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"What Lies After Providence"
The birth of a new providence: Maximum Summon.
The birth of a new providence: Maximum Summon.
Japanese name
RōmajiSetsuri no Saki ni Aru Mono
TranslatedWhat Lies After Providence
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayYuichi Nomura
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 7, 2020
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Sealed Devil"
Featured card

"What Lies After Providence" is the twenty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 7, 2020.

Yuga and co. reach the Gate of Curiosity, the entrance to the Nexus. Beyond the road lined with shops selling various kinds of providences is their destination... they open the heavy door, where the final showdown with Nail awaits. Then, a monster that transcends imagination is Summoned in a blinding light!!


Luke warns his friends not to be fooled by Nail's traps.

As Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin pass corridor V6 65 in the Garden of Curiosity, Luke asks how much further it is, as they've been walking for ages. They emerge into a hexagonal chamber emblazoned with "V6 66" above a diamond-shaped door, as Yuga notes and he comments that it looks like the place that Grimes told them about. Luke is getting a bad feeling, but Yuga simply comments that they'll see, and they walk towards the door. Romin asks Gavin what he thinks the Gate of Curiosity will be like, and Gavin comments that it's Nail's stronghold and the gate to his haven, so they should be vigilant and prepared for anything. Yuga agrees that it certainly won't be easy to get past, and Luke states that even getting there is sure to be full of hardship...but then they all see a hexagonal wooden sign, which Romin reads out: "Welcome to the Gate of Curiosity". From here, only 66 meters left". Luke insists that they can't be fooled; this is surely one of Nail's traps and they'll be caught in an underground labyrinth that they'll wander forever and ever and they need to gain some distance. But before his stunned friends can reply, the door opens, as Gavin observes, and Luke warns them not to let their guard down.

To everyone's surprise, the Gate of Curiosity contains an abundance of shops.

But to their shock, the next chamber contains traditional Japanese architecture in a tall arch. The four kids walk forward and look up at the structure, as Gavin asks if this is the Gate of Curiosity and Romin wonders if there really is nothing else. Then a Goha Enterprises Drone manipulating a humanoid body and dressed in a motherly fashion wheels over to them, welcoming them and asking what they are standing around in a daze for, didn't they come here to visit the haven? Yuga and his friends are shocked by the Drone, who tells them to hurry up and come through the Gate, and not to forget to look at the shops while they're here. The Drone steps aside to reveal a street lined with shops, much to the utter shock of the kids, and the Drone explains that the street was made by the young master Nail as a hobby when he was first given control over it by Goha Enterprises while she leads the kids down the street. Gavin and Romin are enchanted by the sights, though Yuga is more interested that this is Nail's hobby. The Drone cheerfully tells them that while walking from here to the entrance of the haven ahead, they can come to learn and understand a lot about providence from these shops, which are all staffed by humanoid Drones garbed as the shopkeepers in question. Luke seems skeptical, though Yuga is impressed by the Gate.

Luke eats a candy apple that proves to be not to his tastes.

A gruff Drone calls to Romin, calling her a cute girl, much to her appreciation, and he suggests a wood carving perfect for a cute girl. Romin tells him that he's flattering her too much, but is surprised when the Drone offers here a carving of Seatbastian - but only of his hexagonal faceplate. Although the Drone insists that it's rare, Romin isn't impressed and she sidles away. Gavin meanwhile has found a rare charm of providence for the prosperity of one's household, much to Luke's irritation, as they didn't come here to sightsee. A Drone pops up to offer the "cool-looking boy" a providence hand-towel, perfect for a stylish guy like him right after a long bath. Luke states that he'd prefer an actual towel, and right on cue, another Drone pops up with a providence towel with a two-for-one deal, another suggests a souvenir providence pennant, a providence wooden sword, providence dango, providence bun, and the list goes on as Luke claps his hands over his ears. Gavin comments that it's a parade of providence and Romin asks if this is really the meaning of providence. Yuga asks a Drone dressed as an apple what the candy apples it's selling taste like, and the apple Drone states that they taste like providence, which was what Yuga was asking about. The Drone tells Yuga that asking about that is a little ambitious and laughs uproariously as Yuga is left flabbergasted, and Luke thoughtfully takes a candy apple and he notes that thinking about it, they don't know anything about Nail's providence, which he describes as a "special move", a term that confuses Romin. Luke asks what else he should call it, and Romin admits that she's not sure. Gavin suggests that if they learn everything about providence here, then they'd have the advantage in the Rush Duel against Nail. Luke agrees, though Romin is worried it feels a little underhanded. The motherly Drone pops up to reassure them that it's no problem, startling Romin, and states that Nail is of the opinion that anyone who has passed the trials to get to the Gate is worthy of the right to understand his providence. Yuga eagerly asks if that includes them and the Drone confirms that of course it does; this shopping street was made for the purpose of making it easy for people to understand what providence is. Yuga and Luke are both excited by the prospect, and Luke suggests that they go ahead and unmask him, before taking a bite out of the candy apple and immediately flushing blue.

Nail compares the codes of Goha Dueling and Rush Dueling.

In his haven, Nail works tirelessly, and Seatbastian congratulates him; by analyzing Kaizo's original data on the principles of Yuga Ohdo's actions regarding his road, Nail has managed to completely reverse-engineer and analyze the programming of Rush Dueling. He asks if Nail is feeling tired and offers to give him a massage, but Nail simply states that he doesn't get it, comparing the code of Rush Dueling to Goha Dueling and noting that Yuga's code contains something incomprehensible. Seatbastian admits that he does not see it, but suggests it may be something even an A.I. like him cannot grasp, a source of unease that only Nail can sense. Nail looks at a gap in the code, seeing Yuga's image appearing over it, and he gasps in shock. Seatbastian says Nail's name in concern, and Nail gasps that it can't be; is he being drawn into it, into Yuga Ohdo's road? And yet who could possibly resist such an urge? He begins frantically typing as Seatbastian watches, and then a chime sounds behind them. Seatbastian observes that guests seem to have arrived, and Nail orders Seatbastian to allow them through. As Seatbastian rolls off to conduct Nail's order, Nail muses that he already wanted to Duel Yuga Ohdo after discerning the true nature of this urge, but this too is providence. Seatbastian projects an image before Nail, explaining that the Top of the Hexagon are waiting for him, though only five of them stand in a half circle on the screen.

Yuga's friends are still confused by the Drones in the Gate, but Yuga begins to understand.

In the Gate of Curiosity, Gavin asks what the Drone meant when she said the street was made because Nail wanted it to be easy for people to understand his providence. Yuga reassures Gavin that they'll surely find the answer here, and Romin asks if they will continue on after the finally get it. Luke then yells at a Drone dressed as a corn dog, snapping at it for the providence candy apple tasting sour earlier, while the providence corn dog he just took a bite out of is absolutely disgusting. The Drone indignantly asks if providence candy apples should be sweet and providence corn dogs tasty, and Luke retorts that of course they should. The Drone asks who decided that, and the kids find themselves unable to answer as the Drone declares that whether it's sweet or tasty depends on who ate it, and this is providence. Luke thinks this is stupid logic, angrily nibbling on the corn dog, but then a gong sounds out and several Drones chant "Providence! Providence! Providence!" Romin wonders if something bad is about to happen, but Gavin runs over to another Drone with a bun headdress and asks for a providence bun. The Drone acquiesces, picking up a bun and then ripping a hunk out and handing it to Gavin, much to the kids' surprise. Romin tells the Drone to give them a proper one, but the Drone states that it is a proper one, and it turns its headdress to show that it too is not whole, stating that both the large and small pieces of the bun can be one, and that too is providence. Luke, Gavin and Romin are all visibly stressed by the Drone's claim, but Yuga grins.

Nail meets with the Top of the Hexagon.

In Nail's haven, he meets with the five Top of the Hexagon, one of whom apologizes for intruding, but they wanted to tell Nail as soon as they possibly could. Another Top explains that they recently had an emergency Top of the Hexagon meeting where they unanimously decided to dismiss Nail from his position as Goha Duel Overseer. A third Top declares that they will decide things from now, as the Top of the Hexagon. All of them strap on their Duel Disks, and the first Top of the Hexagon states that if Nail loses against even one of them, they will have him leave Goha Enterprises. Nail lightly comments that he expected the Top of the Hexagon to send five people against a lone elementary school student as Seatbastian transforms into his Robot Mode. An overweight Top scoffs at Nail's providence, and the final Top snarls that Nail has some nerve to show off like this. The third Top accuses Nail of doing whatever he likes with these Rush Duels against Yuga Ohdo, and the second Top warns Nail that his arbitrary dogmatism has become intolerable. The first and second Tops vow that they will have Nail leave the company no matter what, for the sake of the future of Goha. Nail comments that he sees; by exiling him from Goha, the Top of the Hexagon plan to try and take the power he holds for themselves. The Tops comment that he can think what he wants, but Nail notes that they claimed their decision was unanimous, yet there are six members of the Top of the Hexagon, and one of them has not come.

Mimi Imimi has not joined her fellow Tops in exiling Nail.

That one is Mimi Imimi, who lies on the top of the Goha Enterprises Main Office in her Goha uniform with her helmet off, thinking that a cowardly act like trying to get rid of Nail like this does not suit the elite of Goha.

Nail realizes something.

The first Top confirms that they will be having Mimi leave Goha after Nail has, and Seatbastian steps forward, thinking that even if his opponents are the Top of the Hexagon, no matter the number of people, no-one is a match for Nail. However... Seatbastian's concerns seem validated, as Nail has decided that before Yuga arrives he wants to give form to this feeling bursting out of his soul and filling up his heart as a courtesy to him, who helped bring him to a higher level. He doesn't have time to deal with these - and then it hits him. He remembers the gap in the Rush Dueling code, and he clenches his fist, agreeing to take the Top of the Hexagon on, but on one condition; the format will be a Rush Duel. The first Top agrees that they will give him this parting gift. Nail smiles, and he suggests that they begin. He straps on his Duel Disk and inserts the Deck case, extending the blade in Rush mode, and the Top of the Hexagon do so themselves. Nail declares "Real-Time Rush Duel Programming" and code extends behind him as the Duel begins.

Yuga sees himself and his "Sevens Road" monsters flying with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Back in the Gate, Luke and Gavin are trying to catch goldfish, but their nets have no screens and Gavin states that they can't catch the fish like this. A Drone in a merman costume explains that he is trying to save the fish from them, and that is providence. Luke isn't happy that providence is being brought up again, and Gavin admits he doesn't understand it at all. Romin then tries on a providence T-shirt, but the left sleeve is far longer than the right and she protests that it's all wrong. The Drone staffing the store points out that a shirt is still a shirt even if the sleeves are all wrong, and that is also providence. Yuga meanwhile is drawing a fortune, but to his shock, he finds it blank and he asks the Drone sweeping the area what his fate is. The Drone explains that fate is not given to Yuga, but something he must carve out for himself, and that is providence. Yuga thinks about "providence", all the Drones repeatedly saying the word, and then he sees Nail, before finding himself floating through a bright starscape of Duel Monsters cards. He sees "Sevens Road Witch" flying with him, and then "Sevens Road Magician" and "Sevens Road Mage", and then the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and he gasps in wonder. Meanwhile, poor Luke sighs, having had enough of providence, and Romin admits that the more this goes on, the less she understands it. Gavin agrees, but Yuga claims it's not true at all, and he understands providence now. Luke asks if Yuga understands Nail too, and Yuga eagerly agrees; Nail really is interesting. His friends are surprised by Yuga's claim, and Yuga cries that he really wants to Rush Duel Nail already and he can't stop trembling with excitement. With Kaizo in hand, Yuga looks at the sign by the Gate, and he pushes it open...

Nail defeats all five of the Top of the Hexagon.

Within Nail's haven, scattered Duel Monsters cards fall to the ground as the final Top of the Hexagon collapses with his fellows into the rubble, while only Nail and Seatbastian still stand. Nail clenches his fist and he laughs that it's complete as a tone sounds, and Seatbastian notes that someone is approaching. Nail only smiles. Meanwhile, Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin have passed through the Gate onto a long walkway over what seems to be water, with the apparent ruins of Nail's haven on the other side. Luke and Romin ask what is going on in shock, and then the ruins begin to glitch. Luke snaps that he told them this is Nail's trap, but then the ruins reassert themselves and Gavin realizes that this is just Solid Vision. Yuga realizes what this means, and the door at the end of the walkways opens and Nail and Seatbastian emerge from it, Nail welcoming them to his haven. Luke rudely snarls Nail's name, and Yuga comments that he's found Nail's providence after experiencing the shops in his haven, and he feels like her understands Nail now, if only a little. Until he passed through the Gate of Curiosity, all he thought he had to do was win to get Kaizo's original data back, but he feels differently now. He hands Kaizo to Romin and walks forwards, admitting that now he can't contain the excitement of Rush Dueling Nail. Nail admits that's unfortunate, as they can no longer have that match. Yuga's odds of winning are 0.001%, effectively zero. "Zero?" Yuga asks, and Nail tells him that it's thanks to his road; in gratitude, Nail will sear this into Yuga's memory; that which lies beyond providence. Yuga admits that he doesn't get what Nail is saying, but let's go, and he holds up his Duel Disk. Nail replies that he'll show Yuga where providence has led him, and they both insert their Decks into the Duel Disks to activate them and call "Rush Duel!" Sections emerges from the water to complete a circle of stone around them, allowing the green holographic sphere to deploy.

As Nail examines his hand, containing "Quantum Hole", two copies of "Femtron", and "Attron‎", he asks if Yuga knows why mountains are tall, the sea is vast, and the skies are blue. Why was the universe created? For Yuga's sake, Nail will show him. He declares his turn and his Draw of Curiosity, then he Summons "Femtron", Sets two cards, and ends his turn, declaring that this is the beginning of the end.

Yuga replies that he will grasp the meaning of Nail's words with his hand and he declares his draw. His hand contains "Straynge Cat", "Wave Crest Madoor", "Spell Archer", "Magical Beast Wolfang", and "Sevens Road Magician", and he Summons "Straynge Cat", then Tributes it to Tribute Summon "Wave Crest Madoor". Yuga explains that the effect of "Wave Crest Madoor" allows him to send a Spellcaster monster from his hand to the Graveyard to destroy one Spell or Trap Card that Nail controls. Luke cheers Yuga's move, and Gavin agrees that while they don't know what Nail is up to, this should hinder him.

Nail's "Trap Hole" destroys "Wave Crest Madoor".

But Nail activates "Trap Hole" since Yuga Summoned a monster with at least 1000 ATK, destroying that monster. "Trap Hole" emits dark energy that generates a dark hole under "Wave Crest Madoor", who falls into it as Yuga gasps in shock. Nail comments that if one digs a trap hole, then people who walk over it will fall, and that is also providence. "Madoor" was not his first choice, but he will still have Yuga follow his providence. Luke muses on Nail's statement and Romin comments that Nail must have wanted to trap "Sevens Road Magician". Gavin adds that Nail used "Trap Hole" to destroy "Madoor" before its effect could be activated, meaning that his other Set card must be valuable. Yuga Summons two more monsters, "Spell Archer" and "Magical Beast Wolfang", then he Tributes them both to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Magician", bright light blazing behind him as he places the card onto his Duel Disk. Yuga then sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard, the LIGHT "Shining Shaman", to activate the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", powering it up to 3600 ATK. He declares his Battle Phase, ordering "Sevens Road Magician" to attack "Femtron". "Sevens Road Magician" blasts an arc of fiery magic from its sword, destroying "Femtron" and reducing Nail to 1800 LP. Nail activates his other Trap Card, "Quantum Hole", drawing two cards, then choosing two cards from his hand to return to the bottom of his Deck. He draws "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]" and "Attron", and returns "Attron" and "Femtron" to the bottom of his Deck, explaining that he can only activate his Trap when a Cyberse monster he controls was destroyed. Yuga asks if this was all according to plan, and Romin asks what's with this Trap Card. Luke muses that it didn't affect Yuga at all, but allowed Nail to take cards in and out of his Deck. Nail claims that this is all under the sway of providence. Just as all of creation continues to change, and that too is providence. Romin asks if there is also meaning to that draw, but Luke thinks it's just a bluff. Gavin warns them that Nail might be trying to draw for something specific, much to Luke and Romin's surprise, and Yuga ends his turn, returning the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" to 2100.

Romin notes the decreasing Levels of Nail's monsters.

Nail declares that it's almost time to show Yuga the meaning behind why his road and Nail's providence met. He takes his new turn and draws three cards, then Summons "Attron". He explains that since "Femtron" is in his Graveyard he can activate the effect of "Attron", sending it to the Graveyard to draw a card. He draws a "Yoctron‎‎" and adds it to his hand, which already contains another "Yoctron", another "Quantum Hole", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]" and "Zeptron‎‎". Then Nail Summons "Zeptron", explaining that since "Femtron" and "Attron" are in his Graveyard he can activate the effect of "Zeptron", sending it to the Graveyard to draw two cards, and then return two to the bottom of his Deck. He draws "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]" and his third "Quantum Hole", the latter of which he returns to the bottom of his Deck with a "Yoctron", chuckling as he looks at his hand. Luke muses on the names of Nail's monsters, commenting that they're kind of strange. Romin wonders if it's just a coincidence that Nail's monsters have had steadily decreasing Levels, and Gavin gasps that he sees now; femto (10^-15), atto (10^-18), zepto (10^-21), all of these are denominations of numbers approaching zero; the origin, and they go even lower. It's like getting closer and closer to the truth of all creation - like finding providence! Romin and Luke are shocked by Gavin's deductions, and Gavin urgently calls Yuga's name. Nail then Summons "Yoctron" and activates its effect, returning "Femtron", "Attron" and "Zeptron" from his Graveyard to the bottom of his Deck to activate the effect of "Yoctron", sending it to the Graveyard to draw three cards, and then send three cards from his hand to the Graveyard. Now the only three cards in Nail's hand are three "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎" monsters, and he laughs to himself. Yuga wonders what Nail is doing, but then the gong begins to beat again. Once again, Nail asks why mountains are tall, the sea vast, and the sky blue? Who created all things in the universe? Providence. Yuga gasps that can't be, and Nail asks if Yuga is despairing. Do they as humans only exist in the palm of providence's hand? No, they must cut apart the bonds of providence and fly away. Yuga uncertainly asks if it can be done, and Nail replies that of course it can; because right now is the birth of a new providence.

Nail performs a Maximum Summon.

He holds up the three cards in his hand, and yellow energy spirals into them, then a larger surge of blue energy as Nail chants "Heaven. Earth. Light. Dark. Creation. Despair. Immortality. Death. Destiny. These are the new truths which will fly through and pierce the world." The energy coalesces into a yellow sphere engulfing Nail's hand as he chants "Now is the time to bestow reason upon all creation with your three sets of insight." Three energy spheres emerge from the cards Nail is holding and spiral into a golden column as Nail declares "MAXIMUM!" The Monster Zones on his Duel Disk glow as Nail places the three cards down: "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]", and as Nail tells "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" to come forth, the cards all slide together, the Zone dividers sliding aside to make room for them, and the holographic card duplicate is blasted into the air on a golden road of light to intersect with the energy above them. Light blinds the kids as Yuga gasps "This is..."

Nail Maximum Summons "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor".

The light and energy fade, and then the shadowy form of a truly enormous three-headed plant-like dragon, each head with a different colored gem embedded in it, rises behind the haven, utterly dwarfing it as it stands with 4000 MAXIMUM ATK. Yuga screams in fear and his friends cry out in shock as well, Gavin gabbling in panic as he asks what it is. Nail merely smiles as he sends three cards from his Deck to his Graveyard, and the three mouths of "Yggdrago" open and blast lightning at "Sevens Road Magician" that intersect and destroy it with a cry. Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin all cry out in shock as Yuga gasps his ace monster's name and "Yggdrago" roars, briefly illuminated in the lightning striking above it. Yuga gasps the monster's name, and Nail declares that in battles from now on, the world will be guided towards an even greater direction.

Yuga is defeated.

He orders "Yggdrago" forward, for the sake of welcoming the sunrise of a new genesis, and tells it to raze everything to the ground with its universe-shaking iron hammer, ordering its "Ragnarok Tri-Burst Streak" attack. All three heads of "Yggdrago" open and blast streams of fire, which combine into one in front of Yuga before "Yggdrago" moves the fire beam forward, engulfing Yuga in flames. Romin and Gavin cry out in horror and Luke screams Yuga's name as Yuga screams in the flames, his LP falling to zero with a final scream. Its task complete, "Yggdrago" retracts its heads and vanishes into golden particles. Romin, Gavin and Luke walk up to Yuga, Luke gasping his friend's name, and Yuga, forced to one knee, asks Nail what that was just now.

Nail declares that it was a Maximum Summon.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Nail Saionji[edit]

Yuga VS Nail.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Nail
Nail's hand contains "Quantum Hole", two copies of "Femtron", and "Attron‎" before drawing a card. Nail Normal Summons "Femtron" (1400/100). Nail Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Straynge Cat", "Wave Crest Madoor", "Spell Archer", "Magical Beast Wolfang", and "Sevens Road Magician". Yuga Normal Summons "Straynge Cat" (0/1400). Yuga Tributes "Straynge Cat" to Tribute Summon "Wave Crest Madoor" (1000/1200). As Yuga Normal Summoned a monster with 1000 or more ATK, Nail activates his face-down Trap "Trap Hole", destroying that monster. "Wave Crest Madoor" is destroyed. Yuga Normal Summons "Spell Archer" (1000/400) and "Magical Beast Wolfang" (1100/100). Yuga Tributes "Spell Archer" and "Magical Beast Wolfang" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500). Yuga sends the top card of his Deck ("Shining Shaman") to the GY to activate the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", to have "Sevens Road Magician" gain 300 ATK for each different Attribute in his GY until the end of this turn. There are five different Attributes (EARTH, WATER, WIND, FIRE, and LIGHT) in Yuga's GY, so "Sevens Road Magician" gains 1500 ATK ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100 → 3600 ATK). "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys "Femtron" (Nail: 4000 → 1800 LP). As a Cyberse monster Nail controls was destroyed by battle, Nail activates his face-down Trap "Quantum Hole", drawing two cards, then returning two cards from his hand to the bottom of his Deck in any order. He draws "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]" and "Attron", and returns "Attron" and "Femtron" to the bottom of his Deck.

Turn 3: Nail
Nail Normal Summons "Attron" (1000/100). As Nail controls no other monsters, and "Femtron" is in Nail's GY, Nail activates the effect of "Attron", sending it to the GY and drawing a card. "Attron" is sent to the GY and Nail draws "Yoctron‎‎". Nail's hand contains "Quantum Hole", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", two copies of "Yoctron", and "Zeptron‎‎". Nail Normal Summons "Zeptron" (500/100). As Nail controls no other monsters, and "Femtron" and "Attron" are in Nail's GY, Nail activates the effect of "Zeptron", sending it to the GY and drawing two cards, then returning two cards from his hand to the bottom of his Deck in any order. He draws "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]" and "Quantum Hole", and returns "Quantum Hole" and "Yoctron" to the bottom of his deck. Nail Normal Summons "Yoctron" (100/100). As "Femtron", "Attron", and "Zeptron" are in Nail's GY, Nail returns them to the bottom of his Deck in any order to activate the effect of "Yoctron", sending it to the GY and drawing three cards, then sending three cards from his hand to the GY. Nail draws "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎" and two unknown cards, and sends "Quantum Hole" and those two unknown cards from his hand to the GY.

Nail Maximum Summons "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [R]" (MAXIMUM ATK 4000), entering Maximum Mode. As "Yggdrago" is in Maximum Mode, Nail sends three cards from the top of his Deck to the GY to activate the effect of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor [L]", choosing a Level 8 or lower monster Yuga controls, and destroying it. Nail chooses and destroys the Level 7 "Sevens Road Magician". "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" attacks Yuga directly (Yuga: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.