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  • Seatbastian
Japanese translatedSebastian
  • Career
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 01313: "The Other King"
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AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
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Seatbastian, known as Sebastian (セバスチャン Sebasuchan) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is a Goha Enterprises Drone, specifically a massage chair drone, who serves as Nail Saionji's butler and throne.



Full-body view of Seatbastian in his Robot Mode.
Full-body view of Seatbastian in his Chair Mode.

Seatbastian's usual appearance is that of a charcoal-colored massage chair with a thick frame, golden corners on the back of the chair, and a red section that resembles a visor. His "face" is a hexagonal light green screen contained within an ovular protrusion that projects the basic Goha Enterprises Drone features beneath this "visor", and this can extend on a retractable hose. Under Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode, his faceplate turns red.

When he transforms into his Robot Mode, Seatbastian sprouts human-sized arms from the interior sides of the arms of the chair and the seat and bottom frame split into his legs. His Duel Disk is contained within his left arm, which opens to reveal the card zones and Deck Zone.


Seatbastian's speech and mannerisms are polite and respectful, and he is dedicated to serving Nail to the point of suggesting that he be scrapped after he loses to Yuga Ohdo. Seatbastian has the utmost confidence in Nail and his worth, and reacts fiercely when Nail is disrespected. He believes that A.I. like himself do not require emotions. However he is also substantially arrogant and prideful, looking down on Kaizo for his place in the seat of the Duel Bicycle. He declares that only world leaders would be worthy to sit on an A.I. Massage Chair such as himself and that they are the apex of chairs, going as far as to claim that those sat upon by world leaders also control the world. Subsequently, Seatbastian believes that the worth of a human being is connected to the seat they sit on. However Seatbastian also exhibits a willingness to allow figures of any importance to sit on him, as he freely offers a massage to the Rush Duel Training Camp manager and tries to gain Asana Mutsuba's favor.

Seatbastian's failure to defeat Yuga with his combo appears to push him over the edge, as he drops his speech patterns and begins to glitch, acting in a hysterical and frantic manner, and he sadistically tells Yuga about how Kaizo reacted in fear to Seatbastian taking his data. When Nail refuses to scrap him, Seatbastian finds himself crying and unaware of what the feeling is. When he Duels Finger Chikako, Seatbastian is accepting of the outcome, having intended to stall for time with the Duel to allow Kaizo to escape. Under Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode, Seatbastian is ruder and more arrogant, putting Asana down for her use of her friends' ace monsters in her Wyrm Deck.

Seatbastian develops something of a rivalry with Kaizo, albeit one that is largely one-sided on Kaizo's part, though the Drone's needling of him does eventually provoke him into responding. After they fight however, they seem to come to an understanding, as Seatbastian admits that Kaizo has suffered a lot thanks to him, but it flares up again after Seatbastian tried to gain Asana's favor. Despite this, Seatbastian's dedication to helping Nail and Yuga supersedes their rivalry, as he volunteers to Duel Finger Chikako as Kaizo would have a better chance of reaching Nail.


Seatbastian's English name is a combination of "seat" and "Sebastian". His Japanese name is simply "Sebastian".



Seatbastian was created by Goha Enterprises using their best technology, and given to Nail Saionji to guide the young programmer.[1]


Seatbastian acted to steal the original data of Yuga Ohdo's modified Goha Enterprises Drone Kaizo, accessing it during its Duel with the TO-3 Goha Enterprises Drones on Nail's behalf.[2] He was disdainful of Kaizo's fearful reaction at being attacked.[1] Seatbastian alerted Nail that it was time to start when Yuga and his friends gained entrance to the Garden of Curiosity by defeating Buff Grimes.[3] He transported Nail out to meet Yuga and his friends.[4] As Yuga and his friends Dueled Nail's Duelists, Nail analyzed Kaizo's original data, staying up all night doing so. Seatbastian expressed concern over Nail's work ethic, and Nail explained that he was constantly coming across the word "Road" in Kaizo's data files, suggesting that he and Yuga were alike. Seatbastian didn't believe that Yuga was equal to his master and subsequently requested to Duel Yuga in the next Rush Duel. Nail lightly suggested that Seatbastian was getting emotional, though Seatbastian denied that, claiming he was only a program to guide Nail on his path.[1]

Seatbastian placed four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs outside Yuga's Road Laboratory to lure Yuga and his friends onto a section that he could drop into the Garden of Curiosity. After taking Yuga, Luke, Gavin Sogetsu, Romin Kassidy and Kaizo into the Garden, Seatbastian welcomed them and asked them how they had enjoyed the chairs. Luke tried to sit on him, but Seatbastian disdainfully tossed him off, believing Luke unworthy of sitting on him. Yuga quickly accepted Seatbastian's challenge, complimenting him on his Robot Mode, and Seatbastian thanked Yuga for his words by warning him that he was stronger than the other Duelists Yuga had faced. Seatbastian easily dealt with Yuga's initial attack by destroying all of their monsters with "Collapsing Chairs", and he lectured Yuga over the history of chairs and his own lacking qualities compared to Nail's. He used his "Throne of Darkness" and "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" combo in an attempt to defeat Yuga that turn, but Yuga was able to reduce its ATK with "Curtain of Sparks" and survive the attack. Yuga's survival infuriated Seatbastian, and it used the bicycle seat that Kaizo was contained in to force Yuga to choose his "Sevens Road Magician" from the seat that contained Kaizo in a large number of copies. It mocked Yuga over Kaizo's fear of him when he took his data, though Yuga and his friends insisted that Kaizo was a valuable friend and Yuga was able to pick Kaizo out of the duplicates and return "Sevens Road Magician" to the field. Seatbastian believed he would survive the turn due to his card effects preventing Yuga from attacking the 0 ATK "Throne of Darkness", but Yuga returned it to his hand and defeated him with the powered-up "Sevens Road Magician". The loss briefly sent Seatbastian into a stutter, and he repeatedly asked how his strength was as Yuga and his friends were returned to the surface. That night, Seatbastian requested to be disposed of for his failure, reassuring Nail that he would be sent a new massage chair, but Nail told Seatbastian he didn't want a new one, only Seatbastian. Seatbastian was touched by his master's loyalty to him, and he began to cry, unaware as to what he was feeling.[1]

Nail continued to work for long hours, finally managing to reverse-engineer the code of Rush Dueling through Kaizo's original data. As Seatbastian congratulated Nail and offered to give him a massage, Nail explained that there was something incomprehensible in the code and Seatbastian admitted that as an A.I., he could not feel it. Nail then spoke about being drawn into Yuga's Road as the Tops of the Hexagon arrived, who Seatbastian admitted to see Nail. The Tops announced their intention to have Nail removed from his position, challenging him to Duel all of them and leave if he lost. Seatbastian transformed into his Robot Mode to watch the Duels, noting that no-one could defeat Nail, though he did show some concern. Nail was able to defeat all five of the Tops present and install his new Maximum Summoning just as Yuga and his friends entered the haven, and Seatbastian joined Nail in greeting them. Seatbastian watched as Nail defeated Yuga with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor".[5] He watched silently as Nail explained what he had done to Yuga and his friends before sending them back to the surface.[6]

A few days later, Seatbastian brought Nail to the Goha Duel Museum, where they found Yuga and his friends visiting the Duel History exhibit. Luke thought Nail was a scale model and tweaked his cheek, much to Seatbastian's anger, though Nail told him to stand down. Nail had Seatbastian project Luke's grades when he commented his surprise that Luke would visit the museum, and Yuga challenged him to a rematch. Nail accepted the Duel, and Seatbastian transformed into Robot Mode to watch the Duel, cautioning Nail about Dueling in the Duel Museum, though Nail brushed off his concerns. Yuga played defensively, but Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago" and brought them to the top of the Goha Enterprises Main Office to continue the Duel, though Yuga was still able to survive the turn. To Seatbastian's shock, Yuga drew Maximum Monsters of his own, something Seatbastian believed he shouldn't have been able to acquire. Yuga explained that his friends had entrusted him with their Duel ID cards to make the Maximum Monsters, and after he used Kaizo to stabilize the installation of his Maximum, he Maximum Summoned "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" to oppose "Yggdrago".[7] After Luke claimed that Nail and Yuga were now on equal footing, Seatbastian dismissed Yuga's hastily assembled Maximum due to its low ATK, though Nail cautioned him that it was too early to say that. Seatbastian was angered to see that "Magnum Overlord" shared a Trap immunity effect with "Yggdrago" and frustrated when Yuga avoided the attack of "Yggdrago" by returning "Magnum Overlord" to his hand. Nail forced Yuga to return his Maximum to his Deck, so Yuga opposed Nail with "Sevens Road Magician" instead, though Nail was able to protect "Yggdrago" and restore his LP. As Nail pushed Yuga into a corner and declared that this would be the last Rush Duel, Seatbastian detected that over 77.7% of the elementary students in Goha City had declared their support of Yuga and been penalized five times as a result and he informed Nail of what had occurred. Although Seatbastian worried over the prospect of banning so many students from Dueling, Nail was unconcerned with the result as long as Rush Dueling was eliminated. To Seatbastian's shock, Yuga was able to Maximum Summon again despite Nail's best efforts to stop him, though Nail believed he could end the Duel in a DRAW with his "Pair Annihilation". However, Yuga was able to increase the ATK of "Magnum Overlord" high enough to destroy "Yggdrago" and defeat Nail before he could activate "Pair Annihilation". After the Duel, Nail had Seatbastian bring out Kaizo's old body to return it to Yuga and restore the accounts of Luke, Romin and Gavin.[8]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

Mimi Imimi requested that Nail provide an advisor to the Rush Duel Club that Yuga and his friends had formed, as they required one to attend a training camp for the Rush Duel Tournament. Nail requested that Seatbastian serve as their advisor, and Seatbastian successfully obtained his teaching license before meeting Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin and Kaizo at the Rush Duel Clubroom and explaining why he had been sent, though Kaizo wasn't happy to see Seatbastian. Seatbastian subsequently accompanied Yuga, Romin, Luke, Gavin and Kaizo to the camp, though Kaizo tried to make him carry their luggage, Yuga told Kaizo off for being mean to Seatbastian.[9] On the second day of the camp, Luke ate all the food in the cabin, so Seatbastian and the manager retired to the administrative building. Seatbastian gave the manager a massage the next morning due to his status of authority, but was interrupted by Kaizo asking him to come with him. They quickly began arguing and fought to a stalemate outside, eventually admitting that the other wasn't bad; Seatbastian admitting that Kaizo had suffered a lot before looking out at the sunset with him and the manager.[10]

After the training camp, it was revealed that Luke had instead entered the Rush Duel Club into the Trumpet Duet Tournament, and Luke's slowness at understanding the situation (despite Seatbastian suggesting they listen to what he had to say) angered the rest of the club, with Seatbastian admitting he'd never met anyone as slow to understand as Luke. Yuga suggested that they enter regardless, and Seatbastian agreed that it wouldn't look good for the club to have a withdrawal on their record. They visited the Concert Band Club to get training in wind instruments, but they were attacked by karakuri puppets that battered Seatbastian into the wall when he mistook them for Drones and tried to protect his students before the club's leader, Luke's sister Tiger, returned to the club and agreed to train them if Yuga could defeat her in a Rush Duel. Luke hid from his sister behind Seatbastian as Yuga and Tiger Dueled, and Tiger explained how she had joined the Concert Band Club after she realized that breathing was important to martial arts, information that Seatbastian explained to Yuga and his friends due to Tiger's dramatic description of the process. Yuga was able to defeat Tiger, and she agreed to train the Rush Duel Club in wind instruments, instructing them while she sat on Seatbastian.[11]

Seatbastian guided the Rush Duel Club to the old Goha #6 Elementary campus where the Trumpet Duet Tournament was to be held, though the condition of the building prompted the children and Kaizo to doubt his navigation circuits. The Trumpet Duet Tournament was revealed to have been a front by Janko Entant, who was really holding a Dark Rush Duel Tournament, prompting a Rush Duel between him and Luke, who was angered at having to train in wind instruments for nothing. Seatbastian was tasked with holding all the instruments during the Rush Duel, much to his irritation, but after Luke defeated Janko he was the first to notice incoming vibrations.[12] The building was broken down by Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, led by Asana Mutsuba, heir to Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, and Seatbastian quickly tried to curry favor with her after she expressed distaste for Kaizo due to his modifications, though he was shocked when Asana claimed to hate all Drones. Nevertheless, Seatbastian still tried to gain Asana's favor, supporting her during her subsequent Rush Duel with Yuga to allow the Goha 6th students to Rush Duel freely, though he did not persuade her. Asana defeated Yuga with a Maximum Summon, forcing him and his friends to transfer to Goha #6 Elementary.[13]

As Drones were not permitted at Goha #6 Elementary, Seatbastian was kept in storage with Kaizo, who drew markings all over his face, and they were sent to the Abandoned Dorm with Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Rayne and Rino by Asana when she perceived that Yuga had been disrespecting the school's traditions.[14] Once they were there, Yuga freed Seatbastian and Kaizo and asked them to find Nail to ask where Asana had received her Maximum Monsters. After being forced to give a massage to an investigating Heavy Cavalry Duel Club student, Seatbastian and Kaizo resumed their trek, with Kaizo continuing to annoy Seatbastian for what he considered traitorous actions, prompting them to decide to race to Nexus. Although Kaizo was the faster of the two and had a head start by distracting Seatbastian, Seatbastian was confident he could win due to knowing a shortcut to Nexus. As it began to rain, Kaizo contacted Seatbastian and told him about a nearby cave where they could take shelter. As they dried by the fire, Celestia Noodlina emerged from the ground in a drill module, much to Seatbastian's surprise, but the girl claimed to have never heard of an alien called Celestia and introduced herself as Finger Chikako, revealing that she worked for the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. Chikako challenged them to a "Shiatsu Duel", a form of massage that used human interaction, and Seatbastian stepped forwards to accept her challenge, as her massage style rivalled his own. Kaizo still wanted to Duel due to Chikako's cute appearance until Seatbastian contacted him and asked him to find Nail while he Dueled Chikako, as Kaizo was faster and would have a better chance of evading the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. Kaizo agreed as long as Seatbastian promised to win the Duel, and Seatbastian told him the shortcut to Nexus. They continued to bicker out loud to avert suspicion during Seatbastian's first turn, during which Seatbastian painstakingly assembled his "Throne of Darkness" and "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" combo, only to be incensed when Chikako massaged herself with acupressure drills during his turn. Seatbastian tried to defend with "Power of Throne" on Chikako's turn, but the move backfired due to filling Chikako's hand and allowing her to increase the ATK of "Dahut" with her "Magmassage", permitting her to attack it and severely deplete Seatbastian's LP. Undaunted, Seatbastian revived "Dahut" and Tribute Summoned "Throne of Darkness" again, but Chikako once again increased the ATK of his monsters to prevent him using the effect of "Dahut", forcing Seatbastian to Special Summon "Dahut Abyss, Dark Mirror Ruler of the Chair" and use its effect to lower the ATK of "Throne of Darkness" so that both "Dahut" could power up. As a result he was unable to defeat Chikako that turn, and though he tried to defend one her next turn, she destroyed his Defense Position monsters with the effect of her "Magmax Mantleveda", allowing her to attack "Throne of Darkness" and defeat Seatbastian. Badly damaged by the Duel, Seatbastian revealed his deception to Chikako, who left in a huff. Seatbastian dragged himself outside into the sunshine, lamenting his failure to fulfill his promise to Kaizo before shutting down.[15]

Nail recovered Seatbastian from the forest and began repairing him, explaining the history of Rush Dueling and Maximum Summoning to Seatbastian and how it had affected the abandoned Duel Disks in the Mutsuba mine that Yuga had gone to, allowing the Duel ID cards in them to be used to create Maximum Monsters. Seatbastian noted that Nail had done so by using the Duel ID cards from the Tops of the Hexagon.[16] Following the second Duel between Yuga and Asana, Nail sat on Seatbastian as he recounted the history of Mutsuba Heavy Machinery and lamented that their contributions to Dueling were not as recognized as they should have been.[17]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Seatbastian was with Nail when Rayne came to them to offer Nail her services, something Nail noted was not part of his providence and something Seatbastian expressed displeasure with.[18][19] After Yuga asked Nail to join his and Roa's team in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Seatbastian accompanied him to Goha Stadium to meet with Yuga, Roa, Luke, Gavin and Romin, explaining that Goha Enterprises had restored Nail's account for the duration of the tournament.[20] Seatbastian accompanied Nail throughout the tournament's first day, noting when Roa teased him over his fascination with the Ramen Hut's Rush Ramen that Roa himself had been eating at the restaurant for the previous five days and expressing disapproval when Nail passed up the chance to Duel Hunt Goto over more ramen. Seatbastian and Nail eventually joined the others outside to watch Yuga's Duel with Hunt as Hunt Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix" and Rayne returned to report on her investigation of the black-market Maximums that were being investigated by Hunt and his friends. Yuga was able to defeat Hunt with his own black-market Maximum created from a card Rayne had purchased for Nail, one Roa had been given, and a blank Duel ID card that Asana had given him. After the Duel Seatbastian begged Gavin to take Rayne back and Hunt revealed that he had been assisted in excavating the Duel ID cards that he used to create his Maximums by Goha 66.[19]

Seatbastian, Schrödinger Nekoyama, and Buff Grimes and were tasked with examining the data of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal in Nail's haven to determine who was behind the tournament and the actions of Goha 66 and ordered to report to Nail if they found anything.[21] However they had little success due to their limited tech skills, but Tyler Getz and Toombs arrived to take over due to Tyler's hacking skills. As Tyler worked, Seatbastian politely began pointing out sections of the data he had already "massaged" until Toombs distracted him with scary stories.[22] Seatbastian remained watching while Grimes and Toombs eventually began providing Tyler with calories to maintain his workload as Roa called Tyler for updates while Yuga and Luke prepared to Duel. As the power began to fail Tyler finally found what he was looking for; someone had been using the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal to hack the Goha Duel Server to uninstall Rush Dueling, and Seatbastian learned over the phone that the server was located on the moon.[23] The Heavy Cavalry Duel Club destroyed Otes' Relic, thought to be responsible for the hack, but Tyler confirmed the process couldn't be stopped. Although Rush Dueling was eventually uninstalled after Luke defeated Yuga, Nail and Yuga were able to reinstall it in the Super Rush Robot.[24]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

The Goha Siblings, the true Goha Presidents, returned to Earth and assumed control of the company. They had Nail provide arenas for them to Duel Yuga and his friends with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by their Forced Gymnastics Armaments, including a racetrack for Yuro Goha to Turbo Rush Duel Yuga.[25] Two days later Nail was tasked with creating an artificial sea for Yujin Goha, and Seatbastian went to the surface to scatter shells and crabs in the sand to make it more sea-like, while also providing Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin with swimwear. During Luke's Duel with Yujin, the sea began to drain and Kaizo washed ashore, Seatbastian noticing he'd pulled out the plug by accident after Romin knocked him into the water.[26]

Seatbastian and Nail watched Yuga's Rush Duel with Yuo Goha in the circus tent Nail had provided for Yuo. During the Duel the right arm of the Super Rush Robot that contained the data for Maximum Summoning was shaken loose, though the Super Rush Robot was able to reattach it of its own accord. Despite this, Yuo defeated Yuga with Fusion Summoning.[27] The next day the Goha #7 and #6 Student Councils held a meeting in the A.I. Restaurant on how to defeat "Fusion", and Seatbastian and Nail watched the meeting from Nexus as it devolved into chaos, Seatbastian clapping his hands over his "ears" after Romin, Gavin, Kaizo and Janko's loud reactions.[28]

Yuo and the President Drone visited Nail in Nexus, and Seatbastian tried to stop them as Nail was busy, but Yuo put him under Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode and the President Drone forced Seatbastian to return to chair form. After Nail explained that "Fusion" cards contained the program to work and that he hadn't created them, he warned Yuo not to underestimate Yuo, who had likely figured out who had created "Fusion". Yuo forced Nail to Duel for him that day, bringing him and Seatbastian to Maximum Mountain, where the Rush Duel Club and Heavy Cavalry Duel Club were with Tiger, and Asana had already volunteered to Duel. Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" on his first turn, and Asana opposed it with "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon", supporting it by using her friends' ace monsters to fuel a card to power it up to match "Yggdrago". Seatbastian criticised this strategy, seeing it as tainting Asana's Wyrm Deck, and was shocked when it allowed her to survive "Yggdrago's" attacks. To Seatbastian's horror, Asana Summoned a new ace and revived her other powerful monsters, then weakened "Yggdrago" and empowered her monsters. Despite knowing he would lose, Nail still protected "Yggdrago" from Asana's first attack to prolong the Duel before losing. After the Rush Duel, Nail claimed to always be alone and resigned from Goha Enterprises. He left for the Garden of Curiosity with Seatbastian, but the Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode prevented Seatbastian from approaching Nail. Refusing to be apart from his master, Seatbastian forcibly transformed back into his Robot Mode and insisted that Nail wasn't alone, before ripping a power cord apart to shut himself down.[29]

Goha Employee[edit]

Yuga was able to defeat The☆Lukeman and save the Super Rush Robot, and he joined Goha Enterprises as the Goha Siblings had originally asked to have the other siblings reinstated. Yuga repaired Seatbastian, who joined Nail Saionji at his new store, and Yuga asked Nail to return to Goha Enterprises so they could work on Maximum Monsters together. Seatbastian asked Nail to consider the proposal, but Nail still refused even though Yuo would be agreeable to it, passing his responsibilities as Goha Duel Overseer to Yuga and suggesting his friends also become Goha employees to help him.[30]


Seatbastian uses a Chair Deck, composed of monsters that are based on thrones and chairs with 0 ATK. However, his "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" can be used in combination with "Throne of Darkness" to temporarily gain tremendous ATK. To this end his strategy focuses on rapidly sending monsters to the Graveyard to fulfill the conditions for this powerful combo and excavate the cards he needs so he can access them. If this strategy fails, Seatbastian uses defensive Traps to protect his monsters until his next turn, when he can use his combos again.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 19 Lose
Finger Chikako 34 Lose
Nail Saionji 82-83 Lose

Other appearances[edit]


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