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"Back to the Past"
Nick asks Sweets Kakoko to grill meat with him.
Nick asks Sweets Kakoko to grill meat with him.
Japanese name
RōmajiBakku Tu Za Kako
TranslatedBack to the Past
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayHiroshi Yamaguchi
Air dates
JapaneseMay 2, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Upstart Hunter"
Next"Shine's Counterattack"
Featured card

"Back to the Past" is the forty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on May 2, 2021.

Luke and co. are surrounded by Duelists who were defeated in the tournament, but they were able to escape thanks to their friends' help. However, they were then ambushed by Kakoko, an underling of Goha 66. As Menzaburo is too shaken up by Kakoko, Nick fights against her using his barbecue techniques!


Luke, Gakuto and Romin head for the the outskirts of Goha City, Gakuto and Romin discussing Hunt's actions and the deal he made with Goha 66. Gakuto muses on Goha 66 and wonders if they're just Goha Corporation employees but as Romin agrees, Luke claims that it doesn't matter if it's a double cheeseburger or double-all-you-can-eat-burger, he'll devour it all, and Gakuto has to tell him that it's "double six". Romin notes that it could also mean "sixty-six" and wonders what that signifies, and Gakuto reassures her that all will surely be revealed once they reach Maximum Mountain. Luke eagerly tells his ultra-strong Maximum Monsters to wait for him, and Romin has to remind him that's not why they are going there. They soon come across an abandoned park, but as they wonder what it's doing out here Gakuto gasps in shock as he sees several children sprawled on the ground and he asks what this is. As Romin wonders what's going on Luke asks if it's naptime, but then he notices one of the boys on the ground stirring and soon all of the kids are shambling towards them like zombies. Luke, Romin and Gakuto scream in terror, but then the kids all wearily call "Goha Rush!" and they realize that they're Duelists. Luke asks who they are, and Gakuto realizes that they're participants in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, defeated repeatedly in ferocious battles with other Duelists and eventually tired out. But the kids recognize them as "Team Luke King Luke Kings", and believe they'll be able to revive in the tournament if they defeat them despite Gakuto's protests that the tournament doesn't have a revival rule and Romin's protests for them to hang on. Luke volunteers to just beat them all himself as he straps on his Duel Disk, but even he is given pause by the sheer number of Duelists and he tells them to wait and decide an order with rock-paper-scissors first.

In Haven, Nail types rapidly at his holographic keyboard as Sebastian, Roa and Yuga watch and Yuga asks if he's found anything. Nail admits that he hasn't found any record of Goha 66 in the Goha Corporation's database, and Roa mocks him for not being so great with computers after all, calling him "little-Providence" and asking him if he knows that key is "a" in English, much to Nail's irritation. Nail reminds Roa that his name is Nail as Yuga laughs nervously.

Back at the outskirts of Goha City a Goha Corporation Drone declares Luke as the winner of his Duel, and Luke celebrates as his opponent collapses in exhaustion. Gakuto and Romin have won their Duels as well, but more Duelists are ready to Duel and though Luke is eager to continue, Gakuto and Romin protest that they're exhausted too. But then Bakuro's voice tells them to leave this to them as he, Nico and Masaru approach them, and Menzaburo twirls his chopstick and declares that they've come to assist them as he is flanked by Nick and Sushiko, while Yoshio declares that the Post-Apocalyptic Duel Army have also arrived as he stands with Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi. Gakuto asks why they're here and Menzaburo explains that Rinnosuke hastily contacted them by arrow for backup (which as Nick points out from the arrow in his hat was a little too close). The waiting Duelists angrily ask not to be forgotten, and Yoshio tells them to bring it on; he'll crush them all under his fingertips. As Nico takes some pictures, Bakuro tells Luke, Romin and Gakuto to leave this to the Goha 7th Allied Forces and expose Goha 66 for what they truly are, ordering Menzaburo's group to guard them. Menzaburo and Luke reply in the affirmative, and as the six of them run off, Luke reassures them he won't forget their noble sacrifice...for about three days, much to the Newspaper and Post-Apocalyptic Club's dismay.

At the Abandoned Dorm, Asana and Zomyoji wait outside with R6 and Zomyoji's cateripllar track, observing that someone has forced their way into the mineshaft. As Asana wonders if it was Goha 66, Galient and Chevelle arrive, Galient lamenting that Asana deceiving them and then acting on her own was most cold of her, though Zomyoji arrogantly claims he alone is enough to protect Asana. Galient isn't happy, but Asana reassures them that she's happy they came given that Goha 66's true identity is shrouded in mystery, and Galient, Chevelle and Trapigeon all tear up from happiness. Asana reassures them that they'll talk later and orders them to move out. Deep in Maximum Mountain, the excavator Drones continue their work under the watchful eye of the man from Goha 66. Asana comments that it's as she thought, catching his attention, and she asks him what his goals are with this place; Maximums, or something else? The man from Goha 66 laments that an elementary school student will never understand the romanticisms of a salaryman, and Galient angrily asks what he's trying to say, but Goha 66 interrupts him, vowing that they will provide them with educational guidance. They begin with Goha Gymnastics: Lesson One, an exercise where you thrust your hands upwards so you can reach higher. He begins chanting "Six, Six, Goha," and as he does so, more and more copies of him spread out behind him, much to Galient and Chevelle's shock, as they and Trapigeon wonder if the man is cloning himself. Asans warns them not to be fooled, as all the men have simply been lined up behind him, and as they all strike a pose in the shape of the number "6", the man from Goha 66 asks them if they want to know why they're called Goha 66. Chevelle points out that it's because there's sixty-six of them, and the man from Goha 66 declares that it's because they are an aggregate of sixty-six people, ignoring Chevelle's protests that's what he said, and Galient comments that they aren't listening to them at all. The man from Goha 66 claims that he hates elementary schoolers like them who brim with youth, and how they ride around on crusty old machinery, and that insult gets to Asana and the rest of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Asana vowing that she won't forgive him for speaking about their beloved Heavy Cavalry that way.

Then a deep booming sounds, and everyone looks around as Galient recognizes the sound and Zomyoji gasps that it's giving him a bad feeling. Asana looks up to see Tiger standing atop a beam with her bassoon over her shoulder, commenting that it seems something interesting is happening here. Asana gasps her name, and Tiger irritably yells that she's been telling them to call her "Tiger" for years, the force of her breath blowing Galient away and into the man from Goha 66 and poor Trapigeon into the face of another as Asana and Chevelle barely duck behind a ledge and Zomyoji braces himself with his Gohanium spanner. Tiger's three fellow Concert Band Club members cheer from a beam behind her in their karakuri costumes, and she angrily yells that she told them not to follow her, yelling them out of the shaft as they thank her. As Galitn and Trapigeon recover, Tiger leaps to the ground and Asana tells her to leave as well, as this has nothing to do with her. Tiger tells Asana not to get the wrong idea, claiming that she only stopped by because she noticed something interesting, but as the two girls grin at one another, the man from Goha 66 is furious that they're acting so friendly while they are around. Asana and Tiger immediately deny that they are, much to the displeasure of the Goha 66 members, and they declare that children without adults need guidance as they all deploy their Duel Disks. Zomyoji, Chevelle and Galient all activate their Duel Disks as well as Galient orders them to protect Asana, and Tiger tells "Asacchi" to stand back. Asana retorts to "Harucchi" not to call her that.

Outside the mountain, Luke, Romin, Gakuto, Sushiko, Menzaburo and Nick are trudging forwards, Romin lamenting that she's exhausted and wants to eat something sweet. Luke tells her that this journey won't be a piece of cake, but then his stomach growls too and Gakuto and Romin sarcastically wonder what that was. Luke blushes and claims it was an optical illusion, but Sushiko, Menzaburo and Nick have all smelled something sweet, and though Luke insists that's an illusion too, he smells it as well. To everyone's utter shock they come across what appears to be Stonehenge, but made from oversized baked treats, as Nick observes. Luke gives thanks for the food and immediately jump onto a pillar, much to his friends' shock, and he begins chowing down, explaining in between mouthfuls that it's really cake (much to Gakuto and Romin's embarrassment and the shock of Menzaburo, Sushiko and Nick). The mention of cake is all that it takes to get Romin joining in too, and a defeated Gakuto can only ask why there's cake all the way out here, which Nick dubs "cakecellent". Then they hear a voice calling "Haniwa-wa-wa" from above them, and Sweets Kakoko pops out of her dogu dress atop a pillar. Menzaburo gasps in shock and Kakoko asks if they enjoyed the sweet Stonehenge that she prepared for them as she leaps down to the ground. Gakuto asks what the tournament host is doing here, but Menzaburo (apologizing as he does so) jumps over to Kakoko to confirm something, examining her and eventually asking her to say "Beep-boop-ba-beep-boop" for him. Kakoko obliges and Menzaburo cries that he knew it as he remembers meeting Noodle Sorako and he asks her when she got back to Earth. But Kakoko insists that she's Sweets Kakoko, and she doesn't know about any Sorako or Chikako. The weight of the rejection crushes poor Menzaburo under a baked cactus, and Nick asks "Zabu" to get ahold of himself, but Menzaburo asks Nick to leave him here to rot. Kakoko then claims that she's beeen ordered by her employer, Goha 66, to stop everyone here in their tracks. Gakuto asks what she said and Sushiko comments that this is a surprise; Kakoko is only a presenter, but seem to be completely wrapped up in Goha 66's business. Kakoko confirms that she is and won't let them past (as Luke and Romin continue eating in the background), so Gakuto challenges her to a Rush Duel. Sushiko reminds Gakuto that he's still exhausted frm earlier and offers to take over herself, but Nick asks them to let him handle it, as he wants to defeat this woman for breaking Zabu's pure heart. Nick and Kakoko face off, Nick telling her "Let's do this" and Kakoko simply calling "Kako-kako", then they both call "Rush Duel!" and insert their Deck into their Duel Disks, deploying the blades and the green holographic dome as they leap into position.

Nick comments that the can grill the meat, but not burn the Duel, and he declares his turn and draws one, "Wild Kitchen", which he adds to his hand, containing "Roastic Horseman", "Archfiend Marmot of Nefaribousness", "Battle Ox Tongue", and "Attribute Change Blast". He tells Kakoko to savor the taste of a well-done yakiniku Deck as he Summons three monsters; "Roastic Horseman", "Archfiend Marmot of Nefaribousness" and "Battle Ox Tongue". Then he Sets a card, before finally activating the Field Spell Card "Wild Kitchen". Flames spiral from beenath them, much to Kakako and Gakuto's alarm, and then a volcanic landscape surrounds them as Nick and Kakoko stand on the handles of an oversized grill. Nick explains that he can only activate this Field Spell while he controls three FIRE monsters and it will increase the ATK of all FIRE monsters on the field by 300. "Roastic Horseman" rises to 1500 ATK, "Marmot" to 1800, and "Battle Ox Tongue" to 1300 as they heat up, and Nick declares that after a proper roast, it's time to end his turn.

Kakako happily declares her turn, and that she'll first draw one. She examines her hand, containing "Dried Fruit De-kako-ration", "Dogulce Langue de Chakoki", and three "Honey Haniwaffles", the latter of which she Summons. She Tributes one to Tribute Summon "Dogulce Langue de Chakoki" and welcomes it to the field, then activates its effect, sending the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard ("Langue de Chakoki", "Dogulce Jomont Blanc", and "Dokidoki Hexenhaus"), and if she sends a Level 6 or higher Pyro monster, she can add one from her Graveyard to her hand. She chooses to add "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" to her hand, and Nick braces himself as Kakoko Tributes her other two "Honey Haniwaffles" to Tribute Summon, chanting "An irresistable honeypot! Two pots...docked! Dokidoki Hexenhaus!" Nick is a bit confused by the monster's name due to the similarities between the words for "heart-pounding" and "claypots" (dokidoki), but Kakoko tells him that he's right and Nick admits that his heart is also pounding right now, though he's not sure why. Kakoko then activates the "Heart-Pounding Invitation" effect of "Dokidoki Hexenhaus", allowing her to revive "Dogulce Jomont Blanc". Then she activates the Spell Card "Dried Fruit De-kako-ration", increasing the ATK of all monsters she controls by 800 until the end of the turn, and as Nick gasps in alarm, "Dogulce Langue de Chakoki" rises to 2500 ATK, "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" to 3100 and "Dogulce Jomont Blanc" to 2700. She also gains 800 LP, rising to 4800, then declares her Battle Phase, ordering her three-tier sweets to attack. First "Langue de Chakoki" licks away "Roastic Horseman", reducing Nick to 3000 LP as he laments that his extra-special grilled roast is now charcoal. Kakoko warns him that she's not done yet, and "Jomont Blanc" ensnares "Battle Ox Tongue" with pureed tentacles, destroying it and reducing Nick to 1600 LP as he laments the loss of the harmony of his extra-special chewy ox tongue. Finally "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" crushes "Archfiend Marmot" and reduces Nick to 300 LP as he gasps that even his extra-special kalbi on-the-bone is gone and he falls to one knee, gasping that this is unbelievable and that Kakoko is merciless (and making puns with the Japanese word for meat as he does so). Kakoko ends her turn, returning the ATK of her monsters to normal and apologizing for being so rough on Nick.

Gakuto worries that it's all over and that maybe he should have taken Kakoko on after all, but Sushiko reassures him that Kakoko has just lit a fire beneath Nick, one like a roaring barbeque. Nick admits that he thought Kakoko was a sweet girl, so he didn't keep an eye on her, and Kakoko cheerfully suggests that he just leave it in the past. Nick smiles and adjusts his hat with his massive tongs, declaring that from now on he's going to barbeque his heart and soul towards the future. Fire engulfs him as he twirls his tongs, much to Gakuto's amazement and Sushiko's joy, while Kakoko squeaks that Nick is bursting like an erupting volcano. Nick draws five, "Just Meat", "Burning Beast Quality", "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai", "Battle Ox Tongue" and "Roastic Horseman", then uses his tongs to Summon another "Roastic Horseman", then a "Battle Ox Tongue", with the effect of "Wild Kitchen" increasing their ATK by 300 each. Then he uses his tongs to activate his Set Spell "Attribute Change Blast", revealing a FIRE monster in his hand, "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai", and then changing the Attribute of all monsters Kakoko controls to that of the revealed monster. Kakoko wonders why as her three EARTH monsters; "Langue de Chakoki", "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" and "Jomont Blanc" become FIRE, and she notes that now that they're FIRE they will power up as they heat up and their ATK increases to 2000, 2600 and 2200 respectively. She comments that Nick sure is nice, but Nick ruefully states that sometimes kindness is a sin, much to her confusion.

He returns a Beast monster ("Roastic Horseman") from his Graveyard to his Deck to activate the Spell "Burning Beast Quality" - "B.B.Q", and Gakuto gasps in shock as the fires beneath them intensify. It increase the ATK of all FIRE monsters on the field by 100 for each FIRE monster on the field, and "Roastic Horseman" and "Battle Ox Tongue" both power up to 2000 and 1800 ATK respectively, while "Langue de Chakoki", "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" and "Jomont Blanc" power back up to 2500, 3100 and 2700 ATK as all five monsters glow red hot. Kakoko gasps that it's such a ferocious outboor barbeque and then Nick Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Grill the meat, but don't burn the Duel. Yet the white charcoal will still burn! Yum, yum, yakiniku! Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai...sorry for the wait!" Kakoko squawks as "Harami Kushiro" appears with 2200 ATK, which is served up by the effect of "Wild Kitchen" to 2500. Then he places the Spell "Just Meat" on top, sending the top four cards of his Deck to the Graveyard; "Roastic Horseman", two copies of "Marmot", and "Battle Ox Tongue", and he explains that if he sent a FIRE Beast monster to the Graveyard he can choose one monster he controls and have it gain 2900 ATK until the end of the turn. "Harami Kushiro" is engulfed in a fiery aura as it increases to 5400 ATK, Kakoko gasping in alarm at the ATK score. Then Nick activates the effcet of "Harami Kushiro" since he has at least seven FIRE monsters in his Graveyard, destroying all monsters Kakoko controls with at least 2500 ATK. He declares the "Banishing Blow Quake" effect of "Harami Kushiro", describing it as the amazing scent of something well-done, and "Harami Kushiro" unleashes a flurry of black and red energy crosses that destroy all three of Kakoko's monsters. Kakoko cries that all of her monsters have gone bad, and Gakuto realises that this is why Nick changed the Attributes of Kakoko's monsters to FIRE, Sushiko commenting that grilling meat can be a little propaneful, and this is Nick when he's all fired up. Nick collects himself, and he politely tells Kakoko that he's very glad to have met her, much to her surprise. He declares that he'll end it with this; the "High-Quality Kikuchiyo Fire Attack" of "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai", who surrounds itself in a sphere of fire and lunges towards Kakoko, flinging her into the air with a final cry of "kako!" as her LP is reduced to zero.

As the Solid Vision fades, Gakuto cries that Nick did it and Sushiko congratulates him on doing well as always. Kakoko sits up in disappointment, asking if she wasn't supposed to learn from history and wondering why she lost as Nick approaches her, telling her that he feels like he understands the appeal of sweets a bit better now that he has faced her, and the charm of Kakoko for Dueling her hardest, much to Kakoko and Gakuto's surprise. Nick kneels down with Kakoko, asking her if it would be okay for him to ask her to grill meat with him, and she bashfully replies that she'd be glad to, but then the dogu attachment on her head flashes, and she sadly claims that she's reached the time limit for being in this era, much to Nick's dismay. She vows that she'll never forget Nick, nor his serving of grilled meat full of passion no matter how many thousands or millions of years she leaps through as a biscuit horse appears beside her and she mounts it. Nick cries Kakoko's name, and she declares "Back to the kako!" in English, riding away on her horse and leaving twin flaming trails behind her as she vanishes. Nick sadly whispers her name, and Menzaburo kneels beside him and puts his hand on his friend's shoulder, exchanging a nod with him as Gakuto and Sushiko watch...and behind them, Luke and Romin crash to the ground, having gorged themselves into lethargy.

In Goha City, Yuga, Nail and Roa emerge from the Garden of Providence in the middle of a street, Roa lamenting that it seems they couldn't find anything. Yuga suggests that they take a break for now as he looks at the Tahayasty Restaurant, where on the television screen Flash Umiko, the new host of the tournament, is introducing herself; a girl resembling Sorako, Chikako and Kakoko, but wearing a fish costume. As she introduces the rankings, Roa gives thanks for their food and comments that they really should have gone with Romin and the others to search for Goha 66. Yuga hesitantly agrees as Roa points out that Little-Providence's information proved to be useless and leans back in his chair - and he spots a wall with celebrity autographs. Naturally he heads over to add his to the wall, but then he gasps in shock as he spots something that he recognizes, drawing Yuga and Nail's attention. Roa reads what he's found; "When the moon is full enough to be hardly recognizable, a Duelist will carve open a new path and guide the world as the King of Duels." This is what started it all, but why is it here? Roa hurries to ask the shopkeeper why this is on the autograph board, but the man simply shakes in silent laughter as Roa, Yuga and Nail take notice.

Featured Duel: Nick Yagi vs Sweets Kakoko[edit]

Turn 1: Nick
Nick's hand contains "Roastic Horseman", "Archfiend Marmot of Nefaribousness", "Battle Ox Tongue", and "Attribute Change Blast". Nick draws "Wild Kitchen". Nick Normal Summons "Battle Ox Tongue" (1000/1000), "Archfiend Marmot of Mefairbousness" (1500/0), and "Roastic Horseman" (1200/800). Nick Sets a card. As Nick controls three FIRE monsters, he activates the Field Spell "Wild Kitchen". The effect of "Wild Kitchen" increases the ATK of all FIRE monsters on the field by 300 ("Roastic Horseman": 1200/800 → 1500/800) ("Marmot": 1500/0 → 1800/0) ("Battle Ox Tongue": 1000/1000 → 1300/1000).

Turn 2: Kakoko
Kakoko's hand contains "Dried Fruit De-kako-ration", "Dogulce Langue de Chakoki", and three copies of "Honey Haniwaffle". Kakoko Normal Summons three copies of "Honey Haniwaffle" (800/200). Kakoko Tributes a "Honey Haniwaffle" to Tribute Summon "Dogulce Langue de Chakoki" (1700/0). Kakoko activates the effect of "Langue de Chakoki" since it was Summoned this turn, sending the top three cards of her Deck to the GY, and if she sends a Level 6 or higher Pyro monster from her Deck to the GY this way, she can add a Level 6 or higher Pyro monster from her GY to her hand. Kakoko sends "Langue de Chakoki", "Dogulce Jomont Blanc", and "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" from the top of her Deck to the GY, and adds "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" from her GY to her hand. Kakoko Tributes her two remaining "Honey Haniwaffle" to Tribute Summon "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" (2300/2100). Kakoko activates the effect of "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" as it was Normal Summoned this turn, Special Summoning a Level 7 or lower Pyro Normal Monster from her GY. She Special Summons "Dogulce Jomont Blanc" (1900/???) in Attack Position. Kakoko activates the Spell "Dried Fruit De-kako-ration", returning four EARTH Pyro monsters from her GY to her Deck to have all EARTH Pyro monsters she controls gain 800 ATK until the end of the turn and gain 800 LP. She returns three copies of "Honey Haniwaffle" and "Langue de Chakoki" from her GY to her Deck ("Langue de Chakoki": 1700/0 → 2500/0) ("Dokidoki Hexenhaus": 2300/2100 → 3100/2100) ("Jomont Blanc": 1900/??? → 2700/???) (Kakoko: 4000 → 4800 LP). "Langue de Chakoki" attacks and destroys "Roastic Horseman" (Nick: 4000 → 3000 LP). "Jomont Blanc" attacks and destroys "Battle Ox Tongue" (Nick: 3000 → 1600 LP). "Dokidoki Hexenhaus" attacks and destroys "Marmot" (Nick: 1600 → 300 LP).

Turn 3: Nick
Nick draws "Just Meat", "Burning Beast Quality", "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai", "Battle Ox Tongue" and "Roastic Horseman". Nick Normal Summons "Roastic Horseman" (1200/800 → 1500/800) and "Battle Ox Tongue" (1000/1000 → 1300/1000). Nick activates his Set Spell "Attribute Change Blast", revealing a monster in his hand to choose up to three monsters Kakoko controls to change their Attributes to the revealed monster's Attribute. Nick reveals the FIRE "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai" in his hand and chooses "Langue de Chakoki", "Dokidoki Hexenhaus", and "Jomont Blanc", changing their Attributes to FIRE ("Langue de Chakoki": 1700/0 → 2000/0) ("Dokidoki Hexenhaus": 2300/2100 → 2600/2100) ("Jomont Blanc": 1900/??? → 2200/???). Nick activates the Spell "Burning Beast Quality", returning a Beast monster from his GY into his Deck to have all face-up FIRE monsters on the field gain 100 ATK for each FIRE monster on the field. He returns "Roastic Horseman" from his GY to the Deck, and there are five FIRE monsters on the field ("Roastic Horseman": 1500/800 → 2000/800) ("Battle Ox Tongue": 1300/1000 → 1800/1000) ("Langue de Chakoki": 2000/0 → 2500/0) ("Dokidoki Hexenhaus": 2600/2100 → 3100/2100) ("Jomont Blanc": 2200/??? → 2700/???). Nick Tributes "Battle Ox Tongue" and "Roastic Horseman" to Tribute Summon "Harami Kushirou the Shichirin Samurai" (2200/900 → 2500/900). As Nick controls "Harami Kushiro the Shichirin Samurai", he activates the Spell "Just Meat", sending the top four cards of his Deck to the GY, and if he sends a FIRE Beast monster to the GY this way, he can choose one face-up monster on the field and have it gain 2900 ATK until the end of this turn. Nick sends "Roastic Horseman", two copies of "Marmot", and "Battle Ox Tongue" from the top of his Deck to the GY, then chooses "Harami Kushirou" ("Harami Kushirou": 2500/900 → 5400/900). Nick activates the effect of "Harami Kushirou" as it was Normal Summoned this turn and Nick has seven or more FIRE monsters in his GY, destroying all face-up Level 8 or lower monsters Kakoko controls with 2500 or more ATK. "Langue de Chakoki", "Dokidoki Hexenhaus", and "Jomont Blanc" are destroyed. "Harami Kushirou" attacks Kakoko directly (Kakoko: 4800 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]


  • This episode's title is a reference to the 1985 American movie Back to the Future.
    • The twin trails of fire left behind when Sweets Kakoko travels back to the past reference the ones left when the DeLorean travels through time in the same film.