Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 029

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"Galient Digging"
Japanese name
RōmajiGyarian Daichi wo Horu
TranslatedGalient Digging
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7th Elementary School Song"
Air dates
JapaneseDecember 19, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Training Camp! Sushi Duel"
Next"In Battle, A Tiger's Breathing"
Featured card"Drilling Mandrill"

"Galient Digging" is the twenty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on December 19, 2020.

Ranze and Rinnosuke cross the mountains to join the Training Camp, but they stop when they heard a strange engine noise. The source is a boy riding on a blue cavalry, Galient Tazaki from Goha 6th Elementary! Hearing him hint that he might be sabotaging the training camp, Ranze challenges Galient to a Duel!


The Rush Duel Training Camp is surrounded by a massive trench.

As Yuga, Luke and Romin doze in their bunk beds, Gakuto has woken early and gone outside on the third morning of the Rush Duel Training Camp, stretching and thinking that it's a wonderful start to the day, only to find the cabin has been surrounded by an enormous trench and he can only scream "What is this?!"

After getting dressed, the kids come out to examine the trench, Romin noting that it wasn't like this when Menzaburo and his friends left last night, while Luke cries that there's no way across and Yuga notes that they need a rescue as Kaizo pops up behind him. Gakuto tries to call Sebastian, who is in the administrative building with the manager, but has no signal since they're in the mountains. Romin and Luke panic, asking what they should do, and Yuga peeks down the trench, wondering how deep it is before looking at Kaizo, wrapping rubber bands and rocks around the Drone, and dropping him into the chasm as he angrily asks what Yuga is doing, much to the shock of his friends. They listen for the sound of Kaizo hitting the bottom, and Gakuto nervously comments that it's way too deep before Kaizo comes rocketing out past them and charges at Yuga, telling him not to treat people like pebbles.

Romin isn't happy that Luke's appetite has got them in trouble again.

The kids retreat inside, Yuga's hair still smoldering as Gakuto notes that they seem to be the only ones left at the cabin, and Romin's phone isn't working either. Luke then dramatically declares that he has news even worse than the sheer cliff face outside; the fridge is completely empty and there's no food in the kitchen at all. He angrily asks who did this, but Gakuto recalls Luke being surrounded by a massive pile of dirty dishes the previous night as he lectured them that they would start Rush training the next day to win the upcoming Rush Duel Tournament and telling Sebastian and the manager not to get in their way, as they would call when they wanted food. But Luke had eaten everything in the building, so Sebastian and the manager retreated to the administrative building. Romin is absolutely furious that Luke's appetite has got them in trouble again. His hair blown back by Romin's fury, Luke notes that they'll never be able to eat again at this rate, though Gakuto claims he's exaggerating and Kaizo snidely comments that this is what they get for making Luke the Rush Duel Club president. As he gloats that he doesn't need to worry since he doesn't eat, Yuga hooks him down with an umbrella, telling him to fly over and get help from Sebastian, though Kaizo doesn't want to lower his head to that "stupid massage chair". But all it takes for him to agree is a drawn out "Pretty please?" from Romin, and soon he's rocketing off into the sky. Yuga wonders if he's going to be okay, and Gakuto remembers that Ranze and Rinnosuke were supposed to meet them here once all the Student Council work was finished, much to Luke and Romin's joy, and Gakuto agrees that at a time like this they would surely be able to do something.

Ranze denies being interested in Yuga.

Sure enough Ranze and Rinnosuke are sprinting through the forest, Rinnosuke commenting on the notion that Gakuto would leave the Student Council work to them, though Ranze is concerned that Gakuto left it to them to attend the Rush Duel Training Camp despite the honor. Rinnosuke points out that Gakuto has become more lively since he started Rush Dueling, all thanks to Yuga and his friends. Ranze agrees that he's right, but can't accept that it's due to Yuga, claiming that it would be good if he stopped being such a weird influence on Gakuto. She can't understand him at all; he breaks school rules and does weird things and always talks about Rush Duels so loudly that she can hear him from afar. Rinnosuke grins, commenting that it sounds like Ranze is more than interested in Yuga herself, much to his sister's shock, and she protests that Yuga sleeps in his classes, it's surprising how bright his eyes light up in recess, he looks to the sky even when he's down, prefers sweet omelets to savory ones, she wouldn't be interested in a guy like that at all. Rinnosuke grins that Ranze's been observing Yuga, and she frantically denies it, it's not like she has an observation diary of him.

Three mysterious students are excavating in a pit.

But then Rinnosuke hears something and holds up his arm to stop his sister. They quickly shoot over to some bushes overlooking a large pit, where a boy in green equestrian clothing and a yellow helmet is scanning the area with an orange device, declaring that there's a strong response to a vein of ore here. A stocky boy in a blue equestrian outfit leaps out of a blue digger, commenting that he knew this would be a good battleground for digging and filling and he orders them to commence excavation immediately, as they'll definitely fulfill the wish of the Great One. Ranze repeats the term as the stocky boy gets back into his digger, and one of the other boys asks if this is really all right, what if the Goha 7th Elementary students see them? The stocky boy grins and tells him not to worry, as he's dealt with the training camp already, and Ranze wonders if something happened to Yuga's group. Rinnosuke comments that he's heard things about the heavy machinery here, though Ranze thinks Rinnosuke has heard things about her and Yuga, and as Rinnosuke declares that this must be Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Ranze thinks he's saying that she and Yuga are in love, and as she blushes furiously she puts her hand on a rock and dislodges it, falling into the pit and managing to land safely. Rinnosuke curses and leaps in with her, and the two green-jacketed students ask who they are and why they're here. The stocky boy drives up between his fellow students in his digger, asking what younguns like them are doing here.

Sebastian and Kaizo butt heads.

At the administrative building, Sebastian is busy giving the manager a massage, claiming that as the manager, he is the god of the training camp; he is one worthy to be massaged by Sebastian. But then Kaizo flies in, snidely commenting that Sebastian's saying stuff like that, but he really just wanted to massage someone. Sebastian isn't happy at the accusation, especially when Kaizo claims that "his sweetheart" Romin tasked him with an actual responsibility and he tells the "chatterchair" to hurry up and come with him. Sebastian asks who this voice can be coming from, surely not this little bug flying in front of him? Kaizo decides that's enough; he's always wanted to settle the score with Sebastian and he tells him to step outside.

Meanwhile Luke is already starving with blue bags under his eyes, apologizing for his actions, while Yuga and Romin aren't much better. Only Gakuto is somewhat composed, as he notes that breakfast has passed, but it's almost time for lunch. Romin angrily pounds the table, asking what Kaizo is doing.

Ranze angrily asks what Galient has done with Yuga and the others.

Back at the pit, Ranze and Rinnosuke face off with the Heavy Cavalry club members, and the stocky boy asks them what they saw. Ranze claims they saw nothing, so he asks them what they heard instead, which Rinnosuke also claims to have been nothing. The stocky boy asks what they are doing here, and Rinnosuke explains that they were on their way to the training camp, causing the boy to realize that they're from 7th Elementary, and he throws off his helmet, telling them that they can pass if they can defeat him, the sixth-grade Chief of Staff of Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club; Galient Tazaki, by stepping over his dead body. Ranze and Rinnosuke are shocked that the boy is only a sixth grader, having mistaken him for an advisor. Galient claims that if they are defeated here, they will have to work for the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club for the rest of their lives. Ranze is incensed that he expects them to agree to such terms, and Galient admits that it's natural that greenhorns from 7th Elementary wouldn't have the guts to challenge them, much to Rinnosuke's anger, but Ranze throws out her arm to stop him. Galient adds that they're also from the same elementary school as Yuga Ohdo, the inventor of Rush Duels, and Ranze shakes in anger, noting that Galient claimed to have dealt with the training camp, and Galient suggests that she defeat him first and then go check, if they think they can win that is. Ranze snaps that she would dishonor the Sogetsu-Style Flower Fang Oniwaban Unit if she stayed silent after hearing that, tossing her bag aside and taking out her Duel Disk. She tosses her Duel Disk into the air and allows it to land on her wrist, and calls Rinnosuke's name. Rinnosuke leaps into the and tosses aside his school clothes to reveal his kuroda clothing, impressing Galient. Declaring that he will fight poison with poison, Galient leaps onto his digger, which opens its bucket to reveal Solid Vision projectors and a slot on the arm projects a Duel Disk in front of him. Ranze readies her Deck, warning Galient to beware the fangs of the sweet flower, while Galient declares that his hands are not for grasping victory, but digging it up, and they both declare "Rush Duel!" inserting their Decks into their Duel Disks and transforming them into Rush mode, then projecting the green holographic dome above them as Rinnosuke kneels at the ready with Ranze's hand.

Ranze Sets three monsters.

Ranze declares that from wartime to now, the Oniwaban have ever supported Sogetsu-style from the shadows. Theirs is a secret technique; the Dance of the Flower Fang Unit, and she declares that it's time to let the flowers bloom before drawing. She examines her hand, held by Rinnosuke, which contains two copies of "Flower Fang Wolf Kurobana", "Flower Fang Warrior Rindo", "Flower Fang Shadow Strike", and "Flower Fang Spores", and she Sets three monsters. Galient grins as Rinnosuke reflects that Setting multiple monsters, then holding one's breath to wait for the chance to win is how Ranze Duels, and Ranze Sets the remaining two cards in her hand, ending her turn.

Galient comments on the notion that a lady like Ranze would point a card like a gun at a battle-worn veteran like him, and he comments that times have changed, while Rinnosuke sweatdrops as he points out that Galient is an elementary schooler. Galient ferociously declares his turn and draws "Drilling Mandrill", adding it to his hand, which also contains two copies of "Shovel Crusher" and two copies of "Bull Breaker". He Summons the two "Shovel Crushers", which are projected from the projectors in his digger's bucket, then he Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "An endangered species given the name of drill by the goddess of civil engineering! The primate of drills. A drill and a man! Now rev up! Drilling Mandrill!" He also Summons two "Bull Breakers", and Rinnosuke observes that Galient has already Summoned three Machine monsters, as expected of a student of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, but Galient tells him not to be too scared just yet. He activates the effect of "Drilling Mandrill", explaining that he can change a face-down Defense Position monster into face-up Attack Position for every Machine monster he controls, much to the twins' shock. Galient declares "Middle-Aged Table Reverse", and "Drilling Mandrill" digs its arms into the ground and throws up a massive cloud of rocks and dirt, unearthing Ranze's three monsters. Galient muses that Ranze's revealed monsters are "Flower Fang Wolf Kurobana" and "Flower Fang Warrior Rindo" and he asks her how it feels for him to dig up the monsters she tried to hide, but Ranze just smiles. Commenting on her toughness, Galient explains that the effect of "Mandrill" will also reduce the ATK of her uncovered monsters to zero, and Ranze gasps as "Mandrill" blasts steam across the field, sapping her monsters' ATK. Rinnosuke cries that Ranze's monsters have been lain bare, and Galient attacks both "Kurobana" with his two "Bull Breakers", who toss them into the air and destroy them, reducing Ranze to 2800 LP, then to 1600 LP. Rinnosuke gasps at what will happen if this continues, and Galient declares that an old soldier like him will use all the hydraulics to dig up baby rabbits like them, attacking "Rindo" with "Drilling Mandrill".

Galient's machines are all switched into Defense Position.

But Ranze returns two Plant monsters from her Graveyard to the bottom of her Deck to activate the Trap Card "Flower Fang Shadow Strike", changing all monsters Galient controls to Defense Position. Galient can only gasp in shock as his machines are upended, and Rinnosuke praises his sister for dealing with the machinery so easily. Galient laughs that Ranze managed to hang on by the skin of her teeth, and he ends his turn, causing the ATK of "Rindo" to return to normal. Ranze thinks that Galient is like an old veteran, but her heart beats with Gakuto, with 7th Elementary, and then she thinks of Yuga...

Ranze is able to Summon two "Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzer".

She declares her turn and draws five cards; "Greater Piercing!!", "Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzer", "Flower Fang Oni Yuri", and another "Flower Fang Spores" and "Flower Fang Wolf Kurobana". She Summons "Flower Fang Oni Yuri" and then activates its effect, sending the top cards of each of their Decks to the Graveyard; Ranze sends another "Kunoichi Etranzer", while Galient sends "Siesta Hold" to the Graveyard. Then Ranze Tributes "Yuri" and "Rindo", chanting "Behind flowers that bloom in the light are buds that bloom in the darkness. Even as they are scattered and cut, let them dance a dance of shadows! Tribute Summon! Come forth, Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzer!" "Etranzer" appears with 2300 ATK, and Galient grins as Ranze activates her Set Spell Card "Flower Fang Spores", Special Summoning "Rindo" from her Graveyard. Then Ranze sends a Plant monster ("Kurobana") from her hand to the Graveyard to activate the "Mirror Technique: Replica Flower Fang Image" effect of "Etranzer", causing "Etranzer" to split in two. Ranze declares that this is the Sogetsu-style Oniwaban's Clone Jutsu, and Rinnosuke notes that by using "Yuri" before Summoning "Etranzer", Ranze was able to Summon two of her aces, and this is the ability of the Flower Fang Unit to have everyone appear at once. But Galient asks if she intends to defeat him with that, and Rinnosuke realizes that he's right; all of Galient's monsters are still in Defense Position and Ranze's attacks won't damage him at all. But then they grin, asking Galient if he thought that would surprise them, much to Galient's shock, and Ranze activates "Greater Piercing!!" by sending the other "Flower Fang Spores" from her hand to the Graveyard, granting its effect to her two "Etranzers". Then she orders "Rindo" to attack a "Bull Breaker", destroying it with ease, before attacking the other "Bull Breaker" with her first "Etranzer", declaring its "Wild Petal Dance: Blooming of One Hundred Flowers" attack. "Etranzer" blasts a storm of petals at the second "Bull Breaker", destroying it and inflicting piercing damage due to "Greater Piercing!!" The petals then slam into Galient, reducing his LP to 2500, and Ranze declares that her other "Etranzer" will make "Drilling Mandrill" burst into a hundred flowers, destroying it and buffeting Galient with the petals again, reducing him to 2200 LP as he leans against his Duel Disk. His subordinates gasp his name, but Galient insists that it's nothing, and Rinnosuke congratulates Ranze even though she wasn't able to deal the finishing blow. Ranze ends her turn, and the monsters Special Summoned by the effects of "Spores" and "Etranzer" return to the bottom of her Deck.

Galient vows to annihilate Rush Dueling.

Galient vows that even though he has been heavily injured he will still hold his head high, and as a reward he will tell them something. Goha 6th Elementary is Goha City's most prestigious school that only children with a high social standing or a distinguished lineage can enter, and the mission of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club that only select members of the student body can join is to unearth the truth of the great traditions of Dueling, as well as to completely annihilate the Rush Duels that are an utter blasphemy on the history of Dueling. Ranze and Rinnosuke gasp in shock, and Galient and his fellow club members snap to attention, declaring that everything is for the sake of fulfilling the wish of their exalted lady. Ranze repeats his words, remembering Galient mentioning the "Great One" earlier, and she asks if they were trying to dig up something needed to fulfill that wish, but Galient grins, commenting that was a good guess. Ranze and Rinnosuke gasp in surprise as Galient kickstarts his digger and declares that old soldiers never die, they just draw.

"Drilling Mandrill" attacks.

He's drawn "Reward of Tyranny", another "Shovel Crusher", "Darkness Approaches", "Heavy Mequestrian Tactics", and another "Bull Breaker", and he Summons the "Bull Breaker", then sends it to the Graveyard as it is a Machine monster to activate the Spell Card "Heavy Mequestrian Tactics", allowing him to Special Summon "Drilling Mandrill" from his Graveyard. Ranze isn't happy that Galient Summoned "Mandrill" again, but Rinnosuke reassures her that it's fine, as "Etranzer" has the higher ATK. Galient calls them naïve greenhorns that are so green they've become as yellow as newborn chicks, much to the twins' shock, and he sends "Reward of Tyranny" and "Shovel Crusher" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Darkness Approaches", changing "Etranzer" to face-down Defense Position. The twins cry "No!" in horror as Galient activates the effect of "Mandrill", which Rinnosuke recalls flips a face-down Defense Position monster into Attack Position, then reduces its ATK to zero. "Etranzer" is flipped face-up, her ATK falling as the twins flounder and Galient declares that this is a true Heavy Cavalry battle, standing on his digger's bucket as it elevates him into the air and he orders "Mandrill" to mine "Etranzer", repeatedly chanting "Drilling, drilling!" as "Drilling Mandrill" transforms into its vehicle form and he orders it to move with horsepower like the superhuman strength of a primate and dig until it reaches the other side of the earth, as it attacks with "Dig Diesel Four-Stroke", destroying "Etranzer" and reducing Ranze's LP to zero.

Ranze looks downcast, and Galient approaches them on his digger, praising her for making him Duel seriously and leaping off the bucket to stand in front of them, telling them that they deserve a Goha Hexagonal Medal. Ranze doesn't respond, and Galient smiles and welcomes them to Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, much to the twins' shock. Galient chuckles merrily, and the twins take each other's hand.

The Heavy Cavalry Duel Club rescue the trapped Rush Duel Club.
The kids aren't happy that Kaizo didn't save them...

Back at the cabin, the sun sets as Luke weakly tries to draw food as the starving kids sit at the table. But then they see four construction vehicles approaching them, and Gakuto asks if it's 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, and they sigh in relief that they're saved as the machines lay down logs to make a bridge. Finally rescued from the cabin, they eagerly wolf down food at the picnic table as Galient and his fellow club members look on, Galient laughing that they'd have been stuck if he hadn't stopped by and declaring that those who love Dueling should help one another. Luke comments that Kan and his club all said they were unpleasant people, but that's really not the case. Gakuto gets to his feet and he asks Galient if he saw a pair of twins; a boy and a girl? Galient claims that he didn't see them at all, turning away as he smiles wickedly. Meanwhile, Kaizo and Sebastian are lying crumpled and battered on the ground, Kaizo admitting that exchanging blows has made him realize that Sebastian is a surprisingly good guy, and Sebastian admits that Kaizo has also suffered a lot, but Kaizo tells him to stop, and they turn and look at the sunset, the manager coming out and patting them as they all laugh, and then Kaizo stops in shock as he realizes that a very angry Romin, Gakuto, Luke and Yuga are behind him, and Yuga has his tools out.

Featured Duel: Ranze Nanahoshi vs Galient Tazaki[edit]

Ranze VS Galient.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Ranze
Ranze's hand contains two copies of "Flower Fang Wolf Kurobana", "Flower Fang Warrior Rindo", "Flower Fang Shadow Strike", and "Flower Fang Spores". Ranze Sets three monsters and two cards.

Turn 2: Galient
Galient's hand contains two copies of "Shovel Crusher" and two copies of "Bull Breaker". Galient draws "Drilling Mandrill". Galient Normal Summons two copies of "Shovel Crusher" (900/1200). Galient Tributes both "Shovel Crusher" to Tribute Summon "Drilling Mandrill" (1700/2000). Galient Normal Summons two copies of "Bull Breaker" (1200/800). As "Drilling Mandrill" was Normal or Special Summoned this turn, Galient activates its effect, choosing face-down Defense Position monsters Ranze controls, up to the number of Machine monsters he controls, changing them to Attack Position, and changing their original ATK to 0 until the end of this turn. Galient controls three Machine monsters, so he changes Ranze's two Set "Kurobana" (800/1300 → 0/1300) and "Rindo" (1300/1400 → 0/1400) to Attack Position. The two "Bull Breaker" attack and destroy the two "Kurobana" (Ranze: 4000 → 2800 → 1600). "Drilling Mandrill" attacks "Rindo", but as a Plant monster Ranze controls was targeted for an attack, she activates her Set Trap "Flower Fang Shadow Strike", placing two Plant monsters from her GY on the bottom of her Deck to change all Attack Position monsters Galient controls to face-up Defense Position. She places her two "Kurobana" on the bottom of the Deck and changes "Drilling Mandrill" and the two "Bull Breaker" to Defense Position.

Turn 3: Ranze
Ranze draws "Greater Piercing!!", "Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzer", "Flower Fang Oni Yuri", "Flower Fang Spores", and "Flower Fang Wolf Kurobana". Ranze Normal Summons "Flower Fang Oni Yuri" (500/500). As she controls a Plant Normal Monster, Ranze activates the effect of "Yuri", sending the top card of both player's Decks to the GY. Ranze sends another "Kunoichi Etranzer" to the GY and Galient sends "Siesta Hold". Ranze Tributes "Yuri" and "Rindo" to Tribute Summon "Flower Fang Kunoichi Etranzer" (2300/1000). Ranze activates her Set Spell "Flower Fang Spores", sending the top card of her Deck to the GY to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Plant monster from her GY, but that monster will be placed on the bottom of her Deck during the End Phase. She sends "Kunoichi Etranzer" to the GY and Special Summons "Rindo" (1300/1400). Ranze activates the effect of "Kunoichi Etranzer", sending a Plant monster from her hand to the GY to Special Summon another "Kunoichi Etranzer" from her GY, but that monster will be placed on the bottom of her Deck during the End Phase, also the "Kunoichi Etranzer" that activated its effect cannot attack directly this turn. Ranze sends "Kurobana" to the GY and Special Summons "Kunoichi Etranzer" (2300/1000). Ranze activates the Spell "Greater Piercing!!", sending a card from her hand to the GY to choose two monsters she controls with the same Level to grant them the ability to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. She sends "Flower Fang Spores" to the GY and chooses her two "Kunoichi Etranzer". "Rindo" attacks and destroys a "Bull Breaker". The first "Kunoichi Etranzer" attacks and destroys the other "Bull Breaker" (Galient: 4000 → 2500 LP). The other "Etranzer" attacks and destroys "Drilling Mandrill" (Galient: 2500 → 2200 LP). During the End Phase, "Rindo" and the Special Summoned "Kunoichi Etranzer" are returned to the bottom of Ranze's Deck.

Turn 4: Galient
Galient draws "Reward of Tyranny", "Shovel Crusher", "Darkness Approaches", "Heavy Mequestrian Tactics", and "Bull Breaker". Galient Normal Summons "Bull Breaker" (1200/800). Galient activates the Spell "Heavy Mequestrian Tactics", sending an EARTH Machine monster he controls to the GY to Special Summon an EARTH Machine monster from his GY, but other monsters he controls cannot declare an attack this turn. He sends "Bull Breaker" to the GY and Special Summons "Drilling Mandrill" (1700/2000). Galient activates the Spell "Darkness Approaches", sending two cards from his hand to the GY to change a face-up monster on the field to face-down Defense Position. He sends "Reward of Tyranny" and "Shovel Crusher" to the GY and changes "Kunoichi Etranzer" to face-down Defense Position. As "Drilling Mandrill" was Normal or Special Summoned this turn, Galient activates its effect, choosing face-down Defense Position monsters Ranze controls up to the number of Machine monsters he controls and changing them to face-up Attack Position, then changing their original ATK to zero until the end of the turn. Galient controls one Machine monster, so he changes Ranze's Set "Kunoichi Etranzer" (2300/1000 → 0/1000) to Attack Position. "Drilling Mandrill" attacks and destroys "Kunoichi Etranzer" (Ranze: 1600 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.