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Goha 66.

Goha 66 is an organization of sixty-six employees of Goha Enterprises.[1] They are led by a man only known as Goha 66 himself. All of their members wear masks similar to those worn by Goha Enterprises employees, but with a "6" within the "G"; they wear these beneath their usual Goha Enterprises masks.

All of them are approaching retirement, but desire to leave the company with final fireworks to ensure that they aren't remembered simply as faceless employees; as a result they decided to orchestrate a takeover of Goha Enterprises and the Dueling world by gaining control over the main Dueling server buried beneath Maximum Mountain.[2]


Image Character Description
Goha66-Head.png Goha 66 Leader
Goha662-Head.png Unknown Member
Goha663-Head.png Unknown Member
Goha664-Head.png Unknown Member
Goha665-Head.png Unknown Member
Goha666-Head.png Unknown Member
165px Specialized Goha Enterprises Drones Security and excavation
SweetsKakoko.png Sweets Kakoko Announcer, "Assassin"
KaizoSuit-Full.png Kaizo Past Member


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