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Romin with the Duel Guitar.

The Duel Guitar is Romin Kassidy's Duel Disk, a hybrid Duel Disk and electric guitar.


The Duel Guitar in use as a noise cancelling device.

The Duel Guitar was originally a guitar that Yuga used as the basis for one of his Roads, a noise cancelling device that replaced one loud noise with another, though when strummed it produced a powerful sonic shockwave that could be seen from afar.[1] After seeing that Romin seemed to like it, Yuga modified the guitar into a Duel Disk and gave it to her before the RoaRomin concert at Big Seven Arena.[2]

The Duel Guitar in standby mode.

The head of the guitar has a red "7" shape, the neck is purple, while the white body of the guitar has a vague "7" shape, with the bottom section containing the card zones and glowing the same red as a Duel Disk used for Rush Duels. When in its compact form, the neck slides over the soundbox and the body sections hinge parallel to the neck. When activated, the neck slides forwards and the body hinges outward, and the Deck slot contained in the top section hinges parallel to the bottom section. The top section has a slot along the ridge that can be used to hold the player's hand.

The Duel Guitar also contains a compartment in the top section that can hold a candy bar, which can be dispersed at the touch of a button near the corner of the top section.[3]


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