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Tatsuhisa Kamijo
Tatsuhisa Kamijo
  • Tatsuhisa Kamijo
OtherLuke (ルーク Rūku)
Japaneseかみじょう たつひさ
Base上城 龍久
Furiganaかみじょう たつひさ
RōmajiKamijō Tatsuhisa
  • Male
  • Education
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 001: "Let's Go! Rush Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Taku Yashiro[2]
Kamijo, Tatsuhisa

Tatsuhisa Kamijo (かみじょう たつひさ Kamijō Tatsuhisa), nicknamed Luke (ルーク Rūku), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is Yuga Ohdo's classmate, and the self-proclaimed number one Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. He first encounters Yuga while investigating how to become the King of Duels.[2]



Full body view of Luke.

Luke is a tall young boy with teal hair in a gear shape with three sideswept bangs at the front and red eyes. He dresses in a rougher fashion than most other characters in the series; he wears a dark brown shirt with a red pattern of a gear on a spoke, beige pants with a black belt, and black slip-on shoes with blue soles and straps. He accessorizes with a collar around his neck similar to that of Yuya Sakaki, a black wristband on his right wrist and a blue strap and a red watch around his left, and a chain hanging from his right pocket. He removes his watch when he Duels to make room to strap on his Duel Disk.

In the past, Luke used various disguises to enter adult Duel Centers, including grey hats, thick brown jackets, and false moustaches.


According to his voice actor, Luke is hot-blooded, but generally a good person.[3] Luke is extremely self-confident, given his proclamation of himself as the strongest Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. He has a comedic trait of causing machines to break down around him; he claims that this is due to his soul being possessed by the devil.[1][2] Luke has a habit to jump at what he thinks is cool, and to this end he tries to project a cool and aloof appearance, but he is easily flustered when this is unexpectedly challenged and capable of being excited past this.[3] He tends to act dramatic, with long and complicated Summoning chants and attack names, and often assumes that matters are more complicated than they are; attributing his ability to disable technology to a demon and believing that Yuga let him win their Rush Duel to teach him what he wanted to accomplish with them. He somewhat comically asks if Yuga is sure he wants to relinquish the title of King of Duels, but seizes on the opportunity immediately.[4] Despite his suspicions of Romin Kirishima, when Yuga invites her over to his Road Laboratory he quickly congratulates Yuga.[5]

Luke is quite perceptive, noting when Romin was spying on them and her unusual levels of knowledge of Dueling despite her denial in it.[6] Luke is initially cautious regarding Rush Dueling, as he does not want the Goha Corporation to discover it, but he later comes to accept Yuga's wish to spread Rush Dueling across the world for people to enjoy. Despite this, he is still paranoid that Goha Corp are watching them and he is quick to suspect that both Romin and Mimi Atachi are spying for them.[5] He fiercely defends Rush Dueling when it is insulted, even dismissing insults towards himself.[7]

Luke has a tendency to make outlandish and ambitious schemes, though these are generally ignored by his friends.[4][8] He believes himself to be the most important among his friends; this trait is generally played for comedic purposes and disregarded by his friends. Despite his dramatic speeches, Luke has some difficulty with English words.[7]

Similar to Joey Wheeler, Luke has a somewhat "rude" speech pattern, eschewing honorifics. He also deactivates Yuga's Duel Bicycle without his consent to catch his attention and later tries to break into Romin's guitar case as he finds it suspicious, despite Gakuto's protests that doing so would be invading Romin's privacy.[5]


The kanji in Luke's proper name contain the characters for "Upper/Higher", "Castle", "Dragon", and "Eternity/Long time", in reference to his Deck and self-proclaimed status as the number one Duelist of Goha 7th Elementary.[2] His nickname "Luke", can also be read as "Rook" in katana, which is a chess piece in the shape of a battlement, in addition to how in Shogi a promoted rook is called "Dragon King".


Luke using his ability to stop a Goha Corporation Drone.

Luke can cause technology around him to briefly stop working just by touching it. He seems to have developed some level of control over this, but he can only use this ability up to twice a day.[6] Luke himself believes that this is due to his soul being possessed by a demon, but Yuga Ohdo suggests that it may be an example of the Pauli effect.[4]



Luke practicing in adult Duel Centers.

A year before the events of the series, machines stopped working around Luke. Luke eventually learned to use this ability to his advantage, coming to believe that he was possessed by a demon. He used his power to enter adult Duel centers, practicing his skills against adult opponents and becoming the best Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary. Luke would later claim that he had never lost due to the demon possessing him, though he did lose several times and simply never gave up.[4]

Luke heard about the legend that would allow someone to become the King of Duels. A week before the series, Luke discovered the Hologram Man's underground chamber and challenged him to a Duel. Although Luke was able to defeat the Hologram Man within the time limit, the timer during the Duel continued to run and gave him a penalty when it did. Luke repeatedly tried to pass the trial, but received all six of his penalties and his Duel Disk's account was banned.[6]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Luke meets Yuga.

A week after first finding the Hologram Man, Luke heard fellow student Yuga Ohdo explaining about new Dueling rules to Student Council President Gakuto Sogetsu. Luke was intrigued by the prospect, believing that the new rules could be an interpretation of a line in the legend of the person who would become the King of Duels, and also noticed Romin Kirishima taking photos of them on her smartphone. After school, Luke waited for Yuga outside Goha 7th Elementary and introduced himself, asking if he could have a word. Yuga claimed he was busy and tried to leave, only for Luke to stop his Duel Bicycle with a single touch. Luke told Yuga that he knew somewhere he could install his new rules, and he took him to the Hologram Man's chamber, explaining about the legend on the way. As Yuga worked to install his Rush Duel rules, Gakuto showed up and began berating Yuga, only to freak out at the sight of the Hologram Man, while a Goha Corporation Drone arrived, having detected the violation of the rules. Luke noticed that Romin was there as well and told her to come out, before stopping the Drone from working as he had Yuga's Duel Bicycle. As the kids talked and charged Yuga's Duel Disk using his Duel Bicycle, the Drone eventually began working again, with Luke unable to stop it as he had before, so Romin suggested Yuga use Real-Time Duel Programming. Luke was suspicious of Romin's claims that she wasn't interested in Dueling, and he watched in shock as Yuga decided to use his Rush Dueling to enter the program in time and his Duel Disk transformed. Luke was shocked that Yuga was able to simply Summon three monsters at once, but the Hologram Man Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" on his first turn, destroyed Yuga's monsters, and reduced him to 1000 LP. Luke and Gakuto both believed that Yuga wouldn't be able to make a comeback against "Blue-Eyes" with a single card, but Yuga revealed that in a Rush Duel, players drew until they had five cards at the beginning of their turns, and he brought out his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", managing to increase its ATK high enough to both destroy "Blue-Eyes" and defeat the Hologram Man with one attack. The victory allowed Yuga to successfully install his Rush Dueling rules, and Luke enthusiastically congratulated Yuga. The voice of the Hologram Man congratulated Yuga as well, and Luke wondered if this mean that Yuga was the one in the legend. Luke and Gakuto's Duel Disks suddenly changed shape to become the same as Yuga's, which also deleted Luke and Yuga's penalties, as a path open before them.[6] Yuga told Luke to take the path, but it was simply a hologram and Luke walked right into the dais. Romin and Gakuto asked what the King of Duels was, and Luke explained that they dictated the rules of Duel Monsters. He outlined a scheme to become employed by the Goha Corporation, but Yuga was tinkering with the Drone rather than listening to Luke. Luke asked Yuga to keep Rush Dueling a secret as it had the power to make one of them the King of Duels.[4]

Luke deactivates everyone's phones before his Rush Duel with Yuga.

The next day at school, Luke found Yuga and Romin telling their classmates about Rush Dueling, and he promptly dragged Yuga beneath his desk and warned him that they had to keep Rush Dueling a secret from the Goha Corporation to prevent their accounts from being banned. To Luke's surprise, Yuga explained that he wanted to let everyone enjoy Rush Dueling rather than use it for themselves. Romin suggested they settle their argument with a Duel, Luke believed that he'd win no matter the rules used as he was Goha 7th Elementary's strongest Duelist. Before the Duel, Luke disabled everyone's smartphones with his power to keep the Duel secret, though he was deflated when Yuga and Gakuto suggested that his ability was the result of the Pauli effect rather than a demon. Yuga only Summoned a single monster on his first turn, something Luke correctly deduced was due to a bad hand, while Luke aimed to defeat Yuga in a One Turn Kill with his two "Twin-Edge Dragons". Yuga was able to survive, so Luke decided to tell everyone how he had acquired his skills (despite no-one asking). Yuga came close to beating Luke, but failed to get enough monsters in his Graveyard to increase its ATK enough, leaving Luke with 100 LP. Luke promised to finish Yuga off for failing to defeat him and Tribute Summoned "Rush Dragon Dragears", destroyed Yuga's Set card with "Fire Dragon's Heatflash", and destroyed both of his monsters with "Dragears", defeating him. Despite winning, the Duel had been livestreamed by the Drone that Yuga had modified, and Luke angrily asked why Yuga had done it, as Goha Corp would likely delete Rush Dueling. Yuga pointed out how everyone was enjoying it, and told Luke that he'd never stop trying to install Rush Dueling. Luke came to believe that Yuga had let him win the Duel to show him the correct path.[4]

Luke later found that Goha Corp had deleted all of the footage of his Rush Duel, and he deactivated Yuga's Duel Bicycle to tell him the next morning, worried that Goha Corp were observing them. Romin took another picture of them as she suggested they hurry to avoid being late, and Luke decided to look into her, though Gakuto only told him information he already knew. Luke suspected Romin was working for Goha Corp, so Yuga eventually agreed to investigate Romin too, and he tried using one of his Roads to determine if she was hiding something, though they were unsuccessful. Yuga then invited Romin to his Road Laboratory, prompting Luke to congratulate him. At Yuga's lab, they met his modified Drone again, who Yuga named "Kaizo", and Luke was subjected to a hairdressing machine. Yuga convinced Romin to Rush Duel him, and Luke noted her refusal to let Kaizo take her guitar case. As Yuga and Romin Rush Dueled, Luke repeatedly tried to look in the case, but Gakuto held him back to prevent him from invading Luke's privacy. Luke was distracted from his efforts when Romin Tribute Summoned "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", a card that Yuga hadn't put in the spare Deck he had given Romin. Romin stated that it was hers and that she kept it in her guitar case as a good luck charm, reminding Luke of his mission and he opened the case, though he only found Romin's guitar. Romin used the effect of "Prima Guitarna" to increase the ATK of her monsters and destroy Yuga's, including "Sevens Road", putting Yuga in a tough spot, especially when he didn't draw any monsters with enough ATK to beat Romin's. Yuga then used "Recovery Force" to return "Sevens Road Magician" back to his Deck, and Luke was impressed that Yuga was able to draw it again. He defeated Romin by destroying "Prima Guitarna" with "Sevens Road", something Luke noted he didn't have to do to win. Gakuto dragged Luke aside to talk with him after the Duel, and Luke agreed that Romin wasn't working for Goha Corp.[5]

Luke decided to make a promo video for Rush Dueling, with him and Yuga Dueling while Romin provided a backing track and vocals and Gakuto filmed. After Yuga brought Gakuto to the class however, Romin refused to sing and Gakuto left to return to his duties. Despite their difficulties, Luke and Yuga were able to produce a video that satisfied them, though they still wanted to improve the video. They brought a suggestion to Gakuto, but he stated that he would be prohibiting Rush Duels. Yuga instead suggested they settle the matter with a Rush Duel, and Luke leapt on the chance and added that Gakuto would have to step down as Student Council President if he lost, scheming to succeed him. Gakuto had to postpone the Duel until after school due to his duties, but eventually showed up to Duel Yuga. With Gakuto Dueling, Luke took up the role of explaining the game to Romin over the course of the match. Yuga was eventually able to bypass the effect of Gakuto's "Fiendish Commander Yameruler" by using "Sevens Road Witch" to Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" and defeat Gakuto, who stepped down as he had agreed. Luke ran against Gakuto in the emergency election, but he was crushingly defeated and Gakuto returned to the position.[8]

Gakuto showed Luke and Yuga that more Rush Dueling videos were being deleted, and Yuga deduced that Goha Corp were likely responsible, so Luke attempted to call Client Service, though he had difficulty communicating with the receptionist. When they arrived at school, they were asked for an interview by the Newspaper Club, so Luke volunteered to tell them about Rush Dueling. Despite Luke's praise for Rush Dueling, the Newspaper Club published an article demeaning them and Luke the next day, much to his fury. They went to have the article changed; Luke telling Masaru and Nico that they could insult him all they wanted, but not Rush Dueling, but didn't make any progress until Yuga threatened to leak the paper to the Goha Corporation, prompting the Newspaper Club's chief, Bakuro Shinjitsu to offer to Duel to decide the article's content, revealing that he had been the one to judge Rush Dueling as simple. Luke accepted the challenge instead of Yuga, vowing to prove that Rush Duels were deep. He gained an early lead over Bakuro, suggesting that he could change the paper to the "Luke Paper", but Bakuro managed to limit the damage he took using Trap Cards. Bakuro was able to bring out three "News Flash Machine Toughroids" and place "Rush Dragon Dragears" on the bottom of Luke's Deck, and Luke barely endured his attacks with "Dragon's Tenacity". This allowed him to shuffle his Deck and draw "Dragears" during his next turn, and he destroyed all of Bakuro's "Toughroids". Bakuro was able to revive one, but Luke Tribute Summoned "Dragears" and used its effect to attack twice, destroying "Toughroid" again and defeating Bakuro. Following the Duel, Yuga revealed he'd believed in Luke the entire time and Bakuro admitted he'd come to enjoy Rush Duels, agreeing to change the article. Having been inspired by their comments about him, Luke requested Bakuro make a picture depicting him ruling over his friends, much to their displeasure.[7] He continued to work with the Newspaper Club, starting a column where he would answer questions, but had trouble deciding on a title and had no help from Yuga and the others, as they were more concerned about the imminent closure of the Tahayasty Restaurant. Luke later went to look for his friends, finding Yuga Dueling Menzaburo Oomori at the Tahayasty Restaurant and helping himself to a freshly prepared bowl of ramen, unaware that it was supposedly the last bowl the shop would make. He was criticised by his friends, but the shopkeeper explained that he intended to keep his store open, and he offered to make more for them, though Yuga told Luke he'd had enough. Later, Yuga took Menzaburo to the Hologram Man's chamber to try and install Dueling rules of his own, but they found the chamber empty and the Hologram Man's dais missing.[9] Luke eventually named his newspaper column "Luke's Life Advice for All" and began answering questions, including from one boy who wanted to Rush Duel, but his mother wouldn't let him. Luke suggested the boy take care of his mother, wishing him good luck.[10]

A new student, Mimi Atachi, transferred to Yuga's class. Gakuto told them that the Student Council didn't know what school Mimi had transferred from, causing Luke to suspect Mimi as a Goha agent. Mimi approached them and asked to become friends with them, prompting Luke's suspicions, but they were pacified when Mimi offered them gifts to get to know them better; Luke was offered several chocolates. They took Mimi to the Road Laboratory, but she suddenly left, and Luke, Romin and Gakuto convinced Yuga to wait at the Laboratory in case Mimi returned, suspecting she would try to steal Yuga's notebook. Sure enough, Mimi returned that night and Luke caught her in the act of stealing the notebook, though Mimi claimed she had simply wanted to learn more about Rush Dueling. To Luke's surprise, Yuga offered the notebook to Mimi, but she refused to take it, so they decided to settle matters with a Rush Duel. Mimi's Bubble Era monsters both enchanted and confused Luke, as he wondered why Mimi had them. Yuga was able to defeat Mimi and gave her the notebook, claiming it would make her love Rush Dueling even more, much to Luke's exasperation. The next day at school, they talked about how to make Rush Dueling more fun.[11]

Luke joined Yuga, Kaizo and Gakuto to investigate the disappearance of the Hologram Man's Relic, but Kaizo was unable to find any clues. They went to find a vending machine due to the heat, but Romin had taken the last drink from the nearest one and they were blocked from accessing the other one by Yoshio Atachi, who claimed to have a grudge against Luke and called himself the King of Combat. The term's similarity to King of Duels annoyed Luke, and he accepted Yoshio's challenge to Rush Duel, stating he would regret calling himself the King of Duels. Yoshio used the "Beast Gear World" Field Spell Card against Luke, increasing the ATK of his Beast Warriors while reducing the ATK of Luke's Dragons, but despite his handicap, Luke was able to destroy two of Yoshio's monsters and deplete a large portion of his LP with "Dragears". Yoshio vowed that he would have Luke convince his mother, explaining that he was the one who had asked Luke for advice in the Goha 7th Newspaper. Yoshio had interpreted Luke's wish of good luck as the catchphrase of his favorite hero, Good Max, and had began dressing and acting like him, though this had horrified Yoshio's mother, who had threatened not to make his favorite napolitan spaghetti. Luke replied that he wouldn't be convincing Yoshio's mother to let him Rush Duel, as he'd win the Duel. Yoshio Tribute Summoned "Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World" and destroyed all of Luke's monsters, reducing him to 500 LP, but Luke was able to Tribute Summon "Dragonic Slayer" and bring back "Dragears", vowing that he wouldn't be changed and would instead change the world around him. He used the effect of "Dragonic Slayer" to destroy "Beast Gear World", then destroyed all of Yoshio's monsters with his two Dragons, defeating and unmasking him. After the Duel, they enjoyed drinks together, Yoshio gushing over the Rush Duel. Gakuto pointed out that they still needed to convince Yoshio's mother to let him Rush Duel, and Yuga offered to use a Road, though Luke asked Yoshio if this was what he really wanted, and Yoshio declined Yuga's offer.[10]

After rumors spread on the internet of a dinosaur created by the Goha Corporation, "Gossie", Luke decided to search for it with Yuga, though Gakuto and Romin were skeptical. They used Kaizo to detect an adventurous spirit, encountering Goha 2nd Elementary's Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club, who suggested they team up to look for Gossie. Luke spearheaded the search, bringing them first to the shopping district, then to Granny Setsuko after it was suggested Gossie was nostalgic for old things, though when Hanto Goto suggested Gossie was hunting, Luke visited Lassie in a panic, fearing she had been eaten. He almost ate Lassie's bone, but Romin tossed it away. Gakuto suggested that Gossie could be at the Relic, but Luke had to go to the bathroom due to all the fruit he had been eating as they searched. While he was there, the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club entered and began talking about how they intended to exploit Gossie for money, much to Luke's anger, and he revealed their duplicity to his friends. Yuga offered to tell them where the Relic was if Kan Hakubutsu defeated him in a Rush Duel. As Yuga and Kan Dueled, Luke noticed that Kan and his friends were genuinely excited and Yuga confirmed that Kan's adventurous spirit was genuine. They revealed that Gossie had been seen at a construction site, and Yuga suddenly lost interest in Gossie, though Luke was undeterred and began supporting Kan as he still wanted to find Gossie. Yuga defeated Kan, but despite his wishes for them to stop looking for Gossie, Luke and the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club went to the construction site anyway. To Luke's anger, "Gossie" was merely heating pipes and one of Yuga's Roads intended for noise cancellation. Yuga brought the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Hanto sneezed, revealing seven symbols carved in the floor.[12]


Luke uses a Dragon Deck, spearheaded by his ace monster "Rush Dragon Dragears". His Deck focuses on an aggressive style of play, revolving around destroying his opponent's cards and declaring multiple attacks with his monsters during the same Battle Phase. Several of his Dragon monsters have more varied appearances than normal Dragons.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Hologram Man 1 Win (six times)
Yuga Ohdo 2 Win
Bakuro Shinjitsu 5 Win
Yoshio Atachi 8 Win


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