Bubble Era

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Bubble Era
From left to right: "Bubbly Elf", "Kanan the Ganguro Swordsmistress", and "Haircut LaMoon".
  • バブル
  • Baburu (romanized)
OCG Sets
Anime appearances

Bubble Era (バブル, Baburu)[1] is a series of LIGHT Aqua female cards, mostly retrains of old Yu-Gi-Oh female Normal Monsters, used by Mimi Atachi in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. Their designs and names relate to the Bubble Era[2], as well as a general theme of the life and troubles of female office workers in Japan, such as aging, dating and partying, reflecting Mimi's status within Goha Corporation.

After being chosen as the new President Goha by the President Drone Mimi's deck switches to DARK Aqua female monsters with a prison theme, although still following the Bubble Era inspiration.


Card Origin
Assi-Sea Horse Tatsunootoshigo + a slang term for a man who provides free rides to a woman[3]
Bubbly Elf Mystical Elf + Bubble Era
Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master Dian Keto the Cure Master + Gold digger
Dian Keto the Prison Master Dian Keto the Cure Master + Prison warden.
Enguarding Mermaid Enchanting Mermaid + Prison guard.
Festivi-Sea Horse Tatsunootoshigo + a slang term for a man who buys expensive meals to a woman[3]
Haircut LaMoon LaMoon + One Length hair cut
Kanan the Ganguro Swordsmistress Kanan the Swordmistress + Ganguro
Kanan the Warden Mistress Kanan the Swordmistress + Prison warden.
Vishwar Ranbuddy Vishwar Randi + Buddy + Lambada
3K Bolt Desirable characteristics of men in the Bubble Era: Kōshinchō (tall), Kōgakureki (well-educated), and Kōshūnyū (high income)
All For Naught - Bubble Burst Collapse of the Japanese economic bubble
All-Night Fever Disco Fever
The Enchanted Nightless City "City that never sleeps" / Nightlife
Jewelry Trap Hole Expensive jewelry + Juliana night club
Last Day of the Pretty☆Witch Last Day of Witch + a slang term for a woman who looks younger than her age.[4]
Mirror Ball Disco ball
Moisturize Moisturizing cosmetics
Pretty☆Witch Imprisonment Imprisonment + a slang term for a woman who looks younger than her age.[4]
Prison Island Ane Go Rock Japanese word for "older sister" + Alcatraz Prison, also known as "The Rock".

Playing style[edit]

The Bubble Era theme focuses on playing defensively, gaining large amounts of LP while controlling several Aqua monsters.


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