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Nail Saionji
Nail Saionji
  • Nail Saionji
Japanese translatedNeiru Saionji
RōmajiSaionji Neiru
  • 11[1]
  • 13 (timeskip)
  • Male

Unnamed father

Unnamed mother
  • Career
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Unnamed Tournament Winner
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Runner-up (with Yuga Ohdo and Roa Kassidy)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 01313: "The Chosen One"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Yung-I Chang[2]
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Saionji, Nail

Nail Saionji, spelled Neiru Saionji[3] (西さいおんネイル Saionji Neiru) in the Japanese version, is one of the seven main characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is the overseer of Goha Duels, and built on the code of Yuga Ohdo's Rush Duels to create Maximum Summoning, creating the first Maximum Monsters using the Duel ID cards of the Tops of the Hexagon.

Nail is introduced as the main antagonist of the Maximum arc, stealing the data of Kaizo to aid in his efforts to erase Rush Dueling, and became an ally of Yuga's throughout subsequent arcs, balancing said position with his role within Goha. Nail ultimately became partially responsible for the continued existence of Rush Duels by creating the Super Rush Robot to house its server data.



Full-body view of Nail

Nail is a frail young bespectacled boy with dull blonde hair, pink eyes, and white-rimmed ovular spectacles. He wears simple clothes in pale shades: a white shirt and simple pants and shoes, and a gold ring on his right index finger. As a deliveryman for the Ramen Hut, he also wears a chef's hat.


Nail is eternally dissonant and eerily calm in most situations. When he hacked into the Goha satellite network and crashed them into Goha City he watched in wonder at what he'd done, with little apparent care over the morality of his actions. At eleven years of age, Nail exercises his control and authority over the Garden of Curiosity to transport people through it as he desires, casually dropping the Duelists in his service through trapdoors when they lose in the Garden despite their loyalty to him. However he is not without empathy, as he spares Seatbastian of this fate and exhibits clear attachment to him. It is suggested that he does not act out of malice; while he did not divulge the consequences of Mimi Imimi Dueling, he also made no move to exploit them, only allowing her to Duel after she approached him to request a Duel, and though he does not inform Yuga, he Duels under the same conditions of penalty as he does. Conversely, he is not held back by the notion of terminating the accounts of most of Goha City's elementary students when he defeats Yuga.

Nail is generally polite and honest to those he talks to, and even when disciplining Buff Grimes he does not raise his voice. He expresses interest in Yuga Ohdo as someone that was chosen by Otes, and after each Duel he puts them through in the Garden, Nail returns them to the surface, urging them to attend to their schoolwork and rest. However, he does subtly insult Luke's intelligence based on his low grades when he encounters them at the Goha Duel Museum.

While Nail initially derides Rush Dueling, he later comes to believe that it has a lot of potential, particularly after seeing the gap in its code that Yuga left to allow for expansion into it. Nevertheless, eliminating the format is still Nail's job and he remains committed to the removal of Rush Dueling through the deleting of the accounts of Yuga and his friends.

Just as Yuga has his "Road" philosophy, Nail has his own philosophy of "providence"; the care of his assigned subject. Nail refuses to stray from this philosophy and has a clear definition of his providence. Nail later admits that Yuga's road has pulled him in, and he turns from eliminating Rush Dueling to create Maximum Summoning, which he believes to be beyond providence. Nail's shops question societal norms, and Nail himself questions those of reality, citing that these too are providence. Though providence is Nail's philosophy, Nail states that humanity should question it and try to break free.

Voice and mannerisms[edit]

Nail speaks politely and formally, generally referring to people by their full names, though he has referred to Yuga by his first name on occasion while in private. He uses the personal pronoun of watashi (私), but briefly switches to warera (我ら) when welcoming Yuga and his friends to Nexus.



Nail hacking into Goha Enterprises as a child

When Nail was only three years old, he hacked into the Goha Enterprises servers and hijacked their satellite network, crashing them over Goha City and watching in wonder at the results of his actions. Nail's parents were concerned over how he entertained himself, so they introduced him to Duel Monsters to distract him from such actions. Nail quickly became a skilled Duelist, winning a tournament against much older Duelists at the age of five.[1]

Nail is approached by Otes and the Relic

After seeing these victories, Goha Enterprises approached Nail with a job offer, and they made him the head of overseeing Goha Duels, basing him in the underground Garden of Curiosity and starting Nail's own philosophy of providence.[1] Nail was also given Seatbastian, an A.I. massage throne, to serve as his butler throughout his role.[4] Nail oversaw Goha Duels for seven years, but he was eventually approached by The Relic, which projected the Hologram Man. Nail recognized the Hologram Man as Otes, and Otes told him that Dueling would soon be changed after the years that Nail had to have his fun. Sure enough, Rush Dueling was created and introduced to the Goha servers by Yuga Ohdo, and they proved resistant to Nail's efforts to remove them from the system.[1]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Nail observing in secrecy

Nail is seen observing events through the Restaurant A.I. after Yuga Ohdo's Rush Duel with Roa Kassidy.[5]


After Yuga's Duel with Roa, Tyler Getz left RoaRomin and his hacking skills earned Nail's interests. He enlisted Tyler's services and provided him with fans to cheer his name in the Garden of Curiosity.[6] He developed a plan to remove Rush Dueling from the Goha Enterprises's systems; by obtaining the data of Kaizo, Yuga's modified Goha Enterprises Drone, Nail would not only gain leverage to force Yuga to Duel him, but also potential access to information on Yuga himself through the data.[1] He planned to have Yuga and his allies Duel him and his Duelists in the Garden of Curiosity, penalizing the losing team, including himself, to keep the contest meaningful, and terminate the accounts of the team who reached six penalties first.[1][7] Nail believed that if the progenitors and main users of Rush Dueling were prevented from Dueling again, then the format would be forgotten.[7]

Nail observed Kaizo moving through Goha City through the Restaurant A.I.. He had three other Drones challenge Kaizo to a Duel, and during the Duel, he had Seatbastian steal Kaizo's data and replaced it with a fake.[4][8] Unbeknownst to Nail however, a fragment of the real Kaizo retreated into the Duel-cycle that it had been connected to and when the fake Kaizo tried to strand Yuga, Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu on Goha Aquatic Elementary it swam after them to warn them. Nail had the fake Kaizo return to GastroByte.[9] He began analyzing its data, and quickly found that many of its logs contained the word "Road".[4]

Nail discussing their situation with Yuga

Yuga and his friends were able to track the fake Kaizo to the Restaurant, where Luke ordered an immense quantity of food that got them stuck washing dishes to work off their bill. Buff Grimes sought to defeat them himself, but he was defeated by Romin and after the Rush Duel, Luke found the entrance to Nail's garden. Yuga was able to unlock the door with his Duel Disk, prompting Grimes to apologize frantically to Nail, but Nail chastised him for thinking his underhanded actions were a strength and dismissed Grimes. He then greeted Yuga and his friends in person, welcoming them to the Garden of Curiosity.[10] Nail showed them the data drive containing Kaizo's original data and he explained that Yuga and his friends would have to defeat the Duelists they found in the Garden of Curiosity, but that their accounts would be deleted of they lost six times. He noted that Yuga was as expected of one who Otes had chosen before departing. The first Duelist they Dueled was Kit Schrödinger, who Dueled Luke, but was defeated. Kit panicked after his defeat, apologizing to Nail, but Nail had little patience for his loss and dropped him down a chute. Nail then released Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin and Mimi Imimi from the Garden of Curiosity, noting that it was late and they had homework to do, and they could return to continue their challenge the next day.[1]

Nail wishing Yuga and his friends luck

The next day, Nail used trapdoors in the Hologram Man's chamber and Roa Kassidy's apartment to return Yuga, Luke, Gavin and Romin to the Garden of Curiosity, though he also brought Roa himself along when he did. He placed Yuga, Luke and Gavin in the room where Luke had Dueled Kit and contacted them through a hologram, suggesting that they continue their matches. Yuga asked Nail if they key to the door to open a new world was here, and Nail claimed to know nothing about it, asking if Otes told them about it. Luke accused Nail of lying, though Yuga believed that Nail had no knowledge of the subject, and Nail wished them luck before retreating. They soon found Tyler, but Tyler instead Dueled Roa, who had met up with Yuga and his friends. Tyler was defeated, and Nail dropped him down a trapdoor for losing, though Roa tried to catch Tyler. Despite Roa's efforts, Tyler was still dropped down the chute after he learned that Roa had tried to replace him.[6]

Nail worked throughout the night analyzing Kaizo's data, continuing to find the word "Road" mentioned in its logs. As he lay in Seatbastian that morning, Seatbastian expressed concern over Nail's workrate and requested to be allowed to Duel Yuga, citing Yuga as only worthy of sitting on a mass-produced bicycle seat in comparison to Nail, who was worthy of sitting on Seatbastian. Nail allowed Seatbastian to do so, but Seatbastian was defeated by Yuga, and Nail sent Yuga back to the surface after doing so. After his Rush Duel with Yuga, Seatbastian apologized to Nail for his loss that night and stated that he was unworthy of serving Nail and that a new massage chair would be sent for him. Nail replied that he didn't want another massage chair, causing Seatbastian to begin crying. He asked what was happening, as this wasn't part of his program, but Nail did not answer him.[4]

Mimi, one of the Tops of the Hexagon, came to Nail and requested to Duel Yuga and his friends. Aware that Mimi had been judged by the system to be part of Yuga's group and that she would incur a penalty on the entire group whether she won or lost, Nail agreed to her request, though he did not divulge the outcome to her, only cautioning her not to regret whatever happened. Mimi wound up Dueling her son Yosh Imimi after he was dragged into the Garden of Curiosity when Nail took Yuga and his friends into the Garden again and Mimi was defeated, resulting in all the members of Yuga's group being penalized. Nail contacted them and explained what had happened, and was surprised when Yuga deduced that Nail hadn't allowed the incident to happen out of malice; Nail confirmed that he would not alter his providence.[11] The following day, Nail directly dropped Yuga, Gavin, Luke and Romin into the Garden of Curiosity from the Road Laboratory, also capturing Saburamen, who found Celestia Noodlina at the Out of This World Ramen and Dueled and defeated her.[12]

File:Nail defeats all five of the Tops of the Hexagon.png
Nail defeating the Tops of the Hexagon to install Maximum Summoning

Yuga and his friends went to GastroByte for a meal, and Luke wound up Rush Dueling Grimes again. Despite Grimes cheating even more than before, Luke defeated him, and Yuga was able to get Grimes to tell him where the Gate of Curiosity was. After Luke unlocked the door to the Garden of Curiosity, Nail dropped Grimes into the Garden for his failures.[13] Nail continued to work on Kaizo's original data, and this combined with his observations of Yuga allowed him to reverse-engineer the Rush Dueling code, though he still didn't completely understand it. When Nail noticed a gap in the code of Rush Dueling that could be added to, he realized he was being drawn into Yuga's road, though he found the thought irresistible. The Tops of the Hexagon then arrived to visit Nail and Seatbastian, intending to fire Nail and Mimi for not supporting their decision by defeating him in a Duel, claiming that Nail's autonomy had become unacceptable. Nail however was more interested in developing his new concept, the Maximum Summon, and he realized that he could use Real-Time Duel Programming to add it to the gaps in the code. He accepted the Tops' challenge under the condition that they Rush Duel, and used the five Duels with the Tops of the Hexagon to install Maximum Summoning.[14] After defeating the five Tops, Nail rewrote the Duel ID cards of Number 1, Number 2 and Number 4 into "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", but the ID cards of Number 3 and Number 5 rejected the rewrite.[15]

Nail performing the first Maximum Summon

Yuga, Luke, Gavin and Romin then arrived at Nexus, and Nail and Seatbastian emerged to welcome them. Yuga claimed to have understood Nail's providence and Nail himself a little, though Nail believed they would not be able to have the Rush Duel that Yuga sought due to the power of the Maximum Summon and he vowed to sear what he had found beyond providence into Yuga's memory. Nail set "Femtron" up to be destroyed by Yuga, while trying to bait Yuga into Tribute Summoning "Sevens Road Magician" so he could destroy it with "Trap Hole", but Yuga's use of the Spell/Trap destroying "Wave Crest Madoor" forced Nail to use Trap Hole on it instead. Yuga then brought out "Sevens Road Magician" and destroyed "Femtron", allowing Nail to use "Quantum Hole" to begin cycling through his Deck in search of his Maximum Monsters. During his Duel with Yuga, Nail continually discussed providence with him, stating that humans had to cut its bonds and escape them. On his next turn, Nail was able to successfully add all three parts of "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" to his hand and Maximum Summon it, destroying "Sevens Road Magician" and defeating Yuga.[14] He explained that he had added Maximum Summoning to the gap in Yuga's code before sending Yuga and his friends back to the surface, reminding them that they had two penalties now and telling them he would be waiting for when they returned.[16]

Nail Rush Dueling Yuga again

Nail visited the Goha Duel Museum a few days after defeating Yuga, where he found Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin in the Dueling History exhibit, commenting that they'd saved him the trouble of finding them, though Luke initially mistook Nail for a model. After criticizing Luke's grades, Nail suggested that Yuga was trying to visit the Duel Museum while he could still Duel, but was shocked to learn that Yuga had five penalties and he accused him of wasting his four attempts to defeat him. Anticipating the end of Rush Duels, Nail and Yuga Dueled in the Duel Museum despite Seatbastian's cautioning, with Yuga starting defensively. Nail quickly amassed the cards he needed to Maximum Summon, telling Yuga that his Roads and Rush Dueling were inconsequential in the universe, and he Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", bringing them to the top of the Goha Enterprises Main Office to continue the Duel. Yuga tried to destroy "Yggdrago" with a Trap Card, but "Yggdrago's" Continuous Effect protected it, and Nail explained the effects of "Yggdrago" to Yuga and his friends before activating the remaining ones to destroy "Bascule the Moving Fortress" and change Yuga's "Straynge Cat" to Attack Position before attacking with "Yggdrago". However, Yuga was able to prevent all of the battle damage, though Nail believed Yuga would be unable to defend against his Maximum for long. To his shock, Yuga's Duel Disk suddenly began running Real-Time Rush Duel Programming and Yuga drew Maximum Monsters of his own, which he explained he had created by rewriting his friends' Duel ID cards. Nail was shocked that Yuga would sacrifice his friends' ID cards, though Romin told Nail they had entrusted them to Yuga. Yuga's Real-Time Rush Duel Programming then began to falter as his Duel Disk was unable to handle it, until Kaizo volunteered to increase the processing power. Yuga then Maximum Summoned "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" to oppose "Yggdrago".[17]

Although the lower MAXIMUM ATK of "Magnum Overlord" was derided by Seatbastian, Nail knew that could likely change quickly and was proven correct when the effect of "Magnum Overlord" allowed it to increase its ATK to surpass "Yggdrago", though Nail was able to prevent its destruction and damage Yuga with "Absurd Burst", though the Trap proved unable to destroy "Magnum Overlord". Admitting that he was surprised that Yuga had installed Maximum himself, but pleased by the opportunity to further explore its potential, Nail increased the ATK of "Yggdrago" high enough to defeat Yuga, forcing Yuga to return "Magnum Overlord" to his hand to negate the attack with "Emergency Return". Nail took advantage of Yuga's move to return his Maximum to his Deck with "Paradigm Shift" and redraw his hand, but to his surprise Yuga was able to mount a counteroffensive with "Sevens Road Magician", forcing Nail to protect it again and restore his LP. He used the effect of "Yggdrago" to destroy "Sevens Road Magician" on Yuga's next turn and tried to defeat him by attacking "Sevens Road Witch", but Yuga was able to survive with 100 LP by switching the positions of his two "Sevens Road" monsters. As Nail declared that the popularity of Rush Dueling would wane after Yuga and his friends' accounts were terminated, Seatbastian reported that many elementary students in the city had proclaimed themselves allies of Yuga and become penalized; if Nail won, he would delete the accounts of 77.7% of the elementary students in Goha City, though Nail was unconcerned over the consequence. Yuga was able to assemble his Maximum Monsters in his hand again, but Nail returned them to his Deck again with another "Paradigm Shift", warning Yuga that it could be beneficial to watch his step and realize there was no path forwards. Despite the setback, Yuga was able to redraw his Maximum Monsters again and Maximum Summon "Magnum Overlord", though Nail believed he would still be able to end the Duel in a DRAW with his "Pair Destruction" Trap that Yuga had seen on his field. Yuga then reminded Nail that he had forgotten that Maximum Monsters had three abilities, and the final ability of "Magnum Overlord" increased its ATK further based on the difference between their LP, allowing "Magnum Overlord" to destroy "Yggdrago" and defeat Nail before he could activate "Pair Destruction".[7]

Nail's account is banned.

With Nail's defeat, his account received its final penalty and his account was banned. As he had promised, Nail returned Kaizo's body and original data to Yuga, and as gratitude for what Yuga had shown him, he also had Seatbastian restore Luke, Romin and Gavin's accounts to their Duel ID cards, erasing Yuga's Maximum Monsters. He admitted to Yuga that the Duel would have been meaningless had they not Dueled under the same conditions and that the potential of his Rush Duels had opened the door to a new world.[7]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

Nail interrupted a meeting between the Goha President and the Tops of the Hexagon as the Tops were accusing Nail of betraying the company. Nail insisted that he was not recognizing Rush Dueling, only its potential, but Goha called him naïve and declared that Rush Dueling was the enemy of Goha Enterprises and that they should all be working to crush it.[18] Mimi later came to Nail to request that he provide an advisor to the Rush Duel Club that Yuga and his friends had formed so they could attend a training camp for the upcoming Rush Duel Tournament, so Nail dispatched Seatbastian to serve as the club's advisor.[19]

Nail being approached by Kaizo for aid

Nail was reading in Nexus one day when Kaizo entered through a secret entrance only Nail and Seatbastian knew about. Kaizo explained that Seatbastian had told him of the entrance and that Yuga and his friends were in trouble, much to Nail's surprise. Kaizo explained he had left Seatbastian Dueling someone, but was confident he would win easily.[20] Kaizo explained to Nail that Yuga and his friends had been forced to transfer to Goha #6 Elementary by Asana Mutsuba, who had defeated Yuga in a Rush Duel using a Maximum Monster. Nail had not created the Maximum Monsters that Asana used, but after looking through old records at Goha Enterprises he deduced that the answer could lie in the underground outskirts of Goha City where Mutsuba Heavy Machinery had discarded a large number of prototype Duel Disks, and he enclosed this information in a video message to Yuga and sent Kaizo back to him with Tracker, whose talent for sneezing in the presence of rare artefacts he theorized would allow Yuga to find the prototype Duel Disk cache.[21] Yuga also asked to borrow "Yggdrago" if he was unable to recreate "Magnum Overlord", and Nail freely gave Kaizo the cards to give to Yuga.[15]

Nail repairing Seatbastian.

Despite Kaizo's confidence that Seatbastian would win his Duel, Seatbastian had been defeated and severely damaged, so Nail had him recovered and began to repair him, explaining to him what Yuga had asked him for and the load that had been exerted on the Gohanium in the cache of Duel Disks he had told Yuga about, allowing the Duel ID cards within them to potentially be used to create Maximum Monsters.[15] Following Yuga's Duel with Asana, Nail recalled how Mutsuba Heavy Machinery played a large part in Goha City's development and in the creation of Goha Duels, but as Drone technology advanced and times changed, the demand for heavy machinery decreased along with their business and they were merged into Goha. He believed the Mutsuba family the main reason they could enjoy Dueling today and that they should be appreciated more.[22]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Nail partnering up with Yuga and Roa to form Team YugaNail with R

Rayne came to Nexus to offer her services to Nail, having left the service of Gavin, something that Nail noted was not part of his providence.[23] Nail was approached by Yuga and Roa to join their team for the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, and Goha Enterprises consented to restore Nail's account for the duration of the tournament after he agreed, joining Yuga, Roa, Romin, Luke and Gavin outside Goha Stadium alongside Seatbastian, noting that being called out like this was not part of his providence.[24]

As Rayne refused to leave his service, Nail had her investigate rumors of black-market Maximum Monsters, and she purchased "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [L]" from Tracker, Professor Diggs and Trench. Having deduced the source of the Maximums and aware that Yuga had been given a blank Duel ID card from Asana, Nail gave "Vast Vulcan [L]" to Yuga; Roa later acquired "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan [R]" from a fan during the tournament and also gave it to Yuga. Due to "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Nail assisted Team YugaNail with R in rising to the top of the leaderboard on the first day of the tournament. After a string of victories, Yuga took Nail and Roa to the Ramen Hut, where Nail developed a taste for the restaurant's Rush Ramen. Luke, Romin and Gavin arrived as well, Luke expressing anger over Yuga "abandoning" him and Nail being part of his team and owning a Maximum, prompting the group to discuss both the black-market Maximums and the motives that Otes had, the latter of which Nail wasn't certain of (earning him teasing from Roa). Tracker, Diggs and Trench then arrived and challenged Yuga to a Duel, which Nail agreed to let Yuga handle after being served Rush Ramen: Pork Maximum, much to Seatbastian's disapproval. Nail finished his meal and came outside to watch Yuga and Tracker's Duel just as Tracker Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix", nearly defeating Yuga. Rayne then arrived and revealed that she had been working for Nail, much to his irritation, and Luke's anger over not having a Maximum prompted Diggs and Trench to confess what they had done. Nail, Yuga and Roa then revealed their assembly of a Maximum in Yuga's Deck, and Yuga was able to successfully Maximum Summon "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" and defeat Tracker. After the Duel, Gavin asked Nail to take care of Rayne, though Nail and Seatbastian insisted she return to Gavin. Tracker, Diggs and Trench apologized and admitted they'd sold all of their Maximums, Tracker further revealing that he had been assisted in excavating the Duel ID cards used to create them from Maximum Mountain by Goha 66.[25]

Nail, Yuga and Roa learning Goha 66 was not behind the tournament

The group decided to separate to investigate Goha 66; Nail, Yuga and Roa went to Nexus to look for any mention of them in the Goha Enterprises database, while Luke, Romin and Gavin travelled to Maximum Mountain. However, Nail's search proved fruitless, and after Roa teased him over his failure to find any mention of Goha 66 in the database, they returned to the Ramen Hut for a break. As they arrived, Roa found the legend of the King of Duels on the wall and they hurried to ask the shopkeeper about it, only for him to laugh.[26] To Nail's irritation, Rayne arrived and suggested that the shopkeeper was Otes, though by this point Yuga had spotted that the old man was laughing at a comedy routine on his phone and cleared up the misunderstanding. After the shopkeeper calmed down and Rayne left, they asked the shopkeeper about why the legend of the King of Duels was in his restaurant, and he explained that it had been given to him by a customer as payment a long time ago, though he didn't remember who. Nail, Yuga and Roa didn't believe him and tried to intimidate him into remembering, but instead he gave up the secret plan of Goha 66; to create a final firework as they retired from Goha Enterprises.[27] As they left the restaurant, they were delivered a message by Trapigeon that explained Goha 66 were after the main Duel server to take over the Goha Enterprises, supposedly located in Maximum Mountain, information that even Nail was not privy to and that he was shocked to learn. They continued participating in the tournament, Nail Dueling and defeating Braun Honya with "Yggdrago". After the Duel, Trapigeon delivered them another message that simply read "My best, most awesome plan to take over Goha", which had been given to the leader of Goha 66. Flash Umiko then announced that their team was leading Luke's by seven points, so they would face-off in the finals the next day.[28] Yuga suspected whoever was behind the actions of Goha 66 wanted to divert their attention underground and asked the Space Operations Duel Squadron to examine the moon instead, and Nail granted them a program to analyze the moon's surface.[29]

Nail protecting "Yggdrago" during his Duel with Gavin
Nail and Gavin's Rush Duel ending in a DRAW

Suspecting that the person who had pointed Goha 66 to Maximum Mountain was behind the tournament, Nail ordered Seatbastian, Grimes and Kit to examine the tournament data for any suspicious activity before he, Yuga and Roa entered Goha Stadium to face Luke, Romin and Gavin; Yuga and Luke reaffirming their goals and convictions. Roa and Romin were selected to Duel first, and though Roa was able to gain an early lead with "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal", Romin pushed him into a corner with her Jam strategy until Tyler and Toombs returned to support Roa. Roa almost defeated Romin with "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal", "Invasion" and "Doom Metal", but Romin was able to survive his attacks and make a comeback, defeating him and putting them on equal points with Nail's team; Nail was surprised at Yuga joining in the crowd's cheers for Romin. After the Duel, Tyler and Toombs offered to help determine who was behind the tournament.[30] The next match was Nail vs. Gavin, and before the Duel Yuga asked Nail if any progress had been made by Seatbastian and the others and Nail confirmed they hadn't; Roa reassured them he'd sent Tyler to help out. Rayne attended to Nail before the Duel, despite Nail asking her not to, but to their surprise Gavin unveiled a new Sogetsu Style; "Gakuting" in an effort to act distinguished. Deciding that such an embarrassing display would be a Duel that Gavin would come to regret, Nail quickly assembled the pieces of "Yggdrago" and Maximum Summoned it, destroying two of Gavin's "Checkrael the Sun Angel, Yo" and reducing him to 1500 LP. On his next turn Gavin returned to his usual garb and persona, vowing to Duel in a distinguished manner and bringing out "Kachisuzaku the Unequaled", increasing its ATK with "Wicked Warding Weasel's Wind", an effect that would normally give Nail a chance to change his monster into Defense Position, but "Yggdrago" could not exist in Defense Position as it was a Maximum and Nail praised Gavin for deducing so. Gavin increased the ATK of "Kachisuzaku" high enough to defeat "Yggdrago", but Nail was able to prevent its destruction. On his next turn, Nail used the effects to "Yggdrago" to break through the defense of one of Gavin's monsters, and though Gavin believed he would be able to weather Nail's attack with "Kachisuzaku", Nail instead destroyed it with "Tribute to The Doomed", chiding Gavin for only paying attention to his Maximum. As he attacked Gavin directly with "Yggdrago", Gavin activated "The Three Dark Rulers", inflicting the ATK of "Yggdrago" to them both after returning his three "Rulers" to his Deck and ending the Duel in a DRAW. The impact severely battered Nail, so Roa tidied up his hair after the Duel and Yuga complimented Nail on a fun Duel with Gavin; Nail admitted that he'd enjoyed himself as well. Rayne then requested to graduate from the "Saionji Style" and rejoin Gavin, a request Nail was only too happy to grant, before Yuga and Luke faced off for the final Duel of the finals.[31]

Nail and Roa discussing Otes's motives

As Yuga and Luke prepared to Duel, Nail and Roa theorized that Otes was likely behind the tournament and the actions of Goha 66, and Nail admitted that even Yuga likely didn't know Otes' true motivations, though he was miffed by Roa ignoring him to check for an update with Tyler. After a poor start due to a bad hand, Yuga was able to make a comeback against Luke by revealing his Maximum on top of his Deck with "Surprise Barcode", which Nail noted had given Yuga a mental advantage. Nail joined Roa and Asana in "Vast Vulcan's" summon chant, but though Yuga almost defeated Luke, Luke saved himself with "7 Chance" and drew a new monster, "Steelstrike Dragon Metagias", prompting Nail to note that Luke couldn't be underestimated. The holograms of the monsters then began to flicker as the power went out like it had in Nail and Gavin's Duel, something Nail noted couldn't be due to weather. Tyler then revealed someone was trying to hack the Goha Duel Server and had been since the start of the tournament, and Nail noted that as no-one knew the location of the server (ignoring the Goha President's demands to fix the problem) they wouldn't be able to stop the hack. The Space Operations Duel Squadron then arrived and revealed their findings; the Goha Duel Server was on the moon, carved into the lunar surface, and the Rush Duel Program was in the form of a giant robot carved into the moon's surface, under attack by Goha EnterprisesDrones in an effort to uninstall Rush Dueling.[29] Nail realized that a small portion of Rush Dueling had been uninstalled every time someone had Rush Dueled in the tournament and there was no way to stop it other than stopping the Rush Duel, though Yuga and Luke both decided to continue Dueling. Yuga told Nail the rest was up to him, and Nail agreed before realizing Yuga was ordering him around, much to his irritation. As Yuga and Luke continued their Duel and Luke destroyed "Vast Vulcan" with "Metagias", Nail worked on containing the data of Rush Dueling as Yuga reinstalled it from his Duel Disk, this time containing it in a Super Rush Robot based on Yuga's designs that he had Goha Enterprises Drones construct out of space debris. Yuga was eventually defeated by Luke, and Nail and Roa congratulated one another on how well they'd done in the tournament. Nail and Yuga's plan succeeded in reinstalling Rush Dueling seconds after it was uninstalled, Nail revealing the new Super Rush Robot to the public. Afterwards Nail watched Luke's coronation as the King of Duels.[32]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

The true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth and took control of the company, challenging Yuga and the Rush Duel Club to Duels with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments. The Goha Siblings enlisted Nail in providing them with fields to Duel Yuga and his friends on; Nail's first task was to provide a Turbo Duel course for Yuro Goha at Goha #7 Elementary for his Turbo Rush Duel with Yuga, including a tunnel he termed "The Darkness of Curiosity". Despite the obstacle, Yuga was able to defeat Yuro, who was forced to step down as President by Yuo Goha after the Duel.[33]

Nail next provided an artificial ocean at Goha #7 Elementary for Yujin Goha to Duel Yuga on, though Luke Dueled Yujin instead, defeating him and resulting in Yujin's expulsion as President.[34] The following Rush Duel was held at the Goha Baseball Stadium, so Nail only had to referee the Rush Duel between Romin and Yuka Goha. After Yuka defeated Romin, Nail noted the Rush Duel Club were still in the lead and ended the day's providence.[35] Nail also refereed the Kendo Rush Duel between Gavin, Rino, Yuran Goha and Proprietress, calling the strikes between Rino and Proprietress. Yuran eventually won the Duel, putting both sides on an even score.[36]

Nail was called upon to provide a field for Yuo when he Rush Dueled Yuga, and Nail obliged, providing a circus tent on the grounds of Goha #7 Elementary. During the Rush Duel, Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", but the Forced Gymnastics Armaments shook the right arm of the Super Rush Robot off, which had contained the data of Maximum Summoning and "Vast Vulcan" began to vanish. To Nail's shock, the Super Rush Robot reattached its arm of its own accord, restoring "Vast Vulcan" and allowing Yuga to attack. On his next turn Yuo played a card Nail had never seen before, "Fusion", Fusion Summoning "Metallion Asurastar" and using its effect to gain the ATK of "Vast Vulcan", destroying it and defeating Yuga.[37]

The following day the Goha #7 and #6 Student Councils held a meeting to counter Fusion at GastroByte, and Nail and Seatbastian watched the proceedings from Nail's Nexus, though little of value happened, much to Nail's exasperation. He also observed Mimi showing up Grimes in the kitchens.[38]

Nail provided a replica of the Goha Baseball Stadium for Yuka to Duel in outside the Big Seven Arena, politely greeting Roa and agreeing it had been a while since they'd talked. Yuka ended up Dueling Roa, who defeated her, and she fled in tears after the Duel as Nail proclaimed the score even again.[39] The following day Nail provided two stone platforms at Goha 6th Quarry for Yuo to Duel on, and Yuo Dueled Luke, who was wearing a draconian helmet and calling himself "The☆Lukeman"; Nail broadcast their Rush Duel across Goha City. Although Yuo's new Fusion Monster almost defeated Luke, Luke played his own "Fusion", Fusion Summoning "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" and using it to defeat Yuo. Nail proclaimed Luke the victor, though Luke again insisted he was The☆Lukeman.[40]

Following Yuo's loss to Luke, he retained his position as President through ownership of the sixth Goha Sibling's badge and evicted Yuran for conspiring with their deposed siblings, becoming the sole Goha President.[40] Yuo also recruited Luke to his cause by claiming he was the sixth Goha Sibling.[41] Following Yuo's successful acquisition of The☆Lukeman he visited Nail and took control of Seatbastian with Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode, accusing Nail of knowing of and creating "Fusion" as he had Maximum Monsters. Nail explained he hadn't created them as Maximum Summoning had been added to the code of Rush Dueling, but "Fusion" itself was the program for Fusion Summoning. Yuo suggested Otes was responsible, though Nail noted it could be someone else and that Yuga likely knew who, warning Yuo not to underestimate him. He claimed his only duty was as Duel Overseer when Yuo angrily asked whose side he was on, so Yuo ordered Nail to Duel in the next match between the Goha Siblings and the Rush Duel Club.[42]

Nail and Seatbastian boarded Super Mobile Fortress Sixross and were brought to the outskirts of Goha City, where the Rush Duel Club and Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had met to stop Luke's sister Tiger from training after her loss to The☆Lukeman. Asana volunteered to Duel, but was shocked when Nail was revealed as their opponent, though Nail denied being a traitor and claimed he had to obey the President's orders. Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" on his first turn and Asana opposed him by backing up "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" with her friends' ace monsters to increase its ATK to match that of "Yggdrago", claiming that Yuga had changed her, but Nail used "Emergency Return" to return "Yggdrago" to his hand and negate the attack as Yuga had done in their second Rush Duel, telling Asana she wasn't the only one Yuga had changed. He Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago" again on his next turn, prompting Asana to Summon her friends' monsters to defend her, and Nail systematically destroyed them with "Tribute to The Doomed" and the effects of "Yggdrago", even Tributing and re-Summoning "Yggdrago" with "Viskam Nanotron", though Asana was able to survive by reducing the ATK of "Yggdrago". On her next turn Asana Summoned a new ace, "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon", and revived "Buildragon" and "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush", reducing the ATK of "Yggdrago" and increasing the ATK of "Dracrush", her claim her friends gave her power prompted a smile from Nail. Though Nail knew he'd already lost, he still protected "Yggdrago" with "Pair Collision", realizing he was prolonging the Duel because he'd enjoyed it. Asana then destroyed "Yggdrago" in a double KO with "Gantry Dragon" and defeated Nail with "Buildragon", putting the scores even again at 5-5. After the Duel Yuo angrily admonished Nail for losing even with "Yggdrago", but Nail told him that powerful cards didn't guarantee victory and after bitterly noting he had always been alone, he resigned from Goha, leaving his Duel Disk and Duel ID card behind and returning to the Garden of Curiosity with Seatbastian. As a result the Absolute Presidential Obedience Mode prevented Seatbastian from approaching him, but Seatbastian refused to be without Nail and told him he wasn't alone, overpowering the program long enough to rip apart his power cable and deactivate himself as Nail watched in horror.[42]

Goha Employee[edit]

Yuga successfully defeated The☆Lukeman and had the other Goha Siblings reinstated while Yuga himself became a Goha Enterprises employee and repaired Seatbastian for Nail. Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin and Swirly visited Nail and Seatbastian at the Ramen Hut; Yuga confirmed he'd asked for Nail to be reinstated as he wanted to work with Nail on Maximum Summoning, but Nail refused Yuga's request despite Seatbastian's request to consider it, telling Yuga that he would shoulder Nail's former responsibilities and that his friends could help him, implicitly suggesting they also become Goha employees.[43]

Nail took up working as a delivery driver for the Ramen Hut's new delivery service, delivering a meal to Yuga, Luke, Swirly and Kaizo. They explained Swirly was being manipulated by what they believed to be an urban legend of a "Duel that could manipulate people" and Nail explained to them the rumors around Goha Enterprises of a "forbidden card" that could manipulate people. Nail noted that it was against providence and Yuga explained the only person he knew who would manipulate people was Nanaho Nanahoshi.[44]


Nail uses a Cyberse Deck that focuses on the Tron series of monsters, which are visually based on plants. His strategy focuses on continually manipulating the cards in his hand to draw the necessary cards to Maximum Summon "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor‎‎‎‎". Many of his Spell and Trap Cards are based on quantum mechanics, including several "Hole" Traps, befitting his constant use of pitfall traps in the Garden of Curiosity. His non-Maximum monsters are largely based on metric prefixes that decrease in size from pico ("Peacock Picotron"), to femto ("Femtron"), to atto ("Attron"), to zepto ("Zeptron"), to yocto ("Yoctron") and then expands his deck to monsters based on particle acceleration. Once "Yggdrago" is on the field, Nail's strategy switches to supporting it by either preventing it from being destroyed or increasing its ATK, while also impairing his opponent's moves.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist 17 Win (flashback)
Number Five, Number Four, Number Three, Number Two, and Number One 23 Win (off-screen)
Yuga Ohdo 23 Win
Yuga Ohdo 25-26 Lose
108 unknown Duelists 45-48 Win (off-screen, with Yuga Ohdo and Roa Kassidy)
Braun Honya 48 Win
Gavin Sogetsu 50 DRAW
Asana Mutsuba 65 Lose
Seatbastian 82-83 Win

Other appearances[edit]


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