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Goha 66
Goha 66
  • Goha 66
OtherSilhouette Man
RōmajiGōha Daburu Shikkusu
  • Male
  • Career
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 04343: "Opening! Team Battle Royal"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Jouji Nakata
66, Goha

Goha 66, pronounced Goha Double Six (ゴーハ66ダブルシックス Gōha Daburu Shikkusu), is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and an antagonist in the Team Battle Royal arc. He leads his eponymous organization Goha 66, and is plotting to take control of Goha Enterprises.



Full-body view of Goha 66

Goha 66 is a tall tan-skinned man with grey hair neatly combed back. Like most Goha employees he conceals his face behind a mask stylized to resemble the Goha Enterprises logo, but his includes a number "6" within the "G"; it is later shown that he wears this mask behind his usual Goha Enterprises mask. Goha 66 wears a dark grey suit over a pinstriped pink undershirt and a maroon or dark grey tie with a golden shield-shaped badge clipped to it.

Beneath his mask, Goha 66 has brown eyes and wears hexagonal black spectacles, with the logo of Goha Enterprises in the bridge.


Goha 66 claims to dislike children and believes not only that they should be educated, but that they as adults should be celebrated for doing so. He looks down upon children, dismissing the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's Heavy Cavalry, though he does his best to act politely around them.

Goha 66 depicts himself as a romanticist; desiring to leave his and his fellow Goha 66 members' mark on Goha Enterprises, and he empathizes with those who he feels have suffered similarly. He is subsequently horrified when Kaizo is forced to confess their organization's goals.


Goha 66 and the other members of his organization served Goha Enterprises loyally for most of their tenure. As they began to approach retirement, Goha 66 held an event for his organization at the Ramen Hut and proposed that they leave their mark on the company when they retired, a decision that was encouraged by the Ramen Hut Owner due to their similar ages.[1]

Goha 66 learned from an anonymous source that the main Dueling server of Goha Enterprises was buried in Maximum Mountain, the mine owned by Mutsuba Heavy Machinery.[2] For his organization's "final firework", he planned to gain control over the server while the rest of Goha Enterprises was occupied with the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, thereby taking control of Goha Enterprises and the Dueling world.[1] Goha 66 went to Maximum Mountain with his squad of Goha Enterprises Drones where he found Hunt Goto digging for prototype Duel Disks, hoping to use the Duel ID cards contained within them to create Maximum Monsters. Goha 66 offered to help Hunt excavate the Duel Disks in exchange for a favor and Hunt agreed.[3] He and his Drones later continued to excavate in the mine even after Hunt had stripped it clean, vowing that they would take over Goha Enterprises.[4] The rest of his organization arrived to help excavate the mine, but they were found by Kaizo, the modified Drone owned by Yuga Ohdo, the creator of the Rush Duel format whose data was also stored within the server. Kaizo claimed to have been repeatedly abused by Yuga and his friends and desired with revenge, while also expressing admiration for Goha 66's goals, and Goha 66 himself empathized with Kaizo and took him into the group, granting him a robot body and a new Deck and tasking him with defending the Abandoned Dorm from Yuga's friends.[1]

As Goha 66 and the rest of his organization continued to excavate the mine, they were confronted by Asana Mutsuba, Caterpillio Zomyoji, Galian Townsend and Chevelle Kayama. Goha 66 claimed that their purpose as adults was to educate young children and they began doing so in gymnastics, but the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club didn't like Goha 66's dismissal of their motives, prompting Goha 66 to express his hatred of young children and insult their Heavy Cavalry. Asana warned them that she wouldn't forgive them for insulting their Heavy Cavalry, but Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo arrived before they could come to blows, and Goha 66 and his cohorts prepared to Duel the five children.[5] Unfortunately they were all defeated by Tiger, Galian, Trapigeon and Zomyoji, much to Goha 66's anger. Tiger's brother Luke then arrived having defeated Kaizo and taken him prisoner and to Goha 66's horror he used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal Goha 66's plans.[1] Goha 66 was furious at being discovered but vowed to take control of the server regardless, until Tiger yelled him into submission while she Dueled Asana. After the Duel, Tiger yelled her brother into a wall and shattered it, revealing the main server. Goha 66 and his comrades promptly made a run for it, but Kaizo revealed that the server was too small to contain all the Dueling data, sending Goha 66 into despair as he wondered what his benefactor's plan had been; the note he had been given was confiscated by Luke.[2]


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