Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 020

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"It's Tough Being an Adult"
"The Corporate Warrior".
"The Corporate Warrior".
Japanese name
RōmajiOtona wa Tsurai yo
TranslatedIt's Tough Being an Adult
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayAyumu Hisao
Air dates
JapaneseOctober 17, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The One Who Is a Throne"
Next"Close Encounters of the Noodle Kind"
Featured card

"It's Tough Being an Adult" is the twentieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 17, 2020.

Yoshio goes underground together with Yuga and his friends. Yoshio is having trouble figuring out what his dream should be, so to discover it through a Duel, he volunteers to fight against one of Neiru's minions. As it turns out, he'll be Dueling against Mimi, one of Goha's executives! Yoshio begins the Duel, unaware that his opponent is his mother, and Mimi fights against her son for his sake. What will be the ultimate outcome of Bubble Era vs Post-Apocalypse!?


Yoshio sees his mother deep in thought.

At her house, Mimi sighs and looks out the window, thinking that if Neiru really defeats Yuga then she will miss out on the achievement of doing so, and if that happens her dreams of getting to the top of the Goha Corporation will drift even further away. Yoshio walks into the room to ask his mother something, but stops when he sees her gazing over the balcony (while standing on a box to be able to reach over it) wondering what she should do, and he turns and leaves with a small smile.

Yoshio asks Luke for advice.

At Goha 7th Elementary Mimi is walking down a flight of stairs when she has to hastily dodge behind a wall when Yoshio walks past her. As she recaps her situation she hears someone calling her last name and she ducks away, only to realize the teacher is talking to Yoshio and admonishing him for not finishing his homework yet. Yoshio apologizes, explaining that he still doesn't know what to write for "My Dream". Mimi whispers "Dream?" in surprise as Yoshio admits that he doesn't know what to do for stuff like "what he wants to be when he grows up" or "what he wants to do in the future". Mimi gasps in shock, wondering if the reason Yoshio doesn't know his own dreams is because she as his parent has never made her own clear. Yoshio takes his concerns to Luke, who muses on Yoshio's essay subject while Romin, Yuga and Gakuto watch from the nearby table. Yoshio asks what Luke's dreams are, and Luke states that it's to become the King of Duels of course. Holding a Duel Monsters card up with a declaration of "Draw" he claims that Yoshio needs to achieve his dreams, not waste time thinking, and if he Duels more then the "daor" will be revealed to him and he will rush down it. As Luke "draws" again, Yoshio imagines himself on a sunny highway and he asks if Luke means that the answer will come naturally to him if he looks inside himself during a Duel. He praises Luke's deep advice, and Luke modestly agrees, waving "Dragias" at him and wishing him "Good Luck" in English. Gakuto smiles, commenting that it seems Yoshio has completely recovered his self-confidence from before.

Yuga and his friends are sucked into the Garden of Providence.

And then the floor around the table slides backwards and a powerful force begins sucking them all into the abyss that has opened beneath them, dropping them onto a massive cushion in the Garden of Providence. Gakuto comments that this time Neiru was quite innovative in getting to them. Mimi's voice then calls out to them, commenting that Yuga and his friends have finally arrived, and she stands above them in her Goha Corporation uniform with a fan in front of her helmet, introducing herself as part of Goha's elite; a Top of Hexagon, and the one and only Number Six. She will be their next opponent. She remembers contacting Neiru to ask to Duel Yuga's group, recalling that while she was acting nice to get close to them before she knew it she had become completely accustomed to Yuga and his friends, but if she keeps this up she will never be able to achieve her dreams. Sitting in Sebastian, Neiru agreed that he didn't mind if she wanted to Duel, but cautioned Mimi not to regret whatever happened as he touched a display in front of him. Romin recalls that Number Six appeared during Yuga and Roa's Duel, and Gakuto notes that her voice seems familiar too. Yuga comments that it's probably her, though Luke naturally has no idea what they're talking about. Yuga comments that it doesn't matter who Duels her and volunteers, though Luke jumps in front of him, claiming he can handle this Rush Duel, though Gakuto then shoves his way between them to volunteer, and even Romin doesn't want to just wait around. They quickly start arguing until Mimi reminds them that anyone is fine and tells them to just decide already. Yuga quickly suggests Rock-paper-scissors, and the four of them all choose scissors, while Yoshio chooses rock.

To everyone's shock, Yoshio has also joined them in the Garden of Providence.

Everyone is quite shocked to see Yoshio there and Gakuto asks why he's here. Yoshio explains that he slipped and fell from the roof and ended up here, and that he doesn't understand what's going on, but it will be bad if they lose, right? Yuga confirms that Yoshio's got the gist of it, and Yoshio bows and humbly asks them to let him Duel, as he wants to use this Duel to find his dream. The others are quite surprised, though Luke still enthusiastically encourages Yoshio to Duel and find the "daor" he wants to go through. Yoshio agrees and thanks them, while poor Mimi can only think her son's name in shock. Yoshio presses his belt buckle, inflating his Good Max cosplay suit around his body and then he puts the helmet on, declaring that he is the demon created from chaos and disorder; the Post-Apocalyptic Combat King Yoshio. As he points at Mimi in challenge, she wonders how this became a battle between parent and child, but then she tells herself not to think about it, as she has to take a stand here and grasp her dreams like a good parent. Telling herself that this is for Yoshio's sake, she straps on her Duel Disk, declaring that no matter who her opponent is they will definitely lose to her here. Yoshio tells her to ready herself, and they both call "Rush Duel!" as they activate their Duel Disks and the holographic dome materializes around them.

Mimi munches on the treat "Festivi-Sea Horse" gives her to gain LP.

Mimi takes the first turn, drawing "Jewelry Trap Hole" and adding it to her hand, containing "All-Night Fever", "Assi-Sea Horse", "Haircut LaMoon", "Festivi-Sea Horse", and "Jewelry Trap Hole". She tells them to watch her go all out as she Summons "Haircut LaMoon", "Assi-Sea Horse" and "Festivi-Sea Horse". She activates the effect of "Festivi-Sea Horse", gaining 500 LP from its treat and she munches on the dish "Festivi-Sea Horse" sends her way as her LP rises to 4500. Declaring that they will party until sunrise, Mimi then activates the Spell Card "All-Night Fever", changing all her monsters into Defense Position and gaining 1200 LP, bringing her to 5700 LP as she declares that they'll keep rocking tonight. She Sets a card and ends her turn, but her familiar Aqua monsters have caught Romin's attention, while Gakuto has noticed the bubble-like strategy of gaining LP on the first turn. Yuga comments that just as he thought it really is her, though Luke still has no idea who he's talking about.

Yoshio dramatically declares his turn and a hellish death draw, his hand containing "Motor Wolf of the Beast Gear World", "Trike Fox of the Beast Gear World", "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indomitability", "Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World", and "Beast Gear World". He activates a Field Spell Card, "Beast Gear World". Green smoke pours from the card, quickly materializing the destroyed city around them and Luke comments that it's Yoshio's specialty; Field Spells. Yoshio then Summons "Trike Fox of the Beast Gear World" and "Motor Wolf of the Beast Gear World", and they are quickly powered-up by his Field Spell by 300 ATK. Yuga notes that Yoshio can't make the most of the effect of his Field Spell this time, and Romin realizes that it doesn't effect Aqua monsters. Gakuto muses that he sees; the effect of "Beast Gear World" primarily works against Dragon monsters, though as Luke reminds them Yoshio will still get an ATK boost for his own monsters. Yoshio activates the effect of "Trike Fox of the Beast Gear World" since Mimi controls three monsters, allowing him to Special Summon a monster from his hand - and he holds up "Catapult Devilkong", chanting "The apocalyptic world, totally destroyed! Come forth, the ruler of tyranny and atrocity, Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World!" Luke cheers that Yoshio's ace monster is already out, and Romin cheers him on.

"Catapult Devilkong" rises from hell.

But Mimi activates a Trap Card, "Jewelry Trap Hole" as Yoshio Special Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster while she controlled three Aqua monsters, allowing her to destroy that monster. Yoshio gasps as Mimi comments that the nightlife can be pretty dangerous, and she bids the cute gorilla goodbye on the highway to hell as the blue hole opens beneath it. Romin gasps that Yoshio lost his precious ace monster, and Gakuto notes that Yoshio's Field Spell powers up his monsters, so losing one definitely hurts. But Luke tells them not to lose faith yet, and Yoshio declares that this person is strong, as expected of a Goha elite, but he's already decided he will find his dream during the Duel no matter what. He (after switching pronouns) declares that he won't yield to this ripoff trap hole, and he activates a Spell Card, "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indomitability", paying 1000 LP to Special Summon a monster from his Graveyard. And of course the one he revives from hell is "Catapult Devilkong", who the contaminated world has even the power to survive in hell. "Catapult Devilkong" rises out of the "Jewelry Trap Hole" and beats his chest as the Field Spell powers him up to 2500 ATK. Then Yoshio activates the effect of "Catapult Devilkong", sending "Trike Fox" and "Motor Wolf" to hell to destroy "Assi-Sea Horse" and "Festivi-Sea Horse". "Catapult Devilkong" reaches out with the massive arms of its bike, grabbing both "Trike Fox" and "Motor Wolf" and throwing them at Mimi's shocked monsters with "Inhuman Cannon". Mimi protests at him to wait, while Luke cheers Yoshio on and tells him to burn his opponent up. Yoshio orders the "Trampling Beast Blow of Hell" of "Catapult Devilkong", who attacks the 0 DEF "LaMoon" as Yoshio explains that the effect of "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indomitability" granted the Special Summoned monster the ability to inflict piercing battle damage. The attack destroys "LaMoon" and reduces Mimi to 3200 LP as she is blasted off her feet and Gakuto gasps "What?!" Yoshio flexes as he declares the end of his hellish turn, and Yuga comments that it seems like he's stronger than when he Dueled Luke, with Luke agreeing. Even Mimi is proud of how strong her son has become, thinking that there isn't a parent out there who isn't happy to see their child grow up, but here she can't afford to lose this match, even if she doesn't like it.

Mimi activates her own Field Spell, "The Enchanted Nightless City", powering-up her monsters.

Declaring that it's written as serious and reads as serious, Mimi tells them that her adult seriousness is 90% stubbornness, and Yoshio is about to face it, posing with her fan as pizzazz erupts behind her. She declares her turn and draws five cards; "The Enchanted Nightless City", "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master", "Vishwar Ranbuddy", and two more copies of "Assi-Sea Horse". She Summons her second "Assi-Sea" and activates its effect, adding an Aqua Normal Monster from her Graveyard to her hand, and setting it to work immediately. "Assi-Sea Horse" carts in the exhausted "Haircuit LaMoon", though Mimi reassures her that she can take a break, and she Tributes the yawning "LaMoon" to Tribute Summon "Vishwar Ranbuddy". She Summons her third "Assi-Sea" and activates its effect, and "Assi-Sea" runs a lap around a pile of rubble, emerging with a pouting "Haircut LaMoon" as Mimi adds the card to her hand. Declaring that her two "Assi-Seas" have worked hard, Mimi Tributes them both to Tribute Summon, chanting "Tower above with your shoulder pads! Hover up high in DC Brand! Now blossom in full glory at the deadline so that even the neon flowers of the city that never sleeps fall into envy! Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master!" Apologizing to her monster, Mimi suggests they put her in better spirits as she Summons "Haircut LaMoon" again. Mimi encourages her monster to dance, though "LaMoon" doesn't seem keen on the idea. Mimi then sends "The Enchanted Nightless City" from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Dian Keto", recovering 1000 LP with "Beauty Skin Care". Spotlights shine on "Dian Keto" as Mimi rises to 4200 LP. Yoshio observes that his opponent has set up her monsters, and Gakuto notes that "Dian Keto" and the powered-up "Devilkong" have the same ATK, while Romin notes that even if "Dian Keto" and "Devilkong" destroyed one another, Mimi's remaining two monsters would still be able to inflict a lot of damage. Mimi calls Yohsio's thoughts amateurish and comments that they must still be a child, much to Yoshio's shock. Mimi activates the lambada effect of "Vishwar Lambadi", adding a Field Spell from her Graveyard to her hand, which she promptly activates, causing a brightly-lit city to emerge behind her in the wasteland, much to the shock of everyone else. Mimi tells the mirror ball to shine on as it appears above her, causing all her LIGHT monsters to gain 200 ATK. She comments that Yoshio isn't the only one who can use Field Spells as Yoshio trembles angrily and tells him to surrender now, much to the surprise of Yuga and his friends. Romin doesn't understand the English word, and Gakuto explains that it means "give up" as Yoshio clenches his fist and calls Mimi's demand ridiculous, as the Post-Apocalyptic Combat King would never surrender. Mimi calls him naïve, thinking that a child won't listen, and she comments that he doesn't understand yet since he's just a child, recalling enduring overcrowded trains during rush hour, her boss's lectures and subordinates' complaints. "Dian Keto" destroys "Devilkong" with a strike from her fan, reducing Yoshio to 2800 LP. Mimi remembers both work and domestic life grating her heart into mush like daikon, declaring herself a corporate warrior and seeing herself in a suit of armor, as "Vishwar Ranbuddy" blasts a beam of light at Yoshio and reduces him to 1500 LP. Mimi tells Yoshio not to underestimate adults as "Haircut LaMoon" dives towards Yoshio and strikes him with her staff, reducing him to 100 LP and blasting him off his feet, popping his cosplay suit and sending his helmet and hat bouncing away as the battered young boy lies on the ground. Luke gasps Yoshio's name in shock as Mimi ends her turn. She thinks that Yoshio has done enough, and that's why it's okay to give up now and take it easy.

Despite his situation, Yoshio refuses to give up.

But to her shock, Yoshio struggles to his feet, declaring that he won't surrender. He hasn't found his dream yet, and everyone gasps in shock at his resolve. He declares his turn and draws, admitting that he feels like he knows what Number Six said as he looks at his field cards. Every day his mother works herself to the bone and is always busy. And yet even so she still manages to make Yoshio's favorite napolitan spaghetti for him. She can continue to do her best because she has Yoshio, she says, and she has always had a big dream she's been working towards. Mimi can only gape in shock at her son's understanding as Yoshio Summons two monsters, "Buggy Dog of the Beast Gear World" and "Gyro Jackal of the Beast Gear World", which both gain ATK from the Field Spell, and then Yoshio Tributes them both to Tribute Summon. He chants "Driving full speed on the road to the eternal future! Come forth! The proud and heroic king of destruction! King Convoy Ligeon, Conqueror of the Beast Gear World"

Yoshio vows that he wants to become strong for someone else like his mother is for him.

"King Convoy Ligeon" has 2300 ATK, and powers up to 2600 ATK due to the effect of "Beast Gear World". Everyone gasps in shock at the massive monster as Yoshio explains that he also wants to grow up and become strong for someone like his mother, and have big dreams even as an adult. Mimi gasps, and Yoshio admits that he doesn't know what those big dreams are right now, but now he sees that even this wish can be his daor. Luke cheers for Yoshio to push forward on his own daor. Yoshio enthusiastically agrees and he Summons two more monsters, another "Motor Wolf" and "Buggy Dog", and Gakuto declares that now the destruction of his opponent is inevitable. Mimi urges herself to calm down, since she'll survive even if her monsters are destroyed this turn. But Luke tells her that Yoshio already has his sights set on an even bigger dream. Mimi is surprised by his statement, and Yoshio activates the effect of "King Convoy Ligeon", sending two monsters to the Graveyard to have it gain ATK for 100 times their combined Levels, declaring "Rampage Oppression" as "King Convoy Ligeon" chases down "Buggy Dog" and "Motor Wolf" and captures them in the chomping mouths of the truck arms of its throne and crushes them. Their combined Levels is eight, so "King Convoy Ligeon" rises by 800 to 3400. Mimi gasps, and Yoshio adds that none of his other monsters can attack this turn, but now "King Convoy Ligeon" can attack all of Mimi's monsters once each. Mimi and Gakuto both gasp "What?" and Luke cheers. Yoshio tells "Ligeon" to go and it races forwards, capturing "Haircut LaMoon" in its throne mouths and destroying it, reducing Mimi to 2200 LP. Yoshio pants as he recalls that his mother always told him to study diligently, and Mimi looks up in surprise as "Vishwar Ranbuddy" is caught in the throne mouths and destroyed, reducing Mimi to 100 LP. Yoshio states that his mother told him to put his all into whatever he did, and never do things by halves. He declares the "Supreme Beast Fist of Utter Villainy" attack of "King Convoy Ligeon" as he launches several punches, and "King Convoy Ligeon" concentrates two blue energy spheres together and blasts a beam of blue energy from them that consumes "Dian Keto" and blasts Mimi off her feet, reducing her LP to zero, but beneath her helmet, which cracks at the edge, she is smiling.

Mimi's helmet shatters, revealing her identity.

The Field Spells fade, leaving Mimi slumped on the ground and Yoshio panting in exhaustion. He composes himself and he cheers to Luke and Yuga that he won, but as he runs to them he falters. Luke gasps Yoshio's name and runs forwards to catch him, but Mimi springs into action and leaps to catch her son, shoving Luke out of the way. Yoshio dozes in her arms as Gakuto comments that his sleeping face looks so relaxed after all the effort he put into winning. Luke gets back up and adds that Yoshio said he couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about the essay. Then Mimi's helmet splits in two, revealing her face and Luke gasps in shock. Mimi turns away from them as Yuga comments that he knew it, and Gakuto and Romin's suspicions are confirmed as well. Luke can only yell that Mimi was a Goha spy, and Mimi shushes him so he doesn't wake Yoshio. Her use of the affectionate "-chan" honorific surprises all four of the kids, and Mimi confirms that she is one of the Goha elite, Number Six, and Yoshio Atachi's mother. Everyone is shocked that Mimi is a mother, and even Yuga admits that he thought Mimi was an elementary schooler. Romin asks how old Mimi really is and Yuga eagerly wonders if she's using special effects makeup. Mimi calls them rude, claiming that she's thirty-seven this year, she just looks young.

Despite Mimi's loss, everyone is penalized for the Duel.

The voice of Neiru then comments that it was quite an interesting Duel, and Gakuto realizes that it's Neiru. A tone suddenly sounds, and to their shock, the four of them see that their Duel Disk all have a penalty. Mimi protests that she was the one who lost, so why have they been penalized? Neiru comments that Mimi should understand better than anyone, and Mimi is initially confused before realizing what Neiru means. Neiru smiles as he comments that whether Mimi considers herself one of Yuga's comrades or not, the system itself judges her affiliation based on the large amount of data it has accumulated of her behavior and vitals. And the result of that has declared that Mimi has been concluded to be part of Yuga's group. Mimi looks at the penalty on her own Duel Disk, while Luke is incensed that someone from Goha has been judged to be on their side. Neiru confirms that she is, and as such, everyone receives a penalty. Yoshio has one as well, as does Roa in his apartment, Menzaburo Oomori as he eats ramen, Kan Hakubutsu as he works on a dig with Kaseki Hotta and Hunt Goto, and Bakuro Shinjitsu while he works in his office. Romin angrily asks if Neiru is saying that no matter who won the Duel they would have received a penalty anyway, and Luke calls it cheating, while Gakuto calls it cowardly. Yuga comments that Neiru probably expected this to happen, but he doesn't think Neiru did it selfishly or maliciously. Luke asks Yuga why he would say that, and Yuga claims that he understands, causing Neiru's eyes to widen. Yuga explains that this is Neiru's providence, isn't it. Neiru smiles and he admits that Yuga is right; just as Yuga won't give up on his road, so too can Neiru never alter his providence.

Mimi confers with Yuga and his friends.

That evening, Mimi takes Yoshio home in a taxi and tells Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gakuto that she only has one request; that they don't tell Yoshio about her. Luke doesn't want to bend to the will of a Goha employee, but then Mimi holds a coupon out the taxi window, explaining that it's a complimentary coupon given to Goha elites that Luke can use at the A.I. Restaurant. Luke takes the coupon, commenting that it can't be helped and for Yoshio's sake, he won't tell him (while his friends smile at Luke being bribed). Mimi apologizes for what happened, and she admits she felt a little happy when Neiru called her their comrade. The kids are pleased to hear that, and Yuga asks Mimi what she's going to do. Mimi states that she's part of Goha's elite, and this is a fact she cannot change even if she considers them her friends in her heart. The taxi drives away, and Mimi looks fondly at her sleeping son, thinking that after all it is her job and a burden that she must carry as an adult.

The next day, Yoshio asks his mother to read his finished essay. Mimi asks to see, and she reads the title; "My Dream, by Yoshio Atachi".

Featured Duel: Yoshio Atachi vs Mimi Atachi[edit]

Yoshio VS Mimi.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Mimi
Mimi draws "Jewelry Trap Hole". Mimi's hand contains "All-Night Fever", "Assi-Sea Horse", "Haircut LaMoon", "Festivi-Sea Horse", and "Jewelry Trap Hole". Mimi Normal Summons "Assi-Sea Horse" (700/0), "Haircut LaMoon" (1200/0), and "Festivi-Sea Horse" (500/0). As she controls a LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster, Mimi activates the effect of "Festivi-Sea Horse", gaining 500 LP (Mimi: 4000 → 4500 LP). Mimi activates the Spell "All-Night Fever", changing all Attack Position Aqua monsters she controls to Defense Position and gaining 400 LP for each monster switched to Defense Position this way. "Assi-Sea Horse", "Haircut LaMoon", and "Fesitivi-Sea Horse" are changed to Defense Position (Mimi: 4500 → 5700 LP). Mimi Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yoshio
Yoshio's hand contains "Motor Wolf of the Beast Gear World", "Trike Fox of the Beast Gear World", "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indomitability", "Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World", and "Beast Gear World". Yoshio activates the Field Spell "Beast Gear World". The effect of "Beast Gear World" increases the ATK of all Beast-Warrior, Fiend, and Machine monsters on the field by 300 and decreases the ATK of all Dragon, Spellcaster, and Fairy monsters on the field by 300. Yoshio Normal Summons "Trike Fox" (400/900 → 700/900) and "Motor Wolf" (1400/400 → 1700/400). As "Trike Fox" was Normal Summoned this turn and Mimi controls three monsters, Yoshio activates the effect of "Trike Fox", Special Summoning a Level 7 or lower Beast-Warrior monster from his hand, but if he does, Level 6 or lower monsters Yoshio controls cannot attack this turn. He Special Summons "Devilkong" (2200/1700 → 2500/1700). As Yoshio Normal or Special Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster while Mimi controls three Level 4 or lower Aqua monsters, she activates her Set Trap "Jewelry Trap Hole", destroying one monster that Yoshio controls. She destroys "Devilkong". Yoshio activates the Spell "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indomitability", paying 1000 LP (Yoshio: 4000 → 3000 LP) to Special Summon a Beast-Warrior monster from his GY and give it the ability to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He Special Summons "Devilkong" (2200/1700 → 2500/1700). Yoshio activates the effect of "Devilkong", sending up to two other Beast-Warrior monsters he controls to the GY to destroy an equal number of Defense Position monsters Mimi controls. He sends "Trike Fox" and "Motor Wolf" to the GY and destroys "Assi-Sea Horse" and "Festivi-Sea Horse". "Devilkong" attacks and destroys "Haircut LaMoon" (Mimi: 5700 → 3200 LP).

Turn 3: Mimi
Mimi draws "The Enchanted Nightless City", "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master", "Vishwar Ranbuddy", and two copies of "Assi-Sea Horse". Mimi Normal Summons "Assi-Sea Horse" (700/0). As "Assi-Sea Horse" was Normal Summoned this turn, Mimi activates its effect, adding a LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster from her GY to her hand. She adds "Haircut LaMoon" to her hand. Mimi Normal Summons "Haircut LaMoon" (1200/0). Mimi Tributes "Haircut LaMoon" to Tribute Summon "Vishwar Ranbuddy" (1100/0). Mimi Normal Summons a second "Assi-Sea Horse" (700/0). She then activates the effect of "Assi-Sea Horse", adding "Haircut LaMoon" from her GY to her hand. Mimi Tributes both copies of "Assi-Sea Horse" to Tribute Summon "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master" (2500/1000). Mimi's hand contains "The Enchanted Nightless City" and "Haircut LaMoon". Mimi Normal Summons "Haircut LaMoon" (1200/0). She then activates the effect of "Dian Keto", sending a card from her hand to the GY to gain 1000 LP. She sends "The Enchanted Nightless City" to the GY (Mimi: 3200 → 4200 LP). Mimi activates the effect of "Vishwar Ranbuddy", adding "The Enchanted Nightless City" from her GY to her hand. She then activates the Field Spell "The Enchanted Nightless City". The effect of "The Enchanted Nightless City" increases the ATK of all LIGHT monsters on the field by 200 ("Dian Keto": 2500/1000 → 2700/1000)("Vishwar Ranbuddy": 1100/0 → 1300/0)("Haircut LaMoon": 1200/0 → 1400/0). "Dian Keto" attacks and destroys "Devilkong" (Yoshio: 3000 → 2800 LP). "Vishwar Ranbuddy" and "Haircut LaMoon" attack Yoshio directly (Yoshio: 2800 → 1500 → 100 LP).

Turn 4: Yoshio
Yoshio Normal Summons "Buggy Dog of the Beast Gear World" (1200/1000 → 1500/1000) and "Gyro Jackal of the Beast Gear World" (1000/700 → 1300/700). He then Tributes "Buggy Dog" and "Gyro Jackal" to Tribute Summon "King Convoy Ligeon, Conqueror of the Beast Gear World" (2300/2000 → 2600/2000). Yoshio Normal Summons "Motor Wolf" (1400/400 → 1700/400) and "Buggy Dog" (1200/1000 → 1500/1000). Yoshio activates the effect of "Convoy Ligeon", sending two Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior monsters to the GY to increase its ATK by their combined Levels x 100. In addition, Yoshio can only attack with "Convoy Ligeon" this turn, and he can only declare attacks on Attack Position monsters, but "Convoy Ligeon" can attack all monsters Mimi controls, once each. He sends the Level 4 "Motor Wolf" and "Buggy Dog" to the GY ("Convoy Ligeon": 2600/2000 → 3400/2000). "Convoy Ligeon" attacks and destroys "Haircut LaMoon", "Vishwar Ranbuddy", and "Dian Keto" (Mimi: 4200 → 2200 → 100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.