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"Curry Worries"
Romin admits for the umpteenth time that she hasn't cooked before.
Romin admits for the umpteenth time that she hasn't cooked before.
EnglishCurry Worries
Japanese name
RōmajiRominzu Kicchin
TranslatedRomin's Kitchen
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayHiroshi Yamaguchi
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 5, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Chosen One"
Next"A Deep-Sea Duel"
Featured card"Multistrike Dragon Dragias"

"Curry Worries", known as "Romin's Kitchen" in the Japanese version, is the fourteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 5, 2020. It first became available in English on Hulu in America on June 7, 2022, and aired on June 16, 2022 on 9G0! in Australia and will air on July 2, 2022 on Disney XD in America.

Yuga and co. have won the team battle against RoaRomin. However, Luke tells Romin that he "won't talk to a traitorous undercover spy like her", and refuses to reconcile with her. Seeing that Romin is saddened by this, Yuga and co. came up with a plan to get the two of them to make up with each other using hearty home cooking!? It's explosive cooking!


Luke refusing to allow Romin to apologize to him.

At the Road Laboratory, Yuga is working on his Duel-cycle with power tools as he asks about making up. Gavin confirms that ever since the Team Duel Luke has been avoiding Romin, though Yuga claims not to have noticed, much to Romin's discomfort. Gavin recalls what happened the previous day; he went with Romin to help her apologize to Luke, but he continued to practice drawing and refused to talk to a "traitorous spy" like Romin despite Gavin's protests that Luke's behavior was harsh and Romin was just trying to apologize. Yuga laughs and admits that does sound like Luke, though Gavin doesn't find it a laughing matter. As Yuga works on a robotic arm Romin asks him what he thinks she should do, and Yuga lifts his visor and blows dust off the palm of the robotic hand, suggesting something to Romin that makes her cry "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" The idea of home cooking completely shocks her, as Romin admits herself, she's better at eating than she is cooking. Gavin sees where Yuga is going though, recalling all the times he's seen Luke chowing down on food and admitting he is a bit of a glutton. Romin agrees, but wonders what to make. Yuga has an idea, and he connects Kaizo to the Duel-cycle and bangs it with a spanner to activate the Drone. Kaizo is quite shocked to find itself attached to the Duel-cycle and panics until Yuga asks it what Luke's favorite food is because Romin wants to know. Kaizo agrees to look it up if Romin wants to know and projects a holographic image of curry rice. Romin thinks that it might be easy enough for even her to make and thanks Kaizo. Romin's thanks makes Kaizo feel as though it can do anything, and it gets revved up and races out the door with a cry of "Good-bye-bye-bicycle!" in English, and Yuga running after through the Kaizo-shaped hole it left in the door, asking where Kaizo thinks it's going. Gavin asks what on earth just happened, only for Romin to declare that she will do it; she will make the best curry there is.

Rayne and Rino assemble many ingredients for Romin to make use of.

She takes Gavin to Roa's apartment, explaining that she agreed to house-sit for him today. Gavin asks if this is really okay, and Romin points out that Roa is her cousin. At Gavin's request, Rayne and Rino assemble the necessary ingredients for Romin, and Gavin congratulates them, deciding that this should be enough. Romin, now in a chef's bandanna and apron, eagerly suggests getting to work, but she takes a while to get started and Gavin asks what's wrong. Romin tries to brush off his concern, but Rayne asks if she needs something else. Romin finally states that she means the things that simmer in boiling water, which Gavin takes to mean hard-boiled eggs (and Rino produces a bowl of them), but Romin explains she means instant curry, but her request utterly stuns Gavin, Rayne and Rino as poor Romin asks if she said something weird.

A mysterious eye watches the carefree Kaizo...

Out in Goha City, Kaizo admits that it got a bit too energized and rushed off, but its mood is the best, happily singing as it cycles along, unaware that a sinister red eye is watching it from a nearby Goha Enterprises Drone...

Romin accidentally sets off a dust explosion.

Back at Roa's apartment, Romin realizes that for a homemade curry she will have to make everything from scratch. Gavin is pleased that Romin finally seems to understand, and Romin claims to have been just joking around, suggesting that they start with the rice. Gavin adds that she shouldn't use microwaved rice, and Rayne and Rino nod in agreement. Romin quickly agrees, stating that she will have to cook the rice (and getting a ding for her correct answer), but she has trouble finding it and seizes the first thing she can find; a half-open bag of flour and upends it, filling the room with dust. Rayne gasps that it's the flour as everyone coughs, and Romin goes for the ventilator, but she hits the wrong switch and ignites the flour, causing an explosion that sends everyone flying. Gavin then stops his fall to explain to the viewer that this is a dust explosion; when tiny particles of finely ground flour or sugar fill the air they become extremely flammable and likely to explode. The explosion then finishes, and leaves Gavin's hair all frizzled as Rayne congratulates him for his explanation and combs his hair back into place while Rino brushes him down. Romin apologizes, admitting she hasn't cooked before, though Rayne feels like that isn't the only problem here. Gavin insists that Romin cannot lose heart; she has to make this curry rice to make up with Luke. Romin agrees and she asks where it is. Gavin nods to his assistants and they leap into action, dropping a bag of rice into Romin's arms as she looks for it. Romin cries that it's here, and Gavin asks where it goes. Romin states that it goes into the rice cooker, though as Gavin points out, she's approaching a dishwasher and he suggests looking next to it. His assistants drop and plug in a rice cooker next to the dishwasher, and Romin happily tries to cram the entire bag in, resulting in Gavin telling her with clenched teeth to take the rice out of the bag, measure an appropriate amount, wash it with water, drain it, and repeatedly clean it with her hands until the water becomes clear. Disheartened, Romin apologizes, stating again that she's never cooked before. Gavin reassures her it's all right; they'll take it slowly and give Luke the most delicious curry ever. Romin agrees; she just has to keep trying, and Gavin agrees that's the spirit (as Rayne and Rino lift their Kuroko veils and smile). Romin whips out two knives, suggesting to rice and dice (as the words for washing rice and sharpening sound the same in Japanese), much to the shock of the Student Council.

Both Kaizo and the other Goha Enterprises Drones assume different modes to face off.

Outside, Kaizo wheelies past two schoolgirls on a railing, admitting that it was in such a good mood it ended cycling farther than it should have. Three other Drones suddenly surround Kaizo, having detected a modified illegal drone, and Kaizo repeats the term, admitting that its name is Kaizo. The drones declare that Kaizo is suspicious and won't be allowed to pass, though this doesn't bother Kaizo a bit as it asks if they really won't let it pass no matter what. The drones repeat that Kaizo will not be permitted to pass, so Kaizo decides to show them the new power that Yuga has bestowed upon it. It chants "Kaizo Change! Switch!" and presses the button in its head, causing its screen to glow brightly, then it and the Duel-cycle rocket into the sky as Kaizo sings "Behold, the light which pierces the sky! I am Kaizo, the super robot! The card which cries in a roaring Duel! On my turn, I power up a million times! Rush rush rush Duel! Rush rush rush Duel! I'll crush evil with my steel arms! I am Kaizo! I am Kaizo! A super robot Duelist!" Kaizo lands, having transformed the Duel-cycle into a crude humanoid form and declares that it is Kaizo: Robot Mode. It mockingly asks the Drones if they're too scared to speak, but they fly into the air and declare their own Union Mode; Ultra Regulatory Trikaya Union TO-3 Mode (a play on the Japanese term for father). Kaizo is shocked by the union, and the Drones declare that Kaizo is not permitted to pass, while the schoolgirls that Kaizo passed earlier just see the spectacle as cute. Kaizo asks if they really won't let him through, and they confirm that they will not. Kaizo tries to talk them out of violence and find a peaceful solution, and he suggests a Duel. Each Drone makes its decision separately; the yellow and red drones agree while the blue does not, so the collective TO-3 agrees to Duel, much to Kaizo's surprise. The Drones engage cyber connect mode and they all declare "Duel!" Yuga meanwhile is panting as he sweats from running after Kaizo and he wonders where it went. As he sits down to catch his breath, he hears both sets of Drones rapidly declaring the start and ends of their turns and he wonders what that is.

Poor Gavin finally loses his patience with Romin.

Romin has finally got the rice into the rice cooker and she asks if they just have to wait for it to cook. Gavin confirms that all that's left is to cook the curry, and Romin tries to fish out an onion, but gets a spring onion instead. Next she goes for a potato, but grabs a sweet potato, and when she tries going for a carrot, she somehow winds up with a Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Tardivo and Gavin asks if she's doing this on purpose. Romin is shocked by the accusation and she protests that it's her first time cooking (with Radicchios aligned around her to make it appear as if Romin is surrounded by roses), and Gavin lifts up the screen and he cries that he gets it, before stating Rayne and Rino's names. The twins snatch up a plateful of the required vegetables for Romin in one motion, and they finally get all of the ingredients into the pot. Gavin sighs in relief and tells Romin to let it simmer, though Romin smells something weird coming from the pot and puts on an oven mitt to check it. She lifts the lid of the pot as the Student Council lean over it and they are promptly rewarded with an explosion that leaves Gavin's hair in a perm as he patiently asks what Romin put in the curry. Rayne and Rino (and the pot lid) are covered in curry as Romin states that she just added some spices; sulfur, charcoal, potassium nitrate...which as Gavin points out, is the formula for gunpowder. Romin protests again that it's her first time cooking (with Rayne and Rino holding up Raddichios to simulate roses again) but Gavin snaps that's not the problem here.

The Drones Duel one another at high speeds.

Kaizo declares "The Ultra Strongest Transformed Robot Kaizo's" turn, then the end of his turn as Yuga approaches, and the TO-3 Drones declare their turn and the end of their turn. As images of cards rapidly flicker between the Drones Kaizo declares "The Absolutely Invincible Robot Kaizo's turn" and then the end of his turn, and the other Drones do the same. Yuga spots the Duel and he notes that a Duel between Drones happens pretty quickly as Kaizo declares "The Ultimate Explosive Robot Kaizo's turn" and the end of his turn. The TO-3 Drones declare their turn, then the end of their turn, and Kaizo "the Warring Devil Robot Kaizo's" turn. All of the Drones focuses intently as Yuga watches and Kaizo stares intently.

Romin happily hums to herself as she stirs the curry while the Student Council watch from behind the safety of the table. Romin reacts, and the others quickly duck down in anticipation, but Romin simply claims that it's looking good and they emerge from hiding, Rayne commenting that they finally made it to this point. But Gavin claims the true struggle is only just beginning, given how many seemingly impossible mistakes Romin has made it's impossible to tell what kind of curry she will make. Romin suddenly reacts again, and they duck back behind the table.

Yuga finds Luke in the city streets.

Back at the Duel, the Drones continue to stare intently as Yuga watches them from the hill, and eventually the TO-3 Drones separate and admit they lost, permitting Kaizo to pass before leaving. Yuga comes out of hiding as Kaizo transforms back into Bicycle form and he asks if the Drones challenged Kaizo to a Duel. But Kaizo doesn't respond initially before finally agreeing, so Yuga suggests they go and see how Romin's cooking is going. The mention of Romin's name prompts Kaizo to re-energize and happily fly away calling Romin's name, and Yuga tells Kaizo to wait, before looking at the Duel-cycle and seeing that it's out of battery, deciding that Robot Mode must have been too much for it after all. Instead he manually cycles after Kaizo and asks him how it was to Duel against other Drones. Kaizo claims that it was truly a wonderful experience, though Yuga doesn't seem convinced. Luke then calls Yuga's name, and Yuga stops beside Luke, commenting that it's perfect timing. Luke comments that he sees; Yuga wanted to Duel him, right? Yuga replies that it's not that, but something else, much to Luke's surprise.

Romin's curry comes out blue.

At Roa's apartment, Romin declares that it's done. Gavin looks at Romin's curry in horror and he asks what it is - the color is a bright blue. Romin happily states that it's curry, and Gavin protests that the color is all wrong. Rayne diplomatically suggests that the chef should taste it first, and Rino hastily agrees. Romin agrees, fishing out a spoon as Gavin gives his assistants a discreet thumbs up, thinking that it was dangerous and congratulating them. Romin thinks it looks good and she should let everyone taste it, though Rayne and Rino frantically insist Romin try it first. Romin seems surprised, but she happily gives her thanks and scoops up a spoonful and eats it as the Student Council watch. Then she clenches and Gavin asks what's wrong, but Romin suddenly cries that it's delicious, much to Gavin's shock. Romin serves three servings, asking the Student Council to have a taste and handing them spoons, wishing them bon appetit. Gavin realizes that they have no choice, and Rayne vows not to let Gavin perish alone. Rino agrees that they are in this together even in death, and as Romin paces behind them they all take a spoonful and raises it into the air...

Luke is incredibly moved by Romin's curry rice.

...and then the doorbell rings, and they all slowly turn to it as the curry flicks off their spoons and Romin wonders who it is. She goes to answer the doorbell, and once he has, the curry lands in the Student Council's spoons again and Gavin sighs in relief. At the entryway, Luke isn't happy about both being brought to Roa's apartment and seeing Romin, and he asks why Yuga brought him here. Kaizo growls that Luke is being rude to Romin, but Luke pushes the Drone aside, claiming he doesn't care and is leaving. Romin seems depressed as Luke claims to be sleepy after eating three bowls of ramen at the Ramen Hut, but then he smells something and he ambles past Romin, kicking his shoes off and into her hands as she can only stutter in shock. The Student Council meanwhile still haven't worked up the courage to taste the curry as Luke asks where that smell is coming from and he stalks into the living area. Gavin gasps Luke's name, and Luke spots the curry rice and eats Gavin's spoonful instantly. He gasps and begins shoveling it down as Yuga, Kaizo and Romin come in, and Yuga asks what that blue thing is. Romin shyly states that it's the curry that she made, much to Yuga's surprise. Gavin asks if Luke is feeling all right, and Luke straightens up with a cry, worrying all of his friends until eventually Luke claims to be deeply moved. He cries that this is delicious and asks what it is, as he's never had such a rich flavor before, and it's spicy and the rice is snow white. Yuga states that Romin made the curry, and Luke is shocked to learn that the "traitorous spy" made the curry. Romin tries to say something, but finds herself unable to, so Yuga gives her a helping shove forwards and she stumbles towards Luke. Luke scowls at Romin as she frowns back and asks if he liked it. Luke states that the traitorous spy's curry is delicious, much to Romin's surprise, and he again states that he's deeply moved and also wants seconds. Romin flushes and Luke tells her to hurry up with them, and Romin agrees, asking Luke to wait a moment.

Romin's attempt to add spices to the newly christened "Dragias Curry" takes an unexpected turn...

Soon everyone has a serving, and as Luke scoffs his seconds down Yuga agrees that it's true; the curry has an unusual taste, but is really good. Rayne admits she's shocked and Rino clarifies that because it looked so strange he thought it would also taste strange. Kaizo hovers about them with a serving of its own, claiming that its taste sensors indicate the curry tastes amazing. Luke notes the curry's blue coloration and he comments that it's the same color as "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", so he suggests naming the curry "Dragias Curry". Yuga thinks it's a pretty good name, and Gavin cheers that Romin did it. Romin is pleased by the praise, and Luke admits the traitorous spy did well; he guesses that spiciness is in the spy's flavor profile. When he becomes the King of Duels, he could consider hiring Romin as part of his exclusive set of chefs. Romin angrily asks what that's supposed to mean as everyone laughs and Luke asks for more. Romin takes his plate and agrees as Luke calls it a real "Gias Charge" and Romin notes that she's not sure there's enough with so many people here as she looks into the pot and wonders if she should make more. She muses on the name "Dragias Curry" and decides that just like the "Strike Dragon" she should add more spices so the second batch hits just as hard as the first. She sprinkles salt and three small jars of purple powder into the pot, but seems surprised by what the curry is doing, and everyone turns to her, Yuga asking what's wrong. As Romin points at the pot and Kaizo happily calls Romin's name and hovers over the pot, a titanic fountain of blue curry erupts from the pot, blasting Kaizo into the air and rapidly sweeping all six of the kids off their feet.

Roa returns home to find the entire apartment complex disgorging blue curry.

Outside that evening, Roa is returning home, satisfied that he managed to get some new cards and declaring that this time he will make the greatest Deck there is. Then he sees emergency vehicles driving past him, and he asks what's going on. Outside his apartment, people are taking photos and calling for help as Roa steps into a layer of blue curry and his eyes widen as he sees the entire apartment complex spewing the blue curry and he asks in horror what the heck this is.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in Adaptations[edit]

  • In the dub, Romin's leggings are edited to remove the exposed thigh.
  • Romin setting off a dust explosion and all scenes relating to it (Gavin's explaination, Rayne and Rino fixing his hair, Romin's apology) are all removed in the dub.
  • In multiple scenes, Rayne's skirt is slightly lengthened. This is inconsistent, however.
  • When Romin's food explodes, the fire is turned to a purplish color, and the ingredients are changed to gumdrops, diet soda, and homework instead of gunpowder. This doesn't explain how it explodes though.