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Romin Kassidy
Romin Kassidy
  • Romin Kassidy
OtherThe☆Beauty Romin
Japaneseきりしま ロミン
Base霧島 ロミン
Furiganaきりしま ロミン
RōmajiKirishima Romin
  • 11[1]
  • 13 (timeskip)
  • Female
Roa Kassidy (cousin)[2]
  • Career
  • Education
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Dark Rush Duel Tournament No Result
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Winner (with Lucidien "Luke" Kallister and Gavin Sogetsu)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0011: "Ready for the Rush!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Abby Espiritu[3]
Kassidy, Romin

Romin Kassidy, known as Romin Kirishima (きりしま ロミン Kirishima Romin) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is Yuga Ohdo's classmate, and a talented student and sportswoman who is the guitarist of RoaRomin, the Elementary School Band.[1] Romin originally befriended Yuga and his friends with the intention of spying on them for her cousin, Roa.



Full-body view of Romin.

Romin is a slim young girl with long, thick, wavy purple hair and light blue eyes. She commonly wears several different outfits during the series. In her first and most advertised outfit, Romin wears a short-sleeved black top with exposed shoulders, a short dark red skirt with two brown belts around it that appear to hold a Deck case, lilac tights with a brown belt around her left thigh, and red and black heels. Regardless of outfit, Romin is often seen carrying her guitar over her shoulder in a black case emblazoned with her band's logo in gold. After Yuga gives her the Duel Guitar, Romin carries it in a shorter, more rectangular case than her previous guitar that she wears like a backpack.

Lineart and closeups of Romin in her usual outfit, and full body views of her in her second and third casual outfits and her promotional band outfit.

Romin is seen in two other outfits that debuted during during "Nanananananana". Her third outfit she is seen wearing in the series is an orange top with exposed shoulders over a sleeveless black top, a short blue skirt, yellow tights, and lilac wedge-heeled shoes. The second is a cream hoodie with short sleeves and a green lining over a black shirt, ruffled purple shorts, pink and purple striped stockings, (In the dub, the stockings go all the way up to her shorts.) and red wedge-heeled shoes, which she wore during her youth at a concert before its present day debut. When she cooks for Luke, Romin ties her hair back with a chef's headband and replaces her hoodie with an apron tied with pink ribbon.

Romin begins wearing her fourth outfit during the Goha #6 Elementary arc; a green one-piece dress with a black letter "R" on the bodice, a white jacket, black tights, and calf-length white heeled boots. Romin has also been seen in a number of other outfits during her music videos and RoaRomin promotional material, the most common of which is a long-sleeved lilac top under a strappy black top, a black miniskirt, grey tights, and black heels. While she was being distracted by Nanaho Nanahoshi's operatives, Romin tied her hair into pigtails and wore a frilly pale pink dress with a white bodice, a white ascot closed with a heart-shaped brooch, and pink high-heeled shoes over white socks.

Romin in several different outfits for her music videos.

After being transferred to Goha #6 Elementary, Romin wears their uniform; a largely blue tracksuit with a white trim and the character for "6" emblazoned on the back in red. While laboring at the Abandoned Dorm, she also wears a white hard-hat and gloves, a white scarf tied loosely around her neck, and black boots. After Yujin Goha has Nail Saionji create an artificial sea for him at Goha #7 Elementary, Romin ties her hair back and wears a two-piece swimming costume given to her by Seatbastian; a pink bikini top tied at the neck with white string and a long ruffled white skirt. Due to her desire to stand out while attending the tryouts for the Goha Astro Monsters, Romin wears a pink baseball uniform; a pink short-sleeved shirt with a white trim, pink pants that end just below her knees, white shoes, white wristbands and a white choker, a white belt with a golden ring buckle, and a pink cap with a yellow hexagonal badge. She ties her hair back into pigtails. As a chef at Goha Enterprises, Romin wears a traditional chef's outfit with a pink apron.

As The☆Beauty Romin, she wears a magical girl costume; a short pale pink dress with a ruffled skirt and a white chest and neck area and white flared shoulders, a hot pink corset tied at the back with a bow of the same color, short white gloves over arm-length pale pink gloves, peach tights, hot pink heeled shoes over ruffled white socks and a hot pink choker set with a blue stone in a gold frame. She ties her hair back into pigtails with red ribbons and carries a pink staff tipped with a large yellow "R". She forces Gavin Sogetsu to wear this costume while they are role-playing for Yuo Goha's birthday party and wears his The☆Professor Gavin costume with a purple wig.

Romin as a little girl.

When she was younger, Romin wore a pink dress over a red and white-striped shirt, knee-length white socks, and dark pink Mary Jane shoes.


Romin is much quieter and more aloof than Yuga and his friends, though she is easily flustered; when Yuga teases her over likely losing to him if they Rush Dueled, Romin was quick to claim that wouldn't be certain unless they tried, despite her claimed dislike for Dueling.[4][5] Romin is also tone-deaf, though she defensively denies this and is absolutely mortified when Yuga deduces it.[6][7] She is inquisitive, taking photos of Yuga, Gavin and Luke talking about Rush Duels and later hiding in the underground chamber as Yuga installed his rules until Luke spotted her, although she claimed to only have been there to practice guitar.[4]

It is later revealed that Romin was ordered to spy on Yuga by her cousin Roa, and though Romin insists she did so of her own accord and wouldn't have been friends with Yuga, Luke and Gavin otherwise, she later tries to warn Yuga not to Duel Roa, aware of his plan to have Yuga disqualified.[8][9] Romin is subsequently shown to not only treasure her friendship with Yuga, Luke and Gavin, but also the friendship the boys have with one another, to the point that she considers leaving the group if it would allow Luke to feel comfortable hanging out with them.[10]

Although talented at most things she puts her mind to, Romin claims to not be interested in Dueling and she shows less knowledge of it than her friends. Despite her claims, she also demonstrates knowledge of some surprising facets of Dueling, though she quickly denies it when questioned by Luke.[4] Romin is very attached to her "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" card, keeping it in her guitar case as a good luck charm and despite her disinterest in Dueling, she enthusiastically sings a summoning chant for it when she Tribute Summons it for the first time. She later admits that while she isn't interested in Dueling, she enjoyed her Rush Duel with Yuga and she eventually comes to love the format.[5] Another area Romin lacks expertise in is cooking; in her own words she is an eater, not a cook, and she has absolutely no idea about harmful substances inside the kitchen, mistaking a bag of flour as rice and causing a dust explosion, and somehow putting the ingredients for gunpowder in the curry she makes.[11] Despite having witnessed the consequences of her cooking, Romin appears to be oblivious to the danger it presents.

Romin is famous in their school for her intelligence, athleticism and place in RoaRomin, but does not seem to let this get to her head; she politely thanks another student who congratulates her on RoaRomin's new song and accepts Kaizo's request for an autograph without question.[4][5] The sole exception seems to be to pacify Kaizo when it complains.[12] She can be easily swayed by being embarrassed however; she is mortified when Yuga deduces she is tone-deaf and easily convinced to come to Roa's apartment after he reminds her that she flooded it with Dragias Curry.[7][13]

When she was younger, Romin was a more shut-in and quiet person until she was inspired by Princess G. Afterwards she developed a desire to shine rather than endure in life, a desire that grows stronger after she learns of Princess G's firing.[14]

Romin has an affinity for things she finds cute, often squealing in joy at the sight of adorable monsters in Duels that she watches and casually taking one of Luke's "Draco the Tiny" plushies from the Rush Duel Club when she first visited it, carrying it around for the rest of the day. She is overjoyed by the chance to dress up in costume to help Yuga convince The☆Lukeman they weren't his enemies and seizes upon the chance to wear the costume again when tasked by the Goha Siblings in helping Yuo Goha.

Romin has a personality disorder which is triggered when under severe hunger, causing her to enter a berserk state turning her into an aggressive guitarist, with a combative and single-minded disposition. Her Dueling skill under this state skyrockets considerably, although she does not remember anything that happened under this condition when returning to normalcy. While struggling against hunger, Romin often hallucinates seeing objects as food and struggles to keep her stomach from rumbling, which seems to trigger this crazed state.[8] It is later revealed that she can enter this state when sufficiently enraged as well, as she did when frustrated that she couldn't express her joy over Luke saving her from Buff Grimes's cheating due to Luke's own gloating.[10] Romin later expresses a desire to Duel without relying on this awakened state.[14]


Romin generally speaks casually, using no personal pronouns to refer to other people her age with the exception of Yuga, and even then only initially.


Romin's surname in the Japanese version, "Kirishima", means "Mist Island".[1]



Romin attended a live show for Princess G, a guitarist who she looked up to. Princess G threw a Duel Monsters card into the crowd during the show, "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", and Romin caught it. Although she wasn't interested in Dueling herself, she kept the card in her guitar case as a good luck charm.[5] The event significantly affected Romin, giving her a desire to shine in life rather than endure it.[14]

Romin and Roa formed RoaRomin a year before the series, and Romin had to fight to prevent Roa from naming the band "Roa and Romin"[2][15] They took some time to decide on how to become popular, including trying out a punk look that Romin disliked and animal costumes that made her try to leave and their first live performance only had a single watcher.[16] Despite their initial struggles, they quickly became a popular Elementary School Band. Roa desired to become the King of Duels, and he enlisted Romin's help in doing so, having her whisper the legend of the King of Duels in the ear of a sleeping Lucidien "Luke" Kallister to set him on the path to discovering the Hologram Man's chamber.[2]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

After releasing a new song for RoaRomin, Romin noticed Yuga Ohdo and Gavin Sogetsu talking about new Dueling rules at school one day. She spotted Luke spying on them and took photos of the group with her smartphone. After school that day, she apparently went to the roof of the building containing the Hologram Man's chamber to practice with her guitar, but eventually went to the basement where she found Yuga, Luke and Gavin; the former two installing Yuga's Dueling rules into his Duel Disk. Her presence was noticed by Luke, and a Goha Enterprises Drone warned them all that they would be penalized if they didn't close Yuga's Duel Disk. Luke deactivated the drone simply by touching it, much to Romin's surprise, but it soon reactivated. Romin suggested that Yuga could use Real-Time Duel Programming to install his rules, so Yuga challenged the Hologram Man to a Rush Duel. Romin demonstrated unfamiliarity with the different facets of Dueling, including the notability of Yuga repeatedly Summoning monsters and the legendary status of the Hologram Man's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". She watched as Yuga was able to come back with his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", defeating the Hologram Man and installing his Rush Duel rules. Romin took a photo of the installation, and watched as everyone's Duel Disks transformed into the form Yuga's had taken for Rush Dueling and the Hologram Man caused a path to appear.[4] Romin continued taking photos as Luke attempted to take the path (criticizing him for his quick decision alongside Gavin), but Luke simply walked right into the Hologram Man's dais; the Hologram Man had simply created a holographic door. Romin asked what the King of Duels was, and Luke claimed that they dictated the rules of Duel Monsters and outlined an outlandish plan to get him and Yuga employed by Goha Enterprises. Romin and Gavin were taken back by Luke's apparent belief in his plan.[17]

The next day at school, Yuga told his friends about Rush Dueling, prompting Luke to barge in and yank him under the desk to try to convince him to keep it a secret. Romin suggested that they settle their argument with a Duel, and she joined them outside to watch the Duel. Before they started, Luke used his power to deactivate everyone's phones and prevent them from recording the Duel. Romin watched the Duel with concern for Yuga, though he was able to survive Luke's attacks and bring out "Sevens Road". Romin was initially confused by Yuga's move, but watched in anticipation as Yuga set himself to win with the same move he'd used against the Hologram Man, only to fail to send enough Attributes to the Graveyard to power up "Sevens Road", leaving Luke with 100 LP. Luke defeated Yuga the next turn with his "Multistrike Dragon Dragias". As Luke told Yuga to keep his promise, Romin alerted them that everyone on the net was talking about their Rush Duel, though she denied responsibility for leaking it. Yuga revealed that he'd had the modified Drone from the previous night livestream the Duel, causing Romin to worry that her account would be banned. Luke came to believe that Yuga had let him win on purpose to show him the correct path to using Rush Duels, though Romin and Gavin privately agreed that Yuga had probably lost for real.[17]

Romin Summons "Prima Guitarna" during her Rush Duel with Yuga.

One morning, Romin took photos of Yuga and Luke discussing the removal of the Rush Dueling videos, suggesting that they hurry to avoid being late to school. Yuga, Luke and Gavin later approached Yuga with one of Yuga's Roads, a lie detector, though it didn't work as planned. Yuga invited Romin to his Road Laboratory, and Romin agreed to come along after learning that Yuga had invented Rush Duels there. When they arrived, the modified Drone asked Romin for an autograph, and Romin asked Yuga who to sign it to; Yuga eventually named the Drone "Kaizo". Yuga showed Romin his various Roads, though he claimed his best was Rush Dueling. Romin declined the chance to try it, and Yuga claimed that she likely wouldn't have won anyway, annoying Romin enough to agree to Duel after Kaizo offered her a Duel Disk and Yuga lent her his spare Deck. Romin refused to let Kaizo store her guitar case away, taking "Prima Guitarna" from it and adding it to the Deck Yuga had given her for the Duel. Romin managed to draw "Prima Guitarna" on her first turn, but didn't draw enough low-Level monsters to Summon it, while Yuga was able to bring out "Sevens Road Magician" and reduce Romin to 1300 LP. On her next turn, Romin drew enough monsters to both Tribute Summon "Prima Guitarna" and empower both it and all of her monsters to the maximum, destroying all of Yuga's monsters and reducing him to 600 LP. Romin explained the card's history to them, asking Yuga how it felt to be on the other end of a comeback. Yuga was able to shuffle "Sevens Road Magician" back into his Deck and redraw it, before powering it up with its "Elemental Road" effect to destroy "Prima Guitarna" and defeat Romin. Romin was disappointed at losing the Rush Duel, but she admitted that she'd enjoyed it. After the Duel, she sent the pictures she'd taken to Roa.[5]

Romin refuses to sing.

Luke asked Romin to play a backing track for a Rush Dueling promo video, but revealed that he wanted Romin to sing as well when they told Gavin about the video; Romin had been unaware of Luke's intentions and refused to sing. They managed to film without Gavin's help; though Romin initially believed the video wouldn't attract much attention, she was proven wrong when Yuga used Kaizo to boost its like count. Yuga and Luke went to ask Gavin about allocating time for Rush Dueling, but Gavin revealed that he would be prohibiting Rush Dueling. Yuga instead suggested that Gavin Rush Duel him to settle the matter. Luke added the condition that Gavin had to step down if he lost, much to Romin's disapproval, and she and Yuga left Luke behind as he fantasized about becoming Student Council President himself. Gavin took a while to show up; Romin noticed he was filling in on the school's rugby team, but he eventually returned to the Student Council Office to Duel Yuga. Romin watched the Duel, with Luke explaining more terminology to her. Despite being pushed into a corner, Yuga was able to bring out "Sevens Road Magician" using the effect of "Sevens Road Witch" and defeat Gavin. As he had promised, Gavin stepped down, but easily won his position back in the re-election.[6]

Romin tries to distance herself from the newspaper about Rush Dueling.

Romin spotted Yuga, Luke and Gavin being interviewed by the Newspaper Club, and she approached her friends afterwards with concerns about the Club's integrity. Romin's fears were proven right when the Newspaper Club published an unflattering article about Rush Dueling the next day; she was quick to distance herself from her friends as she hadn't been involved in the interview. Despite this, she accompanied them to the Newspaper Club after school to request the article be changed, and when they refused, she and Yuga suggested Goha Corp could shut down the Club, freaking out Scoop Pitman, the Newspaper Club's chief. He suggested a Duel to decide the article's content, and Luke volunteered to Duel Scoop. Before the Duel, Kaizo expressed appreciation for Nico's glasses and suggested Romin try them sometime; Romin asked Yuga to do something about the Drone, so Yuga took Kaizo away and tied it up. Romin was worried that Scoop might win after he brought out three "Printing Pressers", but Luke was able to destroy all of them and defeat Scoop with "Multistrike Dragon Dragias". After the Duel, Romin cheekily "interviewed" Scoop and the rest of the Newspaper Club, but Scoop vowed to report the truth from then on and published an article praising Rush Dueling, though Romin was sickened to find that Luke had requested an image of him lording over Romin and the others.[18]

Romin watches her friends celebrating the continuation of the Ramen Hut.

Romin learned that the Ramen Hut was closing down, so she accompanied Yuga, Gavin and Kaizo to the restaurant, where they found the despondent shopkeeper, who explained he had been out-competed by the new GastroByte and that he would close after making a last bowl of ramen. They visited GastroByte to see why it was so popular, but Yuga and Gavin were refused entry, so Yuga disguised Kaizo as a home delivery drone to get him inside. Kaizo was initially unwilling until Romin told it that it looked good. Kaizo came back and explained GastroByte's various talking points, so Yuga suggested using various Roads to give the Ramen Hut its own talking points, though Romin wasn't happy at being subjected to them and she and Gavin eventually begged Yuga to stop. Saburamen then arrived and ordered the last ramen, unaware that the store would be closed if he did so, and he and Yuga Dueled over the last ramen. Romin conveyed the status of the last ramen alongside Gavin as they Dueled, and Yuga eventually won the Duel. He offered to split the last ramen between everyone, but Luke ate it before he could do so, prompting Romin to call him the worst. The shopkeeper reassured them he had been inspired by the Rush Duel and would remain open, and Romin was pleased to see that he regained several customers due to Saburamen's word-of-mouth efforts. Yuga later took Saburamen to the Hologram Man's chamber so he could install his own Dueling rules, but to Romin's shock the relic that had projected the Hologram Man was gone.[12]

Romin catches Mimi stealing Yuga's notebook.

A new student, Mimi Imimi, transferred to Romin and Yuga's class, claiming to like Rush Dueling, though Romin was suspicious of her, particularly after Gavin revealed Mimi's previous school was unknown. Mimi approached them and asked to become friends, having learned about the group through the Goha 7th Newspaper and offered them gifts; Romin received a cassette player with eurobeat music, though she was slightly confused by the old technology. They took Mimi to the Road Laboratory, but she left suddenly, and Romin suspected she would returned to steal Yuga's notebook, so they lay in wait for her. Sure enough, Mimi returned to steal the notebook, and Romin and Gavin angrily returned their gifts to her. Mimi claimed she had simply wanted to know more about Rush Dueling, so Yuga offered to lend her the notebook, though Mimi then refused to take it and they decided to settle the matter with a Rush Duel. Romin was quite shocked by the Bubble Era aesthetic of Mimi's monsters, eventually telling her that it was bad for her skin. Yuga won the Duel and lent Mimi his notebook, and Romin seized the chance to take a picture as he did so. The next day, she watched as Yuga, Luke and Gavin discussed how to make Rush Dueling more entertaining.[19]

One hot day, Romin took the last drink from the vending machine outside the Hologram Man's chamber just before Yuga, Gavin, and Luke could take it. She suggested they use the machine across the street, but they were opposed by Yosh Imimi, who bore a grudge against Luke and challenged him to a Rush Duel. Romin watched the Rush Duel with Gavin and Yuga, witnessing the activation of a Field Spell Card for the first time. Luke was able to gain an early lead with "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" despite the disadvantage the Field Spell put him at and Yosh revealed that he intended for Luke to convince his mother to let him Rush Duel, as the way he had interpreted the advice Luke gave him in the Goha 7th Newspaper had resulted in his mother being horrified by his new demeanour and threatening not to make him his favorite meal. Yosh reduced Luke to 500 LP, but Luke Tribute Summoned a new ace monster, "Dragonic Slayer", which Romin was appreciative of, and he defeated Yosh, revealing him to be an underclassman. As Yosh gushed over the Rush Duel, Gavin reminded them they still hadn't solved their problem, and Romin realized Yosh still needed to convince his mother to let him Rush Duel. Yuga offered Yosh a Road to assist him, but Yosh declined after Luke asked if he would have been okay with doing so.[20]

Sometime afterwards, rumors on the internet spread of a dinosaur named "Gossie" created by Goha Enterprises, though Romin didn't believe it existed. Nevertheless, she and the equally skeptical Gavin followed Yuga and Luke around as they looked for Gossie with Kaizo detecting an adventurous spirit, though instead of Gossie they found the Duel Dinosaur Club from Goha #2 Elementary, who were also looking for Gossie. As they did so, Luke, desperate for clues, almost ate a dog's bone, forcing Romin to take it off him. To Romin's disgust, Luke learned that the Duel Dinosaur Club intended to use Gossie for a Jurassic Duel Land, though Yuga still wanted to tell them where the Relic was, as they believed Gossie to be there, and he Rush Dueled the club's president, Professor Diggs. During the Duel, Yuga claimed that Diggs's love for dinosaurs was genuine despite his club's intentions, and they decided to investigate Gossie genuinely at the construction site, at which point Yuga suddenly expressed disinterest in finding Gossie, much to Romin's surprise. Yuga was able to win the Duel, but they still went to the construction site to look for Gossie. Romin was shocked when Gossie seemed to appear before them, but it was revealed to simply be a combination of heating pipes and the noise produced by Yuga's noise-cancelling Road, which was constructed around a guitar. Romin strummed the guitar curiously, resulting in the Road blasting them all with sonic waves. To make up for Gossie being a myth, Yuga brought the Duel Dinosaur Club to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Tracker sneezed, revealing seven emblems carved in the floor that Romin swiftly snapped a picture of and sent to Roa.[21]

Romin is coerced by her cousin.

Roa ordered Romin to give Yuga, Gavin and Luke VIP tickets to a RoaRomin concert, so one night after looking at pictures of the emblems at the Road Laboratory, she heading off to prepare for the concert, giving them the tickets as she did so. She returned to Roa's apartment regretting her actions, and Roa abused her once she got home, telling her to follow his orders and that he'd keep her secret about being tone-deaf. He suggested they use suggestion to manipulate Luke again, this time to make him more susceptible to a Ghost Story Duel he would have with Toombs.[2]

When she arrived at the Big Seven Arena, Romin looked for food, but the snacks and bento were nowhere to be found.[8] Romin waited for her friends in her dressing room at Big Seven Arena, and Yuga and Gavin both gave her gifts; Yuga had modified the guitar-based Road into a Duel Guitar after seeing that Romin liked it, and Gavin had brought her flowers. Luke was mortified he hadn't brought anything for Romin, though despite her reassurances it was all right, he rushed off to find something. He soon screamed in fear, and Romin stayed in the dressing room while Yuga, Kaizo and Gavin went to find Luke, leaving before they returned. She did not join her bandmates on stage for the three-on-three Duel that Roa planned to have with Yuga and his friends, but instead remained offstage, apologizing to Luke for manipulating him as Toombs scared him with his Ghost Story Duel. Although Luke was able to win, Romin was still downcast.[2]

Romin snaps from hunger during her Duel with Gavin.

Gavin decided to Duel next, so Romin was brought forward to Duel him. She claimed she would never have been friends with Yuga, Gavin and Luke had it not been for her mission, though Yuga had deduced that Roa was manipulating Romin somehow and warned him not to, despite Romin's protests. She Dueled Gavin with the Duel Guitar, claiming she was their enemy, but she was continually distracted by her growing hunger and her confliction over Dueling her friend. Gavin brought out "Yamiruler" on his first turn. preventing Romin from Summoning "Prima Guitarna" and forcing her to end her turn with only Set monsters and cards as she began to hallucinate from hunger. She tried to cover up her stomach rumbling by playing the Duel Guitar, while Gavin re-used the effect of "Yamiruler" to restrict her moves again and destroyed her monsters, reducing Romin to 900 LP. As she tried to declare her next turn she saw everyone holding sushi rolls, which she initially thought to be another hallucination until she realized they had been distributed by Saburamen's friends Sushiko Maki and Briscoe, who Roa had employed to cater for the concert. Seeing Luke enjoying the food, Romin finally snapped and went berserk with hunger, unleashing a rocking Duel on Gavin. She flipped "Yamiruler" face-down with "Lullabind" to dispel its effect and Tribute Summoned "Prima Guitarna" and "Esperade the Smashing Superstar", combining their effects to increase their ATK and destroy most of Gavin's monsters, allowing her to defeat him. As she cheered at her victory, she accidentally ejected a chocolate bar from the Duel Guitar, which landed in her mouth. After eating the bar, Romin returned to normal with no memory of her final turn. Yuga explained he had designed the Duel Guitar to eject a chocolate bar if she was hungry, and Romin was shocked that this had all been for her. Yuga then asked what secret Roa was holding over her, and Romin refused to tell him, as it was a secret, before realizing that she had divulged its existence to Yuga. Roa congratulated Romin, and she headed back to her bandmates, high-fiving him as she went, before Roa challenged Yuga himself to a Duel.[8]

Aware of Roa's plan to disqualify Yuga by calling the legality of "Sevens Road Magician" into question, Romin tried to warn Yuga not to Duel, though she faced opposition from Luke and Yuga still accepted Roa's challenge, believing that the outcome couldn't be predicted in a Rush Duel. As Roa took his first turn and used stage tricks to enhance his presence, Romin noted that Roa had been doing so from a young age. Roa then asked Yuga where he'd obtained "Sevens Road Magician", prompting Romin to note she wasn't the only one keeping secrets. Roa revealed that Yuga had been given the card by the Hologram Man at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament and suggested it might be illegal due to the Hologram Man's disqualification from the tournament, something Romin herself was unsure about and she wondered why Yuga was quiet. To her surprise a Goha executive then arrived and she queried Roa over his claims, eventually settling on following the Goha Dueling Rules regarding legality that would ensure Yuga would lose if he drew "Sevens Road Magician". Romin watched the Duel in concern, relieved when Yuga didn't draw "Sevens Road Magician" during Roa's turn.[9] Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician", but then the Relic emerged from the ground and projected the Hologram Man, who introduced himself as Otes and revealed that "Sevens Road Magician" was a legal card; the Newspaper Club had discovered that Otes was disqualified for being a Goha employee. Roa had in fact been blocking information of "Sevens Road Magician" on the web, and Romin noticed him in footage of the event behind Yuga. Roa then asked why Otes had chosen Yuga to become the King of Duels and not him, though Luke believed Roa's underhanded tactics did not permit him to become King. Yuga however suggested they wager the right to the title on the Duel, which Otes agreed to, prompting Luke to claim even he could become King of Duels, though Romin was skeptical. Roa pushed Yuga into a corner with "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", and Romin reflected that when Roa did get serious, he was extremely strong. However, Yuga was able to defeat Roa, prompting Gavin to suggest she would be free of influence; Romin claimed she always had been. Later at the Road Laboratory Romin refused to tell Luke and Gavin her secret, only for Yuga to deduce that it was that Romin was tone-deaf, much to her embarrassment.[7]


Following the Duel with Roa, Romin tries to apologize to Luke for spying on them, though he continued to reject her apologies. She and Gavin sought Yuga's counsel, and he suggested cooking something for Luke. He had Kaizo investigate Luke's favorite food, which was discovered to be curry rice. Romin thanked Kaizo for its help, causing the Drone to dash through the door in pure joy with Yuga following him. As she was house-sitting for Roa at the time, Romin went to his apartment to cook with Gavin and his assistants, who provided help to Romin by gathering ingredients. Romin's extreme ignorance of even the most basic of cooking knowledge quickly showed, and Gavin, Rayne and Rino were forced to aid her after she seasons the curry with ingredients for gunpowder and caused it to explode. At another attempt at cooking the curry, she succeeded, albeit having turned it blue. Fearing the taste, the Student Council insisted that Romin taste it first, to which she complied and deemed it delicious. Before the rest of them could taste it, Yuga arrived with Luke who was about to leave after seeing Romin when he smelled the curry and made his way to the kitchen. Luke found the curry delicious, and Yuga revealed that Romin made the curry and shoved her forward to talk with Luke. Luke agreed it was delicious and asked for seconds, and Romin obliged. Luke was so moved by the curry he decided to name it the "Dragias Curry" due to the blue coloration. Before Romin could serve another serving, she decided to season it some more. The mix, however, turned out disastrous as the curry erupted and spread throughout the entire building complex.[11]

One day at school, Romin was hanging out with Yuga, Gavin and Luke as the latter discussed his odd feeling as though he couldn't become the King of Duels anymore. Gavin suggested it was due to Yuga's acceptance of trying to gain the title, and Romin asked Luke what he would do when he became the King, something Luke clearly hadn't considered. Kaizo then arrived, claiming it had found information on where the Relic would next appear and led them to the harbor, where they boarded a ship that Kaizo stated would take them to the island where the Relic would appear. However, they then met the ship's captain, Skipjack, who explained that the ship was the Goha Aquatic Elementary and that it wouldn't return for a month. To Romin's surprise, Skipjack then fished the Duel-cycle out of the ocean, and Romin's suggestion that it was oversized trash prompted Skipjack to accuse Yuga of polluting the ocean and Rush Duel him. Skipjack gained a significant advantage with his "Big Umi" Field Spell Card, which made Luke think he was drowning, much to Romin's irritation. She watched the Rush Duel in significant concern for Yuga, though he was able to barely survive Skipjack's attacks. Romin agreed with her friends that Yuga would likely win despite his situation, and he proved her right by defeating Skipjack with a new monster, "Lightning Voltcondor". After the Duel, Yuga examined the Duel-cycle and discovered it contained what remained of Kaizo's data; the original Kaizo had been stolen and replaced by a fake, which had tricked them into going out to a non-existent island; Romin was quick to warn Luke she had nothing to do with the trap. After the fake Kaizo escaped, they realized the real Kaizo in the Duel-cycle had tried to warn them, though Yuga would be unable to repair it without its original data. Fortunately, Yuga had a transmitter in Kaizo and Skipjack took them back to shore on a speedboat, a trip that Romin did not enjoy.[22]

Romin Dueling Buff Grimes after Luke frustrates her into a rage.

After getting back to shore, Romin accompanied Yuga, Luke and Gavin as they followed the fake Kaizo's transmitter to GastroByte.[22] They were able to get inside with Mimi's help, and Romin was enchanted by the holographic rooms as they ate, though she was unimpressed by the mountain of food that Luke consumed. Although Luke believed they would be able to pay for it with the 66 yen promotion price after Mimi went to the bathroom, their waiter Drone informed them the deal had just ended. Romin blamed Luke for not thinking of anyone else, and Luke rushed off after comparing their situation to Romin spying on them, leaving Romin, Yuga and Gavin alone and unable to pay their bill. As a result, they were put to work washing dishes under Buff Grimes to pay their bill. As they worked, Romin wondered if Luke still didn't want to be near her, and she accidentally broke some plates, adding more to their bill. Grimes offered to forget their bill if one of them could defeat him in a Rush Duel, which he called a stain on Dueling, but they would have to clean dishes forever if they lost. Romin volunteered to Duel, still believing the situation to be her fault, and she quickly brought out "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", but Grimes reduced its ATK and her LP by repeatedly recycling his "Bleach Mortar" Spell Card. Yuga then accused Grimes of cheating by swapping out any cards he Set with "Bleach Mortar", though Romin believed it to be karma for her betrayal of her friends. Luke then revealed that he and Mimi had been watching the Duel and he used his power to deactivate the cheating function of Grimes's Duel Disk. Despite this, Grimes Tribute Summoned "Clean Beret - Colonel Mop" and returned "Bleach Mortar" to the top of his Deck, then destroyed "Prima Guitarna". Although she wanted to thank Luke, Luke gloated over saving her and suggested she thank him. Enraged by her inability to cry in joy, Romin erupted in rage and she brought out three "Romanpicks", using their abilities to amass the monsters she needed, then also Summoned "Esperade the Smashing Superstar". Grimes was able to negate the effect of "Esperade", but Romin Tribute Summoned two "Romic n' Roller" and used their effects in combination with "Self Fan Club" to Summon two of her monsters to Grimes's field and weaken all of his monsters, then enhance them with "Powerful Pierce!!", a move she had recalled from her Duel with Gavin. Grimes accused Romin of cheating herself, though Romin stated such a play wouldn't excite her audience and she defeated him. As Gavin, Yuga and Mimi noted that Romin would also become enraged when she was frustrated over not being able to cry, Romin denied wanting to, only for Mimi to point out her eyes were swollen. Luke then managed to extract Kaizo's location from Grimes, a door that led to an underground chamber, where they were greeted by Nail Saionji.[10]

Nail explained that he oversaw Goha Duels and would return Kaizo's data to them if they could defeat his Duelists, but if they lost six times their Duel accounts would be deleted. They soon encountered Nail's first Duelist, Kit Schrödinger, who Luke Rush Dueled. Although Luke quickly brought out two high-Level monsters, Kit used his "Lost Cat" Trap to block his attacks, which forced Luke to guess the type of the top card of his Deck to attack successfully. Romin was worried that Luke would find the Trap difficult to deal with, a worry that was proved when Luke began to worry himself. Luke was unable to get past the Traps, and Kit easily reduced him to 100 LP on his next turn. Gavin then realized Luke was worrying over whether Yuga would give him the title of King of Duels, something Romin wasn't surprised to hear. After Yuga confirmed he wouldn't give Luke the title but encouraged him to claim it for himself, Luke became focused again and used "Piercing Dragon Bunker Strike" to arrange the top cards of his Deck to counter Kit's Trap. To Romin's exasperation, Luke had forgotten the card order by the time Kit activated "Lost Cat" again, though he was able to successfully call the card and defeat Kit. After his defeat, Kit was dropped down a trapdoor by Nail, who returned Romin and her friends to the surface and told them to return another day.[23]

The next day Romin went to the Road Laboratory and discussed Nail with Luke and Gavin. Romin asked Yuga what he would do if he couldn't retrieve Kaizo's original data and Yuga admitted he wouldn't even be able to restore Kaizo to a normal Drone, though he could still make a new one. Romin accompanied Yuga to the Hologram Man's chamber to search for clues to the key that Otes had mentioned, but then Roa called her and asked her to come to his apartment, coercing her by reminding her that it still smelled of curry. Romin gave a hasty excuse to Yuga, Luke and Gavin and hurried to Roa's apartment, where he asked her to ask Yuga to create a high-performance drumming robot for him to replace Tyler, who he'd been unable to contact. Romin and Roa were then dropped into the Garden of Curiosity by Nail, and they eventually found Yuga, Luke and Gavin facing off against Tyler. Tyler confirmed he'd left RoaRomin due to Roa's mistreatment, so Roa decided to Duel Tyler. Romin was shocked by the flashy performance Tyler put on during the Duel, having had no idea he wanted such a thing. Roa was pushed into a corner, but he asked to borrow the Duel Guitar from Romin to sing Tyler a song about how he was his friend. He defeated Tyler with his new ace, "Royal Rebel's Invasion" and tried to save him from Nail's trapdoor, claiming he couldn't function without Tyler. This reminded Romin of Roa's request, and she quietly conveyed it to Yuga and the others to prevent Tyler from finding out, only for Luke to loudly blurt out the request and for Tyler to subsequently spurn Roa's help by falling into the trapdoor. After they were returned to the surface, Roa departed, amending his request to a Duel Disk drum set.[13]

The following day Yuga told Romin about the Super Rush Robot he had seen in a dream. Romin was a bit exasperated that Yuga was making another Road given all the ones he kept in a messy pile around the Road Laboratory and suggested he dispose of the useless ones, though Yuga claimed there were no useless Roads. Kaizo grew despondent over its perception of Yuga not taking its situation seriously as Yuga suggested using it as part of the cooling system for the Super Rush Robot, and it ran outside. Romin followed it, only to find four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs outside that Luke quickly convinced them all to try. However they were then taken down to the Garden of Curiosity, Romin bringing Kaizo with her, and opposed by Seatbastian, an A.I. operating Nail's massage chair who challenged Yuga to a Rush Duel. Romin found Seatbastian's calm demeanor unnerving as he destroyed all the monsters on both player's fields and combined his "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" with "Throne of Darkness" to increase it to 4000 ATK, though to her relief Yuga was able to barely survive the attack. Seatbastian began acting madly after his failure to end the Duel, and he returned Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" to his hand with "Power of the Throne" and hid it in Kaizo, hiding the rest of the cards in Yuga's hands in duplicates of Kaizo and challenging him to pick the real Kaizo out of them. Seatbastian dismissed Kaizo as junk for his fearful reaction when Seatbastian took his data, and Romin angrily insisted that Kaizo wasn't useless, though she was somewhat unsure as to his loyalty. Fortunately, Yuga was able to choose Kaizo correctly and Special Summon "Sevens Road Magician" back to his field, and Romin admitted that Kaizo could be unreliable, though as Gavin clarified, they still loved him. Yuga defeated Seatbastian, returning them to the surface, and Romin assured Kaizo that they would retrieve his original data.[24]

After Yosh asked Luke for advice at school one day, they were dropped into the Garden of Curiosity again, to Duel Number Six, the Goha executive who had appeared during Yuga and Roa's Duel. Romin was eager to Duel Number Six, so she and her friends played Rock-paper-scissors to decide who would Duel, but Yosh, who had fallen with them into the Garden, won the game and Dueled Number Six. Number Six's use of Aqua monsters to regain LP caught Romin's condition, and she realized that Number Six was likely Mimi, though she didn't voice her suspicions. Number Six pushed Yosh into a corner, but after declaring that he dreamed to grow up to be as strong as his mother, Yosh was able to make a comeback and win the Duel, passing out from exhaustion afterwards. Number Six's helmet split open after the Duel, confirming Romin's suspicions that she was Mimi, though Romin was shocked to learn that Mimi was Yosh's mother. To Romin's surprise they were all penalized, which Nail explained was due to the system recognizing Mimi as one of Yuga's friends. Mimi took Yosh home afterwards, asking Romin and her friends not to tell him her identity and bribing Luke with coupons for GastroByte.[25]

The following day Yuga gathered his friends to inform them of why they had been penalized. Romin and Rayne agreed that it was rather sad that Mimi had Dueled Yosh, and she was incensed when Luke called Mimi a "traitorous spy" as he called her. After everyone agreed to help, Yuga, Luke and Gavin were dropped into the Garden of Curiosity; Saburamen tried to save Romin, but they both fell in despite his efforts. Once they recovered, they were approached by Advisor M, who Romin realized was Mimi. Advisor M told them to find the Gate of Curiosity, which was where Nail's haven was located. However, three hours later the group hadn't found anything until Saburamen smelled ramen and found the Out of This World Ramen ramen shop. Romin was suspicious that it might be one of Nail's traps and exasperated that Saburamen immediately jumped in line for it. The Out of This World Ramen was run by Celestia Noodlina, who claimed to be an alien, though Romin believed it to be an act. After having a bowl of ramen that Romin enjoyed in spite of herself, Celestia challenged them to a Duel which Saburamen accepted. Saburamen gained an early lead, but Celestia revealed that her ship was powered by her LP and would be inoperable if she lost. Celestia Tribute Summoned her ace monster, "Cosmic String Noodryad" and pushed Saburamen into a corner, and Romin realized something was worrying him. As they had done for Luke, she asked Saburamen what was worrying him, and he blurted out that he was torn between wining the Duel or sparing Celestia to journey around the galaxy with her to sample ramen. Yuga encouraged Saburamen to choose his own path, and Saburamen regained his enthusiasm and defeated Celestia. After he did, Romin told Celestia to stop acting like an alien, but to their shock she was transported away by a blue light, causing Romin to wonder if she had been an alien after all. The group subsequently resumed their search for the Gate of Curiosity.[26]

Luke decided to treat his friends to a meal at GastroByte using the coupons Mimi had given him, though his power caused some difficulties around the restaurant. While they were eating, a waiter Drone splashed water on Luke and took him away to clean him up. After Luke had been gone for a while, the holograms in their VIP room began to break down, and their screens showed Luke Rush Dueling Grimes, who was cheating even worse than when he had Dueled Romin. Romin believed Luke would be fine, as he could use his power to stop Grimes's cheating, but Yuga explained he believed the power was connected to Luke's wristwatch, which Luke had lent to Yuga to look at before being kidnapped. Yuga was able to use Kaizo to lever the door open and they managed to get to the dishwashing room as Grimes prepared to Deck out Luke, a term Romin was unfamiliar with. Yuga tried to invoke the power of Luke's watch, but was unable to, so Romin tried to do so herself, though she and Gavin also failed. Luke decided to defeat Grimes with skill instead, and he was able to stop Grimes's combo with a Trap Card, then defeat him on his next turn with three of his ace monsters. After the Duel, Yuga tricked Grimes into revealing where the Gate of Curiosity was and Luke used his power to open the reinforced door, causing Romin to wonder if his power was connected to a devil after all. Grimes was dropped down a trapdoor by Nail, and Romin accompanied her friends to the Gate of Curiosity.[27]

When they arrived at the Gate, they were surprised to find a street of shops staffed by Drones selling items branded with providence. Gavin suggested they take the opportunity to learn about Nail's providence, though Romin was initially worried this was underhanded until one of the Drones assured her this was the shops' purpose. However, many of the goods the Drones sold differed from the normal, including suggesting a shirt with mismatched sleeves was still a shirt. As they continued to experience the shops, Romin became more confused as to the definition of Nail's providence, but Yuga claimed he understood it, and they advanced into Nail's haven. They found the haven in ruins, only for Gavin to realize that the damage was simply Solid Vision. Nail and Seatbastian emerged to greet them, Nail claiming that they wouldn't be able to have the Rush Duel that Yuga wanted as Yuga would be unable to win. Yuga gave Romin Kaizo to hold during the Duel, as Nail explained his definition of providence; the source of all creation. Despite going to severe lengths to protect one of his Trap Cards during his Duel with Yuga, Nail's "Quantum Hole" only allowed him to draw cards; Romin wondered if this draw was as important as the providence that Nail spoke of. Nail's Cyberse monsters focused on this strategy too, and Romin realized that the Levels of Nail's monsters were continually decreasing as they approached zero, or providence, as Gavin clarified. Nail then Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎", defeating Yuga.[28] Nail explained that he had installed the Summoning method using a gap in the code of Rush Duels that Yuga himself had left in. Nail then returned them to the surface, warning them that they had two penalties now.[29]

Although Romin, Gavin and Luke had promised Yuga they would work with him to discover a way to defeat Maximum Summoning, Yuga was not at the Road Laboratory when they went there the next day. Romin noted that Yuga was likely shocked by his loss, and with the three of them unable to find Yuga, they decided to look for hints on how to defeat Maximum Summoning on their own. Romin visited the DUEL Café and Big Seven Arena to ask Tyler and Toombs about Maximum, but found no information. Eventually she realized that Otes was the most likely person who would know about Maximum Summoning and she headed to his chamber to contact him. To her surprise, Gavin was already there and Luke arrived as well, having had the same idea, and Otes appeared to them after they had gathered. He confirmed that he knew about Maximum Summoning and agreed to tell them how to defeat it if they all defeated him in a Rush Duel, though he warned them that the system would penalize them all regardless of the results, as Otes was counted as one of Yuga's allies. Despite the risk, Romin, Gavin and Luke all agreed to Duel, and Otes split in three to Duel them. Otes opposed Romin with "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and reduced her LP with "Inferno Fire Blast", then after Romin Tribute Summoned, used "Black Dragon's Roar" to increase the ATK and DEF of "Red-Eyes" and return "Inferno Fire Blast" to the top of his Deck, ensuring that Romin would lose on his next turn. Remembering how Yuga had treated her normally despite knowing of her duplicity, Romin was able to defeat Otes with "Esperade". Gavin and Luke won their Duels with Otes as well, and Otes congratulated them before vanishing, telling them that the hint to defeating Maximum was within them all along. As they considered Otes' words, they realized that all three of them had found the resolve to continue, and they wondered if this was what Otes meant.[29] Romin, Gavin and Luke decided that the best way for Yuga to defeat Nail would be for him to use Maximum himself, and that he could their Duel ID cards to create the necessary Maximum Monsters.[30] They returned to the Road Laboratory to wait for Yuga, who finally returned that evening and apologized to them. Romin reassured Yuga that they had found a way to defeat Nail's Maximum Summon, and they encouraged him to accept their resolve and win.[29] They explained their idea to Yuga, and Romin offered him her Duel Guitar to eject her ID card from, though to her surprise Yuga was unwilling to rewrite the cards and erase their accounts. Romin reassured Yuga that he wouldn't let Rush Dueling end here, and Luke was able to convince Yuga to go through with their plan. Yuga was able to successfully hack into Romin's Duel Guitar and allow her to eject her Duel ID card after Gavin took out a Goha Enterprises Drone that had detected them, and she gave the card to Yuga, telling him that he would definitely win.[30]

Yuga took Romin, Luke and Gavin to the Goha Enterprises Main Office, as he wanted to visit the Goha Duel Museum. Romin in particular enjoyed the Duel Museum, as she was unfamiliar with many aspects of the history of Duel Monsters. To her surprise, Nail was also visiting the Duel Museum, though she had to tell Luke that Nail was real and not a model. Yuga accepted Nail's challenge to Duel, giving Romin Kaizo to hold again, and he began defensively playing. Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and brought them to the top of the Goha Main Office, explaining how Maximum Mode worked and that it gave his monster three effects. These effects protected "Yggdrago" from Yuga's Trap and allowed Nail to dismantle Yuga's defense, though Yuga was able to survive the turn. To Romin's joy, Yuga drew their ID cards and they were rewritten into Maximum Monsters, which caused Nail to believe that Yuga had sacrificed Romin and her friends' accounts; Romin and Gavin explained that they had entrusted their accounts to Yuga. Yuga's Duel Disk began to fail from the strain of Real-Time Rush Duel Programming, so Kaizo squirmed out of Romin's arms and Romin realized that Kaizo indicating for Yuga to use his processing power to stabilize the installation. Yuga was initially reluctant until he remembered that defeating Nail would return Kaizo's original data and he was able to complete the installation successfully with Kaizo's aid. Romin then aided Yuga in Maximum Summoning "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord [L]".[30] Yuga used the effect of "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" to increase its ATK higher than "Yggdrago", but Nail was able to protect "Yggdrago" from being destroyed and inflict the damage to Yuga as well, though the effect of "Magnum Overlord" protected itself from Nail's Trap. Nail powered-up "Yggdrago" on his next turn and attacked, though Yuga was able to negate the attack by returning "Magnum Overlord" to his hand. Before Yuga could re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Overlord", Nail returned it to his Deck, forcing him to hold out with "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Witch", though Nail was again able to protect "Yggdrago" and restored his LP to 4000. As Nail told them that this would be the last Rush Duel after reducing Yuga to 100 LP, Seatbastian reported that many other elementary students had declared their support for Yuga and also been penalized, much to Romin's shock. Yuga was able to use card effects to re-draw his Maximum cards, but Nail returned them to the Deck again, though Yuga was able to draw it for a third time and Maximum Summon it. Nail reminded Yuga that his "Pair Destruction" Trap that they'd seen earlier that turn was still Set and Romin learned that the Trap would inflict 4000 damage to both of them if Yuga destroyed "Yggdrago", which Luke explained would cause a DRAW. Fortunately, Yuga was able to power-up "Magnum Overlord" even further with the effect of "Magnum Overlord [L]", allowing him to defeat Nail. After the Rush Duel, Seatbastian returned Kaizo to them, much to Romin's joy, and he revealed that he had been Dueling with five penalties as well and that his account had been deleted. However, Romin's Duel ID was restored from "Magnum Overlord [L]".[31]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

After getting a bad feeling one morning, Romin walked to school early with Gavin, who went to school early every day, though this time they had both been beaten by Yuga. Romin and Gavin met Yuga on the roof, finding him deep in thought, and Yuga explained that he had been remembering his Duel with Nail, thanking Romin and Gavin for helping him win. Kaizo then arrived, crying that something bad had happened, validating Romin's bad feeling. To Romin's surprise, Luke had turned the Student Council Room into a clubroom for his new Luke Club and he dubbed Romin the third member, but Romin refused to join, both due to her prior commitments to RoaRomin and the Light Music Club and due to her distaste of Luke's narcissism, though she took a plushie of "Draco the Tiny" with her as she left the clubroom with Yuga and Gavin. Throughout the day, Romin saw Luke trying to recruit members for his Club, including when he passionately defended Rush Dueling to the sports players. After school, Romin, Yuga and Gavin eavesdropped on Luke through the door and listened to him laughing. They found him Dueling himself, and Romin was intrigued by the "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias" card that Luke was holding. Having seen Luke's passion, they agreed to join his Club (which Gavin renamed to the Rush Duel Club), with Romin accepting a challenge from Gavin.[32]

Romin and Sushiko argue over the remote.

Luke received an invitation to the Rush Duel Tournament, so he decided to sign the Rush Duel Club up for a Rush Duel Training Camp, and as they needed an advisor to go on a training camp, they were assigned Seatbastian. At the camp, they met up with Saburamen, Sushiko, Briscoe, the Duel Dinosaur Club and the Dueling Insects Club, Romin and her friends were quickly subjected to Luke's training, though Romin was allowed to break earlier than Yuga and Gavin as Luke wanted to hone her berserk state. Yuga disappeared during the training, but returned that evening, though Romin was more preoccupied with watching RockFes on the big screen television and argued with Sushiko over the remote, as Sushiko wanted to watch Itamae's Case Files. Yuga suggested they Rush Duel to decide who got the remote, but Sushiko's strategy of restoring Romin's LP hindered her usual strategy, preventing her from retrieving "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" from her Graveyard, though she was able to re-enable her combo with "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar". Romin erupted in rage after Sushiko tried to entice her to watch Itamae's Case Files with her. She used her "Romanpicks" to retrieve and Summon "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream", but was distracted when Luke turned on an ad for Itamae's Case Files that showed Princess G was guest-starring. Returning to normal, Romin tried to defeat Sushiko, but Sushiko was able to protect her "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy" and remain in the Duel, though she once again restored Romin's LP. Despite her advantage, Sushiko was able to defeat Romin with "Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy" and "Inside Out Roll", and Romin lamented being defeated by sushi. Sushiko thanked Romin for the Duel and once again offered to watch Itamae's Case Files with her, and Romin accepted, admitting she was curious as to why Princess G was on the show, while Briscoe arrived with dinner for them all.[33] On the third day at the camp, after everyone else had left, Romin, Yuga, Luke, and Gavin were stranded at the cabin due to a massive trench that had been dug around it, and they were out of food due to Luke eating it all the previous night, much to Romin's anger. Yuga tried to send Kaizo to get help from Seatbastian and the manager, but Kaizo refused until Romin asked him to. Gavin also pointed out that Rayne and Rino were on their way as well, but neither Kaizo nor the twins came to the cabin. They were finally rescued that evening by Galian Townsend from Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, and afterwards they went to find Kaizo for failing to come back for them.[34]

After the training camp, Gavin explained to Romin, Yuga and Kaizo that the twins had gone on holiday, though Romin was unconvinced by the doctored postcard that Gavin showed them. Luke then arrived with their Rush Duel Tournament entry form, but closer examination revealed he had instead entered them into the "Trumpet Duet Tournament", much to Romin's anger. Yuga suggested that they enter regardless, Seatbastian stating that a withdrawal would look bad for the club, but since Romin had no experience with wind instruments they decided to ask the Concert Band Club for assistance. However when they arrived at the Concert Band Clubroom, Luke suggested they leave despite being the reason they had come in the first place, as Romin pointed out. They were attacked by karakuri puppets when they entered the clubroom, before the club president, Luke's sister Tiger, arrived. Tiger agreed to help them if they could defeat her, so Yuga challenged her to a Rush Duel, and Tiger revealed before the Duel that she had defeated Luke in the past, though Yuga still maintained his challenge. Romin was confused by Tiger's Dueling, due to her unorthodox strategy and talk of breath being important for martial arts. Tiger pushed Yuga into a corner, though Romin believed Yuga would be able to protect himself with his "Curtain of Sparks", but Yuga pointed out that Tiger knew he had the Trap set, and sure enough the effect of Tiger's "Ensembullfighter the Music Fiend" prevented Yuga from using the card. Fortunately, Yuga was able to defeat Tiger with "Bendorbreak the Conqueror", and as she had agreed, Tiger began tutoring them in wind instruments.[35]

On the day of the Trumpet Duet Tournament, Romin and her friends went to the dishevelled building where the tournament was being held, only to find many students from Goha #6 Elementary were Rush Dueling there and that the Trumpet Duet Tournament was really the "Dark Rush Duel Tournament", organized by former Goha #6 Elementary Student Council president Janko Entant and held at the old Goha #6 Elementary campus. To Romin's surprise, Janko had an odd seizure that he explained was due to his body requiring cards to draw, and he explained how the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had kicked him out of the Student Council (a backstory Romin didn't care to hear). Angered that his instrument practice had been for nothing, Luke challenged Janko to a Rush Duel to punish him. Romin was surprised to see that Janko used an ant-based Deck, accidentally making several ant-based buns during the course of the Duel. Janko's tactic of powering up his weaker ant monsters based on their numbers almost defeated Luke, but Luke was able to defeat him with the similarly inspired "Insurrection Dragon".[36] After the Duel, Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club broke down the wall of the old Goha 6th campus, and the club's president, Asana Mutsuba, greeted Yuga politely, having met him before at the Rush Duel Training Camp, though Romin was bewildered more by Asana's subordinates, Galian and Chevelle Kayama. Asana opposed Rush Dueling due to being a "modification", so Yuga challenged her to a Rush Duel to allow the students of Goha #6 Elementary to Rush Duel freely. Asana quickly pushed Yuga into a corner with her Wyrm monsters, but Yuga was able to make a comeback with "Sevens Road Magician", only for Asana to Maximum Summon "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco" and defeat Yuga. As the conditions for Yuga's loss, Romin and her friends were forced to transfer to Goha #6 Elementary.[37]

On her first day at Goha #6 Elementary, Romin was exhausted by the school's traditional morning run and suggested they try to escape, though Yuga noted it would be impossible to do so and speculated as to where Asana had obtained Maximum Monsters, though Romin was skeptical of Luke's theory that the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had excavated them. After school that day, Kaizo came to Yuga in disguise to inform him of something while Romin and her friends concealed the Drone, and Yuga suggested they challenge the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to a Rush Duel for the freedom to Rush Duel freely. Gavin challenged Galian to a Rush Duel, both to return to Goha 7th and to avenge Rayne's loss to him. Although Galian was able to damage Gavin on his first turn, Gavin was able to gain an early lead with "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", though Galian in turn made a comeback by flipping "Yamiruler" face-down to dispel its effect and Special Summoning "Shield Boring Kong" to destroy it and increase its own ATK. Fortunately, Gavin was able to block the attack of Shield Boring Kong" by causing his "Yurushima the Hermit" to bulk up with the effect of his Trap Card, and he defeated Galian with "Semeruler the Dark Summoner", also destroying Galian's Heavy Cavalry, GG03. After the Duel Galian reminisced on how he had helped raise Asana, causing Romin to question how old he really was, and he left Goha #6 Elementary, but Asana refused to allow Romin and her friends to leave after discovering that Yuga and Kaizo had been placing Roads across the campus; Romin was quite disgusted that Kaizo had only helped the girls on the campus. Asana sent them to the Abandoned Dorm, though Yuga explained he had wanted to be sent there to gain access to the mine at the dorm, which he believed contained the secrets of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.[38]

While they worked at the mine, Galian joined them in their labors, having decided to start from the basics, though his carressing of his shovel unnerved Romin. As they broke for lunch, Romin asked Yuga how long they would have to labor, and Yuga explained to her that the security applied to them, but not to Seatbastian and Kaizo, who he had sent to find Nail to ask where Asana had received her Maximum Monsters while disguising Roads as them, though they had to stop the oblivious Luke from trying to get a massage from Seatbastian. Later that day an alarm went off, causing the group to realize that Kaizo and Seatbastian had escaped successfully, and Romin and her friends seized their chance to escape into the mine, with the others using their Duel Disk lights to see in the darkness.[39] As they moved through the mine, Yuga revealed that he was using Kaizo's spare parts to trace their steps, though to Romin's fury Luke had been thoughtlessly picking them up to make a monster. They soon began to starve, and Romin tried to drink a puddle, only to be stopped by Tracker, who had been sent back with Kaizo by Nail to help them find a cache of prototype Duel Disks buried in the outskirts of Goha City that Nail theorized could explain Asana's Maximum. Romin thanked Tracker for bringing them water, and to her excitement, his sneeze opened an underground hallway.[40] The hallway led them to the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, where Chevelle and Trapigeon were waiting for them. An exhausted Galian was also there, and he challenged them to a Duel to prevent them from passing with his place at Goha #6 Elementary on the line, but he passed out and Rayne caught him, then challenged them in his place. After Rino accepted the Duel, Romin watched with concern, believing that it was difficult for the twins to fight one another. Rino was eventually able to end the Duel in a DRAW, and Romin praised his efforts and teased him by claiming she wished she had a brother like him, prompting Rino to suggest they be friends first, much to her surprise.[41] As there had been no victor, Chevelle insisted on another Duel, and Luke accepted his challenge as he felt responsible for falling for Asana's trap, though Romin was unable to bear his gullibility as Chevelle and Trapigeon continued to trick Luke. Trapigeon ended up Dueling Luke instead of Chevelle, and his Trap Cards quickly put pressure on Luke, much to Romin's concern. Fortunately Chevelle and Trapigeon began arguing after Chevelle made a move on his own and Luke was eventually able to snap out of his funk and Tribute Summon "Miragias", though Trapigeon was able to switch it to Defense Position. Despite his situation, Luke remained unworried, and he brought out "Disjerky Dragon", which Romin found extremely cute, using it to bring "Miragias" back to the field and apply its effect a second time, allowing him to defeat Trapigeon due to Chevelle's prior mistake. To Romin's disgust, Luke started talking with Trapigeon in bird noises at the end of the Duel, which Gavin and Yuga had to translate for her as they continued on.[42]

Romin and her friends finally reached the mine, where Tracker quickly uncovered a prototype Duel Disk. After Yuga and Tracker dug up enough prototype Duel Disks for Yuga to extract three Duel ID cards and add them to his Deck, Yuga explained that Asana had likely created her own Maximum with Duel ID cards from the mine. Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club then arrived and she confirmed Yuga's theory, though Romin was irritated at Luke trying to gain favor with Asana. Asana revealed that most of the Duel ID cards in the mine couldn't be used due to their age and she challenged Yuga to another Duel, agreeing to allow the students of Goha #6 Elementary to Rush Duel freely if she lost as she had when they last Dueled, but with the condition that Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City if she won. Romin didn't like the condition, but Yuga agreed regardless, claiming he couldn't avoid the Duel. Yuga was barely able to fend off "Wyrm Excavator", and to Romin's surprise, Asana revealed that she knew Yuga was planning on using "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" against her and urged him to Summon it, though Yuga confirmed that he'd added the three Duel ID cards to his Deck and was gambling on being able to recreate "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord". To Romin's joy, Yuga succeeded in drawing and Maximum Summoning "Magnum Overlord", Romin noting that it had been a while since they'd seen it as Yuga powered it up and attacked "Wyrm Excavator". However, Asana was able to make the ATK of their Maximum Monsters equal, and as they destroyed one another, Asana and Yuga's Maximum cards began to disintegrate; Gavin ruling that whoever's Maximum was destroyed first would take the ATK of the other.[43] The two Maximums destroyed one another, allowing the Duel to continue, and Asana pushed Yuga into a corner with "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" as R6 began to break down. Asana admitted she hadn't been able to repair R6 as its parts were no longer made, and Romin realized that using other parts would be against the traditions of the club, though she was mortified when Luke dismissed their traditions as stupid. Asana also revealed that Goha Enterprises had promised to resume manufacturing Heavy Cavalry components if she succeeded in crushing Rush Dueling and declared her final attack, though Yuga was able to survive the turn. As Yuga made a comeback with "Steel Mech Lord Mirror Innovator", R6 continued to deteriorate and Romin watched in astonishment as the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club banded together to stop the machine from breaking down until Yuga defeated Asana. After the Duel, Yuga found a room in the mine that contained R0, a mobile Duel Device created by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery that had been extensively modified by the family during its construction, something Romin likened to one of Yuga's Roads. The sight convinced the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to accept modifications, beginning with Yuga repairing R6 for Asana.[44]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

After Asana's defeat, Romin and her friends were allowed to return to Goha # 7 Elementary. As Yuga, Luke, Gavin, Rayne and Rino began cleaning up the Student Council Room, Romin learned that Princess G had been fired by Goha Enterprises for declaring her love of Rush Dueling and confronted Yuga over the actions that his format had caused, though Yuga reminded her that Goha were really responsible. As Romin ran off in a huff, knowing Yuga was right, she bumped into student teacher Gibumi Purisaki, though Romin was still distracted by the thought of Princess G's retirement. She decided to quit Rush Dueling for taking Princess G - and her dream to have a jam session with her - from her, but after Gibumi bumped into her again and scattered her Deck she told Romin not to give up on what she loved, so Romin decided to Rush Duel Yuga one last time before quitting if she won. Yuga quickly Summoned three strong monsters, and Romin destroyed all of them and inflicted significant damage to Yuga with "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream", rebuffing any encouragement Luke and Gavin gave her. Yuga encouraged Romin's strategy, asking if this was why she didn't want to stop Rush Dueling, and he counterattacked with "Bendorbreak the Conqueror", "Lightning Voltcondor" and "Savage Claw Tiger", though Romin was able to blunt his efforts by using her "Angry Rock" Trap Card to prevent Yuga from using the effect of "Voltcondor" and hang on with 300 LP. On her next turn, Romin drew "CAN:D", a card she'd never seen before, and she heard the piano being played in the next room. Wondering if Princess G was playing through "CAN:D", Romin decided to believe in it and she combined "CAN:D" with "Psychic Raid" to draw "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and "Stardom Light", allowing her to Special Summon "Prima Guitarna" and regain enough LP to use its effect, before bringing out "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" to destroy "Savage Claw Tiger" and "Voltcondor", allowing her to defeat Yuga without going berserk, a state she wanted to move on from. After the Duel she rushed into the next room, hoping to find Princess G there, but the room was empty. Despite her victory, Romin decided not to quit Rush Dueling and she changed her playstyle to incorporate her new "Jam" strategy, deciding to continue chasing her dreams.[14]

One day at school, Romin learned from her classmates that Maximum Monsters were apparently being distributed in new booster packs. After school that day, Romin learned that Rayne intended to graduate from the Student Council and Sogetsu Style, and she attended the Rush Duel Gavin was holding with her to prevent her graduating alongside Yuga and Rino, though she was unimpressed by the overly formal proceedings. As the Rush Duel continued, Rayne's dramatic behavior became more apparent and Rino admitted that his sister was crazy. Gavin was able to defeat Rayne with a new ace, "Icezark the Unequaled", but though Rayne had come to understand she had misinterpreted the situation, she still left Gavin's service. Romin and Yuga tried to cheer Gavin up afterwards, only to learn that Luke and Kaizo, acting in Rayne's former position, had painted the entire school the color of "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", only to be swiftly taken down a peg by Tiger. A girl resembling Celestia Noodlina then appeared on the school's videoscreen, introducing herself as "Sweets Kakoko" and announcing the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, prompting Gavin to speculate if Goha were actually accepting Rush Dueling.[45]

Romin wanted to enter the tournament, though she disliked Goha's attempts to claim ownership of Rush Dueling and was irritated by Luke taking it lightly. Romin pointed out that they had too many people for a three person team, but Yuga reassured them that he didn't want to enter the tournament, so both Romin and Gavin could enter with Luke. Angered by Yuga's decision, Luke almost hit him before running off, and Romin and Gavin went after him. They eventually realized that Luke had likely gone to the Mutsuba mine to search for Maximum Monsters and found him there with the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Tracker and Goha #5 Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron, much to Romin's confusion. They all discussed Yuga's motive for not joining the tournament and theorized that he likely didn't want to prevent them from joining the tournament before entering the mine to search for Maximum Monsters. However their excavation ended in failure, and they reported back to Yuga in the Road Laboratory at the end of the day, who told them he would follow them in the tournament.[46] Romin and Gavin later Dueled Luke over the right to name their team, but Luke defeated them both and chose to name their team "Team Lukeking Lukekings".[47]

Romin, Luke, Gavin and Yuga went to Goha Stadium on the day of registration, where Luke began suggesting that Romin or Gavin could still step down for Yuga. As Luke boasted, Romin, Yuga and Gavin noticed a cloaked man in the crowd and pursued him, but ran into Mimi dressed as tournament mascot Goha-kun, who asked Yuga if the tournament had been his idea, inadvertently revealing that the tournament hadn't been Goha's idea. Luke took them to register, where they found Chevelle and Galian trying to register with Trapigeon as their third team member due to Asana's fever. Luke suggested that Yuga substitute for Asana instead, though Yuga was still unwilling until Otes arrived and challenged him to a Duel, cryptically hinting at the true purpose of the tournament. Otes overpowered Yuga with "Summoned Skull" and cautioned him against stopping on his Road and allowing Rush Dueling to become as static as Goha Dueling. Yuga was able to recover "Sevens Road Magician" using a new "Sevens Road", "Sevens Road Warlock", but Otes returned the monsters in his Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him from powering-up "Sevens Road Magician"; Yuga was able to instead increase its ATK with "Sevens Twin Burst" and defeat Otes. After the Duel Yuga decided to learn that by Dueling in the tournament on Galian and Chevelle's team. Otes was then arrested due to his disqualification from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament and taken away, telling Yuga that his Road would always be in his heart.[48]

At the opening ceremonies of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Romin was displeased by Goha's attempts to make Rush Dueling seem like their product and learned that Mimi seemed to have become the new Goha President. To her surprise, Roa, Tyler and Toombs had made up and interrupted Mimi's speech as Team Roa and Tyler and Toombs, prompting Gavin to comment on Roa's poor naming sense and Romin to admit she had been responsible for RoaRomin's current name. Roa challenged Mimi to a Duel for the right to talk to the captive Otes, something Romin wondered if he'd informed Tyler and Toombs about beforehand. Mimi's new Deck proved to be crippling for Roa's Tribute Summoning Deck and pushed him into a corner, but fortunately Roa was able to make a comeback by bringing out his two ace monsters. To Romin's surprise, Roa then Tributed them for "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", defeating Mimi. Otes was then revealed to have escaped, and Tyler and Toombs left Roa over his treatment of them. Romin suggested Roa pursue his friends, though Roa tried to shrug off how hurt he was, though his dismissal didn't fool Romin. Chevelle and Galian then had to withdraw from the tournament as well, having been called to Asana's side by Caterpillio Zomyoji, so Romin suggested that Yuga and Roa form a team together. However, to Romin's utter shock, they called Nail in to serve as their third member.[15]

Although Romin, Luke and Gavin initially easily climbed to the top of the leaderboard on the first day of the tournament, they were soon overtaken by Team YugaNail with R, which Romin had expected. They met Yuga, Roa and Nail at the Ramen Hut, where Luke confronted Yuga over "abandoning" him, much to Romin's irritation. As they discussed Tracker, Diggs and Trench then arrived, Tracker having become far wealthier since Romin had last seen them and their team being third on the leaderboard, and Tracker challenged Yuga to a Duel. Romin watched Yuga and Tracker's Rush Duel, disgusted by Tracker's use of "Zenigebazauls". To her shock, Tracker Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix", and Rayne revealed that Tracker, Diggs and Trench had been distributing Maximums. Luke's seething rage over the matter intimidated Diggs and Trench into confessing that Tracker had strip-mined Maximum Mountain, but Yuga revealed that Nail, Roa and Asana had given him the pieces to create a new Maximum Monster, "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan". Roa claimed that he'd given Yuga his piece because he didn't need it, though Romin deduced that he'd given it to Yuga to thank him for teaming up. Yuga defeated Tracker, and after the Duel, Tracker, Diggs and Trench apologized, and Tracker admitted he'd had help from an individual calling himself "Goha 66".[47]

Romin and her friends decided to investigate Goha 66; while Yuga, Roa and Nail searched the Goha Enterprises database for information, Romin, Luke and Gavin headed for Maximum Mountain. They came upon several Duelists who had been eliminated from the tournament and who tried to re-enter the tournament by Dueling them, and though Romin defeated a number of them, she was eventually exhausted by her opponents. Fortunately they were rescued by Saburamen, Briscoe, Sushiko, the Newspaper Club and the Post-Apocalyptic Club, and at Scoop's suggestion Romin, Luke and Gavin fled with Saburamen, Briscoe and Sushiko. They soon came upon a Stonehenge that hade been made of cake, which the starving Romin and Luke proceeded to devour, ignoring the ensuing Duel between Briscoe and Sweets Kakoko.[49] After the Duel they continued onto Maximum Mountain, though Romin and Luke were full from their meal and kept having to stop to break. Eventually they reached a rope bridge that broke under them, forcing Romin and Luke to swim out of the river and work off their meal. They reached the Abandoned Dorm and prepared to head in, but were opposed by Tyler, Toombs and Kaizo, now operating a robot body and working for Goha 66. Kaizo claimed that he was sick of their mistreatment of him and that he would modify Romin, Luke and Gavin into his servants after defeating Luke in a Rush Duel; Romin he hoped to modify into his personal secretary, a desire that Romin ordered Luke to defeat Kaizo for. Kaizo's use of Trap Cards proved difficult for Luke to overcome, something Romin compared to a make-your-own-sushi roll with Sushiko. Luke was eventually able to defeat Kaizo, as Romin had expected, and after the Duel Tyler and Toombs admitted they hadn't known how much was going on behind the scenes of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. Luke then suggested to them that Roa had likely genuinely wanted to team up with them, given that he wouldn't have needed them if he only wanted to talk to Otes, a desire Romin commented that Luke understood due to his own desire to team up with Yuga. Kaizo then tried to escape, but Luke used his power to disable him and switched on his confession switch once they brought Kaizo into Maximum Mountain, where Tiger and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had defeated Goha 66. Kaizo revealed that Goha 66 aimed to take control of the main Dueling server, thereby taking over Goha Enterprises and the Dueling world, and said server was located in Maximum Mountain.[50] Romin learned that Asana had known Tiger and Luke during their childhood, but Tiger shouted down any attempts to say anything and challenged Asana to a Duel. Romin was surprised by Tiger's ruthlessness towards Asana and she and Gavin asked Luke what had happened between them, though Luke denied knowing anything about the matter. Asana and Tiger eventually revealed that they had split apart because they split up to look for Luke when he went missing on a snowy day; Tiger believed Asana had abandoned her to look for Luke alone. Chevelle then stepped in and revealed Asana had been saving him, and Asana admitted her pride had kept her from telling Tiger the truth and apologized to her. Having reconciled, Tiger and Asana continued their Duel; Asana defeating Tiger, though Luke ruined the moment by calling TIger Asana's nickname. Tiger yelled him into a wall as a result, which shattered to reveal the main server, though Kaizo revealed it was too small to contain the info that Goha 66 wanted. As the leader of Goha 66 collapsed in dismay, he revealed a note he had been given that read "My best, most awesome plan to take over Goha", which Luke sent to Yuga.[51]

Romin's team ended the second day of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal seven points behind Yuga's team, so they had a series of final Duels the next day to decide the tournament. Romin, Luke and Gavin met Yuga, Roa and Nail in Goha Stadium and Luke and Yuga reaffirmed their convictions. Romin and Roa Dueled in the first match, and though Roa gained an early lead with "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", Romin sensed there was something off about him. Aiming to make Princess G proud, Romin used her new Jam playstyle to Special Summon "CAN - Re:D" and increase her ATK to 4000, Summoning enough monsters to defeat Roa. As he praised her for shining so brightly, she told Roa he had never been so dull as he was on his own, while she knew that Princess G was supporting her and didn't feel like she could lose to Roa. To her joy, Tyler and Toombs returned to support Roa and Roa brought out "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Invasion" to block the attack that would have defeated her. On his next turn Roa revived "Doom Metal" and powered it up, while setting the stage with "Royal Rebel's Live Arena"; Romin was barely able to endure the attacks of his three ace monsters by increasing the ATK of her monsters with "Ego Rhythm" so that she retained some LP. Though pushed to her limits, Romin was enjoying the Duel and she retrieved "CAN:D" and used her "Psychic Raid" and "Stardom Light" combo to bring out "Prima Guitarna", using its effect to increase its ATK. Roa countered by increasing the ATK of "Doom Metal" and forcing Romin to attack it, so Romin used her new trump card "Climax Finale" to increase the ATK of "Prima Guitarna", then used her "Andoll" to re-Set and reactivate "Climax Finale", increasing the ATK of "Prima Guitarna" enough to destroy "Doom Metal" and defeat Roa, putting both teams on equal points. After the Duel, Romin reconciled with Roa and her bandmates, declaring this their best concert in a long time and Tyler and Toombs offered to help uncover the identity of the person behind the tournament.[52]

Gavin was set to Duel Nail next, and after he admitted insecurity over not being distinguished enough due to Rayne serving Nail, Romin told Luke off for agreeing with Gavin. Gavin claimed to have a plan, but to Romin's horror and frustration his plan proved to be a hipster-themed persona he dubbed "Gakuting" and she took out her anger by telling Roa to shut up when he was explaining Gavin's English puns to Yuga. Luke suggested that this was Gavin's way of remaining calm in the face of Nail's "Yggdrago", but Nail quickly Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago" and reduced Gavin to 1500 LP, much to Romin's frustration. Fortunately Gavin returned to his normal persona after a power outage and brought out a new ace monster, "Kachisuzaku the Unequaled", whose ATK he increased above that of "Yggdrago". Unfortunately, Nail prevented the destruction of "Yggdrago" and though Gavin was able to withstand the effects of "Yggdrago" on his next turn, Nail destroyed "Kachisuzaku" with "Tribute to The Doomed" and attacked Gavin directly, forcing him to use "The Three Dark Rulers" to end the Duel in a DRAW. After the Duel Rayne returned to Gavin's service and Gavin apologized to Romin and Luke for failing to win; Romin reassured him that a DRAW was fine and congratulated him on his performance. Luke and Yuga then faced off to Duel in the final round.[53]

Before the Duel Romin and Gavin discussed the true meaning of the tournament and Luke thanked Romin for beating Roa and getting him to that point. When the Duel began, Yuga only changed his hand with "Amazing Dealer" and Summoned "Sevens Road Magician", and Romin realized that Yuga had started with a bad hand as he had in his last Duel with Luke. Luke Tribute Summoned "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and destroyed "Sevens Road Magician", but Yuga was able to prevent further battle damage by revealing the top cards of his Deck with "Surprise Barcode", and Romin was shocked to see that Yuga would draw his Maximum next turn. Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", and Romin worried for Luke as Yuga quickly racked up effect damage against him, but fortunately Luke used his "7 Chance" Trap to regain enough LP to survive and draw a new ace, "Steelstrike Dragon Metagias (anime). To Romin's shock the power began to fail again and Tyler called them to reveal the Goha Duel Server was being hacked. The Space Operations Duel Squadron then arrived, having been investigating the moon at Yuga's request due to his belief the actions of Goha 66 were intended to divert their attention. They revealed the Goha Duel Server was carved into the surface of the moon with footage they'd taken that also showed the Rush Duel program, which had ben engraved in the form of the Super Rush Robot, and it was under attack by Goha Enterprises Drones.[54] Realizing that Rush Dueling was being uninstalled in real-time in the same manner as Yuga had installed it, Romin was skeptical that Otes was responsible, as he'd had Yuga install the format in the first place. Nail noted the best course of action would be to stop the Rush Duel, but Yuga and Luke both agreed to continue, much to Romin's horror. Romin was shocked when Luke was able to destroy "Vast Vulcan" with "Metagias" and worried over the state of Rush Dueling as Yuga and Luke continued to Duel. Yuga came close to defeating Luke with three of his ace monsters, but Luke was able to prevent "Metagias" from being destroyed and brought out "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias" and revived "Dragias" on his next turn, triggering all of their multi-attacking effects. As "Dragias" attacked for the second time, Romin wondered if this was the end, but Yuga returned all of Luke's monsters to his hand with "Sevens Road Force" and revived "Sevens Road Magician". To Romin's joy, Luke was able to Special Summon "Dragias" and attack, destroying "Sevens Road Magician" and defeating Yuga, and she and Gavin cheered that they'd won. With the conclusion of the Duel, Rush Dueling was uninstalled, but Yuga and Nail had been reinstalling it throughout the Duel, containing it in a new Super Rush Robot made of space debris.[55] Romin and Gavin congratulated Yuga and Luke as Luke was crowned King of Duels, but she and Gavin decided not to accept the title themselves as they didn't want to be associated with a tournament set up to destroy Rush Dueling.[55][56]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Following the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Rush Dueling experienced a boom in popularity, but the Rush Duel Club had no new members due to Luke letting his victory go to his head. Romin discussed the issue with Gavin and Yuga, but Yuga felt it wasn't an issue as everyone was still having fun Rush Dueling and left immediately after school. Despite Yuga's dismissal, Romin and Gavin agreed Luke's behaviour was a problem and sought Tiger's assistance, Romin eagerly asking Tiger to punish Luke painfully. Luke then brought a new club member to the Rush Duel Club, Swirly, but his aggressive approach scared the timid Swirly away and he scattered boxes all over them, much to Romin's irritation. They pursued him out of Goha #7 Elementary, and eventually found Kaizo on his own and Romin asked if he'd seen Swirly. Kaizo revealed he'd met Yuga, who had taken him to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Romin, Luke and Gavin found Yuga and Swirly there with Otes, who Yuga had just put Swirly up to Rush Duel. After some encouragement by Romin and her friends, Swirly agreed to Duel and borrowed Yuga's Deck, recreating the same moves Yuga had during his first Rush Duel with Otes and prompting Romin to hope he might draw "Sevens Road Magician" as well. However Swirly instead drew "Sevens Road Wiz", but was still able to destroy "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" by reducing its ATK to zero. After the Duel Otes asked them if they were sure he was behind the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal and suggested that it had been a good thing due to how sturdy Rush Dueling had become before vanished with The Relic. Swirly then asked to join the Rush Duel Club, having enjoyed his first Rush Duel. The following day, Tiger leaked Luke's childhood manga "The☆Lukeman" to the Newspaper Club, cowing his ego, and Romin, Gavin and Yuga found him hiding in the Rush Duel Club with Swirly standing guard.[56]

Romin learned that Swirly, Yosh and the members of the Concert Band Club had never washed their costumes, so she recruited Grimes and Yuga to wash them, first having Grimes hose them down, then Yuga dry them with his new air-conditioning Road. As they did, a massive spaceship flew over Goha City and docked with the Goha Enterprises Main Office before projecting a hologram of the true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings. The Goha Siblings challenged Yuga to Rush Duels with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments that forced it to move continuously, putting stress on the joints; for each victory, they would deactivate a restraint, but if Yuga and his friends lost six times Yuga would become a Goha employee. Romin noted Luke's desire to become a Goha employee with distaste, as well as the Goha Siblings' ignorance of him. The eldest sibling, Yuro Goha, challenged Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel on a course Nail set up for them, so Yuga had Kaizo operate his air-conditioning Road for the Duel. After Yuga took an early lead, Yuro made a ferocious comeback with three powerful monsters, giving up the chance to win to destroy Yuga's Set "Dark Revelation". Yuga brought out "Lightning Voltcondor" on his next turn, but Yuro restricted him to attacking with only WIND Normal Monsters. Romin celebrated when Yuga was able to Summon "Spell Archer", though Yuga instead used it to activate "Magical Stream" and destroy Yuro's "Follow Wing World" Field Spell Card, allowing him to attack with all of his monsters and defeat Yuro. As he had promised, Yuro deactivated one of the restraints, but was then evicted from his position as president by the youngest of the Goha Siblings, though Yuro didn't mind too much.[57]

Two days later, the Super Rush Robot was still stretching; Romin finding both the notion of the Goha Siblings holding Rush Dueling hostage and Yuga becoming a Goha employee unforgivable. The second eldest of the Goha Siblings, Yujin Goha then arrived at Goha #7 Elementary to challenge Yuga to a Rush Duel, and Romin was taken aback by Yujin's passionate love for the sea. Nail created an artificial sea at the school for Yujin to Duel on, and Romin fell into the pit as it formed and was rescued by Yuro, who had transferred to Goha #7 Elementary. Seatbastian gave the kids swimming clothes, Romin showing appreciation for hers, though she was forced to punch the fawning Kaizo into the water. As Yuga couldn't swim, Luke ended up Dueling Yujin. During the Duel Yuro noted that Yujin's Deck was new and Yujin claimed to have been gifted the "treasure of the sea" by a dolphin he'd met the previous night, shocking Romin with the notion he could understand dolphin and the irritating reminder that Luke claimed to be able to speak pigeon. To Romin's shock Yujin Special Summoned "Levia-Dragon - Daedalus" and destroyed all the other cards on the field with its powerful effect, and she admitted Yujin's cards all had incredible effects, Yuro admitting he really might have found the treasure of the sea. Fortunately Luke was able to Summon "Steelstrike Dragon Metagias" on his next turn and weaken "Daedalus" with his two "Fortitude Dragons", but Yujin made one last gamble with his "Dolphin Counter", hoping to draw "Umi" and inflict damage to Luke, but he drew "Creek" instead and the sea drained due to Kaizo pulling out the plug, allowing Luke to defeat Yujin.[58]

Following their victory over two of the Goha Siblings, Romin believed defeating the other four Goha Siblings would be easy, though Yuro warned her his siblings wouldn't be easy to beat. Luke then revealed he had signed the Rush Duel Club up for the Goha Astro Monsters baseball team tryout, owing to a newfound desire to become the "King of Base-Stealing" and take Yuga's seat when he eventually became president of Goha. At the tryouts, Romin excelled in all the tests given her consistent athleticism but was surprised when one of the Goha Siblings, Yuka Goha, arrived and challenged her to a Rush Duel. As Romin and Yuka prepared to Duel, Luke called a timeout and gave her "Sportsdragon Rock Closer", "Sportsdragon Pitcher", and "Sportsdragon Slugger", asking her to give his baseball-themed monsters the spotlight in the Dueling baseball world. Romin quickly brought out "Esperade the Smashing Superstar", bewildered by Yuka commentating her own Duel, and Yuka matched her with "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home", increasing its ATK with her "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium" Field Spell and destroying "Esperade". On her next turn, Romin drew Luke's cards and he tried to discreetly signal her to use them, though she didn't understand his hand signals. Realizing "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" was a FIRE monster and would be boosted by "Hot-Blooded Spirits Stadium", Romin used "Sportsdragon Slugger" and "Sportsdragon Pitcher" to Tribute Summon "Sportsdragon Rock Closer", then combined her three "Blue Medicine" with her "Chemical Cure Blue" to gain tremendous LP and activate the effect of "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" to gain 2000 ATK. Romin believed she'd won after she destroyed "Home", but Yuka was able to remain in the Duel with her "Request 9" Trap Card. On her next turn Yuka retrieved "Home" and re-Summoned it, this time activating its effect to double its ATK, and she destroyed "Sportsdragon Rock Closer" and defeated Romin. Romin apologized to her friends for losing, though Yuga and Gavin reassured her the Goha Siblings were difficult opponents. To Romin's shock Yuka tried to sign her up for the Goha Astro Monsters, having been impressed by her skills, and Romin frantically refused and fled around the stadium with Yuka in hot pursuit.[59]

Romin apologized again for her loss as she, Yuga, Kaizo and Swirly looked at footage of the Super Rush Robot stretching one day, though Kaizo urged her not to feel bad as it had only been one loss. Luke loudly agreed, prompting Rayne to shush them as Gavin was still doing Student Council work. After Gavin finished, Shinken Tsurugi and Kotetsuki Mendo from the Kendo Club arrived, begging Gavin to substitute for them in the weekend's kendo tournament, as they had been injured by misnaming Tiger after seeing her out for training. Gavin agreed, but to Romin's surprise when she went along to the Goha Martial Arts Stadium to support Gavin they found the venue deserted save Yuran Goha and his attendant Proprietress. Romin quickly developed a dislike for the Drone due to her bossiness and watched the subsequent Kendo Rush Duel between Gavin and Rino against Yuran and Proprietress. Although Gavin gained an early lead, Yuran defended himself with Trap Cards until Swirly, who had been late to the arena, arrived with Shinken's rival Ryu Nito, who had been injured by Yuran before they arrived. Yuran, who had been quiet up until that point, then took over announcing his decisions from Proprietress, claiming he knew everything he needed to about Gavin and swiftly closing their gap in LP as Romin watched in shock, Yuro explaining to her that this was how Yuran Dueled. Gavin appeared to have Yuran's strategy determined, protecting himself from Yuran's Traps, but Yuran instead used "Sword & Shield" to switch the ATK and DEF of his "Millennium Shield" and Gavin's "Kimeluna the Lunar Dark Decider", defeating Gavin as Proprietress explained Yuran's true strategy was to counterattack.[60]

Gavin decided to hold a meeting after school to counter the Goha Siblings, and Romin, Yuga, and Swirly attended without Luke after he stopped to eat at the Ramen Hut. Mimi showed up in her Advisor M guise to give them information on the youngest and strongest of the Goha Siblings, Yuo, as they would likely be Dueling him next. As Mimi gave her presentation, the heard Luke screaming in the corridors and rushed out to find them full of puppets that Yuro ran down, explaining they were his brother's work. Sure enough Yuo descended from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, asking what they thought of his friends; Romin told him he had bad taste after he called the puppets cute for obeying him. Yuo Rush Dueled Yuga in a circus tent provided by Nail, and Romin was impressed by Yuga's strong start, but Yuo easily dismantled his three Warrior monsters with his "Daigyakutenno Megami". Swirly fretted over Yuga's predicament, but Romin and Gavin were confident he would make a comeback and Romin was pleased to be proven right when Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", particularly since Yuga hadn't used it in a while. As Yuga bypassed Yuo's "Imaginary Ark Turret" Trap, "Vast Vulcan" began to disappear and Kaizo arrived, having borrowed the Space Operations Duel Squadron's Hubbel Space Binoculars. He took Romin outside to look through them and to her horror the Super Rush Robot shook its right arm loose, Nail confirming it contained the data for Maximum Summoning. To Romin's shock the Super Rush Robot reattached the arm of its own accord, restoring "Vast Vulcan" and allowing Yuga to attack. As Yuo mocked Yuga's efforts on his next turn and brought out "Imaginary Actor" and "Sword Dancer", Luke finally arrived and Romin asked where he'd been, given Yuga was about to win. To Romin's utter shock, Yuo activated "Fusion", fusing his two monsters into the Cyborg-Type "Metallion Asurastar", which had two effects and used its second to gain the ATK of "Vast Vulcan", destroying it and defeating Yuga.[61]

After band practice the following day, Romin saw Gavin, Rayne and Rino with the Goha #6 Elementary Student Council at GastroByte and decided to join them for their meal, ordering herself a yakiniku parfait and cheerfully explaining why she was there to a stunned Gavin. Janko's secretary Osamu Rojihara objected to her presence as she wasn't on a Student Council, so Romin charmed him into letting her stay, only to find her parfait - and all the food had been eaten already, Janko's vice-president Botan Kenzaki apparently responsible. Romin promptly called Kaizo to keep Botan from eating their food again while recalling the first time they'd eaten at the restaurant and how it had led to meeting Nail, but when she cautioned Rayne and Rino to keep an eye on Botan, Rayne dropped an observation diary on the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club that prompted Gavin and Janko to recall and admire their solidarity. Romin suggested they needed it now to protect the food, but was furious to find Botan had eaten their food again, and to her aggravation Botan did so a third time after they ordered again. Romin's hunger caused her stomach to growl, and she awakened for the first time in a long while, playing her Duel Guitar and demanding food as the meeting descended into chaos.[62]

Romin, Gavin, Swirly and Luke visited Yuga at the Road Laboratory and found him restlessly hammering at his air conditioning Road with Kaizo implanted inside, and he told them he was going to see Yuo. Worried Yuga and Yuo would come to blows, Romin cooked some pink curry she dubbed "Prima Guitarna Curry", hoping to make Yuga and Yuo get along as she and Luke had after she made Dragias Curry. To Romin's terror, Yuga recklessly flew them to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross and crashed through the hull, though Swirly didn't come with them as he was afraid of heights and went to Goha Library to research instead. Once they crashed, Romin checked on her curry and revealed it to Gavin and Luke. To everyone's shock, Yuo revealed they had crashed into Yuka's field and they were promptly attacked by several Drones throwing baseball, so Romin gave the curry to Gavin and began defending them with a bat, Gavin joining her after giving the curry to Luke. As they tried to stay with Yuga, Yuo dropped Romin, Gavin and Luke down a trapdoor, Romin barely snatching the curry from the falling Luke and saving it. Upon finding themselves in the kitchen, Romin suggested she could improve the curry further, only for Gavin to snatch it away and ask how many ordeals she would put humanity through. They eventually found Yuga and Yuo together, Romin proudly proclaiming her Prima Guitarna Curry ready to eat, but were shocked to find Yuga excitedly gushing over how they didn't know where "Fusion" came from and what this meant for Rush Dueling. Yuga explained he had been too excited to sleep after his loss to Yu and then fell asleep, and Yuo angrily set his puppets on them. As Romin, Luke and Gavin fled with the sleeping Yuga, Luke and Gavin debated over detonating Romin's curry, much to her anger, but fortunately Kaizo arrived with Tiger and the Concert Band Club to rescue them. As Tiger unleashed her wrath on the room and Kaizo was launched into space in Yuo's iron maiden, Yuro helped them all escape, returning Tiger and her club members home before taking Romin, Luke, Yuga and Gavin back to the Road Laboratory. After Yuga woke up and thanked Yuro, he revealed Yuo's "Fusion" had been in space debris that crashed into Goha Space Elementary before departing. Swirly and Mimi then arrived with a book called "SEVENS" that Swirly had found at Goha Library, which contained the story of a magician uniting the "Sevens" that Mimi and Swirly speculated Otes had based the "Sevens Road" monsters on, though it was missing pages. Despite the missing pages, the tale gave Yuga an idea.[63]

Yuga, Luke, Gavin and Swirly accompanied Romin to Big Seven Arena to have dinner with the rest of RoaRomin, where Yuga told Roa about "Fusion". Yuga took them outside to watch for the Goha Meteor Shower, and after Romin heard Luke practicing tongue twisters so he could wish as fast as he could, she jokingly asked what he could wish for. To Romin's surprise a baseball stadium appeared from the ground, provided by Nail, and yuka approached them, challenging their best slugger. Romin was eager to pay Yuka back for her loss, but Roa took the challenge instead, Tyler and Toombs claiming Romin had eaten too much to awaken and Roa insisting that the battles of any of RoaRomin's members were those of the entire group. Yuka Summoned "Home" on her first turn and Roa began strongly with "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Live Arena", destroying "Home" and preventing Yuka from destroying "Doom Metal" with her "Gagagaguts" Trap when she revived "Home". When Yuka drew on her next turn, she appeared to be having trouble with her shoulder, though she insisted it was nothing before shouting at the sky that the Goha Siblings were the six of them together and that she would definitely win the match. She Tribute Summoned "Uniform No. 99: Junior Baseball King Dragon, Home Grandra" and used its effect to revive "Home" and increase its ATK by 2000. Yuka destroyed "Live Arena" and "Doom Metal", but fortunately Roa was able to revive it and prevent its destruction barely surviving with 300 LP. On Roa's next turn, Yuka prevented Roa's high-Level monsters from attacking, but Romin and the rest of RoaRomin could still hear a fan in the stands and they reflected on RoaRomin's humble beginnings. To Romin's shock, Roa discarded and redrew his hand with "Card Destruction", then after Summoning "Royal Rebel's Biguitar" he Tributed "Doom Metal" to activate "Destiny Introduction", a Spell Card that would damage him if he drew an Effect Monster. Fortunately Roa drew two Normal Monsters, and then used Spell Cards to strengthen them and weaken Yuka's monsters, defeating her. After his victory Yuka fled in tears, crying that Yuo would never succeed in taking over Goha Enterprises without something. Romin and her friends returned to watching for the Goha Meteor Shower, but soon accepted they wouldn't see it and headed home.[16]

At school the next day, Romin noticed several helicopters in the sky. After school Tiger called her, Yuga, Gavin and Swirly to the Concert Band Clubroom and revealed that Luke had gone missing after he returned home the previous night and that their family had been looking for them, shocking Romin at how wealthy the Kallisters were. Yuga suggested using his "Last Night's Dinner" Road to find Luke based on what he last ate, though entering "curry" simply shocked Tiger, as she'd eaten the same food as Luke. Tiger clarified that Luke had eaten "Bunker Strike Curry" he'd made trying to replicate Romin's Dragias Curry, enabling Yuga to track Luke to the outskirts of Goha City. As Tiger accompanied the Rush Duel Club in their search for Luke, Romin finally realized that they'd only seen five of the six Goha Siblings and was dismayed to learn her friends had already noticed. As they arrived at the Goha 6th Quarry, Nail elevated two platforms of rock for Yuo to Duel on as he descended from the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross. To Romin's shock, Luke emerged from the trees wearing a draconian helmet and calling himself "The☆Lukeman", the character form his manga and he challenged Yuo to a Rush Duel. Yuo quickly Summoned "Daigyakutenno Megami" and Romin noted Luke would need a powerful monster to beat it, but worried Yuo would just Fusion Summon and destroy whatever Luke Summoned. Luke Tribute Summoned "The☆Star Dragon" and used its effect to lower its ATK and lower that of "Daigyakutenno Megami" even further, bypassing Yuo's "Imaginary Ark Turret" and destroying "Daigyakutenno Megami". On his next turn Yuo fused "Imaginary Actor" with "Serpainter" to Fusion Summon "Metallion Vritrastar", a Cyborg Fusion Monster designed to destroy Dragons. Yuo destroyed "The☆Star Dragon" with the effect of "Vritrastar" and powered it up to defeat Luke with one attack, but Luke was able to barely survive. To Romin's utter shock Luke revealed he had a copy of "Fusion" as well, fusing "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and "The☆Dragon" into "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F". Yuo tried to destroy it with a Trap by matching the Type of "Dragiastar F" with the "Serpainter" in his Graveyard, but Luke revealed "Dragiastar F" was a High Dragon monster and was thus immune to the Trap, defeating Yuo and vanishing in blue smoke. As Yuo returned to his ship, Romin found Luke sleeping without the helmet and when roused, he was unaware of his actions and cowered at the mention of "The☆Lukeman". Romin then witnessed the presidential meetin between Yuo and Yuran, and Yuo's revelation of the sixth sibling's pesidential badge and expulsion of Yuran, giving him control of Goha Enterprises.[64]

Romin, Yuga and Gavin reconvened at the Road Laboratory to discuss what had happened to Luke and Romin asked where Luke himself was; Yuga explained he'd gone to the Goha 6th Quarry to look for "Fusion". To their shock, Proprietress fell out of the sky and begged Yuga to fix her, a request he agreed to. As Yuga repaired Proprietress, Romin noted Yuo would be able to do as he liked as the sole Goha President, though Gavin was more worried about the sixth Goha Sibling. To their shock, Luke appeared on a holoscreen before them and claimed to be the sixth Goha Sibling after Yuga had fixed Proprietress, and Romin furiously called him a traitor. She watched as Luke Dueled Roa, noting Luke's use of the monsters he had fused into "Dragiastar F", though he didn't draw "Fusion". Although Luke was initially cowed by Roa's insults, he eventually turned the Rush Duel around and defeated Roa. Roa, Mimi and Swirly came to the Road Laboratory after they were kicked out of the Goha Enterprises Main Office and Mimi explained the helmet The☆Lukeman had been wearing was one of the Drones worn by Goha President, while Roa voiced his belief that Luke couldn't use "Fusion" unless he was The☆Lukeman.[65]

The other Goha Siblings came to the Road Laboratory to ask Yuga to help defeat Yuo, and though Romin was critical of their request to solve a problem they'd caused she agreed they at least needed to stop Luke. Tiger then arrived and confirmed Luke wasn't a Goha Sibling, bringing them to her mansion and revealing their family owned the Kallister Gear Company. Luke and Tiger's great-grandfather Akinori "Gavan" Kallister confirmed Luke wasn't a Goha Sibling and Romin wondered if Yuo had tricked Luke. They then heard Luke calling for his mother, prompting Tiger to hunt him down and yell him outside to Rush Duel him for his thoughtless actions despite Romin and Gavin's efforts to stop her. Tiger easily pushed Luke into a corner, but after one of her attacks clouded Luke in smoke he emerged from it as The☆Lukeman again and blocked Tiger's other attack, then Fusion Summoned "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" and defeated Tiger with its other Multi-Choice Effect. Yuo captured The☆Lukeman after the Rush Duel and left in Sixross, though Gavan believed "Fusion", a card he likened to gears in action, proof that Luke really was a Kallister.[66]

Asana called the Rush Duel Club to meet with her at Maximum Mountain and took them to an outcrop Romin believed to be carved in the shape of a bear; Swirly had to tell her it was a tiger. Tiger then emerged from the outcrop and fell from it in exhaustion; Asana quickly caught her and brought her to a field to rest. As Tiger explained she had been training after her loss to The☆Lukeman, Sixross arrived for the day's Duel, and Tiger tried to accept the challenge, but was still to fatigued to Duel, so Asana accepted the challenge. To Romin's anger, Nail was Asana's opponent, and Nail claimed he was still neutral, but had to follow the orders of Goha President. Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", and Asana opposed him by backing up "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" with her friends' ace monsters, matching it in ATK, claiming Yuga had changed her. However Nail returned "Yggdrago" to his hand with "Emergency Return" as Yuga had "Magnum Overlord" in their second Rush Duel, telling Asana that Yuga had changed him too. Asana defended with her friends' monsters on Nail's next turn, but Nail continuously used the effects of "Yggdrago" to destroy them all, though fortunately Asana was still able to reduce the ATK of "Yggdrago" enough to survive. Asana Summoned a new ace monster, "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon" and revived "Buildragon" and "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush", once again using her friends' ace monsters to increase the ATK of "Dracrush" while also reducing the ATK of "Yggdrago". To Romin's surprise, Nail protected "Yggdrago" from Asana's first attack despite his loss being clear, and Asana defeated Nail with her other monsters. Nail resigned after the Duel and left with Seatbastian, prompting Yuo to declare the score as 5-5. Gavin tried to argue it was 5-3 to them as two of the Goha Siblings' victories had been from Luke, but to Romin's shock Yuga told Yuo to keep it at 5-5 and challenged The☆Lukeman to a Duel.[67]

The☆Lukeman was clad in a costume for the Rush Duel, which he dubbed his "Perfect Mode", and to Romin's utter shock Yuga followed suit, claiming to be "Majin Yuga" and opposing The☆Lukeman's "The☆Star Dragon" with "Sevens Road Witch" and "Sevens Road Magician". Mimi and the other Goha Siblings then arrived and explained what was going on; The☆Lukeman was an electronic lifeform created when Tiger had struck the fax machine she was using to send The☆Lukeman manga, and had created the "Fusion" cards from Program storage cards in Goha satellites that Nail had destroyed as a child. Yuro also confirmed that The☆Lukeman wanted to fuse with Luke and fight evil as he had in the manga, and Yuga was trying to help him. Romin was so distracted by the revelations she didn't notice that The☆Lukeman had Fusion Summoned "Dragiastar F" again, and he almost defeated Yuga, but Yuga managed to survive by intercepting both of his attacks with "Sevens Road Magician". Yuga then assumed a new costume, The☆Yugaman, and Mimi and Proprietress revealed costumes for Romin and the others to wear as well, much to Romin's joy.[68] Romin took on the costume of The☆Beauty Romin and joined her friends in convincing The☆Lukeman they weren't his enemies, before then playing the role of damsel at the hands of the "Goha Aliens", played by the Goha Siblings, to allow the Rush Duel to continue. Although The☆Yugaman destroyed "Dragiastar F" with the effect of "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", The☆Lukeman negated his follow-up direct attack and returned "Fusion" to his Deck with "Peace Dragon", also increasing their LP and prompting Yuo to snap, asking if The☆Lukeman was Dueling seriously. However The☆Lukeman's true goal had been to redraw "Fusion", and he Fusion Summoned "Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F" and used its effect to revive "Dragistar F", almost defeating Yuga again. Yuga revived "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, but The☆Lukeman returned the monsters in his Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him from using the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", forcing Yuga to gamble with "1/Infinity", which would damage him enough to lose if he didn't draw the same card as The☆Lukeman. Unfortunately, The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion", which Yuga didn't have, but then a meteorite entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, Romin calling out to Yuga as Gavin protected her from the shockwave and noticing energy entering his Duel Disk. She realized that the meteor may have been one of the satellites containing "Fusion" and Yuga succeeded in drawing the card, Fusion Summoning "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK from the Attributes in both Graveyards. Romin noted Yuga could send another card to the Graveyard to activate the effect and strengthen "Sevens Paladin" enough to win and Yuga successfully milled the monster he needed and defeated The☆Lukeman. After the Duel Yuo refused to accept the result and left in Sixross to destroy the Super Rush Robot himself, but Kaizo crashed into Sixross and detonated Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry, crashing the ship. Romin and Gavin forced Yuo to free the Super Rush Robot, though the President Drone insisted he couldn't step down as Goha President with no-one to fill the position. After The☆Lukeman released Luke and left for outer space, promising to return if they needed him, Mimi claimed Swirly was the sixth Goha Sibling, but the sixth sibling's badge rejected Swirly. To Romin's shock, Yuga suggested Yuo could remain president if he reinstated his siblings and offered to join Goha Enterprises as the Goha Siblings had initially asked.[69]

Goha Employee[edit]

At some point Romin found a "Fusion" card and added it to her Deck.[70] Romin and Gavin were recruited by the other Goha Siblings to talk with Yuo, who they were planning a surprise birthday party for and they were tasked with both participating in a play for him and teaching him to say "thank you", as Yuo had never thanked anyone. They found Yuo sitting alone at a playground and as Yuo was already suspicious of his siblings' motives, Romin told Yuo his siblings were planning a surprise birthday party for him (while also getting Gavin to convince Yuo to buy ice-creams for her when she used her "Miracle Beauty Problem-Solving Beam"). Eventually they convinced him to agree to learn to say thank you, and spent most of the afternoon teaching him to do so. Their efforts proved difficult to the point they had to teach Yuo the sounds of the phrase, and Gavin even recruited Janko Entant to teach Yuo the "ari" portion of the phrase and resorted to "Gakuting". Once they finished, Romin and Gavin quickly went to Super Mobile Fortress Sixross and Romin forced Gavin to change into each other's costumes, resulting in Gavin being "held hostage" as "The☆Beauty Romin". When Yuo arrived he almost left in shame until his siblings wished him a happy birthday, and he happily participated in their play and "freed" "The☆Beauty Romin". Afterwards Romin changed back into her The☆Beauty Romin costume and joined the Goha Siblings for Yuo's birthday dinner, asking to let them join the following year.[71]

Yuga took Romin and his friends to see Nail in his new store, having requested to Yuo that Nail be allowed back into Goha Enterprises as he wanted to work on Maximum Monsters with Nail. Nail declined Yuga's offer and suggested that Romin and her friends also become Goha employees to aid Yuga should he need it. Romin decided to join the chefs in the Hungry Division, though her cooking tended to emerge discolored and no-one tried her curries.[70][72] Romin accompanied Yuga and Luke one day, surprised to learn that Yuga was afraid of ladybugs. They found Gavin welcoming the students of Goha #5 Elementary to a field trip, including the Space Operations Duel Squadron and Kit Schrödinger, who introuced his friends Pavlov Inukawa and Maxwell Akumade. Rayne and Rino soon reported a group had gone missing, Braun and Kit noting it was likely the Dueling Insects Club who had attended the Rush Duel Training Camp. Romin and Gavin arrived at Yuga's office to find the door had been cut down and Yuga and Luke facing off with Kabuto Bito and Kirihito Kamagaya before Rayne and Rino's cousin Nanaho Nanahoshi arrived with Swirly, her ladybug hat scaring Yuga away. Nanaho had given Yuga his fear of ladybugs and now intended to steal Yuga's "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", but Romin was shocked when Yuga returned with Kaizo wired into a Road and threatened to blow up the building just to get rid of the ladybug. To Romin's relief Luke convinced Yuga to Rush Duel Nanaho instead, but Yuga's fear of Nanaho's ladybug monsters eventually drove him to flee the Duel, and Luke's wristwatch was apparently set off when he went after Yuga, briefly deactivating the building's power. Yuga returned to the Duel afterwards and Maximum Summoned a new Maximum, "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", which he explained had been transformed from "Vast Vulcan" due to Luke's Pauli effect, and he defeated Nanaho. Romin was surprised to learn Yuga had thought Nanaho's hat to be a real ladybug, and Nanaho left, claiming they would meet again.[73]

Romin ran into Mimi one day at work and asked her to try her curry. She cooked both Dragias Curry and Prima Guitarna Curry that morning, hoping to double the chances someone would try it, but was disappointed and angered when Mimi ordered napolitan sphagetti instead and challenged her to a Rush Duel to get her to eat her curry. The head Chef Drone added a condition to the Duel that would force Romin to remove her curry from the menu if she lost, and Romin agreed to the conditions. She and Mimi Dueled in the Gohanium Section's explosive-proof laboratory, watched by three of her co-workers, Yuga, Luke and Gavin, and Dr. Delta, Dr. Gamma and Dr. Zeta from the Gohanium Section. Romin began strongly with "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and "Psyphickupper", but Mimi was able to restore enough LP to survive her attacks. To their surprise, the window of the lab was suddenly blown out by an explosion, though Romin was more concerned with getting Mimi to try her curry. Mimi Tribute Summoned "Dian Keto the Kitchen Master" and restored her LP, then took the ATK of Romin's monsters as damage to destroy them with "Bubblyman Shock!", but Romin in turn survived by increasing her own LP and adding "Psyphickupper" to her hand. On her next turn she used her "Blue Medicine" in combination with "Chemical Cure Blue" to increase her LP before boosting it further with "Psychikupper" and fusing it with "CAN:D" into "CAN:D LIVE", paying her restored LP to reduce the ATK of Mimi's "Dian Keto" low enough for "CAN:D LIVE" to destroy. Victorious, Romin offered her curry to Mimi again, but Delta, Gamma and Zeta happily took both pots, much to Romin's adoration. Romin then returned to cooking, trying some new recipes.[70]

After a morning where the Chef Drones tried to stop Romin from cooking curry again, Luke called Romin and Gavin to his office.[74][75] He showed them a Duel ID card with the name "Yuga Goha" and Mimi confirmed that Yuga was likely the sixth Goha Sibling given their names all began with "Yu". Romin worried Yuga was getting out of their reach, but Luke reminded him Yuga was still Yuga, though to Romin's disgust he immediately started trying to get in Yuga's good graces in hopes of becoming President after Yuga abdicated the position, efforts that Romin, Gavin and Swirly spied on. Mimi eventually suggested Luke have a corporate entertainment Rush Duel with Yuga and lose on purpose to put him in a good mood, a plan Romin found disgusting. Yuga immediately Maximum Summoned "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", though he confused Romin by using its effect despite being unable to attack that turn, observations Luke shouted at them for, as he was trying to flatter Yuga. After Luke only Summoned "Dragorite" and Set three cards, Yuga used all the effects of "Magnum Overlord", including sending it to the Graveyard, a move that initially confused Romin and angered Luke, prompting Yuga to ask if Luke was trying to lose on purpose. To Romin's relief, Luke dropped his act and denied he'd been trying to lose, Dueling seriously, though Yuga used the effect of "Magnum Overlord" to Summon two of his ace monsters, then Fusion Summoned "Raidacross Ash, Hero of Chaos" and destroyed most of Luke's Traps. However Luke survived with "7 Chance" and Fusion Summoned "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" himself for the first time on his next turn, locking Yuga from using his own Traps, defeating him again. Although Yuga threw another tantrum over losing to Luke once more, they made up over the last kake udon in the canteen and Romin agreed with Gavin's observation that Yuga and Luke would never change regardless of whether Yuga was the sixth Goha Sibling or not.[75]

A recreation time event was planned at Goha Enterprises, with the theme "Become a zombie". When the event began, Romin was making Dragias Curry in the back room and was so engrossed in it she missed the start, barricading herself in the staff kitchen once she realized it had begun. Gavin and Swirly made their way into the room via the ceiling vents, and Romin hit Gavin with a pan before realizing he wasn't a "zombie". The "horde" then began banging on the door and Gavin asked Romin to finish her curry while he and Swirly held the door, much to her confusion. Nevertheless, Romin resumed cooking, though she wasn't happy with the taste and dumped a jar of purple powder into the curry that caused it to swell as it had when she first cooked it, flooding the building and carrying Romin away. Romin was later "zombified" and joined the horde, emerging on the helipad to find Gavin there as one of the last "survivors". According to Yuga's orders as the "Zombie King", Zo Ikitenai challenged Gavin to a Rush Duel, Gavin vowing to Duel all the zombies if he had to. After Gavin defeated Zo, Romin and the other "zombies" applauded his victory, and once the event ended at 3pm, Romin removed her makeup and admitted to Mimi that it had been fun.[76] That afternoon, Romin went shopping and was distracted by several deals, ending up buying several items. Asana Mutsuba then found her and explained she'd seen Romin earlier with Roa, Gavin and Mimi, apparently on their way to Yuga's house to investigate whether he was the sixth Goha Sibling. Asana took Romin on R6 to reunite with their friends and they found them with the imposter and seven people disguised as Yuga, where Romin kicked Roa for failing to notice she was being impersonated before Asana explained what had happened. Romin confronted her imposter, who revealed herself to be Nanaho, Nanaho claiming that she'd been doing reconnaissance and admitting surprise at how easy it was to manipulate them and how easily they'd been willing to investigate Yuga. Nanaho revealed that Yuga and Luke were trying to help Swirly, who had been acting strangely after the Zombie Party, and claimed their plans would become more interesting before leaving with her operatives. Afterwards, Roa, Gavin and Mimi apologized to Asana for their actions.[77] Romin and Gavin returned to the Goha Enterprises Main Building to wait for Yuga, Luke and Swirly, and eventually they returned that evening, as Yuga was late for an emergency meeting with Yuo. Luke explained to Romin and Gavin that Yuga's wasn't the sixth Goha Sibling after all and that Tiger had defeated Yuga in a Rush Duel to prevent him from helping Swirly, who they believed to be affected by a "forbidden card" used by Nanaho, while Romin and Gavin told Luke about how Nanaho had manipulated them, though Yuga didn't mind what they'd done and offered to invite them to his house.[78]

Romin, Yuga, Luke, and Gavin went to Yuo's office for the meeting, though Yuo and the President Drone were the only others present.[78] Yuo proposed Rush Dueling and Goha Dueling be fused, denying accusations of trying to destroy Rush Dueling again and prompting Luke to suggest the new format be named after him. Romin muttered that Luke was irrelevant to the conversation, but to her shock Yuga agreed to Yuo's proposal. As Romin had feared, Yuo was indeed using the fusion as an excuse to destroy Rush Dueling, but fortunately Yuga had developed a Road that allowed people to create their own Duel Monsters formats, preventing Yuo from merging them all. Yuo tried to fire Yuga, but his decision was vetoed by the other Goha Siblings, though Yuga told them they could fire him if they told him about the forbidden card. The Goha Siblings didn't know anything about it, but had detected activity underground, causing Luke to fan himself with an oversized card that Romin noticed. After squabbling with Luke to see it, she was shocked to see "The★Luke Division Manager", which she described as Luke's fantasies in physical form and asked where he'd found it. Luke explained he'd printed it with a Duel Card Manufacturer under the Goha Enterprises Main Office, causing everyone to realize that was likely where Nanaho had printed the forbidden card. Romin joined her friends and the Goha Siblings in an elevator to the factory that contained the Duel Card Manufacturer, which had been repaired despite Luke's claims it had been destroyed, and watched as Proprietress printed the forbidden card, "Monster Reborn". To Romin's shock the sight of the card sent Swirly into a rage and he armed himself with a black Duel Disk that had been contained in the President Drone, and she asked Yuga what was going on. Yuga explained this was their chance to break the spell on Swirly, but Yuo challenged Swirly to a Rush Duel before he could. Yuo used "Monster Reborn", though Romin noted it didn't seem to have affected Swirly, but after Fusion Summoning "Metallion King Cobrastar" and attacking, Yuo chanted a spell that visibly affected Swirly, and Romin cheered as she believed he would be back to normal. To Romin's shock, Swirly survived Yuo's attacks and broke out of his costume, revealing himself to be Yuga Goha, the sixth Goha Sibling, and Yuro explained they had sealed him away in the past after he tried to use "Monster Reborn", but had lost their memories of doing so. "Swirly" vowed revenge for being sealed and defeated Yuo with "Monster Reborn" and "Predator Gunleon", before leaving for the helipad. Luke tried to convince Swirly to return to the Luke Division with him, but Yuga Goha bid them farewell and flew away with the President Drone after it transformed into wings for him.[79]



At first, Romin pretended to not own a Deck of her own, but still acquired "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" from Princess G and kept the card as a good-luck charm. For her first Rush Duel, she used Yuga's spare Spellcaster Deck, adding "Prima Guitarna" to it and focusing on Summoning it as quickly as possible to empower her monsters.


After betraying Yuga and her other friends, Romin revealed her true Psychic Musician Deck. Her Deck puts an emphasis on managing her own LP, paying LP to generate advantage, such as destroying cards or increasing ATK, and using cards that increase LP to mitigate the cost. Her ace monster is "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar", which can increase the ATK of all monsters she controls by the number of monsters her opponent controls by paying 1000 LP, which also enables this strategy. After her Duel with Gavin Sogetsu, Romin added "Powerful Pierce!!" to her Deck to use in combination with her ATK-manipulation effects. She also makes use of cards to send cards from her Deck to the Graveyard, which she can retrieve with "Romanpick".


After Princess G gave Romin "CAN:D", Romin incorporates it into her Deck and introduced several cards that work in tandem with "CAN:D" and her low stats, such as "JAM:P Start!", "JAM:P Up!" and "Psychic Raid", as well as a new ace monster in "CAN - Re:D", which can return "Romanpick" to Romin's hand and allow her to use its effect again, or as fodder for the effect of "Andoll". She dubs this strategy "JAM". During the second season, Romin adds "Fusion" to her Deck, allowing her to Fusion Summon the Omega Psychic "CAN:D LIVE".


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 3 Lose
Gavin Sogetsu 11 Win
Buff Grimes 16 Win
Otes 24 Win
Gavin Sogetsu 27 Not shown
Sushiko Maki 28 Lose
Yuga Ohdo 40 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 45 Lose (off-screen)
109 unknown Duelists 45-48 Win (off-screen, with Lucidien "Luke" Kallister and Gavin Sogetsu)
Multiple eliminated Team Battle Royal participants 46 Win (off-screen)
Roa Kassidy 49 Win
Yuka Goha 56 Lose
Mimi Imimi 71 Win
Gibumi Purisaki/Princess G 87 Win

Other appearances[edit]


  • Similar to many previous Yu-Gi-Oh! heroines, Romin uses a performance-themed deck, in this case, her musician-themed Psychic Deck with "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and "Esperade the Smashing Superstar" as her aces.
    • In ARC-V, Zuzu Boyle and Celina used "Melodious" and "Lunalight" Decks, respectively. The former archetype has a musical performance theme, while the latter has a dance performance theme.
    • In VRAINS, Skye Zaizen used the idol-themed "Trickstar" Deck as Blue Angel and Blue Gal.
    • In the GX anime, Alexis used the "Cyber Girl" series, who are based on dance-related sports performance.
    • In the ZEXAL anime, Tori Meadows's ace monster, "Fairy Cheer Girl", is based on cheerleading, which is a type of performance sport.


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