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"A Deep-Sea Duel"
Skipjack declares that the ocean is meant for the fish.
Skipjack declares that the ocean is meant for the fish.
EnglishA Deep-Sea Duel
Japanese name
RōmajiShukkō! Gōha Suisanshō
TranslatedSail! Goha Aquatic Elementary
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayAyumu Hisao
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 12, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Curry Worries"
Next"Clean-Up Operation"
Featured card"Lightning Voltcondor"

"A Deep-Sea Duel", known as "Sail! Goha Aquatic Elementary" in the Japanese version, is the fifteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 12, 2020. It first became available in English on Hulu in America on June 7, 2022, and aired on June 17, 2022 on 9Go! in Australia and will air on July 9, 2022 on Disney XD in America.

According to Kaizo, the "relic" has showed up again! Following its instructions, Yuga and co. boarded the ship that also acts as a school building for Goha Aquatic Elementary. As it turns out, the ship will be at sea for a month or so. Due to a misunderstanding revolving around Kaizo, Yuga also ended up entering a Duel in the middle of the sea against the ship's captain and Fisherman Duelist, Skipjack!


The Duel-cycle activates on its own and leaves the Road Laboratory.

On the deck of a ship, a voice declares that the ship will not return to port for another month, much to the collective shock of Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin and Kaizo. Yuga recalls that he overslept that morning and almost came in late, had a banana for his lunchtime dessert, and then put together his new Deck after school. Having laid "Sevens Road Witch" on the table, Yuga was looking at "Sevens Road Magician" while Luke practiced drawing in the background, musing on the King of Duels and remembering the words of Otes when he appeared at the Big Seven Arena, telling him to find the key that opened the door to a new world. Luke had admitted it was strange that he hadn't been able to envision himself as the King of Duels recently, which Gavin suggested was due to Yuga's recent interest in the title. Luke asked what Gavin meant by that, and Gavin clarified that because of Yuga's newfound motivation to become the King of Duels Luke would no longer be able to become the King himself. Luke was shocked by the revelation, but claimed Yuga would be sure to give him the title, though Gavin told Luke that was him deciding that on his own. Romin asked what Luke wanted to do as the King of Duels in the first place, shocking Luke again and causing Romin to realize that Luke hadn't thought that far, something Gavin agreed with. Kaizo then suddenly showed up, spooking Luke and claiming that it had big news, as it had managed to find information on where the Relic would next appear, much to Yuga's surprise. Kaizo urged them to hurry, as the Relic could disappear again, and they quickly followed it, with Luke scrambling for them to wait up. At the Road Laboratory, the Duel-cycle suddenly spoke with Kaizo's voice, declaring that the battery was fully charged and it drove away from the Laboratory on its own.

Yuga and his friends meet Skipjack.

Kaizo led them to the port, telling them the Relic would appear on an island offshore that it showed them on its screen. Luke was surprised the Relic would appear on an island, and Romin noted that she couldn't see anything, while Gavin added that they couldn't get there without a ship. Kaizo reassured them it had already made travel arrangements, gesturing towards a ship that the four boarded, much to Luke's appreciation. As the ship left, the Duel-cycle drove off the pier, converting to Robot Mode and swimming after the ship. A tanned boy then approached Yuga and his friends, asking them what they were doing there, much to Yuga's surprise. The group introduced themselves (Luke pompously declaring himself as the one who would become the King of Duels) to the boy, who introduced himself as Skipjack, the captain of the fishing ship. Romin and Yuga were curious over Skipjack being the captain of a fishing ship, though Luke was more interested in his name (which effectively means "tuna of the seven seas"). Gavin realized that they were on the Goha Aquatic Elementary School, much to the surprise of his friends, and explained that it was a specialized school intended to study fishing; the ship itself served as the school. Skipjack confirmed he was correct, explaining that they were planning to travel around the world to conduct fishing training in different oceans. Romin realized this differed from what Kaizo told them, and Kaizo claimed it was odd, as it believed this to be the boat that went to the island. Skipjack admitted he wasn't sure how they boarded without permission, but the ship has a custom navigation system built by Goha Enterprises and he even he can't change the route. Yuga realized what that meant, and Skipjack confirmed it; the ship would not return to port for another month.

The ship's nets fish out the Duel-cycle's Robot Mode.

As Yuga and his friends freak out, something at the front of the ship causes a massive splash. Another boy rushes up to Skipjack, explaining that they have caught something strange in their nets; the Duel-cycle, which lies on the deck among several fish. As Skipjack kneels beside it and wonders what it is, Yuga recognizes it as one of his Roads, much to Skipjack's surprise. Romin asks if this isn't the body that Yuga built for Kaizo, and Yuga confirms that it is, wondering why it's here. Skipjack is incensed at the idea that Yuga would throw plastic pollution into the ocean, and Yuga protests that it's not like that, though Romin doesn't help by dismissing it as oversized trash. Luke states that it's hazardous, and Gavin states that it's trash nonetheless. Skipjack comments that he sees; Yuga is the kind of person who would pollute the ocean, isn't he? Yuga is shocked by the accusation, and Skipjack takes out a Duel Disk, declaring that he won't forgive people who pollute the ocean. He straps on his Duel Disk, vowing to send Yuga to a watery grave, and Gavin, Romin and Luke gasp in shock, Luke asking if Skipjack is a Duelist (though Yuga himself seems ecstatic). Skipjack confirms that he is; during his fishery training they stopped by many ports where he faced extraordinary Duelists from all over the world that he honed his skills against. Yuga eagerly cries that it sounds like so much fun, while Gavin dubs Skipjack "Mister Worldwide", asking if Skipjack could really have done so in such short stops at a port. Skipjack replies that of course he could, and it's easier than ever to do so with the recently popular Rush Dueling format. Luke muses that he sees, but then the implications of what he said sink in; Rush Dueling has spread all over the world, and Gavin and Romin gasp in surprise. Skipjack notes that they can cut the chit-chat if they know about them, and he asks if Yuga is ready to Duel. Yuga eagerly replies that of course he is, and he straps on his own Duel Disk, calling "Let's go!" Skipjack declares "lifting anchor!" and they both declare "Rush Duel!" and the holographic green dome materializes around them.

Skipjack's "Big Umi" Field Spell submerges the field.

Skipjack declares his turn and draws, adding the "Big Umi" he drew to his hand (which also contains "Anchor Moray", "Jet Barracuda", "Heat Dartfish", and "Bait Bite Ball") and taking "Anchor Moray", "Jet Barracuda", and "Heat Dartfish" from his hand, Summoning the three of them with the force of the raging waves. Then he activates the Field Spell "Big Umi", much to Yuga's surprise, and water engulfs all of them. Luke chokes that he can't breathe, much to Romin's irritation, and she points out that he knows it's not real. Gavin reminds Luke that it's just Solid Vision, and Luke laughs that he knew that. Skipjack Sets a card and he ends his turn.

Yuga's monsters are affected by the sea.

Yuga declares his turn and draws, then takes "Dark Sorcerer", "Silver Wolf", and "Kuribot" from his hand (which also contains "Cure Shot" and "Hydro Magician") and Summons them. Skipjack then declares the effect of the Field Spell "Big Umi", which will reduce the ATK of all non-WATER monsters by 300, and Yuga's monsters are surrounded by denser water as their ATK is reduced. Skipjack declares that the great big sea, the world in which fish live, is a place that Yuga will regret stepping into with no fins or gills. Romin asks if Skipjack's monsters are all WATER, and Luke comments on how well they are breathing. Skipjack states that as one gives cats gold, and cast pearls before a swine, so too is the ocean meant for fish, though poor Gavin has to exasperatedly tell him that's not what that means. Yuga muses that everything but WATER Attribute monsters will be affected, and he grins, Tributing "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon "Hydro Magician", which, as a WATER monster, is unaffected by the Field Spell. Luke praises Yuga's move, and Gavin notes that as Yuga's Deck revolves around the effect of his "Sevens Road Magician", he naturally includes a lot of different Attributes in it, and that came in handy this time; in other words his Deck is a jewelry box full of different Attributes. Skipjack seems intrigued, and Yuga Sets a card of his own, then orders "Hydro Magician" to attack "Heat Dartfish".

"Hydro Magician" is swarmed by "Bait Bite Ball".

But Skipjack laughs that Yuga fell for it hook, line and sinker, activating the Trap Card "Bait Bite Ball", which will reduce the ATK of all monsters Yuga controls by 300 for each monster Skipjack controls. Gavin asks what Skipjack just said in shock, and Luke gasps that Skipjack has three monsters, so Yuga's monsters will lose 900 ATK. Skipjack comments that Luke "reely" got it, and swarms of small piranhas appear and mob "Dark Sorcerer" and "Silver Wolf", reducing their ATK. Yuga curses, and Skipjack adds that if the ATK of Yuga's monster is lower than his, then he'll be the one taking the damage. "Hydro Magician" is swarmed by the piranhas, falling to 800 ATK, and the 1000 ATK "Heat Dartfish" jets past it, destroying it as Skipjack claims that this is revenge. Yuga is pushed back and reduced to 3800 LP, and Romin gasps in worry as Luke notes that after being powered down that much there's no way Yuga's attacks will get through now. Gavin agrees that even Yuga's other monsters can't do much with such low ATK, and Yuga ends his turn in frustration, returning the ATK of his monsters to normal. The other students of the Fishing Elementary cheer from the ship's bridge, telling him to show off his top-tier grades of Goha Fishing. Romin asks "top-tier grades?", and Gavin explains that at Goha Aquatic Elementary anyone can become the ship's captain regardless of age or school year if they have the best grades. Romin asks if that means the captain is the smartest one as Skipjack tells his crewmates to leave it to him, even though he's never scored anything above a zero on a math course. Luke comments that Skipjack doesn't seem like a bad guy, though Romin is a bit miffed at the notion of top-tier grades for someone self-admitted to be bad at math. Gavin clarifies that the exams at Goha Aquatic Elementary are on fishing, and Yuga asks if it's decided by how many fish one can catch. Skipjack confirms that it is, and one of the students declares that the captain is a fishing genius called the heavenly child of the sea, while another one describes him as the elementary school Duelist that rises with the power of the seven seas.

Skipjack declares that from here on out it's his turn, with the power of the waves. Does Yuga want to be sent to Davy Jones' locker, or perish another way? He can choose whichever. Yuga nervously replies that he'd rather choose neither, though Skipjack claims that it doesn't matter, declaring his turn and drawing, grinning at his hand. He Tributes "Anchor Moray" and "Jet Barracuda" to Tribute Summon, chanting "Come, through the raging and turbulent waves! Knock down the stormy waters of the world! A big, extraordinary catch! Hydro Cannon Big Bluefin!" "Big Bluefin" appears with 2200 ATK, and Skipjack also Summons another "Anchor Moray", then activates its effect, adding a Level 3 or lower Fish monster from his Graveyard to his hand. He retrieves a "Heat Dartfish", then sends a "Jet Barracuda" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Big Bluefin"; "Darts Tuna Torpedo". His other two monsters are outfitted with torpedo launchers similar to those of "Big Bluefin" as Skipjack explains that if he has two monsters with less than 1000 ATK they can attack directly. Everyone gasps in shock as Gavin asks what Skipjack said in shock. Skipjack adds that he isn't finished yet and he activates the Spell Card "Aqua Boost", causing the torpedoes in "Big Bluefin's" tubes to extend and it opens its mouth and readies another as it rises to 3100 ATK. Yuga gasps in shock as Skipjack activates another Spell, "Recirculation", and Luke asks if there's even more. Skipjack explains that if he has the same Trap in his hand as he does in his Graveyard he can place the card in his Graveyard on the top of his Deck. He has another "Bait Bite Ball", allowing him to retrieve the first copy, and then he Sets the copy in his hand. Romin gasps that Skipjack Set that card again, and Gavin cries this is bad, while Luke notes that Skipjack's combo lowers the ATK of his opponent's monsters with both his Field Spell and Traps, and if Yuga doesn't deal with that Trap, he won't be able to win. Gavin reminds them that's not all; even if Yuga is able to deal with that copy, Skipjack will draw another on his next turn. Skipjack laughs that that's only if Yuga can survive this turn, and Yuga braces himself as Skipjack orders the direct attack of "Anchor Moray". "Anchor Moray" jets forward and surrounds Yuga with a waterspout, reducing him to 2900 LP, and then "Heat Dartfish" attacks as well, diving towards Yuga and knocking him off his feet, reducing him to 1900 LP. Yuga gets up and Skipjack grins, declaring that this is the end, and he orders "Big Bluefin" to attack "Silver Wolf". Romin screams, and Gavin cries that the powered-up "Big Bluefin" has 3100 ATK, while the weakened "Silver Wolf" only has 1000; a difference of 2100. Romin cries that Yuga only has 1900 LP left, and Gavin confirms that if this attack goes through then Yuga will lose. Energy begins building in all seven of "Big Bluefin's" torpedoes, and Skipjack tells Yuga to take this; "Hydro Big Cannon of Raging Seas". "Big Bluefin" blasts a surge of energy at "Silver Wolf", engulfing Yuga.

Yuga activates his "Cure Shot" Trap to save himself.

But the light clears to reveal that Yuga has activated a Trap Card, "Cure Shot", allowing him to gain LP equal to the Level of a WATER monster in his Graveyard x100, then also inflict that damage to his opponent. He chooses the Level 5 "Hydro Magician", so he regains 500 LP, rising to 2400 LP, and Skipjack takes 500 damage, falling to 3500 LP. "Silver Wolf" is blown away, reducing Yuga to 300 LP, and he sighs in relief that he's safe. Luke, Romin and Gavin sigh in relief as well, and Gavin gasps that it was too close; if Yuga didn't have that Trap Card he would have been sent to a watery grave. Romin notes that Yuga only has 500 LP, and his opponent still has 3500 LP. Skipjack comments that Yuga survived by the skin of his teeth and he ends his turn, the ATK of "Big Bluefin" returning to 2200. Skipjack thinks that Yuga is in a pinch and it is only now that one can truly understand their opponent. Is Yuga really the type of trash who would pollute the ocean? Skipjack thinks that he'll find out on the next turn. Romin notes that Skipjack still has that Trap on his field, and Gavin adds that Skipjack has another on top of his deck, so next turn he will be able to draw it and have two; it's truly an eco-friendly recycling Deck. Luke comments that as long as Skipjack has his ace monster on his field he will definitely attack again next turn, so if the Duel can't be decided this turn Yuga really will be sent to Davy Jones' Locker. But Luke, Romin, and Gavin all chorus that it'll be all right, because it's Yuga after all.

Skipjack's "Bait Bite Ball" is returned to his hand.

Yuga nervously agrees, though he's not sure himself, and he declares his turn and draws. He Summons two more monsters, "Magical Beast Wolfang" and "Fire Golem", who are surrounded by water and have their ATK reduced. Then Yuga activates the Spell Card "Spell Shattering Spear", allowing him to return a Spellcaster from his Graveyard to his hand and a Set card Skipjack controls to his hand. He chooses to return "Hydro Magician", while returning "Bait Bite Ball" to Skipjack's hand, much to his shock. Luke and Romin cheer, Luke declaring that now Skipjack can't use that Trap anymore. Then Yuga Tributes two monsters (Wolfram" and "Fire Golem") to Tribute Summon, and he chants "No matter if the sky, the land, or even the sea stand in my way, I will pierce through them all with my own road and fly! The ray of light - Lightning Voltcondor!" "Voltcondor" appears with 2200 ATK, and Gavin gasps the monster's name, while Romin notes that she's never seen Yuga use it before. Luke notes that it's a LIGHT monster, so it will still be affected by the Field Spell and have its ATK lowered by 300. "Voltcondor" falls to 1900 ATK, and Luke asks Yuga what he will do. Yuga then Summons "Light Sorcerer", a LIGHT counterpart to "Dark Sorcerer", and its ATK is also reduced to 1200. Skipjack comments that Yuga dealt with his Trap well, but he's still in the sea and his monsters won't have much power here.

Yuga activates the effect of "Lightning Voltcondor".

Yuga comments he wonders about that, much to Skipjack's surprise, and he sends "Hydro Magician" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Lightning Voltcondor", reducing the ATK of all monsters his opponent controls with the same Attribute as "Hydro Magician" by the Level of "Hydro Magician" x300. Skipjack starts in shock as Yuga declares "Elemental Spark", and electricity erupts from his Duel Disk and engulfs "Lightning Voltcondor", which blasts it at Skipjack's monsters. Gavin declares that "Hydro Magician" is Level 5, so Skipjack's monsters will lose 1500 ATK. Romin cries that "Big Bluefin" has lost so much ATK; it has been reduced to only 700, and Luke comments that they should be calling it "Small Bluefin". Yuga orders "Dark Sorcerer" and "Light Sorcerer" to attack, and they collectively blast a sphere of dark and light energy at "Anchor Moray" and "Heat Dartfish" respectively, destroying them and reducing Skipjack to 2300, then 1100 LP. Yuga declares that this is the final blow, and he orders "Lightning Voltcondor" to attack "Big Bluefin", and "Lightning Voltcondor" spreads electricity-infused wings and levels its shoulder cannons as Skipjack looks up in shock, and Yuga declares the "Brilliant Lightspeed Laser" attack of "Lightning Voltcondor", which blasts a tremendous beam of energy at "Big Bluefin", destroying it and blasting Skipjack backwards, wiping out his LP.

Kaizo fleeing from the corruption in its memory.

The holographic dome fades, and Skipjack gets up and walks towards Yuga, while everyone else watches in apprehension. But then Skipjack breaks out in a big grin, and he happily clasps Yuga's shoulders and declares that gave him the shivers; his Field Spell and WATER monsters created such a huge advantage for him, but Yuga still managed to turn the tables and it was wonderful. Yuga replies that Skipjack's Deck was also fun to play against and he holds out his hand, and Skipjack shakes it in agreement as the other Goha Fishing students cheer from the sidelines. Gavin adds that Yuga made Rush Duels, much to Skipjack's surprise, and he apologizes to Yuga for not realizing, slapping his back. He comments that he can't imagine Yuga being the sort of utter villain that would throw trash into the sea, and Yuga replies that he didn't; this might be one of his Roads, but he doesn't know how it ended up in one of Skipjack's nets. He connects the cable at the top to his phone, and wonders what the noise is; there's a strange response to this memory. The port on Kaizo's chest then glows and projects an image; initially a fuzzy sphere, it coalesces into an image of the TO-3 Goha Enterprises Drones Dueling Kaizo as a dark corruption approaches them, declaring that Kaizo will become a part of it. Kaizo freaked out and tried to flee and eventually ejected the Duel-cycle and threw it away as it was swallowed by the corruption. The image then dissolves, and Romin asks what it means. Yuga gasps as he remembers Kaizo becoming inert after defeating the TO-3 Drones. Kaizo begins to drift away from Yuga, but he snatches it down and tells it to show the map. Kaizo does as Yuga requests, and Yuga asks Skipjack if he knows this island. Skipjack replies that there isn't any such island around here, and Yuga angrily turns Kaizo to face him as the Drone nervously sweatdrops.

The real Kaizo is revealed to be inhabiting the Duel-cycle.

But then the strained voice of Kaizo gasps that it's a fake, and everyone turns to see the Duel-cycle feebly pointing at Kaizo's Drone body. Everyone else gasps "A fake?!" and the body of Kaizo escapes from Yuga's grasp, speaking in a deeper voice and admitting that it seems it has been exposed. However, this ship won't return for a while. With that, the fake Kaizo flies away, Luke cursing that it's escaping. Yuga grimly notes that someone has stolen Kaizo's original data, but it seems that the last bit of data that Kaizo was able to save now resides in the Duel-cycle. Romin realizes that the Kaizo they had been with was a fake, and Luke comments that the Robot Mode is basically Kaizo's remains. Gavin sadly notes that the real Kaizo desperately swam this far just to warn them of the danger they were in, that must be it, and Yuga notes that the fake lied about the Relic appearing to lure them onto the ship, though he doesn't know why it would. Luke muses that in short, they walked into a trap, and Romin is quick to warn Luke that she didn't have anything to do with it. Gavin sadly wonders who would do such a thing and why, and Yuga asks what Kaizo thinks. Kaizo weakly admits he doesn't know, asking for help before falling limp, much to Skipjack's shock. Yuga muses that the only way they can fix this will be to retrieve Kaizo's original data. Since Kaizo is always flying off, Yuga put a transmitter in his body, though he didn't think it would be so useful in this situation. He brings up the GPS on his phone, showing the fake Kaizo's signature moving rapidly across the harbor as it returns to Goha City. Yuga notes that it's heading back to the city, and Gavin laments that they're still trapped on the boat, and Romin finishes that they can't save themselves, let alone Kaizo. Skipjack then states that he's not sure what's going on, but it seems the Duel-cycle is a close friend of theirs, and he apologizes for treating it like trash. He offers to return them to the port, as it's the least he can do. Gavin is surprised by the offer, pointing out that Skipjack himself stated the ship would be out at sea for a month and wouldn't return, and Skipjack confirms that the ship is programmed for that course and he can't turn it around.

Skipjack returns Yuga and his friends back to the port.
Yuga and his friends track Kaizo to a familiar place - GastroByte.

Instead he takes them back on a speedboat, a ride that Luke seems to enjoy, though Yuga, Gavin and Romin aren't thrilled by it. By evening they have made it back to shore, and Skipjack departs while suggesting they have another Rush Duel sometime as Luke and Gavin wave to him and thank him, though Yuga and Romin are still collapsed from the quick trip. With the Duel-cycle loaded onto a trolley, they run through the streets of Goha City following the signal on Yuga's phone, and they finally find the location as they emerge into a plaza.

But they are shocked by what they find - the signal has led them to GastroByte.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Skipjack[edit]

Yuga VS Nanami.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Skipjack
Skipjack draws "Big Umi". Skipjack's hand contains "Anchor Moray", "Jet Barracuda", "Heat Dartfish", "Bait Bite Ball", and "Big Umi". Skipjack Normal Summons "Heat Dartfish" (1000/500), "Jet Barracuda" (800/1000), and "Anchor Moray" (900/800). As Skipjack controls three WATER monsters, he activates the Field Spell "Big Umi". Skipjack Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Dark Sorcerer", "Silver Wolf", "Kuribot", "Cure Shot", and "Hydro Magician". Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0), "Silver Wolf" (1300/400), and "Kuribot" (300/200). The effect of "Big Umi" reduces the ATK of all non-WATER monsters on the field by 300 ("Dark Sorcerer": 1500/0 → 1200/0)("Silver Wolf": 1300/400 → 1000/400)("Kuribot": 300/200 → 0/200). Yuga Tributes "Kuribot" to Tribute Summon "Hydro Magician" (1700/1500). Yuga Sets a card. "Hydro Magician" attacks "Heat Dartfish", but as Yuga declared an attack, Skipjack activates his Set Trap "Bait Bite Ball", reducing the ATK of all monsters Yuga controls by 300 for each Level 3 or lower Fish monster he controls ("Hydro Magician": 1700/1500 → 800/1500)("Dark Sorcerer": 1200/0 → 300/0)("Silver Wolf": 1000/400 → 100/400). The attack continues and "Hydro Magician" is destroyed (Yuga: 4000 → 3800 LP).

Turn 3: Skipjack
Skipjack Tributes "Anchor Moray" and "Jet Barracuda" to Tribute Summon "Hydro Cannon Big Bluefin" (2200/2100). Skipjack Normal Summons a second copy of "Anchor Moray" (900/800). As he controls either "Umi" or "Big Umi", Skipjack activates the effect of "Anchor Moray", adding a Level 3 or lower Fish Normal Monster from his GY to his hand. He adds "Jet Barracuda" to his hand. Skipjack activates the effect of "Bluefin", sending a card from his hand to the GY to allow two Fish monsters he controls with 1000 or less ATK to attack directly this turn. He sends "Jet Barracuda" to the GY and chooses to allow "Anchor Moray" and "Heat Dartfish" to attack directly. As he controls either "Umi" or "Big Umi", Skipjack activates the Spell "Aqua Boost", choosing a Fish monster he controls to have it gain 300 ATK for each Fish monster he controls. He chooses "Bluefin" ("Bluefin": 2200/2100 → 3100/2100). As he controls a Field Spell, Skipjack activates the Spell "Recirculation", revealing a Trap in his hand to place a card with the same name from his GY on top of his Deck. He reveals "Bait Bite Ball" and places the "Bait Bite Ball" in his GY on top of his Deck. Skipjack Sets "Bait Bite Ball". "Anchor Moray" and "Heat Dartfish" attack Yuga directly (Yuga: 3800 → 2900 → 1900 LP). "Bluefin" attacks "Silver Wolf". As a monster Skipjack controls declared an attack, Yuga activates his Set Trap "Cure Shot", choosing a WATER monster in his GY and gaining LP equal to that monster's Level x100, then inflicting an equal amount of damage to Skipjack. He chooses the Level 5 "Hydro Magician" (Yuga: 1900 → 2400 LP, Skipjack: 4000 → 3500 LP). The attack continues and "Silver Wolf" is destroyed (Yuga: 2400 → 300 LP).

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Magical Beast Wolfang" (1100/100 → 800/100) and "Fire Golem" (1200/800 → 900/800). As Yuga controls three Spellcaster monsters, he activates the Spell "Spell Shattering Spear", choosing a Spellcaster monster in his GY and a Set Spell/Trap Skipjack controls and returning them to the hand. He returns "Hydro Magician" in his GY and Skipjack's Set "Bait Bite Ball" to the hand. Yuga Tributes "Wolfram" and "Fire Golem" to Tribute Summon "Lightning Voltcondor" (2200/1000 → 1900/1000). Yuga Normal Summons "Light Sorcerer" (1500/0 → 1200/0). Yuga activates the effect of "Voltcondor", sending a monster from his hand to the GY to decrease the ATK/DEF of all monsters with the same Attribute as that monster by that monster's Level x300. He sends the Level 5 WATER "Hydro Magician" from his hand to the GY ("Anchor Moray": 900/800 → 0/0) ("Heat Dartfish": 1000/500 → 0/0) ("Bluefin": 2200/2100 → 700/600). "Dark Sorcerer" attacks and destroys "Anchor Moray" (Skipjack: 3500 → 2300 LP). "Light Sorcerer" attacks and destroys "Heat Dartfish" (Skipjack: 2300 → 1100 LP). "Voltcondor" attacks and destroys "Bluefin" (Skipjack: 1100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  1. a b This card can be seen being examined by Yuga at the start of the episode.