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"Rushing for Ramen"
Saburamen crows as he reduces the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician".
Saburamen crows as he reduces the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician".
EnglishRushing for Ramen
Japanese name
RōmajiGomen! Rāmen Dyueru!
TranslatedOh, Noodles! Ramen Duel!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayKimiko Ueno
Air dates
JapaneseJune 13, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Breaking News!"
Next"Disco Duel"
Featured card"Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja"

"Rushing for Ramen", known as "Oh, Noodles! Ramen Duel!" in the Japanese version, is the sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It was scheduled to first air in Japan on May 9, 2020, but was delayed and aired on June 13 due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.[1][2] It first became available in English on Hulu in America on June 7, 2022, and aired on June 8, 2022 on Disney XD in America and 9Go! in Australia.

Rush Dueling has been spreading throughout the city thanks to the #7 Elementary newspaper. When Yuga and his friends check the news, they find out that their favorite restaurant will be closing, so they head there in order to eat its famous ramen before it closes! However, they'll have to face Saburamen the Gourmet Duelist in a never-before-seen Ramen Duel over the restaurant owner's last ramen!


At Goha #7 Elementary, Yuga cheerfully greets a female student, only to be immediately set upon by Luke, who shows Yuga the weeks's Goha #7 Elementary Newspaper with an image of him explaining that starting from next week there will be a new column by Luke. Yuga reacts in shock and begins to tremble as Luke explains that a new column will be serialized where he answers concerns via fan mail, but he's unsure about the title and asks if Yuga, Romin or Gavin have any ideas. But Yuga is more preoccupied by a statement that the Ramen Hut is closing, a topic that attracts everyone's attention except Luke's, who muses that it doesn't sound like a good title for his serialization. Romin asks what's wrong, and Yuga explains that Ramen Hut is closing down, something that Gavin agrees is quite an emergency. Luke meanwhile is listing off several pitches for his serialization title, unaware that Yuga, Romin and Gavin are leaving him behind, and he laments that he can't decide.

Yuga, Romin, Gavin and Kaizo arrive at the Ramen Hut.

Yuga takes Romin, Gavin and Kaizo to the Ramen Hut, explaining that the ramen here is really tasty. Gavin politely enters, asking to be excused, but they find the restaurant grey and empty bar a single figure sitting in a corner, and Gavin asks if it's already closed. Romin is impressed by the shop's selection of menus, but then a voice weakly welcomes them, and to their shock they see the old owner of the store sitting morosely in the corner. Yuga states that it's just the old man who works there, and he asks if the Restaurant is really closing down. The shopkeeper despondently explains that an GastroByte in the new urban district has taken away all of his customers, and as Yuga repeats the term, Romin states that she knows the one he means; it's said to be a stylish restaurant with a cutting-edge A.I. that can cook. The shopkeeper holds up trembling chopsticks, stating that in the end he plans on closing down the restaurant for good after he makes one last bowl of ramen off the menu. He gets to his feet and lurches towards the kids, begging them to order him to make ramen, to make one last bowl. The terrified kids flee and reconvene outside the restaurant, Yuga admitted the shopkeeper scared him and Gavin asking how he's supposed to order ramen when the shopkeeper says things like that. Romin points out that Ramen Hut isn't the only one in danger of closing, noting the dreary stores lining the street as tumbleweed rolls by. Yuga asks Kaizo to tell him the probability of the Ramen Hut closing down, and Kaizo performs a comprehensive analysis of the restaurant's current financial data, stating that it only has five hours until it permanently closes, and it's 99.9% likely to do so. But Yuga reckons that it's getting interesting, and Romin asks how in shock as Yuga explains that even if there's only a 0.1% chance they can fix this; that's his Road.

First, they need to see how popular their rival is, so they head to GastroByte, which has a long line of customers outside. Gavin observes that this is GastroByte, and Romin notes that it seems super popular. Yuga approaches the line, but is immediately stopped by a Goha Enterprises Drone operating a robot body, apologizing and stating that Yuga will not be allowed to enter, much to his surprise. The Drone explains that the shop uses facial recognition software and they refuse entry to suspicious-looking customers based on recognising the faces of known troublemakers. Yuga is shocked to learn that his face is considered suspicious, and the Drone claims that there is a high probability based on Yuga's face that he is a spy who is here to discover the secrets of this shop. Yuga doesn't even deny it; he more amazed by the technology (though Romin notes that now isn't the time to be admiring it). Gavin suggests they allow him to enter, as it will be easy for him due to being the successor to the Sogetsu style, of a pedigree lineage, and being an upstanding citizen, but he too is refused entry by the drone (who holds back its amusement) and explains that they have decided there is a high possibility of him being a chronic complainer. Gavin angrily shakes the drone, asking what it means by that and calling it insolent, but the drone asks them to leave, as they are causing trouble for other customers. Later, Gavin looks at his face in a mirror, snapping that choosing customers based on their face is outrageous, while Romin irritably laments that none of them will be able to enter the restaurant because Gavin lost his cool. Yuga states that there's still one of them who will be able to enter; Kaizo, who he decides he'll modify into a drone who looks like he can be in the restaurant, and he runs over to begin tinkering, much to Kaizo's shock. He's tied a white cloth over Kaizo's head and given it a sign to make it look like a home delivery drone, and Kaizo is none too happy about it. Yuga asks him to go in and investigate, but Kaizo refuses, claiming this kind of getup is insulting to him. Romin then tells Kaizo that he looks great and she's counting on him to get to the bottom of this, and she winks at him, prompting Kaizo to change his turn and he zooms off, declaring that he'll be right back as Yuga sweatdrops.

The shopkeeper jams naruto slices into his eyes out of shock.

They wait at the Ramen Hut for Kaizo to return, and he eventually comes back. Yuga asks how it was, and Kaizo claims that it was amazing, and he projects pictures on the wall as he states that a super-elite A.I. supervises everything, you can enjoy yourself at the shop whether you're alone or with family, there are no weird or loud customers, so it's very peaceful, and there was healthy cooking for health-conscious customers and protein-based cooking for those worried about their muscles. Gavin comments that it must be expensive, but Kaizo explains the shop's opening campaign means the price is only 66 yen. He projects a picture of him surrounded by several adoring girls (with the red light of the A.I. in the background behind them), stating that the shop also allows pictures to be taken freely, so it's pretty popular with girls, and the shopkeeper watches with tears in his eyes from behind the counter as Kaizo claims that he'd also prefer GastroByte over the Ramen Hut. The shopkeeper goes crazy with worry and as Romin nervously observes, begins mixing the nabe without any soup. Gavin claims that the shock has made him want to escape reality as the shopkeeper jams naruto slices into his eyes and collapses. Romin and Gavin gasp in shock, but Yuga suggests that they just need to give the shop a newsworthy feature, and he holds up a spanner and he declares that he'll turn it into a hot topic with his Road.

Yuga's first suggestion is a Restaurant-Go-Round rather than a Sushi-Go-Round, with rotating seats, but Gavin, Romin and Kaizo aren't very happy with that one (especially after being subjected to it). His next suggestion is a contraption that links mannequins up to one person (with Gavin being his test subject) to make the restaurant look more popular, though Romin doesn't like being strapped to it at all. Yuga thinks of another one, but Romin and Gavin desperately beg him to stop making Roads. Yuga protests that he thought of a cool one.

Saburamen makes his entrance.

The door is then thrown open, and a boy dressed in ninja garb enters, formally asking if this is the Ramen Hut where ramen is tasty. Gavin is surprised to see the boy wearing a mask, and the boy suddenly recognizes Yuga, asking if he's Yuga Ohdo. Yuga asks if the boy knows him, and he states that he saw Yuga in the Goha #7 Elementary Newspaper, holding up a copy. Romin is surprised to see their newspaper, and the boy apologizes for his late introduction; he's from Goha #3 Elementary, Class 5-2; seat number 7. His birthday is July 11, and he is a Cancer. His blood type is O, and his hobbies include eating ramen and reading; he is Saburamen. Gavin is shocked that Saburamen revealed his personal information so boldly, and Romin wonders why he's hiding his face if he's so forward. Yuga asks if he's really from Goha #3 Elementary, and Saburamen swears on noodles that he is. Yuga is pleased, since if their newspaper has reached Goha #3 Elementary then Rush Dueling is also pretty well known in that area. Gavin notes that he sees, and Romin admits that it seems that Rush Dueling is getting more popular. Saburamen then gets down on his hands and knees, asking how Yuga installed Rush Dueling and begging Yuga to tell him the method. Romin asks why he wants to know, and Saburamen explains that he also wants to install new Dueling rules that he thought up, much to everyone else's surprise. Saburamen explains that he loves ramen and Dueling equally, so he wants to create rules that fuse them. Romin is surprised, and Yuga thinks it sounds fun, though Gavin doesn't think he should be teaching something that important to a complete stranger he's only just met. To Gavin's surprise, Yuga explains that it makes him happy that someone else has thought of creating new rules, and Romin realizes that he's excited to find someone like him.

Saburamen and Yuga face off.

Saburamen then realizes that he forgot to put in an order, and he asks the shopkeeper for a bowl of ramen. The shopkeeper (still with naruto slices in his eyes) rises from the floor behind the counter, and he tells him that there's one bowl of ramen on the way, and Yuga, Gavin, Kaizo and Romin all gasp in shock; Romin and Gavin cry that it's the final bowl. Saburamen asks what's the matter, and Yuga explains that once the shopkeeper makes this bowl of ramen, it will be the end of this shop, so this ramen will be the last ramen of the Ramen Hut. Saburamen is horrified to learn that he is effectively responsible for destroying the shop, and he frantically apologizes, banging his head against the ground. Gavin asks him to calm down, and Kaizo adds that the shop would have closed either way. Yuga offers to tell Saburamen how to install new rules if he can have the last ramen in exchange, much to everyone's surprise. Romin asks Yuga if he likes it, and Yuga explains that he prefers udon, but this shop's ramen is really delicious, and if it's the last one he won't be able to get anymore, so that's why he wants it. But his remarks have angered Saburamen who tells him that's not happening; he can't give the last ramen to someone who isn't even the least bit interested in it. He throws down the gauntlet, challenging Yuga to a Rush Duel, much to everyone's shock. If Saburamen wins, Yuga will tell him the ways of installing new rules for Dueling, and if Yuga does, Saburamen will give him the last ramen. Yuga's fine with that; they will be betting the last ramen on the line. In the kitchen, the shopkeeper switches on the gas burner, whispering "The last ramen..." and Gavin warns them that the last ramen will be completed if they don't hurry. Yuga and Saburamen both strap on their Duel Disks, and call "Let's go! Rush Duel!"

As the holographic dome appears, Saburamen takes the first turn, drawing his hand and examining it. He thinks to himself his rules; first: food before friends, second: strange noodles are good, third: time travelling noodles are great, fourth: fancy noodles are the best, and fifth: forevermore he shall love noodles. He takes "Stock the Noodle Ninja" and "Tang the Noodle Ninja" from his hand (which also contains "The Noodle Art of Roastery", "The Noodle Art of Pottery", and "Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja") and Summons both of them, then he Tributes them to Tribute Summon "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Jonin Gockboot", who appears with 2200 ATK. Yuga observes that Saburamen is using ramen monsters, while in the kitchen, the shopkeeper begins heading the bowl, as Gavin narrates form behind the counter (having produced a microphone from somewhere). Yuga asks if the countdown to the last ramen has begun, and Saburamen vows that it will be his, Setting two cards as he ends his turn.

Saburamen gets distracted by the shopkeeper's cooking.

Yuga declares his turn and draws, adding the card to his hand and then Summoning "Dark Sorcerer" and "Straynge Cat". He Tributes them to Tribute Summon, chanting "Cut open a road through the walls, the mountains, and the planets that block my way and press onward! Let's go! Sevens Road Magician!" But Saburamen isn't paying attention; he's preoccupied by the shopkeeper using chidjire noodles, much to Yuga's shock. Yuga warns Saburamen that he'll be burned if he's only focusing on ramen, and he sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Curtain of Sparks") to activate the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", boosting it to 2700 ATK. Gavin declares that "Sevens Road Magician" has appeared straight off the bat, and Yuga is trying to settle things by increasing its ATK. But Saburamen refuses to let Yuga, and he activates a Trap Card, "The Noodle Art of Pottery", which engulfs "Sevens Road" in flames. Saburamen explains that one of his opponent's monsters will melt to the bottom of the cooking pot and lose 1000 ATK. "Sevens Road" sits miserably in the pot as it falls to 1700 ATK, Saburamen crowing that "Sevens Road" is like the leftover broth after making a soup in the cooking pot. He adds that he'll recover 500 LP by slurping up the most delicious parts from "Sevens Road". He basks in the broth as he rises to 4500 LP, and Yuga comments that it seems like Saburamen has a good understanding of Rush Dueling, but they're distracted by the shopkeeper dramatically plunging his spoonful of noodles into the stove. Romin yelps that they don't have time to spare looking at it, and Gavin warns them that he'll finish the last ramen if they don't hurry. Yuga quickly Sets two cards, ending his turn, and the ATK of "Sevens Road" returns to normal.

Saburamen's monsters attack.

Saburamen declares his turn and draws, and as he adds the five cards to his hand, the shopkeeper plunges his spoon into sauce. Saburamen sends two cards ("Silent Doom" and "Tribute Doll") from his hand to the Graveyard to activate a Spell Card, "The Noodle Art of Saucery", drawing two more cards as the shopkeeper stirs the soup, chanting "Draw...draw!" Again, Saburamen Summons "Tang the Noodle Ninja" and "Stock the Noodle Ninja", and then he sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja"; "Noodle Art: Soup Splash". "Spice" glows with a golden aura that is transferred to "Tang" and "Stock" and Yuga gasps as the shopkeeper stirs the soup and an identical puddle forms beneath "Spice" as he explained that all Pyro monsters will gain ATK equal to the number of Normal Monsters in his Graveyard; their ATK will keep on growing. "Spice" powers up to 2400 ATK, "Tang" to 1000, and "Stock" to 1200. The shopkeeper stirs faster and faster as the naruto slices in his eyes spin, and Saburamen activates his Set Spell Card "The Noodle Art of Roastery", increasing the ATK of all his monsters by the number of Normal Monsters in both of their Graveyards until the end of this turn. With four, their ATK grows even stronger (as the shopkeeper sears three meat slices with a blowtorch in time to the ATK increase); "Spice" rises to 2800 ATK, "Tang" to 1400, and "Stock" to 1600. But there's more; Saburamen activates the Spell Card "The Noodle Art of Savory", reducing the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" by 400 for each Pyro monster he controls until the end of the turn. As the shopkeeper seasons the noodles, Yuga gasps "What?" as "Sevens Road" is reduced to 900 ATK. Romin gasps in shock and Gavin cries that in an instant, "Sevens Road" has lost most of its ATK, and "Sevens Road" slumps over as Menaburo crows that the heart-burned "Sevens Road" will meet the end of the line after being struck by his rich flavorful ramen attack. He Sets the final card in his hand, then orders his "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninjas" to attack, attacking with "Noodle Demon Shuriken: Disorderly Dance".

"Sevens Road Magician" endures the attacks with "Magic Fire Guard".

Yuga refuses to let Saburamen, and he activates his Trap Card, "Magic Fire Guard", projecting a shield of flames in front of "Sevens Road Magician" to prevent it from being destroyed by battle this turn. As the noodle shurikens bounce around "Sevens Road", Saburamen points out that Yuga will still take the damage, and Yuga cries out as he falls to 900 LP with the shurikens bombarding him. Romin cries that Yuga only has 900 LP left, and Gavin wonders what Yuga will do. Yuga falters as Saburamen laughs, and he ends his turn, ending all the ATK alterations as well. The shopkeeper declares that it's his turn now; to drain the water from the noodles, and he dramatically shakes his sieve scoop to get rid of the excess water, causing several droplets to hit poor Gavin who jumps around yelping in pain from the heat. Kaizo declares that the ramen has reached its climax, and Romin warns Yuga that the ramen is almost done.

Yuga empowers "Sevens Road Magician" with "Road Magic - Tempest".

Yuga tells her to leave it to him, and he declares his turn and draws five cards; "Road Magic - Explosion", "Road Magic - Tempest", "High Magic - Double Acceleration", "Ansler the Magical Swordsman", and "Torna the Windweaver". He sends the top card of his Deck to the Graveyard to activate the "Elemental Road" effect of "Sevens Road Magician", which rises to 2700 ATK again. Saburamen activates another Trap Card, a second "Pottery", and Yuga realizes what will happen if it decreases the ATK of "Sevens Road" and increases Saburamen's LP again, and as the ATK of "Sevens Road" falls to 1700 again, Saburamen holds up a large bowl of noodles and declares that he is invincible thanks to this large serving of 5000 LP. Yuga thinks that at this rate he'll lose on Saburamen's next turn, so he decides to bet on "Torna the Windweaver", sending "Answerer" from his hand to the Graveyard (which contains the "Wind Spirit's Protection" he sent there to activate "Elemental Road") to borrow the power of the masters of fire, activating the Spell Card "Road Magic - Explosion". "Sevens Road" extends its sword, surrounding it with fire that it concentrates into a large face and blasts at Saburamen as Yuga explains that he will take 400 damage for every FIRE monster he controls. Saburamen yelps "No noodling way!" as the fire knocks him back, reducing his LP to 3800. Then by borrowing the power of the masters of wind, Yuga can change a monster to Defense Position, sending "Torna the Windweaver" from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Road Magic - Tempest", and once again, "Sevens Road" extends its sword and surrounds it with elemental power, this time forming a face of wind that it blasts at "Spice", forcing it to cross its arms in front of itself. Saburamen notes that Yuga is trying to defeat "Masked Fiery Noodle Ninja Jonin Gockboot", but even if he is destroyed Saburamen will still have 3800 LP left. But Yuga grins, he isn't just doing that.

Saburamen realizes what will happen when "Sevens Road" attacks.

The shopkeeper begins to pour the soup over the noodles as Gavin narrates, and Romin adds that it's finally time to arrange the food. Yuga looks over in shock as Gavinc cries that he has summoned the boiled egg, and Romin adds that he's activating the roast pork and urges the drooling Yuga to hurry. Yuga cries that he gets it already and he activates the Spell Card "High Magic - Double Acceleration", returning two Level 5 or higher Spellcasters from his Graveyard to his Deck to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road". Saburamen gasps as Yuga slots "Answerer" and "Torna" back into his Deck and "Sevens Road Magician" rises to 3800 ATK, but he claims that even if Yuga adds toppings it's too late. But Yuga wonders about that, and he activates his Set Spell Card "Pierce!". Saburamen cries "What?!" as Yuga states that it will allow "Sevens Road" to inflict damage equal to the difference between its ATK and the defending monster's DEF, and Saburamen realizes what will happen. Yuga confirms it, attacking the 0 DEF "Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja" with "Sevens Road Magician", ordering "Sevens Magic". "Sevens Road Magician" destroys "Spice", sending Saburamen flying with a cry of "No noodling way!" again as his LP fall to zero. He tears up as he realizes that he lost, and the shopkeeper tells them that one ramen is ready and thanks them for waiting as the naruto slices fall from his eyes into the meal. Yuga cries that it looks delicious, and he asks if he can have small servings for everyone, much to Romin's surprise. He holds out chopsticks to Saburamen, telling him that it was a fun Rush Duel and suggesting that they eat the ramen together with everyone. Saburamen is floored by Yuga's kindness, and he thanks him, reaching out to take the concepts.

Luke shows up to partake in the ramen.

But then Luke comments that it really was a good Duel. He slurps up the ramen as he states that he was looking for them, but didn't expect to see them Rush Dueling here. He comments that the ramen here really is pretty tasty, and sucks down another portion as Yuga and Saburamen both react in shock; Yuga asking why Luke is eating it. But Luke drinks the rest and thanks the shopkeeper for the meal, and Saburamen angrily snarls "You!" Romin snaps that Luke is the worst, and Gavin asks how Luke could eat the last ramen from the shop. But the shopkeeper reassures them that it wasn't the last ramen, and his eyes back to normal, he asks Yuga what kind of Duel that was. Yuga eagerly replies that it was a Rush Duel, and the shopkeeper comments that he thinks he's understood something after watching them Duel so intently; he also wants to make ramen that is faster, tastier and even better than before. Yuga eagerly realizes what this means, and the shopkeeper vows that he'll try to keep making "Rush Ramen" from now on. Yuga and Romin celebrate, and Saburamen is overjoyed, running in between Luke and Yuga and grabbing the latter in a headlock in excitement. Yuga, Romin, Saburamen, Gavin and Luke all ask for another bowl, though Yuga tells Luke he's had enough, much to his confusion.

The Hologram Man's relic has vanished.

Soon after, the four friends visit the Ramen Hut again to find it packed. Romin is impressed by the line, and Yuga admits that he's not sure why, but the store hasn't lost any customers since then. The store's Rush Ramen seems to be a hit, with Kaizo dutifully waiting on the customers. Kaizo asks why he has to do all of this, but then Romin tells him that he's looking cool and he perks up and welcomes them. Gavin wonders why the restaurant became so popular all of a sudden, and Saburamen shows up, telling them that it was due to word-of-mouth. He explains that he told his gourmet friends Briscoe and Sushiko Maki about a really tasty restaurant, they told other people, and before you know it... Yuga comments that even Goha Enterprises can't delete word-of-mouth.

That day, they take Saburamen to the Hologram Man's chamber, and Meznaburo asks if they're really going to tell him how to install. Yuga (using his Duel Disk's light to guide them) confirms that he is; he realized that Saburamen was serious after their Duel. Saburamen thanks Yuga, though Yuga admits he doesn't know if it will work even if Yuga tells him the method. But then they stop short - the Hologram Man's dais is gone, leaving only a circular imprint in the stone. Gavin asks what's going on, and Romin cries that the relic is gone as Yuga holds back a gasp.

Featured Duel: Yuga Ohdo vs Saburamen[edit]

Yuga VS Menzaburo.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Saburamen
Saburamen's hand contains "The Noodle Art of Roastery", "The Noodle Art of Pottery", "Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja", "Stock the Noodle Ninja", and "Tang the Noodle Ninja". Saburamen Normal Summons "Stock" (1000/1200) and "Tang" (800/1000). Saburamen Tributes "Stock" and "Tang" to Tribute Summon "Spice" (2200/0). Saburamen Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Yuga
Yuga Normal Summons "Dark Sorcerer" (1500/0) and "Straynge Cat" (0/1400). Yuga Tributes "Dark Sorcerer" and "Straynge Cat" to Tribute Summon "Sevens Road Magician" (2100/1500). Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" by 300 for each monster with a different Attribute in his GY until the end of the turn. He sends "Curtain of Sparks", so he has two monsters with different Attributes in his GY (EARTH and DARK; "Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 2700/1500). As a Level 7 or higher monster Yuga controlled activated its effect, Saburamen activates his Set Trap "The Noodle Art of Pottery", reducing the ATK of a monster Yuga controls by 1000 and gaining 500 LP. He chooses "Sevens Road Magician" ("Sevens Road Magician": 2700/1500 → 1700/1500) (Saburamen: 4000 → 4500 LP). Yuga Sets two cards.

Turn 3: Saburamen
Saburamen activates the Spell "The Noodle Art of Saucery", sending cards from his hand to the GY equal to the number of Normal Monsters in his GY to draw the same number of cards. He has two Normal Monsters in his GY ("Stock" and "Tang"), so he sends "Silent Doom" and "Tribute Doll" to the GY and draws two cards. Saburamen Normal Summons a second "Stock" (1000/1200) and a second "Tang" (800/1000). Saburamen activates the effect of "Spice", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to increase the ATK of all Pyro monsters he controls by 100 for each Normal Monster in his GY until the end of the turn. He sends an unknown card to the GY, so he has 2 Normal Monsters in his GY ("Spice": 2200/0 → 2400/0) ("Tang": 800/1000 → 1000/1000) ("Stock": 1000/1200 → 1200/1200). Saburamen activates his Set Spell "The Noodle Art of Roastery", allowing him to increase the ATK of all Pyro monsters he controls by 100 for each Normal Monster in each player's GY until the end of the turn. Both Yuga and Saburamen have 2 Normal Monsters in their GY ("Spice": 2400/0 → 2800/0) ("Tang": 1000/1000 → 1400/1000) ("Stock": 1200/1200 → 1600/1200). Saburamen activates the Spell "The Noodle Art of Savory", reducing the ATK of a monster Yuga controls by 400 for each Pyro monster he controls until the end of the turn. He chooses "Sevens Road Magician", and Saburamen controls 3 Pyro monsters ("Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 900/1500). Saburamen Sets a Card. "Spice" attacks "Sevens Road Magician", but Yuga activates his Set Trap "Magic Fire Guard", choosing an Attack Position Spellcaster monster he controls and preventing it from being destroyed by battle this turn. He chooses "Sevens Road Magician". The attack continues, but "Sevens Road Magician" is not destroyed (Yuga: 4000 → 2100 LP). "Stock" and "Tang" attack "Sevens Road Magician" (Yuga: 2100 → 1400 → 900 LP).

Turn 4: Yuga
Yuga's hand contains "Road Magic - Explosion", "Road Magic - Tempest", "High Magic - Double Acceleration", "Ansler the Magical Swordsman", and "Torna the Windweaver". Yuga activates the effect of "Sevens Road Magician", sending a unknown card from the top of his Deck to the GY, so he has two different Attributes in his GY (EARTH and DARK, "Sevens Road Magician": 2100/1500 → 2700/1500).[Note 1] Saburamen activates his Set Trap "Pottery", choosing "Sevens Road Magician" ("Sevens Road Magician": 2700/1500 → 1700/1500) (Saburamen: 4500 → 5000 LP). Yuga activates the Spell "Road Magic - Explosion" as he controls a Level 7 or higher Spellcaster monster, sending a FIRE monster from his hand to the GY to inflict 400 damage to Saburamen for each card he controls. Yuga sends "Answerer" to the GY, and Saburamen controls 3 cards (Saburamen: 5000 → 3800 LP). Yuga activates the Spell "Road Magic - Tempest" as he controls a Level 7 or higher Spellcaster monster, sending a WIND monster from his hand to the GY to change the battle positions of up to 3 monsters Saburamen controls. He sends "Torna the Windweaver" to the GY and changes "Spice" to Defense Position. Yuga activates the Spell "High Magic - Double Acceleration", returning two Level 5 or higher Spellcaster monsters from his GY to his Deck to increase the ATK of a Spellcaster monster he controls by its original ATK. He returns "Answerer" and "Torna the Windweaver" and increases the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" ("Sevens Road Magician": 1700/1500 → 3800/1500). Yuga activates his Set Spell "Pierce!", choosing a monster and allowing it to inflict piercing battle damage until the end of this turn. He chooses "Sevens Road Magician". "Sevens Road Magician" attacks and destroys "Spice", with the effect of "Pierce!" allowing it to inflict piercing battle damage (Saburamen: 3800 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



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  1. "The card is later shown to be "Wind Spirit's Protection" when Yuga's GY is shown as he discards "Answerer".