Sushiko Maki

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Sushiko Maki
Sushiko Maki
  • Sushiko Maki
Japaneseまき 寿
Base巻 寿司子
Furiganaまき すしこ
RōmajiMaki Sushiko
  • Female
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did not place (With Saburamen and Briscoe)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 01111: "Hungry for a Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Diana Huey
  • Mari Uchiyama
Maki, Sushiko

Sushiko Maki (まき 寿 Maki Sushiko) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is a friend of Saburamen.

A character resembling Sushiko and sharing her voice actor, Ms. Maki, appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.



Full-body view of Sushiko.

Sushiko is a petite young pale-skinned girl with olive eyes and black heart-shaped hair and a beauty mark beneath her lip. She wears a sleeveless black kimono with a white lining and a yellow band around the neck, armbands around her forearms in the same style with pads on the back of her hands, a brown obi with a yellow band around the center, grey tights, black socks with white edge and green wedge-heeled sandals. She also carries an oversized wooden paddle tucked into her obi.


Sushiko presents herself with grace and poise in comparison to the more energetic Briscoe and Saburamen. She tends to compare matters in life to sushi rolls, and uses the term "rolled" when returning cards to her Deck during a Duel. She is also shocked when she realizes that she was inadvertently manipulated by Roa Kassidy to trigger his cousin's hunger and apologizes for her role afterwards.

Sushiko is not above arguments, squabbling with Romin over the television remote and slyly trying to convince her to watch Itamae's Case Files with her. After their Duel however, she thanks Romin for the fun match and does not hold her victory over her.


Sushiko's full name in Japanese is a play on "makizushi", a Japanese term for sushi rolls.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Saburamen told Sushiko and Briscoe about the Ramen Hut, which apparently had really tasty ramen. Sushiko and Briscoe told other people about the restaurant, which was facing a customer shortage, and their word-of-mouth soon restored the restaurant's customer base.[2]

Roa Kassidy later hired Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe to cater for a RoaRomin concert. Sushiko provided sushi rolls to the audience, which they waved in place of lightsticks during the Duel between Gavin Sogetsu and Romin Kassidy.[3] After the Duel, Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe realized they had inadvertently aided in Gavin's defeat and they apologized to him and Yuga, though Gavin reassured them it wasn't their fault. Romin then tried to warn Yuga not to Duel Roa, though Yuga still accepted Roa's challenge. During the Duel, Roa called the legality of "Sevens Road Magician" into question after Yuga told them he had received the card from a Duelist disqualified from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament who had taught him his current outlook. After Number 6 clarified the rules regarding illegal cards that would result in Yuga's disqualification if he drew it, Luke convinced Sushiko and the others that Yuga wouldn't cheat, as he wouldn't have wanted to make new rules if he didn't respect them. He rallied them to find information on "Sevens Road Magician", and Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe began asking Goha #3 Elementary students if they had heard of the card, but they were unsuccessful in finding any information.[4] Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician", but then a Relic emerged from the ground and projected the Hologram Man, who introduced himself as Otes and revealed that he had chosen Yuga to become the King of Duels. The Goha #7 Elementary Newspaper Club then arrived and projected footage of Otes giving Yuga "Sevens Road Magician" and being disqualified, clarifying that he had been so due to being a Goha employee. Sushiko and Briscoe spied on Number 6 as she successfully accessed the card data of "Sevens Road Magician". Otes then revealed that Roa had been blocking the information on "Sevens Road Magician" and had also been at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament when Otes gave "Sevens Road Magician" to Yuga. He asked Otes why he hadn't been chosen as King of Duels, and Yuga offered to continue the Duel with the title on the line. Yuga was pushed into a corner, and Sushiko worried that a careless move could be the end for him, but he was able to defeat Roa. After the Duel, Otes and the Relic sank into the ground again.[5]


Some time after Yuga and Roa's Duel, Sushiko received a penalty on her Duel Disk.[6] Sushiko, Briscoe and Saburamen went to the Road Laboratory, where Yuga explained that they and all his other friends had been penalized due to his challenge by Goha Duel Overseer Nail Saionji to retrieve the data of Yuga's Drone Kaizo, and if anyone in Yuga's group of friends lost a Duel, they would all be penalized and their accounts deleted if they received six penalties. The penalty had occurred when Mimi Imimi was defeated by her son Yosh, as Mimi had inadvertently become considered one of Yuga's friends, something Sushiko compared to a sushi roll being rolled up. Despite the circumstances, everyone present agreed to help Yuga given that all of their accounts were on the line, but then Yuga, Luke and Gavin were dropped into a pit leading to the Garden of Curiosity, with Romin and Saburamen also falling in, though Sushiko was saved from falling in by Briscoe.[7]

Sushiko later received four more penalties on her Duel Disk.[8] Sushiko was with Saburamen and Briscoe when she witnessed Nail Maximum Summoning "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", which coiled around the Goha Enterprises Main Office.[9] Sushiko was shocked by the large size of "Yggdrago", and watched as it battled with Yuga's own Maximum Monster, "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", expressing relief when Yuga was able to save it by returning it to his hand to negate one of Nail's attacks. Yuga was pushed into a corner and reminded of the stakes of the match, which reminded Sushiko that due to her five penalties her account would be deleted if Yuga lost the Rush Duel. She was overjoyed when Yuga was able to re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Overlord" again, and when Yuga defeated Nail, who erased the penalties on Sushiko's Duel Disk after the Rush Duel.[10]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe attended the Rush Duel Training Camp with Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin and the Duel Dinosaur Club and the Dueling Insects Club. Sushiko wanted to watch Itamae's Case Files on the big screen television that night, but found herself squabbling over the remote with Romin, who wanted to watch RockFes until Yuga suggested they Rush Duel over the remote. Sushiko's strategy to restore Romin's LP proved to be uniquely suited to combat Romin's own strategy of reducing her LP the generate advantage, and she tried to convince Romin to watch her drama with her, but this just angered Romin into her enraged state and she brought out both "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and "Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream", but Luke then turned the television on to show an ad for Itamae's Case Files guest-starring Princess G, a guitarist Romin looked up to. Sushiko told Romin to hurry up, snapping her out of her rage, and Romin attacked Sushiko with the intent to defeat her, but Sushiko was able to prevent her "Dragon Roll the Sushi Fairy" from being destroyed and remain in the Duel. On her next turn, despite restoring Romin to 4000 LP, Sushiko was able to combine "Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy" with "Inside Out Roll" to defeat Romin in a One Turn Kill. After the Duel she thanked Romin for the fun match and again offered to watch Itamae's Case Files with her, an offer Romin accepted. Briscoe then came in with dinner for all of them.[1] Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe left the Rush Duel Training Camp on the second day.[11]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Sushiko, Saburamen, and Briscoe learned about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal from Sweets Kakoko's announcement.[12] They decided to enter as a team, attending the registration at Goha Stadium.[13] They attended the opening ceremonies of the tournament, though they were confused by the Goha President initially laughing for her opening speech until she encouraged them normally. She was challenged to a Rush Duel by Roa, who wanted to talk with the incarcerated Otes and defeated her.[14]

Sushiko, Briscoe and Saburamen made it through the first day of the tournament as the Gourmet Comrades Team.[15] Sushiko, Briscoe and Saburamen received word from Rino that Luke, Romin and Gavin were required aid in dicscovering the identities of a group calling themselves "Goha 66", and they joined forces with the Newspaper Club and Post-Apocalyptic Club to rescue Team Lukeking Lukekings from defeated Duelists trying to rejoin the tournament; Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe accompanying Gavin, Romin and Luke to Maximum Mountain at Scoop Pitman's suggestion. They eventually found a Stonehenge made from baking that the starving Romin and Luke began to devour, built by Sweets Kakoko, the tournament presenter, who broke Saburamen's heart after telling him she wasn't Celestia Noodlina, who Saburamen had become enamored with after meeting her in the Garden of Curiosity. Kakoko revealed she was working for Goha 66 to oppose them, so Gavin challenged her to a Duel, but Sushiko reminded Gavin that he was still exhausted and offered to Duel instead, only for Briscoe to Duel due ot wanting to pay Kakoko back for hurting Saburamen. Kakoko nearly depleted Briscoe's LP, worrying Gavin, but Sushiko reassured him that Briscoe was fine and had a fire lit beneath him. She was proven right as Briscoe made a ferocious comeback, defeating Kakoko and expressing kinship with her after the Duel, though Kakoko had to return to her era, much to Briscoe's dismay.[16]

Sushiko, Saburamen, Briscoe, Romin, Luke and Gavin continued on to the Abandoned Dorm, reaching it after Romin and Luke swam off their food when they fell into a river. However when they arrived they were opposed by Tyler Getz, Toombs and Kaizo, now working for Goha 66. Kaizo had joined Goha 66 in revenge for his mistreatment by Yuga and Luke and challenged Luke to a Duel. Sushiko was shocked by Kaizo's recovery of his Trap Cards during the Duel, a strategy Romin compared to a make-your-own-sushi roll, though Luke was able to successfully destroy Kaizo's recovered Trap and defeat him. After the Duel Sushiko, Saburamen and Briscoe examined Kaizo's new robot body, only to find that he had escaped. Luke disabled Kaizo and they brought him into Maximum Mountain where they found the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club and Luke's sister Tiger having defeated the members of Goha 66, and Luke used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal that Goha 66 were trying to take over the main Dueling server and subsequently Goha Enterprises and the Dueling world; the server itself being buried in Maximum Mountain.[17] Sushiko was surprised that Asana Mutsuba hadn't realized she knew Luke from her childhood and watched as Tiger yelled everyone who spoke up into a wall as she wanted to settle a childhood rivalry with Asana; Sushiko remaining silent when Tiger asked if anyone else wanted to interrupt. Sushiko watched the ensuing Rush Duel, where Tiger and Asana settled their rivalry after learning that Asana had separated from Tiger while they were trying to find a missing Luke in their youth to rescue Chevelle Kayama and Trapigeon. After Asana defeated Tiger, Tiger yelled Luke into a wall that shattered to reveal the supposed main server, but Kaizo revealed that it was too small to be the server Goha 66 sought.[18]

Sushiko, Briscoe and Saburamen attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal the next day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gavin's Duel against Nail and his new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin eventually returned to his normal persona after a power outage in the stadium and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[19][20]

Sushiko watched Yuga and Luke's Rush Duel, where the power in the stadium began to fail again, revealed to be due to the Goha Duel Server being hacked, and Sushiko witnessed the revelation of the Goha Duel Server on the moon and the Rush Duel Program contained within, under attack by Goha Enterprises Drones that were uninstalling it and had been all tournament.[21] Despite knowing their Duel would complete the uninstallation, Yuga and Luke continued to Duel. Sushiko applauded when Luke eventually won, resulting in the uninstallation of Rush Dueling, but Yuga and Nail were able to reinstall the program and install it in the Super Rush Robot to protect it from another attack. Sushiko then watched Luke's coronation as King of Duels.[22]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

The true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth, evicted the current president, Mimi Imimi, and challenged Yuga and his friends to Rush Duels with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments that would shake it apart unless Yuga defeated the six siblings.[23] Sushiko was in Goha City one night with Saburamen, Briscoe and the Space Operations Duel Squadron and Duel Dinosaur Club when she watched the Rush Duel between Yuga and The☆Lukeman, including Yuo Goha's rage after he believed Yuga and The☆Lukeman weren't taking the Duel seriously. To Sushiko's shock a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, having been dragged in by the Goha Meteor Shower, and Yuga blocked the meteor with his Duel Disk, acquiring the "Fusion" card contained within it and using it to defeat The☆Lukeman, saving the Super Rush Robot.[24]


Sushiko uses a Sushi Deck, composed of Fairy "Sushi Fairy" monsters and Spell and Trap Cards themed around the art of rolling sushi. Sushiko's strategy parallels Romin Kassidy's in that it relies on manipulating LP, but is more focused on increasing her opponent's LP to gain advantage and fulfill the activation conditions for her cards, most notably her "Gingangel, the Deluxe Sushi Fairy", before quickly depleting her opponent's LP.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Romin Kassidy 28 Win
Saburamen 78 DRAW
Yuga Goha & Dueling Insects Club 78 Lose (with Saburamen, Briscoe, Yosh Imimi & Scoop Pitman)
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 86 Lose (with Yosh Imimi and Saburamen)


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