Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS - Episode 077

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"Swirly Revived"
The spell on Swirly is broken...
The spell on Swirly is broken...
Japanese name
RōmajiYomigaeru Guruguru
TranslatedSwirly Revived
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Harevutai"
Japanese ED"Never Looking Back"
ScreenplayHiguchi Tatsuto
DirectorHishikawa Naoki
StoryboardHishikawa Naoki
Air dates
JapaneseDecember 5, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 2)
Previous"The Merciless Tiger"
Next"Yuga Goha"
Featured card"Predator Gunleon"

"Swirly Revived" is the seventy-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on December 5, 2021.

Following the traces of an energy output, Yuga and his friends head to the Goha office's deep underground section. When they restore a card produced by the Duel Card Manufacturer, they get what seems to be the forbidden card. When Swirly sees this eerie card, he starts acting even stranger...


Aboard Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, the Goha Siblings watch footage of Yuga and Luke telling Gavin and Romin that Yuga wasn't the sixth Goha Sibling. Yuro muses that Yuga isn't one of them after all, though he and Yujin wonder who is if it isn't Yuga.

Down in the Goha Enterprises Main Office, Yuga cheerfully strolls into Yuo's office with Luke (still carrying Swirly), Romin and Gavin and he apologizes for being late, but is surprised to only see Yuo and the President Drone and asks if everyone else is late too. Yuo replies that everyone he wanted is here, though there's also people he didn't ask for. Shrugging it off, he suggests they start their emergency meeting and explains he called Yuga for one reason; to make a proposal to him that Rush Dueling and Goha Dueling should be fused into one. He asks Yuga if he doesn't think so, prompting a loud cry of "Whaaaat?!" from Luke. Having dumped Swirly chained up in the corner, Luke asks if Yuo is really planning on fusing Rush Duels with Goha Duels and Yuo claims that fusing the formats will eliminate conflict and lead to greater development, though Gavin accuses him of just trying to absorb Rush Dueling into Goha Dueling. Yuo casually denies his claim, so Luke quickly suggests they call the result "Luke Duels by Luke", prompting Romin to tell him he's irrelevant right now. Yuo leans forwards and suggests "New Goha Duels" and Luke angrily states that it's clear what Yuo is up to, warning Yuga that it's clear Yuo is just trying to erase Rush Duels again. Yuga replies that it's fine, and Luke agrees before he, Romin and Gavin realize what Yuga just said. Gavin asks if Yuga said what he thinks he did and Yuga claims it's fine if Rush Dueling disappears, much to his friends' utter shock, Luke asking if Yuga's gone insane. Yuo smiles beneath his mask and asks Doll the President Drone if he recorded all of that. Doll confirms that it did, so Yuo authorizes the commencement of the Goha and Rush Duel Fusion Program, Luke, Romin and Gavin gasping in shock. As Doll's eyepieces glow red, Yuo crows that the vile Rush Duels will disappear and the world will unify under the banner of New Goha Duels. Romin growls that Yuo has shown his true colors and Luke races forwards to stop Doll, vowing that he won't let this happen.

But as Luke pounces onto Doll and gets it into a headlock, Doll's eyepieces flicker and the President Drone states that the Fusion Program cannot be executed, much to Yuo's shock, and the President Drone explains that the installation of new Duel formats is currently underway and that Yuo will have to take this number and wait his turn. Doll prints out a slip of paper for Yuo, telling him he's 666,666th in line and Yuo asks what's going on. Doll, having been released by an exhausted Luke, explains that new Duel formats are being installed throughout Goha City and it projects a list of rules having been installed by Briscoe, Scoop, Tracker, Skipjack, Yosh and Saburamen. Yuo asks what this is in shock and Yuga claims that he's finally finished his Original Duel Development Road, a name his friends repeat in confusion. Yuga explains that he might have created Rush Dueling, but there's tons of interesting formats out there, so with the Original Duel Development Road anyone can use the rules they thought up to make a new format and play it right away. Yuo gasps and quickly orders the President Drone to show him the surface of the moon. Doll acquiesces, and the view pans from the Super Rush Robot to dozens of other structures carved from the lunar surface, including a tiger, a ramen bowl, a motorcycle, a ship, a lunar module, a camera, an excavator, a piece of cake, and even a cow. Yuo realizes this was why Yuga wanted to join Goha Enterprises and Yuga confirms that it is, prompting Luke to dash over and pat him on the back, claiming that he knew Yuga would do this and noting that it'll be impossible to unify this many formats (prompting a sigh from the exasperated Romin and Gavin).

Yuo is incensed that Yuga dared to use Goha Enterprises for his own purposes and snaps that he can't overlook Yuga making free use of their systems, firing him on the spot. Yuga's friends gasp (although Yuga doesn't seem too bothered), but then Yuro's voice tells them to hold on and Sixross docks with the Goha Enterprises Main Office. His face appears on the screen and Yuro reminds Yuo that the decisions made by Goha are made by all the Goha Siblings, while Yujin begins to admonish Yuo for trying to fire Yuga on his own. But Yuga claims that it's fine, much to everyone's shock, pointing out he's already made what he wanted and doesn't mind being fired, but in exchange he wants them to tell him about the forbidden card. He looks at the chained-up Swirly and then back at Yuo, who repeats the words in surprise.

Once the other four Goha Siblings and Proprietress project themselves into the office, Yuga explains that Nail told them about a forbidden card that can manipulate people, and as he looks at Swirly, Yuo muses on the notion of a card that can cast a spell on the opponent. Yuga explains that Nanaho Nanahoshi acquired the forbidden card when she came to Goha Enterprises on a field trip with Goha #5 Elementary and must have used it to cast a spell on Swirly in a Duel, and he notes that they might have to do the same to break Nanaho's spell. Yuro, Yujin and Yuran haven't heard of it, but Yuran has Prorpietress project a holographic floor plan of the Goha Enterprises Main Office, explaining that there were traces of activity in the Underground Development Sector. Yuga gasps in surprise and Romin wonders what's down there, the mention of something underground Goha bugging Luke enough to pull an oversized Duel Monsters card and begin fanning himself with it. Romin asks what it is and Luke asks her to be quiet while he's trying to remember something important, prompting her to snap that she's asking what that is. Once Luke stops fanning himself with "The★Luke Division Manager", Romin asks in shock why it's all of Luke's fantasies in physical form and Gavin notes its odd size as Romin reaches for the card and asks where Luke even found it. Luke pulls it away and asks her not to touch the trump card of his heart, explaining that he made it using the Duel Card Manufacturer under the Goha HQ. The Goha Siblings gasp, Yuro and Yujin asking in shock if there's a Duel Card Manufacturer beneath the building, and Luke asks why it matters before realizing what he said. Yuga wonders if Nanaho used the Duel Card Manufacturer herself.

The Goha Siblings join Yuga and his friends in an old elevator, Luke once again carrying Swirly as Yuro notes to Yuga that it seems he isn't one of them. Yuga asks if they all really thought so and comments there's no way he could be a Goha Sibling, Yujin lamenting that all that worry was for nothing, though Yuka thinks it's a pity since Yuga would have been a fun sibling, prompting a laugh from Yuga. The elevator reaches the underground and Yuro opens the door and they walk into the room and gasp in surprise. Yuro admits his shock at such a place existing under Goha and Luke explains that Tracker believed it to be an abandoned factory, but freaks out when he remembers it was buried under the rubble. Yuka asks if he's talking about that as she points at the intact Duel Card Manufacturer and Luke gasps that it's completely back to normal, Yuga grimly noting that Nanaho must have had it repaired to output the forbidden card. He leads them up the stairs to the machine, where Yuran orders Proprietress to manufacture the last card printed. Proprietress tells them to leave it to her and begins entering data, starting the machine up. Yuro muses that this place is strangely nostalgic and Yuka comments that it hasn't changed at all - but then she realizes what she's said when this is the first time they've been down here, Yuro, Yujin and Yuran gasping in shock. Proprietress declares the restoration is complete, and the machine outputs a single Spell Card - "Monster Reborn", which Luke, Yuga and Yuo all examine. Luke comments that it's pretty creepy and Yuo picks it up, musing that this is the forbidden card.

But then Swirly begins thrashing about on Luke's back, leaping off him and onto the machine. Doll automatically reacts, ejecting a black Duel Disk from its casing that straps onto Swirly's arm. Yuo gasps that it's a black Duel Disk and as Luke winces in pain from Swirly yanking on his face, Romin asks Yuga what's going on. Yuga exclaims that everything's ready and straps on his own Duel Disk, claiming they should be able to break the spell now if they Duel. Yuo stands between them in bewilderment, wondering why that Duel Disk was in Doll and why it went to Swirly. Then he remembers something, the sight of his siblings all collapsed on the ground as he Dueled someone, the memory he'd remembered on his birthday, and he'd been using "Monster Reborn" as well. He gasps and looks at the "Monster Reborn" card, realizing that he remembers it. Yuga asks Yuo to give him "Monster Reborn", but Yuo refuses and declares that he'll handle this Duel, much to everyone's shock. Yuo straps on his Duel Disk, with a feeling that he has to do this, and Swirl snarls then they both yell "Rush Duel!" and insert their Decks into their Duel Disks and deploying the blades, Yuo's "7" shining yellow and the "7" of the black Duel Disk in purple.

The Solid Vision dome appears around them and Swirly declares his turn and draws. His hand containing two "Metal Megaleon", "Mechaleon", "Princessleon", and "Elegy of the Everlasting Darkness", Swirly Summons "Mechaleon" and "Princessleon", then Tributes "Mechaleon" to Tribute Summon "Metal Megaleon" before Tributing "Princessleon" to Tribute Summon a second "Metal Megaleon". He Sets a card to end his turn and Luke cheers Swirly on, telling him he's Dueling great as Yuga nods in agreement.

Yuo declares his turn and draws "Monster Reborn", hearing himself declare "Let the living be sealed into light!" He wonders what that was and shakes his head to clear it, then activates the Spell Card "Monster Reborn", causing a symbol to trace itself out on his Duel Disk's screen, explaining that he can Special Summon a monster from either player's Graveyard. Swirly scowls and Luke is shocked that the Spell can Summon a monster from either Graveyard as Yuo revives "Mechaleon" from Swirly's Graveyard in Defense Position. Yuga believes the spell on Swirly should be broken, but as Romin notes he doesn't seem to have changed and Yuga wonders if simply using "Monster Reborn" isn't enough. Yuo suddenly hears himself talking again, this time saying "Let the dead rise from darkness!" and he wonders if this is a memory. Shrugging it off again, he Summons "Imaginary Actor" and then Tributes "Mechaleon" to Tribute Summon "Snake Clown". Then he holds up his "Fusion" Spell and Yuga and Luke gasp as they recognize it, Yuo fusing "Imaginary Actor" and "Snake Clown" as he chants "This is... an intertwined fate! A forbidden existence born from joining! Fusion Summon! Metallion King Cobrastar!"

"Metallion King Cobrastar" appears with 3000 ATK, crackling with electricity, and as it undulates behind Yuo, Yuka gasps that she thinks she's seen Yuo and Swirly Duel before, prompting a gasp of "What?!" from Yuro and Yujin. Yuran agrees that they've seen them Duel in this place before as Yuo discards a card to activate the Multi-Choice Effect of "King Cobrastar", choosing up to two Reptile Type monsters Swirly controls and reducing their ATK by 1000 until the end of the turn, and as the two "Metal Megaleons" fall to 1700 ATK, Yuo adds that "King Cobrastar" can also attack Reptile Type monsters twice this turn. Then he hears himself saying "Let the living be sealed into light," again and whispers "Let the dead rise from darkness," musing that he knows these words. The he realizes; these are the words needed to break the spell, and everyone gasps in shock. Vowing to end it with this, Yuo orders "Metallion King Cobrastar" to attack with "Double Venom Inferno" and as it blasts a dual-twister of orange and purple energy at Swirly, Yuo chants "Let the living be sealed into light! Let the dead rise from darkness! Persona Release!" Swirly is surrounded by purple energy emanating from Yuo's Duel Disk and Yuga gasps that these were the words needed to break the spell. His friends turn to him and Gavin and Romin gasp that the spell on Swirly will be broken now, while Luke muses that Swirly will return to normal, but is still feeling uneasy about something. He takes out "The★Luke Division Manager" to fan himself again, another card falling out of his pocket, and he picks it up, realizing that if Yuga isn't the sixth Goha Sibling - who owns the Duel ID card with "Yuga Goha" written on it? Yuga, Romin and Gavin cheer as the attacks connect, and then everyone shields themselves as orange and purple smoke fills the room.

But Swirly still has 1100 LP and he smiles menacingly as Yuo asks why his LP aren't zero. Swirly speaks in a deeper voice, claiming their Duel isn't over yet as he activated the Trap Card "Elegy of the Everlasting Darkness", gaining LP equal to the ATK of his first "Mecha Megaleon" when it was destroyed, giving him enough P to withstand Yuo's attacks. He vows to make Yuo write in eternal suffering and taste deepest terror for sealing him away. Luke asks Swirly what's wrong in horror, and the eyes of Swirly's chameleon costume glow as he claims that Swirly isn't here anymore.

The back of his costume splits open and black sludge surges out into a fiendish figure, before slithering and coalescing into a tan-skinned boy with white and red hair resembling Yuga's, clad in a black and grey coat with the sixth Goha Sibling's badge pinned to it. He declares that he is Yuga, the fallen angel awakened from darkness - Yuga Goha.

Luke repeats his name and Romin asks what's going on. Yuro states they've remembered everything and explains that Yuga Goha is the sixth Goha Sibling, much to the Rush Duel Club's shock. Yuro explains that Yuga was the most hostile violent of them all, Yuka clarifying that he mercilessly beat down his Dueling opponents and was twisted enough to enjoy their suffering. Yujin explains that Yuga then tried to acquire the forbidden Duel sealed beneath Goha, as he recalls Yuga using the Duel Card Manufacturer to print a "Monster Reborn", and the other Goha Siblings trying to stop him, as Yuran outlines, but one after another they failed to defeat him. Yuo notes that they barely managed to seal Yuga away using the forbidden card he'd tried to obtain, and Yuro notes that the impact of the incident wiped it from their memories as Yuo remembers taking Yuga's badge and his Duel Disk, which turned black as he stashed it inside the President Drone before collapsing, though Yuga Goha's Duel ID card remained. Luke realizes this is why the Duel ID card was here and Gavin asks if this violent and twisted personality is the real Swirly, prompting Luke to gasp in shock as he wonders if his older sister knew about this.

At the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village, the sun continues to set as a battered Kaizo massages Tiger's arms, Tiger lamenting that she couldn't stop it and Kaizo assuring her she didn't.

Yuo ends his turn and Yuga Goha comments that everything will awaken now that he's been released from the depths of darkness and it's impossible to stop him now. Declaring his turn, he draws five cards, including "Monster Reborn", and he claims that the ritual will now begin. He holds up "Monster Reborn", causing the same pattern of red lines to appear on his Duel Disk's screen, and Luke gasps in shock that Swirly has "Monster Reborn" as well. Yuga activates "Monster Reborn", Special Summoning "Imaginary Actor" from Yuo's Graveyard and then Summoning another "Princessleon" before Tributing them to Tribute Summon. He chants "Without body or sound, emerge from the depths of darkness, o supreme predator! Predator Gunleon!" "Predator Gunleon" appears with 2500 ATK and Yuo asks what that monster is in horror. Yuga activates a Spell Card, "Enraged Scale Liberation", paying 1000 LP to bring him down to 100, then send the top five cards of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Elegy of the Everlasting Darkness", "Princessleon", "Mechaleon", "Metal Megaleon", and "Enraged Scale Liberation") to increase the ATK of "Predator Gunleon" by 200 for each Reptile Type monster he sent. "Preator Gunleon" glows with a dark blue aura as it powers up to 3100 ATK, an ATK value Yuro gasps in shock as Yuka cries that it's stronger than "Metallion King Cobrastar". Yuga also sends another five cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard (including "Blazing Turtle Meteor") to activate the effect of "Predator Gunleon"; as his LP are 1000 or less, it gains ATK equal to the difference in LP between him and Yuo, powering up to 7000 ATK. Yuo gasps the ATK value in horror as he recoils backwards and Yuga praises his expression; struck with powerlessness and despair before an insurmountable opponent. Yuo scowls as Luke whispers Swirly's name in horror and Yuga snarls that it's Yuo's turn to taste depair. Yuo cries "No!" but Yuga tells him to take this and orders the "Silent Darkness Assassination" attack of "Predator Gunleon", which levels its energy lances at "Metallion King Cobrastar" and blasts a surge of orange energy at it as Yuga chants "Let the living be sealed into light! Let the dead rise from darkness! Duel Seal!" Yuga's mask retracts as he finishes his chant and darkness ripples from his hand as Yuo repeats his words and wonders what that means, and then he stands up in shock and asks what he's doing here. But then the attack hits, reducing Yuo's LP to zero and blasting him off his feet as he asks what happens if your LP hits zero. He hits the ground hard, and his other siblings cry his name and run to his side. Yuga Ohdo can only watch and ask what he's done, while Luke whispers Swirly's name and look to see that Yuga Goha has vanished, leaving only the split chameleon costume on the ground.

Outside on the Goha Enterprises Main Building helipad, Yuga Goha looks at the full moon as Luke calls Swirly's name, running out with the rest of the Rush Duel Club and the other Goha Siblings, telling Swirly they're heading back now, as the work of the Luke Division is waiting for them. He holds up Swirly's bowtie, but the President Drone zips in between them with Goha's signature chuckle and transforms into black sludge that binds itself around Yuga's back, forming a backpack. Yuga spreads his arms, causing wings to emerge from the President Drone as everyone gasps in surprise, and Yuga bids Luke farewell before flying away, Luke calling after him. Meanwhile on the stone peaks near the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village, Nanaho examines a ladybug on her finger and admits to her followers thatt she had her doubts when the spell didn't break after she used "Monster Reborn" on Swirly. She repeats the chant Yuo and Yuga Goha both used; "Let the living be sealed into light. Let the dead rise from darkness," admitting she was surprised words were necessary. Yuga Goha alights on a nearby finger of rock and Nanaho kneels before him, claiming they've been waiting for Master Yuga. Yuga declares that his Dueling will bring fear and darkness to the world and laughs as he reves in his freedom.

Featured Duel: Yuo Goha vs Swirly/Yuga Goha[edit]

Turn 1: Swirly
Swirly's hand contains two copies of "Metal Megaleon", "Mechaleon", "Princessleon", and "Elegy of the Everlasting Darkness". Swirly Normal Summons "Mechaleon" (800/600) and "Princessleon" (100/600). Swirly Tributes "Mechaleon" and "Princessleon" to Tribute Summon two copies of "Metal Megaleon" (1700/1000). Swirly Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yuo
Yuo draws "Monster Reborn". Yuo activates the Spell "Monster Reborn", Special Summoning a monster from either player's Graveyard. He Special Summons "Mechaleon" (800/600) from Swirly's Graveyard in Defense Position. Yuo Normal Summons "Imaginary Actor" (500/500). Yuo Tributes "Mechaleon" to Tribute Summon "Snake Clown" (1700/500). Yuo activates the Spell "Fusion", Fusion Summoning a monster from his Extra Deck using face-up monsters he controls as materials. Yuo fuses "Imaginary Actor" and "Snake Clown" to Fusion Summon "Metallion King Cobrastar" (3000/???) in Attack Position. Yuo activates the effect of "King Cobrastar", sending a card from his hand to the Graveyard to either activate an unknown effect or reduce the ATK of up to two face-up Reptile Type monsters Swirly controls by 1000 until the end of the turn and allow "Cobrastar" to attack Reptile Type monsters twice this turn. Yuo sends an unknown card from his hand to the Graveyard and chooses to decrease the ATK of two Reptile Type monsters Swirly controls and allow "Cobrastar" to attack Reptile Type monsters twice this turn, choosing both copies of "Metal Megaleon" ("Metal Megaleon": 1700/1000 → 700/1000). "King Cobrastar" attacks and destroys a "Metal Megaleon" (Swirly: 4000 → 1700 LP). As a monster Swirly controls was destroyed by battle and he controls a monster with the same Type, he activates his Set Trap "Elegy of the Everlasting Darkness", gaining LP equal to the original ATK of the destroyed monster (Swirly: 1700 → 3400 LP). "King Cobrastar" attacks and destroys the other "Metal Megaleon" (Swirly: 3400 → 1100 LP).

At this point, Swirly reveals himself to be Yuga Goha.

Turn 3: Yuga
Yuga draws "Monster Reborn" and four unknown cards. Yuga activates the Spell "Monster Reborn", Special Summoning "Imaginary Actor" (500/500) from Yuo's Graveyard in Attack Position. Yuga Normal Summons "Princessleon" (100/600). Yuga Tributes "Princessleon" and "Imaginary Actor" to Tribute Summon "Predator Gunleon" (2500/600). As Yuo controls a monster, Yuga activates the Spell "Enraged Scale Liberation", paying 1000 LP (Yuga: 1100 → 100 LP) to send the top five cards of his Deck to the Graveyard, and if he sends a Reptile Type monster to the Graveyard with this effect, he can increase the ATK of a Reptile Type monster he controls gain 200 ATK for each Reptile Typemonster sent to the Graveyard this way. Yuga sends "Elegy of the Everlasting Darkness", "Princessleon", "Mechaleon", "Metal Megaleon", and "Enraged Scale Liberation" from his Deck to the Graveyard and chooses "Predator Gunleon" ("Predator Gunleon": 2500/600 → 3100/600). As Yuga has 1000 or less LP, he activates the effect of "Predator Gunleon", sending the top five cards of his Deck to the Graveyard to increase its ATK equal to the difference in both player's LP until the end of the turn. Yuga sends "Blazing Turtle Meteor" and four unknown cards from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard ("Predator Gunleon": 3100/600 → 7000/600). "Predator Gunleon" attacks and destroys "King Cobrastar" (Yuo: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.