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"Sound! Gohanium"
Tiger and Zomyoji face off.
Tiger and Zomyoji face off.
Japanese name
RōmajiHibike! Gōhaniumu
TranslatedSound! Gohanium
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 6, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Shiatsu Nether-Empire Strikes Back"
Next"Enlightenment ♡ Ranze Eyes"
Featured card

"Sound! Gohanium" is the thirty-fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on February 6, 2021.

A huge continuous track approaches the Road Laboratory while Yuga and co. are gone. It belongs to the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's mechanic, Caterpillio Zomyoji! He draws closer to the laboratory with his overwhelming demolition techniques. But, there is someone who won't tolerate his violence. The beautiful bloom is justice. Haruka Kamijo appears!


A loud rumbling echoes through Goha City as a caterpillar track rolls through the streets, disassembling any objects it passes; a car, a Goha Corporation Drone trying to tell it that it cannot go this way, and a delivery man's tuk-tuk, much to the driver's fury. Nico watches from around a corner and snaps a picture of the track, knowing that she has to tell the chief immediately.

Hunt Goto finds Yuga and his friends.

In the abandoned mine, Gakuto laments that everywhere they go all looks the same and Romin frets that they'll get lost at this rate. Rinnosuke wonders if they've come this way before and Ranze worries that they're going in circles, but Yuga reassures them that he's been sprinkling Kaizo's maintenance parts along their road. Gakuto is impressed by Yuga's plan, but it's all for naught, as Luke runs up to them with a monster he's made from the spare parts, and when it crumbles in his hand he tells them not to be worried, as he can always make another one. Romin furiously asks Luke what he thinks he's doing. Later, the group sit down, exhausted from all their walking, and Yuga admits this is a problem (while off to the side, Luke grumpily asks whose fault that is). Romin really wants to talk some sense into Luke, but she's too thirsty and suddenly hears water dripping. Romin runs off and finds a puddle of water, but as she gives thanks and prepares to drink it, a voice tells her not to; Hunt Goto approaches out of a nearby tunnel with a lantern.

The Post-Apocalyptic Club have their costumes dismantled.

The caterpillar track reaches its goal - Yuga's Road Laboratory, and a masked boy in overalls with oversized tools strapped to his back exits the vehicle with two Heavy Cavalry Duel Club students who observe where they are. They ask the masked boy, Zomyoji, what they should do next, and the boy replies that they already know, unlimbering the tools from his back and declaring that now they dismantle the Road Laboratory. But as they sprint towards the Road Laboratory, Yoshio emerges from the ground in his Good Max cosplay, while Bakuro, Masaru and Nico step out with their journalism equipment at the ready and Masahiko, Toshihiko and their dog emerge from nearby drums. Zomyoji asks who they are, and Bakuro comments that you could call them Yuga's friends, while Yoshio vows not to let Zomyoji do as he pleases. Masaru and Nico zip over to interview Zomyoji, Masaru asking how it feels to be ambushed and Nico taking pictures of Zomyoji's surprised face (or mask in this case) and introducing herself. Zomyoji angrily orders them to get out of his way and slashes at their camera and microphone with his tools, dismantling them in seconds before sheathing them in satisfaction. Yoshio isn't happy at his actions, but Zomyoji tells them to get out of his way as well and swiftly dismantles Yoshio's cosplay suit, Masahiko and Toshihiko's costumes (and their dog's collar) and even Bakuro's pen and notebook, leaving the ashamed members of the Post-Apocalyptic Club shirtless and fleeing in shame, much to Bakuro's embarrassment. Zomyoji watches them run, telling them to have a taste of his dismantling technique and vowing to dismantle Yuga Ohdo's research lab as well. He and his fellow Heavy Cavalry students enter the caterpillar track again and start it up (by the two students running at both ends), wheeling it around and pointing it at the Road Laboratory, while Bakuro, Masaru, and Nico, each with crude recreations of their tools in hand, stand in between them and the building. Bakuro tells his fellow Newspaper Club members to brace their reporters' souls, and Nico vows to never let go of her camera until she dies. Masaru declares that this is the end, and he bids his friends farewell as the caterpillar track approaches them and Bakuro closes his eyes with a wince...

Tiger opposes Zomyoji.

And then a shining silver cylinder plunges from the sky and into the ground in front of the caterpillar track. The track's momentum tears it to pieces around Zomyoji and his fellows, while the silver cylinder - a giant bassoon - remains unharmed. Zomyoji angrily takes out his oversized spanner and tries to dismantle the bassoon, but only succeeds in causing the bassoon to glow brightly and is repelled. Zomyoji is in shock over his Gohanium tools being repelled, realizing that the bassoon is made of the same material. A voice tells him that's right, and Zomyoji turns to see Tiger standing atop a nearby building. He gasps her name, and Tiger reminds him that she told him back in 3rd grade to call her Tiger as she leaps off the building and lands by her bassoon, unleashing a yell that buffets everyone present and blows Zomyoji back. Tiger observes that Goha 6th Elementary sure are petty, as they have not only forced Yuga, Luke and their friends to transfer schools, but now they're trying to dismantle his lab. Bakuro realizes that the transfer was an inside job, which Masaru calls breaking news, and Nico tries to take a picture. Zomyoji retorts that Tiger can say whatever she likes, but he's still going to dismantle the lab. Tiger challenges him to Rush Duel for it if he wants to, and Zomyoji chuckles and agrees as he and Tiger face off with the auras of an elephant and a tiger respectively.

Romin thanks Hunt for saving them.

Back in the underground mine, Luke gulps down a cup of water from Hunt's supply as he expresses his relief at finding them, explaining that water from inside a mine can sometimes contain toxic substances. Gakuto admits that Hunt really saved them, and Kaizo butts in, claiming that it was really hard to return after everything that happened as he remembers talking with Nail and dragging Hunt with him, only pausing when he found the inert body of Sebastian. Kaizo claims that he deserves thanks, and Romin says "Thank you", prompting Kaizo to claim that it was nothing if it was for Romin, but Romin is thanking Hunt as he pours her another cup of water, much to Kaizo's indignation. Yuga asks Kaizo what Nail said, and Kaizo projects a video message from Nail. Nail explains that he knows everything; that someone other than them used a Maximum, and that is against the world's, no, his providence, but there is a possibility that the answer is in the underground outskirts of Goha City. Yuga is quite surprised by that statement, and Nail explains that he found someone who could find that answer in his database and they should follow his guidance. Kaizo shuts off the message, and everyone realizes that Nail means Hunt. Hunt shoves Kaizo out of the way and he admits that he was quite surprised when Nail called him, and Kaizo jumps back in front of him, clamoring for thanks for bringing Hunt here, but Romin just thanks Hunt again for bringing the water with him, much to Kaizo's dismay while Yuga laughs nervously and Luke asks for seconds.

The ATK of Zomyoji's monsters is reduced by his Field Spell.

Tiger straps on her Duel Disk and suggests that they do this, while Zomyoji vows to dismantle her. They insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, calling "Rush Duel!" as their Duel Disks deploy the blades and the green holographic dome materializes around them. Zomyoji takes the first turn and draws, before looking at his hand, containing "Beast Battlefield Barrier", "Rut Trap", "Covered Hippo", and two copies of "Barrier Armadillo". Deciding to warm up a little first, he Summons two "Barrier Armadillo". Bakuro is shocked by the armadillo tanks, and Zomyoji explains that his specialty is the maintenance of heavy machinery; dismantling is only a part of that, and all the heavy machinery he lays his hands on are ferocious steel beasts in and of themselves. Tiger isn't interested in Zomyoji's humble bragging and tells him to get on with his turn, so Zomyoji Tributes a "Barrier Armadillo" to Tribute Summon, completing maintenance on his "Covered Hippo". Then he activates a Field Spell Card, "Beast Battlefield Barrier", which surrounds them in a wasteland with Zomyoji standing atop a hill. Zomyoji explains that all monsters lose 200 ATK, but all Beast Normal Monsters will gain 400 DEF. The ATK of his two monsters drops to zero, and Masaru observes that it's basically a parade of zero ATK steel Beast monsters, which Bakuro muses that something must be buried here and Nico tries to take a picture due to her bad hunch. Zomyoji then Sets a card to end his turn.

Tiger's "Ensemble Fighter" is forced to attack "Covered Hippo".

Tiger grins, commenting that she doesn't know what tricks Zomyoji is planning, but she'll still forge on. She declares her turn and draws, then examines her hand, which contains "Brassax Knuckle the Melee Music Maiden", "Trumpet to March", "Trumpetonfa the Stabbing Music Maiden", "Clubinet the Police Music Maiden", and "Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni". She Summons "Brassax Knuckle the Melee Music Maiden", and then Summons "Clubinet the Police Music Maiden". Zomyoji asks if Tiger doesn't understand the effect of his "Beast Battlefield Barrier", but she retorts that she does as the ATK of her monsters falls by 200. Tiger Sets a card, then Tributes both "Brassax" and "Clubinet" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, and as always, my oxygen and those kinds of things are steadily carried by my hemoglobins! Even if you tell me to stop, it's way too late!! I will only say it once. Feel it with your fighting spirit! My very breath! Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni!!" As "Ensemble Fighter" falls to 2000 ATK, Tiger vows that it won't be intimidated by losing 200 or 300 ATK, but Zomyoji asks her if a Trap Card will intimidate it, changing both of his monsters to Defense Position to activate his "Rut Trap" and reminding her that his Defense Position monsters gain 400 DEF due to the effect of "Beast Battlefield Barrier", then choosing his "Covered Hippo" to apply the other effect of "Rut Trap", which will force Tiger to attack "Covered Hippo". Tiger smiles and comments that this was Zomyoji's plan, and Zomyoji asks how it is. Tiger vows to attack as he wishes, breathing into her bassoon and ordering the "Ensemble Strike of Eradicative Supremacy" attack of "Ensemble Fighter", who levels its tubes and blasts streams of concentrated music at "Covered Hippo", only for the damage to be reflected as the Newspaper Club fruitlessly beg Tiger not to attack. Tiger's LP falls to 3500 and Zomyoji asks her what she will do next, but Tiger simply plants her bassoon in the earth and states that she'll let Zomyoji go for now, ending her turn with a grin.

The effect of "Beast Battlefield Barrier" lowers the ATK of Zomyoji's monsters.

Bakuro can't believe what's happening, as according to his sources, Haruka Kamijo - or rather, Tiger, as she impatiently reminds him - is the best Duelist at Goha 7th Elementary and it's unthinkable that she would be pushed back this much. Masaru asks Tiger about the rumor that she lost to Yuga Ohdo, and Nico wonders if she went easy on him, much to Tiger's annoyance, and she blows them a way with a yell. Zomyoji chuckles, boasting that his Heavy Cavalry is an army corps of steel and nothing can get past his defenses. Tiger grits her teeth as Zomyoji declares his turn and draws, Summoning another "Barrier Armadillo", and then Tributing both of them to Tribute Summon, chanting "Rumble, rumble, rumble! A stampede underfoot! More and more armor! All free of charge! Quake! Mega Elephant the Mobile Beast Cavalry - assembly completed!" Then he sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the "Beast Track Production Increase" effect of "Mega Elephant", reviving a "Barrier Armadillo". Setting another card, Zomyoji then switches "Covered Hippo" back into Attack Position, declaring that now his strategy to disassemble Tiger has been assembled, much to Tiger's surprise, and Zomyoji activates "Shield & Sword", switching the ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field until the end of the turn. Bakuro recalls that Gakuto has also used the card before as the ATK of Zomyoji's "Barrier Armadillo", "Covered Hippo" and "Mega Elephant" become 1300, 2100, and 2500 respectively, while "Ensemble Fighter" rises to 2200 ATK, but as Zomyoji laments, the effect of "Beast Battlefield Barrier" lowers their ATK to 1100, 2300, and 1900, while "Ensemble Fighter" falls back to 2000 ATK. But as Masaru notes, this is still enough to overwhelm Tiger's LP, and he asks her what her secret is to getting out of this pinch, while Nico tries to take a picture of Tiger's determined face, but Tiger flings them away with an annoyed yell. Zomyoji declares the start of his disassembly, ordering the "Fullarmor Megaton Naumann Pressure" attack of "Mega Elephant", which destroys "Ensemble Fighter" and reduces Tiger to 3200 LP. As she begins to breathe, Zomyoji vows that he isn't done yet, but Tiger's breathing stirs up the dust around her, giving him pause, and she apologizes, claiming that she was getting too agitated, so she took a small breath to calm down.

She activates a Trap Card, "Trumpet to March", since her monster was destroyed, Special Summoning a Warrior monster from her hand; "Trumpetonfa the Stabbing Music Maiden". Zomyoji laughs that it's useless as "Trumpetonfa" falls to 1400 ATK, and he orders "Covered Hippo" to attack, crushing "Trumpetonfa" in its jaws and pushing Tiger back as she falls to 2700 LP. Then "Armadillo" attacks directly, and Tiger grabs her bassoon just in time as the attack hits, flinging her backwards and forcing her to stab her bassoon into the ground to stop herself as she falls to 1600 LP. She grins and asks Zomyoji if that was it, and Zomyoji vows to disassemble her next time, ending his turn and returning the ATK of his monsters to normal. Bakuro notes that Tiger somehow managed to hang on, but Zomyoji hasn't taken any damage yet.

Tiger finding her bassoon in a thunderstorm.

Tiger declares her turn and draws "Nunchuclarinet the Whirling Music Maiden", "One-Breath Piercing", "Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni", "Clubinet the Police Music Maiden", and "Flutomahawk the Axe Music Maiden". She Summons "Clubinet" and "Flutomahawk", then Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "The long, middle fingered older brother, standoffish with his pinky, adrenaline in his sprained finger. With a swelling breath, he proposes to the thumb princess! Come forth! Bassoon Fighter the Divine Music Oni!" As "Bassoon Finger" falls to 2200 ATK, Zomyoji declares that he's been waiting for Tiger's ace monster and activates another "Rut Trap", changing all his monsters to Defense Position and forcing Tiger to attack the 2500 DEF "Mega Elephant". But Tiger takes a deep breath, lifting herself off the ground simply by holding her bassoon, remembering this feeling, this rhythm of breathing. She remembers searching for the breath that would raise her skills to their limits when a thunderstorm shattered the tiger-shaped peak before her to reveal what she thought was a lump of iron and recognizing that it resembled an instrument. She blew into it, shattering the covering to reveal her bassoon, declaring that fate brought her and her bassoon together in a perfect, harmonious breath, flipping off her bassoon and landing as she tells Zomyoji to let her show him what she means. Zomyoji, for his part, has no clue what she's talking about.

To his horror, Zomyoji realizes what Tiger's Spell does.

"This!" Tiger yells, sending the top card of her Deck to the Graveyard (another "Clubinet") to activate the "Breath Doubling Power" effect of "Bassoon Finger", increasing its ATK by 800 for each Defense Position monster Zomyoji controls. With three, it gains 2400 ATK, rising to 4600. Zomyoji claims it's useless how much Tiger raises her monster's ATK, but Tiger isn't finished yet, activating a Spell Card by returning five monsters from her Graveyard to her Deck to increase the ATK of a monster she controls by 2000. "Bassoon Finger" rises to 6600 ATK, and Zomyoji asks how many times he has to say it; no matter how high the ATK is, he won't take damage if she attacks a Defense Position monster. Tiger asks him if he read her card closely, and Zomyoji realizes in horror that it's "One-Breath Piercing". The Newspaper Club gasp happily as Tiger confirms that "One-Breath Piercing" will allow "Bassoon Fighter" to inflict piercing battle damage. Zomyoji stammers in shock as Tiger declares that her ring finger is holding back laughter, while her index is burning red and screaming "tiger", and all of them are fierce warriors. "Bassoon Finger" sprouts energy fingers from its cannons, and Tiger tells it to go forth, attacking with "Ensemble Slash of the Lucky-Fingered Divine Strike", a green blast of energy that destroys both "Mega Elephant" and the hill Zomyoji is standing on, dismantling his mask and harness as his LP falls to zero.

Galient admonishes Zomyoji for acting dishonorably.

The Solid Vision fades as Zomyoji's fellow students rush up to him and ask if he's all right. Zomyoji huffs, and as the Newspaper Club start, Tiger holds out her arm to ward them away, Zomyoji angrily stammering elephant noises as he gets back up. Tiger tells him to laugh, stating that someone once said that they should smile and laugh after a fight. Zomyoji asks what she's on about, picking up his tools and vowing to disassemble the lab anyway, but then a voice tells him to stop, much to his surprise. Galient emerges with his pickaxe from a hole in the ground, criticizing Zomyoji for trying to do this after losing. Tiger muses that she was just thinking about Galient, and Galient confirms that Caterpillio Zomyoji was acting alone; the Great One had nothing to do with it. Tiger grins and comments that sounds about right. Galient walks up to Zomyoji and suggests they go, reassuring him that he understands how he's feeling; he wanted to protect the Great One and took it upon himself to do so. He hands Zomyoji the sections of his mask and declares that they'll head back now. Zomyoji finally nods in agreement, and after patching the hole in the fence and repairing his caterpillar track, he departs with Galient. Once they've left, Bakuro praises Tiger and Masaru asks her what her feelings are as Nico zips around her trying to take pictures, and Tiger explains that this wasn't the true power of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, much to the shock of the Newspaper Club. Tiger looks up at the sky, urging Yuga to hurry up and return, and her little brother Luke too.

Hunt's sneeze unearths mysterious tunnels.

Back in the mines, Yuga and the others continue watching Nail's message; he looked through the old records at the Goha Corporation and learned that a large number of prototype Duel Disks were discarded underground near the city outskirts. As Hunt sniffs around a cave wall, the others discuss the prototype Duels Disks (though Luke has misheard it as "square"). Hunt's sniffing gets Romin and Rinnosuke's attention, and Rinnosuke asks what Hunt is doing. Gakuto explains that Hunt has a special excavation ability, and Hunt finds something, much to the excitement of Luke, Romin and Yuga, and he lets out a tremendous sneeze that blows a hole through the wall. Luke excitedly wonders if they've found the square Duel Disks, but to everyone's surprise they've stumbled on a corridor of orange rock with hexagonal patterns in the wall, and they wonder what it is.

Featured Duel: Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo vs Caterpillio Zomyoji[edit]

Tiger VS Zomyoji.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Zomyoji
Zomyoji's hand contains "Beast Battlefield Barrier", "Rut Trap", "Covered Hippo", and two copies of "Barrier Armadillo". Zomyoji Normal Summons two copies of "Barrier Armadillo" (200/1300). Zomyoji Tributes a "Barrier Armadillo" to Tribute Summon "Covered Hippo" (200/2100). Zomyoji activates the Field Spell "Beast Battlefield Barrier". The effect of "Beast Battlefield Barrier" decreases the ATK of all monsters on the field by 200 and increases the DEF of all Beast Normal Monsters on the field by 400 ("Barrier Armadillo": 200/1300 → 0/1700) ("Covered Hippo": 200/2100 → 0/2500). Zomyoji Sets a card.

Turn 2: Tiger
Tiger's hand contains "Brassax Knuckle the Melee Music Maiden", "Trumpet to March", "Trumpetonfa the Stabbing Music Maiden", "Clubinet the Police Music Maiden", and "Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni". Tiger Normal Summons "Brassax" (1000/1200 → 800/1200) and "Clubinet" (800/1400 → 600/1400). Tiger Tributes "Brassax" and "Clubinet" to Tribute Summon "Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni" (2200/2200 → 2000/2200). As Tiger Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Zomyoji activates his Set Trap "Rut Trap", changing all Attack Position Beast monsters he controls to face-up Defense Position to choose a Beast monster he controls and force Tiger to target it for attacks this turn. He switches "Barrier Armadillo" and "Covered Hippo" to face-up Defense Position and chooses "Covered Hippo". Tiger Sets a card. "Ensemble Fighter" attacks "Covered Hippo". The attack fails (Tiger: 4000 → 3500 LP).

Turn 3: Zomyoji
Zomyoji Normal Summons "Barrier Armadillo" (200/1300 → 0/1700). Zomyoji Tributes both of his "Barrier Armadillo" to Tribute Summon "Mega Elephant the Mobile Beast Cavalry" (1700/2500 → 1500/2500). Zomyoji activates the effect of "Mega Elephant", sending a card from his hand to the GY to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Beast Normal Monster from his GY. He sends an unknown card to the GY and Special Summons a "Barrier Armadillo" (200/1300 → 0/1700) from his GY in Attack Position. Zomyoji Sets a card. Zomyoji activates the Spell "Shield & Sword", switching the original ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters on the field ("Barrier Armadillo": 0/1700 → 1300/200 → 1100/600) ("Covered Hippo": 0/2500 → 2100/200 → 1900/600) ("Mega Elephant": 1500/2500 → 2500/1700 → 2300/1700) ("Ensemble Fighter": 2000/2200 → 2000/2200). "Mega Elephant" attacks and destroys "Ensemble Fighter" (Tiger: 3500 → 3200 LP). As a Warrior monster she controls was destroyed by battle, Tiger activates her Set Trap "Trumpet to March", Special Summoning a Warrior monster from her hand. She Special Summons "Trumpetonfa" in Attack Position (1600/1000 → 1400/1000). "Covered Hippo" attacks and destroys "Trumpetonfa" (Tiger: 3200 → 2700 LP). "Barrier Armadillo" attacks Tiger directly (Tiger: 2700 → 1600 LP). At the end of the turn, the effect of "Shield & Sword" expires ("Barrier Armadillo": 1100/600 → 0/1700) ("Covered Hippo": 1900/600 → 0/2500) ("Mega Elephant": 2300/1700 → 1500/2500).

Turn 4: Tiger
Tiger's draws "Nunchuclarinet the Whirling Music Maiden", "One-Breath Piercing", "Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni", "Clubinet the Police Music Maiden", and "Flutomahawk the Axe Music Maiden". Tiger Normal Summons "Flutomahawk" (1500/0 → 1300/0) and "Clubinet" (800/1400 → 600/1400). She then Tributes "Flutomahawk" and "Clubinet" to Tribute Summon "Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni" (2400/2000 → 2200/2000). As Tiger Normal Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster, Zomyoji activates his Set Trap "Rut Trap", switching "Barrier Armadillo", "Covered Hippo", and "Mega Elephant" to face-up Defense Position and choosing "Mega Elephant" for its effect. As Zomyoji controls a Defense Position monster, Tiger activates the effect of "Bassoon Finger", sending the top card of her Deck to the GY to have it gain 800 ATK for each Defense Position monster Zomyoji controls until the end of the turn. She sends "Clubinet" from the top of her Deck to the GY and Zomoyji controls three Defense Position monsters, so "Bassoon Fighter" gains 2400 ATK ("Bassoon Finger": 2200/2000 → 4600/2000). Tiger activates the Spell "One-Breath Piercing", returning five WIND Warrior monsters from her GY to her Deck to choose a Level 7 or 8 monster she controls to have it gain 2000 ATK until the end of this turn and grant it the ability to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. She returns "Flutomahawk", "Trumpetonfa", "Brassax", "Ensemble Fighter", and "Clubinet" from her GY to her Deck and chooses the Level 8 "Bassoon Finger" ("Bassoon Finger": 4600/2000 → 6600/2000). "Bassoon Finger" attacks and destroys "Mega Elephant" (Zomyoji: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured Cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • This episode's title is a reference to the Japanese series Sound! Euphonium.
  • While "Shield & Sword" appears as one of the Featured Cards, Gakuto does not get the chance to explain it, despite requesting to do so even after the preview for the following episode.