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Yuga Goha
Yuga Goha
  • Yuga Goha
  • Swirly (グルグル Guruguru)
  • The☆Swirly (ザ☆グルグル Za☆Guruguru)
RōmajiGōha Yuuga
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 05353: "Let's Go! Rush Swirling!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Yuri Ise
Goha, Yuga

Yuga Goha (ゴーハ・ユウガ Gōha Yuuga) is the sixth of the Goha Siblings, associated with the DARK Attribute and the main antagonist of the Goha Employee arc in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. The most passionate among them about Dueling, his passion was twisted into a desire for ruthless violence to prevent himself from losing. His ambitions eventually led to his other siblings opposing him, Yuo Goha using "Monster Reborn" to seal away the violent parts of Yuga's spirit, while accidentally wiping him from the other Siblings' memories.

With his memories wiped, Yuga lost all knowledge of his own name and reverted to his shy and friendly personality he'd had as a younger boy. Upon meeting Yuga Ohdo and Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, he was given the name Swirly (グルグル Guruguru), enrolling in Goha 7th Elementary and becoming caught up in the Rush Duel Club, events that eventually led to the restoration of his memories.



Full-body view of Yuga Goha

Yuga is a tan-skinned boy with green eyes with white and red hair resembling Yuga Ohdo's, though his hair is longer at the neck. He previously wore a similar outfit to his siblings; dark grey clothing with a colored trim on his cuffs, undershirt and torso, a charcoal cape with a high collar, white gloves, and his individual badge between his collar. Yuga's clothes had a purple trim that covered his shoulders in the form of two triangles. In the present, he wears a black and grey coat with his badge - a white and black triangle representing the the center-right portion of the Goha Enterprises logo - pinned on the left side. Like all of the Goha Siblings, he conceals his mouth and nose behind a grey facemask. His tiara is gold, with six points; two half-hexagonal and four claw-like, with a green jewel set in the center. He also uses the President Drone as a wingsuit, transforming it into bat-like wings to fly.

Full-body view of Yuga as Swirly, under the imperfect effects of "Monster Reborn", and in his swimming costume.

As Swirly he keeps his appearance concealed within a baby-blue chameleon costume with a cream chest, hands and feet, a red and white-spotted bowtie, and large swirly blue eyes which combined with his stammering lead to him being dubbed "Swirly". His skin is paler, and his facial structure is similar to when he was younger. His costume can change colors akin to a chameleon and seem to be controlled by his emotions, e.g. turning red when he's embarrassed. As a Goha Enterprises employee he wears the uniform worn by the rank and file employees over his chameleon costume; a sleeveless grey knee-length jacket with the Goha Enterprises logo over his heart, a short-sleeved blue collared shirt over along-sleeved charcoal one, charcoal pants, black shoes and a black belt with a Goha Enterprises logo for the buckle. After Dueling Nanaho his costume becomes darker, with him being hunchbacked and looking like a zombie.

When Yujin Goha has Nail Saionji create a beach at Goha 7th Elementary, Swirly dons a grey-brown swimming costume based on a Opabinia. It has multiple black balls on the top to represent eyes, and a part that sticks out from the top to represent the mouth. Similarly to his chameleon costume, he has a cream chest and a bowtie, though blue rather than red. When Yuga Ohdo has everyone wear costumes to help convince The☆Lukeman that they aren't his enemies, Swirly wears a dragon costume similar to his usual one and dubs himself "The☆Swirly" (the costume itself being a reference to the alien kaiju "Guilala" from the 1967 Japanese science fiction film The X from Outer Space).


Yuga is a cruel and sadistic individual who takes pleasure in hurting others, attacking his siblings, wiping Yuo's memories in revenge, and severely injuring employees all the while not showing any hesitation in commencing these atrocities. Yuga also has a power-hungry side as he sought "Monster Reborn" to manipulate people, something that his siblings had to band together to stop him from recreating.

When he was younger, Yuga was much kinder and more passionate about Dueling; enjoying a victory more than anyone else, while also taking any losses he suffered more seriously than most. After he observed the merciless and more violent Duels of adults in a Duel Center, Yuga became convinced that adopting a similar outlook was the best way to avoid losing and slowly descended into the more violent and sadistic Duelist he is in the present. He retains his distaste for losing; after losing to Luke, he broke his promise that he'd give up his evil ways to Yuga Ohdo by claiming he'd made the promise to Yuga, and not to Luke.

As Swirly he acts similarly to when he was younger. He is extremely timid and easily intimidated, tending to stammer in fear when questioned even kindly. Despite his fear of Rush Dueling, he enjoys his first one with Otes and even after being so terrified by Luke initially he joins the club after Luke supports him and shows him kindness. He has somewhat of a weakness for cute girls, extending his Rush Duel with Mimi Imimi due to wanting to hold onto the "Dark Magician Girl" he had borrowed and almost losing as a result, and becoming susceptible to Nanaho Nanahoshi's manipulations. Swirly proved to be a loyal friend to those who support him, helping Yuga Ohdo with his fear of ladybugs and guarding an embarrassed Luke in the Rush Duel Clubroom after Luke was embarrassed by his sister spreading around his childhood manga. When he refuses to accompany Yuga to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross due to his fear of heights, he devotes his time to looking for a hint to counter "Fusion" in Goha Library.

Following Nanaho's attempt to unlock Yuga's memories, Swirly turns rabid, attempting to physically attack and bite anyone in the vicinity, save when he is either chained up or too exhausted to move.


Swirly's nickname comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a swirling noise, which Swirly is prone to exclaiming.



Yuga and his siblings Yuro, Yujin, Yuka, Yuran and Yuo were selected to become the Goha Enterprises Presidents by the company's lunar supercomputer despite their young age, due to their immense talent, and they guarded the Goha Duel Server from Goha Space Elementary. Though all of them were capable Duelists, Yuga was the most passionate about the game both when he won or lost. On one of their trips to Earth, Yuga snuck into an adult Duel Center and watched the more serious and driven Duels played there. He came to the conclusion that the best way to avoid losing was to defeat any opponent mercilessly before they could defeat him, and began a slow descent into cruel and violent Dueling, first against children, including Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo, and then against Goha Enterprises employees.[1]

Eventually Yuga's ambition drove him to recreate "Monster Reborn", a forbidden card capable of manipulating the memories of his opponents. As he recreated the card with the Duel Card Manufacturer beneath the Goha Enterprises Main Office, the other Goha Siblings arrived to stop him and challenged him to Duels. Yuga defeated Yuro, Yujin, Yuka and Yuran, but to his shock found that Yuo had used the Duels as a distraction to print his own copy of "Monster Reborn". Yuo challenged Yuga to a Duel and successfully activated the Spell, reciting its incantation successfully and sealing away Yuga's memories, while storing his now black Duel Disk and Deck inside the President Drone and taking Yuga's presidential badge. The use of "Monster Reborn" also accidentally wiped Yuga from his siblings' memories as well.[2]

Though unknown circumstances, Yuga began clothing himself in a chameleon costume. He would eventually enroll in Goha 7th Elementary.

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Yuga showed up to Goha 7th Elementary as Yuga Ohdo was being lectured by Rayne and Rino for trying to Rush Duel on the way to school. Later he watched other kids Rush Dueling from the bushes, but got stuck and tried to camouflage himself when Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Tiger's brother and the King of Duels, arrived and scared the other children away. Luke took Yuga to the Rush Duel Club, nicknaming him "Swirly" based on the swirling sounds he made. Luke's friends Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu kindly questioned Swirly, but Luke's aggressive questioning scared Swirly and he fled into the ceiling, emerging outside school from a manhole. He came across Yuga Ohdo holding a sign with "HELP" written on it due to a ladybug on his cheek, and Swirly helpfully picked it off for Yuga. Swirly was flattered when Yuga called him a "king" for helping him after his modified Goha Enterprises Drone Kaizo arrived. Swirly told Yuga what had happened to him and Yuga asked if he liked Rush Dueling, offering to show Swirly something special for helping him. He took Swirly to an underground chamber and a Relic rose from the ground and projected Otes, Yuga explaining this was where Rush Dueling began. Otes challenged them to a Rush Duel for the information they wanted, and Yuga suggested Swirly Duel. Swirly tried to run away again, but crashed straight into Luke, who had been directed to the chamber by Kaizo. Yuga and Luke both voiced confidence in Swirly despite Swirly's admission he'd never Rush Dueled before, and he eventually agreed to Rush Duel, borrowing Yuga's Deck and Duel Disk. Yuga and his friends tutored Swirly in the rules of Rush Dueling, but to Swirly's terror Otes Tribute Summoned "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and destroyed all of his monsters, reducing him to 1000 LP. Despite his predicament Swirly admitted he was enjoying the Rush Duel. He was demoralized when he only drew "Curtain of Sparks" on his next turn, but Luke told him he could draw until he had five cards in his hand. Swirly Summoned "Sevens Road Wiz" and planned to power it up enough to destroy "Blue-Eyes", but misunderstood the effect of one of his Spells and was only able to match "Blue-Eyes" in strength. Fortunately he realized he could instead reduce the ATK of "Blue-Eyes" with the effect of "Sevens Road Wiz" and he destroyed it and defeated Otes. After the Duel Otes told Yuga he had no proof he had been behind the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal and he thanked Swirly for a good Duel before vanishing. Swirly decided to Duel the Rush Duel Club after all, and the following day he guarded the Rush Duel Clubroom from Yuga, Romin and Gavin after Luke hid in there to escape his childhood manga being leaked.[3]

After Swirly admitted to Romin he'd never washed his costume, she pegged him, Yosh Imimi and the members of the Concert Band Club on a clothesline and had Buff Grimes hose them down before getting Yuga to dry them with his hovering air-conditioning Road. As they did, Super Mobile Fortress Sixross entered the atmosphere over Goha City and docked with the Goha Enterprises Main Office. The other Goha Siblings challenged Yuga and his friends to Rush Duels while holding the Super Rush Robot that contained the Rush Duel program hostage with Forced Gymnastics Armaments that would eventually destroy it, and Yuga would be forced to join Goha Enterprises if they lost six times. Yuro, Turbo Rush Dueled Yuga, but was defeated and forced to step down by his younger brother. Swirly was forgotten about due to the commotion, and was still pinned to the clothesline that evening.[4] Two days later Yujin, came to Goha 7th Elementary to challenge Yuga to a Rush Duel and he had Nail Saionji create an artificial sea at the school to Duel on. Entranced by the sea, Swirly hurried off to change into his swimming costume, but to his disappointment the sea had been drained when he returned.[5]

Swirly watched the Super Rush Robot stretching on Yuga's phone with Romin, Yuga and Kaizo. Romin believed the other Goha Siblings would be easy to defeat, though Yuro arrived and warned her not to underestimate them. Luke then slid in beside Swirly and knocked him over, explaining he was practicing to become the King of Base Stealing and that he'd signed the Rush Duel Club up for the Goha Astro Monsters' baseball team tryouts. Swirly didn't participate in the tryouts when they went to Goha Baseball Stadium, though the Umpire and Scout Drones were keen to have him be a mascot due to his costume. Yuka arrived and challenged Romin to a Rush Duel, which Swirly watched from the sidelines with Yuga, Luke and Gavin. Romin put up a strong showing with some of Luke's cards, but was eventually defeated by Yuka.[6]

Swirly was watching the Super Rush Robot stretching on Yuga's phone again with Yuga, Romin and Kaizo, Romin lamenting her loss to Yuka. After Luke's boisterous reassurance they wouldn't lose with him on their side, Rayne shushed them for interrupting Gavin's Student Council work and Swirly admitted he was impressed at Gavin's ability to keep up with the workload. Afterwards Shinken Tsurugi and Kotetsuki Mendo from the Kendo Club arrived and asked Gavin to substitute for them in the weekend's kendo tournament, as they had been injured when they misnamed Luke's sister Tiger while asking her for training, and Gavin agreed to do so. Swirly was late to the tournament as he had been washing his costume, and to his shock he found the participants outside in an unconscious heap, including Ryu Nito, Shinken's rival. Swirly brought Shinken inside, where he found Gavin and Rino Kendo Rush Dueling Yuran and Proprietress, and Ryu revealed Yuran had beaten him and the other contestant up before the Duel. Yuran pushed Gavin into a corner, but Gavin began to make a comeback, though Swirly was confused by the intricacies of their play. Gavin flipped Yuran's "Millennium Shield" into Attack Position while switching the ATK and DEF of his own "Kimeluna the Lunar Dark Decider", but to Swirly's shock Yuran had anticipated his move and switched the ATK and DEF of their monsters with "Sword & Shield", defeating Gavin.[7]

As they were two losses down against the Goha Siblings, Gavin held a meeting for the Rush Duel Club after school one day, but Luke didn't show up, having gone to eat at the Ramen Hut instead. A woman called Advisor M arrived to offer them information, and Swirly appreciated her poses, though he was confused by Yuga, Romin and Gavin's familiarity with her. Advisor M explained that they would likely Duel Yuo Goha next, the youngest and strongest of the Goha siblings, but then they heard Luke scream and ran out to find the corridors full of puppets. Yuro ran the puppets down with his Duel Runner#Speed Loader, identifying their source as the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, which Yuo descended from, mocking Swirly and his friends as plebeians. He Rush Dueled Yuga, quickly pushing him into a corner and worrying Swirly, but Romin and Gavin reassured Swirly that Yuga would make a comeback. Sure enough Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" and began using its effects to damage Yuo, even lowering its own ATK to bypass Yuo's "Imaginary Ark Turret" Trap, but then "Vast Vulcan" began to disappear due to the right arm of the Super Rush Robot, which contained the data for Maximum Monsters, falling off. Fortunately the robot reattached the arm, allowing Yuga to attack, though he was unable to defeat Yuo. To Swirly's shock, Yuo played a Spell Card, "Fusion", and fused two of his monsters into a Cyborg monster, "Metallion Asurastar", and used its effect to gain the ATK of "Vast Vulcan" and destroy it, defeating Yuga and taunting them with the name of the Summon.[8]

The following day Yuga acted withdrawn and nightmarish, scaring Swirly when he visited him at the Road Laboratory. Yuga announced his intention to visit Yuo at Sixross, and Swirly decided not to accompany him due to his fear of heights, instead visiting Goha Library in hopes of finding a clue to beating "Fusion". As he searched he bumped into a Duelist at the library who apologized and asked Swirly to put his book back for him, as he was hurrying off to Rush Duel with his friends. To Swirly's surprise, the book the Duelist had been reading was called "SEVENS" and he decided to read it himself. As he read a passage he realized that it was the summon chant for Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician", something the receptionist Mimi Imimi also noticed. She asked Swirly to give the book to her, as she wanted to show it to the Goha Siblings in exchange for a promotion, and Swirly refused despite Mimi trying to bribe him with telephone cards, as he wanted to help Yuga. Mimi suggested they Duel over the book, taking Swirly to borrow a rental Deck from the library, and Swirly chose a "Dark Magician" Deck, though they had to Duel quietly to avoid disturbing the other readers. Swirly gained an advantage with "Dark Magician" and "Thousand Knives", but he prolonged the Duel on purpose due to his crush on the "Dark Magician Girl" card in his Deck and Tribute Summoned her. Unfortunately for Swirly his move allowed Mimi to revive her "Dian Keto the Boogie Master" with more ATK than "Dark Magician", though he was able to win by destroying her Field Spell Card with "Dark Magic Attack" and destroying "Dark Magician" and "Dian Keto", increasing the ATK of "Dark Magician Girl" high enough to win. After the Duel he offered to read the book with Mimi, but to their shock they found some pages had been ripped out and the magician in the story was seen standing with the bodies of the "Sevens" he'd gathered. That evening they took the book to Yuga and showed him the missing pages, giving Yuga an idea.[9]

Yuga took Swirly and the rest of the Rush Duel Club to Big Seven Arena to have dinner with RoaRomin, plans Swirly informed Mimi of. Afterwards they went outside to watch for the Goha Meteor Shower, but they were interrupted by the appearance of the Goha Baseball Stadium, provided by Nail for Yuka to Duel again. Roa Kassidy accepted Yuka's challenge and started strongly against her, and on Yuka's next turn she appeared to be injured, but denied being in pain, instead shouting at Sixross that the Goha Siblings were the six of them united and that she would definitely win. She pushed Roa into a corner both in terms of the Rush Duel and emotionally after claiming she'd never heard of RoaRomin, much to Swirly's indignation. Fortunately Roa was able to make a comeback and defeat Yuka, who fled in tears telling Yuo that he wouldn't be able to be the sole president without finding something. Afterwards everyone went out to watch for the Goha Meteor Shower again, but they soon decided to go home instead.[10]

After school the following day Swirly, Yuga, Gavin and Romin were called to the Concert Band Club by Tiger, who informed them Luke had gone missing after coming home from Big Seven Arena and Swirly was amazed to learn the helicopters he'd seen earlier belonged to the Kallisters. Yuga revealed a Road he could use to track Luke on what he'd eaten, and after an initial mixup that electrocuted Tiger, they tracked Luke to the outskirts of Goha City. When they arrived at the Goha 6th Quarry they were approached by Yuo, who challenged them to the day's Duel, but to everyone's shock Luke emerged from the forest wearing a draconian helmet that enchanted Swirly, who watched Luke's moves with joy. Although Yuo attempted to limit The☆Lukeman's attacks with "Imaginary Ark Turret" as he had Yuga's, The☆Lukeman used the effect of his "The☆Star Dragon" to lower its own ATK and that of Yuo's "Daigyakutenno Megami", successfully destroying it. Yuo Fusion Summoned "Metallion Vritrastar" and destroyed "The☆Star Dragon" with its anti-Dragon effect, but The☆Lukeman was able to survive with a Trap and he played his own "Fusion" on his next turn, Fusion Summoning "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F". Yuo tried to destroy it by matching its Type to his Dragon "Serpainter", but failed due to "Dragiastar F" being a High Dragon monster, and The☆Lukeman defeated Yuo before vanishing behind a cloud of smoke. As Yuo retreated, Swirly and his friends found a sleeping Luke with no memory of his actions. Swirly then witnessed Yuran's attempt to depose Yuo and his failure due to Yuo holding Swirly's own badge, leaving Yuo the sole Goha President.[11]

Swirly went to Goha Library to read SEVENS again, and Roa visited to talk with Mimi about the helmet Luke had been wearing. Mimi recalled she'd seen the helmet in the Goha President's office and Swirly, Mimi and Roa went undercover as Goha mascots to infiltrate the Goha Enterprises Main Office to check if the helmet was still there. Mimi was able to bluff her way to the higher floors, but they were discovered by Goha Enterprises Drones and ran into Yuo and Luke. Luke claimed to be the sixth Goha Sibling and Yuo had him challenge Roa to a Rush Duel, Roa eventually accepting after being taunted by Yuo and winking at Swirly and Mimi to convey his true intention of distracting Luke and Yuo. Although Luke gained an early lead despite his failure to draw "Fusion", Roa brought out "Royal Rebel's Heavy Metal" and "Royal Rebel's Doom Metal" and began insulting Luke over his current arrogance, giving Swirly and Mimi the chance to slip away. They went to the Goha President's office, where Swirly recalled the knowledge of the button to access the wardrobe below the desk. Sure enough one of the helmets was missing, but they were captured by Goha Enterprises Drones and evicted from the building with Roa, who had been defeated by Luke. They immediately went to the Road Laboratory to tell Yuga their findings.[12]

The other Goha Siblings came to the Road Laboratory to ask the Rush Duel Club for help stopping Yuo, and though the Rush Duel Club were reluctant, they agreed they needed to stop Luke. Tiger confirmed Luke wasn't the sixth Goha Sibling and took them to her house, impressing Swirly with its size. They met Luke's great-grandfather Gavan, who also confirmed Luke wasn't a Goha Sibling, but Luke returned home while everyone was talking, earning Tiger's wrath and prompting a Rush Duel between the siblings. Swirly tried to get Gavan to stop them fighting, though he was unsuccessful both in doing so and getting Luke to accept the expectation of inheriting the Kallister Gear Company. Tiger easily pushed Luke into a corner, and Swirly was only saved from being blown away by Gavan, but The☆Lukeman Drone that had controlled Luke before took control of him again and defeated Tiger with "Fusion" before being taken away by Yuo.[13]

Swirly went with Yuga, Romin and Gavin to meet with Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club near Maximum Mountain. The club's leader, Asana Mutsuba, took them to an outcrop that Swirly had to tell Romin was tiger-shaped, which had been carved by an exhausted Tiger as part of her training, where she rescued the exhausted Tiger from falling. The Super Mobile Fortress Sixross then arrived and Yuo presented Nail to Duel them; Asana accepted the challenge after Tiger attempted to do so, wanting to get Luke back. Nail immediately Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" and though Asana came close to destroying it, Nail returned "Yggdrago" to his hand to escape her attempts. Nail continuously reused the effects of "Yggdrago" on his next turn to destroy Asana's defensive monsters, but she was able to survive by using her friends' ace monsters. On her next turn, Asana Summoned a new ace, "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon" and revived her other aces, once again backing them up with her friends' monsters to finally destroy "Yggdrago" and defeat Nail, who resigned from Goha Enterprises and left after the Duel. Yuo declared their score was at 5-5, and though Gavin claimed it should really be 5-3 to the Rush Duel Club given two of the Goha Siblings' victories had come from Luke, Yuga told Yuo to keep it at 5-5, much to Swirly's shock, and challenged the newly arrived The☆Lukeman to a final Duel.[14]

The☆Lukeman was clad in a costume before the Duel, terming it The☆Lukeman: Perfect Mode. Yuga used his "Sevens Road Witch" combo, but The☆Lukeman changed Yuga's monsters into Defense Position to prevent them from attacking, so Yuga donned his own costume, claiming to be "Majin Yuga" and switching his monsters back into Attack Position, destroying The☆Lukeman's "The☆Star Dragon". The other Goha Siblings arrived and revealed The☆Lukeman had been created from Luke's manga when Tiger tried to fax it and karate-chopped it in frustration, creating an electronic lifeform that had also created "Fusion" due to its wish to fuse with Luke as Luke had with a dragon in his manga. The☆Lukeman himself them used "Fusion" again, Fusion Summoning "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" and almost defeating Majin Yuga, but he was able to barely survive. Yuga then changed costumes, claiming to be The☆Yugaman, a comrade of The☆Lukeman's, and Proprietress revealed costumes for them all, much to Swirly's shock.[15] Swirly chose a dragon costume, naming himself "The☆Swirly", and joined his friends in convincing The☆Lukeman they weren't his enemies, while the Goha Siblings (including an uncooperative Yuo) assumed the role of the Goha Aliens who had tricked The☆Lukeman into fighting his friends, forcing him to continue by pretending to hold The☆Beauty Romin hostage. The☆Yugaman destroyed "Dragiastar F" with "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", but The☆Lukeman Fusion Summoned again on his next turn, Summoning "Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F" and reviving "Dragiastar F", almost defeating The☆Yugaman. On his next turn The☆Yugaman revived "Sevens Road Magician", but before he could use its effect The☆Lukeman returned all the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck. Left with no other options, The☆Yugaman tried to draw with "1/Infinity", which would damage him enough to lose if he didn't draw the same card as The☆Lukeman, but The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion". Despite not having the card in his Deck, Yuga refused to give up, and when the remains of a satellite almost hit him and he blocked it with his Duel Disk, the "Fusion" contained within it was added to his Deck and he successfully drew it. Yuo tried to disqualify Yuga, but Yuran confirmed the rules allowed for the Duel to continue if a card was added to the Deck unintentionally, and Swirly and Gavin both confirmed the circumstances had been unintentional. Yuga Fusion Summoned "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK for the monsters in both Graveyards, and defeated The☆Lukeman, saving Rush Dueling. Yuo tried to flee in Sixross to destroy the Super Rush Robot after the Duel, but then Kaizo, who had been launched into space when Yuga visited Yuo, returned to Earth and crashed into Sixross, setting off Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry that Romin had left there and crashing the ship. After Yuo released the final armament from the Super Rush Robot, The☆Lukeman released Luke and returned to space. Following his departure the question of who would be Goha President arose, and to Swirly's shock, Mimi claimed that he was the sixth Goha Sibling, though the sixth Sibling's badge didn't react to Swirly. Yuga instead allowed Yuo to keep his position if he reinstated his siblings and also agreed to become a Goha employee as the Goha Siblings had wanted, much to Swirly's shock.[16]

Goha Employee[edit]

Swirly went with Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin to Nail's new store where Yuga asked Nail to rejoin Goha Enterprises, as he wanted to work on Maximum Monsters with Nail. Nail declined his offer and suggested Yuga's friends become Goha employees as well to assist him, much to Swirly's shock. As a result Swirly went with Luke, who created a "Luke Division" on the basis Goha Enterprises didn't have one. Luke had Flash Umiko provide appliances for the new division, but Umiko's use of octopus wiring caused a power outage.[17]

Swirly was helping show the students of Goha 5th Elementary around Goha Enterprises when he learned one club had gone missing; the Dueling Insects Club. Luke roused the Luke Division into action to look for them and Swirly split off from Luke and the Dueling Mad Scientists to look for the missing students. He found Nanaho Nanahoshi, a girl from the Dueling Insects Club, crying in a stairwell and brought her with him, complimenting her ladybug hat. Nanaho explained it made her feel safe and Swirly explained his costume did the same for him, before being hypnotized by Nanaho into taking her to Yuga's office. When they arrived, Swirly snapped out of his hypnosis and Yuga fled in terror upon seeing Nanaho's hat. Swirly learned that Nanaho was Rayne and Rino's cousin and that she had instilled Yuga's fear of ladybugs in him, as well as her intention to steal Yuga's "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan". To Swirly's shock Yuga returned with Kaizo wired into a Road that he intended to blow up the Goha Enterprises building with just to get rid of Nanaho's hat, though fortunately Luke talking him into Rush Dueling Nanaho instead. During the Rush Duel Yuga fled in fear from Nanaho's ladybug monsters, and Luke borrowed Swirly's bug net to catch Yuga and bring him back. After a power outage, Yuga and Luke returned to the Rush Duel and Yuga Maximum Summoned a new Maximum, "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", which he explained had been transformed from his "Vast Vulcan" cards due to the Pauli effect of Luke's wristwatch. He defeated Nanaho, learning that her ladybug hat had been a hat rather than a real ladybug, and Nanaho accepted her defeat and left after telling Swirly and Yuga she would see them again.[18]

Swirly continued to patrol Goha Enterprises with Luke as part of the Luke Division.[19] Luke also hired Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko to work with him and Swirly and Goha 7th Elementary's Newspaper Club interviewed them, though Swirly had to get Luke on track with how they would decide their work day. Luke claimed they would plan around what their colleagues were doing, but after observing Gavin stamping documents, Romin arguing with the Chef Drones, Mimi working in the Gohanium Section and Yuga trying to present a new vending machine, all that was accomplished was Masahiko and Toshihiko being kicked out of the building after Bochi urinated on Yuga's vending machine. Hunt Goto then arrived and led them to an underground stairway he claimed smelled of money. Hunt's nose led them to an abandoned Goha factory containing a Duel Card Manufacturer that Swirly identified from the sign on the side, and Scoop demonstrated it by making "The★Luke Division Manager" for Luke and Swirly made "Adorable Newbie Swirly". Hunt eagerly asked if the machine could make normal Duel Monsters cards, hoping to partner with Luke by making more Maximum Monsters and "Fusions". Scoop protested against the idea and Hunt suggested they settle the matter in a Rush Duel. Scoop gained an early lead, but Hunt Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix" and easily destroyed all of Scoop's cards and depleted most of his LP, worrying Swirly that they would have to take up a corrupt business practice, though he was disappointed Luke was payign attention to the card Scoop had made for him. Scoop vowed that he would reveal the truth and Fusion Summoned "Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship", using his prior knowledge of Hunt's monsters in combination with "Tile Burn" and the effect of "Lightning Speed" to damage Hunt's LP and weaken "Dynarmix", defeating him. Luke offered Hunt a job so he could have a real dream after the Duel, and the ceiling caved in and destroyed the Duel Card Manufacturer, an outcome Luke suggested was for the best. They then found a Duel ID card in the rubble with the name "Yuga Goha".[20]

Luke and Swirly showed Gavin and Romin the card, and Mimi arrived and confirmed Yuga was likely the sixth of the Goha Siblings, repeating their names and causing Swirly to realize they all began with "Yu". Luke claimed Yuga was still Yuga, but to Swirly's dismay Luke immediately started trying to curry favor with Yuga in hopes of becoming President after Yuga abdicated the position, efforts that Swirly, Romin, and Gavin spied on. Mimi eventually suggested Luke have a corporate entertainment Rush Duel with Yuga and lose on purpose to put him in a good mood. Yuga Maximum Summoned "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", though he confused Swirly by using its effect despite being unable to attack that turn, observations Luke shouted at them for, as he was trying to flatter Yuga. After Luke only Summoned "Dragorite" and Set three cards, Yuga used all the effects of "Magnum Overlord", including sending it to the Graveyard, a move that initially confused Romin and angered Luke, prompting Yuga to ask if Luke was trying to lose on purpose. To Swirly's joy, Luke dropped his act and denied he'd been trying to lose, Dueling seriously, though Yuga used the effect of "Magnum Overlord" to Summon two of his ace monsters, then Fusion Summoned "Brave of Chaos, Lydacross Ash" and destroyed most of Luke's Traps. However Luke survived with "7 Chance" and Fusion Summoned "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" himself for the first time on his next turn, locking Yuga from using his own Traps, defeating him again. Although Yuga threw another tantrum over losing to Luke once more, they made up over the last kake udon in the canteen and Swirly agreed with Gavin's observation that Yuga and Luke would never change regardless of whether Yuga was the sixth Goha Sibling or not.[21]

A "Zombie Party" was planned for a recreation time event at Goha Enterprises. When the event began, Swirly took advantage of his small size to hide from the "zombies" in the vents and he rescued Gavin in one of the bathrooms, though they were forced to leave Luke trapped in a stall. They emerged in the staff kitchen to find Romin had been holding out against the "horde", as she had been busy cooking Dragias Curry when the event began. Gavin asked Romin to finish the curry while he and Swirly held the door back, intending to use it as a weapon, and when Romin poured a jar of powder into the curry, it expanded and filled the halls, separating Swirly from Romin and Gavin. Swirly tasted the Dragias Curry around him and admitted it was quite nice, but was attacked by Nanaho, who tried to use "Monster Reborn" to release Yuga's memories from within Swirly, but as she did not recite the incantation, she only succeeded in driving Swirly into a rabid manner. Swirly returned to the bathroom where Luke was hiding and continued to menace him after the event ended.[22] As Swirly was still acting strangely, Yuga and Luke had Kaizo chain him up and took him to the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village, hoping to help him.[23]



Yuga uses a Reptile Deck, based on chameleons with different Attributes. The Deck revolves around depleting his LP and the number of cards in his Deck to fulfill the conditions of his monsters' powerful effects. Due to the handicap of the heavy effect costs his cards provide, Yuga plays a 60 card Deck as opposed to the usual 40 card build. This Deck was concealed within the President Drone after Yuga's memories were sealed by Yuo Goha, but returned to him automatically when Swirly came in close proximity to the President Drone.

Yuga Ohdo's Deck[edit]

As he lacked a Deck of his own after his was stored in the President Drone, Swirly was lent Yuga Ohdo's Spellcaster Deck during his first Rush Duel.

Dark Magician[edit]

As he still did not have a Deck of his own, Swirly borrowed a Dark Magician Deck from Goha Library to Rush Duel Mimi Imimi. Most of the revealed contents are cards used by Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, with the exception of "Baby Dragon", which is used by Joey Wheeler in the anime, but given to him by Yugi in the manga.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Multiple unknown Duelists 80 Win (flashback)
Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo 80 Not shown (flashback)
Multiple Goha Enterprises employees 77 Win (flashback)
Yuro Goha, Yujin Goha, Yuka Goha, Yuran Goha 77 Win (flashback)
Yuo Goha 77 Not shown (flashback)
Otes 53 Win
Mimi Imimi 60 Win
Nanaho Nanahoshi 77 Not shown (flashback)
Yuo Goha 77 Win
Scoop Pitman, Yosh Imimi, Saburamen, Sushiko Maki, and Nick Yagi 78 Win (with Dueling Insects Club)
Yuga Ohdo/Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 78-79 Lose
Otes 81 Win


  • Yuga Goha is the only Goha Sibling who uses a multiple-Attribute Deck, despite representing the DARK Attribute due to his signature monsters.
    • This trait is also shared with both Ai and Yusaku Fujiki from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, who despite being the Dark Ignis and partner of the Dark Ignis respectively, both use a variety of Attributes in their respective decks as opposed to using a mono-Attribute deck like their counterparts.
  • Yuga Goha references the following elements from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
    • The dynamic between Yuga Goha and his Swirly persona is similar to the dark sides of Yugi Muto and Bakura Ryou.
    • Yuga Goha's ability to seal his opponents' memories is based on the Penalty Games.
    • Yuga Goha has ties to, and makes use of , "Monster Reborn", which has special significance in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
    • Swirly uses a "Dark Magician"-themed rental Deck during his Duel with Mimi Imimi, likely meant to allude his true identity as the sixth Goha Sibling, since the other Goha Siblings allude to the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series.
    • Yuga Goha being sealed away and later being resurrected is an allusion to Zorc Necrophades.
  • Yuga Goha appears to have gone through a design change during development, as the flashback in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 06868: "The Melancholy of Yuo" showed him with a fully gray jacket, white gloves, and red hair at the bottom. This design was changed during Yuga Goha's first appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 07777: "Swirly Revived".
  • Yuga Goha's Reptile Deck serves as a stark contrast to Yuga Ohdo's multiple-Type Deck, highlighting how Yuga Goha is single-mindedly focused on destruction, while Yuga Ohdo is open-minded and desires diversity and change.
    • Both characters also represent two sides of "chaos", as Goha represents the destructive and harmful side of a chaotic environment, while Ohdo represents how chaos can lead to creativity and benefit society.
  • Yuga Goha also serves as a counterpart to his brother, Yuo.
    • Yuo's desire for control represents evil order, while Yuga's desire to sow destruction into society represents evil chaos.
    • Yuo's Deck features multiple Types and a single Attribute, while Yuga's Deck features multiple Attributes and one single Type.
    • Both characters represent opposing Attributes.


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