in the air. Menzaburo flinches away, but Sorako frantically apologizes for disturbing him. Menzaburo asks if she's okay again, and Sorako explains that Menmen UFOs run with LP as their energy, and the damage she took just now drained a lot of her energy. Yuga is intrigued by the concept, while Luke claims that he sees. A panel on Sorako's neck brace opens as she explains that her UFO will stop working if her LP hit zero, and Menzaburo realizes that this would render Sorako unable to return to outer space. Gakuto and Romin sigh, obviously not believing it, but Luke and Yuga are both shocked by the revelation. Sorako tells them not to worry about it, as they're in the middle of a Duel and they should continue. Menzaburo hesitantly agrees, and he ends his turn, causing the ATK of "Gockboot" to return to normal.

Sorako tells them not to worry, as it's her turn now, and she draws five cards. She Sets another card, and then she Tributes her other two Set monsters, beeping happily as she returns to her UFO and rotates happily, chanting "Bentora, bentora! Greetings from the twinkling stars! Beep-boop-beep-boop! Tribute Summon! Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess!" "Noodle-Druidess" appears with 2500 ATK, and Romin gasps that Sorako's ace monster has come out, while Gakuto muses that it's the hypothetical cosmic string. Luke misunderstands the concept, asking if it's stronger than an elastic string, and Yuga drifts past on his asteroid, commenting that no-one knows. Sorako explains that since "Outer Space" has been activated, she can send "Shiraganeginger" and "Big Bang Egger" from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Noodle-Druidess", destroying all Level 7 or lower monsters on the field with its "Black Hole Exodus" effect. "Noodle-Druidess" twirls her staff, generating a massive black hole from an energy string that pulls in "Gockboot" and destroys it as Menzaburo gasps. Then Sorako Summons another monster, "Galaxy Narutorolla", though it's still vulnerable to the effect of "Outer Space" and loses 300 ATK and DEF, bringing it down to 900 ATK. But because she controls "Outer Space", Sorako can activate the effect of "Narutorolla", increasing its ATK by 600, to 1500 (not shown is the cost of sending a card from the top of her Deck to the Graveyard). Romin cries "Oh no!" and Gakuto gasps that Menzaburo has no monsters, while Luke observes that his field is completely naked. Sorako orders "Noodle-Druidess" to attack Menzaburo directly with "Twinkle Noodle Whip", and "Noodle-Druidess" twirls a large energy string around Meznaburo as she attacks.

Menzaburo worries over what will happen if he wins the Duel.

The attack flings him into a space where he can see other galaxies. Menzaburo marvels over how grand it all is as his LP falls to 1500, and he comes too on his asteroid, falling to one knee as Sorako beeps happily and prepares to attack again. Gakuto asks his friends if they don't think this is strange; Menzaburo's momentum from earlier seems to have completely faded, and Romin agrees now that Gakuto mentions it. Menzaburo asks himself if he'll lose here, but thinks that may be a good thing as he looks at the bemused Sorako. Menzaburo thinks that if he wins Sorako's UFO will stop working, and he'll have to give up on his dream of eating ramen across the galaxy, but if he loses everyone will get another penalty. Does he focus on his dreams of outer space, or the Duel? Luke notes that Menzaburo is worried about something, and Gakuto comments that Luke is being surprisingly observant, though as Luke points out, he was worrying himself not to long ago. Romin calls to Menzaburo, telling him they can help him if he's worried about something. Menzaburo freaks out and he asks them how they knew he was worried about picking outer space or the Duel. Gakuto and Romin are quite caught off-guard by Menzaburo's admission, and Luke calls it ridiculous; of course you should choose Duels, isn't that right, Yuga?

Menzaburo regains his confidence.

But Yuga admits that he would choose outer space without any doubts, much to Luke's surprise after his initial agreement, and that of Gakuto and Romin. Romin asks if Yuga isn't worried about getting another penalty, but Yuga states that it's insignificant. Whether through outer space or Dueling, only Menzaburo can realize his own potential. Once he does, he will surely see his own road stretch before him. Menzaburo sees a new universe form behind Yuga, and Sorako sees it too, impressed that there is a human with such an ambitious spirit on Earth. Menzaburo declares that he understands now; there is a potential universe in everyone, and now he can see the road of noodles that leads through galaxies, which only he can take. Sorako beeps in confusion, and Menzaburo declares that there is a new dimension, the unbroken, continuous road within his heart, the infinite expanse of noodles; the Noodle Road. From here on out, Menzaburo will give Sorako an ultra-large serving of breaking the Duel's limits. Sorako tells Menzaburo to bring it on, but warns Menzaburo that this is the final point of his universe, and this is the end, as her "Naurtorolla" attacks Menzaburo directly.

Menzaburo manages to defend his LP.

Menzaburo tells her to hold it, as he activates a Trap Card, "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Men-age", Special Summoning "Barikata" from his Graveyard. Sorako points out that it will still be affected by "Outer Space" as it falls to 700 ATK. Menzaburo declares that it will be enough, and "Narutorolla" destroys "Barikata", reducing Menzaburo to 700 LP. Menzaburo asks what's next, but Sorako has to end her turn.

Menzaburo declares his turn and draws, drawing "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Scorching Burner", "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot", two more copies of "Barikata", and his final "Chiji Red". Thinking that it's here, he declares that he will no longer hesitate, and he will say farewell to these sentimental feelings, taking his first step on the Noodle Road. He Summons three monsters, "Chiji Red" and the two "Barikata", who all lose ATK due to "Outer Space", as Sorako huffily reminds him. Menzaburo replies that it doesn't matter, and Sorako beeps in surprise as Menzaburo Tributes "Chiji Red" and "Barikata", declaring some more rules; sixth: the future is space noodles, seventh: the dark nebulous noodles of tears, and eighth: as always, he loves noodles. He chants "Embarking on the infinite Noodle Road, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp! Now, Tribute Summon! Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot!" "Kaedama Gockboot" appears in a fiery aura with 2400 ATK, and Gakuto declares that it's Menzaburo's new ace monster, while Romin notes that he'll win if this attack goes through.

But Sorako cries that it's Trap time, activating her Set "Charshooting Star", allowing her to gain LP equal to "Narutorolla's" Level times 200 and then return it to her hand. Her LP rises to 2000, and she begins bursting with energy due to the recovery. Menzaburo warns her that it's not over yet and he sends "Barikata" to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Kaedama Gockboot", "Kaedama Bomber". It plucks a bomb from its belt and winds up to throw it at Sorako, knocking her backwards with an alarmed beep as Menzaburo explains that she takes 1000 damage, and he can draw a card. Then he activates the Spell he drew, Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Heartburn-Inducing Pork Roast Fat", reducing the ATK of "Noodle-Druidess" by 400 for each Pyro monster he controls and deluging "Noodle-Druidess" in hot water. "Noodle-Druidess" falls to 2100 ATK, so Sorako activates another Trap Card, "Dark Butter", sending the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard; "Shiraganeginger", "Charshooting Star", and "Outer Space", and increasing the ATK of "Noodle-Druidess" by 500 for each monster she sent. "Noodle-Druidess" manages to endure the Spell as she rises to 2600 ATK, and Romin muses that it seems the weird alien isn't just all talk; Gakuto agrees that she has stopped Menzaburo's attacking momentum. But Menzaburo isn't done yet, and he activates "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Scorching Burner", increasing the ATK of "Kaedama Gockboot" by 100 times the number of Normal Monsters in both of their Graveyards for the rest of the turn. Fire surges into "Kaedama Gockboot" as it rises to 3600 ATK, and Menzaburo chants "Noodles! A second serving of noodles, and then a third! Don't drink up all the soup just yet!" He orders "Kaedama Gockboot" to attack "Noodle-Druidess" with "Ultra-Thick Straight", and it blasts its rocket arms at "Noodle-Druidess", destroying her and then surging towards Sorako. Menzaburo apologizes as the attack connects, blastign Sorako away with a beep-boop and reducing her LP to zero.

Sorako tells Menzaburo that she will never forget him.

The Field Spell fades, leaving Sorako beeping and crackling with electricity on the floor of Space House. Menzaburo runs over to her, calling her name, but she weakly struggles up and reassures him that he's okay. Gakuto calls it a moving performance before uttering a beep-boop himself, and Romin comments that the Duel is over, so Sorako can stop acting like an alien now. Sorako gets up and the panel on her neck brace slides open as she admits that it was a really amazing Rush Duel, but she's afraid she'll have to say goodbye to Menzaburo now. Menzaburo asks what Sorako means, and she explains that she's being picked up. Menzaburo repeats her words and they all look up at the ceiling, as Sorako states that she has to go back to the mothership on the Menmen planet in the Ra Nebula to recharge her LP. Menzaburo realizes what this means, and Sorako tells him that no matter how many thousands or millions of light years she may travel, she'll never forget Menzaburo, nor his servings of noodles full of burning passion. She holds out her finger, and Menzaburo touches it with his own.

Sorako leaves Earth.

A blue light erupts above them, and Luke asks what it is in shock. Similar beeps to Sorako's emit from the light as Gakuto realizes what the light is, and Sorako bids them all goodbye before returning to her UFO form and flying into the air. She vanishes into the light, which fades to reveal the unmarked ceiling, and Menzaburo calls after Sorako, while Gakuto and Romin are shocked that she might have been a real alien after all. Yuga lightly comments that sometimes that's just how it is, and he suggests they keep searching for the Gate of Providence. Romin, Luke and Gakuto agree, and they follow Yuga, but Menzaburo remains behind, before nodding to himself and vowing that he will remember Sorako as a UFO spins into the heavens...

Featured Duel: Menzaburo Oomori vs Noodle Sorako[edit]

Menzaburo VS Sorako.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Sorako
Sorako's hand contains two copies of "Big Bang Egger", "Shiraganeginger", "Charshooting Star", and "Outer Space". Sorako activates the Field Spell "Outer Space". Sorako Sets three monsters. Sorako Sets a card.

Turn 2: Menzaburo
Menzaburo draws "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red Hot". Menzaburo's hand contains "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Gockboot", "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Men-age", "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Chiji Red", "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Barikata", and "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Red Hot". Menzaburo Sets a card. Menzaburo Normal Summons "Chiji Red" (800/1000) and "Barikata" (1000/1200). The effect of "Outer Space" decreases the ATK/DEF of all Level 4 or lower monsters on the field by 300 ("Chiji Red": 800/1000 → 500/700)("Barikata": 1000/1200 → 700/900). Menzaburo Tributes "Chiji Red" and "Barikata" to Tribute Summon "Gockboot" (2200/0). Menzaburo activates the effect of "Gockboot", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to have all Pyro monsters he controls gain 100 ATK for each Normal Monster in his GY. He sends "Chiji Red" to the GY, so there are three Normal Monsters in his GY ("Gockboot": 2200/0 → 2500/0). Menzaburo activates the Spell "Red Hot", choosing a Pyro monster he controls to have it gain 300 ATK and grant it the ability to inflict piercing battle damage. He chooses "Gockboot" ("Gockboot": 2500/0 → 2800/0). Menzaburo Sets a card. "Gockboot" attacks a Set monster, which is revealed to be "Big Bang Egger" (600/0). The attack continues and "Big Bang Egger" is destroyed (Sorako: 4000 → 1200 LP).

Turn 3: Sorako
Sorako Tributes her two Set monsters to Tribute Summon "Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess" (2500/1000). As "Outer Space" is on the field, Sorako activates the effect of "Noodle-Druidess", sending two Pyro monsters from her hand to the GY to destroy all Level 7 or lower monsters on the field. She sends "Big Bang Egger" and "Shiraganeginger" to the GY and destroys "Gockboot". Sorako Normal Summons "Galaxy Narutorolla" (1200/1000 → 900/1000). As "Outer Space" is on the field, Sorako activates the effect of "Narutorolla", sending the top card of her Deck to the GY to have it gain 600 ATK. She sends an unknown card ("Narutorolla": 900/1000 → 1500/1000). Sorako Sets a card. "Noodle-Druidess" attacks Menzaburo directly (Menzaburo: 4000 → 1500 LP). "Narutorolla" attacks Menzaburo directly, but as a monster Sorako controls declared a direct attack, Menzaburo activates his Set Trap "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Men-age", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Pyro monster from his GY in Attack Position. He Special Summons "Barikata" (1000/1200 → 700/1200). A replay occurs and "Narutorolla" attacks and destroys "Barikata" (Menzaburo: 1500 → 700 LP).

Turn 4: Menzaburo
Menzaburo draws "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Scorching Burner", "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot", two copies of "Barikata", and "Chiji Red". Menzaburo Normal Summons "Chiji Red" (800/1000 → 500/800) and two copies of "Barikata" (1000/1200 → 700/900). Menzaburo Tributes "Chiji Red" and a "Barikata" to Tribute Summon "Kaedama Gockboot" (2400/0). As Menzaburo Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Sorako activates her Set Trap "Charshooting Star", choosing a Pyro monster she controls and gaining LP equal to its Level x 200, then returning it to her hand. She returns the Level 4 "Narutorolla" to her hand (Sorako: 1200 → 2000 LP). Menzaburo activates the effect of "Kaedama Gockboot", sending a Pyro Normal Monster he controls to the GY to inflict 1000 damage to Sorako and draw a card. He sends "Barikata" to the GY (Sorako: 2000 → 1000 LP) and draws "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Heartburn-Inducing Pork Roast Fat". Menzaburo activates the Spell "Pork Roast Fat", reducing the ATK of a monster Sorako controls by 400 for each Pyro monster he controls. He chooses "Noodle-Druidess" ("Noodle-Druidess": 2500/1000 → 2100/1000). As Menzaburo activated a Spell, Sorako activates her Set Trap "Dark Butter", sending the top three cards of her Deck to the GY and choosing a DARK monster she controls to have it gain 500 ATK for each monster sent to the GY this way. Sorako sends "Shiraganeginger", "Charshooting Star", and "Outer Space" from the top of her Deck to the GY and chooses "Noodle-Druidess" ("Noodle-Druidess": 2100/1000 → 2600/1000). Menzaburo activates the Spell "Scorching Burner", increasing the ATK of all Pyro Monsters he controls by 100 for each Normal Monster in each player's GY. Both Menzaburo and Sorako have six Normal Monsters in their GY ("Kaedama Gockboot": 2400/0 → 3600/0). "Kaedama Gockboot" attacks and destroys "Noodle-Druidess" (Sorako: 1000 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]

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