Celestia Noodlina

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Celestia Noodlina
Celestia Noodlina
  • Celestia Noodlina
Japanese translatedNoodle Sorako
RōmajiNūdoru Sorako
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationOtes' faction
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 02121: "Close Encounters with Noodle-Kind"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Daisy Guevara[1]
Noodlina, Celestia

Celestia Noodlina, known as Noodle Sorako (ヌードル Nūdoru Sorako) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and a minor antagonist. She works at the Out of This World Ramen ramen store in the Garden of Curiosity, and claims to be an alien from the Menmen system of the Ra Nebula.

Celestia's true allegiance is to Otes, and she is the first of six girls to appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, all who share her appearance and voice actress with a different theme.



Full-body view of Celestia.

Celestia is a petite young girl with a very pale yellowish complexion, blond hair, and aqua eyes with blue pupils and yellow star-shaped highlights. Her hairstyle and clothes are themed around a stereotypical flying saucer; her hair surrounds the rest of her head in a ring and she has a small red orb surrounded by a white ring attached to her forehead. She wears a light grey dress with patterns of gold stars and red lines on the chest and a bulging skirt shaped like the bottom of a flying saucer, with yellow orbs attached to the base, and a metal garment around her neck resembling a pan with a studded collar which has a hidden panel on the front that can open to reveal several dials detailing Celestia's current state. She also wears light grey long gloves and boots with red orbs surrounded by white rings attached to the toes and fingers.

Celestia in her UFO form.

Celestia is capable of retracting her head and limbs within her dress, in which state she fully resembles a flying saucer and is capable of flight.


Celestia is a chirpy and cheerful young lady with little notice or care for her strange behavior outside of choosing an Earth name so that people could pronounce it. She commonly utters beeps in her sentences and stereotypical alien speech, particularly when startled. Her motives are considerably unknown; she lives without complaint underground in the Garden of Curiosity in a store largely frequented by Goha Enterprises employees and does not confirm whether she is working for or even knows Nail Saionji. She casually offers to show Saburamen around the galaxy having only just met him and is excited by passion and potential she sees in humans.

When saddened, Celestia becomes significantly more mournful, though she does her best to brush such feelings aside, encouraging Saburamen not to worry about her during their Duel and reassuring him when she leaves Earth that she will always remember him and his passion.


In the Japanese version, "Sorako" is written with characters that are usually read as Uchūko (lit. "space child"), but it has a non-standard pronunciation that makes it sound like 空子 ("sky child") instead. She says this is simply something she picked for herself for the convenience of humans, and that her real name is unpronounceable for them. Her English name is derived from "celestial" and "noodle", referring to her space and ramen motifs.



One day while working at the Out of This World Ramen, Celestia met Yuga Ohdo, Saburamen, Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu, surprising them in her ship form before emerging and introducing herself to them before serving them ramen. All of them enthusiastically liked Celestia's ramen, though Celestia claimed there was much more tasty ramen out in the galaxy and offered to show the ramen-obsessed Saburamen what she meant. After her customers ate, Celestia challenged them to a Duel, which Saburamen accepted. Although Celestia quickly established her "Outer Space" Field Spell Card, Saburamen gained an early lead over her with his "Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja" by inflicting piercing battle damage, causing Celestia to begin glitching. Celestia admitted that her ship was powered by her LP, but encouraged Saburamen not to give it any thought, bringing out "Cosmic String Noodryad" and destroying "Spice", then Summoning "Galaxy Topping Troll" to finish him off. Saburamen's friends then encouraged him not to worry about whether he should defeat Celestia or not, particularly Yuga, who Celestia was shocked to see contained an astonishing amount of potential. Regaining his passion, Saburamen blocked the attack of "Topping Troll" and survived the turn, summoning a new ace monster on his next turn; "Extra Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja". Although Celestia attempted to blunt Saburamen's efforts with her Trap Cards, the effect of "Extra Spice" and Saburamen's Spell Cards proved ot be too much for her, and Saburamen defeated her. With her energy drained, Celestia explained she would have to return to her mothership to recharge and promised that she would never forget Saburamen or his passion, bidding the five humans goodbye as her ship arrived to retrieve her.[2]

King of Duels[edit]

Celestia was present with Finger Chikako, Sweets Kakoko, Flash Umiko and Konvoy Sagawa at the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village when Hire Yureko brought Yuga Goha to them, having subdued Nanaho Nanahoshi, Kabuto Bito and Kirihito Kamagaya. They strapped him to a cross and introduced themselves, Yureko telling Yuga where he was. Otes then arrived to send a video message to Yuga Ohdo while informing Yuga Goha of his plans to destroy Dueling; Celestia and Chikako held up lightning panels for the filming.[3]

Celestia and her counterparts joined Otes in the Otes Robot, waiting beyond the lunar horizon for Yuga Ohdo and his friends to arrive and attempt to stop the lunar Drones from overloading the Goha Duel Server. They acted to throw meteors at the kids' shuttle, but after the second the shuttle vanished. Celestia detected a heat signature; the kids had commandeered the Super Rush Robot so Yuga could Rush Duel Otes.[4] During the Duel, Otes commanded Celestia and her counterparts to uninstall their Duel Rules structures to attack the Super Rush Robot; Celestia launched her UFO Topping Shoot, a bowl of ramen noodles with a flying saucer on top. However, her attempt was thwarted by Saburamen uninstalling his Ramen Duel. As Otes was about to defeat Yuga, the girls' shift alarm sounded and they flew the Otes Tobot to the other side of the moon, Celestia explaining to Otes it was time for them to clock out and she departed with her counterparts, unaware their clock had been tampered with by Nanaho.[5]

2 years later, Celestia was seen briefly flying over Goha #8 Middle School in her flying saucer form.[6]


Celestia uses a Pyro Deck that is composed of monsters that are based in appearance on a mix of aliens and ramen ingredients. The strategy of the Deck revolves around the usage of the "Outer Space" Field Spell; her Effect Monsters require it to be active to activate their effects. Unusually, all of her Pyro monsters are DARK monsters.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Saburamen 21 Lose

Other appearances[edit]


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