Hologram Man's chamber

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The Hologram Man's chamber.

The Hologram Man's chamber is an underground room in a nondescript building in Goha City in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It contains a backdoor to the Goha Enterprises Dueling system, and the Relic that contains the Hologram Man, who tests challengers to determine if they are worthy to be the King of Duels. Rook brings Yuga Ohdo here to install his Rush Duel rules.[1]


The room itself is otherwise plain aside from the Hologram Man's throne, which Yuga Ohdo later dubbed "The Relic". When activated, the Relic opens and the Hologram Man materializes. Once he accepts a challenge, the dais raises to reveal the legend of the King of Duels inscribed on it. After Yuga successfully defeated the Hologram Man, the dais opened and projected a road of light on Yuga, and several stone pillars materialized in the room.[1] However, this was simply a Solid Vision hologram.[2] At some point after Yuga installed Rush Dueling, the Relic was removed by an unknown party.[3] The room also has seven emblems carved into the floor, but due to the chamber's age, they were covered by dust until Tracker revealed them with a sneeze.[4]


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