Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Luke! Explosive Supremacy Legend!! chapter listing

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This a listing of chapters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Luke! Explosive Supremacy Legend!! manga.

Image Number English title Japanese title
SEVENS Luke 001.png
#1 "The Man Who Will Become King of Duels" デュエルのおうになるおとこ
Dyueru no Ō ni Naru Otoko
"The Man Who Will Become King of Duels"
A young man rushes in search of great treasure; however, an unexpected foe blocks his path!
SEVENS Luke 002.png
#2 "The Man Who Was Loved Too Much by Dragons" ドラゴンに愛され過ぎた男
Doragon ni Aisare Sugita Otoko
"The Man Who Was Loved Too Much by Dragons"
Gakuto challenges Luke to a Rush Duel in an attempt to make him keep the school area tidy.
SEVENS Luke 003.jpg
#3 "The Cursed Man" 呪われた男
Norowareta Otoko
"The Cursed Man"
Luke and Romin Rush Duel to lift a mysterious curse.
SEVENS Luke 004.jpg
#4 "The Man Who Babbled" バブってた男
Babutteta Otoko
"The Man Who Babbled"
Mimi Atachi, a disguised member of the Goha Corporation, approaches Yuga's group in order to investigate Rush Duels, but ends up encountering Luke.
SEVENS Luke 005.jpg
#5 "The Man of Zero" 0の男
Zero no Otoko
"The Man of Zero"
After getting a ticket for the Trial of a True King, Luke challenges the Demon King Roa Kirishima. Can he stand up to a True King's Duel?
SEVENS Luke 006.jpg
#6 "The Journeying Man" 旅立つ男
Tabidatsu Otoko
"The Journeying Man"
The grueling match between Luke and Roa comes to a conclusion. After Dueling the "Demon King", Luke decides it's time to initiate a journey to become the True King.
SEVENS Luke 007.jpg
#7 "The Remodeling Man" 改造する男
Kaizōsuru Otoko
"The Remodeling Man"
Luke requests Yuga to build a particular invention to help him in his quest towards becoming a True King, and ends up fighting his remodelled drone, Kaizo.
SEVENS Luke 008.jpg
#8 "The Man Who Rides the Waves" 波に乗る男
Nami ni Noru Otoko
"The Man Who Rides the Waves"
Luke ends up in a Rush Duel against a different kind of "king", Captain Nanami Maguro, after a dispute over food.
SEVENS Luke 009.jpg
#9 "The Man Who Encountered the Unknown" 未知と遭遇した男
Michi to Sōgūshita Otoko
"The Man Who Encountered the Unknown"
After a mysterious box falls into the hands of Luke's group, a self-proclaimed alien called Noodle Sorako approaches them.
SEVENS Luke 010.png
#10 "The Man Who Sits on the Throne" 玉座に腰掛ける男
Gyokuza ni Koshikakeru Otoko
"The Man Who Sits on the Throne"
In his quest towards finding "Kings" to challenge, Luke runs into Neiru Saionji's loyal servant, Sebastian.
SEVENS Luke 011.png
#11 "The Man Who Yells "Big Senior" Amidst the Providence" セツリの中心で大パイセンを叫ぶ男
Setsuri no Chūshin de Daipaisen wo Sakebu Otoko
"The Man Who Yells "Big Senior" Amidst the Providence"
Luke finally reaches Neiru. Amidst the Duel, the mysterious treasure that fell into Luke's group's hands is revealed - and it holds the potential for a brand-new Summoning.
SEVENS Luke 012.png
#12 "The Man Who Rebels Against Providence" セツリに反する男
Setsuri ni Hansuru Otoko
"The Man Who Rebels Against Providence"
Despite Luke's awakening of a new Summon, Neiru quickly shows him that there's more to what it takes. Now, if he wants to defeat the "King's Maximum", he must show that he is a true Duelist.
SEVENS Luke 013.png
#13 "The Ant-ertainment Man" 接待アリな男
Settai-ari na Otoko
"The Ant-ertainment Man"
Luke and his gang run into Jango, a man who was forbidden to Rush Duel and is suffering from a draw deficiency. Luke offers to help him by Dueling.
SEVENS Luke 014.png
#14 "The Man Who Got Carried Away" 調子に乗った男
Chōshi ni Notta Otoko
"The Man Who Got Carried Away"
Luke gets involved in a Goha 6th dispute and ends up Dueling Galian. But, to his surprise, a "mysterious person" has spread a special card to some members of Goha 6th.
SEVENS Luke 015.png
#15 "The Man Who Turned Down a Duel" デュエルを断った男
Dyueru wo Kotowatta Otoko
"The Man Who Turned Down a Duel"
Luke is taken to Asana Mutsuba, who refuses to Duel. However, once they finally engage into battle, Luke finds out that Asana also possesses a certain kind of cards that rival his own.
SEVENS Luke 016.png
#16 "The Astutely Blessed Man" ちゃっかり持ってる男
Chakkari Motteru Otoko
"The Astutely Blessed Man"
Even without her Maximum Monster, Asana keeps pressuring Luke with her "Constructor" and "Fusion" cards. However, Luke unexpectedly shows he's obtained a "Fusion" of his own!
SEVENS Luke 017.png
#17 "The Mean-Spirited Man" いじわるな男
Ijiwaru na Otoko
"The Mean-Spirited Man"
Luke and Yuga decide to settle their matters in an all-out battle.
SEVENS Luke 018.png
#18 "The 'The Truth Is...' Man" 本当は・・・な男
Hontō wa... na Otoko
"The 'The Truth Is...' Man"
Yuga and Luke agree to go all out against each other in a breath-taking match!
#19 "The Man Who Keeps Dueling" 決闘し続ける男
Dyueru-shi Tsuzukeru Otoko
"The Man Who Keeps Dueling"
After a fierce exchange of effects, the battle between Luke and his rival Yuga comes to a conclusion. However, this is just the beginning of Luke's journey towards becoming a king!