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"Rush Crushed Kid"
Yosh reflects back on his beloved Spaghetti Napolitan.
Yosh reflects back on his beloved Spaghetti Napolitan.
EnglishRush Crushed Kid
Japanese name
RōmajiSeikimatsu to Naporitan
TranslatedPost-Apocalypse and Napolitan
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese OP"Nanananananana"
Japanese ED"Goha 7 Elementary School Song"
ScreenplayAyumu Hisao
Air dates
JapaneseJune 27, 2020
EnglishJune 7, 2022
Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Disco Duel"
Next"Dino Detours"
Featured card"Dragonic Slayer"

"Rush Crushed Kid", known as "Post-Apocalypse and Napolitan" in the Japanese version, is the eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It first aired in Japan on June 27, 2020. It first became available in English on Hulu in America on June 7, 2022, and aired on June 9, 2022 on Disney XD in America and 9Go! in Australia.

It's a very hot day, and Yuga and his friends go to a vending machine to buy some drinks, but a giant shadow is standing in their way. Yosh, who calls himself "the Post-Apocalyptic Duel King", has a grudge against Luke for some reason, so he challenges him to a Rush Duel! And the source of Yosh's monstrous strength is Spaghetti Napolitan?! How will Luke fight against him?


Under a relentless sun, a boy walks towards a battered water tower, asking his mother to wait for him. He remembers her asking for water, reassuring her that he'll find some. But when he gets to the water tower, he finds four thugs bathing in it and declaring that the water belongs to them from now on as they laugh. They boy runs up to them, but is swiftly knocked down and his bucket crushed beneath one of the thugs' boots. He thinks despairingly that the world has already ended, and nothing will change if they do nothing. Clenching his fist and dragging it through the sand he vows that he has to change it. A narrator declares "Transform! Fight! Show the world your will!" as the boy transforms into a muscular masked tan-skinned man and sends the thugs flying as he declares that he is Good Max, the Post-Apocalyptic Revolutionary King. As the sun sets, he stands over the senseless bodies of the thugs and declares "Good luck" in English before walking into the sunset, watched on a tablet by an excited young boy.

Kaizo fails to find any sign of the Relic.

In the Hologram Man's chamber, Kaizo begins his search while Yuga, Luke and Gavin watch (the latter two fanning themselves due to the heat). Kaizo completes his search, having failed to detect any traces of the Relic. Yuga muses that there weren't any clues left behind, and Gavin asks if the "Relic" is the stone monument from before. Luke muses that it's as expected of a legend related to the King of Duels; it isn't letting them see the full picture so easily. As he laments that it's too hot, Mimi pokes her head out from behind a nearby column, musing that Yuga Ohdo will expose his weakness somehow if she stands guard for twenty-four hours, and she images herself being showered with praises as she thinks that if she can find a way to uninstall Rush Dueling, then Mimi Imimi, thirty-seven years old, will be able to climb the corporate ladder within Goha Enterprises. Her fantasies cross over into reality as she waves pink fans around and quietly chants "Fever! Fever!", unaware that Yuga, Luke, Kaizo and Gavin are leaving the chamber.

A mysterious man blocks Yuga, Luke and Gavin's path to the vending machine.

Once they're outside, even Yuga and Kaizo feel the heat from the sun and Luke laments that he's thirsty. Gavin asks if there are any vending machines around here, and they hear a can roll out of one, scooped up by a thirsty Romin. Kaizo happily zooms over to her, but the boys are more interested in the vending machine and crowd around it, but are horrified to realize that it's all sold out, and Kaizo asks Romin if hers was the last one. Luke is mortified, asking how Romin could do such a thing, but as Romin points out, there's another vending machine across the street. They quickly run across, but a piece of paper blows into Yuga's face and a cloud of dust obscures the vending machine from view. Yuga is surprised to find himself holding a copy of the Goha #7 Elementary Newspaper with Luke's advice column on the page, and then the page blows out of his face to reveal a large man and two boys with a dog opposing them, all wearing masks (including the dog) and the man garbed in the same fashion as Good Max. Luke tells them to get out of the way, and Yuga protests that they want to get some drinks, Gavin adding that the newcomers can't keep them from themselves. "Good Max" tells them that they can drink their fill after he is done with them as Kaizo and Romin arrive. Luke asks what he means, and "Good Max" notes that this is the blockhead known as "Luke". Glowing red with anger, he declares that he is the child of salvation born from the confusion and chaos in this world; Yosh, the Overcrusher (in the Japanese version the word he uses is the Japanese word for "Duel"). Yuga and Gavin are both shocked, but Luke is intrigued by Yosh's title of "King of Combat", and Gavin equates the two words as well, realizing that Yosh may be implying that he is the King of Duels. Yosh orders Luke to Duel him in a Rush Duel, and Luke grins and agrees, telling Yosh that he'll regret calling himself the Duel King. They both activate their Duel Disks and call "Let's go! Rush Duel!"

Yosh's Beast Gear monsters adapt to their new environment.

The holographic dome surrounds the two Duelists, and Yosh takes the first turn, declaring his "death draw from Hell". He examines his hand (consisting of "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World", "Beast Gear Moto Wolf", "Beast Gear Gyro Jackal", "Beast Gear Buggy Dog", and "Apocalypse - Legend of the Warrior") and Summons three monsters, ordering them to come to the field; "Beast Gear Moto Wolf", "Beast Gear Gyro Jackal", and "Beast Gear Buggy Dog". Gavin gasps that Yosh Summoned three monsters at once, but trails off as he looks longingly at Romin's drink as she quenches her thirst. Yosh declares that he will show them the true horror of his Post Apocalyptic Deck, and the side of his Duel Disk slides out to expose another Zone, much to Yuga, Luke and Gavin's shock. Romin asks what that is as Yosh activates his Field Spell Card, "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World". His Beast-Warrior followers, who have all adapted to this world, power up. All of them gain 300 ATK; "Moto Wolf" rising to 1700, "Gyro Jackal" to 1400 and "Buggy Dog" to 1500 and Luke is shocked by the 300 ATK power boost. Yuga asks if Yosh uses Field Spells, and Romin repeats the term in confusion. Gavin explains that a Field Spell is a card that activates in the Field Zone, and it will remain there even after being activated and will do so until it is destroyed. As the ruined buildings of "Beast Gear World" tower above them within the confines of the dome, everyone looks around (while simultaneously trying to stay cool). Yuga clarifies that a Normal Spell Card goes to the Graveyard after its effect is used, but a Field Spell will continue to apply turn after turn. Yosh Sets a card, ending his hellish turn. Luke grits his teeth as he sweats in the heat, and Romin gasps his name in shock. Gavin asks if he's okay, and Yuga cheers that Luke can do it; their drinks are on the line, though Luke just gasps that it's hot, causing his friends to sweat.

"Multistrike Dragon Dragias" is afflicted by the harsh conditions of the "Beast Gear World".

As Kaizo tries to fan Luke to keep him cool and tumbleweed rolls by, Luke declares his turn and draws "Multistrike Dragon Dragias", which he adds to his hand (also containing "Dragorite", "Sportsdragon Slugger", "Twin Edge Dragon", and "Dragonic Play"). He Summons "Dragorite", but as soon as it appears, Yosh triumphantly explains that the effect of "Beast Gear World" will reduce the ATK of the weak Dragon monsters that cannot adapt to it by 300. Green gas engulfs and strickens "Dragorite", reducing it to 1200 ATK as Luke gasps "What?" and Yuga realizes that Yosh isn't just powering up his Beast-Warriors with his Field Spell. Gavin notes that the original ATK of "Dragorite" is 1500, so normally it would be stronger than all of the opponent's monsters, but as Romin notes, it can't destroy them because of the Field Spell. Yuga gasps that Yoshi's field will have a 300 ATK boost, while Luke's will have a 300 ATK debuff, so it's a huge gap in strength. But Luke doesn't seem worried, and he Summons another monster, "Sportsdragon Slugger", which falls to 700 ATK as Yosh laughs. Luke grits his teeth, but he Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! Even if you tell me to stop, it's too late! There's a reason why I said it twice. Now, come out! Multistrike Dragon Dragias!" Even "Dragias" is afflicted by "Beast Gear World", falling to 2200 ATK, and Luke activates its effect, sending the top card of his Deck ("Draco the Tiny") to the Graveyard to activate the "Gias Charge" effect of "Dragias", allowing "Dragias" to attack twice this turn if it destroys a monster by battle with its first attack. Luke also Summons "Twin Edge Dragon", which falls to 700 ATK, and he activates a Spell Card, "Dragonic Play", switching "Twin Edge" into Defense Position and Special Summoning "Draco the Tiny" from his Graveyard, also in Defense Position. He orders "Dragias" to attack "Gyro Jackal" with "Striking Light Bullet of Explosive Supremacy", and "Dragias" destroys "Gyro Jackal" with a blast of green energy orbs, reducing Yosh to 3200 LP, then attacks again due to the effect of "Dragias", declaring "Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy", and "Dragias" launches the red orbs, destroying "Buggy Dog" and reducing Yosh to 2500 LP, though he simply laughs. Luke ends his turn with a grin, and Gavin comments that he still managed to shave off a huge chunk of LP even with the handicap from the Field Spell.

Yosh asking Luke for help in the Goha 7th Newspaper.

Yosh laughs, declaring that he is the only king in this post-apocalyptic world and he is the rules. He vows that he will have Luke pay in full for the grudges that he's held for all this time as flames burn in his eyes. Luke is surprised by Yosh's talk of a grudge, and Yosh vows that after he wins this fight, he will have Luke convince his mama. Yuga, Romin and Gavin are all floored by the statement, and poor Luke can only ask what Yosh means. Yosh snaps at Luke not to play dumb; he'll never forget what happened a week ago. His friends ride by with stacks of pictures to help illustrate his tale; Yosh had received his favorite dish, Spaghetti Napolitan, and had given thanks, then told his mother that he'd heard of new rules; Rush Dueling, and he wanted to try them. But his mother had forbidden Yosh, telling that he wasn't allowed to Rush Duel as only bad people Rush Dueled and such a horrible style of Dueling would only bring chaos and confusion to the world. Yosh had stated that everyone else was doing it, but his mother had threatened to never make Spaghetti Napolitan ever again. Yosh's friends (and his dog) all erupt into tears, and Yosh explains that after being punished he'd decided to ask for help from the school newspaper, and Gavin and Yuga realize what Yosh means as Yuga digs the newspaper out of his pocket. Gavin and Romin are shocked to see Luke's new column; "Luke's Life Advice for All". Yosh had explained his situation to Luke and asked what he should do, and Luke had stated in his column that he should take care of his mother and wished him "Good Luck" in English. Seeing a Good Max figure on his shelf, Yosh wondered if this was what Luke had meant; the post-apocalyptic hero "Good Max" had decided to transform to protect his sick mother, his mama. Yosh decided that he should also transform himself so that his mother would let him Rush Duel, but when he did so, his mother cried in shock that Yosh had turned into a post apocalyptic king of combat. Yosh had believed his mother would understand when she saw him, but she instead believed her sweet, beloved, only son had turned into a violent hooligan because of Rush Dueling and banned him from Rush Dueling. Gavin sighs that of course she did, and Yuga nervously asks what will happen if Yosh's mother finds out he's Rush Dueling now, and Yosh dramatically declares that his mother will never make his favorite Spaghetti Napolitan again, much to his friends' horror. Yosh yells that this is all Luke's fault, and if he loses this Duel, then he'll have to convince his mama. Luke chuckles that he can't really do that, much to Yosh's shock, and Luke states that it's because he's going to win this Duel.

"Catapult Kong" sacrifices Yosh's other monsters to destroy Luke's.

Yosh warns Luke not to dare; he will never lose this Duel. He declares his turn and his destructive death draw, and he Summons another "Gyro Jackal", which rises to 1400 ATK. Then Yosh sends both of his monsters to Hell to Tribute Summon, chanting "At the end of the world, everything is destroyed! Come forth! Ruler of tyranny and atrocities! Beast Gear Emperor Catapult Kong!" The polluted world grants power to the post-apocalyptic king, increasing it to 2500 ATK. Yosh Summons another "Gyro Jackal", which rises to 1400 ATK, then activates the Spell Card "Apocalypse - Legend of the Warrior", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior monster from his Graveyard in Defense Position, and he orders "Moto Wolf" to return from the depths of hell. Then he activates the effect of "Catapult Kong", sending his Beast-Warrior monsters to Hell to destroy the same number of Defense Position monsters Luke controls. Luke grits his teeth as Yosh sends "Gyro Jackal" and "Moto Wolf" to Hell to destroy "Twin Edge Dragon" and "Draco the Tiny", declaring "Devilish Hellish Cannon...fire!" as the two mechanical arms of "Catapult Kong" snatch up "Gyro Jackal" and "Moto Wolf" and then throw them at Luke's monsters. Yuga is shocked that Yosh turned his own monsters into ammo, but Yosh declares that this is the method one uses when they live in a cruel and chaotic world; he will fall to the depths of Hell itself to protect his mama and his Spaghetti Napolitan. He orders his followers to come, and Summons another "Moto Wolf" and "Buggy Dog", who rises to 1700 and 1500 ATK respectively, then he orders "Catapult Kong" to destroy "Dragias" with "Hellish Bowl-Over Beastdown Barrage", and "Catapult Kong" destroys "Dragias" with a flurry of punches, reducing Luke to 3700 LP. Yuga and Romin gasp in shock as Gavin cries that "Dragias" was destroyed, and Yosh declares that now Luke is completely wide open. Luke grits his teeth as Yosh orders "Buggy Dog" to attack directly, reducing Luke to 2200 LP, and "Moto Wolf" also attacks, reducing Luke to 500 LP and knocking him down. Yosh ends his destructive turn, and Luke gets to his feet and wipes his nose.

Mimi finds the Field Spell being used.

Mimi runs out of the Hologram Man's chamber, having finally realized that Yuga is gone and she asks where he went, but then she notices the blue holographic dome across the street and she stealthily creeps over to it, realizing that a Field Spell is being used. She peeks into the dome, spotting Yuga and his "merry lil' band", but is shocked to see Yosh there.

Luke declares his turn and draws, looking at his new hand of "Dragon's Return", "Dragorite", "Phoenix Dragon", "Dragonic Advanced Return", and "Pierce!". He activates the Spell Card "Dragon's Return", returning three Dragon monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck to draw a card, and he returns "Dragorite", "Draco the Tiny" and "Twin Edge Dragon" to his Deck. As his Deck re-shuffles itself, Luke looks at it nervously and Yosh, Yuga, Gavin, Romin and Kaizo all watch as Luke prepares to draw. Telling his card to come, Luke draws "Dragonic Slayer", much to his excitement, and he Summons "Dragorite" and "Phoenix Dragon", who are weakened to 1200 and 200 ATK respectively. Yosh calls his move useless, but Luke Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, chanting "Concordant! Befitting! Poetic justice! Now is the time to come out—the gallant dragon warrior, Dragonic Slayer!" The new Dragon twirls its massive axe as it stands with 2300 ATK, and Gavin observes that this is Luke's new ace monster, and Romin appreciatively comments that it's pretty cool. But as Yuga notes, as long as it's a Dragon, it can't escape from the effects of the Field Spell, and sure enough, "Dragonic Slayer" is afflicted by the hostile conditions, falling to 2000 ATK. Grimacing, Luke activates the Spell Card "Dragonic Advanced Return", adding "Dragorite" and "Phoenix Dragon" from his Graveyard to his hand, then Summoning them, and they are again afflicted by the Field Spell. Luke then sends a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Phoenix Dragon", returning a Level 5 or higher Dragon monster from his Graveyard to his hand, and of course, he brings back "Multistrike Dragon Dragias". He Tributes his two monsters to Tribute Summon, and he triumphantly declares that "Dragias" is back as "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" reappears on the field and is re-afflicted by the Field Spell, falling back to 2200 ATK. Yosh's friends point and jeer at "Dragias" as Yosh tells Luke to stop with his useless struggle, but Luke bows that with this, it's his win.

Luke activates the effect of "Dragonic Slayer", "Resonance Roar".

He activates the effect of "Dragias", sending "Dragon's Fortitude" from the top of his Deck to the Graveyard and declaring "Gias Charge". As "Dragias" glows brightly with the power of its effect, he vows that not matter what happens, he'll never change, and as Yosh yells "What?" Luke vows that he will stay true to himself. Behind his mask, Yosh gasps as Luke declares that he doesn't like a world where he isn't the King of Duels, and he will change the world around him instead. He activates the "Resonance Roar" effect of "Dragonic Slayer", and both it and "Dragias" let out earth-shaking roars as Luke explains that he can destroy a Spell or Trap Card due to the resonance of his Dragon monsters while Yosh's monsters hold their paws over their ears. Yosh cries "What?!" as Luke states that he'll of course be destroying the Field Spell, "Beast Gear World". The Field Spell and the surrounding ruins explode into purple shards and crumble away as Yosh's friends cry out, and Romin gasps that the Field Spell disappeared (while Mimi swiftly scoots for cover in the background now that the Field Spell is gone). Kaizo looks around happily as Gavin adds that now the ATK of all the monsters on the field will return to normal, and as Yosh's Beast-Warriors weaken, Luke's Dragons regain their strength. Yosh flinches back as Luke declares that it's time for consecutive attacks, ordering "Dragias" to attack with "Striking Light Bullet of Explosive Supremacy". "Dragias" releases the green orbs, destroying "Moto Wolf" and reducing Yosh to 1200 LP, then attacks and destroys "Buggy Dog" with "Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy", releasing the red energy orbs and immolating "Buggy Dog", reducing Yosh to 100 LP. Luke tells "Dragonic Slayer" to send "Catapult Kong" to Hell, ordering it to attack with "Dragon King Slash". It destroys "Catapult Kong" with a strike from its axe, blasting Yosh off his feet and reducing his LP to zero. His friends are also blown off their feet, but Yosh manages to land and his helmet cracks in two, revealing the real Yosh's face underneath. Mimi gasps in shock as the holographic dome disappears.

Luke steps up to ask Yosh if he'd be okay with taking the easy path to making his mother let him Rush Duel.

With the Duel concluded, everyone finally quenches their thirst while Mimi watches, and Yosh excitedly admits that he never expected that Luke would turn things around by destroying his Field Spell, and he cries that Rush Duels are so deep (while Mimi remains unaware that the girls from school have spotted her again). He cries that these rules are so amazing, and Mimi is shocked that Yosh seems to have enjoyed himself even though he lost, and she turns to leave. Yosh asks his friends if it was fun, and they agree, stating that they want to try it. Luke then tells Yosh not to call himself the King of Duels again, as Luke is the only King of Duels here. Gavin points out that Yuga invented Rush Dueling, and Yosh eagerly runs over to Yuga and shakes his hands, telling him that he really likes Rush Dueling. He politely tells Yuga that he also wants to try and make cool rules like Yuga has, and Luke is surprised at his use of an honorific for Yuga. Yosh admits he's in fourth grade, and Romin realizes that he's an underclassman. Gavin points out that they still haven't fixed the problem yet, and Romin realizes that Gavin's right; Yosh needs to get his mother to approve Rush Dueling. Yosh looks downcast, and Yuga suggests that he might be able to solve his problem with a Road, and though Yosh is eager, Luke asks him if he'd really be okay with that.

Mimi welcomes her son home.

That evening, Yosh (now out of his Good Max suit) walks home alongside the river, musing on what Luke told him and wondering what he meant. He remembers Luke vowing that he wouldn't change and would stay true to himself, and realizes that he was relying on and copying others and decides to tell his mother properly how he feels, because he loves his mother and the Napolitan she makes. He arrives home as his mother is making dinner, and he hesitantly tells her that he really wants to Rush Duel, but his mother doesn't respond as she scoops food from the frying pan. She tells him that he'll also need to focus on his studies too, and Mimi happily welcomes Yosh home, telling him that tonight's dinner is Spaghetti Napolitan. Yosh smiles happily and calls his mother's name in joy.

Featured Duel: Lucidien "Luke" Kallister vs. Yosh Imimi[edit]

Luke VS Yosh.png

The Duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Yosh
Yosh's hand contains "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World", "Beast Gear Moto Wolf", "Beast Gear Gyro Jackal", "Beast Gear Buggy Dog", and "Apocalypse - Legend of the Warrior". Yosh Normal Summons "Moto Wolf" (1400/400), "Gyro Jackal" (1100/800), and "Buggy Dog" (1200/1000). Yosh activates the Field Spell "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World". The effect of "Beast Gear World" increases the ATK of all Beast-Warrior, Fiend, and Machine monsters on the field by 300, and decreases the ATK of all Dragon, Spellcaster, and Fairy monsters on the field by 300 ("Moto Wolf": 1400/400 → 1700/400)("Gyro Jackal": 1100/800 → 1400/800)("Buggy Dog": 1200/1000 → 1500/1000). Yosh Sets a card.

Turn 2: Luke
Luke draws "Multistrike Dragon Dragias". Luke's hand contains "Dragorite", "Sportsdragon Slugger", "Twin Edge Dragon", "Dragonic Play", and "Multistrike Dragon Dragias". Luke Normal Summons "Dragorite" (1500/0 → 1200/0). Luke Normal Summons "Sportsdragon Slugger" (1000/0 → 700/0). Luke Tributes "Dragorite" and "Sportsdragon Slugger" to Tribute Summon "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" (2500/1500 → 2200/1500). Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending the top card of his Deck to the GY to allow it to declare a second attack during the Battle Phase if it destroys a monster Yosh controls by battle this turn. He sends "Draco the Tiny" from the top of his Deck to the GY. Luke Normal Summons "Twin Edge Dragon" (1000/0 → 700/0). Luke activates the Spell "Dragonic Play", changing an Attack Position Dragon monster he controls to face-up Defense Position to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Dragon monster from his GY in face-up Defense Position. He changes "Twin Edge Dragon" to Defense Position and Special Summons "Draco the Tiny" (0/1400). "Dragias" attacks and destroys "Gyro Jackal" (Yosh: 4000 → 3200 LP), then attacks and destroys "Buggy Dog" (Yosh: 3200 → 2500 LP).

Turn 3: Yosh
Yosh Normal Summons "Gyro Jackal" (1100/800 → 1400/800). Yosh Tributes "Gyro Jackal" and "Moto Wolf" to Tribute Summon "Beast Gear Emperor Catapult Kong" (2200/1700 → 2500/1700). Yosh Normal Summons another copy of "Gyro Jackal" (1100/800 → 1400/800). As Yosh controls a Level 7 or higher Beast-Warrior monster, he activates his Set Spell "Apocalypse - Legend of the Warrior", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior monster from his GY in face-up Defense Position. He Special Summons "Moto Wolf" (1400/400 → 1700/400). Yosh activates the effect of "Catapult Kong", allowing him to send up to two other Beast-Warrior monsters he controls to the GY to destroy an equal number of Defense Position monsters Luke controls. He sends "Moto Wolf" and "Gyro Jackal" to the GY, so he destroys "Twin Edge Dragon" and "Draco the Tiny". Yosh Normal Summons "Buggy Dog" (1200/1000 → 1500/1000) and "Moto Wolf" (1400/400 → 1700/400). "Catapult Kong" attacks and destroys "Dragias" (Luke: 4000 → 3700 LP). "Buggy Dog" and "Moto Wolf" attack Luke directly (Luke: 3700 → 2200 → 500 LP).

Turn 4: Luke
Luke draws "Dragon's Return", "Dragorite", "Phoenix Dragon", "Dragonic Advanced Return", and "Pierce!". Luke activates the Spell "Dragon's Return", returning three Dragon monsters from his GY to his Deck to draw a card. He shuffles "Dragorite", "Draco the Tiny", and "Twin Edge Dragon" into his Deck and draws "Dragonic Slayer". Luke Normal Summons "Dragorite" (1500/0 → 1200/0) and "Phoenix Dragon" (500/500 → 200/500). Luke Tributes "Dragorite" and "Phoenix Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Dragonic Slayer" (2300/0 → 2000/0). As Luke controls a Tribute Summoned Dragon monster, he activates the Spell "Dragonic Advanced Return", allowing him to add 2 Level 4 or lower Dragon monsters from his GY to his hand, but he cannot attack directly this turn, also he cannot attack with Level 6 or lower monsters this turn. He returns a "Dragorite" and "Phoenix Dragon" to his hand. Luke Normal Summons "Dragorite" (1500/0 → 1200/0) and "Phoenix Dragon" (500/500 → 200/500). Luke activates the effect of "Phoenix Dragon", sending a card from his hand to the GY to add a Level 5 or higher Dragon monster from his GY to his hand. He sends "Pierce!" to the GY and returns "Dragias" to his hand. Luke Tributes "Dragorite" and "Phoenix Dragon" to Tribute Summon "Dragias" (2500/1500 → 2200/1500). Luke activates the effect of "Dragias", sending "Dragon's Fortitude" from the top of his Deck to the GY to allow "Dragias" to make a second attack if it destroys a monster Yosh controls by battle this turn. As Luke controls another Level 7 or higher Dragon monster, he activates the effect of "Dragonic Slayer", destroying a Spell/Trap Yosh controls. He destroys "Beast Gear World" ("Dragias": 2200/1500 → 2500/1500) ("Dragonic Slayer": 2000/0 → 2300/0) ("Buggy Dog": 1500/1000 → 1200/1000) ("Catapult Kong": 2500/1700 → 2200/1700) ("Moto Wolf": 1700/400 → 1400/400). "Dragias" attacks and destroys "Buggy Dog" and "Moto Wolf" (Yosh: 2500 → 1200 → 100 LP). "Dragonic Slayer" attacks and destroys "Catapult Kong" (Yosh: 100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.