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"No More Holding Back!"
Romin finds herself unable to hold back her hunger.
Romin finds herself unable to hold back her hunger.
Japanese name
RōmajiGaman ga Genkai!
TranslatedNo More Holding Back!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayKimiko Ueno
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 15, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"A Terrifying Ghost Story Duel"
Next"The Forbidden Ace"

"No More Holding Back!" is the eleventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 15, 2020.

Yuga and co. were challenged to a 3-vs.-3 match, with Rush Dueling at stake. Luke won the first Duel, and Gakuto is determined to win the next one with his Neo Sogetsu Dueling Style. However, his opponent is someone he could have never expected!


Gakuto offers to Duel instead of Yuga.

As the audience cheer, Roa asks who will be the second Duelist in this three-vs.-three team battle. Yuga eagerly steps forwards, but Gakuto throws out his arm to stop him, stating that he will finish this Duel so Yuga doesn't have to. He walks forwards in the spotlight, introducing himself as the Student Council President of Goha 7th Elementary, and he, Gakuto Sogetsu, will be their opponent. Gakuto throws off his school clothes to reveal his traditional garb and points his fan at the RoaRomin members. Roa mockingly claps, and politely asks them to let him introduce their opponent for the second round.

Gakuto's opponent is revealed - Romin.

He steps aside, and a spotlight snaps on to reveal Romin, much to Gakuto, Yuga and Luke's shock. Even Mimi is surprised that Romin is opposing her friends, while Kaizo happily flies over to Romin and cries that they were looking all over for her. Gakuto asks what the meaning of this is, and Romin states that it's what it looks like; she is their enemy. Gakuto angrily asks if she betrayed them, but Romin replies that she didn't really, since she only got close to them in the first place to observe their actions, and she wouldn't be friends with nincompoops like them otherwise. Luke isn't happy that she's insulting Yuga and Gakuto, and Gakuto has to explain that Romin means him as well. The three of them spell out the word "nincompoops", and Luke angrily yells that he won't forgive them. Mimi admits that even she was fooled and admits that wasn't bad at all, while Kaizo orders Yuga and his friends to surrender and leave the ownership of Rush Duels to them. Yuga sweatdrops, asking Kaizo whose side its on, and Kaizo claims that it is 100% on Romin's side and mocks Yuga for not realizing that he was being spied on.

Yuga casually replies that he knew, much to Kaizo and Romin's surprise. Gakuto asks if Yuga really knew Romin was a spy, and Yuga admits that he sorta did. Luke immediately claims that his suspicions of Romin informed Yuga's deduction, but Gakuto ignores him, impressed with Yuga's intelligence (while Luke asks if he's listening to him). Yuga walks forwards, calling Roa's name and warning him that he might not know what he's holding over Romin, but he doesn't like it and he wants Romin to be free to make her own decisions. Roa cheerfully agrees, and Yuga tells him to promise. A flustered Romin asks what they mean, claiming that she was already free and chose to spy on them herself. She activates the Duel Guitar, which Luke remembers that Yuga made, while Yuga seems happy that Romin is using it. Romin vows to defeat Gakuto here, and Gakuto vows that he won't hold back. Both Duelists call "Rush Duel!" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks, causing the green holographic dome to materialize as the audience cheer.

Gakuto draws himself as part of his Neo Sogetsu Style.

Gakuto declares his turn and prepares to draw, and then Ranze and Rinnosuke flip onto the stage to land beside Gakuto. Luke asks in shock why they are here, and Ranze explains that Gakuto will not have to use a finger to draw his cards, and Rinnosuke explains that as kuroko they will serve as his hands and play the cards. They declares that this is "Sogetsu Style". But Gakuto asks if he didn't tell them that he's now using "Neo Sogetsu Style", and he draws his own card, much to everyone's shock. Yuga points out that's what they normally do, and Gakuto sheepishly admits that he realized that this was quicker. In that case, Ranze and Rinnosuke leap out of their kuroko clothes and with headbands and paper fans they begin supporting Gakuto. Romin thinks that he doesn't care, but notes their speed. Gakuto smiles, then he looks at his hand, containing "Scroll of Simultaneous Salutations", "Greater Piercing!!", "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", "Binding Chain", and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" He recalls Romin's powerful ace monster, "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and Summons "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" and "Binding Chain", then he Tributes them to Tribute Summon. He chants "You want me to stop? No, I will not! The one who decides will always be me, all according to the passionate feelings hidden deep within my heart!! Come forth, Yamiruler the Dark Delayer!" Gakuto activates the "Commander's Decree" effect of "Yamiruler", changing it to Defense Position, and Luke recalls that by changing the battle position of "Yamiruler" neither player can Tribute Summon Level 7 or higher monsters until the end of the opponent's next turn. Yuga agrees that now even if Romin wanted to Summon "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" he won't be able to, as it's Level 7, and he excitedly wonders what Romin will do. Gakuto Sets two cards and ends his turn.

Romin's hunger begins to cause her to hallucinate.

Romin declares her turn and draws, using a slot in the top of the Duel Guitar to hold her hand. Gakuto imagines that Romin must be thinking about the Duel Guitar that Yuga made for her, and that she doesn't want to fight them because she's their friend. He admits to himself that he really doesn't want to fight Romin either, as Yuga wants Romin to be free, while she listens to Roa due to something beyond her control. But Romin isn't thinking that at all - she's musing that the Duel Guitar looks like a squid up close and also smells good. She drools at the thought, recalling the lack of sweets and bento in the dressing room when she arrived at the Seven Hells Hall and admitting that she's really hungry. She shakes it off and looks at her hand, containing "Elechic Ampoule", "Lullabind", "Prima Guitarana", "Elengel", and "Eleckiss", and she notes that the effect of "Yamiruler" will prevent her from Tribute Summoning "Prima Guitarna". She laments that her hunger is preventing her from thinking, not helped by Luke telling her to hurry her up and calling her an underhanded spy. Kaizo snaps at him not to be rude to Romin, and Romin finally squeals in frustration, Setting two monsters and two cards face-down, then ending her turn. Gakuto huffs, while Luke notes that the Duel will be over next turn, since Romin is still just a beginner. Roa comments that he doesn't think so, noting that they say they're Romin's friends, but know nothing about her. Romin is not a beginner, and Roa is the one who honed her skills; in other words, she is both the greatest guitarist and the greatest Duelist. Romin strikes up an epic guitar solo as Gakuto gasps in shock and the audience cheer, but Romin stops when she spots the "Prima Guitarna" card in her hand. She reflects that she used the card the first time she Rush Dueled, and fondly recalls her times with Yuga and his friends, who accepted her even after initially suspecting her, though she exasperatedly thinks that they really were idiots to do so. So many things have happened, lots of Duels and lots of fun, and she remembers drinking juice after Luke's Rush Duel with Yoshio, and eating Rush Ramen at the Tahayasty Restaurant after Yuga's Duel with Menzaburo...and then her recollection gets sidetracked as she begins fantasizing about pork and naruto ramen.

"Battle Commander Nandes" changes "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" back to Attack Position.

Gakuto declares his turn and draws, but Romin is busy imagining that his head is a bowl of ramen, and she asks in shock if ramen can draws. Gakuto asks Romin what's wrong, and she insists that it's nothing, urging herself to focus. Gakuto thinks that he knows how hard it is to Duel them, and he looks at his hand, containing "Turtle Keeper of Traditions", "Enshrined Deity Modorina", two "Battle Commander Nandes", and "Mountain Hermit Yur", thinking that he'll free Romin by defeating her. He Summons "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" and "Enshrined Deity Modorina", then he activates the effect of "Modorina", returning a Level 7 or higher Warrior monster he controls to his hand. "Yamiruler" returns to Gakuto's hand, and then he Tributes both of his monsters to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler" again. He activates the "Commander's Decree" effect of "Yamiruler" again, changing it to Defense Position, and Rinnosuke happily declares that now neither of them can Tribute Summon a Level 7 or higher monster until the end of Romin's next turn. Ranze worries that Gakuto won't be able to win either, but Gakuto replies that he'll finish this once and for all, Summoning two "Battle Commander Nandes". Ranze and Rinnosuke gasp "What did you say?" (the name of "Nandes" is a pun on this statement in Japanese). Gakuto explains that the effect of "Nandes" allows him to change a Warrior monster he controls from Defense Position to Attack Position, and both "Nandes" cross their staffs, which glow bright red as "Yamiruler" draws his katana. Gakuto then sends a card ("Mountain Hermit Yur") from his hand to the Graveyard to activate his Spell Card "Greater Piercing!!", allowing him to grant two monsters he controls with the same Level the ability to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. Romin gasps as Gakuto tells her to prepare herself, attacking with both of his "Battle Commander Nandes", which charge towards Romin. Both of her Set monsters are revealed - "Elekiss" and "Elengel", and the two "Nandes" cut them down, reducing Romin to 3800, then 3400 LP. Gakuto tells her to stop being a spy, and to stop if she wants to, ordering "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" to attack Romin directly with "Fiendish Commander: Slash of Heavenly Commandment" Romin screams as she is reduced to 900 LP, and Gakuto ends his turn. Kaizo asks if Romin is okay and angrily calls Gakuto a devil and an evil student council president, while Gakuto steels himself and mentally apologizes to Romin, as hesitating will only prolong her suffering.

To Romin's shock, everyone in the crowd is suddenly holding sushi rolls.

But Romin thinks that this is bad; her stomach is really empty and she'll be very embarrassed if it growls here. To try to cover it up she begins another guitar solo, much to the joy of her fans and the surprise of Kaizo and Luke, who asks if Romin is taking the Duel seriously. Gakuto declares that this is the voice of someone who doesn't want to fight but has been forced to; the guitar is crying. Luke is blown away by this, declaring that Romin has a just heart within her after all, though Yuga thinks she's just hungry. He remembers something about the Duel Guitar and calls to Romin, but she can't hear him over the guitar. Roa walks over to the drummer, Getta Taira, and asks if he took care of everything. Getta comments that it was a cruel thing done to Romin, but as per Roa's orders, Getta ate all the snacks and provisions in the dressing room and as a result Romin must be starving. As Romin finishes her solo, Roa suggests they double down on their plan. The crowd cheer for Romin, who desperately thinks that she has to eat something or her stomach will rumble. She tries to declare her turn, but to her shock, everyone in the crowd appears to be holding sushi rolls and she asks herself if she's hallucinating, why would sushi rolls be at a concert. But after she clears her head, she sees that it's not a hallucination; everyone really is holding sushi rolls, and Luke asks why they are.

Menzaburo suddenly arrives at the concert.

Then pipe music starts playing and the voice of Menzaburo calls to them as he races onto the stage with a ramen cart, telling him that it's been a while. Mimi asks who Menzaburo is as he screeches to a stop in front of Yuga, who comments that it's been a while. Menzaburo introduces his culinary friends to Yuga; Sushiko Maki, who tells them to allow her to roll their sushi if they don't know how while holding a plateful of sushi rolls, and she asks them if they want to try one. A blonde boy in cowboy clothing pops up asking if the crowd want beef or chicken, introducing himself as Nick Yagi and stating that this grilled roast is very delicious and asks Luke and Yuga to try it. Luke is drooling, but Yuga asks why they're here. Menzaburo cheerfully explains that Roa invited him and asked him to bring his friends as well, and they part to show Roa waving from across the stage with a grin. Sushiko and Nick quickly set up shop and begin advertising their combined food, drawing Romin's attention, while Luke has already sampled the yakiniku and sushi combination, calling it delicious and describing how it is spreading in his mouth as Gakuto and even one of the "Battle Commander Nandes" look at him. Romin gasps that she can't hold it back anymore, and drools as she slumps forwards as Kaizo calls her name in concern.

Entranced by her hunger, Romin unleashes a guitar riff.

Romin then begins to appear to glow red as her empty stomach finally growls. Luke stops eating as he wonders if that was the guitar, but Yuga cries that it was her stomach. Romin's head snaps back up with her eyes now blazing red, and Roa declares that it's here. Romin unleashes a blistering guitar riff, much to Yuga, Luke and Gakuto's shock, and she furiously declares her turn and draws four cards. Gakuto flinches in shock as Romin looks at her hand (containing "Esperaid the Smashing Superstar", "Prima Guitarna", "Romance Pick", "Elengel", and "Eleckiss") and Summons "Romance Pick", playing the Duel Guitar while doing so and activating its effect. Mimi notes that the effect of "Romance Pick" allows Romnin to pay 500 LP when her LP is lower than her opponent's, and Yuga and Kaizo realize what that means as Romin's LP falls to 400, though she does not let up with her guitar solo. Luke gasps at the state of Romin's LP, and Yuga asks what the effect is. Mimi notes that it allows Romin to send the top three cards of her Deck to the Graveyard, and if there is a Psychic monster among them, she can add a Psychic monster from her Graveyard to her hand. Romin sends "Blue Medicine", "2-Block", and another "Eleckiss" to her Graveyard, so she adds the "Elekiss" to her hand, then Summons "Elekiss" and "Elengel". Gakuto asks if Romin wants to Summon a high-Level monster, reminding her that the effect of "Yamiruler" will prevent her from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters.

"Yamiruler" is put to sleep.

Romin asks who Gakuto thinks he is, to try and stop her with "Yamiruler", much to his surprise, and she activates the Spell Card "Lullabind", causing "Elekiss" and "Elengel" to fly across the field and flutter around "Yamiruler". Kaizo explains that Romin can choose a face-up monster on the field and flip it face-down, which will stop the effect of "Yamiruler" from applying. The two monsters sing softly, putting "Yamiruler" to sleep, much to Gakuto's mortification. Romin declares that anyone who gets in the way of her performance should sleep, startling Gakuto. Yuga gasps that this isn't the usual Romin, and as Romin plays, Roa explains that when Romin is hungry the power of her hunger produces her rebellious strength, allowing her to overcome any problem by abandoning her common sense; it lets her rock 'n roll and clinch Duels with freedom, love and peace. Mimi doesn't quite understand it, and Roa declares that when Romin can't hold back her hunger, she's a great Duelist. Romin finishes her solo, and Yuga sees what's going on; if Romin eats something she'll return to normal. He tells her to press the button on the Duel Guitar, but Romin has started playing again and her stomach is still growling, so she still can't hear him.

Romin and her two monsters unleash a rocking Duel.

Romin then activates another Spell Card, "Elechic Ampoule", increasing her LP by the total ATK of "Elekiss" and "Elengel". Her LP rises to 1200, much to Gakuto's apprehension, and then Romin Tributes the two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "We're going live, with a full-body dive. No more holding back! Overdrive! Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar! Her long-awaited debut!" Gakuto gasps "What?!" and Romin then Summons another "Elengel", then Tributes it and "Romance Pick" to Tribute Summon again, chanting "Etch into them the rhythm of your soul. Crush everything with a beat of rage! Esperaid the Smashing Superstar!" Romin and her two monsters begin rocking out as she asks the crowd if they want to see a rocking Duel. The crowd cheers, and Romin asks if they want her to give them a rocking Duel. With the crowd's cheers suggesting the affirmative, Romin explains that "Prima Guitarna" can give up its life to put on its best musical performance; by paying 1000 LP, all monsters she controls gain 300 ATK for every monster Gakuto controls. Gakuto gasps in shock as he realizes that Romin's monsters will gain 900 ATK since he controls three monsters and Romin declares "Excite on Stage" as her LP falls to 200 and "Prima Guitarna" and "Esperaid" rise to 3100 and 3400 ATK respectively. Gakuto is dismayed, but Romin isn't finished yet; as she has 1000 or less LP, "Esperaid" can destroy two monsters her opponent controls. Gakuto realizes what monsters Romin will destroy, and Romin destroys "Yamiruler" and one "Nandes", telling them to fall into the abyss as "Esperaid" sprouts axeblades from her guitar and swings it with "Crisis Rock Revenge". Gakuto calls his monster's name, and Romin tells "Prima Guitarna" to play her melody on Gakuto's last monster, attacking with "Melodic Refrain Shock" and destroying the last "Nandes", reducing Gakuto to 2100 LP. Romin tells "Esperaid" that they'll go punk with the last one and orders it to attack Gakuto directly, attacking with "Terrifying Dread Refrain" and blasting a surge of energy from the guitar's head that slams into Gakuto and knocks him off his feet, wiping out his LP. Romin screams "Rock 'n roll!" as pyrotechnics explode behind her, "Esperaid" and "Prima Guitarna" and the audience cheer. Yuga, Luke and Menzaburo approach the fallen Gakuto, Yuga calling his title in concern and Luke asking if he's okay. Ranze and Rinnosuke run up in shock as Gakuto laments his loss, and he looks up to see Romin still rocking out as Kaizo cheers her on, while Roa and Getta watch her (and poor Ushiro just stands facing the wall).

Yuga and Roa face-off.

And then Romin's hand brushes a button on the Duel Guitar and it ejects a chocolate bar into the air. As Romin cheers ecstatically, the chocolate bar lands in her mouth, and though initially surprised, she quickly starts munching on it. Gakuto and Luke are confused, but Yuga is ecstatic that his invention worked, and Romin cries that it's delicious. Getta is quite surprised, and Roa sighs that Romin is back to normal. Kaizo flies over open-mouthed as Romin gets to her feet, asking in confusion if she won. Yuga walks over to Romin, explaining that the Duel Guitar pops out a chocolate bar when she's hungry and he asks if she likes it. Romin is quite taken aback and she touches the body of the Duel Guitar, asking if all of this was for her. Yuga then asks Romin what secret is making her obey Roa, much to everyone's shock. Romin claims it's nothing like that, and Yuga urges her to tell him. Romin protests that she can't tell him; it's a secret - and then she claps her hand over her mouth, realizing what she's just said, as does Roa. Yuga cheerfully comments that there is a secret, and Romin appears hesitant until Roa congratulates her. She turns and walks away, giving her cousin a high five as Kaizo flies after her. Roa announces that he will be their next opponent, and Yuga comments that it's time to settle this, and everyone watches as Yuga and Roa face-off.

Featured Duel: Gakuto Sogetsu vs Romin Kirishima[edit]

Gakuto VS Romin.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Gakuto
Gakuto's hand contains "Scroll of Simultaneous Salutations", "Greater Piercing!!", "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", "Binding Chain", and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions". Gakuto Normal Summons "Binding Chain" (1000/1200) and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" (0/1400). He then Tributes "Binding Chain" and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer" (2500/2500). Gakuto activates the effect of "Yamiruler" as it was Normal Summoned this turn, changing its battle position to prevent either player from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters while it is face-up on the field until the end of Romin's turn. "Yamiruler" is changed from Attack Position to face-up Defense Position. Gakuto Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Romin
Romin's hand contains "Elechic Ampoule", "Lullabind", "Prima Guitarana of the Colorful Light", "Elengel", and "Eleckiss". Romin Sets two monsters and two cards.

Turn 3: Gakuto
Gakuto draws "Turtle Keeper of Traditions", "Enshrined Deity Modorina", two copies of "Battle Commander Nandes", and "Mountain Hermit Yur". Gakuto Normal Summons "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" (0/1400) and "Enshrined Deity Modorina" (800/500). Gakuto activates the effect of "Modorina", returning a Level 7 or higher Warrior monster he controls to the hand. He returns "Yamiruler" to his hand. Gakuto Tributes "Modorina" and "Turtle Keeper of Traditions" to Tribute Summon "Yamiruler" (2500/2500). Gakuto activates the effect of "Yamiruler", changing its battle position to prevent either player from Tribute Summoning Level 7 or higher monsters while it is face-up on the field until the end of Romin's next turn. Gakuto Normal Summons two copies of "Battle Commander Nandes" (1200/1000). Gakuto activates the effect of a "Nandes", changing the battle position of a face-up Warrior monster he controls. He changes "Yamiruler" to Attack Position. Gakuto activates his Set Spell "Greater Piercing!!", sending a card from his hand to the GY to allow two monsters he controls with the same Level to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He sends "Mountain Hermit Yur" to the GY, and grants both copies of "Nandes" the ability to inflict piercing battle damage. Both copies of "Nandes" attack Romin's Set monsters. They are revealed to be "Eleckiss" (300/1000) and "Elengel" (500/800). The attacks continue and "Eleckiss" and "Elengel" are destroyed (Romin: 4000 → 3600 → 3400 LP). "Yamiruler" attacks Romin directly (Romin: 3400 → 900 LP).

Turn 4: Romin
Romin draws "Esperaid the Smashing Superstar", "Romance Pick", "Elengel", and "Eleckiss". Romin Normal Summons "Romance Pick" (500/0). As her LP are lower than Gakuto's, Romin activates the effect of "Romance Pick", paying 500 LP (Romin: 900 → 400 LP) to send the top 3 cards of her Deck to the GY, and if she sends a Psychic monster to her GY, she can add a Psychic monster from her GY to her hand. She sends "Blue Medicine", "2-Block", and "Eleckiss", and adds "Eleckiss" from her GY to her hand. Romin Normal Summons "Eleckiss" (300/1000) and "Elengel" (500/800). As she controls at least two Psychic monsters, Romin activates her Set Spell "Lullabind", changing a face-up monster Gakuto controls to face-down Defense Position. She changes "Yamiruler" to face-down Defense Position. Romin activates her Set Spell "Elechic Ampoule", allowing her to choose 2 Level 2 or lower Psychic Normal Monsters she controls and gain LP equal to their ATK. She chooses "Eleckiss" and "Elengel" (Romin: 400 → 1200 LP). Romin Tributes "Eleckiss" and "Elengel" to Tribute Summon "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" (2200/0). Romin Normal Summons "Eleckiss" (300/1000). Romin Tributes "Eleckiss" and "Romance Pick" to Tribute Summon "Esperaid the Smashing Superstar" (2500/0). Romin activates the effect of "Prima Guitarna", paying 1000 LP (Romin: 1200 → 200 LP) to increase the ATK of all monsters she controls by the number of monsters Gakuto controls x 300 ("Prima Guitarna": 2200/0 → 3100/0) ("Esperaid": 2500/0 → 3400/0). As her LP are 1000 or less, Romin activates the effect of "Esperaid", destroying up to two monsters Gakuto controls. She destroys "Yamiruler" and a "Nandes". "Prima Guitarna" attacks and destroys the other "Nandes" (Gakuto: 4000 → 2100 LP). "Esperaid" attacks Gakuto directly (Gakuto: 2100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.