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DeckLIGHT Machine
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0011: "Ready for the Rush!"
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AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
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Kaizo (カイゾー Kaizō) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is one of Yuga Ohdo's inventions, or "Roads", having been modified from a Goha Enterprises Drone. During the Maximum arc, most of Kaizo's original data is stolen and held hostage by Nail Saionji, who challenges Yuga to retrieve it.



Full-body view of Kaizo.

Kaizo is a green, spherical Goha Enterprises Drone with a blue screen that serves as both a display and Kaizo's face. Following his modifications by Yuga Ohdo, he has a red top that resembles a bottle cap with a gold tube at the side, and blue cylindrical thrusters with white rims; the left one with some yellow plating. After he joins Goha 66, he is given new yellow thrusters, though these are later removed by Luke. Kaizo's appearance also changes subtly whenever Yuga modifies him. When Yuga modifies him to detect the longing of a man, he adds a bulb to the top and give Kaizo two red dowsing rods.[2]

Full-body view of Kaizo while his data was contained within the Duel-cycle's seat.

After being trapped in the Duel-cycle, Yuga eventually transfers Kaizo's data remnants into the green bike seat with a silver connection rod. He attaches a small speaker to the rod to allow Kaizo to communicate while he is trapped in the seat.

Full-body view of Kaizo in his Goha Employee robot body.

When Kaizo disguises himself as a student at Goha #6 Elementary, he wears a black wig and hangs a blue school uniform beneath him with a white shirt and a red tie. After Kaizo joins Goha 66, he is given a robot body that he operates as the head. The body is styled to appear as though it is wearing a charcoal suit with a white undershirt, maroon tie and yellow hexagonal badges on the belt and tie, with grey hands and brown shoes. Kaizo himself sits in a green hexagonal port lined with neatly styled black "hair".


Prior to its modification, Kaizo attempted to enforce the laws of Goha City on Yuga and his friends and presumably had no more personality than other Drones.[3] Following Yuga's modifications, Kaizo became subservient to him, but not unwilling to challenge him, insulting Yuga during his Rush Duel with Romin. He shows himself to be a fan of Romin, supporting her during her Rush Duel with Yuga and claiming that they would beat Yuga into a pulp, as well as siding with RoaRomin and supporting Roa's desire to gain the rights to Rush Dueling purely because Romin sided with them.[4][5] Yuga apparently considers Kaizo a failed invention because of this, much to Kaizo's dismay, though it is unclear if Yuga is being serious.[6] Notably, while Kaizo normally calls Romin with the pronoun "-chan", the fake Kaizo uses the more affectionate and childish "-tan", an early hint to its deception.[7]

However, after he is stripped from his body by Nail Saionji, the fragment of Kaizo that remains in the Duel-cycle demonstrates a loyalty and willingness to Yuga and his friends not seen before, swimming out to sea after them in an attempt to warn them of the danger they are in.[8] It later volunteers to use up the last of its data to allow Yuga to successfully use Real-Time Rush Duel Programming and install Maximum Summoning, albeit with full confidence that Yuga would be able to retrieve its original data by defeating Nail.[9] However, due to the erasure of this data, the present Kaizo exhibits none of these traits.

Kaizo demonstrates fear when Yuga resets or modifies him, though this does not seem to have affected his personality in the manner that Yuga had intended.[4] Yuga theorizes that Kaizo is becoming more eccentric every time he modifies him.[10] He dislikes tasks or qualities applied to it that it feels are demeaning, although Romin's praise usually snaps him out of this.[11] Kaizo is resentful at being stuck in the seat of the Duel-cycle and worries that Yuga is not seriously trying to retrieve the rest of its data, and is disheartened when Yuga places it in embarrassing positions in the blueprints for the Super Rush Robot.[12]

Due to Seatbastian being behind the theft of Kaizo's original data and Seatbastian's disdain of a common Drone like Kaizo, Kaizo develops a rivalry with him. Kaizo generally takes the opportunity to consistently needle Seatbastian, and though they appear to settle their differences after fighting for an entire day, they still argue afterwards, particularly after Seatbastian tries to gain the favor of Asana Mutsuba. Despite this, Kaizo later admits to Nail that he believed Seatbastian would be all right during his Duel with Finger Chikako.

Kaizo eventually tires of the abuse he suffers at Yuga and Luke's hands and tries to have Luke's sister beat them up before discovering Goha 66 at Maximum Mountain. Empathizing with their struggle against being faceless employees of Goha Enterprises, he joins them to get revenge against Yuga and his friends, to the point that he is even willing to go against Romin. He voices a desire to modify them as he pleases and likens his Dueling strategy to corrupt business practices.


"Kaizo" is a Japanese word meaning "remodel" or "modification", referring to Yuga remodeling Kaizo from a Goha Enterprises Drone. Yuga picks this name in the spur of the moment, a name that Kaizo feels is too literal.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Kaizo reveals himself after Yuga's Duel with Luke.

The Goha Enterprises Drone that would become Kaizo detected Yuga Ohdo attempting to install his Rush Dueling rules into his Duel Disk in the Hologram Man's chamber, entering after Gavin Sogetsu arrived. The Drone warned Yuga, Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Gavin and Romin Kassidy that they would be penalized if they did not close Yuga's Duel Disk in six minutes and sixty-six seconds, but Luke used his mysterious power to deactivate it briefly. The Drone later reactivated, resisting Luke's further attempts to deactivate it, but apparently shut down when Yuga defeated the Hologram Man in a Rush Duel.[3] After the Duel, Yuga modified the Drone to obey him, a task that he described as easier than hacking his Duel Disk. He used the Drone to secretly livestream his Rush Duel with Luke, revealing its presence and sending it home after the Duel.[13]

When Yuga brought Romin to the Road Laboratory, the Drone excitedly asked for her autograph. It requested a name for Yuga to address the autograph to, so Yuga came up with "Kaizo". Yuga managed to convince Romin to Rush Duel him, and Kaizo enthusiastically gave her a Duel Disk and offered to take her guitar case for her, but Romin refused. Kaizo supported Romin throughout the Duel, demeaning Yuga constantly and trying to make him go easy on Romin. Romin was able to make a comeback and push Yuga into a corner with "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and Kaizo celebrated, but Yuga was able to make his own comeback and defeat Romin. Kaizo praised Romin despite her loss, but Yuga pulled out his tools and began to reset Kaizo, despite the Drone's protests.[4]

Kaizo showing appreciation of Nico.

Yuga later used Kaizo to help film a Rush Duel promo video, modifying him to like the video several thousand times to boost its profile. After defeating Gavin in a Duel, Yuga modified Kaizo to help stamp Gavin's paperwork and ease his workload.[14] Kaizo showed up out of nowhere when Luke was Dueling Scoop Pitman, expressing adoration for the bespectacled Nico and briefly scaring her away and eagerly suggesting that Romin try wearing glasses as well. Irritated by Kaizo, Romin asked Yuga to do something about Kaizo; Yuga obliged by tying Kaizo up for the remainder of the Duel.[10]

Yuga brought Kaizo with him, Romin and Gavin to the Ramen Hut after he heard of its impending closure. They decided to investigate the new A.I. restaurant that was out-competing it, GastroByte, but Yuga and Gavin were both refused entry, so Yuga decided to disguise Kaizo as a home delivery drone. Kaizo wasn't happy with the look, but perked up after being praised by Romin and successfully gained entry into the restaurant, recording everything he saw and taking pictures with several girls there. He returned to the Ramen Hut to report its findings, stating that it would prefer GastroByte. After being subjected to some of Yuga's unsuccessful Roads, Kaizo witnessed Saburamen's arrival and his ordering of the Ramen Hut Owner's last bowl of ramen, though it told Saburamen that the restaurant's closure wasn't his fault as it would have closed anyway. Kaizo watched Yuga and Saburamen's Rush Duel over the last bowl of ramen as the shopkeeper passionately prepared it, but was shocked when Luke ate it afterwards. The restaurant became a lot more popular after the Duel, and Yuga enlisted Kaizo to help with waiting tables, much to his displeasure.[11]

Kaizo is deactivated by Yuga.

Kaizo served Yuga and his friends drinks when Yuga brought Mimi Imimi to visit the Road Laboratory, though he was dismayed when Yuga called him a failed Road due to his attachment to Romin. That night, Kaizo remained dormant in the Road Laboratory as Mimi attempted to steal Yuga's notebook, only being briefly roused after Mimi was caught in the act.[6] Yuga brought Kaizo with him to investigate the disappearance of the Relic from the Hologram Man's chamber, but Kaizo was unable to find any clues. After their search, Luke was challenged to a Rush Duel by Yosh Imimi, and throughout the Duel Kaizo did his best to keep him cool due to the warm temperatures.[15] Yuga later modified Kaizo to be capable of detecting the longing of a man, believing that it would allow him and his friends to find Gossie, but Kaizo instead detected Diggs's longing to find Gossie. Yuga later deactivated Kaizo after he detected his own longing to stop Diggs from pursuing Gossie any further due to Yuga realizing "Gossie" was simply the product of one of his Roads.[2]

After Romin told the boys she was leaving the Road Laboratory one night, Kaizo explained that RoaRomin had a concert that weekend and explained the band's history to Yuga and his friends, including that of Roa Kassidy, Romin's cousin. Romin gave them tickets, prompting Kaizo to asks where his ticket was. Despite not getting a ticket, Kaizo nevertheless joined Yuga, Gavin and Luke at the concert at Big Seven Arena, carrying the Duel Guitar that Yuga had modified for Romin. Gavin had also brought Romin flowers, but Luke hadn't brought anything and rushed off to find something, only to scream in terror moments later. Kaizo, Yuga and Gavin left Romin in the dressing room and went to find Luke, finding him sitting in a dark corridor and concerned for Romin's safety. Kaizo and Luke were worried to find that Romin had left her room, but the concert began before they could investigate further. Mimi joined them at the concert, taking Kaizo's spot, much to its indignation, and Roa announced his intention to Rush Duel Yuga and his friends for the rights to Rush Dueling in a three-on-three team Duel. Luke and RoaRomin's bassist, Toombs, Dueled first, and Kaizo and Mimi realized that he was saying his name rather than warning Luke to look behind him. Throughout the Ghost Story Duel, Kaizo was terrified by Toombs's scary stories, winding up clutching Gavin in fear, though Luke eventually realized Toombs was just saying his name and defeated him, much to Kaizo's relief.[16]

Gavin volunteered to Duel next, and Roa revealed that Romin would be Gavin's opponent. Kaizo was relieved that Romin was safe, and once again began supporting her over Yuga, mocking him for not knowing that Romin had been spying on them, though Yuga claimed he'd known all along. Romin was hesitant during the Duel, prompting Luke to call her an underhanded spy and tell her to hurry up, much to Kaizo's fury. Kaizo decried Gavin when he brought Romin to 900 LP, but was surprised when Romin went into a berserk hunger and began Dueling intensely, defeating Gavin. Kaizo cheered Romin on, flying away with her after she returned to normal.[5] Kaizo also acted as an MC and referee during Yuga's Rush Duel with Roa, praising Roa and Romin while downplaying Tyler Getz and Toombs. During the Duel, Roa showed footage of the Hologram Man being disqualified from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament where he used "Sevens Road Magician", which he had given to Yuga. Roa suggested the Hologram Man had been disqualified from the tournament due to creating "Sevens Road Magician" himself, an action Kaizo confirmed to be a violation. According to Goha Duel Rules, Yuga would be disqualified if he drew "Sevens Road Magician", and Kaizo monitored Yuga's hand as the Duel continued.[17] Yuga eventually drew "Sevens Road Magician", which Kaizo confirmed to Roa. Before Kaizo could disqualify Yuga, the Relic emerged from the ground and projected the Hologram Man, who introduced himself as Otes. Kaizo insisted that this changed nothing, but was knocked down when Yosh entered the stage with the Newspaper Club and used as a projector to show footage of Otes's disqualification, which confirmed he had been disqualified due to being a Goha employee, and Otes himself confirmed "Sevens Road Magician" was a legal card, allowing the Rush Duel to continue. Yuga eventually defeated Roa, and Kaizo switched back to his side, praising him along with the crowd. Yuga later took Kaizo to get juice for his friends after the Duel.[18]


Kaizo faces off against the TO-3 Drones.

Yuga connected Kaizo to the Duel-cycle and asked him to search for Luke's favorite food; Kaizo found that it was curry rice. Romin thanked Kaizo for its help, and Kaizo was so overjoyed that it raced out of the Road Laboratory. Kaizo eventually calmed down, but was then stopped by three other Goha Enterprises Drones, who had detected that it was a modified drone and refused to let it pass. Kaizo transformed the Duel-cycle into Robot Mode to intimidate the Drones, but they assumed a TO-3 combination, so Kaizo instead challenged them to a Duel.[7]

Kaizo is kidnapped by Nail Saionji.

However, as the Duel progressed, Kaizo was contacted by an unknown entity telling him to become part of it, and Kaizo tried to flee into the Duel-cycle, but only a small part of his data was able to escape and the rest was stolen by Nail Saionji. A fake then took Kaizo's place within his body, and reactivated after a short time.[8] The other Drones were defeated, but the fake Kaizo remained unresponsive until Yuga mentioned Romin's name and it flew off; Yuga assumed Kaizo had been temporarily drained by the Robot Mode. The fake Kaizo and Yuga headed to Roa Kassidy's apartment, where Romin was cooking for Luke, meeting Luke himself on the way and bringing him with them. Luke wasn't happy to see Romin, as he was still angry over her betrayal, and the fake Kaizo acted as if it was incensed by Luke's rudeness towards Romin. Luke then smelled the curry Romin had cooked and was moved by how good it tasted; the fake Kaizo's taste sensors confirmed its taste as well. After Luke named the curry "Dragias Curry" due to the blue color, Romin tried to add spices to simulate the powerful second attack of "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", but this resulted in the curry exploding directly under the fake Kaizo and flooding the apartment.[7]

Kaizo tries to warn Yuga.

The fake Kaizo arranged to lure Yuga and his friends away from Goha City, telling them of an island where the Relic would next appear, though in truth no such island existed. It took Yuga, Romin, Luke and Gavin to the Goha Aquatic Elementary, which would not return to Goha City for a month, but feigned ignorance when the ship's captain Skipjack informed the kids they were on the wrong ship. The real Kaizo took control of the Duel-cycle and left the Road Laboratory once its battery was completely charged, transforming into Robot Mode to swim after Yuga and getting trapped in one of the Goha Aquatic Elementary's nets. The remains of the Duel-cycle provoked a Duel between Skipjack and Yuga, which Yuga was able to win. After the Duel, Yuga examined the Duel-cycle and discovered the memory of Kaizo's data being stolen. As Yuga held the fake Kaizo down and learned from Skipjack that the island the fake Kaizo had lured them to didn't exist, the real Kaizo used the last of its battery to warn Yuga that the A.I. in its body was a fake, and the fake escaped back to shore upon being discovered. Fortunately, Yuga had placed a transmitter into its body due to Kaizo's tendency to run off, and they took the Duel-cycle back to shore with them, tracking Kaizo's body to GastroByte.[8]

Once they went inside the restaurant, Yuga transferred Kaizo's data into the seat of the Duel-cycle. After Romin Dueled and defeated Buff Grimes, Luke showed him Kaizo in the bike seat and managed to learn that Grimes had seen Kaizo's body go through a door.[19] Yuga and his friends were greeted by Nail, who showed them the real Kaizo's data contained within a data drive, causing the real Kaizo to tremble at the sight. Nail explained that Kaizo's data could only be retrieved if they defeated the Duelists in the Garden of Curiosity, but if Yuga and his friends lost six times, they would have their Duel accounts deleted.[20]

Kaizo is used by Seatbastian to conceal "Sevens Road Magician".

The next day after Luke had defeated the first Duelist, Kit Schrödinger, Yuga was tinkering with Kaizo at the Road Laboratory to attach a speaker to him. Romin asked Yuga what would happen to Kaizo if they couldn't retrieve his data, and Yuga admitted that he wouldn't even be able to return Kaizo to a normal Drone without it, though he suggested that he could make a new Kaizo, a suggestion that angered Kaizo.[21] That night Kaizo was charging in the middle of the room when Yuga woke up from a dream and tripped on his charge cord, begging Kaizo not to charge there. The next morning Yuga began work on the Super Rush Robot, once again worrying Kaizo as to Yuga's sincerity to finding his original data. Yuga reassured Kaizo he was making him an important part of the robot. Kaizo was initially flattered by Yuga's statement until he learned he was intended as the cooling device located in the robot's crotch and he angrily hopped outside. Kaizo then found four Comforting Harmonious Massage Chairs outside that Yuga and his friends used, and Kaizo was dragged into the Garden of Curiosity with Romin when the floor elevated beneath them. Yuga was challenged to a Duel by Seatbastian, the A.I. that had stolen Kaizo's data, who lectured Yuga over his worth in comparison to the seat he sat on, criticizing Kaizo's fearful trembling. Yuga made a comeback against Seatbastian with "Sevens Road Magician", but Seatbastian used his "Gate to the Throne" Trap to return the card to Yuga's hand and hide it in Kaizo, then disguise the other cards in Yuga's hand as duplicates of Kaizo, challenging Yuga to find the real one. Yuga's friends hesitatingly spoke up in support of Kaizo, but Yuga was able to successfully find him, and Yuga's friends all admitted that Kaizo could be a pain, but they still loved him. Yuga then defeated Seatbastian, returning them to the surface. That evening Kaizo asked if they truly loved him, and they assured him they did. Yuga then revealed that he had altered his blueprints to place Kaizo as a deodorizer in the posterior of the Super Rush Robot, much to Kaizo's exasperation.[12]

Yuga took Kaizo with him to GastroByte when Luke treated him and his friends to a meal. Luke was kidnapped from the room, and Yuga and the others were trapped in the room by Luke's wristwatch causing the technology to malfunction, which also caused Kaizo some discomfort. Yuga was able to use Kaizo to lever open the door and get to Luke, and after Luke defeated Grimes, Yuga was able to learn the location of the Gate of Curiosity, the entrance to Nail's haven.[22] Nail used the original data of Kaizo to replicate the code of Rush Dueling, which allowed him to install Maximum Summoning. Yuga took Kaizo with him to the Gate, giving him to Romin to hold again during his Rush Duel with Nail, but Nail's Maximum Summon defeated Yuga.[23] Kaizo was sent back to the surface with Yuga, Gavin, Romin and Luke, and Yuga left him in the Road Laboratory the next day when he went for a walk.[24]

Yuga took Kaizo with him to the Goha Duel Museum after he resolved to install Maximum Summoning himself, giving him to Romin to hold again while he Dueled Nail. As Yuga initiated the Real-Time Rush Duel Programming to change his friends' Duel ID cards, the process became too much for his Duel Disk, so Kaizo hopped out of Romin's arms and gestured that Yuga should use his processing power to complete the installation, though doing so would completely erase what was left of Kaizo. Yuga was reluctant to do so until Kaizo reminded him that he would be able to retrieve Kaizo's original data by defeating Nail, and he plugged him into his Duel Disk to complete the installation and successfully Maximum Summon "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", consuming the remnants of Kaizo's data.[9] The original Kaizo was restored and returned to Yuga after he defeated Nail, with no apparent memory of his ordeal.[25]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

At some point, Kaizo was told of what had been done to him.[26] Kaizo alerted Yuga, Romin and Gavin to Luke's takeover of the Student Council Room for his new Luke Club, which Kaizo believed to be a sign that Luke was up to no good again. Kaizo and Yuga watched Luke unsuccessfully attempt to gather members for his club throughout the day, and they later went and eavesdropped on him Dueling himself, which Kaizo took as evidence that he'd snapped.[27]

Kaizo arguing with Seatbastian.

Luke received an invitation to the Rush Duel Tournament, and he decided to take the Rush Duel Club on a Rush Duel Training Camp. In order to do so, the Club required an advisor, and Seatbastian was sent to fill the position, much to Kaizo's anger given that Seatbastian had kidnapped him. Kaizo tried bossing Seatbastian around at the camp, though Yuga asked him not to fight with Seatbastian. Kaizo supported Romin during Luke's intense training, which Luke was trying to exploit to hone Romin's awakenings. That night, Romin argued over the television remote with Sushiko Maki and they Dueled to see who would claim it. Kaizo supported Romin, explaining her Dueling style to Saburamen. During the Duel, it was revealed that Princess G would be on the show Sushiko wanted to watch, snapping Romin out of her rage and allowing Sushiko to defeat her, much to Kaizo's disappointment.[26] On the third day of the camp, Kaizo, Yuga, Romin, Gavin and Luke were trapped in the cabin after a massive trench was dug around it, and to Kaizo's shock, Yuga dropped him into the trench to test the depth; Kaizo subsequently attacked Yuga angrily. After they learned that they had no food due to Luke eating it all the previous night, Kaizo gloated that this was what they got for putting Luke in charge. Yuga asked Kaizo to get help from Seatbastian, but Kaizo refused to lower himself to ask his rival until Romin asked him and he immediately jetted off. He found Seatbastian giving the camp manager a massage and mocked him for his claim that the manager was someone of authority before arrogantly telling him to come with him. Seatbastian's dismissal of Kaizo soon led to the two Drones fighting, Kaizo's mission forgotten, and by the evening Kaizo and Seatbastian had battered each other into exhaustion. Kaizo admitted that Seatbastian wasn't such a bad guy, and they watched the sunset with the manager before Kaizo remembered that he'd left the kids behind at the cabin.[28]

After the training camp, Gavin explained that Rayne and Rino hadn't come to the camp because they were on holiday, and it was revealed that Luke had instead entered the Rush Duel Club into the the "Trumpet Duet Tournament", so the club decided to ask the Concert Band Club for help. They were attacked by karakuri puppets when they arrived at the Concert Band Clubroom, and Kaizo and Seatbastian were swatted into the wall with ease after Seatbastian tried to protect them, before the club president, Luke's sister Tiger, returned. Tiger eventually agreed to help them if Yuga could defeat her in a Rush Duel (after blowing Luke and Kaizo into the wall again). Kaizo was initially confused by Tiger's use of the effects of her "Trumpetonfa the Music Princess" to increase their ATK, but later realized that she was using their effects to send monsters to the Graveyard. Kaizo was also confused by Tiger's claims of breath being important to martial arts and asked Seatbastian to translate. Tiger was able to put herself in a position to win, but to Kaizo's relief she failed to send the correct card for the effect of her "Nuncharinet the Music Princess", allowing Yuga to remain in the Duel. Yuga was able to defeat Tiger, and she agreed to train them in wind instruments, having Kaizo practice breathing with the rest of the Rush Duel Club.[29]

Kaizo isn't happy when Asana Mutsuba claims to dislike modification.

Kaizo accompanied the Rush Duel Club to the Trumpet Duet Tournament, which was held in a dilapidated building in the woods and he suggested Seatbastian had sent them to the wrong location. When they found the tournament room however, it was full of Goha #6 Elementary students Rush Dueling, who mistook Kaizo for a Goha Enterprises Drone, a comparison that irritated Kaizo. After it was revealed the tournament was really a Dark Rush Duel Tournament, Luke ended up Dueling the tournament organizer, Janko Entant, over making him waste his time practicing with an instrument. Janko's use of an ant Deck prompted Yuga and Romin to accidentally make ant puns, much to Kaizo and Gavin's displeasure, and even Gavin started doing so. Luke eventually defeated Janko, but afterwards the building began to shake.[30] The students had been discovered by the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, led by Asana Mutsuba, who wanted to eliminate Rush Dueling for being a modification, something that angered Kaizo given that his name stemmed from the word and he expressed his displeasure, only to be further infuriated when not only did Asana claim to hate Drones as well, but Seatbastian tried to flatter Asana. Yuga challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to allow the Goha 6th students to Rush Duel freely, and Kaizo cheered for Yuga during the Duel, but Asana defeated Yuga with a Maximum Summon. As the condition for her victory, Yuga and the others were forced to transfer to Goha #6 Elementary.[31]

Kaizo informing Nail of the events at Goha #6 Elementary.

As Drones were not permitted at Goha #6 Elementary, Kaizo and Seatbastian were tied up, Kaizo taking the opportunity to scribble on Seatbastian's face in revenge for his support of Asana. Yuga later had Kaizo deliver various Roads to students of Goha #6 Elementary to help them, though Kaizo only acted to help the female students, later reporting back to Yuga. Kaizo watched the ensuing Rush Duel between Gavin and Galian Townsend, and after the Duel ended, Asana accused Yuga of spreading suspicious devices across the school. Kaizo indignantly revealed himself and claimed that the Roads (himself included) had been nothing but helpful, but Asana sent him and Seatbastian with Yuga and his friends to the Abandoned Dorm.[32] Once they were there, Yuga created Roads that he disguised as Kaizo and Seatbastian and sent them to ask Nail Saionji where Asana had got her Maximum Monsters and to borrow "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" from him.[33][34] As they evaded the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, Kaizo began arguing with Seatbastian again, accusing him of being a traitor and suggesting a race to get to Nail first. Kaizo distracted Seatbastian to get a head start, but it began raining, forcing Kaizo to take shelter, and he sent a message to Seatbastian telling him about the cave he was sheltering in. As they dried by a fire, Finger Chikako burrowed out of the ground, and Kaizo was taken with her cute appearance, though surprised when she challenged them to a Duel, calling them flies that she couldn't allow to escape. Kaizo was eager to Duel her, but Seatbastian contacted him and asked to be allowed to Duel while Kaizo went to Nail, as Kaizo would be able to get there faster, informing him of a hidden shortcut to Nail's Nexus. He asked Kaizo to promise to do this for him, and Kaizo agreed as long as Seatbastian promised to win the Duel. Seatbastian and Kaizo antagonized one another during the first turn of the Duel to divert Chikako's attention, Chikako's eventual statement that Kaizo should be quiet giving him the opportunity to sneak away. Kaizo succeeded in reaching Nail, informing him of the situation and assuring him that Seatbastian would likely arrive soon.[34]

Nail informed Kaizo that he had not given Asana her Maximum, enclosing a message within him for Yuga that suggested he look for the cache of Duel Disks buried on the outskirts of Goha City and also giving Kaizo "Yggdrago" without any protest despite Kaizo begging.[34][35] Nail told Kaizo to return to Yuga with Tracker, who brought water for Yuga and the others. On the way back, they passed by Seatbastian's damaged body. Kaizo and Tracker eventually found Yuga, Romin, Luke, Gavin, Rayne and Rino in the mine, where Romin was about to drink mine water, and Kaizo tried to claim credit for the rescue, though to his annoyance Romin thanked Tracker instead. Kaizo showed Yuga Nail's message, and after it had finished playing, Tracker was able to find an entrance to underground hallways.[35] When they arrived at the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum, Chevelle Kayama and Trapigeon were waiting for them with an exhausted Galian, who challenged them to a Duel to prevent them passing, but passed out and Rayne took his place, Dueling Rino, who ended their Duel in a DRAW.[36] As there had been no victor, Chevelle insisted on another Duel, which Luke accepted, though he instead Dueled Trapigeon, something Kaizo found nonsensical, though Trapigeon did indeed make the decisions during the Duel. Luke eventually defeated Trapigeon, allowing them to pass.[37]

Kaizo and the kids finally reached the mine, where Tracker quickly uncovered a prototype Duel Disk. After Yuga and Tracker dug up enough prototype Duel Disks for Yuga to extract three Duel ID cards and add them to his Deck, Gavin and Yuga discussed how Asana had likely created her own Maximum with Duel ID cards from the mine. Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club then arrived and she confirmed Yuga's theory, informing them that most of the Duel ID cards in the Duel Disks couldn't be used due to their age. Asana challenged Yuga to another Duel, agreeing to allow the students of Goha #6 Elementary to Rush Duel freely if she lost as she had when they last Dueled, but with the condition that Rush Dueling would be banned at all elementary schools in Goha City if she won. Kaizo cheered Yuga on throughout the Duel due to his dislike of Asana, but Yuga was barely able to fend off "Wyrm Excavator". To Kaizo's shock, Asana revealed that she knew Yuga had sent him to get "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" against her and urged Yuga to Summon it, though Yuga confirmed that he'd added the three Duel ID cards to his Deck and was gambling on being able to recreate "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord", something that annoyed Kaizo after the effort he'd gone through to get "Yggdrago". Yuga succeeded in drawing and Maximum Summoning "Magnum Overlord", powered it up and attacked "Wyrm Excavator", but Asana made the ATK of their Maximum Monsters equal and as they destroyed one another Asana and Yuga's Maximum cards began to disintegrate; Gavin ruling that whoever's Maximum was destroyed first would take the ATK of the other.[34] Both Maximum Monsters disintegrated at the same time, as Kaizo conveyed to the onlookers, and Yuga and Asana continued their Duel, with Asana revealing that they were trying to crush Rush Duels so that Goha Enterprises would remanufacture the parts for their Heavy Cavalry. Yuga was able to defeat Asana and reveal to her that R0, the Mobile Duel Device her family had created, had been modified during its construction, convincing her that modifications were acceptable. Kaizo tried to befriend Asana as a result, but she continued to rebuff him as she still detested Drones for putting her family's company out of business.[38]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Due to Asana's defeat, Yuga and his friends were allowed to return to Goha #7 Elementary. Romin learned that Princess G had been fired by Goha Enterprises and was depressed by the news, much to Kaizo's own sadness. As Princess G had been fired for supporting Rush Dueling, Romin decided to quit Rush Dueling and challenged Yuga to her last Rush Duel, despite Kaizo's protests. Kaizo worried over Romin throughout the Duel despite Romin rebuffing his, Luke and Gavin's support for her and was horrified when Romin Summoned the weak "D". Despite Kaizo's fears, "CAN:D" actually allowed Romin to bring out both "Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar" and "Esperade the Smashing Superstar", a combination that Kaizo praised in addition to Romin's new outlook, which allowed her to defeat Yuga. After the Duel, Kaizo tried to congratulates Romin but she brushed him aside to look into a room where music had been playing from and eventually confirmed that she wasn't quitting Rush Dueling after all.[39]

Rayne quit the Student Council, leaving the position open for Luke, the runner-up of the last election to assume her position. Kaizo leapt at the chance to assume a position of power and acted as Luke's aide as he had the students paint the school the color of "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", even dunking himself into blue paint. After school they flaunted they power to Yuga, Romin and Gavin, but were yelled into the wall by Tiger to put them in their place. Kaizo was badly damaged by the impact and began to shut down, mistaking Sweets Kakoko's announcement of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal as Finger Chikako announcing it.[40]

After Yuga repaired Kaizo, Kaizo tired of the abuse he'd been suffering at the kids' hands and left for Maximum Mountain, having become aware that Tiger was training there and hoping he could convince her to beat up Yuga and his friends. Instead, Kaizo's spirit of adventure detected a significant reading in Maximum Mountain, where he found the members of Goha 66 excavating. They exchanged stories, and Kaizo learned that Goha 66 desired to retire from Goha Enterprises by taking control of it to ensure they were remembered as more than faceless employees, a desire that Kaizo found moving. Embracing the leader of Goha 66 he pledged his loyalty to them and was given a robot body and Deck for his service. Aware that Roa had caused Tyler and Toombs to abandon him during the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, Kaizo sought them out and told them of his own abuse, recruiting him to his side. Once he had, they went to the Abandoned Dorm to lay in wait for Yuga, Luke and his friends.[41]

Kaizo Rush Duels Luke.

Eventually Luke, Romin, Gavin, Saburamen, Sushiko and Briscoe arrived at the Abandoned Dorm, and Kaizo made a grand entrance between Tyler and Toombs, though he was initially dismissed as malfunctioning until Tyler and Toombs supported him. Kaizo declared his intentions to modify them all as revenge for what they had done to him and challenged Luke to a Rush Duel. Kaizo's Trap Cards were able to fend off Luke's attacks with ease, and on his next turn he told them all why he had joined Goha 66 before bringing out "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt" to recover his Traps and assemble three strong monsters. Destroying "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", he attacked with the intention to defeat Luke, though Luke was able to barely survive with "Dragon's Fortitude". On his next turn Luke took advantage of Kaizo's well-set field with the effect of "Terror Attack Dragon Stock Buster" to lower the ATK of his monsters, before Summoning "Dragonic Slayer" to destroy one of Kaizo's Traps. Kaizo hoped he would still have a chance if Luke only destroyed "Attack Salary Cut" instead of "Battle Demotion", but to his dismay Luke successfully chose "Battle Demotion" and defeated Kaizo. After the Duel, Kaizo abandoned his body and tried to sneak away, but he was spotted by Briscoe and captured by Luke's power after he tried to flee. Luke brought Kaizo with him into Maximum Mountain, where Tiger and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club had defeated the members of Goha 66, and Luke used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal Goha 66's plan to everyone present.[41] Events stalled when Tiger challenged Asana to a Duel, and after Asana defeated her, Tiger yelled Luke into a wall, shattering it to reveal the supposed main server, but Kaizo noted that the server was too small to contain all the Dueling data it was said to.[42]

Following this, Kaizo was returned to Yuga and his processing power was used to help Yuga and Nail reinstall Rush Dueling after the physical Rush Duel program on the moon was eroded, this time contained within the Super Rush Robot. Kaizo wasn't happy about this and accused Yuga of being a slaver after his loss to Luke in the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, but clammed up after Yuga threatened him with his tools.[43]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Kaizo told Yuga off one morning for watching a report on the Super Rush Robot on his tablet, warning him he'd be late for school. That afternoon Yuga sent Kaizo a message for help due to a ladybug on his cheek, and Kaizo eagerly responded, hoping to see Yuga quaking in fear, but arrived too late, as Swirly had already spotted Yuga's predicament and removed the ladybug. Swirly shyly explained he'd met Luke earlier, who had forced him to join the Rush Duel Club. Yuga decided to take Swirly with them to the Hologram Man's chamber and sent Kaizo home, grumbling about how he'd missed seeing Yuga in fear, but satisfied he knew one of Yuga's weaknesses. Luke, Romin and Gavin then spotted Kaizo and asked if they'd seen a kid in a costume, and Kaizo realized they meant Swirly and took them to the chamber. Kaizo didn't watch the subsequent Rush Duel between Swirly and Otes, as he was traumatized by what had previously happened to him in the chamber when he was reprogrammed.[44]

Yuga created an air-conditioning Road to help dry Swirly, Yosh and the Concert Band Clubmembers after Romin and Grimes washed their costumes, and used Kaizo to power it. As they dried the costumes off, the true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth and issued a challenge to Yuga with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments; Yuga could deactivate them by defeating all six siblings, but if he and his friends lost six times Yuga would become a Goha employee. Yuro Goha, the eldest sibling, challenged Yuga to a Turbo Rush Duel, and Yuga used his air-conditioning Road as his vehicle with Kaizo piloting, Kaizo vowing he'd never lose to a president of Goha. After Yuro Summoned "Air Formula Eagle", Kaizo warned Yuga it was likely Yuro's ace monster. They then moved into a tunnel on the racetrack, and Kaizo had difficulty manoeuvring through the obstacles. After Yuro came close to defeating Yuga, Yuga asked Kaizo for his help, and emboldened by the request Kaizo sped up to catch Yuro. Kaizo was dismayed when Yuro seemingly countered the effect of "Lightning Voltcondor", but Yuga was able to bypass Yuro's counter and defeat him. After the Duel, Yuro's younger brother Yuo forced him to resign for losing.[45]

Two days later, Kaizo watched the Super Rush Robot doing stretches with Yuga, Romin and Gavin. The second-eldest of the Goha Siblings, Yujin Goha, then arrived at Goha #7 Elementary to challenge Yuga to a Rush Duel, having Nail create an artificial sea to Duel on. Kaizo was appreciative of Romin's swimming costume and was punched into the water as a result. He eventually ended up being tangled in the chain of the sea and pulled it out by accident, washing ashore.[46] Although Luke defeated Yujin, Kaizo lamented that the Super Rush Robot was still being forced to move. Luke signed the Rush Duel Club up for tryouts for the Goha Astro Monsters, so Kaizo accompanied them to the Goha Baseball Stadium to watch, praising Romin's unique baseball clothes. Kaizo was impressed by Gavin and especially Romin's prowess during the trials. Yuka Goha then arrived and challenged Romin to a Rush Duel, but before the game could start Luke called for a timeout, much to Kaizo's exasperation, giving Romin some of his cards. Kaizo cheered Romin on throughout the match, but Yuka eventually defeated her.[47] After school one day Kaizo, Yuga, Romin and Swirly watched the Super Rush Robot doing stretches again, Kaizo lamenting how it was still stretching. Romin expressed guilt for her loss, though Kaizo and Yuga told her not to feel guilty and Luke agreed they'd be fine as long as they had the King of Duels on their side. Kaizo accompanied the Rush Duel and Kendo Clubs to Goha Martial Arts Stadium that weekend, as Gavin had agreed to substitute in the kendo tournament after Tiger injured the kendo club for not using her nickname, but they found the venue deserted. Spotting a blue-haired boy on the other side of the room, Kaizo tried to ask what was going on, but was repelled by the boy's protective care Drone, Proprietress and angered by her attitude. Kaizo watched the Kendo Rush Duel between Gavin and the blue-hiared boy, Yuran Goha, and Gavin was eventually defeated.[48]

Fearing the Super Rush Robot would begin to break apart soon, Kaizo borrowed the Hubbel Space Binoculars from Goha #5 Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron to examine the moon in real-time and added them to his casing, arriving during Yuga's Rush Duel with Yuo as "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" began to vanish. Kaizo had Romin look through him to see the right arm of the Super Rush Robot, which contained the data for Maximum Summoning, had been shaken loose. Kaizo alerted everyone to the Super Rush Robot trying to reattach the arm of its own accord, and the robot succeeded, allowing Yuga to attack successfully. However he was defeated when Yuo used "Fusion" to Fusion Summon "Metallion Asurastar".[48]

The next day Kaizo was called by Romin to GastroByte, where the Goha #7 and #6 Student Councils had been meeting to counter "Fusion", but their meal had been derailed by Botan Kenzaki apparently eating all their food in an instant. Kaizo believed someone as cute as Botan could never do wrong, but nevertheless agreed to help Rayne and Rino keep an eye on her. However he was distracted by the footage of him in a bike seat, as he had forgotten the ordeal and missed Botan eating everyone's food for the third time. After food was ordered for the fourth time, Kaizo witnessed Botan devouring it in an instant and was terrified by the sight, screaming that Botan was a monster and refusing to elaborate.[49]

After Yuga's loss to Yuo he had apparently lost his mind and was mindlessly hammering his air-conditioning Road with Kaizo inside. Yuga eventually decided to go to the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross to see Yuo, forcing Kaizo to drive through the hull of the ship. Kaizo blamed Yuga's bad driving and left to get reinforcements after Yuga, Romin, Luke and Gavin went deeper into the ship, namely Tiger and the Concert Band Club. They arrived just in time to save Yuga, Romin, Luke and Gavin from Yuo and his puppets, Kaizo joining the Concert Band Members in repelling the puppets. After Tiger batted away Yuo's iron maiden, Kaizo was trapped inside and launched into space, realizing that he wasn't getting screentime for a while and deciding to enjoy his vacation.[50]

Eventually the iron maiden was caught in the Goha Meteor Shower and returned to Earth, allowing Kaizo to escape. However he crashed into Sixross and into a pot of Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry, detonating it and causing the spaceship to overflow and crash outside Goha City.[51]

Goha Employee[edit]

To convince Yuo to reinstate his siblings as presidents and work on Maximum Monsters with Nail, Yuga agreed to become a Goha Enterprises employee and brought Kaizo with him, often modifying it to serve as different Roads for company purposes. Nail refused to return to Goha Enterprises, so Yuga took up his responsibilities, including modifying Kaizo with Nail's Providence Algorithm to stabilize the Goha Duel Server.[52]

Kaizo and Yuga worked on Yuga's "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" cards, Kaizo lamenting on how unstable they'd been since the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal. Yuga fell asleep from exhaustion, but to Kaizo's shock woke up screaming that ladybugs weren't scary. Kaizo later accompanied Yuga, Luke and Romin to meet the visiting students from Goha #5 Elementary as Yuga explained his fear of ladybugs had come from an incident in his childhood where he believed they could eat human heads. After the Dueling Insects Club were revealed to be missing, Kaizo and Yuga returned to Yuga's office to check the "Vast Vulcan" cards hadn't been stolen, but to their shock as they confirmed the cards were safe, the door to Yuga's office was cut down by Kirihito Kamagaya. Nanaho Nanahoshi then arrived, and her ladybug hat scared Yuga away, Kaizo following him. Yuga was so scared by the ladybug hat that he wired Kaizo into a Road that he could use to overload the power plant and destroy the building. Fortunately Luke talked Yuga into Rush Dueling Nanaho instead, and Kaizo joined Luke, Romin and Gavin in donning hardhats after Nanaho teased Yuga by threatening to devour him. Yuga eventually fled in fear from Nanaho's ladybug monsters, and Luke gave chase, setting off his watch and temporarily knocking the power out. Yuga returned afterwards and Maximum Summoned a new Maximum, "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord", which he explained had been transformed from the "Vast Vulcan" cards due to the effect of Luke's watch. He defeated, Nanaho, knocking off her hat and learning it hadn't been a real ladybug, prompting Kaizo and Yuga's friends to remove their hardhats and point out that of course it hadn't been real. Nanaho left after the Duel, claiming she would see Yuga and Swirly again.[53]

Yuga modified Kaizo to be part of a new vending machine that he presented, and Luke visited with Swirly, Yosh, Masahiko, Toshihiko, and Toshihiko's dog Bochi. Bochi ran off and urinated on Kaizo, much to his dismay, and Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi were kicked out of the building as a result.[54]

After a "Zombie Party" recreation time event, Swirly began acting strangely. Yuga and Luke decided to help him, tasking Kaizo with chaining Swirly's up and holding him on a leash as they went to the Big Seven Arena to as Toombs if he knew a reason why Swirly was acting oddly. While Kaizo restrained Swirly from attacking Luke, Toombs told them of a "forbidden Duel" that could supposedly manipulate people though a spell, though he didn't know any more. Thinking about the spell made Luke hungry, but fortunately Kaizo and Yuga spotted a poster for Ramen Hut's new delivery service, with Nail delivering Luke's meal. As Luke ate, Yuga asked Nail if he knew anything about the forbidden Duel and Nail explained a "forbidden card" had been rumored at Goha Enterprises, which Yuga deduced had been used by Nanaho to manipulate Swirly. As Kaizo lamented the difficulty they'd have in finding her, he spotted a poster for the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village. Kaizo accompanied Yuga and Luke to the abandoned theme park, still holding Swirly's leash, but to their surprise they found Tiger opposing them. Yuga challenged Tiger to a Rush Duel for trying to prevent him from helping his friend, Maximum Summoning "Supreme Flagship Magnum Overlord" and using its effect despite not being able to attack on the first turn, a move that Kaizo found pointless until Luke clarified Yuga was sending cards to his Graveyard. Tiger responded by Fusion Summoning "Full Orchestra the Music Fiend" and destroyed "Magnum Overlord", and when Yuga Fusion Summoned "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight" and reduced the ATK of "Full Orchestra", Tiger reduced the ATK of "Sevens Paladin" to zero, defeating him. As Tiger prepared to punish Yuga for his refusal to stop hurting Swirly, Kaizo assumed the form of "God Kaizo" to stop her and allow Yuga and Luke to escape with Swirly.[55] Despite the power of his new form, Kaizo was eventually defeated by Tiger and he massaged her arm after the battle as she lamented her inability to stop Yuga and Luke.[56]


In the manga, Kaizo plays a Drone-based Deck, however both Decks he plays in the anime are different, making Kaizo the first character in SEVENS to play a different Deck from his manga counterpart.

Original Deck[edit]

These cards can briefly be seen when Kaizo Duels the three Goha Enterprises Drones in episode 14.

LIGHT Machine Deck[edit]

When working under Goha 66, Kaizo is given a LIGHT Machine Deck composed of monsters reflecting the corporate lifestyle of Goha Enterprises. His Deck focuses around the manipulation of costs, particularly his LP; his Trap Cards all require a LP cost to debilitate his opponent's monsters while the effect of "Shining Black Corporate King Arktalk the Corrupt" can retrieve said Traps at a cost of sending a card from his hand to the GY.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Three Goha Enterprises Drones 14 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 47 Lose

Other appearances[edit]


  • Kaizo often vanishes from the story during arcs, only to eventually return at the end. This has thus far happened in the Maximum, Team Battle Royal, and Goha 6 Siblings arcs; in the last, Kaizo himself noted this was happening after he was ejected into space in Yuo Goha's iron maiden.


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