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Roa Kassidy
Roa Kassidy
  • Roa Kassidy
Japaneseきりしま ロア
Base霧島 ロア
Furiganaきりしま ロア
RōmajiKirishima Roa
  • Male
Romin Kassidy (cousin)[2]
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationRoaRomin (leader, vocalist)
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Runner-up (with Yuga Ohdo and Nail Saionji)
DeckRoyal Rebel's
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0033: "Rock the Rush Duel"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • James Brown Jr[3]
  • Kazuki Furuta[4]
Kassidy, Roa

Roa Kassidy, known as Roa Kirishima (きりしま ロア Kirishima Roa) in the Japanese version, is one of the seven main characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the leader of RoaRomin, the band he and his cousin Romin play in. Roa was present at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament where Otes gave "Sevens Road Magician" to Yuga Ohdo, and after being passed over to become the King of Duels, Roa set his sights on obtaining the title. To this end, Roa uses his bandmates, most prominently Romin, to aid him in manipulating events to do so, having her spy on Yuga and learn about Rush Dueling.

Roa is introduced as the main antagonist of the Birth of Rush Duels arc, where he serves as one of Yuga's rivals. He later becomes one of the main characters after being defeated by Yuga. His character calls back to many traits of previous main rivals in the franchise, particularly his history with Yuga and pursuit of Otes as the only other person acknowledged by him as a potential candidate to become King of Duels. However, Lucidien Kallister instead fills the role of Yuga's main rival as a Duelist.



Full-body views of Roa from the front and back, and various close-ups of the Duelist and singer's face.

Roa is a slim young boy with blue eyes and green hair that stands up in jagged spikes, with three prongs over his eyes in a "T" shape. He wears a red shirt with a purple symbol of crossed swords on the chest, black pants with lilac ribbons wrapped around the shins, black boots, and lilac wristbands. He also commonly carries a black microphone on a stick with a golden head and an attached purple ribbon. In his first appearance in the opening and his official art, Roa lacks the logo of his band on the back of his shirt, but in the second version of the opening, the symbol is present.

In his youth, Roa wore dark blue pants and a simple white T-shirt with a black collar and sleeves.


Roa is stated to play a unique character for fanservice purposes, but is actually a skilled Duelist. He remains unfailingly polite and affable in public, praising Yuga and his friends and telling his fans that he will spoil them, in a similar manner to Quattro from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. He takes an interest in Yuga and Rush Dueling, employing the assistance of his bandmates to manipulate circumstances to gain ownership of Rush Dueling and rebrand it under his name. Even after losing to Yuga in their Rush Duel, Roa takes his loss well and tells Yuga that he would be happy to Duel him again, before having his audience congratulate Yuga, and when Yuga shows up to his apartment out of the blue, Roa graciously offers him a drink and agrees to keep his presence secret from Romin. However he is prone to portraying himself as unaffected by events that emotionally affect him, denying pity after Tyler and Toombs abandon him during the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal.

Although Roa genuinely values his friends, he has little compunction about using them for his own ends and he does not promote them as much as he does himself due to his own sense of self-importance. He is shown to be pragmatic regarding his friends; when he was unable to contact Tyler he tried to replace him on RoaRomin, but upon finding him he immediately switched to trying to get Tyler back on the band. When Yuga comes to him for advice after being defeated by Nail Saionji, Roa is furious upon seeing his shaken resolve after one defeat and grabs him by the collar, though he is ultimately pleased when Yuga regains his resolve to continue. Roa later compares his friends to his ace monsters, but does not realize the negative connotations of such a comparison and despite Tributing the cards representing his friends with good intentions, namely to fulfill the conditions for his "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", which would otherwise have been useless without them. He reconciles with his friends after bringing out all three monsters representing them together, while also realizing that he cannot stand on the stage alone; while he got along extremely well with Yuga and Nail during the tournament, Romin and Luke both note that he really wanted to team up with Tyler and Toombs.

Under his affable demeanor, Roa can be extremely abusive and manipulative, throwing Romin against a window while remaining friendly and kind in tone and reassuring her that he won't divulge her secret. He also made extensive use of Toombs's creepy demeanor to scare Luke, knowing how superstitious he is, and had Tyler consume all the food in the Big Seven Arena to starve Romin into Dueling well, then provoked her hunger by having Saburamen, Briscoe and Sushiko Maki spread food throughout the audience. Although Roa later grows out of this, he retains a capability to be extremely cutting to those he believes have lost value as a Duelist; furiously grabbing Yuga by the collar and shouting at him for his shock at being defeated by Nail's Maximum Summon and later delivering some severely cutting remarks to Luke when he betrayed his friends that reduced the mentally-weak Luke to a whimpering mess.

Despite this, Roa also believes as Yuga and Otes do that the world of Dueling has become too rigid, and when he was passed over by Otes to become the King of Duels, he tried to change the world himself. Unlike them however, he has a selfish tinge to this desire, as he states that as the King of Duels he could make things as he desired. Roa is noted to do things at his own pace with little care for the desires of others, teaching Tyler to Duel and starting RoaRomin on his own whims, and seeking out an audience with Otes without informing Tyler and Toombs. He is tremendously disappointed at not being chosen as King of Duels and subsequently does everything he can to inflate his own importance, improving his Dueling skills and forming RoaRomin. To this end, Roa refers to himself with the personal pronoun of "ore-sama", an extremely arrogant way to refer to oneself and constantly describes himself as a king, Summoning his monsters with dramatic lines. His Deck theme plays into this as well; Roa uses the Royal Rebel's and King's cards.


Roa's speech is very casual, using short forms and repeat phrases in a playful manner, but also uses polite forms. The sole exception is Otes, who Roa addresses in a more confronting manner. He uses the extremely arrogant personal pronoun of "ore-sama", though he reserves the suffix of "-chan" for those he is affectionate to; primarily Tyler and eventually Yuga and Nail Saionji.


Roa's surname in the Japanese version, "Kirishima", means "Mist Island".[5]



Roa came to believe that the Dueling world was too rigid and strict. He attended the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament as a young boy and was inspired by Otes, a contestant in the tournament who used "Sevens Road Magician" and encouraged the crowd to cut open a new road and press onward, commenting that he would have been King of Duels in another time. His words pierced Roa's mind, but then he gave his "Sevens Road Magician" card to another boy in the crowd, Yuga Ohdo, before being disqualified from the tournament for being a Goha Enterprises employee.[6]

Despite being passed over by Otes, Roa continued to try and change the world in the ways he could.[6] He taught Tyler Getz to Duel and bug-catch, but Tyler was never able to defeat him in a Duel. After defeating Tyler one Sunday with "Royal Rebel's Funkified", Roa congratulated Tyler on his improvement and Tyler promised to beat him next Sunday. Roa agreed, but by the time the week had passed the idea of forming a band to change the world had taken Roa's fancy, and instead of Dueling Tyler he played guitar for some other children in the park. As Tyler angrily confronted Roa over breaking his promise, Roa pitched the idea of a band to him.[7] He, Tyler, Romin and Toombs formed RoaRomin a year before the events of the series, though Roa initially wanted to call the band "Roa and Romin".[2][8] They took some time to decide on how to become popular, including trying out a punk look that Romin disliked and animal costumes that made her try to leave and their first live performance only had a single watcher.[9] Roa also honed his and Romin's skills as Duelists.[10] Roa also became aware of Yuga's efforts to create Rush Dueling and the legend of the King of Duels. In order to push Yuga towards the path to successfully installing Rush Dueling, he had Romin whisper the legend of the King of Duels in the ear of a sleeping Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Goha #7 Elementary's best Duelist, knowing that the superstitious Luke would likely pursue the legend and the connections it had to Yuga's Dueling rules.[2] Roa also visited the Hologram Man's chamber during one of Luke's attempts to defeat the Hologram Man, who had the appearance of Otes.[6]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Roa was sent photos that Romin had taken of Yuga Ohdo in the Hologram Man's chamber, and he mused on both Yuga and Rush Dueling.[11] A few weeks later, Roa was sent another photo of Yuga and Luke looking at symbols that had been carved into the floor of the Hologram Man's chamber, and he commented that it was time for the concert.[12]

Roa deduced that the emblems overlayed would form the logo of the Big Seven Arena, and that the Relic that had projected the Hologram Man would appear there on the full moon. To this end, he had Romin give Yuga, Luke and Gavin Sogetsu tickets to a RoaRomin concert at Big Seven Arena, planning to wager the ownership rights of Rush Dueling in a best-of-three Duel between the Duelists of RoaRomin and Yuga and his friends. Romin returned that night, having given him the tickets, but seeing her hesitance, he pushed her against the window and told her to do what he told her, claiming her secret of being tone-deaf was safe with him. He suggested that Toombs would be perfect to Duel the superstitious Luke in a Ghost Story Duel.[2][6]

Before the concert, Roa had Toombs scare Luke in the corridors by telling him of the Big Seven Arena's history.[2] He also had Tyler consume all the food in the dressing room to starve Romin, and hired Saburamen, Briscoe, and Sushiko Maki to cater for the concert to provoke Romin's hunger, and work to cover up any information of Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician" on the internet so that he could cast doubt on its legality.[6][10] When the concert began, Roa offered his eager fans a treat; a best-of-three Duel to decide the ownership of Rush Dueling, which Roa planned to rebrand as "Roa Rush Dueling". Yuga accepted his challenge, as he didn't mind giving up the rights to Rush Dueling if the end result made it more popular. Luke volunteered to Duel first, so Roa had him Duel Toombs. During the Duel, Toombs recounted ghost stories that accompanied his Zombie Type monsters and continued to shout his name to scare Luke, quickly reducing his LP. However, Luke finally realized what Toombs was doing and conquered his fear, defeating him with "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and "Shock Dragon". After the Duel, Roa admitted that Luke had surprised him, but it wouldn't happen again.[2] Gavin offered to Duel next, so Roa had Romin oppose him and reveal that she had spied on them. Before the Duel began, Yuga told Roa that he didn't like that Roa appeared to be holding something over Romin and asked him to stop; Roa agreed to do so, though Romin claimed she had deceived them of her own will. Gavin gained an early lead, causing Luke to remark that Romin was only a beginner and that she would easily be defeated, only for Roa to reveal that Romin's true skills had been honed by him. Roa asked Tyler if he had stolen the food as Roa had asked, and Tyler confirmed that he had, so Roa had Saburamen and his friends enter the hall to begin distributing food to stoke Romin's appetite. This pushed Romin over the edge and she began to Duel in a frenzied hunger as Roa explained her skills to Yuga and his friends. She defeated Gavin, leaving the score tied, though she was returned to normal when the Duel Guitar that Yuga had given her ejected a chocolate bar. Yuga deduced that Roa was still holding a secret over Romin. Roa congratulated Romin over her victory, and then declared that he would be Yuga's next opponent, facing off against him on the stage.[10]

Roa waited on stage for Yuga as Romin tried to warn Yuga not to Duel, though as Roa expected, Yuga didn't back down. Before the Duel, Roa had Kaizo theatrically introduce him. Roa Set all the cards in his hand on the first turn, unwilling to reveal his strategies to Yuga so early and using stage tricks to enhance his presence. He asked if Yuga didn't understand that he would lose the Duel and the rights to Rush Duels, though Yuga claimed that Roa didn't understand, asking what was so great about owning Rush Dueling. He Tribute Summoned "Raidacross, Hero of the Dawn" and used its effect to Summon two more high-Level monsters, though Roa wasn't impressed, claiming that Yuga wasn't going all out if he didn't use "Sevens Road Magician" and he tried to force Yuga to draw it when he blunted the attack of "Raidacross" with "King's Council". He asked Yuga where he got the card, and Yuga recounted the events of the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament to his friends, though Roa kept his own presence there a secret. After Yuga's tale was finished, Roa suggested that Otes may have been disqualified due to "Sevens Road Magician" being an illegal card. As Yuga's friends began discussing the matter, a Goha executive, Number 6 arrived and asked Roa for proof of his claim after initially requesting an autograph and a selfie with him, and Roa suggested she check the card's data.[13] Due to Tyler's hacking, no-one was able to find information on "Sevens Road Magician", and Roa cited Goha Duel Rule No. 66, Article 6 to make "Sevens Road Magician" Forbidden until its legality was confirmed, as well as No. 66, Article 66 to allow the Duel to continue until the card was drawn after Number 6 mentioned it.[6][13] Luke warned Roa that Yuga wasn't one to cheat and rallied Yuga's other friends to search the card's information, a display Roa found touching, but hopeless. He took his turn and manipulated Yuga's hand and field with his card effects, destroying all of his monsters, forcing him to draw more cards, and then emptying his hand to make him more likely to draw "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn.[13]

Yuag drew "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn, but before he could be disqualified, the Relic emerged from the ground as Roa had predicted it would. The Hologram Man - Otes - was projected from the Relic and with the aid of the Goha #7 Elementary Newspaper Club, confirmed that "Sevens Road Magician" was a legal card and that its information on the web was being blocked. Tyler panicked over the discovery of their treachery, though Roa was unfazed until Romin spotted him in footage of Otes's disqualification, and Yuga, who had also expected the Relic to appear, suggested that Roa wanted to talk to Otes as well. Roa took his chance to finally ask Otes why he hadn't been chosen to be the King of Duels. Luke claimed that Roa's underhanded tactics would never allow him to become the King of Duels, though Yuga suggested that Roa still might have the right, eager to continue their Rush Duel. Roa suggested they bet the right to become the King of Duels, and Otes decided to allow them to do so. Yuga then Summoned "Sevens Road Witch" and "Sevens Road Magician", powering it up to the maximum, though Roa was able to save himself with "King's Majesty". Yuga claimed that defeating Roa then wouldn't have been interesting, and Roa agreed, and he weakened "Sevens Road Magician" on his next turn and then brought out "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" to absorb the ATK of "Sevens Road Witch" and destroy her. He destroyed "Sevens Road Magician", but Yuga was able to reduce the ATK of "Heavy Metal" enough to survive the attack. On his next turn, Yuga returned "Sevens Road Magician" to his hand and re-Summoned it, then brought out a new "Sevens Road" monster, "Sevens Road Mage" Roa asked if Otes had given Yuga "Mage" as well, but Otes confirmed he had only given Yuga "Sevens Road Magician"; Yuga had acquired the other "Sevens Road" cards himself. Yuga then used the effect of "Sevens Road Mage" to reduce the ATK of "Heavy Metal", an effect compounded by all the monsters that Roa had sent to Yuga's Graveyard, allowing Yuga to destroy it and defeat Roa. Though disappointed by his loss, Roa acknowledged Yuga's statement that their Duel had been his most exciting and offered to Duel him again in the future, before telling his audience to applaud Yuga's victory. The Relic then retreated into the ground, taking Otes with it.[6]


Roa went out one day, having Romin house-sit his apartment for him. He returned in the evening, satisfied with the new cards he had obtained and vowing to build the strongest Deck he could, only to notice fire engines passing him. To his shock, the apartment complex his apartment was located in was spewing a blue substance from every window.[14]

Roa found himself unable to contact Tyler, so he decided to replace him in RoaRomin with a high-performance drumming robot. He rang Romin and asked her to come over, convincing her by claiming his apartment still smelled of the curry she had filled it with. When Romin arrived, Roa asked her to ask Yuga if he could make the drumming robot, but they were suddenly dropped into the Garden of Curiosity. Roa accompanied Romin through the Garden, where they eventually found Yuga, Luke and Gavin facing off against Tyler. Tyler informed Roa and Romin that he'd left the band and was serving Nail Saionji, who valued him more than Roa did. Roa claimed that he valued Tyler, though Tyler promptly cited numerous examples of his mistreatment, so Roa decided to Duel Tyler, enticing him to accept the Duel by citing the promise they'd made to one another previously. During the Duel, Tyler put Roa on a tiny stage in comparison to his own massive one, and aired his grievances with Roa. Tyler quickly dealt severe damage to Roa on his first turn, but despite the damage and small stage, Roa still Dueled with his signature flourish, combining the effects of "Royal Rebel's Funkified" and "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" to reduce Tyler to 200 LP, though Tyler was able to restore his LP. On his next turn Tyler destroyed all of Roa's monsters and reduced him to 600 LP, though the damage barely fazed Roa and he proceeded to sing a song for Tyler on the Duel Guitar, telling him he was his friend and not a henchman. He then Tribute Summoned "Royal Rebel's Invasion" and destroyed all of Tyler's monsters, allowing him to defeat Tyler. He praised Tyler's Dueling as the best it had been yet, but Tyler was then dropped down a trapdoor by Nail. Roa caught Tyler, asking him to come back with him, but Luke then blurted out that Roa had tried to replace Tyler and Tyler let go of Roa's hand after Roa admitted it, vowing revenge. Afterwards they were returned to the surface, and Roa bid Yuga and his friends goodbye. Yuga asked if Roa still wanted the drumming robot, but Roa amended his request to a drum-shaped Duel Disk instead, though he denied that he was waiting for Tyler to return.[7]

A couple of days after his Duel with Tyler, Roa received a penalty on his Duel Disk.[15] He received another penalty another couple of days after that, and was visited by Yuga the next day, who claimed to have been in the area. As they talked, Romin rang Roa, and Yuga asked Roa not to tell her he was here. Though confused when Yuga claimed they hadn't been fighting, Roa nevertheless claimed to Romin that he was making curry that wouldn't explode like Romin's had. Romin explained that they were looking for Yuga after Nail had defeated him with the Maximum Summoning he'd created before hanging up, and Roa discussed the matter with Yuga. Although Yuga tried to laugh it off as bad luck, Roa suggested that Yuga was frustrated because Nail had exploited an opportunity that Yuga had wanted to do himself in the future. Disgusted that this was all the resolve of the one chosen by Otes had amounted to, Roa angrily grabbed Yuga by the collar and asked if this was all he could do. After they calmed down, they both received three more penalties on their Duel Disks, giving them five total and Yuga rushed off with a hasty apology. After Yuga left, Roa expressed his satisfaction that Yuga had returned to normal and urged him not to lose.[16]

Roa watched Yuga's Rush Duel with Nail on top of the Goha Enterprises Main Office from his apartment, chiding Yuga when he had to return his own Maximum Monster "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" to his hand to negate an attack from Nail's "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor". As the Duel continued, more elementary students around the city pledged their support to Yuga, resulting in their accounts receiving five penalties as well, something that Roa called quite the situation. As Yuga tried to reassemble his Maximum, Nail shuffled it from his hand into his Deck, but Luke reassured Yuga that the use of their Duel ID cards to create Yuga's Maximum Monsters meant that they were with him. Roa remarked that the sentiment was like Otes' claim that a true Duelist could attract cards to them. Sure enough, Yuga was able to redraw and Maximum Summon "Magnum Overlord", raising its ATK high enough to destroy "Yggdrago" and defeat Nail before his Trap could defeat Yuga, much to Roa's satisfaction. After the Duel, Roa's five penalties were erased.[17]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Tyler and Toombs eventually returned to Roa, and Roa welcomed them back, comparing them to his two important aces, "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Invasion".[8] Five days before the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Roa became aware of the Ramen Hut and visited it each day since, partaking in the Rush Ramen served there.[18] Roa, Tyler and Toombs decided to enter the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal as Team Roa and Tyler and Toombs, and Roa became aware that Otes had shown up at the tournament grounds and been imprisoned by Goha Enterprises, so he plotted to interrupt the Goha President's opening speech and challenge her to a Duel for the right to speak with Otes, desiring to learn what he was up to. However, he failed to inform Tyler and Toombs of his plans. His plan went off without a hitch, particularly as the President proved to be a fan of his, and she accepted his challenge, wagering the right to a complimentary RoaRomin ticket and a special VIP backstage pass with Roa against Roa's request to speak with Otes. The President's Deck proved to be effective at countering Roa's Tribute Summons, forcing him to end his turn without Summoning any powerful monsters. On her next turn, the President appeared to fall under some form of control and Roa barely weathered the attacks of her "Dian Keto the Security Master" and "Vice Jacker", though he was able to reduce the damage he took. On his next turn, Roa was able to bring out both "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion" and Tribute them to Summon "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", destroying all of the President's monsters and depleting her LP in one move. To his shock, he learned that Otes had escaped his confinement, and as he left Goha Stadium in disappointment he found Tyler's drumsticks on the ground and Toombs explaining that Tyler had left and that he didn't want to remain with Roa either. Although Romin suggested that Roa pursue his friends, Roa tried to shrug it off as nothing.[8] Yuga's teammates Galian Townsend and Chevelle Kayama then had to leave the tournament as well, and they gave Yuga a Duel ID card from Asana Mutsuba before departing.[18] With both Roa and Yuga down two team members, Romin suggested they form a team themselves, an offer Roa initially rejected as he believed he was being pitied until Yuga explained that he also wanted to learn what Otes was up to. Yuga also called Nail to serve as their third team member, Roa meeting him for the first time and politely greeting him.[8]

On the first day of the tournament, Roa, Yuga and Nail's combined skills easily brought them into the top two on the leaderboard as Team YugaNail with R. One of Roa's matches yielded him several gifts from his female fans, including a Maximum Monster, "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [R]", which Roa gave to Yuga as thanks for allowing him to join his team, though also because a single piece was useless. Nail began investigating the black-market Maximum Monsters and acquired "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [L]", which he also gave to Yuga. After a string of victories that put them above Luke, Romin and Gavin's team on the leaderboard, Yuga took them to the Ramen Hut for a meal, where Nail developed a taste for the Rush Ramen served there as well. Roa tried to tease Nail over it until Nail's butler Drone Seatbastian revealed Roa had been eating there for the past five days himself. Luke, Romin and Gavin then arrived, Luke angry over Yuga's team doing better than his and the Maximums circulating in the tournament, which he hadn't been able to acquire. As Roa, Yuga and Nail discussed Otes' motives, Professor Diggs, Trench and Tracker from Goha #2 Elementary's Duel Dinosaur Club arrived, the later now wearing outlandish and expensive clothes and challenging Yuga to a Duel. Roa didn't mind leaving the Duel to Yuga, and he joined Romin, Luke and Gavin outside to watch the Duel while Nail remained in the restaurant. Roa was distasteful of Tracker's money-grubbing tactics during the Duel, but shocked when Tracker revealed he had a Maximum; "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix", which almost defeated Yuga. Rayne then arrived and revealed that Tracker, Diggs and Trench had been distributing the Maximums they had created from Duel Disks buried in Maximum Mountain one piece at a time to prevent people from obtaining a full set. Yuga then revealed his own new Maximum to Tracker, and Roa confirmed his role in giving "Vast Vulcan [R]" to Yuga, working in tandem with Nail. Yuga was able to draw the final piece, the Duel ID card that Asana had given him, and Maximum Summon "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", weakening and destroying "Dynarmix" and defeating Tracker. After the Duel, Tracker and his friends apologized and admitted they'd sold all the Maximums they had created, Tracker further revealing he'd had help from a man who called himself "Goha 66".[18]

Roa, Yuga, Nail, Romin, Luke and Gavin decided to investigate Goha 66 on the second day of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal; Romin, Luke and Gavin headed to Maximum Mountain on the outskirts of Goha City, while Roa, Yuga and Nail used Nail's access to the Goha Enterprises database to search for information on Goha 66, though their efforts proved fruitless and Roa teased Nail over his failure. After they returned to the surface from the Garden of Curiosity they returned to the Ramen Hut, where Roa spotted a celebrity autograph board, and as he headed over to add his own name to it, found the legend of the King of Duels inscribed there. He, Yuga and Nail asked the shopkeeper about it, but the shopkeeper simply laughed.[19] To Roa's shock, Rayne arrived and suggested that the shopkeeper was Otes, though by this point Yuga had spotted that the old man was laughing at a comedy routine on his phone and cleared up the misunderstanding. After the shopkeeper calmed down and Rayne left, Roa asked the shopkeeper about why the legend of the King of Duels was in his restaurant, and he explained that it had been given to him by a customer as payment a long time ago, though he didn't remember who. Roa, Yuga, and Nail didn't believe him and tried to intimidate him into remembering, but instead he gave up the secret plan of Goha 66; to create a final firework as they retired from Goha Enterprises.[20] As they left the Ramen Hut, Trapigeon delivered them a message from Luke; Goha 66 were trying to take over Goha Enterprises by gaining control of the main Dueling server located in Maximum Mountain. Roa teased Nail for not knowing the server's location and mused on the power one would control with the main Dueling server. They continued participating in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal; after Nail's victory over Braun Honya, Trapigeon delivered another message simply stating "My best, most awesome plan to take over Goha". Flash Umiko then announced that they were in the lead, with Luke's team seven points behind, so they would have a series of final Duels the next day.[21] Yuga realized that the person behind the tournament had been using Goha 66 as a distraction and he asked the Space Operations Duel Squadron to examine the moon.[22]

The next day Nail had Seatbastian, Buff Grimes and Kit Schrödinger examine the data on the tournament for suspicious activity, as he and Yuga believed the person behind Goha 66's actions had also masterminded the tournament. They entered Goha Stadium opposite Luke, Romin and Gavin; Yuga and Luke reaffirming their convictions to win. Roa was set to Duel first against Romin, and he put on a show from the beginning, gaining an early lead with "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal". However Romin's Jam playstyle soon forced Roa into a corner and though she succeeded in knocking his microphone from his grasp, Roa praised her for shining so brightly. Romin retorted that Roa was at his lowest with no-one to stand behind him as Princess G did for her, something Roa tried to deny, claiming that he shone the brightest alone. To Roa's shock, Tyler returned his microphone to him and he and Toombs stepped up to support Roa; Roa in turn was able to use "Royal Rebel's Treasure" to draw "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion" and Special Summon them to fend off Romin's last attack. On his next turn, Roa revived "Doom Metal" and powered it up, standing alongside "Heavy Metal" and "Invasion". Setting the stage in "Royal Rebel's Live Arena", Roa almost defeated Romin, but she was able to survive by increasing the ATK of her monsters so she had LP remaining. Romin made a comeback on her next turn, Special Summoning "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and using her effect to increase her ATK; Roa increased the ATK of "Doom Metal" in response and forced Romin to attack it that turn. Romin in turn used her "Climax Finale" Spell Card to increase the ATK of "Prima Guitarna", then retrieved it with the effect of her "Andoll" and activated it again, increasing the ATK of "Prima Guitarna" high enough to destroy "Doom Metal" and defeat Roa, and he smiled as he lost. He reconciled with Romin, Tyler and Toombs, agreeing with Romin's statement that it had been a while since they'd had such a good concert. Tyler and Toombs then offered to help determine who was behind the tournament, so Roa sent them to help Seatbastian, Grimes and Kit.[23][24]

With both teams now on equal points, Nail was set to Duel Gavin in the next round. To Roa's shock, Gavin unveiled a new hipster-themed persona he called "Gakuting", making several English puns that Roa explained to Yuga, asking Gavin if the medallion he wore was his family crest; after Gavin confirmed that it was, Romin told Roa to shut up in frustration. Nail quickly Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and pushed Gavin into a corner, but after a power outage, Gavin returned to his normal persona and kimono, Summoning "Kachisuzaku the Unequaled" and increasing its ATK higher than "Yggdrago". Fortunately Nail was able to prevent the destruction of "Yggdrago", and Roa admitted that it had been close, but Nail was unlikely to lose; Yuga warned him not to be so sure as he'd never seen Gavin Duel so well, prompting Roa to ask whose side he was on. Gavin was able to withstand the effects of "Yggdrago", but eventually was forced to end the Duel in a DRAW with "The Three Dark Rulers", a Trap Roa was shocked to note could only be used against a direct attack. After the Duel Roa brushed Nail's hair as it had been dishevelled by the attack, while Yuga praised Nail's Duel and Nail admitted he'd had fun. After Rayne returned to Gavin's service, Yuga and Luke were set to face each other, as both teams were still on equal points.[24]

As Yuga and Luke prepared to Duel, Roa discussed the true purpose of the tournament with Nail, agreeing that the culprit behind it was likely Otes and after they noted even Yuga wasn't sure this time Roa called Tyler for an update, though Tyler was still looking through the data. After Yuga had a disappointing start due to a bad had, he was able to regain the mental advantage when his "Surprise Barcode" Trap revealed his Maximum Monsters on the top of his Deck. Roa joined Yuga, Nail and Asana in Summoning "Vast Vulcan" next turn, though Luke was able to stay in the game. To everyone's shock the power began failing, Roa noting it had happened during Nail and Gavin's Duel and he quickly phoned Tyler for an update, learning that someone was hacking the Goha Duel Server. The Space Operations Duel Squadron then arrived, having filmed the moon as per Yuga's instructions, and their footage revealed that the Goha Duel Server was on the moon, with the Rush Duel Program within it as the Super Rush Robot. Roa noticed the robot had been damaged; it was being eroded by Goha Enterprises Drones as the Duels in the tournament progressed and Tyler confirmed it was more than just a hack; Rush Dueling was being uninstalled.[22] As they wondered why Otes was trying to destroy Rush Dueling after helping Yuga install it, Roa noted even Yuga didn't know the answer. He called Tyler to check the progress of the uninstallation and they learned that it couldn't be stopped unless the Duel was, though both Yuga and Luke agreed to continue the Duel, an outcome Roa had predicted Yuga would take. After Luke destroyed "Vast Vulcan" with "Steelstrike Dragon Metagias", Yuga counterattacked by assembling three Level 7 monsters, including "Sevens Road Magician" and nearly depleted Luke's LP. Luke fought back on his next turn by Summoning three "Strike Dragons" and relentlessly attacking. Yuga was able to hold out and return Luke's monsters to his hand with "Sevens Road Force", a move Roa believed had won Yuga the Duel, but Luke was able to return "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" to his field and destroy "Sevens Road Magician", defeating Yuga and winning the tournament. Roa and Nail congratulated one another with their effort after the Duel as Rush Dueling was destroyed, but to Roa's shock it was immediately reinstalled, as Yuga had been working to reinstall it throughout the Duel using Kaizo. Nail had also contained the data within a new and stronger Super Rush Robot composed of space debris, something Roa commented was as expected of him. Afterwards, Roa joined his friends in watching Luke's coronation as the King of Duels.[25]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

The true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth, evicted the current President, Mimi Imimi, and challenged Yuga and his friends to Rush Duels with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments that would shake it apart unless Yuga defeated the six siblings.[26] After Romin was defeated by Yuka Goha and Yuga was defeated by Yuo Goha, Yuga, Luke, Gavin and their new friend Swirly joined RoaRomin for dinner at Big Seven Arena, Yuga excitedly telling Roa about Yuo's "Fusion" Spell Card whose origins were unknown. Roa was pleased by Yuga's cheerfulness despite his loss, and Yuga took them all outside to watch for the Goha Meteor Shower, comparing the odds of them seeing it to those that they would all meet and Duel. A baseball stadium then rose from the ground, provided by Nail, who Roa happily greeted for the first time since the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. Yuka then arrived and challenged their best slugger to a Duel, and though Romin wanted to avenge her loss, Roa accepted Yuka's challenge instead, wanting to avenge his cousin. Roa started strongly, setting up "Royal Rebel's Live Arena" and Summoning "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" to destroy Yuka's "Uniform No. 39: Junior Baseball King, Home", though Yuka's "Gagagaguts" Trap Card allowed her to survive the turn. On her next turn Roa noticed Yuka clutching her shoulder and asked if she was all right, and Yuka insisted her pain was nothing compared to the pain of betrayal by Yuo, who she shouted at from the Duel field, vowing the Goha Siblings were the six of them together and that she would win the game. She Summoned "Uniform No. 99: Junior Baseball King Dragon, Home Grandra" and revived "Home", almost defeating Roa, but he was able to revive "Doom Metal" after it was destroyed and endure Yuka's attacks with it. Although "Live Arena" was destroyed, Roa vowed he could stand on any stage, though he was shocked to learn Yuka hadn't heard of RoaRomin. He drew an excellent hand on his next turn, but Yuka prevented his high-Level monsters from attacking. Roa then heard someone calling for him despite the destruction of "Live Arena" and thought back to RoaRomin's origins, wondering if this was what Yuga called a Road. He used "Card Destruction" to discard his hand and draw another one, Tributing "Doom Metal" to activate "Destiny Introduction" and draw two cards at the risk of taking damage if he drew an Effect Monster. Fortunately he drew two Normal Monsters and combined his three low-Level monsters with Spell Cards to increase their ATK and reduce the ATK of Yuka's monsters, allowing him to defeat her. Tyler and Toombs promptly embraced Roa, and after getting them off he congratulated Yuka on a good Duel, but was shocked when she tearfully yelled that she hated him and fled, vowing Yuo wouldn't succeed. Roa retreated outside with everyone to watch for the Goha Meteor Shower again, but they soon decided to return home.[9]

The following day Roa watched Yuo's Duel with Luke, who wore a draconian helmet and called himself "The☆Lukeman", defeating Yuo with his own "Fusion". He also witnessed Yuo's successful coup against Yuran Goha, making him the sole president of Goha.[27][28] Roa noted Luke seemed to be controlled as Mimi had, so he visited her and Swirly at Goha Library and asked her about the helmet Luke had been wearing, comparing it to her possession during their Duel. Mimi recalled she'd seen the helmet before at the Goha Enterprises Main Office, so she, Roa and Swirly disguised themselves as mascots Goha-kun and Rush-chan, Roa carrying Swirly on his shoulders under the Rush-chan disguise. Mimi was able to bluff their way inside, but they were eventually busted and pursued by security Goha Enterprises Drones. To their shock they ran into Luke and Yuo, who revealed that Luke was the sixth Goha Sibling. Yuo suggested Roa Duel Luke as the day's match, though Roa claimed he wasn't interested and turned to leave. Yuo goaded him into Dueling, so Roa decided to Duel Luke to keep him, Yuo and the President Drone distracted. Roa began by defending with his two "Royal Rebel's No Wave", while Luke Summoned the Fusion Materials he needed to Fusion Summon, though he failed to draw "Fusion" and instead increased the ATK of "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" with "Mountain", destroying both of Roa's monsters. Roa was disappointed by Luke's arrogance and strategies, as he had wanted to Duel Luke due to his strength and harshly criticized him, sending him into a whimpering mess. He Tribute Summoned "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Doom Metal" and destroyed all of Luke's monsters before discreetly signalling Mimi and Swirly to slip away while he Dueled. To his disbelief, Luke was able to draw three Level 7 Monster Cards with "7 Chance" and gain enough LP to survive Roa's direct attacks. Luke Summoned "Steelstrike Dragon Metagias" and "Illusion Strike Dragon Miragias" and revived "Dragias", and though Roa regained his LP and Special Summoned "Royal Rebel's Invasion" to defend him, it wasn't enough to stop Luke from defeating him, and he, Mimi and Swirly were evicted from the building. Roa, Mimi and Swirly promptly went to the Road Laboratory to inform Yuga of their findings; Mimi confirmed the Drone that controlled Luke had gone missing from the Goha Coporation and Roa theorized only The☆Lukeman could use "Fusion".[28]

Roa watched the Rush Duel between Yuga and The☆Lukeman from his apartment, including Yuga's cosplay as "The☆Yugaman" to convince The☆Lukeman he was his ally and the Goha Siblings dressing as the "Goha Aliens" to take "The☆Beauty Romin" hostage to ensure the Rush Duel continued. Yuo eventually lost his patience with the antics when The☆Lukeman used the effect of his "Peace Dragon" to increase both player's LP, though Roa knew that both The☆Lukeman and The☆Yugaman were taking the Rush Duel seriously. To Roa's utter shock a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, having been dragged in by the Goha Meteor Shower, and Yuga blocked the meteor with his Duel Disk, acquiring the "Fusion" card contained within it and using it to defeat The☆Lukeman, saving the Super Rush Robot.[29]

Goha Employee[edit]

Roa learned that Yuga was possibly the sixth of the Goha Siblings and decided to go to the Road Laboratory with Romin, Gavin and Mimi to wait for him and ask Yuga directly. However when Yuga took his time to show up, Romin suggested they instead go to Yuga's house to ask him, noting how little they really knew about him. They ran into Asana on the way, Roa greeting her (and R6 at her insistence) as "pretty baby" and after Asana lightly told him off for not acting like a gentleman, he suggested she accompany them to Yuga's house. After Asana realized Yuga didn't know they were looking into him, she warned them they would be betraying Yuga and challenged them to a Rush Duel. Romin asked Roa what he would do, and Roa accepted Asana's challenge. He set up a strong defense on his first turn and inflicted damage to Asana, but she Fusion Summoned "Infinidream Constructor Wyrm Buildrim" on her next turn and destroyed both of his monsters, though Roa was able to survive with "Card Reprint". Roa Tribute Summoned "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" on his next turn, but Asana flipped it face-down with "Buried Shield" and Roa commented it was the right choice, adding that her choice to oppose their investigation of Yuga was the right one too. However he claimed the right choice wasn't always the best one and that Asana had doubted Yuga as well by coming to see him without her clubmates. He Tribute Summoned "Royal Rebel's Hard Rock", using its effect to damage Asana and gain the ATK of "Buildrim", defeating her. Asana left after the Duel, warning them they wouldn't be able to regain Yuga's trust, and Romin took them to what she claimed to be Yuga's neighbourhood. To Roa's surprise, Yuga appeared all around them and he, Gavin and Mimi split up to try and talk to Yuga, but were led in circles by the seven Yugas. Gavin and Mimi theorized they were clones intended to guard the real President Yuga, and the Yugas expressed shock that their friends had tried to investigate them and challenged them to Rush Duels. Before Roa and Gavin could accept, Asana returned with Romin and revealed the seven Yugas and the Romin they'd spent the afternoon with had been imposters, Romin kicking Roa in annoyance for not noticing she was being impersonated. The imposters revealed themselves to be Nanaho Nanahoshi's Dueling Insects Club from Goha #5 Elementary, Nanaho mocking Roa and his friends for going along with her suggestions while she was disguised as Romin and claiming their friendship with Yuga was a farce if they betrayed him so easily. She revealed Yuga and Luke were off helping Swirly, who had been acting strangely, and claimed her plans would get even more interesting before leaving. Once she had left, Roa apologized to Asana for his actions and she accepted his apology, admitting she had doubted Yuga as well.[30]


Roa plays a Royal Rebel's Deck made up of LIGHT Fiend monsters, and supported by the King's Spell and Trap Cards. Many of his high-Level monsters gain powerful effects during the turn they were Tribute Summoned by Tributing other high-Level monsters. Accordingly, his Deck revolves around repeatedly Tribute Summoning, using each of his Tribute Summoned monsters as Tributes themselves; he later also uses cards that manipulate Levels and Special Summon high-Level monsters to support the strategy. In contrast to other Duelists such as Yuga Ohdo, Roa's Deck includes no Fusion Monsters or Maximum Monsters, relying on his Tribute Summoned monsters to defeat opposing Fusions and Maximums.

He uses his ace monsters, "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", "Invasion", and "Doom Metal", to represent his bandmates: Toombs, Tyler Getz, and himself, respectively.[8]

During his first Duel with Yuga, he also uses cards that force the opponent to repeatedly draw and discard cards, aiming to force Yuga to draw "Sevens Road Magician" as quickly as possible due to the card's legality being in question to trigger an instant disqualification.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Tyler Getz 18 Win (flashback)
Yuga Ohdo 12-13 Lose
Tyler Getz 18 Win
Mimi Imimi 44 Win
108 unknown Duelists 45-48 Win (off-screen, with Yuga Ohdo and Nail Saionji)
Romin Kassidy 49 Lose
Yuka Goha 61 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 63 Lose
Asana Mutsuba 75 Win
Yuga Ohdo 84-85 Win

Other appearances[edit]


  • The credits for Episode 44 reveal a few things about Roa.
    • He can cook well, and his bandmates enjoy it.
    • He is scared of crawfish.
    • He rejected Yuga's gift of a Duel microphone.


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